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" . 7
he Omaha Daily
tAi U UliL J
VOL. XI AY NO. 43.
Ob Trains and at
otel BTswa Stands. 8a,
First Lady of the Land Suc
cumbs to a Complication of
Executive Completely Prostrated
and Breaks Down When the
End Comes.
Husband, Three Daughters and Son-in-Lftw
Are Present Until
the Last.
Senate Passes Bill in Which She
Was Interested.
Liked to Prepare. Dishes or Have
Them Prepared t'nder - Her
Peraonal Supervision for .
i. rlpoose.
"WASHINGTON, Aug.. 6. Mrs.
"Woodrow Wilson, wife of the presi
dent of the United States, died at the
White House today at 5 p. m. of -a
complication of diseases.
When the president recovered
from the first shock of his wife's
death he sent several telegrams to im
mediate relatives and sent word to
Secretary Tumulty to express his ap
preciation of the many condolences
which poured in.
A pall of gloom settled over the
White House. All shades were
drawn and everyone , talked In
whispers. Mrs. Wilson was particu
larly belovedby all Befvanjand ern
'pIOyBjStrout the"WhUeliou8e. Nonfli
of them made any effort to hide
thelf deep grief,
, Mrs. Wilson had been unconscious
for varying periods since Monday,
and while her condition was known
to her Intimate friends, news of It
was not generally circulated until no
hopes were entertained for her re
covery. Children Bnmmone.d.
So serious had Mrs. Wilson's condition
become during- the last few days that her
children were summoned to her bedside
and they were with her at the end.
The end came after two serious sink
ing spells. The president and her three
daughters and Francis B. f?ayre were at
the bedside at the end.
The president was completely -prostrated
when his wife died and broke
down entirely. When Secretary Tumulty
entered the executive offices to tell the
waiting newspaper men his cheeks were
bathed in tears.
Repeated consultations of medical advis
ers did not succeed In discovering methods
of saving the distinguished patient. Oxy
gen and other artificial stimulants had
been used for two days.
Not Out for Weeks.
Mrs. Wilson had not been out of the
White House for three weeks, her last
outdoor visit having been to the White
House gardens, In which she took a deep
Interest Her death came as a great
shock to the many frienda she has made
since she came to Wasnington. A number
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The Weather
Forecast till 7 p. m. Friday:
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Fair, alightiy cooler.
Temperature at omana Yesterday.
h a. n
a. rn 70
7 a. m 71
S a. m 74
9 a. m 78
.19 a. m
11 a. ra Si
U m M
1 p. in... m
J p. m 89
S p. m Wl
p. m 1
t p. m 91
p. m W
7 p. in 89
8 p. in 86
Comparative Weal lleeord
1911 1911 1911 1911.
Highest yesterday ! 82 82 .83
Ijoweat yesterday 8 70 61 .70
Mean temperature .... 80 . 7S 3 .76
precipitation 00 T .110 .21
Temperature and precipitation depar
tures from the normal:
.Normal temperature 76
Excess for the day 4
Total excess since March 1 K2
Normal precipitation 11 inch
iPeflciency for the day U inch
Total rainfall aince March 1. .16.07 Inches
(Tefloiency since March 1 3.91 Inches
J teflciency for cor. ,rtjd, mi. S. uo Inches
iMflctenry for cor. period. 1913. . 48 Inches
Reports from StatkuMS at T P. M.
fetation and State Temp. High- Rain
of Weather. 7 p. ra. est. falL
Cheyenne, partly cloudy e M .no
Davenport, clear to 90 .
Ijenver. partly cloudy.... SS M .on
Jes Moln-s. clesr 8"i 88 .00
1-ender, cloudy .84 94 .()
Omaha, clear 89 92 .
Pueblo, partly cloudy.... 8 92 .00
Rapid City, cloudy 8 !"0 .OJ
Salt Lake City, cloudy.. ' 92 .01
fanta Fe, cloudy 71 84 .01
Sheridan, cloudy 8 94 .
8hJui City, clear 84 86 .
Valentine, clear 90 IK .00
"T" Indicates trace of precipitation.
U A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Drawn tor The Bee by Powell.
More Time Needed, According to
Expert, Before Each Side May -..
Give Battle.
Encounters Taking Place Between
Oatposts Arc to . Mask Move
ments of Troop Behind
Advance Guards.
(Copyright. 1114, Press Publishing Co.)
LONDON, i Aug. , !. (Special Cablegram
to New York Word end. OmaWli-eJ
The mlllirr'OotTwpitteut of the Times
says it will take Germany nine days mora
to place upon the French frontier force
adequate to challenge tne French misses,
and it will take France about the same
time to assemble all. Its army. T-vv ad
vance on one side or the other or on
both can hardly begin before August 14.
The first decisive battles of the war are
expected, to, take place between August
10 and 22. ; . ,. .
During the next week or ten days com
bats and battles, of which we shall prob
ably read, will not: be the shock of main
masses, but of covering troops, which are
organized on all the continental frontiers
and have a special mission. This mission
is to cover and protect from hostile In
cursions the sone of concentration of the
main armies, and the mission may or
may not include offensive operations.
Mission of Advance Guards.
The covering armies will act In co
operation with frontier fortresses and. If
during the next ten .-.ays they prevent
the enemy from breaking Into the con
centration sone, their mission wjll be car
ried out.
The patriotic spirit shown by the little
Belgian state in the face of the German
aggression could not be excelled. Ger
many's determination to advance through
Belgium bears out the contention that
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Russian and German
Cruisers Are Sunk in
Fight atWei Hai We
LONDON. Aug. . (3.37 p. m.)-A dis
patch to the London Dally Mall from Tien
Tsln says that the Russian cruiser
Askeld and the German cruiser Emden
both have been' sunk after an engage
ment off Wei Hal Wei, China.
The F.mden was a protected cruiser of
3.592 tons. It carried ten 4.1-Inch guns
and was fitted with two torpedo tubes.
The displacement of the Askold was
6,905 tons. Its armament consisted of
twelve six-inch guns, twelve three-inch
and eight elght-pounders. After the bat
tle of the Tellow Bra In the Russo- Japa
nese war it was interned at Shanghai.
Austria Declares
War Against Russia
ST. PETERSBURG. Aug. .-Auetria-
I Tfiins'Hrv this evenlnir rini'lumH mar nn
HI'NDERLAND, Eng. Aug. 6. 8:45 p.
m.) The German consul here waa ar
rested today at the instance of the mili
tary authorities. The charges against
hJm were not divulged.
Andrew Carnegie
Says Britain is Right
NEW TORK. Aug. Andrew Carnegie,
one of the world's moat distinguished
peace advocates, approves of England'
course in the present crisis. In a cable
; message from Scotland to the New York
Evening Post, he says:
j "Germany, having declined Britain's
j proponed peace conference and then hav
ing asked Britain to agree to Its march
through Belgium, Britain was bound to
decline and declare that It would protect
Belgium by land and sea."
Tbe,;n's Sympathy
Good Goods Tell
Their Own Story
Readers of The Bee
. have exclutive New
York World. Sps
cial war newt cable
service In addition
to the full report of '
Associated Press..
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Expedition Hastening Across King
dom of Ally to Engage On
- coming Teutons. ;
Germans' Presence in Belgium Bnd
Holland Brines Half Million
More. Flsrntlnsr Men to Aid
of Triple Entente.
(Copyright. 1914, Press Publishing Co.)
; LONDON, Aug. 6.-(Special Cablegram
to New York World and Omaha Bee.)
Reports from the front, where the fight
ing waa going on, and from the various
capitals of the nations Involved, seemed
to show at midnight' that' the situation
was 'this:
A German army, aiming a general ad
vance down the river Meuse, through
Belgium, toward France, waa disastrously
defeated at Liege, a city leas than twen'.y
miles within the Belgian border, and waa
thrown back with great losses
This force was variously said to num
ber from 80,000 to luu.Oio iun anu tiai ex
pected to sweep across the territory of
the minor kingdom. It far outnumbered
ths gallant defenders.
French Enter Belgium.
A French army of. great strength, to
night entered Belgium through the prov
ince of Hainut In the southwest, and is
hastening across country to reinforce the
victorious Belgian army at Liege. -This
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British Sink One
German Cruiser
and Take Another
MADRID. Auk. 6. A rilsnatrh frnm t h
Canary islanda says a British aquadron
has sunk one German trulser, the name
of which is not given, and hus captured
another, which la being conveyed to
SAC CITY. Aug.. 6. (Special.) Word
has been re--elved of the death at Hono
lulu, Hawaii, on July 22, of Mrs. Cornelia
Gesell Lamb, who formerly lived In fiac
City with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
L. Gesell, leaving several years ngo to
engage In mlss'on work In the Hawaii
Islands. ( Mie waa married there about
sixteen months ago to an Engl'ehmau
residing at Honolulu'. Her husband and
an Infant child survive her.
PRINTING office for eala. com
pletely equipped. cylinder and
platen presses, paper cutter, type
and furniture.
For further Information about .
this opportunity, see taa Want
A Beotioa of today's Bee.
Hundred! Are Staying in Eesorti in
Vicinity of Liege Where Fight
ing ii Thickest.
Ambassador Pen field Making; Stren
uous Rfforta to (iet Them Out
1 by Way of Trleete, Frame
; and Venice.' ' .
NEW TORK. Aug. (..-Grave fears were
expressed.', Iaowl-. tOay. f t-uswaatot . of
fiQfndreds of Americans, who It Is believed
Were caught In the vicinity of the first
battle yesterday In Belgium. i
: In the valtey of the Meuse are the towns
6f Herve, Pcplnster, Vervlers, Vise and
Argenteau, which are reported to hava
been attacked and In soma Instances
tacked and burned by the Oerman Invad
ers. They are the gateways to Belgium's
famous resorts. Spa, where many Ameri
cans are known to be, lies only two miles
south of Peplnater. The railroad at P
pinater is reported to have been destroyed.
shutting off any opportunity for escape of
foreigners. .' Vervlers, where reports say
the Germans met their first repulse, la
the woolen center of Belgium, and Is
famed for Its manufactories.
The loss of Liege, reported attacked by
the Germans, would result In the aban
donment of the great Cockerlll works,
which are to Belgium what the Krupp
works are to Germany. The Cockerlll
plant employs 10,000 men. In addition to
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Mauretania Makes
Record Run Fleeing
From Enemy Ships
HALIFAX, N. 8., Aug. . -Completing in
four days and ten hours its fastest and
moat dramatlo voyage across the Atlantic,
the mammoth Cunard liner Mauretania,
from Liverpool for New York, arrived at
Halifax today with 2,400 passengers, most
of whom were Americans fleeing from
war-roivaged Europe.
Passengers and malls will be landed
here and sent by fast trains to New York
and other cities in the United States and
At 11:30 o'clock Wednesday night, while
off Sable Island, the Mauretania waa
warned by the British cruiser Essex to
change ita course without delay and head
for Halifax. The helm was shifted so
oulckly that many passengers, Jolted by
the shock as the ship heeled sharply, be
lieved the steamer was turning turtle.
I'nder the highest pressure of Its tur
bine engines, with all porta blanketed and
not a light showing, It sped over the four
teen miles that lay between It and safety
from German cruisers. Behind it came
the F.ssex, whose searchlights could be
seen flashing at night across the horlxon
as It scanned the watera for the enemy.
The Mauretania' s passengers were not
officially Informed of what had occurred.
They have receixed no Intimation of the
declaration of war.
The Mauretania sailed from Liverpool
at 4 55 p. m. August 1, amid the utmost
excitement. . Many would-be passengers
were Irft behind on the piers. From the
moment the big liner left British shores
the officers were on the alera and Halifax
was held In mind as an alternative port
in case of emergency.
Thirty-Nine Dead
and Eight Missing
JOPLIN. Mo., Aug., a-Thlrty-nlne
known to be dead, eight still mining
and twenty-five dangerously Injured, was
today's revised toll of last night's wreck
between a Kansas City Southern Pas
senger train and a Missouri and North
Vrkanaas railroad gasolene motor car
at Tipton Ford, Mo., ten miles from here.
A coroner's Inquest 'nto the wreck will
be held late today at Neosho
Captain of Uranium Saya Two Ger
man Warships Were Sunk
by British Ships.
Wireless Report Stated that Kais
er's Cruisers Were Chasing
the Lusitania.
Battleship Florida, in War Trim,
Takes Position Near Suspected
German Liner.
Incoming- Liners Hear Them Exchanging-
German Towejr nt "ayvllle. Long
Island, Continues Srndlnsr Mr,
eases to the (iernian
NEW YORK. Aug. 6. Captain
Hesslg of the Uranium line steamer
Uranium announced at the British
consulate today that he had inter
cepted yesterday wiroleue-, messages
from the steamer Lusitania saying
that two German cruisers which had
been pursuing the Lusitania had
been chased and sunk by two British
warships. The Uranium reached
port yesterday.
Uranium line officials who saw
Captain Hesslg after bis arrival here
said that the captain had not re
pftma 1nlrcepttn(rtch'' ra-Wemaga
and that they were unable to con
firm It.
.The wireless station at flayvllle, to
which the alleged message from the Lu
sitania was addressed, according to Cap
tain Hesslg, said today that it had not
received such a message.
The message, Captain Hesslg aald, con
tained the additional Information that the
Lusitania was continuing on Its trip to
England. The LuRltanla sailed from New
York, with darkened lights, shortly before
t o'clock yesterday morning.
Further word of the big Kngllsh liner,
Lusitania, dodging German cruisers In a
race for England, was brought to New
York today by the oil tank steamer, Tona
wanda, from London and Antwerp. Cap- I
tain Hart said that yesterday he heard I
the Lusitania In wireless communication '
with the British rruiser Essex, saying '
thnt m. fnmis-n fTiHtr mi frillnwlnv It '
and asking the Essex to stsnd by. Later
the Easex went In search of the foreigner.
During three daya past, said Captain
Hart, the wireless brought news of the
presence pf British, French and Oerman
cruisers. None waa sighted, however.
The French liner. La Lorraine, hearing
nearly 1,000 reservists bound for France,
was seen seventy miles east of Fire la
land. The British steamer, Kansas City,
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Buying and Selling
Stocks is Resumed
Upon Cash Basis
NEW YORK, Aug. . The stock ex
chsnge has decided to remove prohibition
against trading Inaugurated after the ex
change suspended operations last Thurs
day. Buying and selling of a non
speculative character will bs permitted,
and this. U la believed, will be effective
In clearing up many contracts hanging
over from last week.
Borne exchange members have Issued a
tentative list of quotations. AH business
done under these conditions will be on a
cash basis In response to requests for
securities from Investors.
No Reply to Wilson's
Offer of Mediation
WASHINGTON, Aug. S.-No word had
been received today from any of the
European capitals as to whether the ten
der of good offices by President Wilson
bad actually been received.
The National Capital
Thursday, August, 6,
The Senate.
Met at 11 a. in.
Petitions poured In for the passage of
the bill to remove restrictions against
Ships seeking American register.
Henator Karn announced the death of
Ura. Wilson.
Adjourned at 5 30 p. m. to It a. m.
The House.
Met at noon.
The railway pay bill mas delisted.
A resolution of sympathy for President
Wilson In Ills wife's Illness waa passed.
Representative i' announced
the death of Mrs. A'uodrow Wilson.
Adjourned at o:V) p. in. to 12 noon
British Fleet
Fights Germans
On High Seas
lAlXDOVrSng. 9. (Tlei . in.
Tito llrltiiih fleH haa engaged the
Grrinnn fleet on the high aena. The
llrltlnh wartthljm are reported to be
driving th Germans toward the Dutch
British Cruiser
Hits Mine; Over
Hundred Men Lost
LONDON, Aug. 6. (6:10 p. m.)
An admiralty report saya that the
British rruiser Amphlon waa sunk
this morning by striking a mine.
Paymaster J. T, Oedge and 130 men
were lost. The captain, sixteen offi
cers and 135 men were saved.
A previous report said that the
German mine layer Koenlgln Luise
probably had placed some mines be
fore It was sunk by the British tor
pedo boat Lance.
Latest Scenes in
Big War Drama
Sveaborg, "Gibraltar of the
Baltic," was bombarded by a
German fleet.
British destroyers have been In
action . in the North sea and
twenty-two German and atx Brit
ish wounded sailors have reached
Harwich" " " ' 7-,
Belgian reports of Wednesday's
battle between German and Bel
gian troops at Liege give the Ger
man casuallties as 8,000 and
those of the Belgians as rela
tively small.
British regiments at Tlon Tsln,
China were ordered south.
More than twenty German mer
chant vessels have been taken by
the British.
A report from Paris says Ger
many has threatened Italy with
war unless It supports the other
members of the Triple Alliance.
Austrlans renewed the bom
bardment of Belgrade, Bervla.
The German ambassador left
The bank of England reduced
Its discount rate from 10 to 6 per
Food supplies In Paris continue
plentiful, with prices only slightly
above normal.
Only a slight skirmish, with
few casualties, waa reported from
the Franco-German frontier.
German officers arrested in Os
tend as spies are to be shot by the
Belgians. '
The American embassy as
sumed charge of German inter
ests in the British Isles.
Great Britain is Hourly Expecting
News of a Great Naral
Arrival of Number of Gersnan and
Knallsh Bluejackets Adds to
the Tenso Excitement
Already Pruvalllaav
LONDON, Aug. 6. England waited to
day with anxiety for reports of the move
ments of the brltlah fleet, of which vir
tually nothing had been beard since Its
departure some days ago under sealed
orders. All eyes were turned toward the
North Hea, whither It was generally as
sumed the war veasels had gone to en
counter the German battleship squadron.
Reports of firing and the arrival of a
number of wounded Oerman and Dritlsh
bluejackets at Harwich on tha east coast
kept excitement at its niftiest point, as
this was evidence that at least there had
been contact between vessels of the op
posing navls.
Ths morning passed off, however, with
out any more definite signs of an Impor
tant clash between the powerful squad
rons. Messages from Belgium appeared to In
dicate that tha check of the Hermans
outside Llege yesterday had been a severe
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German Crown Prince with Twenty
Thousand Fresh Men Hourly
Expected at Liege.
Eight Thousand German! Reported
Killed and Wounded in At
tack on Liege
German Brigade Attempts to Take
Place at Point of Bayonet and
is Mowed Down.
It it Promptly Reduced to Ruins by
Belgian Artillery.
Squadron of Belsxlun Lancers Re.
rt Wined Oat After It Had
Killed One M una red and '
Fifty rhlans.
London, Aug. e. a dispatch to
the Chronicle from Amsterdam eays
the German crown prince, with 20,
000 fresh troops, la hourly expected;
before Liege,
It Is reported that 8,600 Germans
wera killed or wounded In the fight
ing at Viae. Belgium. The postmas-.
tor of the town waa shot because hi
refused to send telegrams for the'
Germans, tha correspondent says.
. ... Ts .'Fsiartu. sled need, - .-t
PARIS, Aug. (4: SO p. m.) Of
ficial announcement Is made that the
battle continues to rage around Liege'
this afternoon. The German shell,
fire has reduced two of the Liege
forts, but the Belgians continue to
resist with untiring energy.
The German were able .to use tbelr
light siege guns against the forts ol :
Liege, which are thirty year old.
Two of them were silenced and the
German columns broke through. The
other torts are holding out. The
Belgians are making a determined'
resistance before the city.
The situation at 'Liege, according
A. . U 1,. -It .-1 . 1
iu iuo miesi. uispatciivs, was as lui-
It seemed certain that the fortifi
cations could not stop the German
army and the only question waa
whether Its advance could be de-,
layed. The ' fortifications already
had held it for thirty-six hours and
the fierce struggle the Germans bad
made and would still have to make,
It was believed, would compel them
to pause and revlctual.
If the Oerman army succeeds in
carrying Liege It will find itself con
fronted by an entrenched carnp at
Namur, at which the Belgians are .
preparing to make a stand aa fierce
as that at Liege.
The Belgian army waa brilliantly
fulfilling Its task of delaying the
German advance and It appeared cer
tain the German staff's plan of cam-
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