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Root PTlat It Now cn rres
Juif Mont hly Income Gould, Hc Blrtf
ridellty Btorf bA To Co. Dou. 161.
Llfbtlaf Fixtures urct-s-GrnJea
Tor Compute Mot rrorT""
may be (ound on the Iirt page of tho J
classified faction tnday, and appear in ,
Tfie Bee LXCIA'SIVKUT. Flrd out wfat I
the various mo-ins pl.-ture theaters ot'.rr.
Carey Back Home Frank .1. Carey
uri'i tainily hnvi returned from V els'o.-
Weld lor Inaultinr WoraiD -IHivn .
Mi Piij, .T.'t North N inrtcrnth utrcct. is
in .tall f"r insiiltin wonin on tl ulrfol
it FtnrtMn1h nn.1 Capitol avenue.
Berg- Back from Haw Tork . K.. Hera.
: i :i. i nf the Hern ClethlnK company. Iihs
r- t jrnl from New York, whirc It Iih
km with tl.o manHCorv and bi.yei
"Hi-imia id put tmcnts of his store
Monday, August 24, 1914.
UK popularity of farter Lake club is fostering water pon of vari
ous Kinds ami the members of the club are becoming expert swim
mers, sailors anil also adept at paililltriR ranoes.
I tine of the greatest advantage of the lake is tne met mat
young Omha is learning to swim and the rlub is justly proud of Its youth
ful Annette Krllermann, little Miss liorothy I'ardun. A large crowd gath
ered on the beach Sunday afternoon to watch 5 year-old Porothy Tardun,
s of the I daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Tardun. swim across the lake ami Darn.
! It is estlmted that the distance across is "00 feet.
rind for Crualtr to Animals -! 1 n z tutor In tha aftornnnn llorothT s mother. Mr. I'arflun. .Miss uiau)s
?::;:;r'zl7z :z K:;. Mr. h. w. w. ,. from the cub to the ii.p.i
beach and back. Two boats accompanied mom an me insmmr.
Pardun used the Australian crawl mostly.
The swim across the lake was made Thursday afternoon by Mr. and
Mrs. H. h. fnderwood. Mrs. H. H. Wbitehouso and Mr. C. P. Hayes.
Sunday evening ten canoes made a cruise about the lake and then had
T .rrVl C! OTl Pni'Tin TT " "iP"ie" rot across the lake, the w Monies being provided ny t,oorgo .x.
Ullllb UU J.tUiltUU Aulabaugh. The party had such a pood time that a steak roast is being
arranged for Friday evening, when a number of canoes will take the party
to the other side of the lake.
i;ilrnM in police court for crurlty to
nlmJs. Fisher a given :.. ami cosu
mil Kiatzer was discharged.
Decorative Street
for Four Blocks
Prenratlve trit lights along Faniam
street from Twentieth to Twenty-fourth
streets will probuMy he installed by the
Icislncs men and maintained at their ex
rnbA t I, a r'niTimlnKliin 1ih.s been
.isKed t- grant the requisite perml.-Mon ! Follow Ing the matinee I here w as i !.m -n
fur a chance of the lishtlnit system.
At the Orplienm.
Mrs. A. ratlin eiit'rtuinrd at '"'N
party nt the Orpheum this ifterrino.i in
honor of her daughter Helen's btrihhiy.
lioiild TefJ! alpered before the coun
cil, representing about twenty-five bnl men, mid asked that the council
riermlt prorxTty owners t pay the dif
ference between the cost of the oxl.-Ulnti
arc llKlits and t'ue doeoratinn lights.
When the conn 'il refused tlilf. ha PUB
srsted that the deooraiivo lights do ui-ed
in addition to the ar . as Is (loin oil the
rT block on Sixteenth street Sir 1 icU I
aid tiie arrangements for the decorative
eystem would be carried on roiiardleeB of
thi council's position on the iicllnn of
fcelplng to defray the cost.
eon, wlm rovers were lain roi .
IS-ies - At ls.05 -
Margaret Fallon. largrt Sargent.
Until Ma&cnvll, .lanet Sullivan,
Helen Sirgent, HeL ti 'a!tin
Ales'lamrs Mesi'.anier-
.T. r. fllon. "'atttn.
thiee; Renn-t.T Hatch, three; Hr. V. C.
Shlplierd, two; (irant Peters, two
Seymour Lake Country Club.
Mr. T,. M. Tird entertained nt dinner
yesterday. Inning as Ills kuchIs the em
ployes of the tjive Stork National hank.
The alternooii was spent In hoatrm and
Imtliing. fovorsi were laid for:
"M isses
Sara Manga n
Cidtli. two; .1. A. Kussoll. two. I. II I
PrlFh.iiist. t"o. V TIiomii, two; Vtr.l
iMlc. two; ". l: I'.u-"ivi.-'er, six. II
I;. Ne.-l.-y, th i M "r.aMt. two,
t'harh's ti. tluco. W. M 1 namheis.
(two; n. r. stair two. I 1: .11 hnston.
two; 1'. S. Foil it 1 .1. two i:il fuck. two.
1.. I. Willis, time; W. 11 ilaint'. ton
i'. .1 Parrot t, .. .1. F. nson, two: Im
lioin.irl four; Simeon .l.-ni -. l "ii j
i:. Ml ii( y, four. I. .1 Mtlln-d. tour. 1
" I
At the Country Club. i
Miss l.iise l'.cnii ruter' 1 i.t the.
Country club Siin.l.o f -r . nun-ber of,
out-of-town guests. Those piesent wele
Misses Marv l.-mian of I Vs Moines.'
I.olse Pinning. '-ts MPton penman of
lvs Moines, Pi.-.i tt'.ibbell of Pes Moines. j
Paul Chapen of New York 'illard P.utlct.
Mr and Mis llaroM Pi lb l-.-tt. i
Plliers at the , lull Siitulm were 'I I..
I'limings who had covers plic-ed for five.
V. A Meyer, four; It. W. P ill. five. A .1.
l.oe, three; W. F Smith, five. v . T ,
Mums, three
At Happy Hollow.
F.titei-titiiiinK at tho cluh .-s.utd'ty e ru
ing weie F. W. Austin, who n,i I
guests; li M Pui'kio. three: W 1.. Selhy. ,
two; II. v . .lohnnon, two; 1. 1.. .vaoier. 1
four, M . It. Watson, fle; A. I'. Howard. 1
four; ". F. Junod. two; A. B. " irrle. j
two; Kugene Pinal, two; '. S Miller, j
fuir; II. 1. Strelght. five: H. I'. Carpni-;
tor. throe; Pr Manning, six; 11 Civrr.
two; i". F. Paulson, two; J. J. Ftti. raid,
three: It .1. Williams, two: .1. W F.ll- j
cl. two; W. 11. dates, two, '. X. ilob-!
Inson, two; 1". S. Folsom, six. W. T
lloss, five; P. P. Williams, two. W. M five: F S. Howe, two; F It
Aidotis, four; 11 S. Curtis, tro
THIS hose is truly an extra value. One of the bar
gains that our buyer found when in New York
recently. High spliced heel and double sole and toe.
extra double lisle garter top. In about 15 colors and
black. A big value at 77c a pair; regular $1 quality.
Bttra-Nih Co. Main floor,
Corn Holders
At Carter Lake.
Ann ana.
Tcresia Smith,
Me.ssi s.
l.loyd Coibett.
1 I j 1 - W - I
Among those dining, at Caiter . , rl ,'v
Porothy l ord.
Messrs.- -A.
11. .lohnson.
lenrg" Seo llle.
Harry Me 'smllesa,
Louis Kill-".
Family Reunion.
A family leuntou was hehl nt Hi., home
of yr I rink Ululia in honor .:' Mir.
l'ranlt lasto :;' birthday. Those pres
ent were-:
Mr. and Mrs. V. V.
Earl Haves Admits
He is Auto Bandit!".-
club Saturday evening were Mrs. .1 w . Hmld Poliam
fon,.nald n hn entertained nine quests: F W. Thomas
r. H. Mullin, four; F. Axtord. three; .1.
n. flood, two: H. II. .tones, two; i; t I
Srhlwht, tw-o; Miss Jean Mc ornii'-k. i
live: Miss IVagy tlafford. two; Miss I
Zelda Harris, two; Glenn Moulin, two: I, ,lt Jlnliri. f0r Miss Alma 1'eU-rs, who was
II. IV Waul, six; 1 C. Fowler, two; H. j thir housa niirst.
R. ZininiBti. four: Henry nichmond, three; riiii,K vilth Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Frye
Nagley, two; A. A. Arnoia, four, wpr), Mr an(1 Nr T. K, Anspach and
Mr and Mrs. William kiiiuiui.
.dr. Hiu'. Mrs. W. S. llogue.
Mi. and Mrs Iloyt I'reeman.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Irfird.
Mr and Mrsi. C. A. Jlellua enteriaineu
! blisses
Mollie Holuo el; .
Clara Piown.
) nilly Itrown.
.Mary Urown.
I Anna Fixu,
Adolpb tsrowii,
Julia Urown.
Talbot Potter.
Flank I'ospli hal,
i l.arles 1 uisek.
llliHin Lastovlea,
unack two; Ceorge P. Terrell, two; rf 0,(1 Anspach.
Jack Puchart. three: O. F. jihipherd, two. Anntl,or dinner party included:
' , " ,, I Fred Hadra. two; .1. A. Woodman, two: M,,pR. . Mlsses-
Larl Hayes has admitted to Acting William Reese, four; ! Ixittie Worley. Ltnlly lti.ber,
A liter ol Potecuvcs "evereese tnai ne is i ..-. ir- is,,t
; I. J. ni iiniitri, i,n.-., ,... . .
one of throe auto bandits who committed
7. Hayes, two: A. X. Jeffries, two; Vln-
fcveral hold-uj in this city ebotlt 1- ltHCR three; r. U Potter, two. H
crninor'.i. i'-i.. ana man successiuuy ma-ie K Vlir,nf,rni two,
their .seal to Pioux City and Pes rvPnll Mr. Thomas Waters
Moines, where they repeated their uto- . . . . ,,.,... nt dinner: F. T.
mobile exploits. Kayos grlves his homo Jason four; Roy M Scott four. c u
llhindy. eleven; F.. F. Hoffmasler. three;
rw. F.. Ptroup, five; Miss H. Klla Wood,
s-lx; Miss F.lla J. Brown, six; Mlaa Helen
Howell, rlx: W. D. rralghead, two; J.
P. Fallon, two; Thomaa O. Wood, two;
R. A. Hayman, two; J. T. Pollard, two;
K. T. JRrailey, seven: F. J. Urown. two;
William Nelson, six: Walter Wharton,
lour; Vincent Hascall. two; Al Lierck,
two; Dr. Bailey, two; Kdward L. Schlecht,
two; C. E. Maloney. two; C. H. Hard, two;
Philip Horan, two; Clark Sheney, two: H.
A. Freeland, two; A. Jetes. two; John
Sorenson, two; A. P. Whltmore, three; A.
J. Kcsers, seven; A. I Vnderland, three;
A. J. Jackson, two; K. F. Fowler, two;
5L .11 North xwentiotn etreei
The other men connected with the
hlshway robbery are Alfred Barton, now
serving a eenlenceHn the county jail and
a lad named Joe, whose last name Hayes
did not know, but who lives In Chicago.
Hayes served six months in .Sioux City,
and upon his return here was captured
by Motorcycle Officer Wheeler. He was
bound over to the district court under
m. bond for 1.350.
Shooting Season
Opens October 1
Wlllard lliiber.
Phillip Kaber.
Mr. and Mrs. L,
W. P. Current.
L. Ttalwr.
nncs 1 lu.-ck.
Matilda Vol ak.
Antonhi N'o ni,.
Mary I .iistm I' a.
Ilelfii l.astov l a
Mesisrs - -
Frank N'ovnK,
John FUa.
Frank 1 ,asto lea.
I eo l.astovloa.
Adolph 1 astoi li
Charles l.iistovica.
Mr. and Mrs. Kurinlph Hohacek,
Mr, and Mrs. I'" rank Hohacek,
Mr. and Mrs Joseph Hohacek,
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Flxa,
Mr. und Mrs. A. Novak.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hawk.
Mr. and Mr.-;. Frank l.astovien,
Mrs J. P. Itrown,
Mrs Henry Haoh of Cleveland. (.
.Mrs William Carney.
COIJX i- surely ilclicioiis
lint it 's In in": ;it
tinips to t'jit it p-jKM-ially
wIipu "nici" ctiiiiiaiiv is
annnitl. Tui'sday in our
jwlry sci'tii'ii siher plalctl
corn holders very specially
priced at 125
tirrosa-Nnah Co. Main Floor.
Ice Tea Spoons
'pills i the time l' the
X year for ice tea. Kvery
lody is drnikinir it. Nickel
silver quadruple plated ice
tea spoons in the jewelry
section Tuesday, $1.0) val
ues for Tl'C per set, or heavy
silver plated ice tea spoons,
7.V values for ."!c er set.
Burg-Nh Co. Main Floor.
Roman Stripe Serges
l NT received, n now
shipment of Roman
striped serges. Tho kind
that is so popular now,
und w ill lie more so later on. If
you want somethiPK that is de
cidedly different und new thin
la your opportunity. Tuesday
very specially priced t, per
Bnnraaa-Kash Co. Mala Floor.
Tuesday is an especially good day for "just looking." We invite ycu to shop
on the new and beautiful things we ars shout ng in suits, gowns, coats, millinery,
linens, shoes, dress goods, etc. Just get one or two of your friends and make
ill . 't lieantiliil. I' iv Mil $1.19 to $4.50 a sot.
Bargains In the Basement Tomorrow
l r M.'furfliv entertained ten BUest"!
at dinner last imht, and Miss Itertha j Motor Trips.
Llchnovsky had four Kuesls.
At I'ontenelle Park.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Olds, Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. do Winter, .Mlss.s Poi-othy
Parsons, May Austin, Mar.lorlo I'arsons.
Anna Prague, Frances Olds and Masters
Bruce Olds and Billy do Wintor, Jr.
spent an enjoyable evening at Fonteneilo
park. The new wiener master was ustd
for boiling coffee and makina; fudu-.
Mis Mildred Jessop has been enter
taining Mrs. Roy Maxwell of Lincoln.
Mrs. Maxwell returned nome Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Haniel Bantu, Jr.; Miss
! Cornelia. Matim and Mrs. Roy Oonnal "f
At the Field Club.
Sunday evening George T. Wiight had
Pittsburgh are expei led home 1 1 1 1 :- a'ter
niion Ironi a motor trip to Lake ikobojl,
i' lure thf" spent the week-end with Mr.
and .Mrs. Harley Moorhead. Mr .Moor
hend reliirnrd this morning by train
Mr. William J. Coad. Miss Henlrtce
'oad and Mrs Mark J. Coad left last
Tuesday In Mr. Coad's car for Minneapolis
and Bald Kagle lake, where Mrs. W. J.
Coad and children have hon spending
tho summer. Mr. Cond and Beatrice Cond
will ret'irn the latter part of 'ho week I
and tie others will return Hepteniher 1
12ic Zephyrs, Yard, 6c
THK colorings Hie the licst. The tliecks, stripes,
plaids Rnd corded effects are juft the tiling for
boys' nulla or plrls' school drosses. All 27 nl il
inchea wlt!e. It Is hardly necessary to urge you to
ho on hand to tnke advantage of such a dosiralilo
bargain. He;utarly sold for 12'jc per jard. Sale
price Tuesday, yard J
Curtain Madras, Yard, 5c
MILL loiiKthH til' printed curtain madras, also
white and cream colored scrim. The selling
price Is less than half tlie actual value. Thousands
of yards to choose from, Tuesday, at, yard . . . .
18c Lisle Thread Tissues at 1 lc
17 ANl'Y checks, stripes nud plnlds, deslraMa
color combinations, many two-toned ef reels,
regularly sold for ISc, very specially priced Mon
day at, yard 11J
Outing Flannel
1 4c yuallty nt IV.
YARD wide fancy striped, checked nd plaid
light colored outing flannel, an extra quality
on sale for the first time Tuesday in mill length"
or the lie crude, at, yard 9
Shaker Flannel, 5c.
10 in wide unbleached Shaker flannel, sold la mill
lougths, rcsular XV quality, Tuesday, yard at, o?
H. C. Mason, four: Paul Tenney, five; i two guests at the Field club; J. A. Kuhn,
H. W. Van Mehren. eight; Al Hanson, two; If. F. Milllkon, two; W. A. Yonson.
four; Willlsm H. Gould. Jr., three; Pr. F. two: J. II. Reynolds, two: John Lavelb
Kmmett HigKina. government inapectpr,
chartered under the migratory bird law,
ha arrived. In Omaha and will remain I n0lovtchlner. three: William Holzman, lour; A. A. McLaughlin, two; A. B. Jo.
here durinsc th fall hunting season. Be- i
causa of the general misunderstanding
among porlsmen through this part of
the middle west many shooters believe
that the season on wild fowl opens Sep
tember 1. Mr. Hlggins wishes to correct
that Impression, as the season does not
open until October 1 unless l'reeident
Wilson signs the proposed amendment
row before him. Mr. Higglns will co
operate wrlth the state department to aa
list in all -ways the enforcement of the
Kama laws of this state and this country.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. tlreen and sons,
P.oliert and Herbert, left Friday evening
for Louisville. Ky. Miss Kloise tireen,
who has hern upending the summer n
the south, will return with them.
Mohler Hears that
His Family is Safe
Tresldent Mohler of the Union Pacific
lias received a cablegram from Mrs. Moh
er, stating that she and their daughter,
Marie, are safe at Milan, Italy, outside
th war one.
The cable from Mrs. Mohler brought
the additional Information that the mar
riage of their daughter, Marie, was Sun
day, at Milan, to Mario Fauna. No in
formation was conveyed as to their fu
ture movements. To secure the desired
Information, Mr. Mohler has sent a cable
to his wife, asking whether the members
of the family contemplate leaving Italy
and coming to tho United States.
That the body of the drowned man
found in Carter lake over a week ago was
that of Carl Wehlen, wheelright living at
!outh Omaha, has len vouched for by a
cousin, A. T. Martin, FoutH Omaha. The
body was exhumed from the potter's 1
field at Forest Lawn and re-interred in
a provided lot.
War Food.
.1 A. Da vase, who u elected to the
position of supervisor of writing In the
piihllc schools here to succeed O. 11. Feed,
has arrived to begin work, which must be
lone before schools open, September S.
lie held a position at Grand Island last
IV J, la! ste.iiihuiit Inspectors Bowers
aiii 1'i'w n-. ate in Omaha to see that own
ers of power boats opcratins f'T hire
have proper licenses, huTety precautions,
etc. They will spend a d.i at Lake Man
aw i :n:i another at Caiter lake.
W. W. I-ornhbouch. for the la?t to
year navy reuniting in 'iiarus
.f Ibc federal building offj, e and who
i anks as captain, has received ifOilc ol
his recall to cti,- service. Captain T. M.
Tinton. wt.ii ban lieen on sea duty for I
the. lat-t siv yai. wii corn heie n-..t
wk and Loirhbuunh's pl' .
Kidur) and I hrr Irnulilrt
.1' iiicwd by Fl'drr Hitiei. I:.. ,t
i 'il'"Jy lor ilali-c. t ion. d .sj iiM.i. I.t .irt
.in .uid i:al Md.i'V trou, .h .-. . ., iu.,J
! .Ml d. t:. A-lv- r'i. i ic
Already the great European war is making itself felt right
here at home. With production at a standstill abroad and
Europe Calling for Food
prices of edibles here in America are going up by leaps and bounds-
The war has just begun
What will the end be?
There's one food that will not advance in price a food
Europe is now calling for
Made from wheat and barley, Grape-Nuts has for 20 years
proved itself a dependable food for body and brain. It contains
all the rich nutriment of the grain, including the invaluable min
eral phosphates lacking in white bread, but necessary for sturdy
A food for War and Peace
Grape-Nuts is every family's friend delicious to taste, easily
digested, richly nourishing, economical. Packed in seaved cartons
dust and germ proof this food is always crisp and appetizing
Price Same As always everywhere
With Grape-Nuts food, you can laugh at high prices and live well-
"There's a Reason"
Phone llnriiev .'tIMVI. Vi'lncshiy
: - mm -
w. ,r,lliMiBIBt
iii.i.iMAiM.n wii'i UU I' t" in il i il i i iiyi.j mm
irZr- ff? sXI
Most Moilern anil Sanitary llrewery in tlie Wml.
I amily trmlo uplifl ly: SoiUh Omaha VM. JKTTKIl, X Street;
Telephone South N(ll. thimhn III (iO l lilli, ItougluN Strict;
Phono loiiKlas iUMO. Council Muff OLD Mil'. HA It, 13J2 Sililli SUth
Street; Phone MiZ.i.
If eppcd is what you want
in the delivery of outs, w
ran satisfy your wants..
We have plates going
through our plant which
must be turned out for ttee
in our own publication and
in ro8t oases your work
could be made at the same
time. Our own cuts show
up well in the paper, why
not have your made un
der the sarrv; conditions?
In. Urination and estimate
frmiaW. upon request -140
Bee Bldg., Omaha.
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to say nothing of nerves and carfare, by reading
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Then if you want any style or type of home
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