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Wednesday, September 2. 1914.
MR. EDWARD B. PERKINS of New York City, formerly a member
of The Be staff, who wag ln Austria the nlsht war vm declared,
baa returned to New Tor. He vividly describee some gruesome
"Safely back In New York after many harrowing experiences In get
ting out of Austria and down to Italy. I via one of eight out of 1,400
Americans registered In Rome and Naples to secure passage on the steam
Products Bought in. America Sold
Cheaper in London Than Omaha.
Coatrol OatawU aal Vfak Amrri-
la MfM rortlm
All ih talk nf f'iirjn war raisin
prices in mrlra will tviver aealn t -
lleved by Al KlnsT. manager of th griy
eery ilepartrmmt of lUvd'-n Urns., who
! has Inns hrld the war wus littla to
j Wm for hlsh rrlces. and that the high
ship Taormina of the Lloyd ltaliano line, sailing from Naples August U. fallows who have the stock ma-nopoiisad.
Wi had an eventful voyage across the Mediterranean and Atlantic, being I King had Ma faith in hia own reasnn-
Btopped by British tornedo destrovars In tha Strait, of nihraltt and aalnl,n' trengthened now with market quota
halted by a French battleship west of Portuguese coast, and we had a
twenty-hour storm near the A tores. 1 lost my trunk at Budapest. In
company with a Dr. J. B. Colefax from Calcutta, I reached NeusaU. a small
Austrian town near tha Servian border and only forty miles from Belgrade.
We visited the hospital camp and witnessed many gruesome spectacles.
Several hundred dying and wounded from the battle of the Rave bridge
and skirmishes near Belgrade; surgeons working eight-hour shifts; priests
hurrying about administering last rites. Also saw four of the Austrian
aeroplane hangars and watched the huge battle airships load up with bomb
projectiles and glide off in the direction of Servla. We atayed at a church
converted Into a hotel, with nothing but horse meat and rye bread to eat.
I was stopped as a suspeft on several occasions and searched from head to
"In Budapest on August 4 we saw two Slav reservists publicly shot
down because they refused to join their regiment, which was about to leave
for the Rnsalan border. But every returning American will tell you of
tha privations and awful scenes of war."'
Mrs. Funk, Chicago
Suffragist, to Speak
Mrs. Antoinette Punic if Chicago will
ba tha second of the ,Bla- Four" Vho
lobbied the Illinois mnf.MRM mil through
tha b'BUIaturo to ti Vnhrnli tn
tag with bar mother. Miss Isabel V. Vln- h,n , ,h climpaBn n(r Mr, rutllt
Wcdi in Quebec.
Tha following account of tha wedding
of Miss Isabel Vincent, daughter of the
president of tha t'nlvertlty of Minnesota,
to Mr. raul Harper, son of tha lata pres
ident of tha University of Chicago, was
siren tn the Chicago Herald:
"After an exciting fllsht from the war
tone In Europe, where she had been tour
cent arrived In Quetc Holiday afternoon
un tha liner Lake Manitoba, and was mar
ried Monday afternoon In the Oiateau
Frentenao to Paul V. Harper, a Chicago
lawyer. Tha bride la tha daughter of
Prof. Gorg E Vincent, president of tha
Mate University of Minnesota. Mr. Har
per la a soa of the late president of the
Taiverslty of Chicago.
Tha fsther of tha bride, as well as the
bridegroom and his family were regis
tered at tha Chateau since Friday last,
expecting tha arrival of the ship, which
was eUven days out from Liverpool to
The bride was given way by her father.
Wayland Magea of Omaha was best
man. Tha bridaemalds wera Miss Helen
Taft. daughter of tha former president, a
classmat of tha bride; Mlaa Fhlllls Rice
of Lynn. Uui , and Mlas Parah Medtll of
Ogdenaburg. N. T.: Miss Elisabeth Vin
cent, the bride's young slater, acted as
flower girt. Samuel N. snd F. Donald
Harper, tha bridegroom's brothers, wera
Tha wedding ceremony was performed
by Bishop John H. Vincent of Chicago,
grandfather of tha bride, assisted by liav.
T. P. Parry. ef. Quebec.
Club Votes.
Miss Charlotte White, nation! organiser
for tha Child Conservation League of
America, will lecture on "Mothers' Froe
Itiiii" at the Wets Memorial church. Fri
day afterwooa at : o'clock. The meat
lag of tha Hanaeom Park circle has bean
postponed until after the first weak of
Mrs. P. & 'King was alerted president ef
tba Benson circle of the league at a meet
ing hele Tuesday. Mrs. R. S. Boatley Is
the vlce-prealdent; Mrs- M. B. Vlero. aeo
ratary; Mrs. O. W. Hands, treasurer;
and Mrs. A. Alack, press reporter. The
next meeting will be held September 17,
at the heme ef Kra. King. '
Tf Bar Veettaff.
A meeting of all those Interacted ta the
Visiting Murae association Tag day, which
will be Wednesday, September t, will be
held In tha council chamber ef the City
halt. Friday morning. Mrs. Albert No
and Mrs. Philip Potter are directing the
Suffrage Meeting.
Mr. M. O. Cunningham and Mrs. M, B.
Munsoa will be tha speakers at a auf
fragw street meeting which will be hold
this evening at Fifteenth and Douglas
With th. Visitors.
Mrs. F. M, Thormaa ef Cleveland, O.,
baa arrtvad to ba th guest of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Joeepb E. Rosanfeld ef Couooll
At th rieM ClabT"
Judge K. A. Foster will hare eight
guaata at th club thta avenlnc; Pr. W.
K. Foot. Civ; Jack Sharp, all.
Za and Out of tha Bee Hive.
Mr. B. O. Hamilton has returned front
Betas Park, where ha spent two weeks
with his family. They will not cum
borne antit next weak.
Mr. aad Mrs. August M. Borglum and
son returned this morning from Colo
rado, wfcer they spent the summer as
tha guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard
Mr. J. H. Maconiber has returned from
aa extended visit with relatives In Maine
aad Ksw York.
Mlas Elisabeth Ouuld, a ho returned Uat
week from Europe, baa entered Pratt In
stitute, New Tors.
Miss Clara Heuachlldt of Lincoln la
visiting Miss Voilin Harms. This vn
mg Mtas Harms will (Ira a card party
for bar guest
Ura Clarence Parnhani snd Uttle dauih
ler, Xdlth. Mrs, Young-lot and Mrs. Glen
Deanlng left last night for Ban Franc-laco
wfcars they will take tha September trans
port for Manila. P. I. Tha boat
September a.
will make a whirlwind campaign of
speeches during her stay In Omaha Fri
day morning she will adilrees a large
meeting of suffraslsta In the assembly
room of the Young Women's Christian
association. At noon eho will apeak from
the court house steps and In the evening
will make a street speech at Fifteenth
and I'ouglaa streets. Saturday noon sh
win make a street speech tn flbuth
Omaha, and In the afternoon will go to
Waterloo to speak at the Douglas county
suffrage rally. Hhe will be the house
meet of Mrs. W. C. Sunderland, city
The freight orflcea of the Omaha roads
are In receipt of the new tariff sheets
apiroved by th Nebraska rallrosd com
mission, and while tha rat clerks have
not grme through them and compared
the new rare with the old. they find
that there Is a general reduction on moat
of the commodities. In the classifications
affected, tha sheets tounh upon the rates
on some ,000 commodities.
An opportunity for students to study,
quietly aad In handy surroundings, will
be offered this year by the public llbrsry.
Beginning next Tuesday, tha reading and
reference rooms will remain open eaoh
evening until 10 o'clock, with plenty of
good lights for students. The circulation
department will stay open until 1:80.
tlons from I-ondon in the Inane of "The
IVopI," published Hunday, August IS.
The quotations given show that many of
the products Knglaml buys from the
United Ftstes sr being sold cheaper In
London than they are In Omaha for ex
ample. England formerly received sugar
supply largely from Ormany, nnd some
from the United States. The war cut off
Its supply from Oermsny, ami it nought
a lot from the United States. Immedi
ately sugar took an enormous Jump In
America until many grocery stores In
Omaha are selling it at H cents a I ound
with none too much profit to themselves
at that This London paper 'Jotes sugar
st " cents, Amerl' sn money.
Lump sugar Is quoted .n ,nndiin st ft
cents, while In Omaha pnoule ar paying
Tfa rents, "heianse there is wnr In
Ilutter U quoted at H6 cents in Lon
don, while In Omaha, one of the greatest
butter producing towns in the worll, and
not at war with anyone, coneumers sre
paying IT cents, or cent more than In
Cheesa Is quoted ln London at 19 cents,
while In Omnha the same ftrt lc of chtea
Is sold at 22 cents. !lrltlnh 1 son Is
quoted st n cents, while In Onviha people
are paying from JO to IB cnts.
Flour la quoted at ti. a hunJr-l In
I,ondon. In Omaha It Is selling fur tl.TS
for a 4t-pound ssck, or, In round f'gures,
tlW a hundred. Hera Is a difference of
about three-qusrters of a dolls.-. 'rtwecn
(he prli of flour In London and the rrice
of flour In America, with the l-twe: price
obtaining ln London, while mum of this
flour In London com:s from the Un'd
War to the Death
on State Frontier
Against Chicken
Wireless and other reports from the
front, though oloeely cejieored, Indicate
that In Nebraeka . the war on pralii
chickens, d.K-lared September t la at
! mled with terrific slauxhter. Sucli re
ports aa filter through the renor shoa
that the llnps of thr rtiUkena hate been
broken In runny places and that long be
fore the end of the month the birds will
have been practlcafly driven from the
Bd lleniieipy and Uan (iellua are Just
In from the country weet and north f
North Ilatte, Into ahich they made a'
ciulck automohiln trip, being on the
ground to start th attack with the be
ginning of the open season. Although
thry were on the flrlna line less tharj i
thrc-e hours, they returned with the limit, j
reporting that Jhe enemy was still In j
oeeelon when they withdrew from the
President Mohler, getting a n-port that
prairie chickens a-ere Invsdlng the coun
try along the Union raclflc line between
' Fallon and Northport, pressed Nela Up
dike Intq the mt vice and with a full corps
of camp followers, started out to check
the Invasion. They left for the scene of
war In two cars, one for themselves snd
their soldiers and the other. In which was
loaded their automobile. In which they
will rharre and attempt to route tho
The chickens are reported fat and In
condition to carry on the strugglo until
th last one Is killed.
A party of eleven Joyriders forfeited
their bonds In pollen court when they
failed to answer to the charge of d's
orderly conduct when arrested by Motor
cycle Officers Emery and Hold, n about
11:30 o'clock Tuesday night.
J. B. Oarnsy residing at the Colonial,
was fined fc!S and cost for violating tn
rules of the road.
The Omaha Real l atste exchange- met
yesterday for tho flrxt Mm since the
summer vacation. Adjournment wna soon
tsken In order tlii'i the members m'ght
hesr M. P. Bousing, president of th
American Association of Title Men. In
his sddress before the Commercial club
on "The Tltlemans riaue in ine i,m
merclal World."
Oeorge 11. ftwoboda of the local floral
firm of Haas Bwoboda. with his wlfa,
son and daughter, have sailed front I4v
erpool on the steamship Celtic.
According to reports to the railroads,
while It was oold In Nebraska, lust nlfrht,
the frost line was not touched. Sidney
was the coldest spot reported snd there
the minimum temperature was degrees
sbove rero.
When Women Suffer
No remedy gives e-reater relief than
Anti-kamnia (A-K) Tablets, in all eondi.
tions generally known as "Women's
Aches and Ills." One trial will satisfy
any woman that she has at last mmS
the remedy she has to long been look
ing for.
Indigestion Dyspepsia
Are you distressed after eatim?? Do
eon have nausea when riding in the cars
or on the train or boat? Take A-K Tab-
eta and get instant relief.
Genafas A-K TabUt frear th fK
monogram. At all Druggitt.
J S.A'KSalv for atsM,
Turpin's Dancing Academy, 28th ard Farnam
Adult Beginiiei-a, Monday P. M. Adult Advanced, Tuesday 8 P. M.
nembly Saturday eventns
joining Sept. 14-15 will be tvn a reduction of II 00. Applications received now.
f irst asnemniy naturuay evening, k-l lot
iHeglnnera 1:30, advanced V. M
Oct 10th. First t'hlldren'a l luxii Satnrdav Oct.
10th. .Heglnnera 1 : 30, advanced :9 r. hi. Private lexnons ilelly. If you want to
be up-t(j-uie, icrii ma one-up anter, Wultx I snter. Half and liti
and Hesitations, mage ana rancy dancing taught.
Half and Half. Maxlxe
Harney L 1 43.
una jif.ngniunn, rtrvei . mm aaiivjr umiciii, muviu, iitirnry ultJ. j
V ' ' ' " ' sJ&ZQA JSik III
..-'' S I '!: 1 III
II n
ns- Y'f
sails I':','
Mrs. John Dais Is ln receipt of a poet
car4 from Blshos John U NuaUoa of th
Methodist Episcopal church, wh la ln
charge of th church's work la Oarmaar,
aad Is located al Zurich.
Klahop N jeUoa writes that so far that
portion ef th eouutry U but little dia
turbed by the war, aad that ha aad bis
wife kave not beea Booteeted la anywise,
iiheuld they ba, b wUl rely on his Ameri
cas cJUaeoahla for protantloo. Hlshop
Nuelsea Is of Uennaa aerentaga, although
Amartoaa burn.
t-maaateel mm
ess fSaH ai
taw, rXty kaals aenss. bruteea, bunts.
ome beer-
Blatz Beer enjoys a reputation for r quality
unique and enviable in the industry. It is
a known and admitted fact that Blatz is I the
finest tasting beer brewed.
If you want the best flavored beer possible to
buy buy Blatz for your home. Gives greater
satisfaction costs no more.
Always the tamo good old
leads them aD
Blatz Company
802-810 Donglas St - Pewos 9 est
OaCsVHA. wnmisKA
. .... ...f .. A. - , -. ...I. -
The Black Velvet Hats So Vei7 Fashionable
Here in Abundant Selection
A hundred dozen more of the smart hand blocked velvet shapes now ready.
They include the new high side turbans, large Georgette sailors ln over 20 differ
ent rnapes. i nese are of excellent quality velvet, all with hand turned French
run, i nne
the rage ol
fall season.
worth $5,
for Thui
. These are of excellent quality velvet, all with hand turned Kr
f $2.98 and $3.
White Trimmings for the Velvet Hats
. r
Most women like a touch of white on on their black velvet hats. To meet this
need we nave the most extensive stock of white trimmings In the clty--flowers, if ii
wings, hackle breasts, ostrich and fanrr f author, mt to- 'lev- iu mnA OHc. H
Thursday, the Final Disposal of
ummer Dresses
We have divided our entire remaining stocks of summer
dresses into five bargain lots at prices which will force out
every garment before the day is over. You should buy one or
several to finish the summer, and to start you on next season.
49 Fine Wash 95 Pretty Wash
Dresses Dresses
Worth up to $25 at Worth to $12.50 at
$c00 $098
350 Summer Wash Dresses $1195
Worth up to $10, Thursday 11
295 Smart Wash
Worth to $6.50 at
170 Neat Wash
Worth up to $5 at
65 linen dusters and auto coats formerly Ji 95
worth up to $7.50, on sale Thursday, for . . 1 .
125 washable skirts for women and misses J A
formerly worth up to 11.50, on sale Thurs., Te7C
A table full of soiled
wash waists, worth up
to $1.50, special
A table full of soiled
warh waists, worth up
to $2.76, special
$ 1 69 Soiled pott I coats, slips
T I and combinations, worth
up to $2. choice ,
Three Bargain Lots of Children's Garments
400 children's wash
dresses, worth to $2.00,
Thursday at only
265 children's wash f f
dresses worth to $1.25, "wJf
special Thursday . . . . . ,V
1 240 children's and
' misses' middy waists,
f worth to $1.23, at
Perfect Fitting, Long Wearing Shoes
for School Girls and Boys
The most Important thingr to consider in the purchasing of chil
arens snoes is 111. correct in means nraltby, normal, comfortable
feet and long service. Incorrect fit means deformed feet and a life-
tliriA nf iUafnmfnrt
We Specialize in Fitting Growing Feet
We have devoted particular attention to this question, and with our great
stocks are equipped to correctly fit any little boy or girl ln shoes so comfortable
that he or she will not object to them even after going barefoot all summer.
Good Looking Shoes That Will Stand the Hard Wear
The best soft leathers, best oak tanned soles, wear-proof tips and fin finish make
these shoes the best that can be had for children. Priced very moderately. For girls.
1.40 to 82.75. For boys, 1.08 to fUMSO.
3 &
New Coods in the Enlarged Drapery Section
Bungalow NeU and filet nets, a Quaker Curtains, the leading Drapery Marquisette trimmed
splendid assortment of new pat- American lace curtain tn various with linen edges. Ivory or ecrn
terns at 40c, BOc and O.V. patterns, pair f2JM), $2.98, $3.50. color. Extra good value, yard 45c
Voile, trimmed with pretty lace edges. A fine 1 Drapery Cretonnes In over 200 pretty new Bfct
selectlon now displayed, at. yard 20c and 80c. I terns, priced, yard 23c, 2O0 and SOc.
KUmlne Curtain, 1 yd.x2H
yd. slxe, with lace edges. Extra
good value, at, pair $1.50.
Imported Duchess and Lacet
Arabian curtains specially priced
at $3.08 and $4.08.
Sunfast Rope Portiere shown
here for the first time In Omaha,
at $0.08 and $12.50.
26 rears eld. lis been in tie game since 1X3.
tho pitching staff of th Washington Club. SeWcted by a
committee of Nswt paper men' lbs best pitcher ia American
or National Leaguo. Ho aad Mathswson are reported th
highest salaried pitchers in th gams. On of th peculiar
toings connected wit a jobasoa is that. althooh fee Is one of
ia most zsmout rata in me oasebau world today, bis parents
wao lira in iwOtieyviue, jisas., asv nerr seen taeir son
He endorse and
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"a. TS.
Arrew thiak
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Klckaamss eacouraf substUulioa.
Known as fi" 1
U 71
) ') t '7
Xlic Dec's War MnnuoL Just What You Wont.