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    THE BEE: OMAHA, MONDAY, JULY 27, 1914.
Delivers PhilHplo on Tariff to
Voters of First District
(Continued from rae One.)
Job or two
went with every other en-
PAAVjenn stands nv n a tin Ann
COMES AT AN J OPPORTUNE TIME of First District Will lie.
Pleased to Itenr Whnt Silent
Stntramnn linn to Snr
Abont (he Ontlook.
nnnnti III Cnndltlncr for rince
(From a Staff Correspondent.) Srcretnrr f State.
LINCOLN. Neb.. July X (Special.)! pawvke. Neh.. Jul .-(BDclal
Voters In the First congressional district Telegram.)-Ono hundred and fifty re-
have been receiving the last week copies publicans attended the county convention
of a speech wlilch was supposes 10 nave jn ,hg cily yesterday. The melting
been delivered by the sllnt congressman. wag harmonious throughout and every
John A. Magulre. In the house of reure- i. .feeiin elated over the prospects
penttylvcs March 11, 19U. Mr. Magulre for repUbllcan success at the polls this
Is a member of the committee on ngn- fft a w Collins presided and
culture and It would not do for "Johnny Harry Di ir0ry ,erved the convention
to Come Marcning Home Again nucr i wcretnry
votes tnis ran unless no cou,uu mm Th(J foowns deioeate were elected to
no puuea on somemmg lor mo (hj tMo convenlk)n ftt Uncoln
during nis icrm in cgngr.. - m, w llAM.rmnn Wll
His speech Is a gem In moro ways man 1!am Hutton. w. V. Huff. August ninne.
one. As an oratorical euori u sninen ir ! is. 11. airrord. T. a. aiiiks. w. ai.
i,hiiib1v -vrn ihouBh It never srot far- Johnston, George w. Porter, William
" o nHnf Klnen of Loch and Ole Hansen,
w ....... r " I . . ft i m - rnnffMtaman Maine w itrrinn o rmunmuuui, mm
Jnhnnv clones his effusion with the fol- James B. Deliell. of Uncoln. candidates
lcwlng gem, which coming from ft demo- 'or mo rClruu, ,,,..,,. w
cratlo congressman who voted foi the Kress from the First district, were pres.
present tariff bill, which Is bringing Into ont and addressed the convention. Clyde
this count ryln competition with the 01 " ' " i
farmers of Johnny's district millions of secretary or siaie, ana u. 1 wnerry, 01
,,..,.t. nf nnm fmm forolm countries, this city, candidate for state senator,
thousands of cattle and other products were given a. unanimous enoorsemem 01
, j 1. I thn convention. C. A. Bchlappel was
from the farm full v 20 per cent, is worthy chosen chairman of the county central
. . i... i i.k.. committee and Harry D. Flory was
palgn speeches this fall when ho comes elected secretary,
Nebraska and tries to explain
back to
just where the benefits come to the far
mer frem the new democratlo tariff bill.
Extract Pram Speech.
Magulre closes his speech by saying;
The food supply of our farms becomes
our greatest asset not alone. In times of
peace, but Is more powerful than armies
and navies In times of war. Stop the
Plow and the millions In American homes
would soon clamor for the bread line.
Let a general drougth come, and not
alone the food supply would disappear,
but the anvil would cease to ring nnu
the wheels of Industry would become
silent Let a famine or a placue strike
at the herds and flocks on the farms and
the meat supply would soon minimise the
capacity and power of every wage earner
and every cltlien. Stop any Industry and,
of course, the effect would ha felt,; but
strike at the productive power and stop
me production on me jnivnt:iiii mini,
and you have not alone paralyzed every
other industry and occupation, but you
have struck at the vitality, the power,
the happiness of every .cltUen and every
home. Agriculture holds a fundamental
ami unlnue Dlace In our social, industrial
and economic welfare because It supplies
the food for the world
When one takes Into consideration the
fact that already Argentina has finished
its harvest and Is preparing to stdp to
New York and other leoitexn markets
250,000,000 bushels at Corn. 6ci and above
what that country needs for its own use,
and that aa soon as It nrrlvea In the
United States It will ,take the place of
00,000,000 bushels of-Nebraska, lowa, 11
llnols, Kansas and other corn and cut
the market Just as much, the wisdom or
th speech can be seen, although, not from
tho same point that the silent statesman
Intended It to cover.
Th Mnrket Hit.
It makes little difference whether the
market Is dopri.ved of Nebraska-Iowa.-
Kansas corn by drouth, a famine or a
Ilrpntillrnns Adopt Isolations lie.
linking Wilson.
TECUJtgETr, N-b. July. .2ft-(8peclal
Telegram.) Thero was a largo repre
sentation present at the Johnson -county
republican convention held. In .this, city
yostorday. ES. F. Young was chair
man and Will F. Hitchcock secretary.
It was one of the most enthusiastic an'l
harmonious conventions ever held In the
The following eleven delegates were
olectod to the state convention!
F. L. Dlnsmore. H. V. Davidson. W. J I.
Abbott. N. N. lJbljT-Jnhn"Derr;-B. U.
Laflln, Will- K. IlltlKH'kr-U,C Bowen,
The resolutions committee with Frank
Boldest Exhibition of Ulster
Strength Yet Attempted.
Liberal Lrnilrr Says HIi Party Will
Not netrny the Trnst Placed
In It by the Irish
BELFAST, July S6.A parade of two
full regiments of Ulster volunteers, num
bering several thousand men, was held
here last night All the men carried rifles
and wero strongly guarded.
The marchers traversed tho principal
streets of the city and their demonstra
tion tho boldest exhibition of Orange
strength yet attempted In the home rule
struggle, aroused great enthusiasm.
deferring to Ireland and tho failure of
the recent conference of party leaders
held at Buckingham palace In a speech
at Btcynlng tonight, Francis Dyke Acland,
under secretary for foreign affairs, said!
"There Is much cause for regTct, but
much for hope. The conference has
broken up, but something has been gained
In their bolng1 heard aa the representa
tives of tho great parties. At the table
the- members Of the conference learned
to respoet eaoh other's point of view.
(Continued from Page One.)
L. Dlnsrnore as chairman reported st(r-
rlnir rHnliillnnN whlrh werA ncentod with
cheers. After declaring: the republican for tho protection of Its own European
lsh political activities over Sunday, sentl
ment here tends toward Austria, This Is
based on the belief that Servian Intrigues
for undermining Austria by a pan-Slav
movement have been so open that no na
tions could tolerate them, and In the
present exuberant state of Scrvla's na
tional prldo-only the sharpest and most
peremptory measures could have any ef
fect. One result of the sudden threat or In
ternational complications Is to thrust Ire
land from the stage. It may even force
the British factions to a compromise,
which oven the king could not accomplish,
and a general election under the present
circumstance appear out of the question.
It Is doubtful It even the government's
bitterest enemies would desire a change
In tho cabinet' and the upheaval of a
fierce political campaign whllo the nation
needs to keep a cool head and free hands
Notes From Fullerton
and Nance County
FULLEBTON, Neb., July 26.-(Speclal.)
One of tho largest family reunions ever
held In this community has Just been
held at the Palmer farm, near Belgrade,
tho Peter Pltchford family of Fullerton
.getting together for a day of Jollification
and frolic. Over fifty members of the
Immediate family were present, there
tlng seven married sons and daughters
and their children.
George W. IJorgc, democratlo candidate
for governor, was a Fullerton visitor last
evening and spoke to a small crowd on
the street during the course of the even
ing. Mr, Berge stuck to his over-worked
tnxatlon proposition, but failed to elicit
much sentiment in his favor, the demo
crats of this city being mostly More
head men.
John Ituff, the oldest son of Mr. and
Mrs. N. M. Ituff living south of this city,
was noverely burned Tuesday night when
the match which he was holding In one
hand Ignited a tube of rubber cement In
the other. The cement exploded and
burned the hand and forenrm quite badly.
Millard S, ninney, editor of a local
paper, has Just returned from a two
weeks' automobile tour of the northern
and eastern part of the state and reports
a rapidly growing1 sentiment In favor of
tho Kemp candidacy for governor. Mr.
Blnney says that he finds the voters In
every town singing' the harmony song.
Tho growing belief seems to be that
Senator Kemp has never been radically
Identified with either of the two former
wings of the party, as have each of the
other two prominent candidates, and that
because of this fact he would be better
ablo to draw the united support of the
party In the general election than any
other candidate mentioned for the office,
A wedding of more than ordinary In
terest occured in Columbus, Wednesday
evening, when Miss Nellie Chrlstensen
of Fullerton was married to William M.
Calhoun of Scotia. Mlm Chrlstensen has
llved'her entire life In this city and Mr.
Calhoun Is a former Albion boy, now a
Western Union operator at Scotia.
Tho automobile dealers of Fullerton re
port sales so far this season of over
seventy cars, a considerable Increase over
last year.
Tho churches of this city have gone Into
co-partnership for the summer and are
holding union services eaoh Sunday even
ing on the school house lawn, the various
ministers preaohlng In turn. This la a
custom which has been followed for sev
eral years, and has always proved pleas
ing. ,
party has always been 11 party of activity
and achievement and pointing with prldo
to ochlcvements of the past, the resolu
tions continues It Is humiliating to see
the president of the United States ap
pointing" to hjgh offlco a membor of the
moneyi trust. In one Instance and a mom
bcr of tho harvester trust In tho other
nfter a pledge of democratic triumph
meaning death to trusts."
The democratlo legislature of Nebraska
was condemned for "wanton waste of tho
people's money."
Ilepnbllcnnn PleilRe Endorsement of
'Party Policies.
OltD, Neb,, July J.-(Speclal.) The
republican county convention was at'
tended'by'about.slxty-flve men ropresent
1 ..... 4 ... I t"""
plagueM ,0 silent statesman , puu u. -lhK nekrlylcvaryipnrt of Valley county
or whether the market is nit by nn im- M u Trlet waa elected chairman and
portatlon. of fprelgn corn from Argentina,
made possible by a democratlo tariff bill,
the effect on the "anvil and tho wheels
of Industry" would be tho same and the
farmers of the country are aware of that
fact without reading the "leav to print"
peoch of the silent congressman from the
.First Nebraska district. Aa far aa tho
effect on the agricultural industry of tha
country la concerned, thero is little dif
ference between a drouth, famine, plague
,of a democratlo tariff bill.
W. W. Haskell lecretary.
W. L. Gaston of Broken Bow, candi
date for the nomination for state senate,
spoke and predicted overwhelming victory
for the party.
John Wall, also a candidate for senate
nomination, spoke and later a ntrong
resolution was passed pledging the sup
port of tho party In Valley county to
his candidacy.
The resolutions denounred the demo-
crat tariff-policy as being unfavorable to
the farmer and manufacturer.
All republican presidents from Lincoln
and Inalttdlng both Taft and Roosevelt
were ouloglxed. ,
Delegates to the state convention wera
named as follow:
John K. Berry. C. A. Davis; If. K.
MoClMlan. W. W. Haskell. John Wall.
M. L. Fries. W. F. Greenlee. Ign Kl'ma
ana is. J. uabcocic
Three Boys Drowned
m Beaver Eiver
Near St, Edward
ST. EDWATID, Neb.. July 20.-(Speolal.)
Two aona of William Phorman, 8 and.
it years of age, and tho only son and
child of Mr. and Mrs. Uos Saunders,. S I Delesrate ; o.,Johnon Countjr ,Con-
vn" on. Declare
TECUMSEH, Neb.. JUly M.-Hnelal
Telegram.) Tha democrat of Johnson
county met In delegate convention . here
yostorday with a good attendance
Clarenoe Blckel waa chairman and II.
It. Cooper secretary.
Tho following nlno delegates were
chosen to the state convention:
A XT T" . T Tl r.4.. Tl.l T 1.1.
Clarence nickel. Jerry-Jocea. PhlLNestorJ
Resolutions rfniftrmlng the bollMbf, the
members In. the depiopratlo party as ad
vocated "by Jefferson, and other great
leaders were adopted. President 'Wilson
and his administration , wore cbmpll
mented aa was also W ,J- Bryan.'
A new central committee was named
with Dr. J. C. Bowman aa chairman. The
good work for tha party of W. IL Thomp
son waa also endorsed.
years of age, drowned In the Beaver
river today, while' 'In swimming'. Tho
bodies were recovered in about thirty
minutes, but all efforts to restore life
-were In vain.
PAWNEE CITY, July X-(SpecIal.)-
Antl-Morehoad sentiment was manifested
In the democratlo county convention held
here day before yesterday when a num
cor ot leading democrats objected to a
resolution read before tho gathering en
dorsing Governor Motehoad. The opposi
tion arose over the misunderstanding that
It was an endorsement of the governor
for ro.nomlnation. One ot the reasons for
this adverse feeling Is probably the In
crease In taxes tinder the present admin
istration whlcli. In Pawnee county,
amounted to over IH mills.
The delegation to the state convention
at Columbus will be composed ot George
A, Cotton, Jr.; George F. Cotton ot Table
Rock; F. A. Kehmeler, Charles Uchrotf,
Jr., Stelnauer; William Stephenson, 11. 8.
Farwell, DuBols; J. K. Itenntnccr, H. C.
Van Home, Hugh Macleod. nnd A. E,
Ovendan, Bawnte City.
Harlan Democrats ' Elect I)elc;atra.
ALMA, Neb., July M.(8poolal.)-Th
democratlo county convention was held
on tfce court house lawn and ' the fol.
lowing- delegates elected to the state con
vention; Ora Coy, Joe Boehler, 8. P.
Peterson, J. E. Dunloy (and his alter
nate, M. Itufllnger), J. L. Beebe, Itlch
Workman. O. E. Shelburn. P, W. Bhea
and 11. C Furte.
William Kvereon was elected chairman
and 11. C Purse, secretary, ot the con
vention, and William Everaon, chairman
and J. C. Gay, secretary ot the central
committee. J L. Beebe, J. M. Grace, V.
P. Shields, O. E. Shelburn and P. W.
bhea, responded to calls lor speeches.
Giro lllm Their Endorsement for
Ilall Commissioner.
OTID; Neb., July M. (Special.) The
Valley county democrat county convenr
tlon yesterday offered two resolutions;
and both passed unanimously. One
faVored the candidacy of W. H. Thomp
bo u for 'chairman of -the state convention
and tho other endorsed. J. A. OUIs' candl
Ittacy for railway commissioner.
Trie- following; delegates were elected to
attend the Uto convention at Columbus
J. A. OUIs. Geo. S. Mayo, Haydn Stron?,
Mather. M. D. Bridges and Horace M.
Otto Murachel was elected chairman of
the county central committee and Horace
M. Davis secretary.
Darn Ilnrned Near Cambridge.
CAMBRIDGE, Neb., July M.-Bpeclal.)
-During Friday night's rain lightning
struck the new J2.000 barn on tho Henry
Bensel farm south of Cambridge, and It
waa burned to the ground. The building
was Insured for RMO. John Tumbleson
as tfeeplns in the bam when the bolt
struck It and although considerably
ttunned be was able to escape from the
burning bulldlnc. No stock perished.
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LEXINGTON, Neb., July . -(Special.)
The democrats ot Dawson county held
their convention In the court house yes
terday afternoon. After "some lively die
ousslons, the delegates as reported by the
committee on credentials were seated,
Resolutions weie adopted commending ,
President Wilson, Secretary ot State Bry
an, Senator Hltohcock, and endorsing P.
M. Whitehead ot Gothenburg- for state
uperlnttndent, and Robert W. Ralston of
Lexington tor state railway commissioner.
P. M Whitehead addressed, the conven
tion, also Mr. Hovey ot St Paul, candi
date for United State representative ot
the Sixth district.
Dr. H. C, Wlngert of Overton was
chosen chairman of the county central
Rrnllment nf flrrmnm,
BERLIN, July 26. The center of Berlin
Is filled lost night with cheering tumultu
ous crowds Indulging in continuous, en
thusiastic demonstrations over the ex
pected outbreak of thb Austro-Servlan
' The strains of the German and Aus
trian national nnthema are heard from
time to 'time abovo the cheers ot the
crowd and the orchestras in tha cafes
,nnd restaurants are playing- patriotic
airs to crowded tables.
Newspaper extras, sent out In rapid
succession, are torn from the hands ot
the distributers and tho streets are car
petod with discarded sheots.
The enthusiasm could scarcely be
greater It it were Germany's own war
which waa about to begin.
In the last two days the newspapers
have boon preparing the public for this
contingency and most of the domonstra
tors apparently realize that hostilities
along' tho Danube might bo preliminary
to Russian and German mobilizations
Cheer Austrln-llunirnry.
About 2,000 persons gathered before the
Australn embassy, when news of Ser
vla's refusal to nccopt tho torms laid
dawn hy Austria, became known. They
cheered Austria-Hungary and sang po-
trlotlo songs. The Austrian minister ap
peared on the balcony and warmly
thanked those below.
Another spontaneous demonstration oc
curred In Wllholmatrasso, through which
somo thousand men marched singing,
Die Wacht Am Rheln."
The streets of Berlin are filled with
excited crowd, and everywhere Is heard
talk ot Germany's chances of becora
inn involved. .
Tho crowds in the center of tho city
steadily Increased as the news penetrated
tho residential districts .and suburbs,
which sent their quotas ot men and
women, collegians and high school youth
to Join the throng In Untor Den Linden
and Frlodrlchstrasso. Parades wore con
etantly organized and proceeded to the
Austrian embassy, the foreign office and
other points of Interest. 1
An angry crowd assembled outside the
Rusalan embassy with continuous shouts
of "Down with Russia; down with Ber-
via; hurrah for warl"
Gravest Since 1870.
Tho Impression in dlplomstto circles
hero Is that the European situation Is
me sinco itiv. ah eyes-are lurnea
to !?t. Petersburg and even among the
most opttmlstto there Is no core that
war will be averted. French residents,
who are In close touch with the embassy
are making preparations to return to
France tor possible service.
Reports from Hamburg-' tell the some
story, ot patriotic demonstrations.
Information received late tonight from
a quarter in the commence or the Ger
man embassy' at 8t Petersburg, declares
that the Jlrnt. desire to settle the con
troversy through . dlptomatlo means Is
giving1 place to a decided war spirit and
insistence that Servla be supported In
every way.
Learea for Ilerlln.
BERGEN, Norway, July S. Tho Ger
man emperor left nere auaaeniy this
evening for Berlin in view of the serious
situation that has arisen between Austria
and Servla,
All the divisions of the German fleet
have been ordered to assemble at pre
arranged places on the Norwegian coast.
One ot the high naval officers, who ac
companied the emperor, has started fur
Germany on board the fastest destroyer.
Nenrs Notes of Hnrtlnirton.
HARTINGTON, Neb., July 26-(Spcclal.)
Smallpox has broken out In this city,
thrco. families In town and ono In the
country being quarantined. By prompt
action, the doctors hope to check the
pread of the disease.
Corn in this county Is beginning to
suffer on Account of tho dry weather.
Democratic Convention Calls Atten
tion to His Work in Zone.
llenolntlnns Co mm nut Him nnd Ad
ministration, Merely Mentioning
Senator Open Instructions
for W. It. Thompson.
BLAIR, Neb., July tt.-(Speclnl Tele
gram.) The democratlo county conven
tion was held nt the court house yesterday
with a large representation of Wash
ington county democrats present. The
convention was called to order by Chair
man J. D. Eakln' of the county central
committee, and later the chair was
turned over to Dr. W. H. Pruner of Ken
nard, who was elected permanent chair
man with Len Phillips of Blair secre
tary. A committee on resolutions was
appointed as follows: Dr. J. P. Clark, C.
C. Van Deusen, J. H. Jensen, W. H. Har
rison, James E. Maher and Thomas T.
Os term an.
Tho resolutions endorse the administra
tion. Secretary Bryan, the Nebraska
democratlo delegation In congress. In
cluding senator; compliment Governor
iMoreheaa nna continue: wo recognize
the worth of Richard L. Metcalfe in tht
canal zone and believe he Is a worthy
democrat; and. be It further
Resolved, That our delegates to tho
state convention to be held In Columbui,
next Tuesday use every means In their
power to secure the election of W. H,
Thompson as chairman of the state cen
tral committee; ana. 00 it runner
Resolved. That we aepiore me action
of some of the newspapers throughout
the state and nation m Dentuing lion.
William J. Bryan, we believing him to
be one of the greatest statesmen of the
aee and secretary of state.
J. H. Eakln was elected chairman and
8. W. Chambers as secretary of the
county central committee.
Delegates to the state convention wero
as follows:
J. D. Eakln, C. A. Warrick, Andrew
Jensen, George Colnon, J. H. Cameron,
George Schweder, Dr. W. H. Pruner,
Henry Wrlch, George A. Doll, Thomas T.
Osterman, Clark O'Hanlon, James H.
delegation of Nebraska, the wise and
economl" al administration of Governor
John 11 Morehead, and urge the delegates
to support for chairman of the state cen
tral committee W. H. Thompson of
Grand Island.
The following were chosen delegates to
Judge Joseph Oberfeldcr. Clayton Rad
cllff. Frank X Rlhn and Ezra Pambers
Alternates, Hiram Bakpr. H. F. Acker
man, Hans C. Anderson, Elmer J. Sweet.
German Physician
Visits This Country
to G-lean Pointers
Although a graduate of one of tho lead
ing medical colleges ot Europe, and fully
aware ot the fact that the hospitals,
medical colleges and leading doctors of
tho old country are recognized by Ameri
can physicians as models for the medical
world. Dr. Karl von Noordon of Frank
fort, Germany. Is spending a whole year
In this country, studying the methods
and work of the best physicians here.
He declares that oven though America
still learns from Europe In things medi
cal, he believes ho can learn a few things
In this country. Ho started in the east
In January and gradually worked west
to the Pacific coast, vlsltlns the leading
hospitals and doctors with the Idea of
gleaning Ideas In ndvanccd medical prac
tice. He was In Omaha, registered at the
Henshaw yesterday, on his way from
San Francisco to the Mayo Bros.' fa
mous hospital at Rochester, Minn.
"America is a coming country," he said.
"It Is rapidly advancing In medicine as
In everything else Pretty soon, maybe.
we European doctors will not be able to
show the American doctors very much."
Believe Warburg
Will Ask President
to Withdraw Name
WASHINGTON, July K.-Many admin
istration senators believed today that
Paul M. Warburg of New York would
soon nek President Wilson to withdraw
his name as a member of the federal, re
serve board. There was, however, no
announcement from the White house, nor
any direct word from Mr. Warburg.
An opinion prevailed In official circles
that the White Houto did not wish to
announce his wltluhawal until some ono
had been tiamod In his stead.
Several senators said they heard indi
rectly thnt Mr. Warburg had told friends
ho neither could consent to appear be
fore tho bnnltlnif committee nor accept
the nomination should he be confirmed In
spltn of continued defiance of the com
mitter. Nothing definite was heard today con
cerning President Wilson's choice In placo
of Mr. Jones, although the names of
Georso K. Roberts, director of the mint;
W. T. Fenton, president of the Chicago
Clearing House association, and Georgo
W. Norrls, a banker of Philadelphia,
were discussed In' official circles.
SIDNEY, Neb., July M.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Tho democrats of Cheyenne
county met yesterday In convention at
the new court house. Judge Joseph Ober
feldcr waa elected chairman and Frank
X Rlhn secretary.
Tho committee on resolutions, John
Daugherty, Stephen H. Babb, James R.
Williams and Charles P. Chambers, sub
mitted the following report, which was
The democrats of Cheyenne county In
convention assembled most heartily en
dorse the administration of President
Wilson and cordially commend the wlso
leadership of Secretary of State Bryan,
tho able statesmanship of Gilbert M.
Hitchcock, the democratlo congressional
WASHINGTON. July 25. The doom of
the germ-carrylns fly Is seen in a new-
discovery nnnounced by the Department
of Agriculture today. Ita use Is de
clared to assure tho complete extermina
tion of tho common housefly peril that is
largely blamed for spreading typhoid.
Tho simplicity of the method, consisting
only of tho sprinkling of a small amgunt
of ordinary borax dally upon household
and stable refuse, is said to guarantee Its
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. July .-(Special Tele
gram.) E J. Murfln of .Lincoln, aide-decamp
for the Nebraska National Guard,
has been In Washington this week on
matters before the Interior department.
Today he had an Interview with General
Mills, in charge of militia affairs of the
War department rclatlvp to the coming
encampment of tho National Guard of
Nebraska at Ashland. Mr. Murfln asked
for the detail ot two companies of regulars
Instead of ono company as originally
planned to bo sent, on the ground that
Jhelr association with the Nebraska ti oops
would-be beneficial to the latter. General
Mills said he would take tho matter up
with the proper officials.
Aente Incline-lit Inn.
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tacks of acute Indigestion, followed by
constipation," writes Mrs. M. J. Gal
lagher, Geneva, N. Y. "I tried every
thing that was recommended to me for
this complaint, but nothing did me much
good until about four months ago I saw
Chamberlain's Tablets advertised and
procured a bottle of them from our drug,
gist. I soon realized that I had gotten
the right thing, for they helped mo at
once. Slnco taking two bottles of them
I can oat heartily without any bad ef
fects." Sold by all druggists. Advertisement.
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DETROIT, Mich., July SI Losses total
ling more than 11,000,000 have been bus
talned by Michigan farmers as the re
sult of the army worm pest, according
to an estimate made today by Prof.
Rutus H. Pettlt. head ot the department
ot entomology of the Michigan agrlcul-
NEW ORLEANS, July Another case
of bubonlo plaicue, the eleventh since the
disease broke out here, was announced
here today, Joseph Bltt, 41 years old, a
Janitor, was taken to the leplatlon hos
pital today, cutterlng- from the disease.
Is All
Dare you endanger it by
taking impure food into
your stomach?
Pure beer is pure food.
Light starts decay even
in pure beer, causing a
disagreeable odor and a
skunky taste.
The light bottle is insuffi
cient protection.
Schlitz is made pure and
the Brown Bottle keeps
it pure from the brewery
to your glass.
Sea that Crown is branded "Schlitz.
Phones: Doug. 1397: Ind. A 362a
Schlitz Bottled Beer Depot
733 S. 9th Street, Omaha, Nebr.
Phono 44
Hy. Gerber, zoi S. Main SU
Council Blufia
The Beer
That Made Milwaukee Famous
-""ssbsbbV' N
Teething Babies
Mrs.Winsfow'sSooUiing Syrup
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The Most Desirable
Bargains in
Omaha Real Estate
have been collected and pub
llshed in the real estate col
umns ot today's Sunday Bee.
The offerings today are unus
ually attractive .and care has
been taken to make It as easy
as possible for Interested peo
ple to get the latest Informa
tion on values and conditions.
It Is doubtful if any oilier
city approximating the size of
Omaha can offer such splendla
opportunities in real estate In
vestments. Its position in the
world of commerce, stability
of business and steady and con
sistent growth are almost in
comparable. Real Estate Is consequently
worth while studying and in
tensely interesting to the man
who wants to make money on
his investment with a minimum
ot risk.
These real estate announce
ments may be found in tha
Classified Section of today's