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    The Omaha Daily Bee
Advertising is the pendu
lum that keeps buying
and selling in motion.
VOL. XL1V--XO. 34.
On Trains and at
Kotsl Hsws Standi, 80,
Sale of Lower California Tract for
Half Cent an Acre Will Not
Leading Bankers of the World
Notified of Decision of Gen
eral Carranza.
They Will Be Distributed Over
Country Repairing Tracks
Vascual Orosco Hun Abandoned In
dependent Revolutionary Move
ment mill Will Go to
TAMPICO. Mex., July 26.-(Vla Laredo,
lex.. July 27) Genera! carranza today
Indicated that ho will stand by the de-
cree ho Issued early in the revolution re-
carding financial transaction made by
Huerta. His attention today was called
to a report that Just before resigning and
leaving the country, Hperta received J500,
000 from the Rothschilds, giving In return
a grant of a vast area In Lower Cali
fornia at a nominal price of 1 cent an
acre, Carranza declared no such grant
of public lands would be recignlzed and
recalled that leading bankers of the world
bad been so notified.
It was reported here today that Sir
Christopher Cradock, British admiral, on
his visit to Carranza, demanded all con
cessions made by Heurta to Lord Cow
dray and other British citizens, be rati
fied by constitutionalists, and that Car
ranza returned a positive refusal.
Foreign consuls paid another visit to
Carranza early today. In which a discus
sion of prospects took place. Carranza
told them there should be no apprehension
on their part of wholesale reprisals from
the constitutionalists on those who aided
As fast as the federal soldiers are dis
armed. Carranza plans to distribute them
throughout the country to repair the rail
road tracks, He hopes thus to give em
ployment and also to scatter them so
there will be little danger of their mo
bilization against htm, In caBo of a coun
ter revolution.
KiKlittnur Near Vera Cruse.
VERA CRUZ. July 27. Reports from
various points along the railroad from
Vera Cruz to Mexico City indicate that
the constitutionalists are not ready to
cease fighting. A skirmish occurred at
Solcdod, where a small federal garrison
made a successful resistance.
Tho federal commander at Orizaba,
some distance nearer the capital, refused
.. -. j m ....
.eel,..- ,. hi. mi V. i.. . ,.
In which to sack the city in return for ' " " " ....-
Placing them under the command of a : lo a"d ft Ntlo"f "Bt,1 J
federal officer. -The steamship Buenos. te8" "n tor Dublin with 1.000
with many political refugees from Alex- ' r,"?a- bu; n ammunition,
lco City, sailed today for Europe by way I Tht P1,cY?nt io lnTC1 th volu""
of New York tePrs cheered the gun runners and every-
I thing Eeemcd to b going smoothly until
..rr.niTfi, r"nn,,rY tho battalion of Scottish borderers -ir-MKXICO
CIT1. July "-.-General. Pan- . rlve aM demnndeJ that the arms b8 sUr.
cual Orozco, Jr., has abandoned his Inde- ! renjere(j '
pendent revolutionary movement and In- i Tho Natlona,,Bts volunteers refused to
tends shortly to leave for Canaan, accord- ; g,Ve up thfl r)fes and the saWera wltn
ing to messages intercepted here. He is flxed bayoliet8 charged wounding a num.
said to have notified his w fe. who has bcr of 0w voIunteerg. WnlIe tne Ieadera
been in Canada for some time, that he ,of th(J voluntoer8 and the regmental 0f
wl Join her soon. j ncrjra were rnrieying th rnnk and fle of
The government peace delegates re- , thfl voluntcers scattered and got away
celved their final Instructions today from j Wtn tno r(icg
the acting foreign minister and expect to 1
leavd before night for San Luis Potosl. Moh Attackn Sol.llrrx.
Hnertn Will fJo to Spain. The news quickly reached Dublin and a
KINGSTON. Jamaica. July 27 General
' w " . - ,
Huerta, the former Mexican dictator,
today decided to await the arrival thla '' "u iKmy or i euiuiers were
week of a large party of refugees from : ordered to fire. The Nationalists volun
Mexlco. In whose compapy ho plans to ! tccrs took '' Part ln tne street fighting,
proceed direct to Spain. He will leave 1 Tne soldiers fired and used their bayonts
hero as soon as he can complete his ar- I try- Inflicting many cuts. Then they
Papers Bought and -Sold
in St. Louis
ST. LOUIS, July 27 Investlagtlon Into
an alleged traffic in naturalization papers
was begun here today by the board of
election commissioners. The inquiry re
sulted from tho affirmation of one
Assyrian that he had purchased the
naturalization papers of a fellow country
man who had returned to his native land,
and the statement by another that It
was common practice m the Syrian colony
to buy or borrow citizenship papers. I
The commissioners today estimated that I
at least 400 Syrians, most of them cm
ployed by the city, were reglste.-eJ under
naturalization papers not their own.
The traffic. It appears, has been carried
on for the double purpose of obtaining
municipal Jobs for the holders of tho
papers and rendering them eligible to
I U uUIN rUH oUrro j
wAomiyuiun, jmy rf.-Arrangcmenta i
for converting into coin the donation of (
gold and silver that are being made to ;
help in the "votes for woman" campaign
have been made with Director Roberta j
of the mint by tho National Woman
Suffrage association. It was announced j
from suffrage headquarters today that '
ma uncviui hub pruuuseu inai wnen tne I
precious metal is collected he will fur
nish the melting pot and deliver to a
representative of the association value re
ceived ln gold and silver money fresh
from the dies.
On a day yet to be named the metal
will be presented by a committee repre
senting the association to the superin
tendent of the Philadelphia mint, who
will determine Its actual value for coin-
ing. He will then place that sum to the I
celve it by check, gold, sliver or notes.
The fund realized by this "melting pot"
plan is to be used in the suffrage cam
paign In Montana, Nevada, North and
South Dakota, Nebraska, , Missouri and
Ohio. The women hope to obtain 160,000
ty the plan.
WANTED Men, young, neat, ener
getic; sternly position; represent
ing an old, well established con
cern. Tor further Information about
this position, the Waut Ad
Bectlon of today's Bee,
Night of Excitement Follows Fight
with Troops.
Mob Attnckeil Soldiers Who Were
IlrtnrnlMK from Attempt to Seise
Arms Lnntleri nt llowth
Mob Snrronndn Ilnrrnckn,
nl'DMN', July 27. Serious rioting was
begun hers tonight. The city Is In a state
of Intense excitement. The authorities
fear that It will be necessary to call on
the military, which will mean much blood
shed. DUBLIN, Ireland, July 27 The city of
Dublin and greater part of Catholic Ire
land was today In a state of the greatest
excitement over yesterday's conflict be
tween the regular troops of the British
j army and the Irish Nationalists which
resulted in tho killing of four persons
I and the wounding of many others, forty
of whom were In hospitals today In n
serious condition.
Day had dawned before the police suc
ceeded In dispersing the crowds march
ing through tho streets singing patriotic
songs and looking for soldiers of the
Second battalion of tho king's own Scot
tlsh borderers on whom to Inflict ven
geance for tho fatal events of yesterday
when the borderers were ordered out to
prevent the landing or arms and ammuni
tion for the Irish Nationalists coluntecrs.
The crowd, finding that the soldiers had
been ordered to remain In barracks, at
tacked the royal barracks, where the
borderers are stationed and clamored for
the soldiers to come out. Finally the
mob kicked down a gate of the barracks
and fired a couple of shots, on which
bugles were sounded, the police came on
tho scene ahd the crowd was dispersed.
The Natlanalist leaders take the most
serious view of the affair and will de
mand reparation from the government.
Tho landing or arms yesterday for the
Nationalists was carried out In a more
daring manner than similar feats achieve!
by the Ulster Unionists volunteers as it
was effected In daylight Tho yacht
from which the arms and ammunition
were brought ashore already had landed
2,600 rifles and 125,000 rounds of ammuni
tion at Isolated points along the coast
and these had been successfully dis
tributed by motor cars among the Na
tionalists volunteers. Yesterday's at
tempt was undertaken to show that tha
Nationalists could do what the Ulster
Unionists had done. ,
At Howth, 2,600 rifles and 100,000 rounds
of ammunition were Innded under the
eyes of the poller, the telegraph wires
having been cut to prevent communlca
on wlln DUbllrt.
Automobiles carried
rnot gathered to meet the soldiers on
"c,r return. oues 01 stones were
j naa a running light with the voluntcers
I and the rapidly growing mob through the
J streets to their barracks.
I A number of policemen havo been sus
1 pended for refusing to try to disarm the
j volunteers. After the troops had fired
i Into the crowd, tho angry populace ln
a spirit of revenge attacked Individual
soldiers and beat them brutally. Mem
bers of the Scottish Borderers", who were
rfdlng bicycles along the quays, were
pulled .from their machines and beaten
and bicycles were thrown Into the river.
Lord Mayor Protests.
The, lord mayor has Issued a strong
letter of protest, declaring the troops
were ordered out without permission be-
InM- 1' t ,L. I 1 1
'" , "t uru t ,, 'J"
?,enands ")at th.?. responsibility shall bo
'"TV if. .
and for supplying them with ball car
tridges. He adds:
"Dublin and Ireland look with confl'
dence to John Redmond and his col'
leueB bring to JusUce those responsl
bio for this shocking outrage. There
must no longer be one law for a section
of the Ulster people and another law
for the remainder of the Irish people."
The tragedy caused a great sensation. .c Uiu mugceiyea instructions 10 nasien to Chlh-
affair because they say, tho troops ara.uahua. It was predicted that a general
against the nationalists' volunteers and
never Interfered with the orangemen.
Five thousand Ulster volunteers carrying
arms, paraded the Belfast streets today
under the eyes of General Macready and
C her officers of the regular army and
, 0cd the Dorset regiment which was on
Government at Fault.
LONDON, July 27. The Dally News
calls the affair at Dublin a massacre
and demands a rigid Investigation of the
conduct of the soldiers. It lays tho re
sponsibility upon the weakness of the
government, which allowed the organi
zation of the Ulster volunteers and could
not prohibit the nationalists from doing
the same.
WASHINGTON, July 2T.8peclal Tele
gram.) President Wilson sent to tho sen
ate today the .nomination of George J.
Beams of Lincoln to be receiver of public
moneys at Lincoln, Neb.
Boarding House Roomer Succumbs
and Bank Clerk Goes to Hos
pital for Treatment.
Monday a Scorcher
Forecaster Welsh Predicts Fair
Weather, with No Changes
Temperature nt IlnrtliiKton llrnrhei
Hundred nmt Five Dent-ecu,
While I'nlrbnry In Second
In I.Ut.
One death and one Illness is the casualty
record of the heat wave of Sunday and
Ben Helmstray, 1030 Douglas ttreet,
who was stricken with heat prostration
Sunday afternoon, died Monday after
noon. He was attended by police sur
geons, but his heart weakened and he
steadily grew worse till the end. Nothing
Is known of his relatives. Ho made his
home in lodging houses.
Andrew Nesblt, clerk at the Omaha
National bank, waa overcome by heat
and taken to a local hospital for treat
ment. The attending physclans do not
consider his case serious. Nesblt lives
nt 212 South Twenty-fifth street.
At 2 yesterday afternoon the official
thermometer on the top of tho federal
building registered 07 degrees, tho third
highest mark the mercury has reached
this year. On. twr other occasions only
did Omaha swelter In higher tempera
tures this year. On July 11 the thermom
eter reached 9S degrees and on July 12
It reached 100 degrees.
Forecaster L. A. Welsh predicts that
the weather will remain fair with no Im
portant change In temperature. He prom
ises no relief from the heat wave despite
the fact that there were several showers
throughout the state Sunday and Sunday
Omaha was far from the hottest point
In the state Sunday. In fact It was rela
tively cool. While the heat and humidity
was oppressing the maximum temperature
was but 96 degrees, while the maximum
average from seventeen government sta
tions out in the state was two degrees
Hartington was the hot point In thej
state with high temperature of 105. Fair
bury, record holder for high temperatures,
was second with 101.
Arguments in the
CaiHaux -Murder
Case Start Tuesday!
PARIS, July 27. Testimony In the trial
of Mmo, Henrlette Caillaux for the mur
der of Gaston Calmette, editor of the
Figaro, was completed today. Counsel
for the prosecution and defense will sum
up tomorrow.
While Henri Bernstein, the playwright,
was giving his deposition today, the ap
plause and hooting caused such an up
roar that Judcn Alhnnnl hud tho i-niirt
cleared and suspended the sittings. The
playwright abandoned all semblance of
courtesy, addressing the former premier
and husband of the prisoner as "Cail
laux," without any prefix.
"Wo. have Just witnessed the French j
treasury committing a felony by appro- J
printing a will and turning It over to j
.......i..., . . v.- I'm'.. Alien r c 1 1 l n (seen j
ministers of state como here and declare !
In order to cover up their former col
league that diplomatic documents ac
cepted with thanks by the president of the i
republic are forgeries. Either President j
Polncare is feeble-minded or his ministers ,
have lied."
Villa Will Move His
Army Toward Capital
EL PASO, July 27. Indications todny
were that General Villa was preparing to
move his entire army toward Mexico
City, leaving only local garrisons in the
territory he dominates. It previously
had been understood that tho northern
conbtltutlonallst leader would participate
in the mobilization above the national
capital with only 6,000 men.
Report received at Chihuahua City
where Villa Is quartered said the eastern
and western divisions were mobilizing
large numbers of men to the south. This
was sam to uccount ror villa's delay In I western was found dead as his train
moving south, and the extensive recruit- j Bpfd through hero today, his hand grip
ing of men thioughout his division. aen-p)ng the throttle. Physicians said the
oral AngeleH, deposed by General Car- j engineer hod been dead half an hour,
ranza as hli war secretary, but now serv- jWo was m ye!irs 0,j.
ins wun vnia as cmet or artillery, waa I
expected here today. His presence
the border was unexplained.
Colonel Santos Coy, Villa's chief of
staff, and other officers who have bsen
sojourning on this side of the line re-
movement sould would begin by the mid-
die of the present week.
CHICAGO, July 27 -Sult for divorce was
filed today by Mrs. Trixle.Goettler, known
on the stage as Trlxle Frlganza, against
Charles A. Goettler, charging cruelty and
nonsuppori. She alleges that he refused
to work and eh has hven compelled
to work every day for her own support
and to contribute toward his. She asserts
she has been forced to pay large sums of
money In settlement of debts contracted
by him.
WASHINGTON. July 27Senate re.
publicans have been summoned to attend
a party conference tomorrow to discuss
the trust bills, general legislation and
the political outlook. Some decision U
expected concering the attitude to be
maintained towards' the democratic
legislative program.
Drawn for Tho Bee by Powell.
Republicans and Progressives at
Lincoln, and Demos at Columbus.
Mny Embrace National Prohibition
In Plntorm Equal Snffrnae
Is Expected to Hop Up lu
Various Camps
Conventions of the republican, demo
cratic and progressive parties meet to
day, the first and latter at Lincoln, nnd
the demos at Columbus. Several hundred
Omahan wlU attend the three gatherings
as delegates or visitors.
A number went yesterday In autos, or
left by train early In the day to bo
present at preliminary meetings. The
main groups of those who will attend tha
three conventions will go on trains thla
"Advance renorts from Columbus seem
to"lniilrate that tile earfy democrats there
are all carrying shovels to use In burying
tehlr time-worn war hatchets, and that
the only difficulty so far lies In the dis
agreement as to Just how said hatchets
areto be replaced with olive branches.
Every delegate offors a guaranteed
reclpo for the much-needed harmony,
and Insists that every other delegate's
reclpo won't work, so prospects are good
for a hot disagreement over how to get
v-hatthy all know thy lack. They have
a caucus scheduled fr this morning,
! when tney wlU try tf cIear up tne dlf'
Threnten Prohibition.
Bull mooscrs are threatening to embrace
national prohibition as a party plank,
while that hobby of tho bcerless leader
of some of the democrats seems to havo
no following among the latter, slnco
.illjrum .icillllliho muvcu win biujc
Juice collarette from Lincoln to Wash
I jquai suurage is expecieu 10 uoo up
as the various party platforms are con
btructed, for sevoral prominent suffragists
have donned their war paint and made
plans to plead for reorgnltlon in the
party declaration. It Is thought that they
will devote their attention chiefly to the
rt publicans, who as the probable winners
at the fall election would bo the ones
vhom the women ballot seekers would
prefer to have carry their standard.
Overland Limited
Runs Half Hour with
Dead Man at Throttle
STERLING, III, July 27 With his
train speadlng sixty miles an hour, Lou
M. Van Vlack of Chicago, Inglneer on the
Overland limited nf the Chicago & North-
William Eapp Will
Appeal Divorce Case
CHICAGO, July 27. Notice was given
today by William Rapp, Jr., of his in
tention to take an appeal to the appellate
court in the recent decree of divorce
granted Madame Ernestine Schumann
Heink. Rapp will contend tn his appeal
that he should have been permitted to
prove Madame Schumann-Helnk'a legal
residence and that the trial Judge erred
when lie refused Rapp permission to
cross-examine certain witnesses.
YANKTON,. S. D.. July 27.-(Speclal
Telegram.) A party of fifteen officers of
the Meridian Road association, news
paper men and photographers from New
York, Austin and Ban Antonio, Tex., Os
ceola and Hebron, Neb., and other points
crossed the Missouri here Saturday night
and spent Sunday In Yankton and neigh
borhood and left on the Meridian line this
morning for Winnipeg. Governors of
North and South Dakota will make a trip
with the party and a thorough Inspection
of the entire road will be. made.
Those Dogs Loose Again
The National Capital
Mon.lnr, July 27, 11)14.
The Senate.
Met at 10 n. m.
Debate resumed on trust bills.
President Harrison of tho Southern rail
way testified before the committee In
vestigating charges of discrimination ln
southern coal rates.
The House.
Met at noon.
Debate resumed on tho general dam bill
to regulato wnter power development ln
navigable streamti.
Note Says Servia's Reply is Filled
with Spirit of Dishonesty.
Offer to Submit Dispute tn Arbitra
tion Held to Hhovr tbat Kcrrta
Knorrn Anatrcir la Not
VIENNA. Austria, July 27. A communi
cation Issued hy the Auatro-Hungarlan
foreign office today seta forth the Aus
trian view of the Servian reply to Aus
tria's noto demanding tho cessation of
the Pan-Servian agitation and tha pun
ishment of those concerned In the as
sassination at Sarayevo of Archduke
Francis Ferdinand and hla consort. The
communication nlso gives the reasons for
Austria's dissatisfaction with Servia's
reply, it follows:
"Tho object of the Servian note Is to
create the false Impression that tha
Servian government Is prepared In great
measure to comply with our demanda.
"As a matter of fact, however, Ser
vla'B note Is filled with the spirit of dis
honesty, which clearly lets It be seen
that tho Servian government Is not seri
ously determined to put an end to the
culpable tolerance it hitherto has ex
tended to intrigues against the Austro
Hungarian monarchy.
Conresnloua Are fillirlit,
"Tho Servian note contains such far
reaching reservations and limitations, not
only regarding the general principles of
our action, but also ln regard to tho in
dividual claims wo have put forward,
that the concessions actually made by
Servla become Insignificant.
"In particular our demand for the par
ticipation of the Austro-Hungartnn au
thorities In Investigations to detect ac
complices In the conspiracy on Servian
territory has been rejected while our
request that measures be taken against
that section of the Servian press hostile
to Austria-Hungary has been declined
and our wish that the Servian govern
ment tako the necessary measures to pro
vent the dissolved Austrophobo aasocla
tlons continuing their activity under an
other name and under another form has
not even been considered.
Amwff Is Unaatlnfaetory.
"Since the claims In tho Austro-Hun-garlan
note of July 23, regard being had
to tho attitude hitherto adopted by Ser
vla, repreeent the minimum of what is
necessary for tho establishment of per
manent peace with the southeastern mon
archy, tho Servian answer must be re
garded as unsatisfactory.
"That the Servian government Itself is
conscious that Its note Is not accetable
to us Is proven by tho clrcumstanco that
It proposes at the end of the noto to sub
mit the dispute to arbitration an Inves
tigation which la thrown Into Its proper
light by the fact that three hours before
handing In the note, a few minutes before
the expiration of the time limit, the
mobilization nf the Servian army took
It was pointed out here today that
Austria-Hungary being a signatory to the
second Hague convention, would bo
obliged formally to declare war, but as
Servla did not sign that convention such
a declaration' might, perhaps, be regarded
as unnecessary in this Instance.
ftervla Yields Nearly Kverythlnnr,
LONDON, July 27. It was reported
today that Sir Edward Grey, British for
eign secretary, had made successful rep
resentations to Germany, Italy and
France for a conference between tho rep
resentatives of those countries In Eng
land on the Austro-Bervlan situation with
a view to co-operate In mediation.
The mere fact that hostilities between
Austria-Hungary and Servla had not
begun gave Europe In general the hope
today that war might be averted. There
(Continued on Page Two.)
Democrats at Columbus Are Atingle
Over the Prospects.
Wonllnir of Resolutions Most Not
tic llnlf-llearted an (o Praise,
for the Administra
tion. COLUMBUS, Neb., July 27.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Delegates ore rapidly gather
ing fromall parts of the state for tho
democrntlo state convention to he held
here tomorrow. It In conceded that W.
H. Thompson of Grand Island is to be
re-elected chairman of the state commit
tee. Most of the countlos have Instructed
their delegations for him.
C. W, Bryan, brother of the Commoner
In the city early ana cainui,..-
Yil -ii - ifc F.vsns. 'Tom Allen,
quartern . ,
hrohr.ln-laW of W. J. Uryan. I to be
hero before morning. Alien and Charles
W. Bryan will guard the Interests of tho
antl-Hltchcock wing of the convention
If one should develop of any proportions.
Although harmony In tho talk of all the
various delegations that have already ar
rived, it Is conceded by all that there
Is a possibility for a fight on the endorse
ment of Senator Hitchcock In his career
as United States senator. Several Hitch
cock resolutions are already drawn up
and helnif carried around In tho pockets
of his admirers.
At tho same time, C. W. Bryan and his
friends aro determined that If such a reso
lution romcH up and Is not worded to suit
them, It Is to be fought This Is the onn
point, leaders of the party say, upon
which a fight could be precipitated.
"If they lot tho resolutions go through,
endorsing Hitchcock and endorsing tho
administration, all will be well and good,"
said one of the leading delegates from
Douglas county. "Hut If ono Jumps up
nnd makes an objection on tha floor of
the convention, and If ho does not guard
his language well, ho may say something
that will knock the lid off at once."
Convention All Atlimle.
This Is the thing that will precipitate
tho fight. There Is plenty of antl-Hltchcock
sentiment to be found. Everywhere
In tho lobbies of tho hotel is whispered
the question as to whether his attitude to
wards the democratic administration poli
cies should bo endorsed. Perhaps a ma
jority of tho dolegntes feel that for tho
sake of party harmony It should bo.
Others, however, feel that an endorse
ment of Hitchcock's record would bo al
most equivalent to an endorsement of his
fight on the administration, since his
principal activities In tho senato In the
last two years have been along tha lino
of opposition, to everything big that the
administration has tried to put across.
Corey Chairman
M. L. Coroy of Clay Center Is to be tem
porary chairman of the convention. If
he Is allowed to choose tho resolutions
committee, according to ordinary parlia
mentary usages, It will be a straight
Hitchcock committee. There Is some talk
o fa possibility that a fight will be made
on the floor along the lino of an effort
to taket ho appointment o ftho committee
out of the hands of thctemporary chair
man and make It the business of tho
convention at large.
This Is contrary to ordinary usage, but
It Is a possibility, and not outside the 1
power of this convention. However, If
Coroy Is allowed to choose the commit
tee, John Cutrlght of Lincoln Is slated
for chairman and tho majority of tho
delegation will bo for Hitchcock. Tlmro
Is a possibility then that the Bryan ele
ment will bring a fight upon the floor In
an effort to defeat a Hitchcock endorse
ment Bert Sprague and K. C. Kemble are the
two candidates for the position as secre
tary of the state committee. Sprague Is
a Hitchcock man and Kemble a Bryan
The first fight In tho convention will
probably be In the election of the secre
tary, as this will be In the nature of a
teat of strength of tho Hitchcock element
and the Uryan element.
Governor Morehead arrived late this
evening and began shaking hands. Ted
and Lee Metcalfe are on the ground mak
ing acquaintances, shaking hands and
boosting for the candidacy of their fa
ther, Richard Lee Metcalfe, for governor.
Shooting Done on Ground Attempt
Made to Cross Line at
Wrong Place.
Governments of France and Italy
Accept England's Proposal
for Mediatian.
Austria, Servia and Russia Asked
to Suspend Their Warlike
Stook Markets Are Panicky, but De
clines Less Than Saturday.
Servla Taken Position that Improve
ment In Situation In Dun to tha
Firm Attitude Displayed
ir nusnia.
EYDTKUHNEN, Germany, July
27. Shots woro firoci thla morning
by a Cossack patrol across tho Ger
man frontior on tho allogod ground
that an attempt wan being made to
cross tho border at a wrong place.
Germans say that tho group tired
on by tho Russians wero army offi
cers. Much feeling has boon caused
by tho Incident.
ConimunlrateM Proposal
BERLIN, July 27. Sir Edward
Ooschon, British ambassador nt Bor
lln, called at tho foreign offlco today
and communlcatod Groat Britain's
proposals for mediation.
Germany, It Is understood, ex
pressed an unwillingness to offer any
suggestions to Austria to abandon or
alter Its policy toward Servla.
Tho hope was expressed that
Sorvla would bo brought to sea tho
advisability of complying with tho
Austrian demands. At the same tlmo
tho hope also was expressed at the
German foreign offlco that Austria Jn
this case would pass over tho failure
of Sorvla to mako a satisfactory an
swer last Saturday.
Leaven Vienna.
VIENNA, July 27. M. Jovano
vltch, Servian minister to Austria
Hungary, loft for Belgrade today.
Prospect nrlKhter.
WASHINGTON, July 27.-Dlspatches
from the American embassies at Berlin
and St. Petersburg tonight said prospects
for peace In Europe were brighter than at
any time slnco tho rupture of diplomats
relations between Austria and Servla.
Developments late today ln the German
and Russian capitals, the dispatches an
nounced, wero decidedly favorable to an
adjustment of tho differences without
hostilities. No details were given.
Arcept Proposal.
LONDON, July 27. The governments of
France and Italy have accepted the pro
posal of Sir Edwin Grey, the British for
eign secretary, that a conference be called
with tho object of finding a solution of
the Austro-Bervlan situation.
Hope fo Pence.
Germany Is said to have agreed to
the principle of the British for
eign secretary's proposal of a con
ference between the ambassadors n
ionaon or the leading powers. Attention
was turned In thn chancelleries of Eu
rope to tho attitude of Emperor William
after his conference with his advisers on
his return to Germany und also to the ac
tivities of Russia. Preparations were
continued by all the poVcra to deal with
Ilrlter FeeUnsr In nusaln.
8T. PETERSBURG, July 27.-In spite of
the general unfavorable symptoms In tho
situation between Austria-Hungary and
Servla and of the feeling produced by the
arrest In Hungary of General Radomlr
Putnlk, chief of the Servian general staff,
a better feeling won noticeable here today
as the result of yesterday's diplomatic
It Is understood that the long Interview
between Sergtus Sazonoff, the Russian
foreign minister, and the Austrian am-
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Saving Friction
Any moans of saving friction
makes for energy and power.
National manufacturers aro
turning moro and more towards
newspaper advertising because
it eliminates waste motion ln
They find tho newspaper not
only reaches tho consumer but
it directly influences the local
Tho retailor knows when ho
sees an advertisement in his
home paper that thero will b
inquiries at his store.
Ho acts accordingly and all
friction is eliminated from the'
process of distribution.
Manufactu.-ars interested ln
knowing tho most efficient way
to use newspapers aro invited
to address tho Bureau of Ad
vertising American Newspaper
Publishers Association, World
Building, New York.