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Thursday, August 6, 1914.
THE war cloud of Europe are bavins a dampening effect on society
as well as business, erea in the western atatei. Never baa the
social calender been such a blank i at present. Scores of Omaha
families have relatives either visiting or living In Europe, and
while but few are in danger over there, nevertheless the relatives here are
naturally concerned and not in the mood for entertaining.
A wedding of much local interest Is scheduled to taker place today la
Milan, Italy, that of Miss Marie Mohler, daughter of President Mohler of
the Union Pacific and Mrs. Mohler, who will wed 81gnor Mario Banno of
The bride, who has been studying for seversl years in Paris and Milan
preparing for grand opera, has given up a promising career and Slgnor
San no and his bride will reside In Milan
Mr. Mohler sent a telegram to his daughter, but, of course, subject to
llelsy because of the war.
Mr. Mohler is on a business trip through the western states and was
not able to go abroad for the wedding. Mrs. Mobler, who has bsen in
Europe for many months with her daughter, will probably be the only
Omaha guest present
A.. V. Klnsler haa received word today that Mrs. Klnsier and Miss
Jluth Klnsler, accompanied by Miss Mary Munchboff, will sail for the
United States on the steamship Tunisn, that is said to be carrying some
00 Americans who have been marooned In Europe by reason of the war,
fThe Tunlan sslls from Glasgow and, according to steamship agents hers,
Jiould resch New York August 16. H Is a second-class vessel and not as
wlft as the ocean greyhounds, but the Amerlcsns consider that they are
fortunate In getting any accommodations. Mr. and Mrs. George Kelly
have recently been with Mr. Klnsler and Mlm Muncbhoff and may possl
)ly be on the same boat.
Fashion Hint
j3)inner Party for Chicago Guett
Mr. and Mr. A. B. MtConnell enlcr
Gained at an enjoyable dinner party last
'evening at thlr home In celebration of
'the birthday of their guest, Mr. Daniel
'McCarthy, jr., et Chicago. A large bowl
if Mrs. Ward roses formed tha cental
leoe for the table and covert were planed
Mlsaea Misses
Xarlnn Towle, Tnmthy Htowltts,
Jaoml Towle, Keglna Connell,
.Alice Coad. Krng of
.Alice Jaqulth, Knrt Crook.
Messrs. Mexurs
nnll McCarthy, Jr. ; John Hnnnlghen. Jr.;
'larnr Peter. HtnKletnn Kwltser,
ahlllp Chase. Harold McConnnll.
"aul Khlrley,
tAt Carter Lake Club,
Mra. E. W. Powell entertained at
luncheon at Carter Lke club Wednes
day. Covera were laid for:
Mesdamea Misses
"W. T. Johnson, (May Hrhneltel,
M. Hobeon, Allre M Mahoit,
JWIIIIam Hchnelael, Frances Nash.
IJenrge Pchnelsel.
Mrs. Fred J I ad r a was hostess for a
luncheon party, which Included:
Mesdamea Mealanie-
Ivid ligen, ' Henry Miller.
Chicago: H. C. Kubel.
Fred Adler, M. Strauss,
tW. U Harris.
r. O. Ileyn-Unversagt.
The Carter Lake Bwimmlng club enter
tained at luncheon "Wednesday. Follow
lpg the luncheon there waa bowling,
whan lira. J. A. Freeland'a' team acored
411, Mra. A. I Dennodye team U7 ami
Mrs. W. J. Cettln's team 11 Guests at
the luncheon were aieadamea P. Koder
burg of Button, Neb.; T. J. Potter of Bt.'
Joseph. Mo.; fowler of Des Moines, .A.
A. Wedemeyer.'CVVInoenU 1L M. Conant,
Charles Martin. Glenn W. Bmlth. and
ilUeos Jean Wallace and Georgia, Potter
of EL Joseph. Among tha members of
tha club preaent were: .
Maadamea Uesdames
C. K. Maloney, F. C. Heat,
J. E. binipaon. 1.. A Dermody,
Jlenry Keating, W. It. lorraJice,
J. A. Freeiand, "W; D. F'tk,
William 11. clould, JiW. J. Catun,
K. Hralley, t'axl M. Johnson,
A. J. I'teraon, 'harla Meyers,
J. A. IloKera. Frank lxiv.rtug.
Alex Jetea, F. 1.. Keller,
J. Adams. '. H. lsard,
Oeume K. Coaawall, H. I.. Vnrterwood,
kil H. Ooldntrom, C. H. T. lUepen.
j'avld M. Meyer, Arthur Kuhn,
A. F. Hltchle. J. F. Ittmlck. "
. K. Fanning, C. A. C. Ulveen. ',
H. U. lllerman.
Mrs. L W. Smetana entertained four
ueets at luncheon, and Mra. Gordon Mo
(L'euley two guests.
In tha evening 130 reservations for din
ter wra made by tha Omaha liakarg
association. Other reservatlone for din
ner were made by Mr. and Mra. H. J.
IHauf lairs, who entertained nine guests;
It. Orant Wllllame. two: Cadet Taylor,
three; C. W. Oilman, nine; D. Hear
man, two; Fred.Hadra, three; Vincent
liaacalL two; A. J. Jackaon, two; Alas
Jetee. four; H. R. Klntey, two; Glenn
J'aicton. two; Kdward 1 Bchlecht. two;
G. Stafford, three.
Mr. and Mra. Joaeph Rohacak enter
's ined at their cottage, "The Beacon,"' In
bonor of the birthday of Mra. Rohacek's
mother, Mrs. C. 'Peters: Those present
Sir. and Mia. C. Petera,
Mr. and Mra. C. I'hrlg.
. Mr. and Mra. Jowpn Rohacek,
Mian 1 jjrttta efferman,
lin Hannah Hetfermen,
Mr. Ma.urii'a Peixra.
Cbria Olaan eaucht a ala-pound black
aa in Carter lake Wednesday evening.
Summer Plant.
Mra. J. E. Summers will leave this
evening for a stay at Atlantic City. En
youta she will atop for a visit with her
ton, Ja'k, who is at Culver Military
eucademy at Culver, Mo.
Mr. and Mia. Harry O. Pteel are taking
tha lake trip and before returning home
will visit Montreal and Toronto. Canada;
GS'ew York. Boston, Philadelphia. Wash
ington and Baltimore.
Mra. Arthur Remington and Mra. Wil
on Ixw. leave Thursday tor a visit at
Katun ranch at Wolf. Wyo.
Mies ,Kdna HoHman left Sunday for
'hli.K and Marquette ranch, near I.ln
tuln, ia. fha will rvturn In tha fall.
With the Visitors.
Mra Ueorge T. Besaire and daughter,
Mtsa Loutiw and Mlaa Gaorglan, errvwt
Monday to b tha gueata of Omaha
frieixla. Mra. Bessire and daughter. Miss
Oeorgtan, are tha guests of Mra Bessire's
daughter, Mra. Lynn Campbell, and Mr.
Campbell, and Mlsa Louise is the guest
f Misa Dorothy Hal bach.
Vi -is ftvsaie Fried of Milwaukee and
ilis Ines Ilobinson of tea Moines, la.,
are guests al the home of Mlaa Miriam
tvy. In their honor, Mlaa Levy enter
tainxd at a Japanese tawn party Wednes
day evening.
In and Oat of tie Bee Hive.
Misa Mae Foley returned home last
vtii'.ng after svendtng a month la New
York City, the gueat of Mr. and Mra. U.
i;. Troup and Mr. and Mra. 8. B. IMelrlch.
Mr. and Mra. J. H. McDonald and Mra.
)r F. J. Wearne expect to remain en
I' month touring through Maine aaj
around Boetoa. Tney will return Beptem
te. li -
r.PKiv.rring at the Hotel afcAlpla front
t'o.nn during tlia week liae been Mr.
1. R. Unes, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Russell.
Mr. Mat Orkln, Mr. end Mra. F. I
Hallcr, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Thomas,
Mr. E. R. Tarry, Mr. James Menagh,
J-ev!d Menagh, Mra. B. Harding. Mr.
Fred G. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. James P.
English, Mr. Roy J. Xunn.
With the OkotojTcolony.
Omaha neonla continue to make many
trlpa to and from Lake Okobojl, either
by motor or train, and week-end bouse
parties at the lake are numerous.
Mr. and Mis.. Harry Doorly motored to
Okobojl te spend a few days with itr,
and Mra. Harley Moorbead, who have the
Patterson cottage for the aummer.
Mr. and Mra. Harry Plarpont, who liave
a oottage et the lake with Mrs. Plerpont s
parent!. Mr. end Mra. Howard Smith,
spent the week end In Omaha and re
turned yesterday to the lake with- Mr.
end Mrs. Arthur Cooley In the letter's
car. Mr. and Mra. Cooley will spend a
few daya with Mr. and Mrs. Plerpont
before returning home.
Miss Katherlne Moorhead and niece,
little Mlsa Annls iKMigat of Pittsburgh,
have returned from a visit with Mr.
and Mrs. Harley Moorhead.
Mr. and Mra. Ben Cotton and children
are expected borne thle week from Lake
Okobojl. where Mra. Cotton and children
have been spending several weeks. Mr.
Cotton went to the lake last week.
Mr. John Bobbins and littia iti.a tv...
othy Sherman motored up to the lake
one nay last week to visit Mr. Robbings
family, who haa taken a cottege there
for the summer.
Personal Mention. e'
Miss Laura Ruderadorf
drawing In tha South Omah. .v...i.
- -- . m v iiuvi., ia
In Berlin, and haa not been heard from
since the outbreak of hostilities. She Is
a sister et Mrs. Doene Powell.
Mrs. C. C. Allison, who w. .n. i.
by the Illness and death of her mother.
Mra. Crelghton, will leave Friday for
Colorado Bprlnga. Dr. and Mrs. Allison
and family have taken a cottage at the
Springe and expect to remain there dur
ing the eummer.
Among the Omahans In Belgium st the
present time are eir. and Mre. Jean Marie
uulalaln. Mra. Oulalatn waa formerly
Mlsa Rose Co ft man and they have been
living In Brussela ever since their mar
riage several months ago. Brussels I
only forty miles from Liega where the
largest battle of the war haa been waged.
Fearing ptoeecullon under the Mann
White Slave act. Kaat Omaha Hurt. .
said by the Council Bluffa police to have
movea rrom lowa territory across the
line Into Doualas countv. A rumn. k..
government special marahals were In
vestigating tntm ia aaid to be responsible
for the move. It la euppoeed that when
women were taken from Omaha te Kaat
Omaha the art might be considered Inter,
state traffic.
i - . " K
V ' S . "
f t-'i.-,
,'r:' 4 h - f
t --T - J
T jr ..f. i
v ' ' "
W 1
I r "
Republicans Will Gather at Feait
to Be Held at Florence.
Keaa, Yelaer, Howell, llaaaaaead,
Sleebeas, Howard, Rlarkkarw,
Psresiea aad Others te
Address Asseaaely.
places ef honor on the platform. Those
scheduled to apesJc are J. II. Kemp, Ross
L. Hammond, R. Beecher Howell, John
O. Tclser. J. Stephens, W. B. Howard,
T. W. Blackburn and Alfred Sorenaon.
Foot races and athletic events are aleo
to occupy a part of the afternoon
There will be band music, dancing.
sandwich eating, buttermilk drinking, and
political speaking at the big rally and
barbecue at Florence Saturday, when the
republican's from all over the state get
together there for the greatest rally of
the campaign. It la to be a ladles' event
aa much as a men's event, although suf
frage has nothing to do with It. Women
are Invited to attend and get a roast ox
sandwich. Two osen are to be roested.
and the shortage of tx-ef supply cannot
possibly affect this announcement, tor
the oxen were ordered from the packing
houses eome ten days ego.
A. W. Jefferl la to be the principal
speaker of the day. Candldatee for gov
ernor and candidates for congress are to
be the speakers of the afternoon. All
other randldatea preaent are to have
Kldaer mm I.leer Trwakle
quickly helped by Electric Flttere. Sure
and prompt relief. Stimulate the kidney
and Hver to healthy action. 60c and L
All druggists. Advertisement.
W. D. Clark, professional golf player
of the Omaha Field club, la back from
New Tork. He saya that New Tork
harbor la full of ships from all countries
and that these ehlps are covered with
canvas, eo that nothing that goea on
board them can be aeen. They are being
loaded with coal and provisions after
midnight, the workmen wearing miners
tanterna on their cape. -
Ten New Tork Russians came weat on
the train with Mr. Clark. They are
wealthy men who are attempting to get
back to Ruasla to fight. They will sail
from Seattle for Japan, but If Japan
haa entered the war will go to Shanghai
and from there will go to St. Petersburg
by way ef Siberia.
New -York. March a, jsii, x rash
formed on my forehead aad commenced;
spreading, it was a ringworm. The Itoh
Ing and burning which I endured for tour
months before I commenoed using Realnol
Soap and Reslnol Ointment were terrible.
All my claesmatea kept away from me In
fear that they would catch It. I need
every home remedy I could think of. but
with no euocesa. My family doctor ad
vised me to use Reslnol Soap and Real
nol Ointment The moment I applied them
I felt a, cooling sensation which waa last
ingthe relief waa tiukk. I used two Jara
of Keainol Ointment and Reslnol Soap,
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there Isn't a single mark to ahow where
1 had tbe disease." tBIgned) M. G. Ross.
TJ Church St.
Reslnol Ointment and Realnol Soap are
also speedily effective for ecsamik ptra
pllea, blackheads, dandrufff, eorea and
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gists. For trial free, write to Dept 77-R,
Reslnol, Baltimore. Md. '
t "
Another lot ot unclaimed house
bold goods will be sold at Publlo
Auction Saturday, August Sth,
sale begins la at 10 A. M. aad
lasting all day. You can't afford
to miss an opportuaity of this
kind, household goods of all de
scriptions will be sold.
MOO Mouth 10th fct.
1 ..
An evening gown of tink fiaured silk.
A, drapery of white lace forma the upper
pert ot the bodice and the short sleeves.
The lower part of the bodice Is of sink
The skirt la gathered uo oults full In
the front seam, and falla plainly over the
left aide, ending In a very ahort train.
Omaha railroad men are not surprised
over the declaion of the Nebraska Htate
Railway communion reducing freight
ratea something like IS per cent They
figure that the reduction will cut off
some ttlX.OQQ revenue annually, provided
that It is permitted to remain In effect.
It ie expected that aa appeal from the
eommisalon'a declaion will be taken.
The Burlington ia the road hit hardest
by the decision of the Nebraska commis
sion, It having the greatest mileage
within the state. The Union Pacific la
seoond .and the Northwestern third. Then
comes the Missouri Pacific and the Grand
Island road.
$5.25--Trauoling Dags-$7.g9
I nags ana uu Vsi,?, "ii kS
on sale tU2uE3
I . .-K 1 -v-
The regular selling prices on these bags
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Alligator, Imported and Domestlo Cowhide. All
leather lined. Locks and Trimmings the) best.
The i Drink That Links
Health With SociabiKty
in xzf
I 'r,' S aU
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The Beef;of jQualiiy
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drink for everybody.
The Pabst Company
Telephone DougUs 79 , .
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h amakes the A hi weoderhiPy aweed faie aad lair keeps it fro
becoailnf too diy, or the exceM el oil, I asy- la feet.
clean aad rehashes the eemptahea as does se otbet teiiet neg
zjJy acatioa, ttt pacsEar kWhaig aad heaaag elect ii BeOcaabU the
stosteat k tosjehes the earfaot el yeet aloe.
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