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nil) i'.KK: OMAHA. TIILIISDAV. AtmsT 'jo. 1!H 4.
By MELLIFICIA. Wednesday, August 19, 1914. '
I. WENT to the st)le show this morning, together with about 200 visit
ing mlllners and merchants who are here for "Style week." Mr.
Ora Cne (pronounced Sen nay, aomethlng like the moving picture
firm "Essanay") .lectured for an hour and a half on atyle, new col
ors, salesmanship and a score of other things of interest to the visitors and
others who attended, and they would have stayed longer had he talked
Mr. Cne Is the well known man milliner of New York, formerly of
Paris, and says that the Americans are fully capable of designing and orig
inating their own styles, tie says in the past many of the styles have been
originated In America and many have been changed and Improved upon,
but the shops put in the foreign tags w ith the name of a Parisian exporter
merely to please the buyer who Insisted upon having a French hat.
"Our minds are running to everything military, because of the Ku
ropean war, and everything will be decidedly martial and military In ap
pearance and silhouette," said Mr. Cne.
"Paul Poiret got the Idea of the full tunic from the Servians, and
everyone is wearing them.
"The elaborate trappings of tne Montenegrin horses caught the eye of j
Monsieur Poiret. the alert det-lgner, ant nearly all of the well-gowned
' women of the civilized world have been wearing the wide belts and girdles
suggested by Poiret."
Mr. Cne also gave an Interesting talk on salesmanship this morning
to ttas visitors at N. A. Splesberger s. "Have you seen a careless clerk
flop an artistic hat on her head, not noticing that she had the front at the
back, and walk up and down in front of a prospective customer? What Is
' tbe difference between that and going to a dinner party and harvlng the
',pi brought in upside down?"
' This afternoon the man-milliner is going to explain how to make,
' twenty-four different kinds of bows. I have yet to see a man who can tie
even one kind of a bow. so I think I will go to the next lecture. .
Newt New Orleans is Accepting Ex
port! Gives Market Strength.
Oalr Twenty. Klaht Cars ml Ukril,
Tfill(.JIIf of (urn sail sit
ters) of Out Received for
l.m-al naif.
Word reartirrl the Omaha 'Jmln
change yesterday that New Orleans
Is accepting wheat tor export Jo I-onrion.
Liverpool and Belfast, the hrRPi to be
prepaid, and as a re on It all of tl.r cereals
showed strength rlKht from the opening
of the market.
At Omaha the receipt were llxlit. there
being but twenty-ela'it cam of wheat,
twenty-nine of corn and sixteen of oats
received. This was q lirkly bmsht up,
the cash prices of wheat twin; IC.V4 to
1") cents.
Chicago, like Omaha was hinher, Sep
tember wheat having a rang" of from
!M'i to W enta; December fi'Wi II to
tl 02 and May from II .074 to I.W.
Corn and oats followed wheat In the up
ward movement.
TUbhl W. P. Kotov f Chicago Is ex
pected In the cltjr Krlday morning to
deliver a aerlea of lectures at the Jewish
avnagngues. The rabbi will speak In Eng
lish Friday evening the Reth Hamed
rnFh Hagodol synagogue. Nineteenth and
Burt streets, to which service Jewish
young men and women have been espe
cially Invited. He mill speak In Yiddish
at the Kusslan synagogue, Eighteenth and
ChlcHgo afreets, Pnturday afternoon and
at the same place Sunday evening In
The rabbi comes to Omaha pursuant to
action taken recently by these orthodox
congregations to bring an English speak
ing rabbi here, whose work will be prin
cipally with the Jewish young people of
the community.
Barklen'e Arnica Salve.
for a cut, bruise, sore and skin trouble.
A box should be In every household. 25c.
All druggists. Advertisement.
) .
Xuropean Travelers.
Miss Ella Reynolds received word this
morning from Judge and Sirs. n. H.
tPsker. under date of August 6, to the ef
fect that they are safely located In l.on
xlon, "but would much rather be home
' undsr the circumstances." Judge and
; Mrs. Baker had contemplated a three
' months' trip through Eurol snd knew
nothing of the war until they landed In
' Liver pol the end of July. They proceeded
; at once to l-ondon. but plan to sail for
home by September 1 if they can obtain
; passage.
i Xellitrom-Wykoff Wedding.
Miss Adsllne Wykoff, daughter of Mrs.
A. Wykoff, and Albln K. Kellatrom were
i quietly married last week at the home of
lr. F. J. Cook of Toledo, O., where Mrs.
I Wykoff has been staying.
The bride's dress was of white and
trimmed with shadow lace. The wreath
I and veil were family heirlooms, having
been worn by the bride's mother, to whom
they were presented by an uncle In Lelp-
sic, Germany. Mlsa Flora Mlllkan was
' bridesmaid and Dr. Cook was best man.
' The ceremony was followed by a supper,
after which the couple left for a visit to
I Niagara Falls and Toronto and a tour of
the great lakes.
The bride was an honor graduate of the
Omaha High School in the class of 1MZ.
Seymour ake Country Club.
, Dr. and Mrs. I. Juikiness entertained
at dinner Friday evening, when covers
were laid for:"
Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Vocum. I
, Miss Mary Vokum.
r Mr. F.inll U. Hofmann.
Mr. Reuben Yoctim.
Mr. and Mrs. I M. Lord are entertain
ing Dr. C. H. De Witt of Tacoma,
Another dinner party was Composed of
Mf. and Mrs. C. C. Pelden. Mrs. Carroll
:elden. Mlsa I-ols Brown snd Miss Mary
Mrs. J. W. Woodrough we hostess at a
d nner party Tuesday, when she had as
'her' guests:
Mr. snd Mrs. Laurie qulnby.
Mr. Honner.
Misses Misses
! Jtess Heat on. A lire Markensle,
j Jkira. Past. Minerva Qulnby.
Margery Beckett,
Messrs. Messrs.
IM'!H Hunt. Archie Laurence.
t. C. Altchlson. Mao ilsttan. ,
Mrs. C, O. Shinier entertained at din
ner, having, with her:
Mrs. J. W. Bush.
Misses Misses
pessle steers, Dorothy fthtmrr.
Eleanor Bhlmer,
Dining together were Misses Mayme
Crewelt nf Uuthti Center. la.: Margaret
Carley. Mr. Howard Eagera and Mr. Cyril
William P. Current was host at a boat
ing party and watermelon feed Tuesday
evenlng. Those present were:
Mrs. Btricklor.
Misses Misses
Jrer.e rHrtckler, ' Jessie Kogers.
iKHtle Woriey,
Mr. C. Morgan.
Mlsa Erma Book la the house guest of
lrt. H. K. Said this week
At Fontenellt Park.
Ms. R. F. Baker entertained the Light
Bearers' club Tuesday, After a' short
business aeaaion, there was music, after
which luncheon was served. The follow
ing members were present: Marguerite
Baker, president; Lillian Nelson, vice
president: Alma Wheeless. secretery;
Beuiah Baker, organist; Bessie Guthrie,
Kleanor Palmquist, Vera Jennings, Alma
Personal Mention.
A daughter was born Friday to Mr.
and Mrs. James T. Hoean. Mrs. Ilogan
was formerly Miss Mary Tracy.
daughter was bora Friday to Mr.
a ad Mrs. J. J. Wtlas. Mrs. We sa was
formerly Miss E. C. liotta of M. Joseph.
Attend Contention.
Frank A. Kennedy, editor of the West
ern Laborer, and Mrs. Kennedy returned
Monday from a vls.t to Pittsburgh. New
York City and Provldene. They at
tended the 1. T. L convention at Provi
dence. At Carter Like Club. - v
Over 5i visiting merchants and menu-'
lecturers were entertained at dinner at
tarter Lake rlub last evening. Attrac
tive decorations were used, the guests
'being served on both the upper and
lower veranda's of the rlubhouce. FoU
" lowing the dinner, there was dancing,
swimming and boating.
Among others who entertained at dia
ller .' were John Itevetidse. who enter
tained four g ousts; It. J. Tate, five; II-J.-
Ftckler, four; T. E. Wood, four; Miss
Peggy Uafford. thiee; Jules, tv-.o: L. L.
Stafford, two; John Sorcneon, two; Pacha,
two; E. H. Mullin. three.
Mrs. Ralph E. Morn and smell son
FnMln of Cripple Creek. Jolo., are
the guests of Mrs. Ueorge K. Thompson
at her cottage at Carter Lake club.
Summer Plant.
Jr. aod Mrs. R. Collin left this morn
ing for Denver and Colorado fprtngs.
They will be gone for a month.
Mr. Frank Burklry and daughter. Miss
Mary Burkley nave returned from a stay
at Wlanno, Mass. ' '
Mr. Earl Gannett and his mother Mrs.
J. W. Gannett plan to leave thi first of
next week for Concord Mens., to visit
relatives. After a brief stay there Mr.
Gannett will go to Nantasket
The marriage of Miss Caroline Murphy.
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis T.
Murphy, and Mr. Frank J. ' Kinnard of
Uerea, Ky., which was to hsvo taken
plsce this month bss been postponed on
account of the 111 lienlth of Mr. Kinnard.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mra. Josephine Drewar and Non
Harold of I.US Angeles. Csl , ho have
been the guests of Mr. Drewrr's sister.
Mrs. J. B. Hone and Mr. Bon, returned
Monday to their home.
Registering at the Hotel McAlpIn from
Omaha during the week have been:
Mr. ahd Mrs. F. A. Kennedy.
Mr. H. F. Wallace.
Mr. and Mra. .1. T. H'ewart, Jr..
Mr. H Bradford.
Mr. and Mrs. A. t Boot. -
Mr. F. M. Rapolje.
Mr. Joe Dawson.
Mr. K. R. Tarry.
Mr. John C. I'h ulklrk.
Mr. D. C. Hurley. ,
Mr. and Mr. A. M. Pinto.
Little Miss Ut Kllllngsworth of Waco,
Tex., who has been spending the summer
with her aunt. Mr. C. Y. Bmlth will re
turn home Thursday. Mr. Bn.lth and
her nelce spent the week end visiting
relatives in IJncoln.
Mr. and Mrs. E. li. Ward snd Mr.
Marvin Wsrd leavo this evening for Chi
cago and the lake trip to Detroit and
Mr. A. II. Groh of Philadelphia Is visit
ing his psrents. Rev and Mrs. Leonard
nalas; te t t wriest
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Joe Bee.
Here's the Car You Can
Afford to Buy and to Keep
. 6000 Saxons in owners hands all over this coun
try and abroad are daily proving that you can
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This car, stylish, sturdy, of standard design
throughout, is, we claim, absolutely the best two
passenger motor car in the world at anywhere near
its price its first cost.
In upkeep cost the Saxon is absolutely without
a rival. It has traveled from New York to San
Francisco, over the Lincoln Highway, through
deserts, over hills, through All kinds of going and
averaged 30 miles to the gallon of gasoline.
In owners hands even more striking economy
records are reported:
O. W. Gilmore of Macon, Ga., says, "I drove my Saxon
over 100 miles and hunt up a record of 35 miles per gallon
of gasoline."
H. V. Smith of Marion. Ind.; writes, "I made 248
miles on seven gallons of gasoline.".
W. P. Hansley of Calumet, Michigan, says, "My Saxoa
has cost me 16c a day to run."
And these are only typical of hundreds of others.
Economy with Style
This is the first real automobile cheaper to own
and to run than a horse and buggy. And no car has
more style, more high priced car standard features
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Coma in and saxs tha car yourself.
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Lininger Implement Company
tea r;::zz
A Case
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V Witt
m M s?h
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