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American Ambassadors in European War
Initial Autumn Exhibit of Fall Styles
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The acute situation in Europe has
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most of our Trans-Atlantic steamers and
has left Beveral large shipments of So
'rosis Shoos for Paris, Berlin
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, . burg on tho wharves ; also,
many orders for other for
eign ports were finished and
ready to ship, and others in
the process of manufacture.
SORQSIS SHOES have been f or many years t10
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f-r V :C'- yW A yy-. : :yy! ) s X f
' . ,"'.1 . "
Vttt la Uisht: Ambamsdor Walter.
Taca (England), An-ibaas4ar imem
(terard (Germany) ard AmbaaMdor
Myron T. llerrick (Franca). American
aintaadora abroad find themtelvea very
huty these dayn. Not only are thay con
k fronted '.with the problem of getting
American travelers back to trie Vnlted
smiee Without endangering their live.
uul tnfv nlMfk hepn rtciuented to
atch Qver the embaasles of the warrlns
nation),, tach others capitals.
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'. c (Continued from Pate One.)
Germans belnf mobbed r ataaulfed had
been reported and there have bees only a
few caaea where they have been Insulted.
All cro 'channel eteamer service was
suspended today.
et Common on Oil aubject would carry
votlnht la the country. . ,
. . MIforB Uvlettr.
The spuit in. which the Drltlah peopl
are taktog the' war haa found expreealoa
In their acceptance of their flrtt mlefor
tune, the loae Of tbe cruiser Arapliloa with
13 men. In a leaser conflict It would
have been mourned as a dlaaater. Today
It is regarded as a regrettable but not ua
expected Incident.
The papers accord the matter neither
tha lareaat headlines' nor extended ex
)relons of raeret. : i 1 . .
Tha reports'of victory In the North
aa which ware clrou'lated Thursday night
raited false honea which tha admiralty
promptly fllsrti'Sted. . ,
Laat night . there .was another of the
Icreat gatherings before Buckingham pal
ace, which have oome to be' nightly ex
prrexlona of the loyalty and enthusiasm
of the. people... The ovation before the.
Italian embassy organised by members of
West nd clubs was followed by demon
atratlona throughout the West End by
the younger men,' it the community.
These .took, th tdrm of rejoicing over
the reported Belgian successes and con
tinued Into the early houra today. The
Kreater number participating In many In
Ktanccs were Belgians and Frenchmen
who carried, tha flags of their countries
and cheered mightily The business sec
tions of the town disptey few flags and
even soldiers march tfceeugh the streets
without sttractlng speclsl notice. An on
looker said;
'The, temper which e are In . cannot
be expressed better than In the words of
the great Araertean, Abraham Lincoln,
with malice taward none, and with char
ity for all.' "
Tha Nation, which Is the organ of tha
pacifists; says:
"There Is but one substantial hope of
avotd'ng a second return of Kurope to
barbarism. That Ilea In setting up In
each afflicted oountry a reign of modi
fled socialism. This partial reorgan'sa
Uoa may be affected by the action of
alaU-s and municipalities in regulating
employment and food supplies."
m.r Crs spies Arreate
Tha authorities hold that there is cer
tainly no malice being ahown toward the
Si.Mtt Germans who remain In England
The war office believes thst the Oermans
have maintained for aeveral years the
larxesl and beat organised aystcm of
espionage that one Bat on ever au sported
against another. Consequently the police
bave arrested a large number of Ger
mane. About fifty were rounded up yes
terday. 1 ...
The police took ' posseaalon of the reai-
dt-nce at Mareafleld of Prince Muenster
of Ixranburg, who left for Germany oa
the declaration of war. They also raided
the German machinery worka at Banford
and eelxdd a number of r.fles and sums
ammunition. Thlrty-twe Germans at the
lnt were arrested.
How street police station la houning a
:na!l armory of weapons whVh have
. been taken by the polka from tha homes
i.-f Germane.
(Several large German stores and reatau
rii.U display signs announcing that "the
i.ioprletor is a naturalised hntiah sub
Kit.' A few German shops la the SU -
1.1 have teen closed. No instance of
A. M. Huntington
and Wife Held as
Spies in Germany
PARIS, Aug, a.-a.:Sl p. ro.) Archer
M. Huntington, president of the Ameri
can Oeogoraphical society, and hie wife
were arrested at Nuremberg, Bavaria, by
German police and are now held In prison
as splos.
Mr. Huntington's chauffsur, who es
caped to Bwttserland, telegraphed to the
American embassy here yesterday saying
air. and Mrs. Huntington had been mat
treated. Mr. Huntlnrton, he said, wss
stripped naked while the police .were
searching him and bis wife who was sub
jected to Insults and Indignities.
Ambassador llerrick telegraphed to
Washington last night and It Is assumed
here thst the State department is taking
NEW YORK. Aug. g.-Mr. Hunting,
ton's imprtsonrrtrit. It was believed,
might be due to the fact thst be hsd in
his possession at the time of bis arrest
maps and other data .obtained In his
geographical research as throughout kX
rope and that the nature ef his Investi
gations was not understood by ths sol
diers who arrested him.
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steam tramway bridges on the Ton
goren Blleen Hoe.
Mighty ipeetacle.
"Eye-witnesses deserlbed to roe
as a mighty spectacle the orderely
advance of the German army which
rolled elowly along down the elope
toward the river bringing a host of
machine gun and motor wagons,
the cavalry riding through the grow
ing corn.
"On the flags appeared the date,
"1871." The troope are in neat
green uniforms and magnificently
equipped. A pitiful spectacle was
provided by fifteen prisoners, appar
enly farmers, marching with bowed
heads and hands bound behind their
backs. '
Three Hears Pass.
"Suddenly an aeroplane swooped from
mandeerlng of large liners and the
etoppage of the cross-channel pas
senger traffic that a British expedi
tionary force probably would soon
depart. The possible destination of
this expedition could not be ascer
tained and the report from Paris an
nouncing that the landing of British
troops had evoked enthusiasm care
fully hid the place pf their embarka
President Polncalre also gave out
the news. In his message to King Al
bert of Belgium, that French trooos
were "shedding their blood with the
Belgians on the battlefield today."
The fighting around Liege, al
though regarded In military circles
as important, is considered as merely
an opening movement In the cam
paign, the plan of which has been
kept well hidden by both German
and French commanders-in-chief.
Three tor pa Cat to Pieces.
BRUbSBElX, Aug. g.-(Vla London,
Aug. 6.) The war office has Issued an
Olflclal statement saying that 125,000 Ger
mane participated in the aeaault on the
forts at Liege, but that they completely
failed to make any impression on the
fortifications. Three army corps engaged
In the attack were cut up and rendered
useless, it Is declared.
"For many days," reads the statement.
"our little army, by tenacity and courage,
rendered highly valuable service to the
French army, which for some days under
fnrOAit march, has' hn hiirvvln tv nil r
PARIS, Aug. I. (1:20 p. m.) An'offlclal I assistance and now occupies a conslder-
seiioug wounds upon the kaiser's heir.
Other dispatches say tha prince Is with
an army at Vervlers in Belgium.
Belgian Officials
, Describe Fighting
in Vicinity of Liege
aooount of the fighting at Liege, Bel-
glum, Issued today, says:
"The German columns crossed the
Belgian frontier during the night between
August t and 1
. "German cavalry' came Into - contact
with the Belgians' -advanced posts to the
east of the forte at I p. m., August 4.
"The plan of attack' developed during
tha day of August S. Each German
column bad a different objective, Forts
Fleron, Barchon and Evegnee constitut
ing the northeastern section, being the
first point while the second column at
tacked the southeastern section comprts-
Inf Forts Bonoalles and Embourg.
"The first attack of the northeastern
German columns was made on the left.
It attacked Fort Fleron Itself and the
intervening specs between Forts Fleron
ths clouds, flying; low and sped away In an4 Evtgtl. and fcllo th. interval he
me air oirecuon oi .iee. rr '-. tW4n Vorit Fleron and Chandfortaine.
n ms uww -rhm attack from the beginning was
as far as the eye could see. They con- wltB0Ut flMhl Th, artillery tire from the
verieu tautening!: wim mv jjuinuu uu
th other aid of th fnmtUr and asked
forts wa h.Vy and well placed.
"Ths T)ltr1an from that InYArvalsi
newspapers, whloh were given thara. but ut th forti wti enrgtlc. The
the moment a Dutchman eupped over the , .n ...
IContlnued from Page One.)
gieat circles until at last be waa beyond
the range and swept straight off to
A dispatch 'to the Times from Brussels
tells of tha experience about iJege during
the early flgbtlag of two military aviators.
"On Thursday morning," the airmen
are quoted aa saying, "We rose at Tl
o'clock to a height from which we could
see the Uerman artillery, backed by con
stsully Increasing forces of Infantry, fir
ing at the Belgian forts. Because f the
high wind we could not get up above
the clouds and our machines made aa at
tractive target for the invaders, woo Im
mediately opened fire oa us as we ap
proached the'r position.
"We wheeled about and started back
for our own territory, when, to our dis
may, the outer forts of Liege, not know
ing who we acre, also let go their shot
at us.
"We went through a terrible ordeal
Shrapnel burst to the right and left of
us and under us. The wags were
pierced slightly several times.
"The concussion of the sheila, bursting
in the air, caused the plane to rock like
a lifeboat In a heavy aea. We managed
to alight safely in Wademme in our own
country." ' .
frontier "present itlstola" was given and
he sprang back to safety.
"During ths river Meuse fighting one
German regiment fired on the rear of an
other killing twelve and wounding twenty
Gerasaas Saerlflot Mea.
The apparently reckless way in which
checked and the engagement then be
cam an artillery duel, the Belgian guns
having a deadly effect on the German
"A German column attacking Fort
Barchon spread out Into a fan-shaped
formation to the extreme right and fol
inw.ri around the fort. It made tor the
German troops have been sent to death i hat fh4 Balaian reserve brigade de-
about Liege la the them of th dispatches . Vftred . prompt counter attack and
able portion of our defenses
OuawH Laek Enthaalaaaa.
"Hundreds of German prisoners have
been captured. These are chiefly cav
alrymen. The spirit of the German sol
dier lacks enthusiasm. They appear to
bs fighting lethaigtca'.ly, whiie their of
ficers endeavor to paaa themselves off aa
The operations of the Germans were
baaed on tha hypothesis of rapid success.
Consequencently they were organised
with little regard for provisioning the
army. The Belgians retarded the aa
vance for seventy-nine houra, with the
result that their army waa increased with
tioops destined to reinforce Liege.
Ths confidence of the Belgians has
been increased by the suspension of hos
tilities requested by the Germans. King
Albert In an order to the third division
and the fifteenth mixed brigade, who as
sisted in the heroic defense of Liege, took
occasion to salute them and the army in
the name of the nation. '
Ball ta Laxeaabara.
LONDON. Aug. I. 7 a. m.) According
to late dispatches thla morning quite an
important engagement between French
and Germans occurred in Belgian Luxemburg.
The Eterle Belie of Brussels learns
from sn official source that no decision
has been reached on .the question of an
armistice at Liege, an engagement having
begun elsewhere.
Another report states that an armistice
of two houra only was. granted the Ger
mans In order that -they might, collect
their wounded.
An official communication . issued at
Paris states that the troops In the fort
ress of Liege being sufficient, for the de
fense of the town, an active division mo
bilised at Liege, has Joined the army in
tha. field. '..'";
English military critics In London
papers comment on the-failure of the
tactics of the German Infantry exhibited
In their frontal attacks on the Liege forts.
In which they were repulsed. It is con
tended that the Germans learned nothing
from recent wars and still adhere to
methods adopted In the Franco-German
BIk Movements Concealed.
No hint has yet been given as to the
position of tha bulk of the twenty-four.
German army corps or of the twenty-one
French army corps.' It Is known that
several of the German corps are near
the Russian frontier. The organisation of
other corps from the Immense body of
reserves must hsve occurred since the
mobilisation. These probably have taken
the places in Interior fcrtfled cities of the
soldiers of the active army, who are. It
la assumed, now preparing to make their
first dash at the enemy. ' ' '
It' Is pointed out 'by military men that
sny decisive offensive movement by the
German or .Fi'ench. army, w(,lj Involve sev-(
eral hundred thousands of men on each
side, whose contact will throw' Into the
shadow the fight at Liege.
Reports from many . quarters recor
further captures of merchant vessels sail-
lng under the German flag, while th
presence of contact mines, even In neuL
tral waters, was shown in todsy's wrecl
of a Norwegian steamer In the Zuldes
Oo, In the Netherlands.
What la happening In the African col.
ontes of Germany, France, Belgium an,d
Great Britain is not known, as nea
from those pieces appears to have ben
suppressed, probably owing to the occupy,
tion of the cables by government commu.
nlcation. ;
Pol n en I re Pralaea Del Brians. ,
BRLSSULS. Via London. Aug. 8. ll;3o
a. m.) President Polncalre In Informing
King Albert of this decoration of the
"Valient city of Lelge" with the cOM
of the Legion of Honor, today said: I
"The government of tha French republic,
wishes to honor tha courageous defeners
of Liege and the whole Belgian army ,itn
which, since this morning, the Frjncn
army is shedding its blood on the baAti.
According to reports received here Jfrom
Liege several German regiments matcnd
Into battle under tha Belgian flag' an(j
wore Belgian cockades In order to deceive
the defenders.
nient'a disposal. Cable communication
w"ri Germany has been severed for sev
r'4l dajs.
Treasury Places
Order for Silver
WiSHiwiTnv' A,ir t -Tha Treaaurv
department today gave orders to the San
Francisco mint to buy 200,030 ounces of
'ver at 61H cents an ounce. Officials
b)ed th'.s action may rel'eve to some
"Sent conditions in the silver market
whlch has been much affected by the
European war.
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NEW YORK. Aug. I.-Tbeid.jr) r.
Lempke, manager of thi wlreWss .station
at Tuckerton, N. J., announced to'fcthat
the station has established direct T m.
munlcatlon with the wireless static ,i,t
Hanover. He , telegraphed Seer ay
Bryan to this effect and has offfi
to place the office at the State depart
The Kaiser declared war on most
0fDr!"wPt?ey declared war on Impure
'ipr Todd declared war on unsani
tary dentistry, and Invented the new
porcelain teeth which have won the
Paateur discovered tha antlseotlcs
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of many - London correspondents at the
front. J. N. Jeffreys, cabling to the Mail
from Brussels oonoernina! Thursday's
battle savs:
"The Germans are sacrificing hundreds
of men In column front attacks upon the
Liege forts. So savage have been their
assaults that surviving members ot at
tacking -columns have- actually reached
tha glacis (sloping earthworks).
"General Leman, the Belgian com
mander, had foreseen this, however, and
bad placed guns to sweep ths glacis. The
mea who did reach the eerth works were
entirely wiped out Ail the main forte are
intact and their metal cupolas have not
been damaged by the powerful melinite
shells ot the Invader."
Dfeaae Trtamaa far Belgian.
The fire of ths Belgians this correspond
ent goes on, has been extraordinarily ef
fective, and around some of ths twelve
forts defending Liege the German dead
were plUd in hundreds.
"Tha Belgian defensive works," he
BAN FRANCISCO. Aug. I-Tm cruiser
Rainbow, which put In at this port early
yesterday, aalled at t:X a. m. today. The
authorities had permitted the vessel to
take aboard fifty tons of coal, sufficient
to take It to the nearest home port. Vic
toria, U. C. It ia believed the lUlabow
will proceed north. N
threw the Germans back In great Dis
order. Their losses were enormous.
"The German heavy artillery fire was
Mitmntrated aicalnat Fort Barchon but
seemed bsdly directed. The heavy Bel
gian artillery dominated the German fire
and destroyed two ot their heavy guns."
Portugal Takes
Side of England
LISBON. Aug. t-CVta London, Aug. I
1:30 p. m.) Portugsl's decision to support
Great Britain in tha general . European
war was announced today after Germany
had demanded Information of lu inten-
LONDON. Aug. l-A 'dlspatcS to the
Exchanae Telegraph from Uebon says
that at a meeting ot Parliament today
the declaration waa imm that Portugal
would place Itself unconditionally on the
alda ot England, according to the terms
continues, "are a triumph tor General -0j tg tnclent treaty. The declaration waa j
Leman. who daalgned them when he was rcaived with enthusiastic cheering tor
aa 01 rtcar in the englnner cor pa He haslpn.,. and England.
Premier Machado, In announcing the at
titude of the government, said:
"Aecording to our alliance, we nave flu-
ties which we la no way fell to realise.
Portuguese warehlpe have been ordered
to prepare for a cruise around the coast
and foreign ahlpplng In Portuguese ports
has been aotified to remove its wtieleea
Installation. i
It la reported that the war office has
ordered the mobilisation of three military
divisions. '
special guns mounted for use against
German aircraft, which may aooount tor
the fact that few have attempted to
The Standard published today a re
port which It aays It had from reliable
sources that the German oroaa prince
has been seriously wounded by an un
identified assailant.
Just where or how the alleged attack
occurred ia not stated. It Is said the
assailant marts his escape after Inflicting
i5ipiWi ft
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