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    8 A
Council Bluffs
Outlining Plant for Floril Parade at 1
Foil Moon Carnival Thii Fall.
Committee ef Winn am4
Look After tk Automobile
Feat are f the Bis
For the purpose of making the florml
parade on the opening day of the Com
mercial club and the Full Moon carnival
more Imposing and more beautiful than
It was last last year, George a Wright
has been designated by William Bchnorr,
In charge of the parade, to appoint a
large number of women to ssslst In the
work of managing the parade and serur
Ing car to be entered aa contestant.
Mr. Wright has named a committee of
thirty-eight women, with Mr. George
Oerner aa chairman. All hare consented
to art. making It certain that there will
be no lack of contestants for the prlsea
that will be offered.
Attorney Wright, In (electing the com
mittee, chose women who are skillful
Hutomoblliata, resourceful and original in
designing handsome things, and who
would naturally be the first to enter the
lista of contestants for the price honors.
Thus right at the start he assures thirty
eight entries, with a certainty that the
number will be multiplied, and the prob
ability that there will be 100 flower
wreathed cars to compete for the prises.
Ma ay Prises Offered.
This year there will be first, second and
third prises In all of the four divisions of
the parade. In the flower parade the
first prise wilt be tlOO, the second 150, and
the third f2.. A new method will be used
this year in judging. The judge will ail
be men and no Judge will know who the
others are. They will be out-of-town
men and they will make tbelr awarda
purely on the mertt of the decorations.
Kach will gather his data as the parade
passes. Bach will be given the oipor
tunlty to view It two or three times from
different angles. When all of the points
of all of the cars are considered, the
judges will go to a uestgnated place where
they will meet each other for the first
time. This will remove the slightest
chance for any suspicion of favoritism.
The purpose Is to make the floral parade
one of the really spectacular features of
the pageant,
For the purpose of securing pledges
from the owners of automobiles to be
come contestants and to have general
charge of the floral parade, Mr. Wright
has named the following women, all of
whom are married;
Mesdames Chris Jensen
George Oerner, K. H. Iinugee
Chairman Onorge W. Mayno
j. w. jwii ri, a. iwerriu
Frank Hinder
31. W. Hinder
Fred Pavla
John P. Davis
F. J. Day
F. W. Iean
K. U Duquette
4'larenre Kmpkta
H. K. Kverest
Ieonard Everett
J. K. Oreenshlelda
If. A. Oulnn
Frank Klker
H. M. Sargent
F. T. Heybert
K T. Hhugart
Joe W. Hrnlth
John J. Knlndler
C. T. Pewart
J. T. Stewart
Emmet Ttnley
Matt -nniey
leorge F. Hamilton T. tl. Turner
K K. Hart O. W. Van Brunt
J. J. Hess H. I Van Brunt
J K. Hollenberk It, . Wallace
Victor Jennings Carlton Woodward .
Short Cut System
Stops Bookkeeping
Yhs Commercial club and , other busi
ness organisations are Interested la a
new method of keeping business accounts,
originated and perfected by George W.
tfancha, manager of the Monarch Printing
It Is a short cot to the results that all
business men seek In the systems of
bookkeeping now used, but It does away
with the ponderous methods and gives
the business man a constant survey of
his business, as If it were all spread be
fore him on a checker board, and enables!
I , ..,;!. . l , . 1 - . '
turn tu saokv a, vrimi ucifenn every nour
flf he denlres. Instead of at the end of the
Jiyear. It U all accomplished by dally en
C tries Vi two small books, and la pro
"nounced to be so simple that anyone
"., without knowledge of bookkeeping can
Suae it It has attracted such Interest that
Tlocal expert accountants have been ta
inted for the last two weeks seeking to
Fflnd defects. Commercial organisations
bave become Interested for the reason
that'tha Income tax law and the new re
gional banking system are going to re
ii!lr more accurate methods of account
lag In all lines of business, farmers as
well as business men. The ' government
-.Thaa been very lenient in the Income tax
J matter, but with the regional bank system
la operation the business man will have
to keep a set of books showing all phases
g.of his business, so government auditors
n quicaiy cneca it up. it was to meet
, these new conditions that the Bancha ays--tera
was worked out Only two books
are used to give accurate and Instant
"information of every phase of the bust
tness. and In such a simple manner that
anyone can use It.
Dally, monthly and yearly comparisons
tare given, showing growth or decline of
business, and what should be added to
Uie cost of the goods to make a profit.
J'ash and credit sales, collections, pur
J chases, expenses and disbursements are
ihown in a concise form, so thtt the
" business man will have constantly before
-Mm the means of Imparting a thorough
f-knowledge of his business. It also takes
Lre of the accounts receivable and pay
."able and requires no other bookkeeping,
1 and It works with or without the cash
- . The system has attracted a great deal
iuf attention and every expert has Im
mediately sought for defects. Ths starch
-lias been In vain. The simplicity of the
vstera appeals to every msn. It will
.Hmke a man know his business better.
.lit win buna up business and make It
more Interesting, keep collections up
.- t-Kjaer and guard against overstocking.
;The b'islnees Is all laid out In plain
-iKlit before the manager, and he can
e what move to make without doing It
iillndly, enlightened by the constant
'Jukowledge of the actual status.
Local bankers and buslncM men are
I jnu.-h Interested and foresee In the sys
tem merits that will demand Its general
'-use. Mr. Bancha baa taken no steps to
r. )slm protection lor his Ideas, but looks
"l-uD it sa a pert of his work of helping
. to solve modern printing- problems.
U -
at the t'nioa t'aclfio Tea company.
sostrsH to Tver.
Ouiflfldfer NntxiKrass of the Ula.nL will
to to Honolulu and the f anania-Paeifli.
t. rp ici'iuti with Frank Huncroft's trum
ti-i Ny rinljfcr. leather la another Ciianl
j:o is liti-ty to go.
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
OoueU Klaffs Offlee of
The Bee to at 14 Jtorta
Mala . Telephone 4.
Davis, drugs.
Vlctrola, A. Ilospe Co.
I'late lunch at Tony's cafe, ".
Corrlgana, undertakers. . Phone 14.
Woodrlng Undertaking Co. Tel. 33.
QAHDNEHH PIIK8S, printing. Phone tl
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. Phone 97.
Ir. II. A. Woodbury, dentist, moved to
305-3011 Kapp bUck. J'hope Itlack MM.
Mutual Hldg. and Loan Ass'n, Z Pearl.
Our mlllwork fsctory Is equipped with
the tnost modern electric tnnchinery. en
al'llng un to turn out high class work at
low prices. . Hafer Lumber company.
Memtiem of the Brotherhood of Ameri
can Yeomen arc requested to attend the
funeral of Archer Frank W. Font today at
2 p. iii. from the residence, I) Fourth
Thomas White, colored. Indicted ly the
grsnd Jury at the last term of district
court for the theft ot s-iO from the Ilospe
music store, whs relesscd from Jail yester
day when he filed a bond for
Miss Mary O'Nell, head of the millinery
department, Alol.h Hono and J. It.
(Jerke of the Hptio store, left yesterday
for Chicago and New Vork on the annual
autumnal goods purchasing mission.
Judge Arthur yesterday granted Kath
erlne Waterman, who wss divorced from
her husband Frank Waterman, a few
years kd, the right to marry again at
any time. When the divorce whs given
her It contained the usual provision re
quired by statute prohibiting the marriage
of either party until after one year.
1-oule Iteelm, son of former Alderman
Frank Heehe, la suffering from sn In
Jury received while hendling heavy
freight In his work sa a transfer teamster.
A large nail was driven entirely tlirougn
the center of his left wrist. The nail was
new and without rust, but It made an
ugly and painful wound that will Inca
pacitutn hlin for business for some time.
Fred Unberfurth. 3W Fifth avenue, waa
thrown or fell from his buggy last nlsht
while turning the corner at Houth First
snd Pierce streets. He fell heavily on
the pavement, striking on his head and
shoulders. When picked up he waa un
conscious. City Physician Moth was
called and after giving him the necessary
treatment took him to his hom';. His In
juries were found not to bo c,.-ioti.
Bam McIVee. a not unknown Council
Uluffs man. waa sent to the county Jail
yesterday by police Judge Snyder after
police officers had testified that when
McHee waa picked up on the street In an
Intoxicated condition, metal knuckles were
found in his pockets. Fnder the Iowa
law "knucks" are specified as deadly
weapons and possession Incurs the dan
ger of a penitentiary sentence. McBee
will probably be Indicted by the grand
Miss Ksthcr Williams of Missouri
alley Is the guest of her relatives. Mr.
and Mrs. Ueurgn F. Hamilton, Kenton
street and Washington avenue. For the
uccommodittlon of the young people of the
neighborhood Mr. Hamilton bus had the
lawn In the rear of his home wired and
Illuminated by SOO-candlepower Tungsten
lights to permit of croquet plavlng at
night, Crouuct balls and wlc kets'painted
white are other Innovations that have
served to revive Interest In the ancient
game and glvn it a neighborhood popu
larity greater than It acquired a genera
tion ago.
Damage to the extent of several nun
d red dollars was Inflicted on the sto3k
and building at 318 Fast H road way by a
fire which started there at o'clock las
; "'P1., .f.""Tln(r a-aaoitfie explosion.
1,1 Kull?in,r T. ncond-hand I
store by W. B. Itnmsey. He wee engaged
In adjusting and repairing an t ld gasoline
stove when the explosion occurred. The
i.7imr.n. h.Hlto..u iwo.ho "treamai to
ext ngulsh the fire. The lower part of the
building was badly soerrhed and the oon
tents dsmaaed by lnth fire and water.
Itamsey had no tnsuranoe. The building
is owned by A. M. Honham. &0 Hariuony
street m.; Is protected by Insurance.
Iner Olson, the 19-year-old son of Max
'Jlson, North Main street grooeryman,
was so painfully Injured yesterday after
rolUt,ht ' w hcessBry to take hi in to
the EdmundHon hospital for surgical care
w hile working about ths store the young
man found it necessary to step unon the
counter. For the purpose of getting-a
greater elevation he rested one foot on
.? of showcase. His foot slipped
off the metal frame and crashed through
the glass. The splintered glass inflicted
a number of cuts, extending from the
ankle to the knee, ricores or fragments
vera picked from the lacerated flesh.
. . rtlfry w" nicked and prompt surgical
aid was required to prevent him bleeding
to death.
To ahOW thst hm YiaA Ma I -v.ll
Ity Aiorrla Verrarl, foreman of a cement
sidewalk construction sang, yesterday
put some ornaments at the corners of the
new walks across the grounds of the
county court house leading from the street
to the north entrance. He sciectid a per
fect leaf from a catatpa tree and made
perfect Impressions of It on the plastlo
surface of the walk. The Impressions
were made In duplicate at the corner of
the court house steps. The Impressions
will be permanent as the sldewslk Itaelf
The construction of the sidewalk Is the
result of open rebellion on the part of
court house employes and members of the
bur and determination to disregard the
keep off the gra'S signs.
A five-passenger automobile, besrlnir
the register No. SrtSsi Neh., was over
turned at Seventeenth street and Hroari-
,, V '," ann; severul of those In if
slightly hurt. One woman was thrown
ul"" 'he pavement on her face and re-
. cul on nose. The no-
,lu"" imMi'enea wmn tne orlver, at
tempted to muke a shcirt turn. The car
was not going fast, but had sufficient
steed to throw it tinon lia ,i,u rri,.
Joreo occupants wre taken to Omaha In
another car, After the overturned oar
was rirMed It was found to have been
damaged to such an extent that It had to
be towed to a garage for repairs. No
rsmes were secured snd when a police
Inquiry was made shortly after the driver
and all of the occupants had returned to
. Real Katate Transfers.
Ths following real estate transfers filed
Friday were reported to The Bee by the
Pottawattamie County Abstract company:
J limes U Kckert et ai., to John R,
-iD-eu, w. d ,,,, t
U',,d n1 ,f to William
Thles. eV. sw 17-T7-J9. q. e. d - 1
Msu.te K. Kckert et al to James U
Kckert. wv. . nei,. and nw
Charles E. Bradley "and 'wife' tj"w.
ivrm?n' n neW. and se.
ne4 b-75-m, w. T . 13,100
The Andersen company to Martin
Nlelson. irt lot 1 auh.iivii.. ..f
lot tb. original plat, w. d
James B. Cupj.y to G. W Baker,
lots I and I. block , Highland
Place adilition. w. d
Cora H. Kim aid nd husband to
Freeda M. Clark, lot A and part
lot 1. block 1. Dickey place, w. d..
Minerva M Skinner and husband to
A. L. DMsch. lot tS Belmont ad-
union, w. a ,
White River Saving bank to C. I
Shotts, lot IS, block SI. Ferry addl
ditlon, w. d
Executors of J. T. titewart tn
H. Kramer, lot f. blot-k Muiiin a
subdvielon, w. d l
Total, ten transfers 24,(0
Marriage Lleeasea..
Marriage licenses were Issued yesterday
to tha following named persons:
Names and Resldenca. Xt
Guy Walker. Omaha 24
Ruth Jackson, Omaha 2j
Harry McDonald. Council Bluffs fti
r.inei I'eierson, umalia...
J. W.. lionahoo, Omaha..
Clara JoliiiKon, Omaha....
Beta Retnrna tn Brawns,
"Dutch" Bold, the old Everett High
first twwman wliuse right ankle was
broken on th southern training trip with
rt. Ivula. and who has been playing the
same position for riiice his In
jury htaltd, has rejoined the Brow as.
Man Arretted at Lexington, Neb.,
May Be Charged with Bigamy.
Admits Rssslsg Away with Ttarae
Male) aaal Marrylagr Her Wan
Broaarht Bark te Face
Charge f Deeertloa.
(From a Ptaff Correspondent)
rE8 MOINKft, la,. Aug 1 (Special
Telegram.) U E. Stoops, a farmer, de
serted his wife and Uie;r three children,
msrrj'lng Rose Tlllery, a nurse maid, and
fleeing with her to Lexington. Neb., was
arraigned today In justice court and com
mitted to the county jail to await grand
Jury action. It Is probable that an In
dictment charging blgnmy will t.e nought
Instead of a desertion lndlctmr.t. Stoops
plealed not guilty, but admitted In pres
ence of court that he had married Miss
Car Faaslaa May hesaK.
E.'O. Wylie, rate expert of tha Greater
Das Molnesi committee, on bis return from
a trip east, ststes the opinion that there
Is great danger of a shortage of cars for
the handling of we.stern business as an
li. direct result of the war. He points out
thst alresdy there Is a congestion of busi
ness at seaboard points and that long lines
of cars flllej with grain, with no place
for the unloading, are to be seen at
Galvestoti and elsewhere. He believes this
condition will become worse and aa a re
sult the many cars now Idle will soon
be filled and be standing on sidings, so
thbt tha ordinary business of tho coun-t'.-y
will be In danger of congestion,
Mark latereat In Decision.
A great deal of Interest hag ben mani
fested In business and railroad circles
over the recent Interstate Commerce com
mission decision on tho eastern rates.
Rtudents of tha matter here point out
that, contrary to general Impression, tha
order of the commission Is for the can
cellation of all the proposed advanced
rates, and that what was really dona was
to suggest a revision of rates In a part
of the territory. . So fur aa rates are con
cerned this Is all that was done. It Is
believed that ultimately the decision will
be of much benefit to Iowa and western
Will Balld Into C'oloay.
The Milwaukee' Railroad company has
located, with tha conaent of the State
Board of Control, sidings into tho land
of the state at the proposed state epileptic
colony at Woodward. The Intent Is to
have side tracks built for tho permanent
Dee of the colony as well ss to transport
the material for the buildings right to
yie place whore they will be usod.
Trying; Oat a New Us,
C. A. Robbins of the legal department
of the state went to Iowa City last night
to start condemnation proceedings for the
first time under a new Iowa law to secure
property for tho state to add to ths
grounds of tho State university. It seems
that an attempt was made to hold up
tha state and to secura mora than the
property was regarded as worth. A jury
will be named by tha chief Justice of the
state, of cltlsens not resident of the
county In which the proceeding Is to take
place. ,
Controversy for Control.
Information) comes from tha southern
part of the state to the coal miners of
central Iowa to ths effect that an organi
sation Is being formed among tha radi
cals of the untonlata to effect control of
the district organisation at the next state
convention. There is a considerable
number of the miners, chiefly tha social
ist element, disgruntled over tho fact that
tha wage question was aettled last spring
without a strike or walkout or something
of the sort. An attack Is to be made on
tha present officials of the district.
Drys Win a Victory.
The constitutionality of the Iowa law
permitting review of contempt proceed
ings by a certiorari writ was upheld In
the United States supreme court. An
order waa sent to the Iowa tribunal af
firming a fins Imposed on John H. Jones
of Sioux City for violating a liquor in
junction. Jones waa enjoined at ths request of
the "drys." lie was later cited for con
tempt, but tho court dismissed tha case
fin Ninnila Af n.nMUI.l ...I J.. rr
Z V": !:.
T. , BimtmK of 5.000 men of all arms. Is Cao
and ths court remanded tho case to ths., tZ. '
lower tribunal. Jones was then fined. He
appealed to tha supreme court of the
state, but lost. He took a second appeal
to the United States court, but waa again
defeated. Ho claimed that the law vio
lated tho federal constitution, that no
person should be twice put In jeopardy
for the wmi offense.
eirENANTJOH, la.. Aug. I (Bporfal.)
a. II. Lackeman. a blacksmith at York
town, Is endeavoring to get his release
from service In the German army. He
Is subject to being enlisted In tha army
and has written to headquarters In Chi
cago asking that he be given his release.
Three years ha served In the cavalry at
Mr. Lackeman has been In this country
a number of years, having worked at
tha blacksmith trade at Omaha and Kan
sas city before moving to Yorktown. A
girl thst he had known In tho fatherland
came to this country two years ago to
marry him. Thsy have a son now. It Is
on this plea of a home and established
business that hs bases his petition to tha
German government.
kla-arnfttn Operation.
BOONE, la., Aug. .-Speclal Tele
gram.) Oeorga Smith, who waa seriously
burned two weeks ago by a high-tension
wire, today underwent an operation for
skin grafting. Co-workers volunteered
for ths operation.
Three Xeare-ea Are Lynrnea.
MONROE. La.. Aug. T-Preston Orif
fin and Charles Hall. nesroea, were
taken from the local city hall tower early
today and hanged by a mob. Less than
twenty-four hours before Henry Holmes
waa lynched here la connection wilh the
sama crime.
lewa News Nates,
LOGAN Colonel M. B. Pitt, republican
candidate for state representative, re-
'reived broken ribs and other injuries when
tie lull irom a stack or aliaJfa on his
farm, eight miles east of Logan,
IXX1AN As a result of' the team be-
comlug frightened and unmanageable
when meeting a gasoline threauer oo the
road five miles east of Logan, late yes
terday afternoon. Mrs. J. A. Morris. Mrs,
Roy Morris and Mrs. Charles Duiuran
Were thrown down an embankment and
painiuuy oriisva.
Got anything you'd like to swept Use
ths "Swappers' Column."
French Envoy Held
Up for Money as He
Is Leaving Germany
PARIS, Aug. a (3;J0 p. m.) Jules Cam
b.n, tha French ambassador to Germany,
while on hla way from Berlin to Copen
hagen, was stopped at a station Inside
the German frontier, according to offi
cial reports, and Informed by the major
accompanying him that he could not con
tinue his Journey unless he paid over 3,9ft)
marks ().
The smbassador said he did not have
so much cash with him and proffered his
check on an Important Berlin bank. The
check waa refused, currency being In
sisted upon.
M. Cambon then borrowed from his
traveling companions enough to make up
the amount in gold, which he handed over,
requiring at the same time the officer's
word of honor that he would be allowed
tO'reach tha Danish frontier. This wss
given by the German officer.
The French liner France had not sailed
from Havre up to last night, nor was It
known precisely when It would sail. No
explanation Is given for the delsy, but It
In supposed that It Is due to fear of
German cruisers In American waters.
The French war office Is arranging to
accept foreign volunteers beginning Au
gust ZL They will be orgsnlzed Into a
foreign legion and a III be assembled
provincial ly at Rouen, Blols, Orleans,
Lyons, Avignon and Bayonne.
A herd of cattle driven through tha cen
tral districts, horses picketed rn the
smalt parks on cither side of the Champs
Elysee these were among tho odd sights
of Paris today. But the city Is tranquil.
English Terms of
Peace Would Keep
German Fleet Idle
NEW YORK. Aug. a-Prtor to Ger
many's attack upon Huge, Sir Edward
Grey tried to Impose upon Germany con
ditions which Great Britain could have
obtained only after a successful war, ac
cording to a statement Issued here to
night by Ilanlcl von Il&lmhausen, head
of the German embassy In Washington
during the absence In Europe of Count
von Berstorff, the ambsssador. These
conditions, Mr. Haimhausen said, would. If
accepted by Germany, have led to In
activity on tho part of the German fleet,
Ths statement of the German charge
d'affaires was prompted, he said, by
ths nearly complete absenco of news
from official sources In the fatherland,
owing to tho present European conditions.
Including cable censorship.
"It la erroneous to assume," Mr. Haim
hausen said, 'that the English declara
tion of war was exclusively causod by
Germans Invading Belgium. Negotiations
In London had preceded the Gorman at
tack on Lrlege. Puling these negotiations
Sir Edward Grey promised that England
would remain neutral only under tha fol
lowing conditions:
'X Germany la not allowed to commit
any act of hostility against the Fronch
coast la tho North sea.
"X German troops are not allowed to
pass through Belgian territory.
'1 Tha German navy la not allowed
to attack Russia from tho Baltic sea."
Carranza Will Have
to Fight Way Into
the Mexican Capital
MEXICO CITY, Aug. 8.-The day's de
velopraents In tho capital resulted In a
triumph for the war Party. All hope for
peaoe between the federals and the con
stitutionalists Is now apparently gone.
Tha war party is In control and la being
backed by Provisional President Carbajal
and unless concessions are made, General
Carransa, it seems, must fight his way
Into tha capital and to power.
General Medina Barron was today ap
pointed commander-in-chief of the federal
forces In tha capital.
"We have 25.000 men, sixty-five field
pieces, 100 machine guns and plenty of
ammunition," a prominent army official
said today. "We are prepared to resist
to tho end unless ample guarantees are
given us."
If a battle Is fought It Is believed It wUl
take plaoa on tha plain In the vicinity of
Tlalpantla, eight miles north of ths
- Tha federal advance guard, eon.
tng tha constitutionalists at Teolyucan,
fifteen miles north of Tlalpantla,
Blow Aimed at the
Civil Service System
WASHINGTON. Aug. 8.-A provision
which would sweep from the civil service
system all asslstsnt postmaslera, clerks
nd other employee of postofflces
throughout ths country and make them
tha personal appointees of local postmas
ters was put Into the Moon railway pay
bill on a preliminary vote In the house
today. A final vote vlll be taken tomor
row, when opponents of the provision
say It will be decisively defeated on a
roll call.
Tho house had Just adopted an amend
ment by Representative Moon, providing
that present assistant poatmaatera must
take a competitive examination within
ninety days after tha passage of tha act
to qualify for their places, when Rep
resentative Cullop offered an amendment
striking out this provision and providing:
'Tha postmaster at all such offices
shall have tha power to select bis as
sistant postmasters, and all clerks and
employes In his said office. Irrespective
of any civil service laws to the contrary,
and all laws, regulations and orders In
conflict with this act are hereby repealed
and nullified:
"Provided, that such appointments
shall be tor a period of four years."
Few republicans In he houee voted on
the amendments, leaving It to the demo
cratic side and It waa written Into the
buM. 75 to tt.
Russian Brigade Is
Reported Defeated
BERLIN, via London. Aug. t-Ol SS
p. m ) A Russian cavalry brigade this
morning attacked the German troops
near Soldau, la Eaat Prussia. The attack
was repulsed with considerable losses.
Russian cavalry Thursday attacked the
town of Klbarty, near Wirballen, In the
government of Buwalkl. Russian Poland.
LONDON, Aug. I 1 a. m ) A Brussels
dispatch to tha Exchange Telegraph com
pany gives aa unofficial report that a
Bavarian corps has bee a defeated by the
French at Marrehan, north of Luvcm
bourg. Many prisoners are said to have
been taken.
Denounce Him as Most Undesirable
Candidate for Gorernor.
Refnaes to Employ lalos Mrs an4
Has t alleeased Mea aa Payroll
taadlaary While District
Miatgrr la Ce as a red.
After being denounced as an enemy of
union labor In a signed and officially
sealed letter from the local plumbers'
union. Boss Howell of the Water Board
waa unanimously voted to be an undesir
able candidate for governor by the Cen
tral Labor union at Ita regular meeting
last night. The union endorsed the stand
taken by the plumbers sgainst Howell's
candidacy, and decided to oppo'e him with
all Its strength at the primaries.
"Members of the t'nlted Association of
Journeymen Plumbers, Gas and Steam
Fitters, local union No. 16, have gone on
record as unsnlmously opposed to R. B.
Howell for governor," the letter declared.
"We hereby ask the Central Labor union
to do ths same, as he has shown himself
to be opposed to organized labor."
The communication was signed by Sec
retary L. B. Stine of tha local union.
After speeches against Howell by Secre
tary Stlne and City Plumbing Inspector
A. C. Weltsel, both delegates to the Cen
tral Labor union, every ballot cast fa
vored active opposition to the candidate.
It was declared that the big boss of the
Many cars In the past two
years, have lout Immensely la
their sales and popularity.
In that same time the demand
for Reo the Fifth has doubled.
It has grown faster than we
could build. And now in mid
summer we have urgent or
ders on hand for more than
3,000 cars.
We are adding three great
factory buildings to the mam
moth Reo plant.
The reason is lhat men are
now buying their cars to keep.
And they want a well-built car.
They have had their troubles.
They have paid high cost of up
keep. They have seen new cars
grow old in a season. Now they
Reo the Fifth
Fall ris
$1,175 Equipped
F. O. B. Laming
Streamline body, eleotrio starter, electric lights, 38 hors a power, tires 34x4, dimming searchlights, also roadster.
JBqulpment lnolndes mohair top. Bids curtains and, slip cover, clear vision ventilating windshield, spssdomstsr.
eleotrio horn, extra rim, improved tire nraoket, c om piste tool aad tire outfit, foot and robe rail, etc
.. E. DOTY, Inc.
2027 Farnum
Water board poMtlvely refuses to employ
union men, that he has unlicensed men
doing plumbing arid st?am fitting work
for the Metropolitan Water district, and
that he is drawing $4,500 per year for
such tactics while he Is running for an
other office.
Other political matters were up for con
sideration, but the union refused to en
dorse any candidates for elective offices.
With the exception of endorsing E. R
Frederickson of the boiler makers' union
for appointment to succeed Robert V.
Wolfe, as city boiler inspector, they con
fined their political discussions to a gen
eral "panning" of the Water board boss.
Louis V. Gtiye was elected representa
tive to the Nebraska State Federation of
Labor, which will hold Its annual con
vention at Lincoln September 15.
Condolence ta President.
Secretary John Tollan was Instructed
to telegraph tho condolences of tha union
to President Wilson, over the death of
Mrs. Wilson.
The following standing committees were
appointed by the new president, Thomas
P. Reynolds, snd confirmed by tho cen
tral union: -v.
I .aw and legislative, A. P. Weltsel,
Thomas A. Menzles, James Muir; home
Industry snd union label, H. R. Kohn.
George Rolner, George Maier; educa
tional. David Coutts. H. F. Barman,
Frank Msnsell: organization. L. V. Guye,
Arthur Van Horn, C. B. Dean. GeorKe
Ablon: grievance, M. N. Griffith. Robert
Dunlap, George Umb; sanitation, O. A.
Arnold, James B wan son, A. J. Swing
holm. Orth Improving.
In a letter received from I'mpire Orth.
from his Lynchburg home, last week, he
snld that his knee, injured by a fall on
Come to Sturdy Cars
want a car built by R. K. Olds
in the best way that be knows.
Reo the Fifth Is a great piece
of engineering. Never was a
car built like it.
It is built by a man who for
27 years has been building
cars better and better. It is
built regardless of cost, to run
year after year as well as It
runs when new.
And it does. Tens of thou
sands of men now know it.
And the overwhelming demand
for Reo the Fifth is due to what
owners tell others about it.
Lower Cost
Reo the Fifth is built in a
costly way. If we followed
other standards we could build
it for $200 less. But enormous
Buyers to Share in Profits
Lower Prices on Ford Cars
Effective from August 1, 191410 August 1, 1915 and
guaranteed against any reduction during that time:
Touring Car - - $490
Runabout - 440
Town'Car - - - 690
F. O. B. Detroit, all cart fully equipped.
(In the United States of America only)
Further, we will be able to obtain the maximum
efficiency in our factory production, and the mini
mum cost in our purchasing and sales departments
if we can reach an output of 300,000 cars between
the above dates.
And should we reach this production, we agree
to pay as the buyer's share from 40 to $60 per
car (on or about August 1, 191 5) to every retail
buyer who purchases a new Ford car between
August 1, 1914 and August 1, 1915.'
For further particulars regarding 'these low prices and
profit-sharing plan, see the nearest Ford Branch or Dealer.
the Phillies' rrounds. was pitting better
rally, aliho'iRh he wasi as yet unable to
walk without tho aid of crutches.
XE WYORK. Aug. S-The White Ptsr
liner, Olympic, due to sail tomorrow, was
given clearance papers this afternoon by
customs offlclsls. Earlier In the day It
was announced that It might not sail
inasmuch as t belongs to the British
naval reserve and the enforcement of
the government's neutrality policy might
result In Its detention here.
Why Actresses
Never Crow Old
(Theatrical World.)
Nothing concerning the profession seems
more puszllng to the dear old public than
the perpetual youth of our feminine mem
!ers. How often we hear remarks like,
"Why I saw her In Juliet forty years ago
and she docsn t look a year older now:''
Of course allowance Is made for makeup,
but when they see us off the stage at close, they need another explanation.
How strange women generally haven't
learned the secret of keeping the face
young! How simple a matter to get an
ounce of mercollxed wax at the drug store,
apply It like cold cream, and In the morn
ing wash it off! We know how this grad
ually. Imperceptibly, absorbs old cuticle,
keeping the complexion new and fresh,
free from fine lines, sallowness or over
redness. We know, too, that this mercol
ized wax Is the reason actresses don't
wear moth patches, liver spots, pimples
and the Ilka. Why don't our sisters on the
other side of the footlights lear the rea
son, and profit by It? Advertisement.
production has brought the .
Qost down. The price, fully
equipped, is $220 less that it
used to be.
Now this sturdy car this car
that stays new is sold for a
price which once seemed im
possible. And the way it is
built will save the average
user hundreds of dollars in up
keep. This car not only leads its
class, but It is' one of the great
cars of the world.
We bays dealers In 1183 towns.
Ask as for name of the anarest.
Also for Seo aCagaslne whloil tslla
how this oar la built,
Reo Motor Car Company
Lansing, Mich.
Canadian Factory, It. Catherine-
Canadian Prloe, 91879