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Army and Nayy to Aid cf England
' When Austria Threateni on
of Thro Valaateer tit
t ti Freaeaj Froatler
Help In OaerTllla
(Copyright. 1914. JYes Publishing Co.)
ROME, Aug. 21-8pecll Cablegram to
Nesr York World and Omaha Bee.) The
filing for England has grown warmer.
Th World correspondent had a talk . with
a military man thin evening, who . re
quests that hla nam l kept secret, and
who served In Africa In the flrat IJbyan
campaign. He affirm that ther la a
secret agreement between Italy and Eng
land, whereby Italy' neutrality ahall
crane the moment Austria' position In
the Adriatic threatens either this coun
try tr the triple entente. Then Italy '
fleet and army ahall b at the disposal
cf England.
In return. Italy will regain Ha beloved
little penlnaula between Tneirte and Flume,
where there are co many Italians under
th Austrian yoke. ' and so many cen
turies of Italian traditions, for these
were colonies In the days of ancient
Rome, and again during tha palmy days
of tha Venetian republic.
Will Not Flaat far Aastrla.
Anti-Austrian feeling become stronger
her Very' flay. " Offlfnf hav notified
their, staff that their men would not
take up arms for Austria, and that the
officers would refuse to preeg their men
to do- so. Thus.1 traditional hatred
stronger, than all political alliances.
If war comes, the king. It Is staled
by military naen. will go Into tha cam
paign . The genera ataff would ba re
moved from Rome' to north Italy. The
king Is a good Uctioian and much re-
apected ly his soldiers.
The second In command probably would
be General Tussoni. who has seen much
active service In Africa. But all these
arrangement ara being kept secret, so
It Is impoilbU to say who will command
under his majesty.
Th4 dirigible M has just returned
from. Rome to Jesl, and tha Aero club of
I tome sends up monoptanes and bl-planes
every morning and evening.
Volaateer ta Aid breach.
One of the curious features of the Itall
Ian situation' la tha unobtrusive opinion
of a modest bureau laa small street with
tha motto: "For the Defense of Italian
Liberties," over the entrance. Tha bureau
enlists volunteers. 'who will go to the
French frontier to help tba French with
a guerilla- warfare. They have had several
hundred recruits elnoe tha opening yester
day, and people declare they will march
within ten days.
Scene' of enthusiasm en the Italian
French frontier, where Italians, beg to
be able, to enlist-In the ' French ranks
are reported. , Bu( tha government so far
starnly refuses to notice it, And reXareaoe
to It Jn cables Is censored.
'" 'tPontlrrtiad 'from Page bne.V '
from Oauad to lmdoatoUght and aald
otrtha.aUuailoB 4hr:;
"When I left OstenJ at 11 o'clock thla
morning, the populao was much fright
tehed. Tha British consul had departed
aa. tourists, had 'been warned to"' leave.
Tha wireless operators were still on duty,
but Tiad. their motor cycles read to flee.
Tha wireless stations have been mined so
they can be destroyed when the Oermkni
began tketr entrance. '
"All Americana are out of Ostend. It
was generally believed our boat would bet
the last out of Ostend, -
"Refugees from Brussels' said It took
seven hours for tha German troops to
paaa through tha 'city. TVy estimated
there were 85.000 of them. Most of them
moved toward Ghent., but It was reported
tbey were turning south. The Germans
treated 'the Belgian kindly In Brussels.
They-pat rlonlsed restaurant and paying
foe their food with gold, saying to tae
waiter, 'keep the change; w will get
It as we march back : from Pari.'-
Virtually every one who could get out
of Ostend has done so. Not a Oerman
soldier ha .. been seen there yet, and
It ta 'doubtful whether there are any
Prussians in Ghent."
Germans Slaughter
Own Men All Night
ROMTB. (Via Parts), Aug. Jt-Thoe Trl
buna today publWhe a telegram from a
correspondent at tha front, who says that
the Oerman retreat from Meulhauseo
under the fir of tha French artillery be
came tragedy.1-' It- was Impossible for
the German to see from whence this
fir came.. '''.
Tha lateln'" forts on the Rhine, th cor
respondent continues, seeing a body of
German troops approaching In the night,
mistook them for French and com
menced filing on thorn. The mistake was
not discovered untlf dawn. The German
cannon had thundered all night long,
making havoc among thalr own men.
The people of tha region evacuated by
tha dwmtiu -caane xui -te-welcome the
French, .troops wlthFrench flake In their
lisnds. crying at tha same time:
To th Rhine." to the Rhine."
I '
French Soldier Has
Eleven -Bullet Holes
TAftlS. Aug. a. On of a number of
aoldjer brought back from th first at
tack1 on Muelhauseh has no fewer than
eleven bullet wound In hi body, but still
la likely to recover.
PARIS, Aug. Sl-. dispatch . to th
Hava agsncy from Rom, say th eor
respondent ha learned from an authori
ty source that th Prlnc of Wted aa
no left Durasso, Albania, but that two
of hi son hav departed. '
A dispatch to th Hava agency from
Rome, says the foreign offU ther de
nies th report Jo circulation that It ha
received new of th grav Illness of Em-tror-Krgs
-Jos... . . .
(Continued from I'age One )
posr, however, our government failed to
receive an answer aiorptlng their advlre.
It la with profound regret that we, in
spite of our ardent devotion to the cause
of pesce, are thus compelled to declare
war, especially st this early period of our
reign and while we are stilt In mourning
for our lamented mother.
"It Is our earnest wish that by valor
of our faithful subjects peace may soon
be restored and the glory of the empire
ba enhanced."
Herman? Knows f ftltnatloa.
It was said at the embassy that the for
mal declaration of w
not ha delivered to Germany, partly be-
cause of th difficulties of communlca-
tlon and also because It we considered
unnecessary. ,
Herman y. naving railed to return an
answer within the time set by Japan's
ultimatum, It was said, the declaration of
war was automatic.
Charge Itanlel von Halmausen of 'the
German embassy received no formal noti
fication of Japan's declaration, although
he. learned of It unofficially, lie said he
waa entirely without advice from Berlin.,
Does Not Want Klao (bow.
KARU1ZAWA KYU, Japan. Aug. 21
(11:30 a. m.) Haburo hhlmada, a member
of th opposition In parliament. In an ad
dress here today before the summer
colony, which Includes many Americans,
said that he believed Japan had no desire
to keep Klao Chow. He asserted that It
waa Japan' policy to prevent a stlr-up
in China.
"Th retaining of Klao Chow," he said,
"would mean the danger of a revolution
In China and Incurring the ill-will of
America. Japan Is appreciative of Ger
many's contribution to Japanese civilisa
tion, but I resentful becaure the kaiser
first raised th cry of "yellow peril' and
that Germany desired a combination to
oust Japan from Port Arthur In lf5."-
Crowds Cheer In Tnklo.
' TOKiO. Aug. a Th Imperial tran
script declaring war upon Germany was
Issued this evening. It officially Inaugu
rate hostilities In th far east a a re
suit of Germany failure to reply to the
Japanese ultimatum.
Cheering crowds assembled today be
for th building occupied by th depart
ment of foreign affairs and tha adminis
tration of th navy. Thl evening ther
were lantern procession through th
streets. Th popular manifestations, how
aver, do not approach th enthusiasm
which preceded the war with Russia.
Given Ills Passport.
Count von Res, the German ambassador
In Toklo, ha been handed hi passports.
H probably will loav here for America
either on th Minnesota, sailing August
27, or the Manchuria, which depart on
August 29. George W. Guthrie, th Amer
ican ambassador, will represent Germany.
Th diet has been convoked In special
esslon for September 8.
Tb Austrian cruiser Kalserln Elisa
beth, which latterly was at Tslng Tau.
th seaport of Klao Chow, Is reported to
hav alled. It perhaps will go to a
neutral port and disarm. It I believed
this action will keep Austria out of the
war In th Orient, although unforeseen
complication may force Japan to change
It policy In th' - regard. No action has
yet keen taker m tlv to Austria, and
th forlq,(i: ha exptalneM' that
Japan will. rm. . friendly to Austria,
Unless Austria adopts . an attitude , which
It regard a, offensive.
Give RallroaA to America J
It is- reported her that Orrmsny ha
been' trying to transfer the Oerman rail
road t In BhantUng, China, to America.
Toklo believe, however, that United
State, pursuing th policy of neutrality
outlined by r resident Wilson, will not
ccept the' offer.
President Wilson's announcement of
American neutrality ha greatly pleased
tb Japanese.
Autos Seized Are
Paid for in Orders
, , .on French Nation
LONDON. Aug. U-A dispatch to the
Times from Ostend, Halglum, say the
present German lines extend from Tamlse,
near Antwerp, southwsst through Puers
and Zele, and thence southeast to Gosse
lies and CharleroL la th two latter
town there have been skirmishes.
Automoblllst who have tried to get
through th Oerman Una from or to
ward Brussels hav had little success,
most of them having had their cars con
fiscated or taken apart or their tire cut
to pieces. ; ,
In exchange for th oar seised th
German hav given papers payable by
tha French government, presumably out
of th Indemnity which th German as
pect to collect.
Darius Miller Under
Knife of Surgeon
SPOKANE. Wsh.. Aug.i.-A telegram
received. her last evenln stated that an
operation was performed at It o'clock
this morning at Glacier Park on Darius
Miller, president of th Chicago. Burling
ton dt Qulnry railroad. It I understood
that appendicitis ws tha ailment The
word cam from Louis W. Hill of th
Great Northern. Th St Paul special
train carrying members of th family and
eastern physicians did not arrive In time
fur the operation. Th patient 1 said to
hav stood th hock welt
WASHINGTON,. Aug. 23. -At the Swiss
legation her th following statement was
made public today:
"The 8wls federal council ha mobl
Hied from th beginning, th whole mili
tary force of Swltserland, the Elite, the
landwehr and part of th landstrum,
numbering together about SOO.OO men. The
mobilisation Is not a result of a menae
to Swltaerland, but merely a precautionary
military measure. Th efficient training
of the army and th careful war prepara
tion -naU 6wttsrland to maintain the
Inviolability of It territory."
LONDON. Aug. 2J.-A Central News dis
patch from Amsterdam says that a larg
detachment of Oerman cavalry suffered
virtu! annihilation In the suburbs of
Mallnea. Belgium, yesterday, afternoon.
They were met suddenly by a squad of
Belgians In motor car which wer armed
with machine guns. Most of th Ger
mans were killed. A handful rrenderd.
Indication of Acute Diplomatic Ten
sion Existing; Between Vienna
and Rome.
Anaered Reran Faellltlea Afforded
Allien Fleets la Adriatic
Troops Are ooa to
PARIS. Aug. 23.-(Vla London. )-Ther
are Indications of acute tllolomaflc ten.
ar probably would I slon between Vienna and Rome, accord
ermany. partly be-' Ing to the eorrosDondent of th. f.n.
J Parisian In the latter city. Austria, It Is
, declared, reproached Italy for according
I facilities to allien- fleets In the A.irUti,.
and it la possible that a declaration of
war between Italy and Austria will be
announced early next week.
Troops to Mobilise.
The newspaper. Fclalr, says today It
hs learned that August 27 has been
fixed as the dete upon which the general
Italian mobilization will le ordered.
Italian Intervention Soon.
MALTA. Aug. a (Vln London.) In
fluontlnl Italians living here declare they
have good reason to believe that Italian
Intervention In the War In favor of Orcat
llrltaln, France and ftuxsla, Is only a
question of days.
I'roclnnia tloa by Admiral.
RDM K, Auk. 23 -(Via Parls.)-Th Ga
xette of Venice has published what pur
ports to be a copy of a proclamation
prepared at Malta by Uie llrltlsh admiral
and addressed to the cltlsens of Trieste.
In Austria, in anticipation of the occupa
tion of their city.
The people of Trieste are assured that
they will be saved from the rigors of
war, und they are urged to resumq their
commerce by sea.
While the authenticity of this proola
mat Ion has not been established, It li
said to have made a very deep impression
In Italy.
Russians Blowup
Putch Ship to Block
a Finnish Harbor
LONDON, Aug. tt-rThe Dally Tele
graph's Rotterdam correspondent says
the captain and crew of the Dutch
steamer A I cor, which was sunk recently
In the harbor at Hanrto, Finland, by the
Russians, have returned to Rotterdam.
Tha captain In an Interview said:
"W were sailing for Kronstadt when
we were stopped by two Russian torpedo
boats on the night of July 31, a shot be
ing fired across our bows. We were told
we could not go to Kronstadt, but must
go to Hango. I protested, but waa forced
to comply.
"When we arrived at Hango, a Rus
sian officer cam aboard and told me I
must take tho ship into the middle of the
harbor and anchor. I protested because
the A I cor was a neutral ship, but despite
any protests the ship was taken out and
blown up to block tha channel. I was
told that th value of th ship would be
paid to me when the war was over.
"We were' given only half an hour to
leave the ship before It was dynamited,
Th Russian placed a larg charge of
dynamite In th hold and this was set off
by mean of an electric battery."
Colonel's Son Heeds
. Call but 'Does Nfct.
Live to Return
PARIS, Aug. 23.-(;45 a. m.)-Colonel
Folque. commander of a division of ar
tillery at th front recently needed a
few men for a perilous mission and called
for volunteers.
'Those who undertake this mission will
perhsps never come back," he said, "and
he who commands will probably be one
of th first son of France to Ul for his
country In this war."
Volunteer were numerous. A young
graduate of a military school naked for
the honor of leading those who would
undertake the mission. It waa the son
of Colonel Folque. The latter paled, but
did not flinch. Ills son did not come
Papal Conclave
" Will Not Meet
Before September
PARIS, Aug. 23. The corespondent at
Rome of the Havas agency quotes the
Messagero as saying that contrary to the
assertion In certain newspapers the con
clave to elect a successor to Pop Plus
will meet August 31. The data of the con
clave has not yet been fixed. It probably
will not b before September 6. aa sev
eral of the cardinal will not b able to
reach Rome until then.
Zeppelin Airship
Is Shattered by
the French Shells
PARIS, Aug. 3-The Zeppelin airship
No. t, according lp official announcement ;
today, haa been destroyed by French'
sheila at a point between Celle and Ba-!
donvlller. The airship was coming from
the direction of Straasburg.
BadonvlUsr la In Meurth and Moselle,
nineteen miles southeast of Lunevllle.
PAN FRANCISCO. Aug. .-The Mexi
can steamer Msiatlan. whose clearance
papers from this port have been held up
for several days because It was the .be
lief of local federal authorities that It in
tended to deliver 600 ton of sacked coal
at sea to a Oerman cruiser, was per
mltted to sail today. Its destination U
Quaymas. Mexico. It was all ready to
clear from instructions received from
Washington by Collector of Port J. O.
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Germany Staking
Its Destiny Upon
Throw of the Dice
fopyrlght. 1CM. Press Publishing Co.)
PARIS, Au 2T Xpeclal Cablegram to
New York World and Omaha Ree.)
I.iKien Mlllevoye, the French statesman,
reviewing the war situation today, said
to the World correspondent:
"The e-slm sssiirance of my country
men In this supreme hour rots upon Ir
refutable facta of nature, which com
pletely Justify this attitude. Now. on
this twenty-second day of mobilisation,
when the enemy had boasted he would
take us by surprise, our entire military
strength Is afoot and ahorse, prepared
for great hattles and great emergencies.
"While the Germans have gained Urus
sels, our troops have obtained a firm
footing at Muelhausen, and as the Ger
man hordes are crossing th Meuae In
mass, the tricolor of France floats from
the frontier of Alsace to the bank of
the Rhine.
"In the north the shock must be gi
gantic. It Is German's destiny and It Is
unable to escape It. It has staked Us
national life upon this auprem throw of
the dice."
TABOR, la., Aug. 2S --Special Tele.
gram.) Andrew Davis of Whitinr
dropped dead from .heart trouble oon
after getting off a train here olv Mr
Uavl and son. Elmer Davis of Omaha,
came io see timer's ll-ytar-old daugh
ter, who lives at the Faith Home Or
phanage. After walking half a block
from the depot. Dnvls staggered and
fell. Death was Instantaneous.
Th deceased was T years old, being
a veteran of th civil war, Forty-aecond
Missouri Infantry. He resided for some
years at Nebraska City and Council
Hluffs. before moving to Whiting. Four
grown sons survive him. The body will
De sent to Whiting fo.- burial.
IONDON, Aug. 23.-A dispatch received
here from Buenos Ayres bv the Times
says the annoyance caused by the sink
ing of the British steamer Hyades by
the German cruiser Dresden north of
I'ninamhuco has been mitigated by the
Information that It was under charter
Dy a oerman rirm to carry corn to Rot
terdam for Germany. Its cargo waa In
sured attain! War risks and Iha Oerman
firm has entered a nrotest against tne
anion or me Dresden.
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Phone 4H
y. Gerber. wi s. Mala 8L
hat Made
British Say Mines
of Germans Danger
to Neutral Shipping
LONDON. Aug. 2-The British official
news bureau makes the following an
nouncement :
"The admiralty draws attention to Its
previous warning to neutrals of the dan
ger of travers ng the North sea. The
Germans are continuing their practice of
scattering mines Indiscriminately upon the
ofdlnsry trsde routes.
"These mines do not conform to the
condlt'ons of the Hague convention. They
do not lwcome harmless after a curtain
number of hours; they are not laid with
a definite military schema, such aa the
closing of a military port, or as a dis
tinct operation against a fighting fleet,
but appear to be scattered on the chance
of catching Individual war or fnerchant
"In consequence of this policy, neutral
ships, whatever their destination, are ex
posed to the gravest danger. The Danish
vessels, the steamer Maryland and the
steamer Broberg, have with'n the last
twenty-four hours been destroyed by
these deadly engines In the North sea.
while traveling on th ordinary trade
route and a considerable distance from
the British coast
"In addition to this It Is reported that
two Dutch steamer clearing from Swed
ish ports were yesterday blown up bj
German mines in the Gulf of Flrjland.
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THAR'S a lot
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or France or Russia's
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M viuiig
Eight Thousand
German Prisoners
to. Southern France
(Copyright, 1914. Press Publishing Co.)
LONDON. Aug. 2.1 (Special Cablegram
to New York World nnd Omaha Bee.)
Eight hundred refugees from Ostend ar
rived at Charing Cross station tonight.
But few of. them were Americans, the
majority Belgians. According to the espe
cially because of the storlea of German
cruelty, which are widely circulated
everywhere and magnified at each tell
ing. The authorities at Ostend disarmed the
civic guard to minimise trouble If the
Germans arrived.
There wer a, German prisoners at
Ostend. at least utnll last night, for It
Is believed that th ten channel boat
present In Ostend hsrbor were filled with
them last night and taken to th south
ern coast of France.
Governor Morehead and the candidates
on tha democratic state ticket will meet
at South Omaha Friday afternoon, when
th Democratic Stat Editorial associa
tion Is to hold forth. John M .Tanner Is
president of the association, John W. Cut-
right of Lincoln. Vic president, and K.
A. Walrath of Osceola, secretary.
Mr. Tanner and 'Henry Richmond are
humping themselves to entertain the vis
iting scribe, and it I planned to give
of talk about
tins, 10c. '
I,1C0 1
H .tIH'
nvvu gvm aj$
fH 1
them a dinner In the evening at th
Exchange building. The business meet
ing of the editors will be held at tb
McCrann hall during the nrly afternoon,
and plans for the campaign will be dis
cussed. Congressman Dan Stephens and
other prominent candidates will be
present. '
Censorship Stops "
War Correspondent
Harry O. Palmer had hls plan all laid
for goln to Europe to become a war
correspondent. However, he has changed
his plans.. Owing to the strict censorship
applied to all war news matter sent out
from Europe, Mr. Palmer . la convinced
that there Is nothing In the business. He
Is now In the east and will return to
Omaha early in September.
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