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Among the Ay mar as of Bolivia
TIIH OMAHA S! N'D.U Hhh ,WA -'(., 1011
... ijsbj.. a. H J t tJ-i - ii ii 1 1 miiw,
Wnmnn of 6Lc t
' II . I, -I -
I opyrlKht, IKK, by Frank J Carpenter .
TJ 1A I.Z. Bolivia Tlio Jiollvtunt
. I fovprument la ut lat waking 1
JJ ifj III.! . (JllUHIf ill fc KB III Thron-fourllm of the 1n
InUtarii of this hlirli plateau
oi llttlH nifirt tb;t-i savant. Thy have
shurchcs, li-it ttwlr nlialon U a combina
tion of nuix-rstltloii Inlt-rwoven with the
customs of imdlval Christianity. The
government 1mm schools, but the Indiana
do not Hltond thern, ami not one in it
hunclri'l ran read or write. 'i'liousutiils
of them are In a state of debt (slavery
and tenii of thousands are m xll-n w.u
alcohol and cocaine ihut for the most f
the time they are little better th;it
bcasta. The tsovernmant has iUljl!hc4
a compulsory ytem of tducutlvi
and It nan thrown the schools otx-n
to all llollvlan children. hevertrctej,
but lew of the Indiana K' to school, uij'
not one In a hundred lion any ambition
to rife above his present condition.
One of the new movements for the ele
vation of the Indians has to do with the
reorganization of the Bolivian arm.
Unitary oervlre hua been made comiui
eory for all between tlte ages of 19 arid il
The KeU-ctlon of tho troop Is made wan
out reuard to rare, mul In this way ihou
tands of Indiana ar brought to the mill
tary barra'ks and M-hoola from every iart
of the republic. Here they are drilled Oy ,
German fflcera and Instructors. T"-ey
are taught to obey and to learn to read
and write and do primary sums In arith
metic. They are kept from drinking, and !
they acquire such civilized tastes and
wants that when their military service
la over they are not contented to ko baste !
to the mt-avai;e life of their villages. 1 wnmon in eome parts of our UulwJ
A child slave cfffieAzideJ
Thoti who do go carry the seeds of clV'
lllratlon with them, ana a. crop of new
ideas and new customs la hvglpniws to
J-Ulriic IVIIoera.
I have een a great many of these
Indian soldiers during my stay. They
ore fine looking Yellows and are said to
have good lighting qualities. They have
Creat powers of endurance and are noted
for their frugality and patience. The
only trouble is that the army is not
large enough to take in more men and
there has to be some weeding out of
tbose who volunteer to go into the erv
ife. At flnt the Indians were afraid of
the army, but they axe now keen to
All the above itaUuient relate to the
Aymara. They are the chief nation of
red men upon ti-e plateau of Bolivia,
They are numbered by hundreds of
thousands, and altogether are twiee tie
Sell f hlldrt-u.
"When times are hard or famine cornea
the Indian fathers or mothers will often
brine In their boya and elrl end ask
you in raie tbm sa servants. They will
expect from ten to twenty Bolivianos for
them, or t! to IV In goM, There are regu
lar contract made for this purpose, and
a part of the contract reads that they
shall have the right to take the child
baek upon the payment to you of 3
cents per day for every day you have
bad it Thla payment is a fheer Im
possibility, and the purchat-e of the child
means that you have the right to It wttt'
it grows up The law proviit that you
must train the child and teaeh It to read
and write. It ait? provides that it raust
lie well treated, but this depends upon
the caprice of the purchaser. Many of
the servants are gotten that way."
1 Mlvlan wanted V) force hint to sell It
cheap, It aljolntd his property and was
. especially d&slrabln on other accounts.
lie asked the foreigner his price and was.
told that It was J Is), He wanted It
rhurh clteuper and In order U make hlrn
sick of his bargain he liiclled his Indians
to stone those of the foreigner. They
did so, but the, foreigner made meh &
Lime fight that the llollvlan came to him
arid offered Ut lake the place at his orig
inal price, The foreigner replied: -'I
will sell you the farm, but the price h
risen I offered It to you a month ago
for lit), but after what you have done
you cannot have It for lees than Vai'tH."
' "I will take II," was the reply "I have,
I ad enough trouble about this already
and rather than have more I will pay
what you ask."
Hula Are Hralfrred,
The huts of the Aymara Indians are
scattered over the plateau, and also Mgtj
lit) nn the stones of the Andes They
' are usually In villages, but sometimes far
apart on the plains. But few house are
more than fifteen or twenty feet square,
and some only eight or ten. Hometlrne
i family may have a half dozen houses
lo4 by a mud wall, but the most of
i e bvlldlngs are for the stock, and a
.' r vie the family uses but one. It Is
fot easy lo enter such homes.
The Indians do not like strangers, and
n making my Investigation I have had
them show fight arid warn rn to leetve,
Ku-h huts as I have seen Into are little
1etter than pig pens. They have walla
. to low that you can reach the thatche1
roof without ntfort, and the s4ngle Coor
Is so small that you have to stoop to go
in. The fifor is the ground, and the fur
riture Is only a few skins and a JltUe mud
stove or oven, Imlit up in one wrner.
The fue is the manure of the llamas and
sl.ej, nd the ooklng Is done In tJtrOi
ewware pots, which are utd not oniy for
boiling and Slewing, but for cups, tauoers
and plates. There is no outlet for the
ernoke but the tfoor, and it biaekeos the
rof and the walls.
The Aymsre ti-ep os Kna tklns laid
Vn the floor. They have no night Uothea,
and wear Uie ea-rne garment at night a
during the day. They usually ei'iep tt
ttog. backing thenar ve up againat tlx;
J.aH Uid drawing as dotely together a
(osrlble in order that aN way get under
the blanket and M Diet the fct of their
bodies may aid in keptsg ttx-m warm.
Cook Outatdr.
Where there are several huts the cook
ing is done outi4e the home, and some
time n oven is built against the waH,
Kinii. tift Oulv 14.. -A
PriLnleiJly all the iKor f . a"tng a cover pertia pt to protect ii from
rr.any a the IndUn of the I,'nlu4 yuz ther cities of Kosivla is , ,h
Hatea They belong to a race that i!Jone by lie Aymara Indians. In tw Tb UxA f tst India Is rtrnp.
d to asUdate the Inca. and to have CMfs they are jai4 age and is others A favorite dirt) 1 a utew known a
been so powerful that the lacs were ! they get nothing trttt tnesr board for oi't'-"11' ma,f oJ ed mutton. Tht
never able to sbuate tnesn as Uey their work. Is the latter rne- the ?i"H U kUi"J tnod The body
Old tne otner Indian nations tnat popu-1 tervaats are pongos. who ere snt 1 . ten ?K WB ta M1 'K nu
u P of the ouU !frMe Ue country to d9 a certain amount I ilLl . "wT
American continent. Alter tne Spaniard.! work u,r tbt4r wbo Hye io .
cot pos.en of the country, ttoui,, -rv, ... -w I i"0 L u up W dry.
Aymara, were enslaved, and tney TQt ,Mr uul, ! " f"" fc9m Ui
u. , . . .7 wes so lovgii n narfl that it wis Keep
.1" 8M'y ot"1" for months. WJxenu I. Jmo
t ttoe it, Ue town W work as , boats l4ti a n(? VegefWe
sra.ti. K period are UtMd ooked b It. oftn ee cwT
week or t for eeh person, ad In .oe Tjie Utu.r Is frotr pvtatoer. whtcb we
of tne bout vf Ut Pax the wrvaBtf ; fvptur jj, u vty WM wM
are cnaiwed every two week, a new Kep uusle te losg as tne 4rle4 lauttoc
one oocniBg to relieve the nM. one. A J This U done by aoaktag tne raw potutoet
tend owner v1ti a large nuol-r of In- Q water ivxj then allowing the to
datuoc on hie oetate may tgrw to fumiati i freete They are staked and frvzn
yuu a lKUiie ttmuit tor a year, teadsfig ( again Tiue Men Um so looe that
sa&s after man. in leJtye a it were, to tbey can be rvtbed or trodden off with
nB up tu; When tie p9sg eemes the bare feet After this they are dritid.
13 msK ssi aus umr bvsibv c uauuiy
brimgc wstic iiiai tutougb bac of Uatna
maaiure to MU-ve a fuel for the ouoklug
during his etay.
WMle lawe ne earrlei xS tb water
&nd meats hoaiu
Ireusi U.e market. al K is Us budnet
jaad jasuaa. Tiiore are icaoy vf tnefce
in what rrdght be called a oeaditsoa of
( ebt laver today. It is a state of
I wja g e not uaMke tstat whsca provalled
is the da a of feitdutswa. Much of
Solivia is KiH a feudal country, and
the rnes and wosneo are yraeUcally
bought $aid soM with Ur farms on wfalcjg
tbey lie. The fact that the taw pr
jbHs tbesa to leave upon the payment or
transfer of leir desAs doe not alter the
iMtletr. for K is known that tfeetr uttaja
zct to thesr noE Is nock tbat tfaey
will not do M. Xaay of the Ladlanc en
the iadutatnal farm nesar L.e TiUcaca,
'wbasn our witftoawU are bow tryistg to
&vHiz. hate belonged to that farsa for
gemorstlona, asd tbey have always doee
a certain ntiml er of days' work overr . ' ,
. . . . . ' . . 'ibrtngB the vegetables
" - asnv ifsj L fw w&j Mnt Ms)
Uvate the hutda allotted to Uittta,
tCwntlcued wo Pag Ttm.
Boy or Girl?
Great Question!
Te'iiurr AWJl hutur.
The musw txsiattlums of taouro vrvvUI
( snK of the large Bulivms larsns.
The iJtdla&s Ore two or throe days f
facto week to the wor of the If f. ad
the)- are aUoved the nmiiiiatiif dal e lor
thesBteivee. They rcsv so y lr
their work tutoeait the cnuwad react A
tae Mttle !( wMch they are al
low ed to lam. If thar master m udiv
ocdy a &rt of the ttew he has tte jsght
t hire tfcesa cut to othwc and If they
4 sot osier tfceaa he eas IstfUot eortaasi
T ii ii ar mnt Thinsi Jt Is i rntsiW the
jw to strike an lasam. hot, as octt vrf
HahwimiB teats M. auoh strtkang Is r
f ety safe If K It done wheat there are so
-whte wstaoMies jreeH. m the ottortc
-wdH sevts- aaoom. isse unit t as
Indian as agnstmt that of a wistte YmH
woman has heec Utiag m ntlersit Jnts
f BoHi-la. She says that a tvuteas of
tsxM-alat eirr 1 wnata Is the higititaiidr
and (wsl-stf-the-war dM4ots W hMi Peru
id Bsirvla, and J juaderfasd that jt
wdte is mb yarts u Keaador aa
-welt BaM Hbe'
posisoe os the tnroets of Its. Pax. They
go adosH; half douMe earryteg great
oulsHtr or etay water Jars os their backs
Thoy aat a the w tilnhsnem of the nous,
tilt nmr at xdght on the Htones Iswlv
the door that load te the ptreet. and
they jsviwt got Nj aad ; to the poupie
who tt9 out or wowe in. They do alt
sorts of dradforr. and t4Mse fclndt that
tieuvaot of other taae U rtstube w
This lrrtngr to many mlndr an old and
do. Indeod,. one may hae twegsty other tri"a family nanfly an vzteroas ap-
ant. Kut he must ieve lus .tllT jcT of
,1,"n1- tjidted to the abdominal lnuuulea aiit is
Attached to Mjiatrra. oatsitaied to kouthe the intricate jiutwort
Kwnriuiuji , . , of nnee luvolx L In tula manner It
the'ladsasM. are attached te shear mar- lu uu In all tes gf oomtng mothor-
teut They "wtll work for theau for little hoot It has boon cenoruUy loeotu-
or iwhltic rathetr than for a fortasmor 1",inflwS fw years and ytsara uiiS thosa
who may pa &ea good w apes. They In itlchurt prat,
. ' . ' il the iuawiiM) reihuf It tftorfle. Purslc-
make their watfture Crva&oes thr uiarly O0 theae hnowhur muthera epeak
own, and are readr te smcaav m ao ef the abbotit ttf moralng tilehneaa.
battle tf IsuOiatod by thorn. This idfest ab fcoe of tttmlB on She Ilgatnoota and
. . nvmnu i'wii. joivh zzuuiy liUiir UK
. -- . ,. ... ... . 1 . M .
uiaUanu bmt r, . Jvuaou iurwuru
caitMis foudc botweon the Istdlans
Histsie Ufjhts are winiiriim. Tte
tp wKii m muob oonoern.
one i TJim Is no oueution
tmt wbet
There Is i douht hut that Indian wwally I- means uf the usmc niutbw s rrituxtt" has a marisod tnflr
ssMrn are buurtat aod bold to he naed ! T-'huh Is the nutural wafwn ftf the , t4 rHl"'ve t4 this Hf Motisf la
as srat. Indoud, 1 rntxdf Uymara. lie uss to te hee hi ri h1,1' fvB
ht Blrt. and hoy ranotnc In aW t. 1 the flook Me 5 S
Irsw t to U yeart At times I have takon j with K. and frum hdmfl Mb hut watohos the oteic iillcwe. Is penrtrattng la lu
thom in out of Jtr to re tbua a heme fur ht anestty and fcunds a .soek nn iitrtnj. iuurr aC Is oompuuefl vS tlniae omltro-
thsoush Ms hnate. ctdson hont Bulled to thurowjrtsVr iubcU
Bht hutwoBB the ttoa of two yiuma- Tw outain -JCotWc Prlonfi" ut
tfocut Mie boluKvHC te a frsmor asrf ! cmumt nar Ariur muvn
in like the mnOing nut of nhilfirtai t -wre-fc I the othor to a native JMdtvian Tn, lnPard w1) lr BradnOld lieg-
for thotr hoard and mothac. t we onot. ioretcnur hafi bought the oatavt anC the Cu iJaaftr iliu(,, XHwtrta, 6a.
and at achor tsmac hosoiisa I wiuhefl te
awe theou as nnrwaali Boon xmsdng Is
3rce Asm the tin in of a loaae than in
ahe wms- so mentor hariials and nala. 3t
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