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France Tint with Aeroplane Fleet,
Germany with Dirigibles.
Aircraft to Play Great Part in Europo's War
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riaiprltoi r the Tm Styles !
Craft Indicate Advantages tor
EitherOffensive a ad
Defensive t ar.
Recognition by the public of the value
of air craft in national defense has led
to the development of an Industry devoted
to the supply of dirigibles and aeropianes.
Especially In France and Germany has
aeronautics been stimulated hi thin man
ner. France developed the first practical
dirigibles, but has until recently concen
trated her energy chiefly upon aeroplanes,
with the result that at the present time
the. French army Is estimated to have
between 600 and 1.000 aeroplanes In serf
Ice. These aeroplanes are, moreover, of
types that represent the highest develop
ment In aeroplane design. On the other
hand, Germany, realizing the menace of
this aerial force and the Impossibility of
duplicating It, has recognized the loss!
billtlea ot the dirigible and given liberal
support to the development of the ships
of Count Zeppelin and Major von Paree
val. Great sums have been spent and
many lives have been lost, but '.!-.e re
ward has already come. The German
army now possesses a splendid fleet of
twenty-five airships, represent'ng the
highest development In airship design
At the came time France has brought her
fleet of airships up to eighteen, and Ger
many has some 00 military aeroplanes
with a large civilian reserve. It has be-
come a race for the supremacy of the air
between two great powers whose capitals
He within the radius of action of air craft
from each other.
England ia Behindhand.
England haa recently Joined the race
for supremacy, and, apparently realizing
that It is too late to overtake her con
tlnentat rivals by the mere multiplying of
units, has directed every effort toward
the development of air craft superior In
deslgii to tho existing types. Foreign ma
chines have been purchased liberally,
and an aerodynamic laboratory and an
experimental air craft factory have been
built. England's future In aeronautics
is placed In the hands of. an advisory
committee headed by Lord Rayleigh and
composed of distinguished scientists and
engineers. The race then la not only
between the factories, but also between
the laboratories. The production of i
type of marked superiority will immedl
ately make obsolete the aerial forces of
other powers.
Due to high cost of maintenance, some
danger and dependence upon weather
conditions, airships have not jet boen
proved ot great commercial "value. It
Is true that thousands of passengers have
been, carried by the Zeppelins of the
Delag company in Germany, but thix pas
senger-carrylng business so far has been
of the nature of sight-seeing trips up the
Rhine or around and over Berlin. There
is no more delightful way to see the
country. Provided with a good map,
passenger can become acquainted with a
great area of country In a few hours'
time. The facility for observation leads
at onco to the consideration pf the use
, of airships In time of ir.
' 1 Capacity of Dirigible! 1
The dirigible, operating In Oar weather
at an altitude of some S,K feet, is fairly
safe from gun fire and yet rot too high
for a trained observer to detect the move
ments of large forces on the ground, gen
eral features of fortifications, number and
type of ships In a harbor, presence or
absence of bridges and railroad tracks.
The dirigible can stop its motors and
float slowly above ground It is desired to
observe. The aeroplane cannot per.'orin
such service except by circling above a
given area, thus reducing Its fuel supily
ml fut urn usef ulnms. The arrest test in
military operations of the dirigible will be encounter. Jn me case oi mou-
for long-distance reconnolseanco. In a'er armies, where aeroplanes may be
country whose probable enemies lie within "I'Poscd numerous und their pilots ready
the radius of action of air craft, dirigibles tak f"- " operations of dirigibles
may be used at or before the opening of , " dbt- cI"eflr conducted under
hostilities to pas over the1 enemy's fron- rovvr nf darkness or In strategic recon
tier to observe the mobilization of troops. noisnncc far removed from the field of
their direction of march and probable 1 battle.
destination. A dirigible, unlike an aero- I A lre diiigll.le can carry over half
plane. Is fitted with wireless tetejraph for 11 t(n of bombs or torpedo. In view ot
both sending and receiving messages, and j l" 8 real laigei which u presents, una
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m..t rr.rwlln alrshtn fahove mhleh
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kv rvermanv In her Invasion
win . ' J - " '
t,.,..i ih Rnttish dirigibles (Jam ma
and Reta. and General Joffre, the French
war commander, who win nave cn.rae i
the French aerial fighters. A French
aeroplane Is reported to have spent Bun-
day dropping homns imo uerman nn
end son, creaming, he would go after
more worms.
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r ' i -xr ' S." I-- r- tvi
Inferior force with a fair chance of de
stroying a dhvlslon of the enemy's fleet
before other units could be moblliitej.
Battlrablps In I.lttle tnsipr.
In general It may be considered that
the offensive power of airships would
have little effect upon armored-decked
battleships. Bombs and torpedoes will
burst on the surface of such decks, tur
ret roofs, etc., and do local damage, but
probably will not Injure any vital parts.
A ship is a small target to hit from the
altitude of S.000 feet, which la required
by day to be safe from gunfire. At
night an airship may pass low over a
ship, but In wartime no man-of-war will
show lights and, unless the moon be
bright, the dirlgtblo has small chance of
finding the ship.
It seems that the principal function of
the dirigible In naval warfare la to sup
plement tho work of scout cruisers, and
that Its offensive powers would rarely bo
called upon.
In attempting to pas through waters
In which mines have been laid, a dirigible
coma possibly conduct counter minlnz
operations. A dirigible can also give
warning of the Presence of submarines,
and, if required, could rid a passage of
these dangerous crafts by launching
bombs upon or near them. Tor this duty
the dirigible may pass at a very low al
titude, as It has little to fear from a
submarine boat unless the latter be run
ning on the surface.
Dirigibles will not revolutionise naval
warfare, but may play an Important ,lf
auxiliary, part In It Journal of the
Franklin Institute.
nay keep In constant communication with
ltu base. The radius of action l a calm
of large rigid airships may be 2.0(O miles,
the provisions made In European armies
for '.he attack of dirigibles by shrapnel
fire, it is unlikely thut it will be at-
and medium sized, non-rigid ships. l.W) tomp.ed to drop bombs on an army In
miles. An aeroplane cannot be depended , or "Pn fortified place. Further-
on for more than 400 miles when an ob- nore. at night It may not be possible to
server must be carried In addition to the j drol bomb" wlth "" dmnee of hitting
passenger. A dirigible can save fuel by 1 lv'n ouJrt- Thepe will be cases, how
drifting with the wind, and It Is well !ever- where u dirigible may be sent out to
known that hv .electina a suitable eleva- . a"iroy a onaBe, an enemy s oingioie
lion a favorable wind can very often be
found when the wind on tho ground Is
Vsef ultima at i-'it.
The greatest usefulness of the dirigibln
will be at night. At the present time
aeroplunes canont be flown at night. . The
dirigible at night can travel close to the
K round without danger from gun fir and
can observe the extent p:iil disposition of
For pure reconnoissance work an army
could use large rigid dirigibles for distant
Hcouting to develop the enemy's principal
movements preceding the actual :neellng..i
bue to its portability any expeditions
li to the Interior of an enemy's country
or in the colonies would be best served
by non-rlgkl dlriyiMes. Thuxe ships are
easily crated for shipment and can be ln-
iiairu lii me lieu iiuiii uu.viru j Would
cr a portable gas piani nrawn ty a mo
tor truck. Lnrge sheds are not nccest iry,
n the ship can be moord In the open to
a post In good weather and deflated in a
violent storm. In cases where both liali
and non-rigid airships might be used, the
non-rtgid ships might observe from a
afe altitude the progress of a bsttle and
the effect of artillery fire. Aeroplanes
would be used for trsnsportatlon of staff
officers, dispatch duty and scouting
within the limits of the battlefield. Tho
same functions at night would be per
formed by the non-rigid dirigible.
In case of :lrge. where the; er.ehiy lias
possession of a great ex panne of sur
rounding country, communication with
the besieged forces could be had by
means of a dirigible of sufficient radius
t f action. Its going and coming wo'ild
be masked by darkness.
Cowpiriae mt Types.
The ufce of dirigibles In modern wars
will be greatly restricted by the enemy's
aeroplanes, which must be supposed su
perior both In sliced and climbing power.
On the other hand a dirigible will mount
several machine gurs ar.d. having a
steady gun platform, can deliver a niui)
a bridge, an
shed, an arsenal, a canal lock or other
large object. The dirigible can make Its
Journey by night, and before dawn, as
soon cs there is sufficient light, can de
scend close to Itii target, drop halt a
dozen 100-pound guncotton torpedoes and
be away before It has been fired on.
The surprise is ho doubt to play an Im
portant part In any otfentiive rperJtlons
of dirigibles.
Bombs Iron Airships.
The efiect of bomb dropped from aloft
In no way compares with that ot shUls
from great guns on account of lank of
penetration before explosion. The best
that can be expected la a surface ex
plosion and Incendiary effect. The moral
effect of dropping bombs Into an enemy's
camp at night mint not be ignored.
Doubtless, the daniuge may not be very
great, but the effect if hourly explosions
certainly be depressing. A camp
orfers a large target, and a dirigible might
easily hover above It all above the
rnngc if searchlights. Its motors would
be stopped or used at low power to hold
position. Mufflers can bo made as ef
fective i.s in automobiles.
The rulea of civilised warfare probably
will not tolerate the dropping of bombs
upon an enemy's city, and In case the
place is besieged and non-combatants
warned to leave It, bombardment by ar
tillery will probably be more effective
than dropping bombs from an airship
I during tiie night.
It seems to be the general opinion that
the use of dirigibles will be more for
reconnoissance than for offensive opera
tions, but that in special cases offensive
operations promise a change of success.
The large rigid type dirigible may be of
service to a navy whose probable ad
versaries have dockyards and naval bases
within the radius of action of such air
ships. The opening of hostilities might be
preceded by a dirigible reconnoissance
over the enemy's sea coast to observe the
disroKttlon of his fleet. A dirigible might
easily pass over ail of the enemy's great
dockyards and naval bases and so ascer-
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scouting dlrig ble and the enemy's aero
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whole squadron of seroplanes that it
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