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    ritish Land Forces to Be Mobilized Todav
Czar of Russia Hurls Defiance at All of His Enemies
Omaha Dai
VOL. XL1V NO. 40.
C Train a ana at
Total Hews Btande. 6.
Says Bosnians Will Rise Like One
Man and Repulse Insolent At
tack of the Enemy.
Austria-Hungary Pays No Attention
to Conciliatory Reply of the
Servian Government.
Orders Out Navy and Army as Neces
'. sary Measure of Precaution
for Protection
Gear Calls God's Blessing on Holy
Russia and Its Troops.
Rasala Mast Malatala Its Poaltloa
Among the Great Powers and
Moat Safeguard Ita Hoaar
aad Dignity.
peror Nicholas today Issued a mani
festo In which his majesty outlines
the eventst leading up to the declara
tion of war by Germany and then
says that "Russians will rise like one
man and will repulse the insolent at
tack) ot the enemy."
The text follows:
"By the grace of God, we, Nicholas
II. emperor and autocrat of all the
Russians, king of Poland and grand
duke of Finland, etc., to all our
faithful subjects make known that
Ruesla, related by faith and blood to
UmjJBIaV peoples' and faithfuT to its
historical traditions, htas never re
garded its fates with indifference.
"But the fraternal sentiments of
the Russian people for the Slavs have
been awakened with perfect unanim
ity and extraordinary force's in those
last few days when Austria-Hungary
knowingly addressed to Servia claims
inacceptable for an independent
"Having paid no attention to the
pacific and conciliatory reply of the
Servian government and having re
jected the benevolent intervention of
Russia, Austria-Hungary made haste
to proceed to an armed attack and
began to bombard Belgrade, an open
Orders War for Time.
"Forced by the situation thus created
to take necessary measures of precau
tion, we ordered the army and navy put
on a war footing, at the same time using
very endeavor to obtain a peaceful so
lution. Pourparlers were begun amid
friendly relations with Germany and her
ally, Austria, for the blood and the prop
erty of our subjects were dear to us.
"Contrary to our hopes In our good
neighborly relations of long date, and
disregard Lag our assurances that the
mobilisation measures taken were in
pursuance of no object hostile to her,
Germany demanded their Immediate ces
sation. Being rebuffed in this demand
Germany suddenly declare war on Kus
ila. Mast Bafea;aard Honor.
"Today it Is not only the protection of
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The Weather
For Omaha, Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Fair; no Important change in temper
ature. Tcaapeowtare at Omaha Yesterday.
Hour. Peg.
6 a. m W
6 a. m
7 a. m
S a. m
a. m
1 a. m
11 a. in
12 m
1 p. m
t p. m
S p. m
. 4 p. m
8 p. m
n. m
i 7 p.m.;.:;;.:.;
I . J 8 p. m
CaaaaaratlT Local Henord
1911 1913. 1912. 1911.
Highest yesterday M 101 76
Lowest yesterday 6 73 61 86
Mean temperature 77 87 tx 74
Precipitation 00 .00 T .38
Temiwrature and Precipitation depar
tures from the normal:
Normal temperature 7g
Excess for the day 1
Total excess since March 1 .....241
Normal precipitation n Inch
Ieftclency for the day 11 inch
Total rainfall since March 1..14.M inches
Peflc'ancy sine March 1 1.71 Inches
leftclency fur cor. period, 1913. S.lslnchea
deficiency for ror. period, 1913. S.68 Inches
Hrart fraat Btattuae at 7 P. M.
etatioa and mate Temp. High- Rain
f Weather. T p. m. art. fall
Cheyenne, partly cloudy.. 70 7 .00
lenver, partly cloudy.... M) M .ih
fLa Moines, clear M 9l .o)
North Platte, clear M M .oo
Omaha, clear W .no
Hapld City, clear HX 90 .O)
Mhtrldan. partly cloudy.. M .00
Moux City, clear txi M .
Valentine, clear H 0)
"T" indicates trace of prctplta'lon.
WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Drawn for The Bee by Powell.
Border Forces from Lublinitz, After
Skirmish with Russians, Take
Center of Woolen and Cotton Cloths
aad Paper Maaafactarlas; Taken
' Bendsla- la a Attain
BERLIN, Aug, a Th"rman border
troops from Ltibllnitz, Silesia, " today
after a short skirmish with Russians,
took possession of Cenestochowa, Rus
sian Poland.
Bendxig and Kallaz, Russian Poland,
also have been occupied by the Germans.
Cenestoehowa is a city of some 60,000
inhabitants, situated on the river Wae-
the, near the Silesian frontier. It Is
noted chiefly for Its manufactures of
woolen and cotton and paper. A picture
of the Virgin in a noted convent there
attracts thousands of Pilgrims annually.
Bcndalg is a coal and sine minning cen
ter. It has a population of slightly over
20.000, about half of whom are Jews.
Kalias Is the capital of the province
of the same name. It Is the most west
erly city In Russian Polon. Its popula
tion of 30.000, is engaged In various manu
factures. Kails Occupied.
First battalions of tho One Hun
dred and Fifty-fifth infantry, with a ma
chine gun company, occupied Hallux, In
Russian Poland. "
The Oermans also made a rapid ad
vance from Ostrowo, in Prussian Poland,
and was accompanied by the First regi
ment of German Uhlans, known as the
Emperor Alexander III of Russia's Uh
lans. Tho mobilization of the German army
proceeded today with absolute calm.
There were few signs In Berlin that any
thing extraordinary was happening with
the exception of great crowds at the rail
road stations and the luck of taxlcabs,
half of which had been requisitioned by
the army authorities.
An open air religious service, attended
by many soldiers in marching kit, was
hold today round the Bismarck monument
outside the Imperial Parliament house.
All joined la the Lord's prayer.
lUaitn't Dlatarb) Kaiser.
A notice wus issued by the police stat
ing that the emperor's strength and time
were absorbed in the work lmiiosed on
him by this serious hour and that it
was not proper for him to be disturbed
by popular demonstrations.
In accordance with the Imperial consti
tution, the kings of Bavaria, Saxony and
Wuerttemburg have (.laced their armies
under the command of Emperor William.
The, grand duke of Mecklcnburg-Ptrelits
and the duke of Brunswick are to take
the field.
The families of all soldiers of the re
serve summoned to the colors are to be
supported by the state.
One of Yellowstone
Park Bandits is
Caught in Idaho
HELENA, Mont., Aug. 1. One of the
bandits who robbed the stage coaches
In the Yellowstone National park last
week has been captured In the wilds of
Idaho by Jimmy Mi-Bride, a noted Yel
lowstone park acout, according to a pri
vate message received here today. De
tails are lacking.
Asks Catholics
to Pray for Peace
ROME, Aug. S.-The pope today ad
dressed an exhortation to all the Catholics
of the world, asking them to lift their
souls toward Christ who alone was able
to a'd. He called on the clergy to offer
public prayer.
Getting Rlfior Business
The National Capital
Monday, Anaust St, 1014.
The Senate.
Senator Galllngcr Introduced a resolu
tion "deeply deprecating" the European
war and expressing hop for Its speedy
Banking committee finished Its exam
ination of Paul M. Warburg, nominated
for the federal reserve board.
The House.
Emergency legislation removing re
strictions on Issues of currency and
American registration of ocean ships waa
taken up.
Go in Violating Neutrality,
is Question.
Eraklne Chlldera Thinks It Crime
for .alloa to Join la Continen
tal Strife Pressure, of the
Jlnarofs la Strong;.
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One nt the foremost military experts of
LONDON1, Aug. 2. (Special Ca
blegram to the New York. World and
Omaha Bee.) With France already
implicated In war, shall Great Brit
ain, abstain?
A labor meeting in Trafalgar
square is declaring for prudence and
peace, while a rival meeting g shout
ing for war only 100 yards away.
I stand by what I wrote yesterday
on ths strategy, ttaa policy and the
morality of the case. Our entangle
ment, unless under some absolutely
unavertable necessity, In this wicked
and purposeless war would be a
crime and a blunder.
Italy with far more pressure to
fight, la standing aside. We should
stand with her for sanity and civil
ization. Neutrality Violuted.
But Is there an Irresistible neces
sity? A new and reveiens fact is re
ported this afternoon, that Oerman
troops have violated the neutrality
of Luxemburg, that tiny Independent
state wedged in at the Junction of
the Belgian, German and ' French
frontiers. The object, of course, Is
to gain a little more room for de
ployment, If German armies invade
France, by utilizing- the railway run
ning through Luxemburg from
Treves, and Its auxiliary roads.
At present with the treaties duly
observed, the extent of the France
German frontier, between Switzer
land, the salient angles of Belgium
and Luxemburg, is only 150 miles.
Pessimists infer that this violation
is only the first step to war, the great
act of lawlessness, the infringement
of Belgian neutrality itself.
Is There Cause for War?
Now undoubtedly Great Britain Is
in common with all the powers that
were parlies to the treaty of 1867,
guaranteeing the neutrality of Lux
emburg. Does the German infringe
ment. If there be one,' create a casus
The Jingoes are clamoring that It
does. It is to be hoped, that our
statesmen will retain some sense of
proportion, some cool appreciation of
the vast responsibility involved li.
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Representatives of Roads Involved
in Proposed Strike to Abide
by Federal Mediation.'
Systems iVeat of Mlaalaalppt to Ap
, peal to Interstate Commerce.
Commission for Increase
la Freight Tariffs. '
"WASHINGTON, Aug.; J.-Msnagers "of
the western railroads have accepted ar
bitration of tho wage dispute with their
englnemen and firemen.
The railroad managers Just befora noon
advised the president they would accept
the plan proposed by the federal board
of mediation which had already been
passed on favorably by the repreientatlvea
of the englnemen and firemen. The plans
provide that the question of wages shall
be arbitrated under the Newlands act
and that rules and regulations enforced
prior to 191.1 shall be resotred.
Immediately arter the call of the rail
road managers tho federal board of me
diation was notified of the favorable out
come. Ask Increase of Rates.
WASHINGTON. Aug. D.-Inoreuse In
freight rates on all the railroads west of
the Mississippi are being prepared for
submission to the Interstate Commerce
The applications of the western rail
ways for more revenue will be presented
as soon as they csn be prepared In the
required form.
Managers of the western lines, accord
ing to the best Information, are prepared
to contend that they need more revenues
to meet the Increasing expenses of opera
tion and to point out that tlielr lines are
In even greater need of relief than the
eastern lines because of necessarily longer
hauls and less density of population.
No intimation has reached the Inter
slate Commerce commission of the per
centage of Increase for which the western
railways propose to ask. The lines af
fected extend from the Mississippi river
to the Uocky mountain territory. The
roads traversing the Pacific coast may
not ba affected.
Duke of Connaught
to Stay in Canada
OTTAWA. Ont.. Aug. S.-Th duke of
Connaught's term as governor general of
Canada la likely to be extended and the
arrival of the prince of Teck deferred if
the , hazardous condition of affairs In
Europe continues.
, The duka of Connaught had arranged
to leave early in October and the prince
was to arrive the day after the duke's
departure. With hostile' cruisers on the
Atlantic, neither the Canadian nor Hntlsh
would care to send the duke of Connaught
or the prince of Teck across on anything
less sure than a first-class battleship. 1
Germans Invade
France Near Cirey
PAKIH. Aug. 3. -It waa officially an
nounced tonight that a German forco
had Invaded Prance near Clrey.
tiENlSON. la.. Aug I.-(3peciai.)-Kx-Congressman
J. P. Conner and wife and
Mrs. Ashby of Fairmont, Neb., are mak
ing a short European tour and iears were
felt here fur their safety. A cablegram
came thla morning saying the party had
arrived safely In lxndon from Paris.
rIOCX CITy. la., Aug. S.-The Hloux
City Clearing Ifnuse asHoclatlor this aft
ernoon decided to go ona certificate basis.
Violation of Neutral Territory by
Kaiser is Expected to Involve
Great Britain.
Pact of 1839 Binds England to Main
tain Neutrality of the Lit
tle Kingdom
It Says France Has Massed Larp-e
Army on Other Frontier and
Counter Action Necessary.
Belgium Informed There Will Be
No Effort to Annex.
Raaalaa Fleet Reported Defeated hy
lifrmai Squadron t.crmaa War- .
shin la noiubardlna; Itaa.
alan Port of La baa.
BRUSSELS, Aug. 3. The 9olr
ays another German note has been
received by Belgium In response to
Belgium's reply to Germany's ulti
matum and that negotiations be
tween the two countries are pro
ceeding, '
: nil.LKTIX.
ROME, aug. 3. Italy today
formally proclaimed its neutrality In
the European; conflict.
ANTWERP, Belgium. Aug. 3.
Martial law was proclaimed here to
day and all business was at once
BRUSSELS, Aug. 3. All wire
communication between Germany
and Belgium was cut today.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Aug. 3.
A battle was fought yesterday be
tween tho German and Russian
fleets off the Aland islands and re
sulted In the Russians being driven
back. The Russian war vessels
took refuge In the gulf of Flnaland,
whetre they still remained today.
LONDON, Aug. 3. -Violation of
neutral territory by Germany during
frontier raids by German, Russian
and French troops, clashes between
outposts, the bombardment of a Rus
sian Baltic port by a German war
ship and the seizure of merchant
ships by Russia and Germany consti
tued the striking features today of
tho war on which virtually the whole
continent of Europe has startev
Evidences were not lacking of the grave
view of the situation taken by all classes
In the United Kingdom. The leaders of
the opposition parties were called into
council by the cabinet and It was re
ported that the cancellation of Field Mar
shal Earl Kitchener's return to Egypt
was a prelude to his appointment as min
ister of war. .
Warnlna; Meat Uerataar.
It was asserted In authoritative quar
ters that due warning had been given to
rltory, this move should not be considered
In any way a warlike measure directed
against llelgium, but tnly, as a necessity
Imposed by French Initiative, and that If
Belgium offers no armed resistance to
such a movement Germany will guarantee
the Ilelglum government the maintenance
of its territorial Integrity and sovereignty
and the fullest compensation for any In
convenience caused by the passage of the
Imperial troops."
The German embassy also stated that
It was quite certain no questions would
arise In connection with German troops
crossing the Hutch frontier or In any way
Interfering with their .neutrality.
German Minister
Ready to Quit London
1XNIX)N. Aug. 3.-Today being a bank
holiday, when all business, except a few
small shoM, was suspended. London were
a Pabbath air.
Rave for the display of a few small
flags there were no patriotic demonstra
tions. All the foreign embassies and con
sulates were opened. KwarmS of nationals
of both sexes gathered at the German
and the French establishments, asking
for passports.
The German embassy was guarded by
half a doaen police and detectives. The
members of the staff had packed their
effects and were ready to leave on short
uotica it developments required.
Latest Moves in
Big War Game
German troops Invaded Russian
Poland and occupied, the town ot
The German army violated the
neutrality of Belgium, of which
Great Britain Is protector, Ger
man troops occupied the Belgian
town of Arlon.
Ilelglum had previously refused
to consider an ultimatum offering
a certain agreement with Ger
many in case Belgium agreed to
facilitate the movements of the
German army.
So grave is the situation re
garded that a coalition govern
ment of all parties probably will
be formed In the British isles,
while It was generally expected
that Field Marshal Earl Kitchener
was to be appointed minister of
Dowager Empress Maria of
Russia' was stopped by the Ger
mans In Berlin on her way to Rus
sia and told to return to London
or to Denmark.
The Russian naval port ot Ll
bau, on the Baltic, was bom
barded by a German cruiser,
which was also engaged with a
Russian cruiser.
j The German fleet was reported
sailing into the North sea, where
the British fleet is said to be con
centrated. The German ambas-
'"I-rsd 1J31 )ou sq jopns
Fighting between Russian and
German cavalry patrols on the
frontier resulted In slight losses.
French officers are reported to
have attempted to cross the Dutch
frontier into Germany, but unsuc
cessfully. French airmen are said to have
made daring flights over German
German cavalry Is reported to
have crossed the French frontier
near Belfort and tried to coru
nvandeer horses.
Martial law was proclaimed
throughout France, where the
mobilization and concentration of
the various armies have been car
ried out satisfactorily.
The Germa authorities accuse
the French of violating neutrality
and of crossing frontiers before
the declaration of war.
, Neutral Luxemburg is occupied
by 100,000 German troops.
Clearing Houses of New York and
Chicago to Issue Certificates.
Money Will Be laeuea to All lai
tatlona that Have A a reed tc
Join the Federal He.
serve S stent.
"WASHINGTON, Aug. 3.-AU restric
tions on the amount of currency which
may be Issued under section rive of the
bank law was removed today in an
amendment by the ' house, passed 31 to
and hurried over to the senate.
Aa an amendment to a bill passed the
houae HuturUay, removing other restric
tions of the law In the present crisis,
both houses of congress today are ex
pected to leave the amount of the Usus
of such currency In the discretion of the
secretary of the treasury.
The amendment also would extend the
Issue of the currency to stata banks and
trust companies which have joined the
pew federal reserve system or agreed to
do so.
NEW YORK, Aug. S-Decia'on to en
force the sixty-day clauso before with
drawal of deposits was reached tdt'ay by
members of the New York State Savings
Hank association. All savings banks In
the state are affected.
. NEW YORK. Aug. S.-The clearing
houae at a meeting today decided to Issue
clearing house certificates to meet the
currency situation brought about by the
European war crisis.
The decision to issue certificates waa
reac hed after a general discussion ot the
foreign situation and Its bearing on busi
ness conditions here. It was the unani
mous opinion that In view of the foreign
situation every means should be adopted
to protect the country's gold supply. It
was voted, therefore, that for the present
and until further notice the asaociatlon
place itself on a certificate basis.
Hnlanrrs In 4 arreaer.
An additional resolution was adopted
making available In payment of balances
all forma of currency Issued on author
ity of the national government
Thla Indicates the desire of the bankers
to use freely the currency Isauad to the
National Currency association and to the
fullest extent of the requirements of
their correspondents the needs of Interior
exchange. "
This Is the first emergency measure
Violation of Neutrality of Belgium
and Attack on France In
volves England.
If German Fleet Goes Into English
Channel British Fleet Will
Little Kingdom Asks Great Britain
to Safeguard Integrity of
Its Territory.
Banks in Great Britain Closed Today
and Yesterday.
lloaae of t'ommone raaara BUI to
Protect Credit aad Aothorla
Ing a Moratorlam la
the Empire.
LONDON, Aug. 3. The admiralty
announces that the mdbtllfatlon of
the navy was completed in all re
spects at 4 o'clock . this morning.
This was due to the measures taken
and the voluntary response of the
reserve men In advance of the royal
LONDON, Aug. 3. U .was offi
cially stated here today that the
British army would mobilise tomor- ;
LONDON. Aug. 3. Sir Edward
Grey told the House of Commons
that he had "given France the as
surance that It the German fleet
aame into the English channel or
through the North sea to undertake
hostile operations against the
French coast or shipping, theJJritlsh
fleet would give all the protection in
its power.
LONDON, Aug. S.-8lr Kdward Grey,
British foreign secretary, stated in tho
House ot Commons today that the house
was free to decide what the Hrltlwh atti
tude In the present European conflict
should be. Blr Kdward added that Great
Britain had not committed itstlf to- any
thing but diplomatic aupport.
Toward the cloae of his speech Sir Ed
ward aald: "We must be prepared to face
tha conaequoncea of using all our strength
at any moment we know not how eoon,
in order to defend ourselves.
Wild cheering from all parts of the
house greeted John K. fledmond, the Na
tionalists leader, when ha assured the
government that every soldier In Ireland
might be withdrawn tomorrow and' the
coasts of Ireland would be defended
against Invasion by her armed sons, the
Catholics of the south and the protectants
of Ulster.
James Ramsay McDonald, socialist and
labor member, declared he was not per
suaded that Great Urltaln waa In danger
nor her honor Involved. He was con
vinced she should have remained neucfal.
" The house adjourned until 7 o'clock for
a consultation between the leaders of all
the parties.
The British., government today decided
to extend tha bank holiday over three
A bill temporarily suspending tho pay
ment of bills of exchange passed through
all Its stages In a few minutes in the
House of Commons. Tha measure con
tains powers to declare a moratorium
Sir Kdward Grey announced in the (
Houae of Commons that a telegram from
tha king of Ilelglum made a supreme
appeal to Great Britain to safeguard tha
Integrity of Ilelglum.
Pr. R. Von Kuhlmann, counsellor of the
German embassy here, today Issued a re- .
markabla appeal for the neutrality of
England In the European turmoil. It said
In part:
"Tha maintenance of British neutrality
would In no way injure France. On tha
contrary It might ba argued that by re
maining neutral Great Britain could give
Franca exactly aa much strategic, as
sistance and a good deal more effective
diplomatic help, as according to all re
liable Information there In no Intention
of aending British troops to the contitant
and aa a few British divisions, consider
ing tha enormous numbers engaged in,
could hardly alter the balance of power.
"AU England can do for France is to
protect Ita northern coast from Invasion
and prevent the neutral porta of Belgium
and Holland being used as basis for
armed aggression against Franca.
"Germany would ba disposed to give
an undertaking that it wouia not attack
France by sea In the north or make any
warlike uao of tha aeacoaat of Belgium
and Holland if it appeared that Great
Britain would make this undertaking a
- f
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