Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 08, 1914, Page 9, Image 9

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    rilK NEK: OMAHA. IT ESP AY. KEITEMRER f. 1014.
Pittsburgh Twice
Climb Up Notch.
Makea Flmt Appnranrr la Brook
Ira l alform and I.aats l.eas Thaa
Twn laminae la Jffoid
BROOKLYN. N. Y.. Sfrt Brooklyn
(limited to third pla-e In th Federal
Irague today by defeating Pittsburgh
twice, while Buffalo and Baltimore were
breaking even.
Tha morning score here waa 4 to 3. the
deciding runs coming In tha seventh on
llofman'a homer. Hold's doubje and steal
of third and Land's single. The after
noon game, with a 13 to 11 score, was a
free-hitting, poorly played contestf
Mordecat Brown, former St. Louis Fed
eral manager and Chicago National
Iwlrler, made his first appearance In a
Brooklyn uniform and lasted loss than
two Innings in the second game. Score,
first game: . R.H.K.
Pittsburgh 11 flOO 11 00-3 7 0
Brooklyn 0 1010010 10 0
Batteries: Barger and Berry; Chappell
and Owens, Ind.
Score, second game; R.H.E.
Pittsburgh 0 5 1 0 0 3 1 0-11 13 1
Brooklyn 0 03042S6 12 IS 6
Batteries: Walker, I,clalr, Camnlti
and Berry; Brown, Somers, Bluejacket,
Flnneran and Land.
Score, first game: R.H.E.
Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 t 0 0 0 0-2 9 1
Chicago 1 0000101 -3 8 1
Batteries: Schneider and Gonsales;
Pierce and Archer.
Score, second game:
Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 0T 1 0-t S 0
Chicago 1 00000 20 '-.t 6 2
Batteries: Flttery and Clark; Hum
phries and Bresnahan.
Storz Beat Smiths
On Their Own Grounds
At Council Bluffs yesterday the Store
Triumphs defeated the Joe Smiths, 8 to 2.
The Eton found Hansen for eleven hits,
four passes and two hit batters, netting
them eight runs.
Falconer started the first inning with a
walk; Durkee was safe on McAndrew's
error. Graham walked. Lawler hit to
Wahl, who threw over Gillespie's head,
Falconer and Durkee scoring. Rapp
doubled scoring Lawler and Graham
They scored one in the second on Gra
ham's double and McAndrew's error of's grounder.
Tha Smiths got their runs in the fourth,
Rice singled. . Gotf popped one to Rapp.
Hansen singled. Scsnlan hit to center,
scoring both.
The Store scored one each In the sixth
seventh and eighth. The score:
MrAnarws zt 4 b s z iraironer, n. 4
Phillip, lb. I t 1 1 OtlurkM. 3b.. 4
rlhna, aa. . t 1 4 lSwIngw'a lb t
Wahl, lb.... 4 1 f 1 lUraham, lb. I
aica, rf 4X10 olavtor, ft., i
Go It. cf 14 ORp. aa.... i
h.anlan, If 3 1 i OKMtman, II. 4
.. Haaaan. a.. 4 I 1 i SCIatr, a I
. Olliaaala, o. 0 13 0 lMrQuIra, p. t
0 0 0
0 4
' - Totals 33 TIT I I Totals 40 13 37 15 3
Stbr Triumph.. 40100111 08
Joe Smiths 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0-2
Earned run: Joe Smiths, II; Stor. 1
Stolen bases: Durkee (31, FeJtman, Gra
ham, Clair, Scanlon. Sacrifice hit: Felt
man. Sacrifice fly: Rapp. Two-base
'hits: Graham, Oollina, Wahl. Double
play: Rapp to Graham to Swtngwoed.
Struck out: By Hansen. 10; by McGnlre,
' 7. Bases on ball: Off Hansen, 4; off
McGuIre, 1. Hit by pitched ball: By
Hansen, Durkee. Graham; by'McGulre.
Scanlon, Phillips. Left on bases: Joe
Smiths, 6: Stori, 10. First base on errors:
Joe Smith. 2; Stor. 3. Umpire: Trum
mer. Armours Defeated
When Fitch Takes Box
BLAIR, Neb., Sept. 7.-8peclal Tele
gram.) Blair defeated the Armour here
today in a well played game, 6 to 1. Fitch
pitched a great game, allowing but two
clean hits, the other four being of the
scratch order. The came- teams will play
here tomorrow. Score:
Corcoran. 3b a S
ICooka. lb... 3
1 14
J Colllni. If. 4 1
Rowley, cf.. 4 0
Voat. c 4 0
W. Rya. lb 4 3
".Ryan. as.. 4 3
W.Colllna 3b 4 1
Graves, p. .. 3
Tuttla, rf... 3 0
(Killlara, ct... 4
OKelley. 3b... 4
lBurcham, aa 4
1 0
3 3
1 i
1 0
lKratiaa, e... 4
3 Koppen tb.
1 n-tnw. If....
3 IJenaen, rt...
1 lKltch, p.'....
Totala 33 34 11 6 Total! 33 I HI) I
Armour k 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Rlalr .....o 0 3 0 0 0 0 2 05
Two-base hit: ' W.' Collin. Three-base
hit: -Krause. - Stolen bases: Burcham,
Koeppen, Corcoran. Iett on bases: Blair,
: Armour. 8. Sacrifice hlt Cooke,
Bases on balls: Off Fitch, 1: off Graves.
2.. lilt by pitched ball: By Graven 1,
Struck out: By Flteh, 8; by Graves, 3.
Timet l:t5. Umpire: West. Scorer:
Kelly. -
To'wnsends, Shut Out
By the Workmen
The Ancient Order cf United Workmen
team defeated the Townsenda out at Fdrt
j, Omaha yesterday, 2 to 0. The Workmen
boys scored both of their run in the third
Inning, when Erickson hit, went to second
n Greko's single and came home on
Coady bingle. Greko scored when the
Townsends tried to nip Coady between
first and second. Score:
Workmen 0 ti I 0 0 0 0 0 02
Townsend 0 0 0 0 O 0 00
' Batteries: Workmen, Greko and Erlck
aon; Townsend. E. Adama, Burn and A.
. Adauu.
CHICAGO, Aug. 7. The presence In
' Chicago of August Herrmann, chairman
of the National commission and of Gov-j
' erw Tener of Pennsylvania, National
league' president, gave rise today to
rumor tbst a meeting of the commission
tj consider terms of peace with the Fed
eral league waa to be held, but th's was
denied by Mr. Herrmann, who said both
he and tha governor were here on business
connected with th Elk' lodge.
' No formal discussion of base ball took
place at any meeting between Governor
Tener and Mr. Herrman, according to the
latter, and the governor later left for the
TMssy HeaoVFIatterlaaT Heart, Float.
imm Speeka.
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trouble. You'll have headaches, too, back
ache and be tired all over. Don't wait
longer, but begin taking Foley Kidney
Pill at once. It won't be" long- before
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kidney and bladder will be benefited by
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dialers. Advertisement.
Where the Various Instructor! Are
to Be Located This Year.
aperlateannt (iraff Telia Teacher
to Coaaliter Enropeaa War
"Wllinnl rrelndlre" a to
Reserve! Jailftaaent.
With a alngle exception, all of the
nearly 7no school teachers of Omaha re
ported for duty at the general meeting
at the Central High school auditorium,
where the assignments were read. Tha
exception was Miss Marie Wetiel of
Saunders school, who Is warbound aome
where In Europe. No word ha been re
ceived from her for several days.
"She was probably held up at the Swis
border," said Miss Ethel Lynn, the last
teacher to arrive from Europe- "She
took train for Germany after the order
had been Issued forbidding strangers to
cross the border. Had she been In some
of the larger cities she would have com
municated wtlh some of her friends."
Superintendent E. V. Graff addressed
the teachers at the High sc hoi auditor-
:"m. He urged them to consider the great
European war "without prejudice and
to reserve Judgment until further facts
Justified some conclusion.
Pay of the Teachers.
Referring to tha beginning of school
and the work of the teachers, Superin
tendent "Graff said:
"In one sense teachers are not com
pensated for the work they do. It would
be impossible to arrive at any proper re
muneration for the services they render.
Their salaries therefore are much In the
nature of an honorarium, a gratuity.
"The schools. It has ben charged,
have been the home of fads. Looking
backward we -realize that the school
have followed after many will'o-the-wlsps.
Today, however, the tendency is
to make the School practical. Care must
be exercised, that this tendency doea not
In turn become the ruling purpose of the
schools, for the main purpose of educa
tion would then be thwarted.
"We cannot put too much stress upon
the question of the spirit with which we
approach our work. I have no patience
with any one who works by routine, by
schedule, day by day, thinking only of
Jhe hours spent as so much money
Teachers' Assignment List,
The assigned list of teacher follows:
E. V. Graff, superintendent.
Belle M. Ryan, assistant superintendent.
R. L. Cams, athletics.
J. B. Carver, attendance officer.
Clara F. Cooper, training school.
Orletta 8. Chittenden, kindergartens.
Alice B. Hitte, drawing.
Juliet McCune, music.
Helen K. Thompson, manual training.
J. A. Savage, wrltttng.
Ferdinand Stedlnger, German.
C. E. Reed, principal. Belle von Mansfelde,
J. F. Woolery, first Jo von Mansfelde,
vice principal. Thomas E. Mills. v
E. K. McMillan, sec-Grace Miller,
ond vice principal. Pearl A. Mlnlck.
Anna T. Adam,
Katherlne Morse,
E. H. Orchard,
Eva F. O'Sulllvan. .
Susan Paxson,
Anna L. Peterson.
Ella L. Phelps.
Nellie Randall.
Isadore Rees, .
Pearl Rockfellow,
Ellen Rooney, ,.
Ina Sackett.
Marie L Schmidt,
H. A. Senter,
Zora Shields.
May Somers,
Penelope M. ffmtth,
Bessie J. Snyder,
Eunice Stebbln.
Ferdinand Stedlnger,
Carolina Stringer,
Capt. F. G. Strlttln
ger, Sara Vore Taylor.
Katherlne Thomas,
Lillian Tlmms,
Jessie W, Towns,
Neva W. Turner,
Emma J. Ure,
r annte Arnold,
Ada I. Atkinson,
Daisy F. Bonnell,
Laura E. Bridge,
Nona Bridge,
Carrie O. Browne,
Rosella Burdln.
Barbara Chatelaln,
Helen Clarke,
Henry Clauaen, .
May Copeland,
Autumn Davies,
Evelyn Dudley,
Bess I. Dumont,
Marlon H. Fay,
Ellen Franklsh,
Ethel C. Fullaway,
Jane T. Fulton,
George Green.
Mary Hanting.
Lee Harrington.
Katherlne Hilllard.
Jennie Hultman,
Huldah Isaacson,
J. J. Kerrigan,
Adella Klewlt.
Mary A. Landls,
Lvdlt S. MeCague.-
Janet M. Wallace,
Jeannette McDonald, Verda William,
Nellie L. McGaw, E. J. Wotowa.
Mary B. Macintosh,
L. C. Rusmteel,
R. R. Barry,
Lloyd Bertschl,
Pa uL Keck,
,1.1,. Brawford,
George L.Durand,
Luther E. Glfford,
A. H. Olamyer,
Edith I. Height,
Alice B. Hoskin.
George F. Knipprath,
James A. Knotts,
Chester G. Linn,
Krl McGlnnis,
Anna McCseue,
F. A. Miller,
J. T. Morey.
Bertha C. Plxton.
Sarah M. Banborne,
Fred Spinning.
Nelson C. Wood.
R. R. Brott,
R. E, Burford,
Mary Bourke,
Genevieve Clark,
Henry Clausen,
Elizabeth Charlton,
Edna E. Cole,
Louis A. Dttrlng.
(.Helen Drummond.
James Drummond,
Emma Roalcky. Margaret Robert.
principal. France Nleman.
Avis Roberts, Kate Field,
Mabel Henrickson, Restore Nelty.
Lotu Krause. Celia Hull.
Vera Pearson, kindergarten director.
Teresa McArdle, manual training.
Kate Cook, annex.
Genevieve Clark, German. .
Margaret Hamilton. Mildred Walker.
principal. Katherlne Mullck,
Mabel Bliss. Mary McCabe,
Irene Honsacker, Edna Dodge.
Jennie Roberts,
.wiice Vork. kindergarten director.
Jeanette Jessop, manual training.
Kate L. Brown,
Margaret lllckey.
Blanche Coffman,
Ruth Wallace,
Elizabeth Hewitt.
Stella Abraham,
Rose Bernstein,
Mary Ellsworth,
Neva Shlpherd.
Martha Homellus,
Emily Newcomb,
Sophie Cleveland.
Grace Utile.
Uoue Grodlnakey,
I -aura Goetx. kindergarten director.
.Dorothy Abraham, kindergarten assistant
Mary Goodman, manual training.
Jennie L Rcdfleld, Mildred Eller,
, Sue Morearty,
Grace Harding,
Alice Dennlson,
Beulah Adams,
Eva Norton.
Anna Broadfleld,
Isabella McMillan,
Marie Houska.
Florence Rush,
Marie Foley.
Myrtle Busk,
Mary Ligln,
Ida Crowell.
IieEtte Mason, kindergarten director.
Leota Holmes, kindergarten assistant.
Bertha Elsasser. manual training.
Ruth Rinehart, German.
I Ba be lie Doyle, Minnie Wilson,
principal. Lucy Evans,
Josephine Grant, Huth Chase,
olive McGwire, . Hazel Hamilton.
Eva DeMoss. Ethel Lyna,
Nellie Dooley, Cebella Sckaller,
Mabel Parker.
Marian Hamlin, kindergarten director.
Edith Fisher, kindergarten assistant.
Elizabeth Rooney,- . Minnie Mercer,
principal. IJda Murtagh,
Effle Gllmore. Ellen Burke,
Ada Riddleabarger, Edna Walworth,
Sara Nledermeyer. Hose Healey,
Gertrude Bailey, kindergarten director.
Helen Potter, kindergarten assistant.
Elizabeth Long, manual trainigV
Clara Plass, annex.
Josephine Carroll, annex. ,
Esther Bryans, annex.
Carrie Nash. Alma Spethmann.
principal. Ada Tucker.
Bertha Thoelecke, Frances Todd,
Jennie Kissinger, Florence Leighton,
Marion Hunt, Anna Hamann,
Alice Hayes, kindergarten director.
Mabel Morrow, kindergarten assistant
A llda Sears, annex.
Bertha Myers, manual training. ,
Ruth Tinkler, annex, kindergarten di
Mima rovle, Ktta Young.
principal. Johanna Anderson.
Jeaale Flynt, Kilns. Oihba.
r.thel Tost. Harriett dearie.
May Whalen. Aanea McK.lroy.
Maymo Hutchinson, kin Irrtartcn director.
Cora Hake, manual tramlnc
(MM EMUS M lldOl.
Alice O. Orr, Alice Kance.
principal. Anna Svaclna.
Ivy IWU, r;a Pandberg,
Oreo Tllton. Anna Mever.
Anna Healey. Mary Thompson,
Irene Underwjod. May Yeat.
ljalay Kunkel.
Kato Wlnalade, kindergarten dlreUor.
Clem IMckey. kindergarten assistant.
Mary MrMahnn, manual training.
Maud Smith, Mary Templeton,
principal. Caroline Homellus, a
Susan Yeats,
Elola Hlllls. kindergarten director.
Anna Mullen, kindergarten assistant.
Frances Grose, Ionise Kamanekl,
principal. Marie McArdle,
i-Vances Frohner.
Edith Eners, kindergarten director.
Cora S. Anderson, Martha Stoltnow.
principal. Wlnnlfred Houhc,
Gladys Baum, Ida Goodman,
Georgia Parker, I.viclle Brown.
Terea I.otighnane, Carrie Kumpi
Lydla, Wlckstrom.
Anna- Stevens, kindergarten director.
Pernio Conaway, kindergarten assistant
Ruth Tnmpaett, manual training.
Kathvrlne Mntthles. German.
Agnes M. Harrison, Velma Covert,
principle. Anna Mllroy,
Fanny Myers, TWele Waterman,
Anna Pickard, Helen Rogers,
Helen Longaelorf, Kdna Wllke,
Charlotte Henntngerriesate Carey,
Gladys Walker. Grace Miner.
Minnie Dye,
Helen Hltte, kindergarten director,
iiarle Gordon,- kindergarten assistant.
Catherine Whistler, manual training.
E. t. Oepson. F. W. Baaon.
principal. Robert Gait,
Ann E. Hutchins,
Alice Gorat,
Edith Isakson,
Nora Wiggins.
Annette DeBolt.
Mabel Graham
Henlah Whlttemore,
Kmma Roberts,
Ethel IlKhty,
Winifred Wallace,
Carrie Nehlermeyer.
Kllsabeth Dunn.
Helen Root.
Kmella Pearson.
Helen Pogue. klnderrarten director.
Mary Rood, manual tralnintr.
Josephine Huse, German.
Frano Eeaton.
Oertruda Baglev.
Marguerite Burke,
Elizabeth Hendryx,
Catherine Wilcox.
Mabel Root,
Ioiils Mann,
Jeanne Anderson,.
Katherlne White.
( or Hemry,
Helen Roasen.
Ada Sharrar,
Grace Shorrock,
Mary Mostyn,
r.nsauetn win.
May Wyman, kindergarten director.
ivorma wass, kindergarten assistant.
Louise .Salmon, manual training. SCHOOL
Effle Reed,
Ellen Rosen.
principal. .
Ella Reed,
Rose Harrington,
Ida Kulakorsky,
Anna Granbeck,
Laura McConney,
Rose Killy.
Pearl Norton,
Pauline Gale,
Ollle Rlchey.
Edith Wagner, -little
Iena McC ullotigh
Mildred Banker,
Grace Stenberg.
Mildred Funkhouser,
iaa uiacxmore,
Mary I'lillllppl.
Agnes Stltt.
Hilda wiike.
Harriet Walker, kindergarten director.
h.uen nlelds, kindergarten assistant.
Helen Morton,' manual training.
Mary A. Fitch,
Cassie Roys,
Martha Cralr.
Edna Wilson,
Clara Scrlver.
Mina Antlsdel,
Katherlne Price,
Harriette E. Duke,
Nellie Morearty,
Claudia Galloway,
Bessie Fry,
Gilbert William,
Lydla Zahn.
Stella Sallenbach.
Ceclle Ward,
Katherlne Dunnlgan.Clara Blackburn.
Marie Schureman,
May Torrey, kindergarten director.
Gall Comatrock, kindergarten assistant.
Emma Lonergan, manual training.
Ruby- Johnson, German.
Pearl McCumber, Elisabeth Klewit,
principal. Blanche Obttrell,
Marie Wetzel. Edltti Heine,
Jocelyn Chard. . Helvy Olsen,
Cora Ellsworth, Cassandra Schaller.
Hester Lane, ,?
Minnie Neat, kindergarten director.
Charlotte Williams, kindergarten as
sistant. LONG SCHOOL
Martha L. Powell, May Kelley,
Ellen Llndberg,
Carrie Nelson,
Edith Kinsman,
Kthel Reese,
Cordula Haverly,
Ieone Filler,
Viola Pederson,
Donna Matthew,
Florence McAllister.
Virginia Ellett.
Martha Grym.
Dorothy Frantz,
Edith Dahlstrom,
Mabel Gormley,
Ellxa Westcott.
Laura Jordan.
Myrta Schneider.
F.llzabeth Klcork,
Elizabeth Ryan, kindergarten director.
Illilft:!3ii!!:;if:: iP'S:! . VAW
As to shapes.
-aay. me
most popular
Conway Cigar
Sioux City, Iowa
Helen Best, kln.lct sarlrn saalxtant.
(Inasle Koebler. tnnnual training.
Josephine llnw Uernian.
U'Tlllilir Kt'lllHH..
Nora H. Lemon,
Amelia Masniiaaen,
.leannetlo Newlean,
May Anderson.
Kva Murphy,
lllah AmWson,
Pauline Hecklnger,
Mary tvjlrlen,
Glenna Peake,
Frances Thompson.
laabelle Williams.
Hcrtha Flklns.
Verle Williams.
Malel Henderson,
Blanche Woods.
Jeannette Mulr.
l.ah lrf-r.
Mav Horn.
Jennie Salmon "
Myrtle Sroufe,
Luilan Nieae, klnderunrtcn director.
Florence Hutler. klndemarten assistant.
Minna Moore, manual training
Kate Codlnston. manual training. ,
Martha W. Chrls
ttanry, principal.
Bertha Schick,
Fdna rickerlng,
Edna Parker.
Zora Mcknight.
Marguerite Scott,
Lucy Schlldknecht.
Anna Gurske,
Mattle Craig.
Alice McMahon.
Nellie Vai Iuyn.
Kmma Edllng.
Llcsle Needham.
Ada Frits.
laabelle Graham.
Grace. HunKcrforrt. klnderaarlen director
Claire Mason, kindergarten aaalalanU
Anna Nelson manual training
Ruby Johnson, German.
I.ula H Hunt, Ruth Cowgltl.
principal, Freda Cayley.
Ora Russell, Madallne Jaskalek,
Theresa Tracy, Minna Olver,
Mabel Craighead, l.ola Tlllotson.
Sar.le Kent, kindergarten director.
Frances MeCrann. kindergarten asaisianr
Ellxalwth Unit, manual training.
Etta Smith,
Klvera Llndstam,
Helen Bay,
Frances McComh.
Mabel Anderson,
Lorena Beebe,
Elisabeth Mulr.
Minnie Esplln,
Ercl Eldrldge.
Catherine Carrlck,
I, nolle Dodder,
Mess Field, kindergarten director.
Mav Nlchol, kindergarten assistant.
Stella Flanagan, manual training.
Dora Harney
Nellie Prltchard.
Murllla Case,
Margaret McElhany,
Nellie McDonald.
Nellie O'Conner,
l.llllan Wilbur.
Ixiretto Burna, '
Kathryn Walsh,
Alice Coulter,
Helen Nason,
Anna Boutelle.
kindergarten director.
Dora Olsen, kindergarten assistant.
Ruth Tompsett. manual training.
Clara B. Mason,
Marjory Rcdtett.
Irene Kirk,
Katharine Power.
Laura Crndell,
Carol Marhoff,
Ruth Cultra,
Mary Miller,
Kate Hungerford.
Julia Newcomb.
Gertrude Watson,
Nellie Shultx.
Myrtle IeGraff,
Ella Thorngate. .
Pearl Donoho,
Elizabeth Wilson.
kindergarten director.
Calista Reynolds,
klnderKarten assistant.
Anna James, manual training
Margaret Clarey, manual training
Emily J. Robinson. Ida Melcher.
Maud Roys,
Anna Kraker.
Alice Root.
Mildred Steele.
Mildred Foster.
Mildred Wilcox.
Margaret Latey.
kindergarten clrector.
Sarah Ayer,
Stella Falrchild.
Olive Coffman,
Julia E. Haven,
Alice Chambers,
Jennie Gluck,
Leona Myers,
kindergarten asslatant.
manual training.
Mary A. Raid, I'.ertha Vaughn,
principal. Myrtlo Seymour,
Edna Clark, Gertrude Pfeiffer,
Emma Havlland. Mary Wallace,
Ella KnlRht, Hattle White,
Helen Hlbbard, kindergarten director.
Elizabeth Allen, manual training.
Mary Austin, Grace Cox.
principal. lone Chappell,
Josephine Kalltna.
Gertrude lovgren, kindergarten director,
Margaret Clarey, manual training.
Vlrgina While, Erllne Jaskalek
principal. Edna Hobart,
Anne Jensen, Mabel Klewlt.
Helen Kavanaugh, May Grimes,
Ethel Klewlt, ' Hazel Janklns,
Lillian Bake, Mary Krebs,
Elizabeth R. Parke, Katherlne VanHorn,
Emma Kent,
Ie Comstock. kindergarten director.
Nellie Christensen, kindergarten anslstant.
Katherlne Bloomer, manual training.
Sadie P.,P!ttman,
Ruth Pollock,
Marie Matthew.
Ada Hopper,
Hattle Pickard,
Blanche McConncll,
Bnulah Hunter.
Ethel Davenport,
Emma David,
Dora Ooburn.
Rose Coleman,
Llda Burnett,
Delia Hngan. kindergarten director.
Pauline Green, kindergarten assistant.
Harriet Sv Eddy,
lrma Book,
Matilda IWana.
Cordelia Johnson,
Hedvlg Sorenson,
Sadie S. Mayer,
May Cathroe.
Eleanor Nevln,
Odessa Meadow.
Marguerite Chapln.
Af ton Howell.
J osio Maxwell,
Aramtnta Cooley,
Hennlne Blessing, kindergarten director.
NE of the surest ways to lose your ability to njoy
good tobacco is to continue smoking heavy cigars.
The stronger pungence of the heavier, more oily
leaf will in time "deaden" your delicate sense of taste.
The" man who smokes the mild Robert Burns gets
the maximum of smoke enjoyment. The extreme
mildness and smooth flavor of the Robert Burns keeps
his taste-sense keen for its' enjovment.
Give up the heavier cigar for awhile and discover the
added pleasure in the more delicate flavor of the
Robert Burns.
there are many to make
"Invincible" i proving
new invincuue i provine
Robert Burna Cigars ever introduced.
Ruth WheWiock, klnderaarten assistant.
Nellie Craig, manual training -
Jeanerte L. Wood
Mary Beedle.
Mary Bauer.
Belle Sprague,
Kdlth Crapenhoft,
l.ulu Wilson.
Ruth Patterson.
ward, principal.
Grace tirlfflth.
Minnie Wlsner,
Joanna tlramllch,
Sophia F.lsasaer.
Katherlne Case.
Ellaabeth Allen, kindergarten director.
Catherine Reynolds, kindergarten asst.
Marv Flynt. mansl training.
Ruth Rlnehart. German.
Fannie Forsyth. Mildred Copper.
principal. Anna I'ciierson.
Kmma Gross. Iowa Mullen.
Maude Shlphcrd, Anna Andeison.
HosnCarr. . lone neat.
Lucy Mack. ,
Emma Wins lane, sinoeraai ......
Mabel Conklln. kindergarten assistant.
Rachter Fuller, minutl trslhin. .
TRAINING Cl-Nff tr.i.r.i.ici-. tr... . .
Erdice Baumgardner. Carrie Kumyf. EJ
Rosewater. ..... ... .
Kreeea Hellmani Orace orurnn. nm.
Belle Cathroe. Grace Tllton. Comenla.
Heletl.Harte, Emma Gross. Walnut
Emily Hoyska. Grata Miner, rarnam.
Gladvs Line, Ida Blackmore. Kellom.
Elsie Mesklmen, Maud Smith. Druid
Nettle Mir. Eva DeMoss, central.
Alice Owtn. Anna Pickard, Fernem.
BUhel PMer, Bertha Thoelecke, Olf-
ton Hill. .
Helen Stone, Sophie Elsasser, inton.
Alfreda Traulsen, Mary Austin, Sher
Hvrdle Trebllcock. Frances uross. nu-
Bloom White. Clara. HlacKDurn, iiae.
Vellsta-Preason, Mlnnls Esplln; Mon-
mouth Park. ' . : -
Florence Emmett, Neva Shlpnrd, ri.
Ruth Holnulst, Jeannette tNewlean,
Lot h rop.
Margaret Weyerman, Lorena neene.
Monmouth Park.
1 Alulae Raabe, May Anderson, Irfithrop.
Mary Browne, Araminla Cooley, Wind
Fay Harrow. .Carrie Nledcrmeyer,
Franklin. t . ' -
Madeline Met. Ella Reed, Kellom.
Mildred Whlted, Myrta Schneider, Long.
Florence Anderson, Margaret letey,
Gertrude Smith. Mary Wallace. Saun
Grace Howell, Jennie Thelp, Lothmp.
Elsie Msgnussen, Cella Hull, Bancroft.
Mildred Turk. Cabella Schaller. Central.
lnei Cats berg. Kellom.
Ellzalieth Cogan, Long.
Marjorle Foote. Park.
Luclle Thomas, Columbian.
Mabel Van Brunt, Saunders.
Alice Gates. Ixithrop.
Margaret Solomon, Bancroft.
Gertrude Schermerhorn, Dupont.'
Charlotte Tompkln. Saratoga.
Gwendolyn Wolfe, Beals.
Four Fremont Men
Hurt in Auto 'Upset
FREMONT. Neb., Sept. '..-Four Fre
mont young men were Injured when an
automobile In which they were driving
to the Snyder carnival upset three mile
thla side of Snyder late last night The
Injured are:
Tom Fleming, chest and abdomen
crushed; may die. .
Ed Clark, finger broken, chest crushed.
Perry Smith, rib and collarbone broken,
lung punctured; serious. ...
Ray Lossy, lower limbs paralystA.
Losey I a son of former Representative
George Losey.
Guns Made Near ,
Liege by Germans
IX3NDON, Sept. T. A dispatch to the
C hronlcle, from Amsterdam (aya that th
uarmani are preparing lo reopep im
mediately th gun factories at Cookerlll,
near Liege. These factories' covering
875 acre, were one of the richest prise
captured by the German In the war.
The whole concern ha been taken over
by the Prussian war office, which ha
offered tha Belgian workmen 60 per cent
Increase In wage to remain at their pocta.
your choice
one of the
Harle-Haas Drug
Omaha and Co. Blutfe
Open Thfir Annunl Convention at
the Rome Hotel.
Men Gn t o the Den I'hla l:rnlna.
While the Women Will He
tinesta nl the Orphrnm
'11 a aiu-pi ising crowd tbat gath
ered for the first morning session of the
fifteenth annual convention ,.f the Uhlted
National Convention of l'o.loffice" clcrUs
at the Hotel Rome esterrtay. Some
thing over L'.-D clerks were enrolled, and
these, with the mny wives nn( li.iuiiU.
ters, who attended with the ilebiiatks al
most. filled the convention Vail. '
Mayor James C. DflHIiunn,. I'nslnia.ster
John C. w burton. K. - PArrRli an;i
George Kleffner dcllvereit.. addresaea if
Welcome. President Frank T. Rogers of
Chicago delivered Ms address, adnuinlslii'd
the various committees .to' get to work
early on -their reports. nd the meeting
sd.lonrnivl fur the day.
Piaalse Federation.
President Rogers. In tils, address pointed
out that the association has some 2HtV
members and that Its purpose Ih solely to
Increase the efficiency of the service lie
rererrerl to the old secession In ttc hs.-m in-J
Hon, when many of th';intjrmNers slepiM'd
mit and Joined the Atm-rai. J'edeiarton
or i -a nor. lie praised 'tHoVIJeaeratlon of
Labor for Its efficiency ami fhr the good
It had wrought, but was In favor of a
separate organisation of postorflce celrks.
In regard to the proposition that has sev
eral times been advanced for a referen
dum vote to determine whether the.Hix-t
reded clerks should row back Into the
elerka' association or whether the whole
association should bodily go into the fed-
Oregon Washington
and Nevada
Sept 24 lo Oct. 8, 1914
Correspondingly low fares from other points " "
Make your plans now to go over the
Standard Rdad of the We$t '
m well a tha ronte of Safety first Automatio
Electric Block Safety Signals gu$rd every mile
' of the heavy -double tracked, Sherman ballasted,
dustlesi roadbed. Write for handsomely illus
trated literature on California, and the Facifio
Read one installment of '.f
HThe Trey O' Hearts
k Each Sundayjn ' '
I ...ii I. ii hi iii i i ua ! . paaffg' hiihi lis. iipn. i'm in
Q ' ,. m
" ."' J ' IS . "-'. SOOMAHA. N(B . ..' . ''Mi
Most Modern and Sanitary Ilrowery in t Vet.
Family trade (applied by: South Omaha VM. JlrrTKIt, 20a N Street.
Telephone South 804. Omaha Ul'tiO K. Bil, !I24 Uouglaa &tret;
rhone Itouglas 8040. Oouncil Ululfa UL1 AGK BAU. 1513 both 6istli
Street,-' I'hone 8023.
erntlon. lie Mild ' l lir
Imve not rared
the referendum
to inert our proiift lti"li
for noun- ici.?on .t
jh' r. S fur as I am
is f inn president of
i oncijrtii
Hie as'
I II not
1. :is'
i Intl. m I ahull .lry our edicts,
imike nnv ntnpromi."e with the
devil." , '
Mupcr Not I'rrieal,
lust Assistant Postmaster (Seneral
Roper Mis invited in attend the conven
tion. He sent Ills rccrcts. saving that ho
could not be ireseM on account of the
stress of biislnrsa ut axlilngton.
i 'otitic, ..imlin ."P.-" L. lilley, champion
of the eisht-hour Is, had also been In
vited. Ki'irnt a lenuthy communication,
inning tfint on a.iount of the condition
of business In the house of repreaents
tlves nt this tlntfr he could not come. "I
bad expected to go, whether Invited or
not." he sold. l will sity that as long as
you bae n iivln like your president.
l.'n.nU l Ual.... . In- rioresent 1'Our in
terests et ahlnlon you win always no
assured of a respectful hearing."
ROM V: VlB London, hiipl. ". A de
apat.h from Cculn.le to tVu.- Messugero
says Montejii;iti troops under com
mand of General VnVotlteh, the war
minister, have' 'defes-tP t'hV Austrian
at Bollanliz.' In Herzegovina, capturing
all tlielr munlthma of war and the com
missariat The Aiistrlans are said to
have left ."large number of dead and
wnuniled eni the field ,
"eneal Vjikotltch," the despatch adds,
"drove Hio Austrian hack toward Caln
itr.n, where he made a triumphant entry.
The town had been pillaged and portion
of It were In flames.
"Sanguinary fighting rontrnnee. The
Montenegrins are rngnglng a ' auperlor
number of Austrian and endeavoring
to occupy GrahovM." ,
1324 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Thone Doug. 331' -jigR .