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5 A
Memorial Semen for Mrs. Wood
row Wilson at Trinity Methodist
stneta. Mid-week service Wednesday
evening- t n c IOCS.
Pastor Thonii Bltnell Will 11st
C'fcarae of rrvlrea aaa Will
Mkelr Be tMlitfd hr
RT. D. E. Jeaklae.
Rev. Frank N. Kiale, D. D., of St. Louis
will preach at the First rresbyterlan
church at 11 o'clock. No evening- service.
The Omaha Ministerial association Fri
day adopted a revolution calling; upon the
pattors and people of all local Protestant
churcliea to engage In prayer Sunday for
the "president of our nation In this his
hour of sore bereavment." The resolu
tion bears the signature of Rev. Grant K.
Fisher, D. D., as president of the associa
tion. Baptist.
First, Twenty-ninth and Harney Morn
in a; service at 10:3t, preaching by Ilev.
Thomas Anderson. Sunday school at 9:30
during the month ot August. There will
bo no Sunday evening services during
tills month. Frayer meeting Wednes
day at 7:4i.
Calvary, Hamilton and Twenty-fifth, J.
A. Maxwell, Pastor Morning, "The In
dwelling Christ." Rvenlng, "Repentnnce
and Faith," an evangelistic service. Klble
school at noon. Young people's meeting
at 7 p. m., led by Dr. Martha E. Clark;
subject, "Some Things Young People
trioiild Know." Prayer and conference
meeting of the church Wednesday even
ing. Olivet, Corner TMffy-elphth and Cirnnd
Avenue. V". A. Mulford, Pastor Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11;
sermon topic, "The Influence of Fighting
On Spiritual Life." Evening worship at 8.
subject. "Your Signature." Baptist Youug
People's union at 7. Prayer Meeting
Wednesday at 8. Sermon at Olivet Orova
Mission Sundays at 2:45, and Thursday
at s.
North Side, U'wcnty-seconu and Loth
rop, Rev. Oeorge L. Peters. Pastor Bible
school at 9:90 a. in. Morning service at
10:110 o'clock, subject, "The uiHeen Ue
fen'leis." Evening service at 7:) o'clock,
theme, "The Cure of the Soul."
First. Corner Twenty-sixth and Harney,
Charles EL Cobbcy, Minister Mornlns
service at 11; Mrs. Laura Oarst, formerly
missionary to Japan, will occupy the pul
pit. No evening service. Young People's
Society of Christian Endeavor at 7.' Bible
school at
Christian Scleaee.
First Church ot Christ. Scientist, St.
Mary'a Avenue and Twenty-fourth
streets. Services 11 a. m.. and 8 p. m.
Subject "Spirit" Sunday school (two
sessions) :ib and 11 a. m. Wednesday
evening meeting 8 'p. m.
First. Nineteenth and Davenport Streets
Morning service only. Sermon by Dr.
David K. Jenkins, of the thc University
ot Omaha.
, Episcopal.
Church of St. Philip the Deacon,
Twenty-first mar Paul Street, Rev.
John Albert Williams, Vicar Ninth
Sunday after Trinity. Holy communion
t 7: . m.: morning prayer at 10:30;
holy communion and sermon at 11; even
ing prayer ana sermon u i: nu-.
K vanaeJlral.
First United. 21J0 Franklin. Rev. J. M.
Runcie, Pastor Teachers' meeting at 9:30
a. m. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preach
ing at 11 a. m. Mission band at 3 p. m.
Holiness association meeting at 8:30 p. m.
Keystone league of Christian Endeavor
at 7 p .m. Preaching at 8 p. m. Key
stone league of Christian Endeavor meet
ins at Hope mission. 1316 Dodge street,
Tuesday evening. Mid-week prayer ser
vice Wednesduy evening at 8 o ciock.
Young People's Missionary society meet
ing Thursday evening at 8 o'clock.
. BU- -Paul's,. Twenty-filth and . Evans
Street, Rev. I T. otto. 'asior services
at 10 a. m. Evening sermon in English
every- Sunday at 8. Sunday school 9:15.
Orace Twenty-sixth Street. Between
Poppleton and Woolworth Avenue Ser
vice at u a. m. bpv,,i. ivuniw win
urourh on "The Transformed Life.
Sunday school at :, Mr. J. b Smith,
superintendent. , ,
St. Matthew's Knglish, 'Nineteenth and
Castellar, Rev. O. W. Snyder, Pastor
Mom ni service at 11 o clock, subject
"With Authority." . No services in the
evening. Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Choir rehearsal on Saturday at 10 a. m.
Zlon. Thirty-sixth and Lafayette
Avenue. Rev. A. T. Lorlmer, Pastor
rinndav school 0:45 a. m Morning ser
i-i.-a at 11 a. m. Evening services at
8 p. m. The Sunday school teachers will
meet Monday evening in mo tauren
parlors. The Ladles Aid Society will
meet at the home of Mrs. Axel Johnson,
Twentv-flfth and Franklin streets, Thurs
day afternoon. Midweek service Thurs
day evening at X o'clock. Choir prac
Walnut Hill. Forty-first and Charles,
riev. Oliver M. Keve. Minister Sunday
school at :30 a. m., followed by preach
ing service. Epworth league meeting .at
7. p. m. jrreaciunn at s p.
Peurl Momorlal. Twenty-fourth and
Larimore, Kev. J. Franklin Haas, Min
ister Sunday morning at m:.w o ciock ana
evening at 8 o'clock the pastor will oc
cupy his pulpit. Epworth leage meeting
at 7 p. m. Sabbath school at noon.
McCabe, Fortieth and Farnam, Rev. W.
H.. Underwood, Pastor Morning service
at 11 o'clock, sermon by Rev. John Lewis, school at 10 a. m. Bible duns at
10 a. m. Dr. D. C. John, teacher. Kven
cupy his pulpit. Epworth letguo meeting
at 1:30 o'clock.
Jennings, Fifty-first and Hickory, Rev.
Edward A. Smith, Minister Preaching
service at 10:30 a. m., theme. "The Church
That Jesus Loved." Following the sermon
the pastor will receive new members and
administer the sacraments. Mrs. Bostock
will sing a vocal solo.
Oorman, Eleventh and Center. Rev.' O.
J. Jalser, Pastor Sunday school at 10 a.
m , August Doerlng, superintendent
Preaching st 11 a. m. by the pastor. As 8
p. m. a union service will bo held at this
church. Rev. Oscar Antrltt of the Ger
man Baptist church will preach the ser
mon. Parkvale, Thirty-first and Gold. Rev.
A. K. Lehmann. Minister Morning
preaching service and Bible school, 1U:30,
Evening song service with sermon, 7:4i.
On Sunday evening H. L. McCoy will sing
"Jerusalem," by Henry Parker. Mid-weeli
prayer meeting and senior chorus re
hearsul, Wednesday, 7:46 p. in.
Diets, Tenth and Pierce. Rev. C. N.
Dawson, Pastor Sunday school at :! a.
m. Sermon at '1 a. m.. topic, "The Bread
Question"; sixth in series on the Lord's
prayer Meeting of Epworth league at 7
p. in. Serman at 8 p. m., subject. "For
giveness"; seventh In series on the Lord's
prayer. Brotherhood meeting Tuesday
First German. Twentieth and Spruce,
Rev. Julius K. Schwars in Charge Morn
rig service, 10:46. Sunday school, 11:45 a. rr.
First, Rev. Frank N. Riale, D. !., of
l-t. I.ouis will preach at 11 a. m. Subject
of sermon, "He Must Needs Go Through
I .owe Avenue, Fortieth and Nicholas
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Rev. Thomas A.
Stamp. D. D.. of Concordia, Kan., will
pleach at 10:30 a. in. Junior Endeavor. 3
p. in. Senior Endeavor, 7:15 p. m.
First United. Twenty-first and Emmet,
A. t Douglass, Pastor Morning worship,
10:50; topic, "Gol's Husbandry." Vespers,
1 p. m ; topic, "The Line between Church
and World." Bible school, 12 m. Young
People's prayer meeting, 6:30 p. m.
Falrvlew, Pratt and Fortieth Avenue,
Charles H. Fleming, Pastor Bible school,
2 p. in. On Friday evening at 8, "In Dark
est Africa." a sermon on the effect of the
Bible in the dark continent, illustrated
by first class views with a stereopticon.
North. Twenty-fourth and Wirt, Rev.
M. V. Hlgbee, D. D., Pastor Preaching
at 10:30 a. m. by Ilev. Walter N. Halsey.
Sunday school at noon. Young People's
Society Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m.
No evening preaching service. Prayer
meeting Wednesday evening at I o'clock.
Westminster. Mason Street snd Gnorirla
Avenue, Rev. James Franklin Young,
Pastor Morning worship st 10:30 o'clock.
Hev. Stephen Phelps, D. D.. will preach.
Bible school at noon. Young people's
meeting at 7 p. m . An out-of-doors ser
vtee, corner f Pacific and Thirty-first
Clifton Hill. Fort v. fifth and Grant. Rev.
B. It. Von der Uppe, Minister Preach
ing service. 11 s. ni. ; theme: "Rest That
Is Rest." Combined ser v lea with Chris
tian Endeavor. 7 p. m. Sunday school, t 4."
a. m. ; II. C. Foegy, superintendent. Mid
week nmlan mnt nrtvar .rvi.-A Wedni'S-
" f "J - -
- ....
Third. Twentieth mid Iavenworth, Rev,
a mm. i went let ll nim lpvpnwiirin, i.m.
tobert Karr. Pastor Sunday school at
:3 a. in. Public worship and address by
lentv F. Kleser at 10.45 a. in. Junior Kn
eavor meeting at 3 p. m. Christian Kn-
Board of Equalization Lets Yards
and Packers Down Easy
a in 1 1 1 1 iiik ni a i. in. iiiiniimi i.n-
. . ,.ll.. s, .
g worship and iirrmon hy Rov. Hubert
WliMlnr II ll att tt n'oli-k
Offlellar Street. Sixteenth and 0-
ill.a i ' A t . 11 a ..- . i.
"l J T- , V . V . l -T-r, 1 It 'UM rlt ll I M
l.lkn.,1 4 1 i ... i j a
at iv m. in. inrniiiK urrviftj r.i u
I'olock, Alexantler tray mill noeftk. In-
ermediate t'hrlMian Kndeavor meeting j
nietlnR at 7.45 p. m. Prayer meeting
eaiirnay evening at S o ciork.
South Omaha United Twenty-third and
II. Hev. Carl S. Oladfelter, I'aKtor Sab
bath arhool at 9:4h a. m. Morning wor-
r' - 111.. IIM'IIIF, lft Ml, I lf f VP-
ftorer of Iilt-ala.' Young People's Chrfa-
imii Kiiioii nitvimu in ft p, m. l ne con-
U litirat will 4,,in I . . i. . i . -
- jv'"i in nit 4 rnprr orr i cn
on the hlKh aohool lawn at 7 p. m.
TIlA nuiKAH A S-. a A A. a
" ft uir vux'imMi, j rail HHU
Twenty-aeventh, Charles H. Fleming.
i iui-muming worsnip wun Kfnnon ny
.Mr. Ckorge O. Wallaee, 10:; topic, "A
,,rn vwniut-i iiik. rioi pfnooi ai nwn.
Kvpntnir wnraiiiit a & i .. .. l -
AfrtcaV illustrated by first claaa atereop-
i' "ii vitwa ana unoming me enert or inn
I llo in tilt lil rlr nnntlnsnl VI Irl.n s.slf
service, Wednesday, $ p. m.
Benson, Hev. A. J. MeClttng, Pastor
Sunday school at 10 a. m. Morning
piaoh1ng service at 11 o'clock. Hev.
wunun r. .-rnwarr win preacn. l ne cnoir
anthem will be 'Holy Is the i-ord," by
Hradbury. Christian Kmleavor meeting ut
i lY ht a nnUr. ...t,.. I . 1 ...ill
bo hold at th PresbyterlHii church.
Vf i A i.M,i t.n1. ...ill L mi.
-' "tiiiui Aio rt win r'!s,t"n. I no
choir will sing- "l will Lift l p Mine
r'f". ".v j-eace, ami miss Helen Jor-
KenS4'n Will Crlv n n nfrrti.rv aftl.. Tor..
With Mo," hy Sohackly.
1 nlted Brethrra.
Vnlled Brethren. Nineteenth tml I.oth-
TOD. KeV V ft .lnnn. I) Tl Mlt...
6 iin day school at 10 a. m Mornina- wor-
'I ii ij o ciocic .;nrisnan Kndearor
at 7 p. in. Miss Aer; V. Fetters, assist
ant to the pastor, r.'ltl conduct the morn
ing service In tiio absence of Kev. Mr.
i ne who ""dcrwont a surgicul opera-
Bible preaehlii at the Saratoga Con
Bregatlonal church, corner Amea avenue
and Twenty-fifth street, at 10:30 a. m..
Omaha M nl 1 n A ..I . . ! njM w
Vtr li .V 7. c-",av'"". v ranK
lln, W. E. Foshlcr. President-Aftenxion
service at 3:30 o clock. Jens Jensen, leader.
Peoples 515 North Eighteenth, Hev.
r!!Srle".rW' ff-VJfW. Fsstoi Momln
VuL ii " I .':r,rl Hn1 1 im Principles
the Hope of the World." EvenlnR sub
Jr, u'Mo?rln5 Pictures: The Star of
i.ethlehem. r Sunday school at noon.
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ
SLt1?,1" 0U"? Kalnt"' Twenty-fourth
and Ohio Sunday school at i:46 a m
preachlmf at U a. m.; rellalous ser'ice at
,,,7 Preaching- at H p. m. ; prayer
meeting Wednesday evening at 8 oTclock.
leJr?f.iPrt,i?ieMMV"' -s!,riuallst, Mack
n a "i1, ""'I'arney, F. A. Thomas.
I. S. H.. Pastor-8 p. tn., lecture and
messages, subfect. "When Shall There
Be Universal Peace?" Tuesday at p
nv., messaae service; Thursday at i30
p. m., ladles' aid message service.
Thomas W. Blackburn for Congress.
Hare Boot Frtnt ItNow Beacon Press.
tlfa lConthly Znooms Qould, Bee Bldg.
ridsUty atorags and Ta Co., Song. lSlfl
Ughtlng rizttursa Burgess-Qranden
company. "
Help Xinry p. Meyers for register of
deeds. lie deserves reeognltlon.-Adv.
Louis B. Hopkins, republican candidate
for county clerk, asks your support at
the polls, August 18.
Conosrt at Xonntsa Park The Fourth
regiment band will give, a . concert at
KounUe park at 1:30 Sundar afternoon.
' Tlnsd 'Xlsordsrly Charge J. U
Kempleman, , who was arrested for con
ducting a disorderly house at Hil9 Farnam.
has. been fined IV and costs. He appealed
the case.
Today', Complete MotIs Prorrant"
may be found on the first page of the
classified section today, and appears In
The Bee EXCLUSIVELY. Find out what
the various moving picture theaters offer.
ns Brallsr j Borraaoa Suit for
IS.000 against Bralley & Porrance has
been brought In district court by Anna
Hammerlun who alleges that she was run
over by an ambulance belonging to the
defendants at Twenty-fourth and Ames
Restlaalna; tn 1 Her l.ona Protests
Over the Aetloa Takea Womaa
Takes l.andaaam and Arid
la Attempt at Snrelde.
have been good ones and the lodge Is
entirely satisfied with the results.
The Indei-enilent Order of Odd Fellows
will hold their weekly meeting next
Monday evening st their hall on Twsntv
fourth and M streets.
A lecture on social purltv and child
conservation will he given hi the lecture
room of the South omalia library on
Wednesday st p. ni. The six-aker.
t'hnilolte K Wnlte, conies un'ler the
auspice of tile 4'hlld Conservation l.tsKHe
of America.
Ths most desirable ruin-sled rooms sra
advertised In The Pee. Get a nice cool
room for the summer.
Mrs. Il.-ssle V. flihbons, JVis lllondn
stiert. who on April 79 wus hnnKlng out
A WHshlr.g nnd win alleges thnt she fell
Int.i nn old well. Iihs hrought suit for
I tt.oon against her landlord, William C
I Jenkins. 1
t nhb'n Hand Some tiol.
W hile Ty i'ohh's injured thumb has In.
terfereil with his hull plsylng, we not4
from his .loiirnsllstlc efforts thst he 14
still able to hold a lx n.
German Alliance
to Start Fund for
Soldiers' Widows
To start a fund for German war suf
ferers the Herman Alliance of Omaha will
hold a meeting Sunday at 4 p. m. at the
German home on South Thirteenth street.
Special speakers are heln sennrAil mnA
arrangements are being completed to
launcn a big movement here for the re
lief of German widows, orphans and other
victims of the great conflict.
Valuable Headpiece
Undervalued by Police
How much Is a home made hat worth?
This question was put squarely up to
the police department last night, and al
tnough the owner and maker of the
headpiece declared that ho spent two
weeks In rigging It up, and valued It at
K'5, the heartless officers made an entry
of "value $1.60" In their "squeal book."
Dr. F. B. Mng of 708 South Sixteenth
street, a Chinese physician, reported
that while he was wearing the hat, with
some nifty white knickerbockers, white
stockings and shoesT and a long linen
duster, and was listening to i, street
meeting at Fifteenth and Dnuilu ,-iriw.i.
some "coarse, rude neraon." carae nn i.
hind him and snatched off his lid, escap
ing with It. No arrests have bt.en made,
and the doctor's conspicuous wh:te cos
tume has been luid aside until he can
make another hat to match it
The will of the Iste Leah Rosewater
was filed In the county court today with
application for probate by her son. Victor
Hose water. Akide from specific bequests
to her grandchildren, and to her sister
ard her nieces and nephews In Cleveland,
O., the property is to go to her direct
heirs, namely Victor- and Charles C.
Rosewater, Mrs. Stella Rosewater Fell.
Mrs. Blanche Rosewater Newman and
Nellie R. Elgutter, being In the nature of
a redistribution of the part of the estate
of Edward Rosewater which went to him
I widow. No schedule Is filed, but th
property Is estimated as approximately
about too.OuO.
City Treasurer V. 3. Martin and Ta
Commissioner Jerry Fltigerald voted no
yesterday when the rest of the Board of
Equalization voted to permit the packers
and the stock yards to go without a
raise fh assessments. Mayor lloctor
voted no, although he had Introduced the
motion to allow the stock yards to remain
at the same figure as last year. Martin
and Fitzgerald believed that the packers
and the stock yards should stsnd for a
raise, at least as much as tho 15 per cent
placed upon the small owners and bus
iness men of the dry.
The council and board, Martin and Kav-
anaugh voting against the move, rut taxes
on Mayor Iloctor's private property from
IT00 to HOJ per lot and less. Councilman
Rlha Introduced the motion that the
packers and the stock yards be assessed
the same as last year. Mayor lloctor
wanted the stock yards to remain the
saifie and tho packing houses cited in
There Is nn doubt that the citizens are
wrathy over the Board of Equalisation
and lleylcw v;lth the exception of Martin
and Fitzgerald, who fought to have the
burden placed on the shoulders of the
corporations as well as on the small tax
payers. Citir.ens were openly complain
ing of the burden placed on them and
swearing that they would vote for annexa
Tho lsst move of the council, which
left tho burden on the small taxpayers
and did not raise a penny on the pack
ing houses and the stock yards, was too
much, and a howl was going up last
night. s
Takes I.aarianam and Arid.
Using luudnnuni and earbollo acid to
make sure, Mrs. Jacob Jones failed to
commit suicide yesterday afternoon at her
home, Twenty-seventh and N streets.
The woman Is about 40 years of age. The
police any she had experienced some
troublo with her husband In the morning.
The couple Is said to have renewed the
trouble later In the day. The woman
then procured the soporific and the car
bolic acid. It Is thought that she took
the laudanum hoping to dull the pain of
the carbolic acid. She was found by
neighbors, and Detective Andrew Le
plnskl summoned medical aid. After phy
sicians had rendered first aid, they or
dered Mrs. Jones to the South Omaha
hospital. It U thought that she will recover.
Tramp loind Dead.
One tramp found another dead at
Sixtieth and L streets yesterday after
noon. He told Joe Boyer, a farmer liv
ing nearby, who called Undertaker W. J.
Iarkln, and had tho body removed to
the morgue. The dead man, according
to Larkln, had been dead for at least
three weeks. The body will bo Interred
at once. No marks of Identification were
found on the man. Boyer says he saw a
man hanging around about three weeks
ago. The man may have been a suicide
ot he may have died from natural cause.
Chasoh Matters.
All South Omaha churches will resume
their regular Sunday morning program
tomorrow morning with the exception of
tho Methodist Episcopal church. Union
vesper services will be held on the high
school lawn at 7 o'clock in the evening.
The public Is cordially Invited to attend.
In the absence of Rev. J. W. Klrk
patrlck there will be no morning services
st the First Methodist church at Twenty
fifth and E streets. Sunday school will
be held as usual at 8 :." a. m., Superin
tendent Dean Ringer presiding.
First Presbyterian. Twenty-third and
J Streets Bible school in all departments
at :4. Dr. Wheeler preaches at 11;
topic. "And He Manifested His Glory.'1
At the morning services, resolutions of
sympathetic condolence for the president
of the United States In the death of his
wife will be presented to the congrega
tion, followed by prayers. The union
vesper services on the high school lawn
will be addressed by Rev. William 1L
Mill of the Baptist church. Dr. Wheeler
will preach for the Third Presbyterian
folks on next Sabbath evening at Twenty
second and Leavenworth streets, Omaha.
Baptist. Twenty-fifth snd 11 Streets.
William R. Hill, pastor Morning worshiji
anil nermun ai ii. cuuiiay bchuji ai. v:..
Union services on high school grounds at
7. Hrown Park Sunday school at 9:45.
Hillsdale Sunday school at 2:30. Preach
ing at 8.
Matrle City 4o!p.
Mrs. William Berry and her son, Malms.
will leave today for an auto trip through
The local uerie of Eagles will give a
dancing party this ovem-iv at their hail.
Twenty-third and N streets.
The Eastern Star society will hold an
important business meeting this evening.
All members are requested to attend.
There will be a big dance at the new
Settlers' hall. Thirty-sixth and I streets.
this evening. Admission will be charged.
A. V. Stryker and Willis m Shellsberg,
both of the local stock yards, have Just
returned from a business trip to Denver.
The local order of Moose are holding
nightly dances at their hall on Twenty-
fifth and M streets, now tho center of
the carnival.
Th Moose carnival, which Is now ort'
In full force at Twenty-fourth and M
streets, will conclude is lull, to South
Omaha this evening. The crowds nightly
Mrs. Frank D. Green, 113 North Nine
teenth street, is deal as a result of a
family quarrel in which she was stabbed
In the heart by her husband who Is
lodged In the city jail with a charge of
murder against hlin.
Catarrh of Head
rX I Feel It
, 1 a Duty
I to
) Mankind
J to Let'
J Them
jjSj Know of
M iva Pe-ru-na
Mr. W. H. Chaney, TL F. D. j,
Sutherlln, Pittsylvania Co., Vs.,
writes: "For the past twelve months
I hava been a sufferer from catarrh,
of the head. Bine taking four bot
tles of your Peruna I feel a different
person altogether. The severe palna
In my head hava disappeared, and
my entire system has been, greatly
strengthened. This Is my first taa.
tlmonlal to the curative qualities of
any patent medicine, but I feel It a
duty to mankind to let them ltnow
of the greatest medicine on earth
Peruna In my estimation for the
above trouble."
Those who object to liquid medi
cines can now procure Peruna
Sunday, August 9, 1914,
Sixteenth and Harney Streets.
"D JX(iL1X(i'S circus with its mighty sjuM-taelo ami arcn
xv pleasure seekers, hut with all the attractions ot the "g
unusual avinr nosalbtltttPB afforded by thin grout cloanup inovonient I
and the underprlelng la most remarkable. You'll want to see the "
. . 1. I I . ,1, V . .... . - . , . .
jour eiiuppiiiK. ii win oe prt'Biiy to jour amaiuane.
e womlers is here tomorrow, to attract the thousands of
rent est show .-mi earth" vou must not lose sight, of the verv
n force throughout the store, l'ractlcnlly every acrtlon Is represented
iule," it will pits our store about 11a. in., so come down early and do
ROc While titMMN, U.V
Broken line while goods, Includ-
InR novelty crepes,
rice crepes, voiles,
fancy weaves; val
ues to tide yard . . . .
Bnrrsss-Wssh Co. Main Tloor.
il.V limit Towels, 17c.
Scalloped huck guest towels,
dauinsk: wreath
medallion ends;
values, cleanup
price, each
Burgess-Wash Co. Main Floor.
2 lie
t..V) Table Napkins,
Irish damask table napkins,
sine Z222 and
2:t'4 In pood srl
iion or designs; were
:i.o0, Monday, dox
nrrs-Wtsh Co. Main Floor.
-M'ix ft
srlec- y
Kmliroiilct le at l.V
Corset cover embroideries
Inches wide; also
flouncing, good se
lection of designs;
Monday, yard
Bnrgsss-lTasli Co. Main Floor.
Ijmt KlouncinK,
Pretty lace flouncing, 27 to 45
Inches wide, good
selection of new
patterns, Monday,
very special, yard. .
Bnnress-ITash Co. Main rioor.
$:1.IIM Table Cloths, $2.1.1
Pattern laMe cloths, slr.o 2x3
yards, good seler- QftIC
lion of patterns, 0 JtU
were $3. PS, In the f -
sale Monday, each
Bnrgsss-Mssh Co. Main Tloor.
Top Irftces. I lie
uroken line of net top laces In
a wide range or new
designs; very special
for Monday, the
Mnrrsss-Wash Co. Mala rioor.
IHc YVawh (JihmN, rtllc.
Including plain and plaid
tines, linen suitings,
silk atrlpw voiles
plain coloied crepes,
42 to 48-ln. DSc value
Bnnrsss-irash Co. Main Tloor.
Silk miliums, 2.V.
All fllk ribbons in widths of 5
to 6 in. pretty shades,
also white and
blnck. sale price
Monday, ynrd
Bnrgsss-Nssh Co. Mala rioor.
25c YVmmIi Oepos, lie.
YaHh crepes, striped and fig
tired. :!2 inches wide
In a pretty selec
tion of designs and
colors, Monday, yd...
Burg ss-ash Co. Ms In Floor.
10c Silk Taffeta, lc
Silk taffeta. 2:i In. wide in navy,
apricot, reseda, tan,
brown, pink, taupe,
blue, red, etc., were
60c a jard
Bnrrsas-ITash Co. Mala Floor.
Stamcil Gowns, 4(H; j
Night gowns of best quality
crepe, stamped for
working, new de
signs: very special
Monday at
Burysss-Wash Oo-aaoond Floor.
49C Crepo tie Chlno, fl.20
Crepe de chine, In all the popu
lar shades, also
cream and black;
formerly $1.59, In
sale Monday, vd. . .
Bnrgess-Knsh Co. Hull rioor.
lie popu-
Stamped downs, Hilc
Night gowns of best quality
rrencn nainsook,
stamped for eyelet,
rrench design, spe
cial Monday at
Bnrgsss-Wash Co. Ileeond Floor.
Til low- Cases, illlc
Stamped ready for working on
good quality muslin,
sir.e U x 4 2 in., hem
stitched nnd plain
scalloped edges, at . .
Burgsas-Bssli Co. JUeond Floor.
Crochet Hollies, 10c
Hand crochet dollies, 0-ln.
w-ido selection of de
signs, special for
Monday, dozen, fl,
or, each
Bnrgess-Wash Co Second Floor.
Men's f2 l'ajamas, f 1.411
Men's pajamas, Faultless make,
good selection of CJ
patterns, Monday, 0
garments formerly
$2.00, for
Burgess-Wash Co Main Floor.
.Men's H(H) l itderwear, 2lc
Men's Roxford underwear,
uroken lines, mostly
"ulrtH, formerly 50c,
Monday, very spe
cial at
Bnrrsss-Bash Co Mala Floor.
IIHc MessaJIne Silks, 7.1c.
Kinpea messaune suks In a
good lino of colors
and designs, 36 In
ches wide, were 9Sc,
sale price, yard ....
Barffass-Haah Co. Ms In Floor.
Monday Sal e of
Chamois Jewel
cases at. . loo
Honed belting,
all widths, at,
yard ....UK:
A 1 u m I num
drinking cups,
large and
small, at. . 10c
Plain nnd lace
trimmed sanl
t a r y aprons,
each 25c
Fancy si Ik
dress shields,
pair 10c
Sanitary nap
kins, d os.. Boo
Linen tape, assorted width,
6 bolts for Be
Slipper trees.
3 pair for 25c
A d J u stable
dress shields
for butterfly
sleeve, pr.25c
Real human
hair nets, all
shades, at two
for 2Bc
Machine o 1 1,
can .5c
K tndergarten
beads of as
sorted colors
and shapes,
box 10c
Puro beeswax,
each ...... .Be
Silk beading taie w ltli bod
kin, bolt of B yards . . . . .Be
Warren's new
collar eulmpes.
all sizes. ..25c
C h 1 1 d r en's
leather knee
caps, pair. 25c
Bnrfsss-Wash Co. Main Floor.
fl.BO Waist at flftc
White voiles and lawns, also
coiorea voiles witn
white collar ant
currs, broken assort
ment of $1.50 llnei
Bnrtrsss-Wash Co. Second Floor.
f 1.05 Waists at Mile
Hroken lines of sizes of waists
formerly $1.9.r1, of
voile, lawn and or
gandie, lace and
embroidery trimmed.,
Bnrfsss-Wash Co. Seoood Floor.
f2.BO-f2.05 Waists, fl.05
Voiles, lawns and sheer summer
materials, lace and O
embroidery trimmed, y
long or snort sleeves,
were $2. CO to $2.95.
Burysss-Wash Co Second Floor.
25c Hut IMna at lc
Sterling: silver top hat pins, two
on a card, small and
neat; are regularly
2Dc; Monday, per pair
Burrsss-Wasli Co Main Floor.
Silk Hun lnios, 25c
Tretty silk run laces, 18 Inches
wide, splendid selec
tion, were 75c to
$1.00; Monday very
special, yard
Burrass-Bsah Co. Mala Floor.
Men's Silk, Hose,
Men's fiber silk liose
and colors; extra
quality and a re
markable v a 1 u e
Monday at, pair ....
BnnrssB-Wasli Co. Mala Floor.
1n black
Women's 25c Hose, 15c
Women's tan fiber silk boot
nose, run seamless,
former prlco 25c,
cleanup sale price,
pair I
Bnrrsss-Vash Co. Main Floor.
Child's I'nlon Suits, 20o
"M" style for boys and girls,
iow necK, sleeveless,
drop seats; for
ages 2 to 14 years,
Borrsss-stash Co. Main Floor.
Silk LiNlellose, 35c
Women's black Glorletta silk,
lisle hose, high spliced
heel, double sole,
C-thread toe, best
values at, pair
Burgess-Wash Co Main Floor.
Women's 25c Vests, 15c
Women's low neck and short
sleeve white cotton
shaped vests; were
formerly 25c, Mon
day, sale price ,
Burg-sss-Wash Co Mala Floor.
Monday Salc.of
Drugs Toilets
Chloride lime, Peroxide
large can.. He. cream, 25c Jar
Jap Rosesoap, for oc
rake c Absorbentcot-
Perpxlde, U- ton, 1 pound,
lb. bottle.. 4c (Lee's) . .22c
Hublier Klovcs, 50c kind. 10c
Sal Hepatlca, Crepe toilet
25c size.. 14c paper, 4 rolls
Fountain syr- for 25c
Inge, 76c kind Sanl-riush, 25c
for 0c can for... 17c
P. & O. Naph- Canthrox, ROo
thasoap...4c size 20c
White Lily soup, raken, c
20-Mule-Teant Wyeth's sage,
borax, 1-lb Oc 60c size.. .34c
Jad salts, 75c
sixe ....40c Aspirin tab
Syrup of Figs, lets, 25c size
50c size. ..33c pkg. for.. 10c
BurfSB-Bash Co. Mala Floor.
Tailored Suit, f 10.00
Made of silk and cloth materi
als in a variety oi de
sirable styles, were
$19.60 to $35, sale
price Monday ,
Barress-Wash Co. Bsoond Floor.
Summer Hresses, $4.0.1
Our entire stock of fine sum
mer dresses, Includ
ing voiles, ' lawns,
crepes, etc., were $15
to $25, for
BurfB-W"asti Co oond Floor.
f 7.BO Cloth Skirts, f 4.05
Women's cloth skirts, tunlo
styles, good selec-
tlon of materials and 2hfjH1
colorings; were $7.60
sale price
Bnifo SB-Bash Co. Ssoond Floor.
f 7.50 Wash Skirts, f2.05
Our entire stock of fine wash
skirts, white pinue.
narrow and wide
wale, were so. ou to f
$7.50, sale price .... La
Bonrs-Wash Oo. Second Floor.
f 15 to f25 Coats, f 10
Coats and capes in every known
weave oi. material,
many styles for se
lection, were $15 to
$25, choice for
Barress-Wash Co. Second Floor.
auuvt u
flB Vloth Coats, fl.05
Women's cloth coats of fine all
wool eponge in
variety of styles and
colors: were $10 to
$15, for
Bnrrsss-HTash Co 4Seoond Floor.
s of line all
Klosflt Petticoat, $5.00
Klosflt petticoats, the iiiobi
popular petticoat of
today; beautiful line
of new shades, Mon
day at
Burgess-Wash Oo. Btoond Floor.
House Dressea, f 1.03
Balance of our stock of dresses.
J uoBtiauiQ 1U1
house and
wear; were
$6.60, for
Bnrgs-Wash Co Heoond Floor.
ur stocK 01 aresses,
able for ftBnf.
ld street Jkaflh
$3.50 to WUU
Girls' Dresses, f)Hc
Girls' wash dresses in a big se
lection ot styles
and colorings; .ging
hams, crepes, cham
brays, etc., at
Bnrgess-Wssh Co. Bseond Floor.
SH.50 Mattresses, f l.05
All felt mattresses with fancy
ticking covering, reg
ular price $8.50, sale
price Monday
only ,
Burgess-Wash Co. Third Floor.
' fa 50 Fiber Hugs, f 4.60
Fiber rugs, splendid assort
ment or colorings, in
cluding blue, brown
and green; were
$8.50, for
Burgess-Wash Co. Third Floor.
1 assort-
I gnrgess-x.a v. 1 1 t www s-ioor. Burgess-Wash oo. Third Floor. Burgess-Wash Co. Third Floor
. 1 1 . 1
1. OO lted Spreads, 40c
Seersucker and crochet bed
spreads, "d full
size, good assort
ment of designs;
were $1. Monday . .
' Bnrgsss-Wash Co Basement.
JBu Wash t'repes, Oc
Good desirable Inexpensive ma
terial for waists, chil
dren's wear, dresses,
gowns, etc., were 15c,
Bnrgess-Wssh Co Basement.
10c ISleached Muslin, 5)c
Yard w ide bleached muslin and
long cloth, free from
starch, fine quality,
2 to 10-yd. lengths,
formerly to 10c, yd.
Burgsa-Wash Co. Bsssmsnt.
Dress Percales, 7 We
Hundreds of dress lengths fine
quality percale, new
pretty patterns, fast
colorings, light or
dark colors, yard. . .
Bnrgsss-Wash Co BaBemsnt.
iub line
10c Scotch l'Ulds, 4ic
Scotch plaids and fancy check
ginghams, the reg
ular 10c quality,
Monday sale price,
the yard
Bnrgsss-Wash Co. Basement.
12 He Chanihray at 0c
Yard wide, soft finished blue
cbambray, the regu
lar 12 Vic quality,
sale price, Monday,
Burgess-Wssh Oo Bassnisnt.
35c P.rooiu for 10c
Brooms, four-tie, of best quality
broom corn, regular
35c quality, sale
price for Monday,
Burgsss-Wash Co. Bsssmsnt.
BOc Double Holler, 2ttc
Gray enamel double boiler with
enamel lid; former
price was 60c, In the
clean up sale Mon
day at
Burgsss-Wash Co Baasmeat.
f 1.25 Hath Fixtures, 40c
Lot of high grade bath room
fixtures, Including
combination tow
bars, etc., were
$1.25. for
Bnrgsss-Wash Co -Bsssmsnt.
75c Hath Fixtures, 25c
Lot of bath room fixtures.
towel bars, etc., best
quality brass, nickel
plated sample pieces,
were 75c, for
Borgess-Wash Co. Bascmsnt.
40c Steel Skillet, 20c
No. 8 cast steel skillet, "Never-
Break" brand, regu
lar 4 0c size, Monday,
very special
Burgess-Wash Co. Basement.
29c to f 1.75 Tea Kettles
2 -coated all white enamel tea
kettles, sizes 7 and
8, fully guaranteed;
were $1.50 and
$1.75, Monday at. . . ,
Burgsss-Wash Co. Bsssmsnt.
fl House Dretes, 30c
Broken assortment of women's
house dresses of lawn
percale and Cham
bray; were $1.00;
sale price, each ....
Burgess-Wash Co Bsssmsnt.
f 1.08 to f2.0H DresM, f 1
Chambray, percale and other
desirable materials, &U'Anf)
over embroidery Iriiu-S 11111
med; collar and vest; I
were $1.98 and $2.98. at I
Bnrgess-Wash Co. Bsssmeut.
Women's f 1.47 Waists, 30c
Clearing ot all waists in base
ment section that were
priced to $1.4 7. Voiles,
lawns and crepes.
Choice for
Burgsss-Wash Co Jlassmsnt.
20c Corset Covers, 10c
Corset -covers of nainsook and
allover embroidery,
some lace and em
broidery trimmed;
29c values, at
Burgsss-Wash Co Bsssmsnt.
BOc Combinations, 80c
Combinations or nainsook em
broidery, lace and
ribbon trimmed;
were 59c, sale price
Monday each . . .
Bnrgess-Wash Co -Bsssmsnt.
70c to DHc Gowns, 00c
Gowns, petticoats and com
binations of nainsook,
lace and embroidery
trimmed; were 79c
to 8S?. at
Bnrgsss-Wash Co. Bsssmsnt.
Kiubrolderies at 2 He
Nainsook and cambric edgings
and Insertions la
widths 2 to 5 Inches,
also embroidery
beadlugs, per yard..
Burgess-Wash Co. Bsssmsnt.
.... O ... 3 u
35c Hacques, 10c
Fancy lawn, striped
or figured; were
a5c, clear
ing sale
Women's Coat at OHc
A broken range of sizes in linen
and cloth coats, many
styles and materials;
were $5 to $7.60,
Monday at
Burgess-Wash Co. Bsssmsnt.
Laces at 2Ue
French and cambric
edgings and i abor
tions to
smutch, also
viluen torchon.