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TlfK BKK: OMAHA, MONDAY. AftU'ST 3. 1914.
Four-Base Crack Gives Omaha the
Opening Game at Wichita.
Just for a Little Change, That's All
Drawn for The Bee By "Bud" Fisher.
Two Double ThefU Make the Sixth
Straight Win for Kearney.
Law Forbids State Employe Helping
Any of His Friends.
Standing of Teams
Thomnson'a Triple, Wllonlng Dan.
Inp's Double, anil O'Kanrkr'i
Error on ( ruhh'i Fly Add
Two In the jirrrntk,
WICHITA. Kan.. Aug. 2.-(Special Tel
irgram.s OroliS was unhlttable In the
pinched and Omaha won 5 to 0. Congal
ton'a homer over the right field fence
following singles by Krueger and Schlieb
tier scored three nina In the fourth in
ning. Thomason's triple following Dun
lap'a double and O'Rourke error ?n
Crabb's fly added two more In the sev
enth. Score:
AR R. H. (. A. E.
Krng. If 6 0 0 1 1 0
Thomason. of 4 0 1 0 0 0
Krueger. c 4 118 11
Fchllebner. Th S 1 2 Ifi 1 o
Congalton, rf 4 1 1 I 0 0
Thomee. 8b 4 0 0 1 5 0
Graham. 2b 4 0 2 4 1 0
ILunlap, an 3 1 2 0 6 0
Crabb. p 3 10 15 1
Totals 34 5 10 27 2
AB. R, H. O. A. E.
Tvdeman. rf 5 0 0 i 0 0
Nlcholaon. cf 3 0 0 2 0 0
O'Rourke, 2b 4 0 3 3 3 1
Fltsslmmons, .... 4 0 0 3 6 0
Bills. If 4 0 2 10 0
Rapp. 3b 4 0 10 10
Henrv, lb 4 0 1 12 1 0
P. Graham. 0 3 0 1 4 2 0
rnemons. p... 3 9 0 0 4 0
Ochs .... 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 34 0 7 27 17 1
Patted for Clemons In ninth.
Omaha 00030090 ft f
Wichita 00000000 00
Two-base hits: Dunlap, Rappa. Three
base hit: Thomaaon. Home run: Con
galton. Stolen base. Nicholson. Sacri
fice hits: Dunlnp, Crabb. Rases op
balls: Off Crabb, 2; off Clemons. I.
Struck out: By Crabb. 2; by Clemons. S.
Hit by pitched hall: Henry, P. Graham.
iDouble play: Fltsslmmons to O'Rourke
to Henry. Umpires: Gaston and Barr.
"reds lose mhe twelfth
St. Louis Browns Annex Pitchers'
Battle from Boston Team.
Although Hits Are Etb, He Get a
Ike Better of Foster, Who Alao
Pitches Great Ball All
ST. LOU IP, Aug. 2. A pitchers' duel
between Foster and YVellman. ended in
the twelfth Inning; here todiy when St.
Louis scored and won from Boston, 1 to
0. Score: R.H.E.
Ht. Louis 00000000000 11 7 1
ii.t. 00000000000 0-0 7 0
Batteries: Weilman and Crosstn; Fos
ter, Thomas and Cady.
Boosters and Grizzlies
Divide Double-Header
DES MOINES. Aug. 2. Dei Moinea and
lenver broke even In a double-header
today, the visitors taking the first, 4
to 2, andj.the Booster, the second, 8 to
3. Mogridge should hava had a thutoUt
In the opener, but Ewaldt and HarHorU
booted the game away In. the last In
nings. Score, first game. R.H.E.
Des Moines .. 00101000 0-2
(Denver 00000011241
Batteries: Mogridge end Halty; Har
rington, Gaskell and Block.
Score, second game: . '.n15,
Des Moines .. 0 0 0 0 3 0 2 3 --8 JO 2
UJenver 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1-3 iO 2
Batteries: Hogan and Haley; Harring
ton and fpahr.
' Randolph Wist Hot (line.
RANDOLPH, Neb., Aug. 2. (Special Tel
egram.) Randolph won from Oreighton
through brilliant fielding behind Courtney,
making three fast double plays, one by
Schaman unassisted. Score: ha1
. OAOOO000 0 0 5 6
i'i.nri.,lnh ' 11 200000 -4 6 1
Two-base hit: Tift. Sacrifice hit: Hall.
Stolen base: Hyatt. Double ptay:
i Courtney to Ulm to Chapman: Hall to
Tim to Chapman; Chapmann unassisted.
Batteries: Creighton, Clapper and Camp
bell; Randolph. U. Courtney and Tift.
' ahatoat for O'-Xelll.
clal Telegram. )-Battle Creek shut out
O'Neill. 1 to 0. Battle scored In the last
. " . . i . I. Innlntr UitV. nllA rillt.
nan oi mo iiiiii.ii J..
H.lrlch hit to second who thrt'W wild to
tp.l ailvanr-lnr I iricn lO Xlliru. iw'ibc
hit lor a clean alngle and scored Ulrich
, I'K.iii lnt and Tomoslck. Hits. Off
l lrich, 4; off Lent, 2. Struck out: By
iTiih Vr Mr lont. 13. Hit by pitched
Kali? Bv ir'lrlch. Tompslck. Bases on
halla: Off Lent. 2. Umpire: Coin of
Tln Taki First.
DETROIT. Aug. 2. Veach'a double to
ai-nre board In the eighth which
Irought HIkks and Craford home gave
... 1 .1 u-umA nf Ihtt With
New York. 4 to 3. Four of the Tiger's
hits were bunched in the lastinning.
V- " Vu 0 0 0 1110 0 03 6 2
adroit .:....:;.....:.oooioio2'- 9 3
Hattnries: New York. Fisher and
Sweeney; Detroit, Cavet and Baker.
' Hacks Beat So.
CHICAGO. Aug. 2. The fielding of J.
YValah and Murphy checked Chicago to
day, wnne j'niiaaeipnia imutu u&i 'j. win
ning 6 to 2. Score: R.H.E
Jhlladolphla 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 1 0-5 10 1
Chicago 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0-2 3" 3
Batteries: Philadelphia. 8hawkey and
Lapp: Chicago, Wolfgang. Cicotte and
Germans Capture
British Vessel
LONDON. Aug. 1 The Ontral News
saya that the Germans have captured a
vessel of the Wllsen line, an English
company. In the Kiel canal.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 2. The neutral'ty
of Italy In the European crisis 'was fur
ther indicated tn official dispatches from
American diplomats abroad received to
day by President Wilson and Secretary
Ilambnldt Boosters Make Trip.
HUMBOLDT. Neb., Aug. 2. (SpecUl.)
The annual Booster trip of the Hum
boldt Commercial club In the interest of
the Chautauqua, to fie held here August
8 to IS. was made Friday. Nine towns
were visited, as follows: Table Rock,
Pawnee City, . Bern, Kan.; Salem, Falls
City, Shubert, Stella. Verdon and Daw
son. There were twenty-one cars In the
proceaaion and about 100 business and
fesslonal men of Humboldt. They
covered a distance of about 110 miles In
leas than nine hours, stopping In Falls
City one hour fur dinner, making nine
stops and distributing advertising mat
ter. The Humboldt City band accom
panied them and played selections at every
W.KtVt.l AMF.K. 1.KAD1K.
WEST. LEAGUE. V.!..lrt.
Sioux City.6J 43 .5V I'lilla 1 SI W
I't nvcr- fi .f?t 1 Boston f 42 W7
St. Jose ph.. 6.1 4f, .5t57 Wash 51 .M7
Des Moines. f4 51 Detroit .") 4 .610
Lincoln 51 51 .SO. Chicago 47 50 .4So
Omaha 47 M .4fi St. lunula ...( 4S .4M
Topeka 4.1 4 .?; New York. .4.1 54 . 44.1
Wichita ....42 S3 Cleveland ..3: 67 . 323
W.L.lVt.1 W.L.Pct.
Chicago ....6ft 41 New York.. 52 M 6t
Baltimore ..50 40 Chicago ... 52 42 .Ms!
lndianaplls 4S 42 .63.11 S(. I,ouls.. 61 45 .5.11 !
Brooklyn ..47 40 .5411 Roaton .... 45 45 KM)
Buffalo ....45 45 .5H Cincinnati . 45 4X .44
Pittsburgh 40 50 , 444j Philadelphia.! 49 .42
Kan. City. .42 54 4;(S Pittsburgh. 19 51.433
St. Louis ..40 56 . 411 Brooklyn ...3? 49 .443
W.L.Pet W.L.Pct
Milwaukee. 59 47 .M7 Beatrice ... 50 31 .10
(ioulavllle . HO 49 .6501 Hastings .. 45 3 .564
Cleveland.. 57 61 .52x1 York 44 38 . 537
Columbus., r.4 52 .5"9' Gr. Island.. 42 39 .619
Kansas City 55 54 .51 Columbus . 38 44 .4fi3
Indianapolis 5 54 .S"9 Superior ... 41 42 .4!4
Minneapolis 50 67 .4tf7 Norfolk .... 37 44 .457
St. Paul.... 40 SI .3741 Kearney ... 29 62.31
Yesterday's Results.
Denver. 4-3; Des Moines. 2-1.
Lincoln, 2; 8t. Joseph. 9.
Sioux Citv, 0 ; Topeka, 5.
Omaha. 5; Wichita, 0.
Philadelphia. 6; Chluago, 2.
Boston, 0; St. Louis. 1.
New Y'ork, 3; Detroit, 4.
Washington. 4: Cleveland. 9.
(N'ogames scheduled.)
Pittsburgh, 1; Chicago. 0.
Indianapolis, B-S: St. Poul, o-l.
Columbus, 0-4; Milwaukee, 9-2.
Cleveland, 0-0; Kansas City, 2-2.
Louisville, 11-7; Minneapolis, 4-4.
York, 0; Kearney, 2.
Beatrice, 0; Columbus, 1
Superior, 2-1; Norfolk. 5-4.
Hastings, 1; Grand Island, 8.
lisoiH Today.
Western League Denver at Des Moines.
Lincoln at St. Joseph. Sioux City at To
peka, Omaha at Wichita.'
American league Philadelphia at Chi
cago. Boston at St. Louis, New York at
Detroit, Washington at Cleveland.
National League St. Louis at Boston.
i-mshurgh at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at
iew lore, umcago at Philadelphia.
Kertarnl T ...a o-i in PIKaknMk . i'V.1
Kb nns City at Baltimore, Indianapolis at
Brooklyn, St. Louis at Buffalo.
American Association Indianapolis at
Minneapolis, l leveland at Milwaukee, Co
lumbus at Kansas City.
State League York at Kearney. Be
atrlce at Columbus. Superior at Norfolk
Those in U. S. Summoned to Aid of
Their Respective Countries.
Calling; Out of Naval ReaerTlata Is
Tikes as Confirming; Belief that
Britain Will Take Its Part
In the Straggle.
LONDON. Aug. 2. The territorials have
been summoned back from 1helr training
camps to headquarters. The territorials
are similar in organization to the Na
tional guard in the United tSates.
The British naval reservists were called
out at 3 o'clock this afternoon.
This action la taken aa confirming the
belief that the British government is
ready to take Its part In the struggle.
The naval forces of the empire are now
prepared for any contingency. The ships
had just concluded their maneuvers, had
been relieved, and were therefore vir
tually in a state of nioblllzitlon wlxn
the war cloud appeared.
The annual training of the territorial
contingents began today and masses of
men are gathering at the various terri
torial camps located throughout the
Call to Reservists.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 2. Announce
ment was made by the French consul
here today that he had been Instructed
by his government to call to the colors
all French reservists on the Pacifie coast.
The men will be notified to assemble in
San Francisco.
Germans failed On.
ST. LOUIS, Aug. 2. A call to the colors
for reservists of the German army and
navy now residing in Missouri, Kansas,
Oklahoma and western Illinois was issued
here tonight by Dr, A. F. W. Breitllng,
German consul of the district. Dr.
Breitllng declared the reservists could
not be forced to return to eGrmany. hut
their passports provided that obligation,
lasses t all.
ST. PAUL. Aug. 2. A call was Issued
today by Harms Urunow, German consul
here, for all German reservists residing
in Minnesota and North and South Dakota
to report to him immediately. Accord
ing to Mr. Grunow, there are about 6,500
reservists In his district.
Host hern Reservists Mast Report.
ATLANTA, Ga,, Aug. 2. The German
consul In Atlanta today Issued a call for
all German reservists residing in Georgia,
Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina,
South Caroline and Florida to report to
him here Immediately.
Reservists Summoned.
HAMILTON.- Mass., Aug. 2.-A general
call to the colors was sent today to all
French reservists In the United States
by Ambassador J. J. Jusserand, who Is
at his summer home here. The reservists
are Instructed to report at once to the
nearest French consulate. Meanwhile
arrangements will be made, the ambas
sador said, to transport them to France.
All Is 1 . . to Be. Called Os.
NEW YORK, Aug. 2.-AU British army
and navy reservists in America are to be
called out. Inxtructions to this effert
were received here today from the Brit
ish foreign office by Acting Consul Gen
eral Nosworthy. Many of the reservists,
it Is expected, will sail for England on
the steamor Lusltlnia next Tuesday.
Forced (o lllsrmbsrk.
HANKOW, China. Aug. 2. A number
of German reservists bound down the
river for Tsing-Tau, the port of Ger
man possession of Kiao-Chau, on a Brit
ish steamer, were today forced to- dis
embark here by British authorities.
He Kleetpoestea Files.
Growing tired of swatting flies. John
Gallagher, a Trenton fireman, decided to
make easier his part in fly extermination,
so he invented a trap, which has proved
a wonder.
The remarkable feature of the trap is
mat It disposes or files by electrocutloj.
It is made of wire and closely resembles
the old-fashioned cone truo. The devin.i
Is charged with electricity, and aa fast
as ins rues ausm upon it they are elec
trocuted. New York World.
Willis I am organising a rsrlment for
service in this wsr that will make them
all sit up and take notice.
Oillls Good men, eh?
Willis-Kef ular blood curdlers. It la
composed entirely of men who havo been
stung en Mexican mining schemes
Topeka Wins First
Game of the Series
From Sioux City
TOPEKA, Kan., Aug. ,2.-Wlth Reieigl
pitching shutout ball, Topeka took the
first game of the scries from Sioux C'y.
It was the local's ninth. consecjllve vic
tory. Topeka drove Doyle to cover in
the first, scoring three runs on a double
by La Flambers. Forsythe's triple and
singles by Koerner and Rappa. Claiku
releyed and pitched well. Score: R-H.E.i
Sioux City ..00000000 0-0 3 0
Topeka 80000002 -6 0
Batteries: Doyle, Clarke and Murphy;
Relsial and Rapps.
Chifeds Shut Out ,
by Pittsburgh! eds
CHICAGO, Aug. 2. Jones scored Pitts
burgh's one run and defeated the Chicago
Federals, 1 to 0, hre today. He reached
first on a long hit. went to second on
Delhanty's drive and scored when Oaks
hit a long drive. Score: 1 R U E.
Pittsburgh 0 0010000 01 8 1
ChlcaVo . 00 0 00 00 0 0-0 i 0
Batteries: Knetzer and Kerr; Pender
gast and Block
Greeley Overcomes Ord.
GREELEY, Neb., Aug. 2. (Special Tel
egram.) Greeley again showed suprem
acy over Ord by defeating I hem today In
a game full of hard hitting. Ord en
tered a protest over Inst Sunday's game
and chartered a special train lili.glng
a crowd of rootxrs numbering 3m. The
feature of the game was th3 heavy hit
ting of the Greeley duo. l'our tonsecu
tlve hits drove Castle I'om ths box in
the eighth. This manes Htllnnd ten
straight victories. Olsen umpired a.
clever game. Sre: R H I.
Greeley .... 12 0 110 14 -10 14 1
Ord .......... 002100000-6 10 2
Two-base hits: T. Murphy, Johnson,
Misco, 8autter, Zelk. Three-lae hlta:
K,fu Smith. T. Murnhy. Hume. Struck
out: By Holland. 5; by Caslle, 4. liases
on balls: Off Holland. 1; off Castle, 2.
Hit by pitched ball: By Holland, 2. by
Castle. 1. Batteries: Greeley, Holland
and Danse: ira, lasne, nnuiTr sou
fcmlth. Umpire: Oisen.
Falrbsry Trims Wllber.
FAIRBI'RY, Neb.. Aug. 2. (Hpecial
Telegram. The Wllber nine was trimmed
In a ten-inning game at mis pisce mis
afternoon by Fairbury Grays. It was
anybody's game until the ninth inning,
each nine made a large number of errors.
Hholl did splendid pitching for the Fair
bury team and his work was largely re
sponsible for Falrbury's victory. A largo
and enthusiastic crowd of fans wltnesHed
the game and Fairbury reversed the de-f-at
sustained early In the season. Score:
Fairbury 0 0 0 2 2 1 1 1 1 1-10
Wllber ! 1 003002009
Batteries: Fairbury, Welch and Hholl;
Wither, Streator and Prucha. empire:
Victory for Kebayler.
SCHUYLER. Neb.. Aug. 2 ( 8 peclal Tel
esram.l Schuyler added another game to
its credit, winning from Bourgeons of
Omaha by score of 5 to 4. Hcore: R.H.B.
Bourgeoui 4 7 2
Schuyler 5 7 f
Batteries: Bourgeons, Donovan and
Kaufman: Schuyler Davis and I'esep.
Htrurk out: By Donovan, 4; by Davis, u.
"rtasfleld Loses oa Krrsr.
FPRINOF1ELD. Mo.. Aug. 2. fflpeclal.)
An error In the second Inning rest
Kpringfirld the game with Ph pillion
today. The final score was Papillion, 4
hprtngfttid. 1. Batteries: Papillion. King
and Granllch: Springfield. Gottsrh and
Rons. Hits: Papillion, 6; Kpringfleld, 4.
Key to the Situation Be Want A 4s.
CLEVELAND, O, Aug. 2.-Hinre the
trading of Gregg to the Red Sox It has
been persistently rumored that Lajole, the
veteran second sacker, will be tho next
to go. Manager Chance of the Yankees
Is known to have been making strenuous
efforts to secure Irry for his team, and
since that player has outlived his uieful
ness as a Nap, as his .225 batting average
would indicate. It Is probable that he will
soon fe lot out by the Cleveland manage
ment. Larry has played with the Naps
for twelve full years and It Is believed
that a change of scenery would be bene
ficial to his playing. Chance believes he
would prove a great drawing card In
New York.
Cleveland Hits
Senator Pitchers
Hard and Win
CLEVELAND, O., Aug. 2.-Clevelsnd
defeated Washington today, to 4. All
the pitchers were hit hard, but Hteen of
Cleveland received better support thsn did
Boehllng, who was knocked from the box
in two innings, Olson's home run being
the last straw. Score: RU E
Cleveland 1 4 2 0 1 1 0 -- 18 0
Washington 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 14 11 I
naileries: steen and O Nelll: Boehllng,
Bentley, A It ruck and Williams.
A KM NGTON, Neb.. Aug. 2. -(Social
Telegram ) Cedar Bluffs played the team
here, winning. 2 to 0. Score:
Arlington 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-4)
Cedar Bluffs 0 0 it 0 0 2 0 0 0-2
Batteries: Arlington, Roberts and
Badger; Cedar Bluffj, Bockmuhl and
Krauae. Struck i .'1: By Robert, i; by
Bockmuhl, 8. Umpire: Yerger.
h i rt -a
i -i r .. . a .
."-i r .ssaHpsVi v-;: j?'--''
f: , '!
yl''""' 'i
Josies , Land Hard
on Scoggins in the
Eighth and Win Out
ST. JOSEPH. Mo.. Aug. 2. St. Joseph
batted Scoggins out of the box in the
eighth Inning of the first game of the
series. Thomas held IJncoln safely at all
times. Catcher Blackburne of the visitors
was put nut of the game for striking at
Umpire McCafferty. Score: R.H.E.
Lincoln 000 1 01 0002 6 0
W Joseph 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 7 13 2
Batteries: Hcogglns. Cooney and Black
burne. lienor; Thomas and Hchang.
Armours Defeat
Blair Boys Sunday
The Armours defeated Blair at Blair
yesterday In a hard fought game. After
Blair had found Ourness for threa runs
In the second, he waa Invincible and was
well backed up by his teammates. Cor
coran led the batting with a three-bagger
and a two-bagger. The Armours go to
the Malvern, la., base ball tournament
August S, and 7, and expect to take
first money. Score:
Crrnran. Ihl 1 I I roflk. lb
4 1 It 0 0
J.Collins, It. I I 1 OBurcham. sa. 4
117 1
t ft 4 0
110 0
W.ColllM. lb I I ! I umowa. do.... 1
Yol, 0 4 t I OKrsusa, c... 4
(imvM, rf... 4 I I 0 0Cir. if., i
I'Kyin, m. ,1111 OWolff, p.... I
w.ltran. lb. 4 1 1 S-tcxiDpeB. 2b. 4
ru!tlv rf.... 4 110 e l(il)iiinn. If. I
10 10
14 4 0
0 10 0
uursera, p.. 4 0 0 SHarmnf,
rf. ft
Totals ....17 12 27 ft ft Totals ....! ft 17 17 I
Armours 0 0 1 4 0 0 0 0 06
Blair 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 03
Ki.rned runs: Armours, 3; Blair. 3.
Three-bane hits: Corcoran, C. Ryan. Two
base hits: Corcoran, Krauss. Clapper,
Wolfe, Koeppen. Sacrifice hits: Robinson,
Wolfe. Stolen bases: Collins, W. Col
lins, Yost. Burcham. Struck out: By
Gurress. 8; by Wolfs, 8. Bases on balls:
Off Wolfe, 2:- off Gurnesa, 1. Wild pitch:
Wolfe, Time: l:t6. Umpires: Graves and
Wiener Coaqsers Snyder.
WISNER. Neb., All. 2. (Special Tele
gram.) Wlsner defeated Snyder on the
home grounds in a one-sided game by the
score of 9 to 8. The features of the game
were two home runs by Gardells and a
home run by Jimmy Kane for Wlsner.
Score: R.H.E.
Wlsner 0 1 0 2 1 4 0 4) 9 7 3
Snyder 0 10 0 0 0X00-3 I (
Batteries: Wlsner. Leuschen and
Thompson: Snyder. Gustln and Seebeck.
Struck out: Ky Leuschen, 10: by Gustln,
. Umpire: Ryan.
Morth Loan. Defeats Heolla.
NORTH IjOUP. Neb., Aug. 1 (Hpecial.)
-.North Loup defeated Scotia in a hard
fought game on the grounds her yester
day. Score:
Hrotla 1 0100008 1-4 72
INorth Ioup.-O 1 0 0 0 0 0 7 10 3
Batteries: Scotia. Dnrvee and Ammer
man; North Ixup, Hill, Barber and Har
ding. Ht ruck out By Duryea, 8; by Hill,
b This makes three nut of four games
the locals hae won this season.
A lass Mora Do Not Appear.
The Alamltos were not at Fort Crook,
where they were supposed to play the
Western Auto Supplys. .The' Western
Auto Supplys claim the game. 8 to 0. fur
non-appearance. The Black Kats had the
same kind of feat two weeks ago. (or
games with Western Auto Supplys ad
dress H. Edelman, 216 South Twentieth
Wontlerfnl ('onajh Remedy.
Mr. D. R. Lawson of Edison, Tenn.,
writes: "Dr. King's New Discovery Is a
moat ' wonderful cough, cold and lung
medicine. 60n and $1. All druggist.
York fines to Defeat for the Tenth
ConaerntlTe Time Kearney
Wins on Three
KEARNEY, Neb., Aug. 2 (Special Tel
egram. ) Today wa "Ma pel day" and
Kearney won over York, 2 to 0. A double
steal by Drumm and Acock gave the
Kaps their fliat run and Synek and
Drumm the second one. The Kspa fielded
brilliantly hthlnd Marel. who pltrhid his
first game for Kearney this season. It
was Kearney's sixth victory and York's
tenth dfent In succession. Pcore:
All II O A K
All II O A r.
Rlr. 31. toil Jviuk Jh... 1 1 1 0 rf.. 4 0 10 OAr.Hh. Itv.. 114 11
loom, lb . I I 0 1 IHrumm. lb . I 1 II I 0
R lUrrln. Ihl I I irriurn. rll I I )
t'liKM. lb... 0 t 0l4mM), rf. I 0 1 0 0
I'lrrv. If ... 4 110 nUtnrr. If... 1 0 4 0 0
heniMin. c . 1 0 I 0 0 irttiiff, m 1 1.0
I.IUrrln. rf 4 t T 0 I'F.rlrkaon. 0. 1 0 I 1 0
Hair;, p.... I 0 t I Map., p ... 1 0 0 3 0
Totals ....It ft 34 7 t Totals IT I 17 It 1
York 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Kearney 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 -2
Earned runs: Kearney, 1. Stolen baaea:
Synek, Acock til, Drumm (21. Double
plays; Drumm to Woodruff; Woodruff to
Acock to Drumm. liases on balls: Off
Haley, 2; off Mnpcl, fc. t-eft on basis:
York, 3; Kearney, 3. Struck out: By
Haley. 3: by Mapel, 2. Passed ball: Erlck
son. Time: 1:46. Umpire: Newhouse.
Scorer: McClure.
Mix Rtrwlaht for Norfolk.
NORFOLK. Neb.. Aug. 2 -( Special Tel
egram.) Norfolk made It six straight
games Sunday afternoon by beating Su
perior In oth mimes of the double
header, 5 to 2. and 4 to 1. Franklin waa
at the mercy of the Drummers and his
.support waa poor. Heed pitched a good
game in tne rirst contest. weiurmnn
could do nothing with the Drummers In
the second gamp and ton safe hits
counted for the scores. Walworth wna a
puuTlr to the Superior batsmen. Score,
first gnme:
All.ll 0.A.K-. All. HO. A K.
UIMLrnd lb I 0 I 1 OTiirpln. rf... ft t 0 0
dray, lb 114 1 Ottxla. lb ft 1 4 I
J Smith. Jh.. I t 0 I IMttkor. lb., ft I AS
H.ltrnwn, aa. 4 0 i 4 IHrlaM, If... 4 110
Thalaalns, If 4 I 0 0 Ollrur. if.... I 0 10
Unmn, rf. 4 1 1 s eirniium. id. i o i
Monroe, rf.. I 0 1 0 OTnwne, lb... I I I 0 0
(Irwna, ... I I t 0 OHrtisn. aa... 4 I ft ft 0
Knuiklla. p. ft 0 1 ft OMuwer. r... 4 I 0 0
Heeit, p ft 0 0 ft
Totalo .... I 24 14 1
Totals .... 10 27 IS I
Superior 00020000 0
Norfolk 00208000 -5
Sacrifice hltw: Monroe, Gray. Sacl
flceflv: Towne. Stolon bases: Melker,
Urown. J. Smith (21, Greene. Gray. Towne.
Two-base hit: Melker. Hniwa on balls:
Off Reed. ; off Franklin. 2. Struck out:
By Reed. 7: by Franklin, 4. Left on
bases: Norfolk. ; r icrlor, 9. Double
plays: Brown to Rels to Towne. Hrown
to Towne, J. Smith to Gray to Hlledbrand.
I'asscd balls: (Jreen izi. hit ny pmnco
ball. Reeil . Time: 1:56. U'mplie: Black.
Hastings at Grand Island.
Ilasllnga Poonded Into Ground.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. Aug. I. (Spe
cial Telegram.! The Third City club en
Joyed a svM-fcst at Furscll's exponso In
the fourth, 111 which seven scores were
marie by the Islanders on six hltn two
walk mill a. stiiinn Dane, iiecnioin n-i
two of these runs In wten he tried to
mske Umpire Wulg'cy believe he caught
a hall sent out which boumlcd from his
hand. The bluff didn't work. Score:
1H M O.A.R AU ltd. A I!
tlarhtnlrf If 4 O 1 U AKnhan. lb... II 0 ft 4 1
Mnora. cf... till. siKiwncr. n.. w
Wall. 1 0 0 0 0, ayna. If.... 4 ft ft 1 0
Kharman. If. ft 0 0 ft OVaroiy, cf.. ft 0 0 0 0
(Irtinvan, lb. 4 0 ft 0 ftWartf, u.... 4 ft 1 ft ft
M'C'lw. If-as 1111 ovama. c a a
Brow a. ftb... 4 1 0 1 0!'lalra, lb. .. 4 ft It t 0
Maltlcka. ill 1 I I O.lbat, Sb (0010
I;irhar4aa. o ft 1 7 1 0iiifrmn, p. I I 0 4 0
Fursell, p... 4 lftlft
TolsU ....! 10 ; 14 ft
Totals ....IS 7 14 ft 0
Hastings 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Grand island 0 0 0 7 0 1 0 0
Bases on balls: Off Pursell. 3; off Hoff
man, 4. Struck out: By Burrell, :i: by
Holfman, . Two-base hits: MeCabe,
Maltlcka. iHjwney. Claire. Sacrifice hits:
hechtold, Downey. Vance. Stolen bases:
Rohen. Pavne. Double plays: Moore to
Otttman, Maltlcks to Gettman. Rohen to
Ward to Claire, Payne to Roben. Earnod
runs: Grand Island. 6. Ioft on bases:
Hastings, 3: GraJid Island, 2. Time: 1:05.
Umpire: Qulgley.
Leaders ghat Ual.
COLUMBUS, Neb., Aug. !.-(Sneclal
H' ........... , Tk 1 . v. n a a u the
series with Beatrice by giving them a
whitewash. Thlemans pitching was the
feature, allowing but two hit and strik
ing out eight. Third Baseman llaggerty
starred at the bat for the locals. Hcore:
V'lnrav. th . 4 A ft I IRnnt-au. lb I I I I I
HMIrlrh. Willi IKranlns-r, rf 4 0 ft 0 0
Srtt rf 4 12 0 0 frail. If ft 0 ft 0 0
Plark. rf 2 0 11 ODaal. lb 0 0 10 0 0
Horawlta, lb ft 0 7 1 ADvs-rt, cf.. 2 0 ft 0 0
Una. If 1 0 0 0 OKail'nr, lb S ft 0 ft 0
Ortrt', 3b... ft 0 1 0 Oll.lili. i ft I 1 0
Co... r ft 0 I ft OArlama, si... I 1 ft I 0
Johnion, p... ft ft 1 .( or hit man, p. 2 ft 0 4 ft
Total 2ft III U I Totals ... IS 4 V ft 1
Beatrice 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Columbus 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2
Stolon bases: Ling (2), llaggerty. Sac
rifice hits. Deal, Pratt. Thleman. Two
base hits: Neff, Haggnrty. Double plays:
Florey, unassisted. Struck out: By John
son, 6; by Thleman, 8. Bases on balls:
tiff Johnson, 4. Time: l:4o. Umpire:
AURORA, Neb., Aug. 2,-Marrlage by
a woman county Judge was the novel
experience of James W. Grace and Mrs.
Blanche Smith of Grand Island last
Tuesday. Miss Myra Leeper officiated
with dignity and grace during the ab
sence of Judge Jeffors from the county.
The ceremony waa performed at the
home of Mrs. G. B. Williamson, 712 L
street. In the presence of Mrs. William
son and Miss Gene Smith, sister snd
daughter of the bride. Miss Leeper I
duly qualified to act as county Judge
during the absence of the regularly
elected official. She has frequently Is
sued licenses, iut this la her first mar
riage ceremony. So far as known It la,
with one exception, .the only marriage
ver performed by a woman magistrate
in Hamilton county, and one of very
few la the entire country. While acting 1
county Judge during Judge Washburn's)
term In July, 1910, Miss Claire Savage
(now Mrs. Carl Spence) married Henry
Bachman and Miss Myrtle Gellatly.
British Army and
Navy Reserves in
the U. Stalled Out
NEW YORK. Aug. 2.-A11 British army
and navy reservists In America are to
be called out. Instructions to this effect
were received here today from the Brit- .
Ish foreign office by Acting Consul Gen- j
era) Nosworthy. Many reservists, It, is '
expected, will sail for England on thai
steamor Lusltanla next Tuesday,
Headache and ftrrvsasmrss Cared.
"Chamberlain's Tablets are entitled to
all ths praise I can give them," writes
Mrs. Richard 01 p, Bpencerport, N. Y.
They have cured me of headache and
nervousness and restored me to my nor
mal health." For sals by all druggists.
Got anything you'd like t swapT Use
ths "Swappers' Column."
Board nf Control Intends to Posh
Matter tn I tin nut and End the
Practice of Cnlllnar for Aid
from State Workers.
(From o Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Ai.g. 2 (Sprclnl.l The order
of the Bourd of Control soon to he mato
that no employe ofn ptale Institution
should contribute to any campaign fund
ol any person running for office or to
any campaign committee is carrying out
simply what the 'aw passed hy the last
legislature was Intended to cover, the
assessment of state employes for cam
paign purposes.
In previous years It has been the custom
for the psrty which elected the governor
to call for an assessment of about 2 per
ca lit of the salary paid state employes to
help out the campaign of the governor.
The HhrUiiks institution was the best
picking of any Institution In Hie state
and usually about na much was received
from that Institution as from all the rest
put toKvther, In some Instances reaching
in the neighborhood of IviO. In all prob
ability the average amount recolved by
the assessment from all the Institutions
would run around $1,200.
Now thn employes may save their
money and according to the opinion of the
board cannot donate a dollar to any per
son even on their own free will. Re
cently It wits understand that an employe
at the penitentiary donated $2 to help
out some friend who has a campaign be
fore him and needed a little help. The
I card decldts that the employe has) vio
lated thelaw and may dlsmlse him If tt
Is discovered who the guilty man is.
The "Hold Your Money" order which
the hoard Is to Issue soon will cover nil
the law In thematter and also Inform
the employe what he may expect If he
Irl ends his money tho way he wants to.
It can be Invested In Dutch lunches, Joy-
tides and Jags, hut must not be spent to
I .1 ,M U. ir nt nnlltlral 4I
I . i ' . I ii iviiu iw . .........
Lincoln Firemen TrPii
Battle with Robbers
(From Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Aug. 2.-(Speclal.)-A battle
between holdup mn and members of
the Lincoln fire department occurred on
North Twenty-seventh street last night
about midnight.
E. I Horn, manager of Basket Store
No. 3, siluated on North Twenty-seventh
street, and his son, John, had closed
tho store and were on their way home.
A short distance from Engine House No.
4 they were accosted by three men par
tially dlxgtiiacd with handkerchiefs and
told to throw up their hands. The men
refused to do so and n fight took place
In which Horn and his son were pounded
over their heads with the butts of the
guns In the hands of th robbers and
knocked unconscious.
Their cries for assistance attracted the
attention of Fireman Tony Itarr and,
seizing a revolver, he went to the as
sistance of ths men. The robbers opened
fire on him and he returned the fire
until the revolver ceased to work. An
other fireman who had followed him
with a shot gun was unable to do any
shooting because the run would not work.
Anyhow they drove the robbers away,
but in their flight they fired several
shots at the firemen and also at rlttien
in nearby houses, who had appeared when
they heard the shots.
Itarr la of the opinion that he wounded
ope of the robbers, for he staggered
when llsrr fired, and later a man was
picked up near the scene of the shoot
ing with his hands covered with blood.
He said that he had a fight with & corn-
j Pan,on
nil claimed to know nothing
about the trouble. The police believe that
he knows mure about tt than he will
admit and he Is being held at the police)
The pollen dragnet Is out and Several
have been taken In under suspicion, al-
though the quick disappearance of the'
men so soon after the shooting leads
to the belief that the parties must live
here and know all about the city. Lincoln
has been the scene of many holdups the
last year, and so far the efforts of the
p lice to land the culprits have bn
unavailing. If Harr winged one of ths
men it may help In solving the matter.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Aug. I.-(SpeclaI.)-Llncoln
Is "enjoying" a visit from General Rosalia
Jones, the hiker. Miss Jones la far from
being what the average suffragette is
supposed to be. She Is not lank nor of
sour faced visage, but on the other hand
la a very pleasing little woman, and
lacks several years of being an "old'
General Jones had charge of a band
of women "hikers" who walked from
New York to Albany to get the legls-
Mature to come
arroas with some sort
of a law which would give the women
the chance to walk up to ths ballot box.
The moat desirable rurnmned room are
advertised In The Bee. Get a nice cool
room for the summer.
e -i'. j .
1 L-stftSsw- , -s s