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    Japan Declares War Upon German Empire
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Official Statement Made at Paris
France and Great Britain Will
Reimburse Their Neighbor.
GERMAN FIELD ARTILLERY AT WORK- .artillery division of the German army
has borne a large share of the fighting up tr t hf s been well trained for its work.
The picture shows one gun squad of f ' . cTy during maneuvers this summer and in
dicates what is being done by t " A.lxig men of the Kaiser in Belgium.
Battle Line of Opposing Hosts Ex
tends from that City Twenty
Miles Eastward.
Selection of Angle of Meuse and
Sembrl as the Battle Ground
Outoome of Much Thought.
Each Government Will Pay Half the
Sum Demanded by the Invad
ing German Army.
Only a Small Number of German
Troops There Now, More in the
Nature of a Guard.
Few of Kaiser's Troops in Vicinity
of Antwerp or Near Ghent.
Approach of Kermaii at Firat Wii
Cause of Mad Scramble, of Visit
ors to Leave br An 7 Mean
' of Conveyance.
PARIS, Aug. 23. The foreign
office today declared that France
and Great Britain bad agreed to ad
vance to Belgium to help it meet the
demands of Germany the sunt of
$ 100,000,000 Each power will
contribute $50,000,000.
AMSTERDAM, Aug. 23. The cor.
respondent of the Telegraph at
Antwerp telegraphs under today's
date that all of northern Belgium
seems to have been evacuated by
the Germans. Up to 10 o'clock Sun
day morning he says there was no
news of a Gen man - advance on
-' According to the postal authori
ties, train service to Ghent and fur
ther west has restored, as has
communication over the line from
Antwerp to the frontier of Dutch
limourg. To the southward, trains
are not able to proceed beyond
Malinea. 1
The correspondent describes the
people of Antwerp aa calm.
German Near 0teu.
I.ONDON, Aug. 23. (8 p. m)-Tele-traphing
from Ostend, Reuter's corre
spondent Bay:
"The German troops are camped In the
suburbs of and the village around Brus
sels. They are not in the town itself.
N'o German flags fly over the royal pal
aoe or the town hall. In fact, the Ger
mans are leaving Jhe administration to
the civil authorities.
"Tho troops which' surround the city
are not those which fought at Louvsin
and Aerachot, but fresh forces brought
by the railway from Alx-La-Chaplle to
Liege and Ttrl emont and who came
thence by motor car. It is Impossible to
move about the country as bicycles and
motor cars are prohibited In the province
of Flanders.
"The Germans occupy all villages and
towns, thus assuring the passage of their
troops, a majority of which are leaving
Brussels and marching toward France.
Antwerp, for the moment, is being neg
lected. "The populations of the villages are
observing the advice given them by their
burgomaster to remain calm and sur
render their arms."
May Seise Wireless.
' Ostend is again frightened about ths
s entry Into the city of the Germans and
rf ports were current there that they are
determined to capture all three wireless
stations on the Belgian coast and cut off
communication with England.
John MacKeni'.e, an Englishman, who
had been in Belgium for six years, cam
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The Weather
Forecast of weather for Monday and
For Nebraska and Iowa Fair.
Teinperatare at Omaha Yeste
(001 pa rat It Local Record.
1S1J. 1912. 1911.
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... S fiO M M
.. 7 73 7S H
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Highest yesterday..
Iovvest esterday ..
Mean tinierture .
ivmnei aiui-e and precipitation deusr
ti;rp from the normal:
V'.nnal n'Prature 73
Kr.-i foi- th day 1
Total ext-es since March 1 433
- --MtPti r.'-tit, lion 1 ln h
Fxreet Tor the dav 13 inch
Toil rnJnfU since March 1...1S.7S inchea
liefidencv lnc March 1 6.X inches
Iwficlency for cor. perio1, lH. 5.34 inches
leiiciency for cor. r""!'!. 49 Im hea
1 A. nliUUi Lucal i'urtcasur.
X , . t-Sl Hours. Peg.
IF J t -
cT-3 A 7 m
a f 8 a. m M
can , , 9 a. m 6
fi'dJ?! H a. m 73
SLVnc Tt5) 12 m 77
S- 2 P- m S3
' Jl 3 p. ra M
6 p. m m
I 7 p. m 7
Fortifications of Most Complete
Character Behind the Belgian
Germans, Should They Succeed In
Crossing Border, ' Would Find
Difficult Task to Reach
(Copyright, 1914. Press Publishing Co.)
PABJS, Aug. 23 (Special Cablegram to
New York World and Omaha Bee.)
Should the German army cross the French
frontier through Belgium it will find a
first, second nd third line of defense on
the "March to Paris" that will prove far
more difficult to overooine than was tbe
case In .174, , ; ' ...J
First of all, the" Intrenched camps of
tha Lille district will be met, and it may
be .said at once that everything points
to the certainty that the British expedi
tionary force that has been landed In
France Is now admirably situated, from
a strategical point of view, in this very
Ldlle region.
Three Strong: Fortresses.
The forts of J'alenclennes, Mauberrae
and Hlrson, all south of Illle and close
to the Belgian border, form the chief re
sisting points In this great intrenched
camp, which was specifically deolgned to
meet and repulse any Invasion through
Belgium north of the Meuse.
Here must be fought the . first great
battles of any Invasion that compj by
way of Brussels, Ghent and the north of
Behind this bsrrler the, French have
constructed on the way to faris. another
intrenched camp at laon and La Fere,
which is the base of the operations of the
second line of defense the field army ,
that will bar the invaders on their ad- j
vance through the valleys of the Oise ami
Alsne-Jatsne and west of that another
secondary line wlllcwerrun the plains be
tween the Somme and the Oise.
Fnrt Around Paris.
Nearer to Paris and southerly from this
second line Is the third defense line, In I
the shape of the formidable fortifications j
of Paris. These are .made up of two con- j
centric rings of forts, arranged so that !
the gunfire can be conveyed and com- j
blned in any one direction.
The outer ring lies about sixty kilo
meters, or thirty-eight miles, from the
northern walls of fortified Parts itself,
while the inner ring is about thirty kilo
meters, or nineteen miles distant. All
these forts are of tha most modem con
struction and equipped with siege guns
of the very latest type.
Plan Tray for Invader.
Between Hlrson and Verdun, which
faces Meti, there Is no frontier line of
fortresses, their mission being a deliber
ate design of the French general staff,
but west of the Alsne we find the In
trenched camps of ,R helms and Chalons,
which continue the La Fere and Laon
second line.
Below the Belgian frontier and facing
any attack from the Luxemburg and
Alsace-Lorraine frontier, there exists a
long and powerful string of forts, distant
but a few kilometers each from the
border. Thsy include Longwy, Verdin,
Commercy, Toul, Eplnal and Belfort, with
other minor fortified places between them.
Back of this line Is tha continuation of
tha La Fera and Laon camps, including
below Rhelms and Chalons, Chaumont,
Langres, Pljon and Besancon.
Una Most Modern.
Supporting this line again comes the
eastern and southern double ring of the
Paris outer fortifications, disposed just
as tha rings on , tike northerly aide are
disposed. In all, Paris Is surrounded by
about a huncred such forts and fortified
works, in all of which the guns are hidden
under cement cupolas, which reveal only
the muxzle of the long range guns, and
which revolve on axes that give the guns
a complete sweep In any direction.
General Michel, a member of the su
perior rounjll of war and military gov
ernor of Paris, I In supreme command
oer all the Parla fortifications.
wears Reject Suffrage.
STOCKHOLM. Sweden. August 151. The
woman suffrage bill was rejected by Par
liament last night. Ttls bill baa len
supported by liberal and socialist par
tita. The vote on It wan favruble iu
1 he second chamber, but adverx: In the
Germans Report Defeats for Both
Russian and French Invaders
WASHINGTON. Aug. 23-The German
embassy here today received and made
public the following wireless message
from its foreign offlce-in Berlin:
"Strong Russian forces were advancing
against the German line at Gumbinnon.
The first German army corps turned
against tho Russians on August 20 and
checked them, securing S.OtiO prisoners and
eight guns. The German cavalry division
took 500 prisoners after having fought two
RUMSlan cavalry divisions.
"The French attempt to Invade upper
Alsacehas been frustrated by th defend
ers. In Lorraine tho French are retiring
from the frontier. Tho German people
find the Havas French news reports
about so-called big French progress most
Grand Duke Nicholas Says His Army
Has Wen, Important Strategic
Victory at Gumbinnen.
Fire Day of Flerre Fight In Fl.
nally End In Triumph for the
( Ear' Soldier, ny Of
ficial Report.
ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. 23,-Grand
Duke Nicholas, commander-in-chief of the
Russian army, today Issued the follow
ing statement:
"Battlos In east Prussia on August 17,
IS, 19 and 20 were fought with the utmost t
desperation. The spirit of the troops u
excellent. Our battle front extends for)
a distance of over forty versta (about j
twenty-Blx miles). 1
"The Russian troops occupied Goldapp)
and Arys. The retreat on the 20th of thel
German army corpse near Lyck resembled
a rout The. money confiscated in the
treasury amounted to S0.000 marks (110,000).
The enemy's troops are evacuating the
frontier In the vicinity of Wlllenberg. The
German population Is abandoning the vil
lages and fleeing northward.
"On the Austrian frontier, up to Au
gust 20, no serious collision occurred. The
Russians forced an Austrian battalion- to
evacuate Burgade and Ravaraar.
Herman Defeated.'
"On August 20 the Germana near Oura
blnnen engaged three army corps and
tried to envelop the Russian right wing,
where the fighting was intensely fierce.
The Russians took the offensive In the
tenter and captured many guns. Tha
Miemy demanded an atynlstice In order to
bury its dead, but this demand was re
fused. On August 21 victory crewned the
efforts of the Russian army. The Ger
mans, having suffered enormous losses,
aVe falling back, pursued by the Rus
sians." i.reat Strategic Valor,
LONDON, Ang. 23. The Russian em
bassy here today made public tha follow
ing report, sent by Grand Duke Nicholas
to St. Petersburg:
"After two days' battle tha Russian
forces are victorious. We were opposed
by three German army corps. We have
captured many guns. Tha Germans lost
heavily and were compelled to retreat
Our troops are In pursuit of the enemy.
"This success has been achieved by
Generr Rennenkamp's army. It la a vic
tory of great strategic value."
LONDON, Aug. 23.-(4:lJ p. m.)-A dis
patch of the Havas agency, from Paris,
says that France and Great Britain have
agreed to advance Belgium 500.000,000
franca (1100,000,000) to enable It to face
the necessities arising from the war.
France and Great Britain will each pro
vide one-half of this aura.
PARIS (Via London), Aug. 23-The
newspaper Eclair s&vy today It has
learned that August 27 has bn fixed as
the date upen whih the. general Italian
moblluatlon will be ordeied
amusing and Just as false as some an
nounced In 1S70.
"No answer whatever will be given
Japan's ultimatum-
"The army north of Mot, under the
crown prince, advancing on both sides of
Longwy, has defeated and forced back
the French army. The other army, under
the Bavarian crown prince, Rupprccht.
which, as Is already reported, won a vic
tory In Lorraine, In pursuing the defeated
enemy has reached a line from Luncftille
to Blamont. and continued today.
"The German guns slnco yesterday
evening have been thundering at Namur.
"Very soon some new Zeppelins will bo
ready for work on the Belgian coast and
the English channel."
Light for Belgian Capital.
Burgomaster Hailed a Savior by
Cltlien Because of HI Snore '
In Arranging Condition
with German.
LONDON, Aug. 23. :5Ra. m ) A Time
dispatch from Brussels says the German
commander. General Flxtus von Arnlm,
yesterday caused the following proclama
tion to be' placarded In Brussels:
"German troops will pass through Brus
sels today and on following day and are
obliged by circumstances to demand from
the city lodging, food and supplies. All
these matt-rs will be regularly arranged
through the municipal authorities. They
expect the population to conform itaelf
without resistance to these necessities of
war and particularly to commit no act
of aggression against the safety of the
troops, and promptly to furnlah the sup
plies demanded. In this case I give every
guarantee for the preservation of the
city and the safety of the Inhabitants.
"If, however, there should be, as un
fortunately there has been elsewhere, any
act of aggression against ths soldier, the
burning of buildings or explosions of any
kind, I shall be compelled to take the
severest' measures "
Term Aareed t'pon.
An Interview yesterday between the
burgomaster of Brussels and General von
Arnim had the following results:
First The German troops were to have
free passage through Brussels.
Second A garrison of 8,000 men was to
be quartered in the Datlly and Actiaer-
beek barracks.
. Third Requisitions were to be paid for
In cash.
Fourth There was to be respect for the
Inhabitants and for public and private
Fifth The management of public affairs
by the municipal administration was to
be free from German control.
The Germans have re-established tram
way, telephone and postal services. Train
are running towards Llega and even inco
Hailed a Savior.
The population supports the-burgomas
ter with enthusiasm aa tho savior of the
city. The barricades and trenches which
were thrown up In the suburbs and on
tha outskirts of the city, were only a
ruse on tha part of the Belgians. The
object of the general ataff was to make
the Germans believe when they arrived
that Brussels had decided to make a de
fense. German aeroplanes, owing to the
height at which they were obliged to fly,
were unable to discover these obstacles
were of no military value. Thanks to
this subterfuge, Brussels obtained very
light conditions from the tnemy.
The city remains quiet and dignified.
The cafes are still open, although two
thirds of the shops have been shut. Tha
cafes are closed at t o'clock. Newspapers
ar nut appearing. The, milk aupply Is
According to a German officer tha ob
jective of the German troops in Mons, but
soldiers say that their leaders have told
them certain regiments are bound for
Paper Money sanctioned.
RIO JANEIRO. Braxil. Aug. 23. The
government hi Issued a decree sanc
tioning the emirs'on of paper money. As
a result of action by congref the amount
lias been reduced from i.00 to X,vuu
contos approximately tllC.ZC'J.OOOj.
Engagement at Last is On in Earnest
After Nearly Three Weeks of
. Mobilisation.
Teuton Forces Are Trying to Work
Around the Flank of Enemy
in Belgium.
Fighting Going On Before Nothing
But Mere Skirmishing.
British Newspaper Warn People
thnt War la Jnt Beginning and
that They Most Expert Long
Period of Strife.
PARIS. Auk. 23. The following
official announcement wti Isttuexl to
nlght: "A sreat battle in now In progrraa
along a vast line extending from
Mons to the frontier of Luxemburg.
Our troops are In conjunction with
the Uritinh and have assumed every
where the offensive. We are faced
by almost the wholo ftcrman army,
both active and reserve.
"The ground, especially on our
right, is thickly wooded and difficult.
The battle i likely to last never,!
LONDON. Aug. 23. After-nearly
tbree weeks of poblllistlon the battle
of gianto ha begun, " Roughly speak
ing, the Germans ar trying to work
around the allies' flank in Belgium,
while the French sre attempting' to
apply, the name process to tho Ger
mans In Alsace.
Jut SklrntUhea.
Almost all the encounters which
have gone before have been mere
skirmishes. The defeat of a regi
ment here and there' has been pro
claimed as a great victory, but in
this grapple of hundreds of thou
sandn, most of these affairs have had
no significance.
The official announcements from
both sides have been extremely can
did so far. From the standpoint of the
allies, the Important feature in Sat
urday's developments Is the great
battle which began in the morning
on the Namur-Cbarlerol line. This Is
being fought on the position chosen
by the alllee-
German official statement says
that troops under the command of
the crown prince of Bavaria, fighting
between Mets and Vosgns, took
10.00J prisoners and fifty guns. It
adds that the French troops opposing
the Germans comprised eight army
Warna Against Optimism.
An official British statement explains
calmly that nothing resembling a great
battle has been fought as yet and warns
the people against optimism.
Reports from the Austrian-Servian
boundary say tha Servians hsvc won a
battle on the Crlna, which military 'ex
perts consider highly probable, as the
Prvians have a comparatively small
a'my, but one which has passed thtough
two years of actual war and therefore
has the advantage of veterans fighting
ass inst amateurs.
From the Russian boundary conflicting
reporta come, both sldea claiming sue
War Only Beginning.
The English papers are warning the
people that the war la only beginning
and that they must be prepared for a
long struggle, which will tax the re
sources and manhood of the nation to
th utmost limit.
While appreciating all that the colonies
have done, thty expect colonies with the
population of Canada and Australia to
contribute much more In men and money
to the empire than they have yet done.
The official Information bureau an
nounced thia evening that an artillery at
tack upon Namur by the Germans was
now in progress.
LONDON. Aug. I3.-A dispatch from
Ostend, received by the Chronicle, dated
Saturday, saVs that Belgian seaport la
still crowded with refugees, who number
about 7.000. The majority of them are
destitute. The authorities have turned
the barracks and other public buildings
Into temporary sleeping quarters. It Is
not believed in Ostend that tha Germans
will occupy the city In large numbers.
According to reliable Information, a
German aeroplane caught fire near Brus
sels, and two German officers on board
were burned to death.
French Array Una Mo Itralre tn
March Far from Frontier and
1 Seek to Advance, a
Far na rnulhlr. ,
Copyright, imi, Tress Publishing Co.!
LONPON, Aug. 23. (Special Cable
gram to New York World and Omaha
Bee-The great battle of Belgian In
vasion Is being fought In the angle of
the Sembr and Mens rivers, which
met at Namur. thirty-three miles west
of Liege and about the same distance
southesst of Brussels.
According to an official announcement
from Antwerp today, this battle, extend
ing over a front of twenty mile or more,
from Namur to CharWol, has befn gv
ing on all day, and tonight there Is no
word of tha result. The battle may con
tinue for two or three days before any
thing definite has been accomplished.
Alllr Choose Field.
The allies hsve chosen this as the bst
tlefleld on which they will meet thn
advancing Oerman army, and If the
kaiser's troops can dislodge them, tha
road Into France will be open so far as
Belgian. territory Is concerned.
The allies, from all that can be gath
ered' out of the meager," heavily censored
dispatches, have faced to the north, be
low and on tho Sembre, with their right
flank resting on tha Meuse, and the
"point' or head of the position ut th
strongly fortified city of Namur. where
tha Meus and Benibre meet.
nerlde on Attack.
Apparently unable to effect a successful
crossing of the Meuse between Namur and
Plnant, which they attempted In a deter
mined effort to turn the right flank of
tha allies, the Germans, having marched
swiftly through northern Belgium snd
occupied Brussrla, have decided to attack
the allied forces In their chosen position.
The selection of this angle for a battle
field seems to have been the outcome of
much thought by the genersl command
ing tha allied armies. The French army
hsd no desire to march far from tha
French frontier, yet It was Imperative to
reach as far out toward Llega as possible
while tha Germans were checked there.
Offers Splendid Position.
The sloping frontier of France, running
almost southwest from Dunkirk to
Luxemburg, offered a splendid position
between the Ombre and Meuse to retch
ut toward Litre at far sf Ntmwr. and
yer in ho wsjr separate tho French from
their own frontier. , " ,
At the French bast of this triangle
formed by the rivers and the French
(rontlerf llet, a. trail , known at the
"Trainee Pe, Chlmay,'whlch had been
left somewhat unguarded, according to
certain French , strategists, who , blamed
the French general staff for Ignoring thlt
open war Into France.
Answer to Critic.
The answer to . the as critics seema to
have been that .the allies have under
taken to use this very way of approach
Into Franca aft the . best way to go out
to meet the Invader.
Their lines of communication are safe.
Ar. orderly retreat, If such be necessary,
will bring them right back Into Franca
and . within touch of , fortresses at
Maubeuge, Hlrson and Mexleres, or, As
suming they mould retreat more to -the
north, with Maubeuge, Valenciennes and
Lille, where modern fortifications have
been built.
One war correspondent, who had seen
what the allies were doing In tha way
of preparations to give the Germans bat
tle at this point wrote, despite th cen
sor, that while, in the name of humanity,
he hoped the Germans would not at
tempt to assault the allied position In
the angle at Namur, aa a friend of al
lies, he hoped the Germans would.
Whether th English force Is In this
angle Is problematics!. Jt was last re
ported In strength at Lille, which Is but
two dsys msrch from Namur. Perhaps
It Is concealed there yet, ready to fall
upon the German rear, hcn they have
committed themselves to the assaillt of
allied position beyond the fiembre, or per
haps It Is even now in the front line
of battle between Charlerol and Namur.
The Germans probaly have 440,000 on
thla battle Una And the allies almost aa
Unsigned Dispatch
Credits the Germans
With Great Victory
NEW YORK. Aug. tf.-The following
unsigned dispatch hat been received by
the Associated Prens:
"BERLIN (no date). Wireless to 6ay
vllle, L. I., Aug. 23.-The third French
army has been defeated. This Is highly
Important strategically at welt as be
cause of the moral effect. The campaign
snerns to be the product of th much
dim timed French policy to anticipate an
advance Into Belgium by attempting to
cruhh the. ceptor of the German posi
tions In Lorraine, which they wera led to
believe weak.
"As a jesult of the French failure. 'it
is In 1.1 probable that they will renew
their defensive position. German exports
arc I'onfl.i'-nt that the frontier forts, like
'.hose at Lime, will speedily succumb to
the hoavy artillery.
LONDON. Aug 3.-The Leyland line
steamer Canadian, from Boston August
14, for Liverpool, has been in collision off
the southwest coast of Ireland. Tugs
have left Queenstown to go to Its assis
tance Th Canadian carried no passengers, but
! was well loded with foodstuffs. Included
in Its cargo wera 14C.O0O bushels of wheat
and 1.50U tons of raw suaar.
Emperor of Japan Formally An
nounces that a State of War '
Exists with Kaiser. 1
Lets the Time Limit Set by Japanese
Slip by Without Formal
Imperial Edict is. Issued at Tokio
Setting- Forth the Reason for
the Declaration.
Army and Nary Ordered to Lose no
Time in Engaging- Enemy.
Hold , llltn R'-sponlb!o for First
Starting Cry Agalnat "YrJIow
rer'.l" sad Alao Wanted to
Inlte Aaalnt Japaa.
I ROTTKRDAM, Aug. 23. Ti Lou
dom, 7:07 p. in. According to an
thoritatifr) advice, received here
from rinrlin, the German government
at noon today handed his pasKporta
to thei Japanese ambassador.
TOKIO, Aug. S3. The emperor
of Japan today declared war against
Japanese embaaay here 'announced
that fc state ot war has existed be
twean Japan and Germany since nooy
today ' (Japanese lime) . and . that' g
declaration of war was issued at 6
o'clock p. m. . ,
Imperial Edict '
. Japan's declaration, of war upon
Germany, made pnbllc at the Japan
eae' embassy her today, is as fol
lows: '
"The Imperial Rescript, Issued at
Tokio, August 23, 6 p. m.:
"We, by the grace of heaven, em.
perpr of Japan, seated on the throne
occupied by the same dynasty from
time Immemorial, do hereby make
the following proclamation to all our
loyal and brave subject:
"We hereby declare war against
Germany and we command our army
and navy to carry oa hostilities
against that empire with all their
strength, and we also command all
our competent author! tie to make
every effort, In pursuance of their
respective duties to attain the na
tional aim by all means within the
limits of the law of nations.
"Blnca tha outbreak of tha present war
In Europe, calamitous effect of which wo
view with grave concern, wo on our part
have entertained hopea of preserving"
pesce of the far east by tho maintenance
of strict neutrality, but th action of per
many has at length compelled Great
Britain, our ally, to open hostilities
agtlnst that country, and Germany I at
Klao Chow, ita leased territory tn China,
busy with warlike preparations, whlla Ha
armed vessels cruising seat of aastern
Asia are threatening our commerce and
that of our ally. Peaco of tho far east Is
thus In Jeopardy.
"Accordingly, our government and that
of hla Britannic majesty, after full and
frank communication with each other,
agreed to take auch measurea aa ara
neceaaary for tha protection of tbo gen
eral Interests contemplated In tha agree
ment of alliance, and we on our part, be
ing desirous to attain that object by
peaceful means, commanded our govern
ment to offer with sincerity and advice to
tha imperial German government.
"By tha last day appointed for tha pur-
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Advertising Good
Municipal health authorities
In various cities are beginning
newspaper advertising cam
paigns to impress on tbe public
the necessity of municipal
Tbe results are most encour
aging and the idea should have
general adoption.
It is certainly good economy
to spend a small suui tn adver
tising to ward off disease.
It is cheaper to prevent epi
demics than it is to stop them.
People are newspaper adver
tising readers and when they
see an announcement from tha
local health official in their
favorite daily they take it as a
message having authority, ,