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llli; UKK: OMAHA. THl'RSDAY. AUGUST 27. 1.014.
. i
Fashion Hint
Wednesday, August 26, 1914.
"OU have all heard of the newspaper women and settlement work.
crs ho havo tried the various ways if the poorer wage-earners to
set local color and statistics on the situation, but Home Omaha
society young women who have hern nbroad thl aunimer will
gone through some of these experiences not to pet local rolor or Ktatls
lira, but In order to get home.
Mips Ophelia llayden and her coucin, Mlmea Clara and Helen Hay.
tlen of Wachlngton, I). C. had gone, with their uncle, Mr. Jame llayden,
to the Land of the Midnight Sun for a (harming and beautiful trip, but
t hen war was declared their one thought wan to get bark to America.
The only possible accommodations were in the steerage, ho the young
women were game and started, but, fortunately, after reaching the aecond
port of call, they were able to Kecure second-cabin paxsag for the rent of
the trip, as some travelers who had engaged then were not able to reach
the port.
I ir. and Mrs. A. K. Jonas and Mrs. (leorge l'aliuer and children were
among those fortunate enough to have first cabin on thrt anie steamer,
the Ilaltlc. Mrs. Palmer lost all of her luggage in France. Mr. Jonas Bays
i-he would have been willing to come home a week earlier, tnlt they could
not get even that arronimodation, so they waited for the Haltlc, on which
they had made reservation last May. Many people were on gteamers al
ready to aail, or steam rather, hen tho nhlp would be commandeered, and
the passengers' would have to disembark and look for new accommoda
tion. Mrs. Jonas was particularly Impressed with the kindness of the peo
ple of tho nrltish Isles, and especially In Root land, where they were stay
ing. People opened their private homes for the travelers who were ma
rooned over there.
Mr. Kdward Itrurey Perkins of New York City, formerly of Omaha,
telegraphed his parents this morning of hln safe arrival In New York. Mr.
Perkins was In Vienna the day war was declared.
Reassuring news In the dispatches of the Hafety of two more Kuropean
tourists relieves anxiously Inquiring Omaha frlendn unable to get word of;
them, and directs attention again to two especially Interesting neraonageii.
e m .wvM r t ... v 1 1 HvIav l on Omilt. mrm n m-hr, haa made bar
W IJ r7 Ul t I. Ill, .'l inn iirmr- n; i' ... v u w - .. j
own way to a successful mnnlcuring and chiropodist establishment, en-j
joying the patronage of many of our society exclusive. Last fprlng. In '
appreciation of her favora and services, some of her wealthy customers vol-i
nntiriir nixori a nu mo of several hundred dollurs to give her the time or.
her life In a trip to Europe, which seems to have ben ''H timed for ex
citement if not for pleasure.
The other woman, Mrs. Eleanor Koeulg. la the mother of Mr. W. It.
Koealg of the Kllpatrlck firm, who, although up tn the 70s, Is entirely
helf-rellant and resourceful. Her special delight and diversion when she
wants to get away from Omaha Is to do settlement work in New York or
make solitary trips to relatives in Kurope. She has crossed and re-croHHed
the ocean so many times that It Is almost a habit, and fihe knows Germany
like a book.
.4ii. 1
:::: :
Omahan it Arrested as Spy and
Later Released by German.
WFRQTFPQ APP RSflf IIIP'"',, tfKtt trJn 'n w,r thlrty-W i 1in a woman arrears on the etagr, for
lILLOlLnO ntxL DAtn nUlULjhnur it traveling 11 mta, being forcd ,,nmr,,r g-wA in the moM Mshlr.nar.le
1 to change rars aHont every ten miles. I tti,, , no , ,r. t!) j.
I Miring thi time they had one meal tna. !.,,, of lh, ,,i,,n, 0. iaf,,i of a,r.
simply a roH tunrh. an. In the cars j hunt mRy n. m( r,nl ,j,.li(Hr fi,,
p;t were pncnen in line caiue. m-
( altln being full of men and women
i ! In l'arls. where Mr. VTebeter remained days, he found a feeling of r.i
reTi prevailing, hut not the excitement
thnt exl.ted In Germany. Manv of the
.ihopn ,-in'l trtoies were. cloet and pro
prietors and clerks had gone to wsr.
h tUi- thrend of a neat plt
li.e . ! v, .11 ln slaFC'l ftv
tnllclpatr Takln of St. I'rtf rahorl
ft Pnrla ( an l.arlr Pate
Or. lruin Return
from I'nrla.
rells It. H is innely n matter of KhcMvir'g
the' r.f (lie tv Ir.'l' ien'l
cntly ci the nsniifat'irei . It is to he it
theitti'.ca! dicptay of stylish mee. har.dire.
The acts in the p;ny will 1.0 1 ,ir of
KO.-rifs in r'-vi!onsl.e ioiiely, ;it f,ih
Ir i'al e ie rr tioi , f snjo." and other m -
f.i.rl.n.. i
l ii'intrj: t
Pel W -
I, mil i li.fn S'.:d.. il'.' ai ts. Among tha
tnlent for t'lese U J"o Wy.-off, who plsjl
In r v. Yor,i v ry tKicceasfully, rspec.
mil;. In Mdiyoii .-nuari' (iBrden and other
I'ln ps Lililan l-on Is another In this
list (.f vaudeville t:i!e:) She Is a violinist
of t ime, l eaner an l Jnnis ar to be hor
t.j xlae fnnry titngidnq; nnd other danc
lr.3 retvefu tl.e a' t-1.
.' '4 - . - . ? i
'M 1 I 12
I nts were fMnr everywhere and
, , , ,. , " .military -plrlt was dominant.
.IoIim is ,f,.;.r rtil ir.min t,re ha,
lrom :i Fiimtrcr tr,-nt In I: irr,. While ' Trl ""''
.Mr. Weh.ter wax m t t loe enough til t.evlna PsriH Mr. Webnter had no dU
the ceene ( to Mri ,,w,pr n WBH i fleii!ty in getting over to Enpiand and
not far irr.m aetnnl linit ir - 'after ionu London a fe- days he "Rent
Mr. We!ietr !elt f;ern:ar.v- 1 10 l-fverpoot. from
nnd rneMently lie was tl,er. wl en
was deilared n P.iifsU. The r.laht of
the declaration ot war he and famllv
whence he and
la-ully Ha!i for home. i
I'aria. hen I left there," said the .
doto, "th gravelv ..oneerned over ti e
ere t i. hotel in Mayence and uliout I rrni'n invnelan and was ta King me. win
inldnlcht they were awakened by l,-.ute i eriouiy. However, the naUves felt 0:1- ,
. heerlnir. Hlnainn and the tramp oi" man ! t -.t the Frenols troops wou'd he j
in the etreets .e. hiK i-.f!ow. Uetiinir ! at Rer'lc j(:rt as soon as the Germans
HP, .Mr. Wehstei l-,ke. n Into the
street and noth ed the pu'Sitii; nf renl
ment alter reslnient of "ldier. f'."itia
would reiich Tarls.'
down to the h''te
, v., Ln ii'i-i 'in hi ne ten: i.eq thai
j war was on and that oliliern were going
(to the front
j PrliT t'i this time. llr. W'elister i.H.I
j heard tall, of war. hilt hud iu :oe,l nlat
' It wa merely ta!U. The follnwlna ly h
ivenl down thn. Ithln. to ('iiloptio and
.everywhere tli le were Hnldiei. 'fhev
I were nn tho I uit, u ti e lan.llnt- nnd
I In the, cltleH ul.iiir the rler. l.voi- lrl;(;e
I nnd every railroad w;c ).iitrcl!e..
In CuIiiriii .Mi. Url i.lei li,.ij m ine . .
perleme th;it to him v a lather am'i.lnn.
I'or it short tune he wttt Kipr.ted of
tii ina a spy. lie rs ! .kitii at n l.riiUe
eros the liver and ;i 'remti oftler,
notloin him. si-r.t ;i siriad c: soldiers to
tnko him Intu ..mtniy. In 1 l privet ho
earried an otdiuttiv tna; .-f K.'.ironi' lin.'l
to the soldn is thlv ,m.h o.nienre that he
was a spy. 1 iin'l.. he . n t.ilic n heroi e
'tho I'limraur lin "I ''!' er f 'lint l'prtluii
of tho terms n urm ,- oei-npvlnt' tt-e town
'and gtve nn ei,ir.itioi. Hist rtns satis
; factory.
i.ermaaa I fiiinflf-iif.
Tiilklnit with n H.-iinun nffliei.. .Mi.
Webster was ansmed that liie (reinianN
would be In M. Petri shurir within .three
weeks from Anaust 1 nnd In Pinis by.
AuriibI to. Kvery where they felt eertalti of
Style Show and
Play to Be Given !
at the Auditorium;
A real, aure-enoug.i style show, in the !
hate of a theatrical production with I
many f haracters, and high priced talent j
is now scheduled for the Auditorium for i
September 21 to Z. Inclusive. There will j
bo pei femancer. both matinee and even-
in,, ever dny. K. U. Ryan, the advance
nuent, is in Ctv.ahs making atranseiuetits 1
for this Hho. Tn enrnpany Is Junt fin-!
Iidnnsj a suefossf'il run at :leveland. Mr. 1
Ryan tays tho i-hov. played to ',i"i pej.
pie at I Moines.
The play is :ndr the personal p:oiut
llon of t'red 11. Morgan. Amon the
mnrry ate K Patlifian mrleln f:oni
tti shT o;' Madame Kavarrle, in Paris. are many male models .alfo Tho
111 appeur In tho rw.irse of the play.
This Is to le something ne,w In style
sl ows in Omaha. An allegorloal play In ;
six acts is to be produced and special !
srenety for the. work Is carried. The
latent fashion designs originating In the
bent rriinils in faahton work on two con- I
tlnents will he utilised and employed, j
This, Mi. Ryan announces. Is not an aj- I
IllliS ioN o if,-,
)t USUI ;m i p i i im
T 1
Buy it by the Dozen
r hare a tnptiiy of ftesh, C:(
r every purpose.
and you'll alwavs tiara a hdii!t of ftesh. clean, tmre.'avteet cream and
milk on hand for every purpose.
I. vrr.i si:
Returu from E.tei Park.
Mlsa Mary 1". Cooper has return-id lrom
Untes Paik, where rha taught .lanrlng
lor tne lunt four weeks. Previous to her
aeason at Kstes Park Mlsa fooper t.pint
six. weeks at tho ('Knihrldae scliool of
dancing in the, taking the couran for
teaching and receiving Instruction In the
new aoclety ihuicea liy duncera frun Cns
tic liousu. MIfs Cooper took part in the
i Wiping rxercine of the school wltii an
Mglnal composition in dancing.
At Carter Lake Club.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. ITynn entertainad
at dinner at Carter Lake club last even
ing, t'ovora were laid for:
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Mm Millan.
Mr. and Mrs. It. Yocuni.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Klynn. .
MendHmea Mesdamea
Kind Hoffman. John Moi'ann.
M.fisarit Wagner. Marie Hchnelder.
Anna Jucksun,
Miseea Misses
nor Hoffman, Xallle ti'Connell,
Marif-nrvl Prennan, Rata Rarnahle,
I'taiivhe Kenney, Agnea Parnahln
Anna Klynn, of L Mara, la. ;
.VI Initio Klynn.
Mr. Mh hael O'Connell.
Mr. and Mr. C. If. T. Riein enter
tained at a dinner party, whe their
guests were:
Mr. and Mrs. Htlle.
Mr. and Mr. V. P. lleeney.
Mesdamea MeadHmea
1). A. Hrown of K. J. fesott of
Kanaaai'lty. Mo.: Topeka, Kan.
MIm KliMbeth Htllea.
Maatera Masters
Kenneth HI Ilea, Jack Drown.
Mr. and Mis. 1". T. Maaon entertained
at dinner In honor of Mr. and Mr a. W.
. Maaon of llufUIo, N. Y. Covera were,
laid (or:
Mr. and Mrs. ". a. Maaon.
Mr. and Mr. Will Plainer.
Mr. and Mra. Kdward ('lav.
Mr. and Mr. K. A. Pardun.
Mr. and Mra. V. Cunnlnaham.
Mr. aad Mra. firant V llllaiiia.
Mr. and Mra. T. Maaon.
iMr. and Mrs. C. II. be Waal had aa
(heir guta:
Mr. and Mra. Oeorge Nownea.
Mr. and air. Kusaell Wilson.
Mra. Edgar Wllaun.
Misaea Mlsaea
aortrud Pe Waal. Ruth Nownea.
Other entertaining at the club were
Mr. and Mra. Willis Crosby, who had
eight guests; f. R. Rrlgliam. eight; Dr.
t ir. Uallard, four; K. A, Ilanaon, five;
W. II. Crott, four; Nyal. three; Kdwln
Palmer, four; Grant Puter. two; Vincent
Jfaacall, two.
Wedding; Anniversary.
Mr. and Mra. Fred Itadra aie ntertaln
Ing at a family dinner this evening to
celebrate their twenty-eighth anniversary
and for the departure of Miaa Lola
llarria for Wellealey college. Cover will
be laid for:
Mr. and Mra. W. L. Karri.
Mr. and Mm. Fred Haiira
Miaa LoIa llarria.
Merera. Meaar
K. Keiigaohn, Julian llama
ttlgniund tamdaberg.
For Mill Caroline Congdon.
Mrs. J. M. Harding gave a luncheon
tuday at her borne t.,r Miaa Caroline
ongdon, whoaa wedding to Mr. Herbert
French mill take pla Fept-rnber 1
.'over mtro place! fcr:
Mlaaes MUaea
f'andiite Cong Jon. Mary ilurkley. Hllver. Joetphluv L'vngdou,
l ncabeth Cong Jon.
M-daine Mnadame-
Arthur M. Rogera. J. 11. Harding,
ramutl Reea, ir..
At Fontenelle Park.
A band concert wlU be given at Fou
ttiiella park Uunday afternoon between 3
and i o'clock.
The tcrinio court, which were begun
last year by Commissioner Hummel, are
now being completed.
Slumber Party.
. The Mlaae. Alma and Helen Soren&on
entertained at a (lumber party at their
l.oma Monday evening. Tuoea present
Wedemeyer, yice president; Mi. C. P.
Walker, secretary: Mr. Charles Rrandon,
treasurer, and Mia. n. J. Hcannel), re
porter. The next meeting will be held
In two weeks, when Mesdsme.t Albert
Wedemeyer. Charles llmndon and I N'el
Hit will be the. honteases.
Seymour Lake Country Club.
The tmmanuel l.utheiStn choir of nxty
five voices, under the direction of Mr. II.
12. Johnston, inrnln the trip to thn Hey
mour club loat evening by chartered car.
and following dinner sang a number of
Adah Chapter Xo. ul, O. K. B of ftoutli
Omaha, will have dinner utul spend the
evening at Pcyn9ur club tomorrow. Mra.
William Jlerry, worthy matron, will be
Mra. M. P. Prown entertained the
children' day committee at a chicken
dinner at her country home near Papiillmi
Tuesday. A bimlnesa session followed.
Thoan present were:
, Meadame- MnaflameH
John t rlon. n0y Wnnls,
J. M. Van Kuren, M. n. Haid.
It. A. (Sander. K. T. Yaler
Mis Handera.
..Una Kunlce Rneor, who ha been gunat
f honor at a number of pleasant affair
this Kiimmer, entertained at a I'aiewell
luncheon Tuesday. Ml Ensor leaves to
day for Rochester, N. T.
lr. and Mr. T. J. Dwyer entertained at
dinner last evening, having fhclr
Mr. and Mra. T. P. Redmond.
Mlneee Mennrs
f 'J1'""' 1 ' ' "do' t ) ei
Iella Flanagan. of Chicago.
o. . r. J'lin Hwyer.
Cyrtl K Pheehy had a his guests at
M Mayme Crowe.ll of Chicago.
Mlsa Margaret Carley.
nuwara r.Kger.
Model lllnnclmt. Paris.
atlii hat of navy blue, nun white
bolder of velvet, trimmed with feather
o' Numidle. This is a veiynew dexlgn.
a City are the. gueats of Mr. and Mis
Robert I oiiler.
J. 0. F. Club.
Mr. V.. J. Council culei tamed the J.
O. F. club at his home TuesdKy evening.
Uanclng, musln and original a amen we-ia
enjoyed. Those present were:
. siiecens and thst the ar would he short, i vertisinff r ropositlon tn that It does not In- j
j From Cologne to Straw bin g- tl-e Wrb- j dlvid jalli snv partlciimr brand of good.'. J
I Misses
Olartys l.lmlberg,
Marin tiKtronlc,
Agnes Sloiip,
llattle Itsnxen.
liene Kiillivan'.
I.ouia Waviln,
.lames Kailll.
John :: a.
t.angfiinl Iwecraft,
Frank Vaskn,
Mixns -tlet
Irmlii Hell
Cinimll iilufia,
Mayme rtlonp.
llse Coniiell,
lorU I'oiinrll.
Menu i .
'"liarlfH llnffmiiii,
.liniicM U'atsmi,
Hoy Malcolm,
li. J. Connell
James Kuncl,
Dancing Party. i
The Misses Frances and loretta M alley
will entertain at a dancing party ut their
homo this evening.
Seymour Lake Country Club.
The mambera of th Mother a Cultui ;
club wltl entertain their husband at din- ;
ner at tho Heymour Lake Country club '
Friday evening. ;
L U. Wlndheim had wilh
M ic
KUael Tlrney,
Aiiniuta AnfMii b,
llaasl Amlerson,
violence Uoller,
Ithcl Molltr,
Helen Anderaon.
Jirnrtetta Will,
Alma horeiition,
len ciorvnaun.
Mr. and Mra,
Mr. and Mra. Stubun,
Mra. John Meyer,
Mr. Frederic. Meyer.
Pining together In another pnr'v were
Mr. and Mr. K R. Ilgh.
Mr. and Mra. a. F. Daavrrs
Mr. and Mrs. U t Ktter.
C. It. Uugdala entertained at a famllv
Party Inst evening for Miss Maiart
Ir. Willlgni Rrrv waa hot at a dinner
party when rover wera laid tr-
Mlaaes- Mia.
I.oulso eis., l"-tr
.Mario Pert v. Anni'iovi'
I 'i ,SU' ,"u,1, "at!ii,a
Ioi-ia Berry,
Vr. and Mra Retry.
Mr. and Mr. Howard WINon had a
their dinner rueeta:
Mr. and Mr. F. Dimke.
Mrs. O. C Aleshlre,
Miaa Jennie Tient,
Mr. "'undo Fcut
Othera who entertained lat evening
were A. F. Hughes, wo had als vueat:
P. Jucklnesa, four: Ii. 8. Vet, four; J
J. Hlnchey, Tour; U M. Cohn. U; Ml
Worley, ntr.e; U U TUlnr, three; W. H
Cheek. li; C. M. Bklnner, eight: Mia. T.
L. Combs, three: Ma-t'ev McCaithy. two!
Hiicellanrous Shower.
The K. i:. K. riub enlaitained a: a mis
CffUaneoua liowfr Tuaaday evening In I
honor of Mis Anna I.lnd, whoe mar-1
" r. Artnur i:eniti-om lll be
celebrated Heptember 9. Mf!.a Adi Bosael.
man and Miaa Ada Miller nltU In en.
tertalnlng. Those pieaent were:
Misses- MI.He
Mary Luff. Fannv D,k,i,., .
ierirude I ce, Margery ileMri.i.'
Hemletta iiyhrbrig,
Kmma Nielsen,
lone IopiKn.
Alinina Pfiteraon.
fJiac Chltntan,
Ada UiMMlmin
Johamiit hneidet,
Adeline llerra,
lladya Mill.
Rale l-aienCf
Ada Miller,
-May Miller.
Anna l.lnde.
.dele I.lnd-.
'IMIan Linde.
Klliabeth IUmuaea
la and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mr. William Iewey has gone tn
country' for a two weeks' vacation !
lr. and Mr. P. It. Mnllh nnd aou, '
Harry, have returned from a tHp to
Mr. Frank Uuidtner nnd MU i;ila
Oardttier liuve returned from a week's '
stay at Hpirlt Lake, la. j
Mr. Ralph Coad of New Yotl: City, !
fotmerly of Onuika m aiiending u tort-
night here visiting .cl.itivc.i.
Ir. J. K. Muldoon of Arapahoe. Ne').,
was In iiiniiha a few days on busine.
Miss Viol Mulduou Pft for a week
ftay in Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. W. I,. Iliimn and Mix
Leola Harriri leave Friday evening for
the east, where. Mil's Harris will enter
WUley college.
Mr. and Mrs. lloury Cox have icturned
from a stnomer ipent In illi'ferert point
in Iowa. Tho lust two weeks they have
been vtnlilng friend at Arnold's Park.
Lake O'.tobolt. j
Mis Catherine I . lias been stopping
at th) Hotel Knickeiborker In New York
for Severn I week and nUo sp. nt a few
day at Atlantic city, she will leave fur
Omaha this week.
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Prairie Park Needlecraft.
The Prairie Park NeeiJiecraft club uuiU
ltd firet meeting of the ear at Prairie
club Tueaday afternoon. Mi. . C.
j(yn a cleiied prctldcnt, J:s. Albeit J
I.Ida Newell
llerlha Hansen,
Mary Chrlelenseii,
Anna Haniien.
Nellie Wimmer,
Kua Iraon.
Oertrude Iraon.
less Huseklit,
Iren Hough.
Marguerite Hough,
Alice Urecnman
Knther Un(
Margaret Mvnxle.
Anna U,
Harriet Cady.
Nora Treenrry.
Acne Trenerry
Mr. and Mr. Patrick Connolly
Mr. and Mra. Prea Harper.
Mr. and Mra. T. J. Line.
Mra. J. K. Heimtrom
Mra. K. Anleion.
J. 0. Hub.
Mia rbarlotie Peleisuu aJid M:. ;
Tracy McUtnnl. ho have been homf. ,
ateadlng Id Wyoming near Luk. are vl- :
tttng in tha city for a week or ao.
Mr. and Mr W l'llmji M K;roy f Kan-j
f i Minn1' I m Demand the genuine
"Your Persuasive
ar your I'oiiviiicii!"' ariiimu'iit can't stop
tlic t-'. '. k. TIio train that Vgo:io won't come
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tontrai t that's Umi s'unoii won't lo rovoked
vou'vp pot to
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Arrive Minneapolis : .8:05 a.m.
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Day train with cafe parlor car and coaches leaves
Omaha 0:CO a. ni., Council Bluffs P:30 a. m.
ASK P F. B0N0RDEN, 0. P. & T. A.
1522 Farnam Street, Omaha.
Phone Doug. 260.
Demand the genuine
by lull iwir.e
Nickname encourjrt
kur ititution.
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j ' IPttv !.
It... wu ti A. 1 W ' ' ! i ' Z. ' 5.-T t
Tnu Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, Ga.
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