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Hava Boot rrlnt Xt Now Deacon rrns.
Lit Montnljc Xnooms Gould, Bea Bid,
ridslty 8torag- and. Tan CoH Doug 161.
UhUng- Xixturss Uurgessa-Granden
WuUd, Oooa City Loans Prompt
tloalns. Flrt Trust Company ot Omaha.
Whan yon know g-ai llghtln yu tre
ter it. Omaha Gas Co., 1509 Howard St.
"Today' CoxnpUts Moris rroBWn"
may be found on the first paw ot tha
classified section today, and appear In
The Deo EXCLUSIVELY, l-'ind out what
the various moving picture theaters offer.
Nebraska Barings and X.oan Ass'n.
Is organized under the State Building
and Ioan Law and offers am Ideal plan
for savers or Investors. 100 to J5.000.00
Dr. roster on Vacation Pr. J. J. Fos
ter, member of the Board ot Education,
has gone to Boulder, Colo., to Join hts
wlfo and daugtcr at their summer cot
tage there. Dr. Foster will be away for
:wo- weeks.
Woman Must Stand Trial Mrs. Edna
Sampson, who used a knife on her hus
ami d. Abe, and Miss Ethel Browning
hen she found the latter couple out
loy riding, was bound over to the dis
trict court on a charge of cutting to
Hiss Anderson Offers Seward Mlsi
Bertha Anderson, fourth and Calhoun,
Florence, Neb., offers a reward for the
return of all or part ot tha several hun
dred dollars' worth of Jewelry and family
heirlooms taken from the Anderson home
loine time Thursday.
Mrs, Bdwnrda Aska Divorce A suit
hna.boen filed by Lena Edwards against
Samuel R. Edwards asking for divorce
on Oie ground of non-support. The peti
tion states that they were married In
Freeport, HI., In 1903, and that though
the defendant earns 1K a month, he
has failed to contribute to the support
&C his wife, who asks divorce and
Charged With Intent to Kill Georges
Toppondophlus, who followed his sister
from St. Louis to Omaha In an attempt
to Induce her to leave the man with
whom she waa living, was bound over
to await action of the district court on
a. charge of ehootlng with Intent to kill
Toppondophlus tried to kilt his sister as
sho sat In ,a North Sixteenth street res
Tourists on Return Trip On an auto
trip of more than ",00 miles, from Bos
ton to Son Francisco and return, with
various side triPB, Mr. and Mrs. V. P.
Fowle and their chauffeur. William
Hillier, passed through Omaha and stop
ped at the Henshaw Thursday night.
They are now on their return trip, hav
ing left their home at Boston early in
the summer. The made Omaha on the
westward Journey June 14.
Soldiers on to San Francisco A spe
cial train of eight cars, earning 250 sol
diers from Columbus barrack, came in
over the Illinois Central this afternoon
and Immediately left for San Francisco
over tho Burlington. The detachment
will go Into camp at the Presidio for a
month and then he sent to the Philip
pines, taking the place of soldiers now
there and who will be brought back to
the states.
' 'N.onpolitical Talk
1: From Gov, Metcalfe
Because politics and political meetings
aro forbidden In public school buildings
'itlchard L iMetcalfe, democratic candi
date for nomination for governor, will
speak on "The Panama Canal" Instead
of the subject Just now closest to his
heart at a meeting sometlmo next week
t of the Hanscom Park Improvement club
at Windsor school. .....
The olub met at. the .school last r.lght,
but when It camo to a political discussion
nothing could bo heard' but silence and
very little of that. It Was announced
that Metcalfe had consented to address
the club.
Young Wife Shoots Self After
Trouble with Stepdaughter.
Mnrr Eelene.U Drrlarra It Was ll
Arrlttent, tint l U Knurrn
Thrrc Was Trouble In
the llnti'aenntit.
Mary Kelenck, Z7 vara old. sho. herself
throush the heart last nlchi. at her r.i.
dence, Thlrty-slxth and V streets. The
u.iei entered under the region of the
heart. Dr. E. J.. Shsn.lmn .it.,.,i .1...
woman and sent her to the South Omaha
'u'puai, wnere her condition was con
sidered hopeless
The cause of the shooting Is shrouded
n a family aunrrel. Tim inin,i ..,....
who is said to have been married only a
'little over a year, has a 14-vesr-old step
I daughter. It waa said at the police sta
Itlon that the girl had gone to a party re
cently and stayed late against the wilt
of her stepmother Trouble between the
two young women Is said to have caused
family estrangement with the result that
the woman shot herself last night. At
the hospitat the Injured Insisted that sho
had been handling the gun and that It
had exploded accidentally.
To 1,110k t l llnrittmre.
John Specter, living at Thirty-eighth
and M streets, was arrested last night on
tho Burlington tracks In South Omaha
on suspicion. He had a box of hardware
In his possession which the police said
he was unable to account for. Specter
Is said to have been drinking.
Splits .Severely llnrt.
Charles Splits, aged recluse, who has
lived on the river bank for many years,
was discovered yesterday In his cabin
! suffering from a broken hip which he
J had sustained five days ngo when an
I automobile ran Into him at Twenty-first
and & streets. Dr Hugo Chaloupka at
. tended hlin and ordered him to the South
'Omaha hospital.
I Splits has been a fisherman on the.
nvrr tor mam years. lat winter he
was taken til In his shack and was dis
covered In that condition by Chief of De
tectives James Shvahan, who sent him to
the hospital. Splits remained In the hos
pital nineteen weeks and had been out
only a short tlnu when the accident oc
curred lie is TJ years of age. and his
recovery Is doubtful.
Henry Thnrhr.r Injured.
Henry Thurber. 3J0 South Twenty
fourth street, fell Into a pit while working
at Armour's yesterday, lie was hurt
about the leys and back. - Dr. Huso Cha
loupka attended him and sent him to hts
1 e side nee.
J Mnjtlc Tit) tlo'alp.
I Office space for rent In Hce offli-e. 5S1I
I X street. Terms reasonable Well known
locntlon Tel South S7
St Agues' court. No. ,vs. Women's
Catholic Order of Foresters, will hold
Its regular meeting this evening at tho
Workmen temple. Twenty-fifth and M
Washakie tribe. No. . Improved or-'
der of lledmen, wilt held n special meet
ing Friday. July zt. st S p. m.
The Southeast Improvement rliib will
hold a meeting In the Mnrilson school In
Albright. All cltlseng of Albright aro
Invited to attend.
1 am a candidate for t lie? office of police
Judge and will appreciate your vote
The Ladles' Aid society of the Flint
Methodist chuivli held an Ice crenm
social lust evening at the church,
Twenty-fifth and K streets.
The Ladles ld society of the Hills
dale Ilaptlot church will glr nu Ice
cream social tomorrow evening at the
church, Forty-third and I streets.
The Southeast Improveiunt Hub will
hold a meeting tomorrow exrnliiK. Mat
ters of Importance to the south side resi
dents will come up for consideration
Tno commencement Issue of tho 'Pooler,
the high school paper was Issued yea
tctday. SubFcrlbers will obtain the Issue
at tho Stott Stationery company. Twenty
fourth and 1 streets.
Sidney Pitt of Persia. la . was In the
city yesterday on a business trip. Bar-
lev averag"d shout forty bushels an acre
In his .Mnvlnlty and corn l looking fine
A bumper crop Is expected there
A meeting of the local Kmial Fran
chise league was held last eenlng at the
houie of Mr and Mis John Hnlston. 1WS
North Twenty-third streets. Mlm Oath
rlne Costln of 1-exliintnn. snd Mrs M.
H. Munson, were the speaker
1 O Bobbins of Miller Neb . topped the
market In cattle yesterday nt J9.7S, with
two carloads of yearling Shorthorns and
. Ilerefords. He reports thnt corn Is look
' Ing good In Buffalo county and there
, Is every expectation for s good crop.
Sylvester l.ewls of Meadow drove, one
' of the largest hog ralsora and feeders In
, the stale, was nt the stock yards yester
1 day with six carload of Immune hogs
Mr. Lewis hss been a prominent factor
1 In pushing the work ot Immunizing hogs
! snd Is conldered an authority In the
C M Chrlswlss r ot Murray, was at
the stctk yards yesterday disposing of
some cattte He reports that crop con
ditions In Cms County arc nut ns good
as expected. Wheat only averaged twent
bushrls to the acre, while the ground
is get! ng pretty dry lo Insu-o a gofd
corn crop
A big plcnln and "'Ufllman' f stlvnl
will be given at flprlng lake at Floren' e
iiinday afternoon and evening by th
Nortlen Slmtlnn society. All Swedes f
Omeha and vicinity ar erperted to
t tul. There will be races, content 1 0 d
amusements of nil sorts, with a singing
proKrnm. two band concerts, rff ei'.i
mcnts and. dancing The cominlt'ee in
charge consists of F A Nclsin, .HI n
Prhell. Osear Kollvlk. F Setuerg atd
John l.arson.
. r.olnit to h" SIkvI'iI
I If you want to know in advance what
pictures are going to be shown at your
' favorite theater tonight, read "Today's
. Complete Movie Program" on the first
want ad pRe. Complete programs of
nractlcally every moving picture theater
Tn Omsha appear INCLUSIVELY In
I The lie.
Danish Society to
Build Danish Home
Tho Danish Building society has pur
chased property on the south side of
Jones street between Fifteenth and Six
teenth streets, on which will be erected
a Danish home, containing a stage, dance
. hall, gymnasium, swimming pool, lodge
and dining rooms, and offices of the Dan
ish Brotherhood. The building will prob
ably bo erected next year at a cost of
Officers of the building company aro:
President, S. A. Cornoer; vice president,
Chris Jensen; secretary, Frank V. Lar
sen; treasurer, J. Mlchaelsen.
Mexican Opens Fire j
On Burlington Cop;
Antonio Lopez, Mexican, Is in the city
Jail charged with attempt to kill as the
result of firing several .22 caliber bullets
at 8peclal Officer Lew Stoley of the Bur
lington last night.
Stoley camo upon tho Mexican prowling
j about some box cars at Sixth and Pierce
streetB. Lopez opened fire from a pistol.
He fired several shots at tho officer, none
taking effect. Ho then ran, but was cap
tured after a chase of a few blocks.
Thrnnt and I.nnir Troubles
Quickly helped by Dr. King's New Dis
covery; the first dose helps, best remedy
for coughs, colds and lung diseases. EOo
and 21.00. All druggists. Advertisement.
Culls from the Wire
Parcel post packagos in transit are sub
ject to scarcely any risk of damage, ac
cording to figures made public by the
Postofflco department.
Spurred on by the democratic caucus,
which has ordered a "hurrying up" of
legislation, tho senate interstate com
merce committee favorably reported the
revfsed railroad securities bill.
The debt of the national government is
a- greater financial weight upon the peo
ple ot each state except Artsona and
Massachusetts than the obligations of
the state. In which they live, according
to statistics Issued by the census bureau.
Drastic action by the United States
government in Haiti and Han Domingo
Is Imminent, but force will not he used
until everj' effort Is made to settle by
peaceful means the revolutions In the
twer- countries. President Wilson ex
Plained to inquirers the position of the
American government as ona of much
Estimate of the world's grain crops
this year, formulated by the International
Institute ot Agriculture at Rome, Italy,
and reported by cable to the United
Btates Department of Agriculture, show
n aggregate wheat production of about
: tr.Oi O.000 bushels or J4 6 per rent less
iiian last year in Great Britain, Belgium,
Hpaln. Italy. Luxemburg Kuronjan Uus
!at Switzerland t nlted States, Tunis. In
dia, Japan and Hungary
Friday, July 24, 1914.-
-Store News for Saturday BURGESS-NASH COMPANY
Sixteenth and Harney Streets.
IT'S HOT! And the Prices Have Melted Way Down for Saturday
Dainty Summer BLOUSES, $1.95
Were Formerly $2.95 and $3.50
HERE'S a (.'harming soli Bpo
cial for Saturday that will
appeal to scores of women who
have need of a pretty blouse or;
The bl'iuses aro all this sea
son's latest ideas developed in
fine voiles, lawns and organdies,
with long or short sleeves and
trimmed mi a great variety of
charming ways with lnees and
They aro broken assortments of our
regular $2.95 and $3.50 lines, that's tho
reason for this special clearing sale
Bnrgsss-H'ash Co. Second moor.
Clearing Trimmed Summer Hats
Formerly $7.50 to $10, for $2.98
IN FACT nt this price we offer you
choice from our entire stock of
summer hats. (Velvet and satin hats
Every hat is white in a splendid
selection of exclusive and individual
styles that were originally priced
from $7.50 to $10, choice, $2.98.
We advise an early selection for
the assortment is none too large and
naturally the best will bo sure to go
Sale starts Saturdav morning at
SrW) o'clock.
Bnrgsss-a'aah Co. Meoond rioor.
This Season's Biggest Values in Women's Dainty
Are Offered in This Clearing Sale for Saturday
'ThIjlKJii is an exceptionally wide selection of pretty styles,
J- tastefully fashioned from the reason's most favored
summer materials. Every pretty shade that a woman can
think of is represented as well ns plain white and quite a
few show artistic combinations of plain materials with
fancy fabrics.
The materials include:
Crepes, Voiles, Linens, Ratines,
Organdies, Rice Cloths, Eponges,
Lingerie Materials, Etc., Etc.
In fact, taken nil in all, it is one of the most important
offerings we have announced this season. There's a stylo
to suit every taste-a dress that will uppeal to you. All
sizes for women and misses.
Four great srroups:
were $5.00 to $7.50, now
were' $7.95 to $12.50, now 1 were $12.50 to $17.50, now 1 were $17.50 to $27.50, now
$495 j $795 $995
Our Choice-of-the-House Sale of Evening Wraps Dresses, Tailored Suits, Coats.
Etc.. Continues Saturday. Including Values From $25,00 to $59.50. for $15.00
Bnrgsss-lfash Co. H.coiid floor.
Two Big Hosiery Clearing Values
Women's JJOc Hoso, U5c
Black gauze, silk lislo nose, high
spliced heel, double solo and dou
ble garter topo; vera 50c a pair,
at , 2flc
Women's $1.00 Hoae, Uic
Pure thread silk, plalu block, (till
fashioned, high spliced heel, dou
ble sole, double garter top were
$1.00; Saturday, for .M)c
Snrreas-XTash Co, Main rioor.
16-button length, In white only;
washable; all sizes, fV to
Wo consider them excfillont val
ues. Surrs-Kash Co. Main rioor.
Was Formerly 1 9c to 50c
1,500 boxes ot good quality linen
luwn fabric and grenadine while,
also a few tints, box atatluuory, 24
sheets and 21 envelopes to match,
were 10c to 50c a box, at, . . . 10u
Burffsss-irash Co. Main rioor.
Clearing Sale Drugs and Toilets
Fl Nnpttia now. 10 cakes.. .. 39c
Jan Itoso soup, 1 rnkns for lVo
Omulia Family soap, 6 rake for. .B0o
I. &U, Nnptha soap 4o
Hafety matches, too for 3o
Diamond "C" soap, 10 cakes 03o
Whisk brooms. 16c kind 7o
Ivory soap, 0 cakes for lBo
Hani flush, ific can . .17o
Ilorui, :o-Mule Tsotn, pr lb So
Borax chips, large packatre. 19o
Household ammonia, 1 quart, ,..14o
Jad salts, "Go slse .......490
Horllck's maltfld milk, $;t.G0 hot. t.T4
I'lnklmin's veffutabls enmp Via
Barrsss-XasU Go, Main rioor.
Mens Earl and Wilson SHIRTS
Greatly Reduced in Price Saturday
IT'S the annual midsummer discount sale
which hundreds of men look forward to
with keen anticipation nnd needs no strong
comment. Tho sale includes
ever' Earl & Wilson shirt in
stock; soft or stiff; broken
lines but all sizes 3Va to 18
aro represented.
Tlie seaeon 's smartest
stylos and patterns aro, in
cluded in this sale Saturday,
also include two lines of
" Metric" shirts; fit and color guar
anteed for every shirt we sell.
$1.50 "E, & W." Shirts for $1.15
$2.00 to $2.50 "E. & W." ShirtB $1.35
$3.50 "E. & W." Shirts for $1.85
$2.00 to $2.50 "Metric" Shirts $1.35
Hurfess-Vash Co. Main rioor.
Choice Any Man's Straw
Hat. Were to $3, for 50c
YES! Tho size assortment of each
stylo is somewhat broken, but
most all sizes are represented. The
hats are nil this season's shapes iu
sennets nnd split braids, formerly
priced to $3.00, choice Saturday; 50 C
Men's Panamas and Ilangkoks Thnt Were
$4.00 and $4.50, Choice, $1.05
They are broken linos, but if wq have your
size It is the season's biggest straw hat snap.
Not a bangkok in the lot was priced for less
than $4.00 and the panamas were $4. SO or
better; your choice Saturday at 91,05
T-'unreai-Vash Oo Main rioor.
Men's 60c Wash 4-in-hands, for
Saturday Special at 19c, or 6 for $1
OWING to the very large quantity we placed on sale Thursday wo
find that we have some of the best patterns and
styles left and will place them on Bale Saturday at 19c,
sU for $1.00. For tho benefit of those who did not at
tend our Thursday's sale we will say they are the best
values we ever offered in tubular and De Jolnvllle wash
ties and to see them means to buy; sale price 10c; six
for 91.00
Bnrrsss-sTasn COv Main rioor.
Here's Another Opportunity to buy I
Leather Hand Bags at $ 1 .00
That Were $1.50, $2.60, $3.50 and $5.00
F we could place these bags
beioro you m your homo just
to show their real value import
ance there would bo no need of
this announcement. You with
hundreds of others would b.
'here long before the doors open
Saturday morning, eager to
sbare in tho extreme values of-
v fered.
However, through this announcement
and the display in tho window we antici
pate n big response and advise you being
here early.
The bags aro fine staple shopping
and novolty shnpo hand bags, 0, 10
and 11-inch leather covered or fancy
German sliver frames, real sea or
goat seal, silk or leather lined. Round
or broken bottoms with doublo strap handles; some
plaited real pin seal or Persian pin seal, silk or leather lined; uo'iie
have four fittings; othort pursr and swinging mirror; many hu'o the
pannier handles; black and colors; regular $1.60, $2. CO, $3.50 and up
to $5.00 value?, Saturday, choice tjl.oo
CliEis2Tash Co. Vain rioor.
Chilctren's 98c Wash Dresses in
the Clearing Sale Saturday at 59c
PRETTILY made of fine cham
bray, striped and checked ging
hams, long waist, Russian and
middy styles, daintily trimmed with
combinations of plain or plaid ma
terials for sizes '1 lo G years.
Children's fM.08 Drctkc, 91.2ft
Little Miss Muffitt and long waist styles,
sizes C to 14 years; made of cotton crepe,
plaid gingham and chambray, daintily
trimmed with belt, buttons and braid of
contrasting colors.
Again, Saturday, Boys Wash Suits
at a Radical Price Reduction
I F YOU havo a boy or two to clothe you cannot afford to
overlook this remarkable saving opportunity,
Hoys' Wash Hulls, Were 75c to 91.50, for 40c
Any suit In stock that was formerly priced
at 7rc to $1.50 is included. Ilusslan blouse,
Oliver Twist and sailor suits, In a wide selec
tion of chambrays, galateas, linens, etc., at,
chotco 40c
Hoys' Wash Sult, Were $2 to $4, nt Dc
Including Oliver Twist, middy, Balkan,
ItusHian and sailor styles, in linens, repB, gal
utoar, kindergarten and madras cloths; plain
white or fancy, were $2 to $4, choice... 80c
Hoys' Wash KuiU, Were $4.Ro to 90.60, 81. OH
Including such excellent materials as gala
tens, reps, linens, silks and kindergarten
cloths, in both white and color combinations,
prettily made up in Oliver Twist, dombey,
middy, Balkan, Peter Thompson, regulation
suits and Russian styles; wero $4.60 to $U.00,
choice 91 .OH
I toys' Honier uud Wnsh Hull.s, Were 50c,
Haturdny 0c
The materials are chambrays, galateas,
linens, etc., many pretty styles, including a
nu inner of Oliver Twist styles.
Dvrpess-XTasii Co-Kala rioor,
Children's JJOc Underwear, 25c
Gowns, petticoats, drawers, drawer
bodies, and white dresses, daintily trim
med with lace, embroidery and tiny
tucks, sizes 1 to 12 years.
BuraTss-sTh Co, Second rioor.
Men's $6.00 Nettleton Oxfords,
$445 in the Clearing Sale Saturday
rpHB headlines te'l the stor sufficient enough to pack this section
J- with men eager to shat
knows the merl'.i of tho fam
ous Nettleton ilior. Not a
pair priced under $0.00,
Saturday a' V4.45
$!l.60 Ox'urri nt H'J.05
The oifods are la Diitton
and lace atyhss, made of pat
ent, gun metal ond tnn Hui
ila leathers, modliim round
toe lasts, 'nfcuiini; comfort
is well us dre)y appearance,
Our regular $3.50 lines at,
kho pair Kil.oa
Women's 1.00 Pumps nt &!.0ft
Colonial with side ornament; tongue and buckle trim colonials and
flat bow pumps In bronze kid, patent, gun metal, cravenotte nnd satin.
Hegular $4.00 lines, at, pair ftf.oa
Women's $4.50 rumps nt $a.43
Women's dress pumps made from patent and gun metal leathers,
with two straps or flat bow trim; Saturday, pair, $3.40
Women's 9ft.ft0 Dress Pumps at S-.45
Women's dress pumps in the colonial and flat bow
' styles, made from patent, gun metal, kid skin and
satin. $3.50 lines, Saturday, pair $2.45
Women's $.'1.00 Wblta Canvas Shoes nt $2.35
Plain or tip styles, with Cuban heels, flexible soles,
made of good quality white cunvaa; former prlca
$3.00, clearing sale price ,