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    THE BEE: OMAHA, SA'ITUDAY .11 1A 2b, 1!U4.
Great Trouser Sale
The price show lion fur we've Bonr In our determination to make
it quirk final out-clearing of fill utimincr trouuoris; Ucv nIiow why no
many men will come Iwre to buy right now, when yon can tio an
extra pair of trousers for these warm lays, wo offer you tlicio big
$2.50 and $
$3 Grade v
$4, 54.50 $
Gigantic Mid-Summer Clothing Clearance
Thl is the time of year tilicn xc clean house to innke room for
full Rootle: you can lni) two suits here hatunlny for the price of one.
$10 Suits now $5.00
$15 Suits now $7.50
$18 Suits now $9.00
Sec Our
Anv Oxford Shoe
in the house, All A
Beacons included. M vOff
$1 and $1.25 grades Pongee
Shirts; all styles, 7C
Saturday (wC
Wash Ties, Avorth
up to 50c, special. ld 2i.
From Our Near Neighbors
V V. Sheldon fc at Lander, Wyo., this
week on business.
J M. Btone Is spendlns the summer
with his sons In Colorado.
Lena Carper of Kalrfax, Mo., I visit
Ins relative In Nehawka this week.
Miss Irene Norris from Attamoht, Kan.'
Is visiting relatives here this week.
Colonel PtJrm and wife are spending
the heated spell at Glacier Park, tyont.
Stuart Ilourh anil wife ure vlsltlnif
In the mountain stateii of the northwest. I
Samuel Humphrey and wife are with
tl.elr son-in-law, J. K. Banning-, tn Oregon
lor the summer.
Ttai' Van Tltltvin wmm It..! I rhiuu.
thla wk. to perform a marries cere-
Miss Isadore Fholdon treated her Hun.
day school class to a jolly picnic Wed
nesday. The Mlssea Klla Sllllman and Uuby
Damme of Burr are uutsts at the Uuy
Itood home this week.
Mr, and Mr, TT. 8. Thomas anfl chll
dren were over Sunday, guests at the I have an ODtlnx In the local park early In
John Wunderllch home. ' AURiiat.
Mrs. Kate Klnee was hosles lo Mes- t Miss Kmma Pliant who spent the wk
tlnmes Kirkpatrlek, Kropp. Carper and. end at the t.eaoh home, returned to Den
Mise Frona ICimo at dinner Wednesday. 1 son on Hunday.'
Mrs IlUfe (looiln)an ami dausrhtur
left for their Virginia homo this week
after a three weeks' visit with Nehawka.
J. J&ttaelvln of llesperht. Mich.. wits'
vlsltlnn old friends hero this week. Mr.
Mclvln Was a Iiloncer here In the errlv
sixties, but returned to iUchlKnn In Wf I
aim uecune very weauny- ' ,
Wrenltiir AVatrri
Mrs. U, 8. Thompson f Malvern, la.,
Is visions relatives here,
Mrs. John llnrrlson of Lincoln has been
vlsltlnsvit tho heme of her brother, B, .
Mrs. ij'rank llokelmsn U vlsltlnji hr
parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Kockwetl, nt
Aisson city, Neb. j
airs, lynma mrry has son to Falls
City for , visit with tier daughter, Mrs.
K J. Maeaer and family.
Mrs. J. At. ltanney entertained her sun
Glen's Bimday school class at thtlr farm
homo iVednesday evening.
Mrs. J, p. Rvov and little son have re
turned to their horn at Chicago after a
month' visit with relatives.
Mrs. James McNamme and dauibtera,
Mabel and; Maude, have gone tu Toulon,
III., for a three wteka' visit.
C P. Walter find famllv of IJnrnln
have gone Into a ten days' cr,rr)l at ono i
of the wooded spots along the banks of
Weeping Water creek
Itertha nd lUlmar Chnsteiison, twin
daughters or Mrs. and Mrs. II. p. Chris
tcnse.ii., entertained a fsw of their (Usnda
on their tenth birthday July IS.
E. py mode a record handling
newt)' threshed whial at Ilia alavatnr nu
day last wxek when In sevonty m.nutes
"iBiicM, .uumpti anu eievaieu lino me
car J, Its bushels,
R. HsroM Oeer will give an organ re.
cltl at the Conrgatlonal church In the
near future. Mr. deer waa n former
musician of tliU place and la now or
ganlst at i'all Ulver. Mass,
An Insane mn, who wave hta nsme as
joe Tracy, tvas discovered roaming the l
c. i..
into custody by the loosl polite and later i
taken to the wunty Jail by the ohsrlff. !
nuinnn), inn i;-)-ar-OIU aon or Mr, and i
Mn ki a w.
day morning on charge ot breaking Into
lh 5 "Tt " .teallnVne?
from the taah reglater. The lad was
taken to 1' it, ... ... iV.Z
Charae in the uvmii.
Judge Betson'a couit.
B, I Ireland ot Omaha wos ualllng
on Papllllon friends Thursday.
rjherlff Grant Chase attendM a meeting
Of sheriffs at Lincoln Wednesday.
Mr and Mr. Henrv MrKvnv nt n,.in.
were gueata of Mr. and Mrs, H, C. Mc -
voy hunoay.
Mrs. A J Lanxdon. who lion been
visiting her sister Mra. J. It. Wllnon fori
weeks, Is virlt'.ng relative at
Mrs. Claude Tuttle of Moulder, Wyo.,
formerly Mum Almeda of th'i,
ylace. died Saturday after a few days'
The Prrsbytarisn Sunday sthaol held
a picnic at Hameom park In Omaha
eoneoay uver lu werf iu
Mines Kittle and Sadie Horen uud lotf
Whslen and Itev. Father Doud of Omahs I i5r1 Henry I'l.senlioiim and children)
were guests of Mr. and Mra. Ioulil'1" home from a lslt to Oregon, Mo., I
Lsleur Hunday. Ht Wednesday. (
I Ulmer Horman and Mlis Ads C'hlcli.,
.IrvluRtun, j field. Iwth or this plee, wie united In
Mrs. Hendrickson spent Monday la Pre. " V,r'rt.,"'7Ja) - . , . .
monL . Alois hi well departed laat Monday fori
Alfred William and Clarenee Piiimi '"nan. Mont. Ho will vUlt Yellow.
went tS liniinB WdiTWM P' rt?,,w p4rk b,for ,lB r,,urn- I
Cheatar Hendrlck.n.i w.nt tn liavi.i ...M.ral A' ,wu 1 to Colorado?
Tuesday to vlait reutiv.; " ' '
x,,. rn... ' " u ". -
air, i. nariea uraucn or Kr.rmint vm.
lied at the it. It Urttastrr home Mvndty.
Mr and Mrs. H. C. Btewater attended
the funeral of Mr. Ileal at Omaha Tues.
Mrs. John Dlsh'k attended a surprise
psrty on her mother in Uenson Wednes
day afternoon.
Mr and Mrs, Harr Chrislopherson of
Omaha spent Sunday at the Albert thrla.
topherson home.
Misses Lisle and Harlln Urewsler enter,
talnad Miss IJIfrntlathe of Uenson Tues
dsy afternoon.
Metar. Htllla and !.oul llrewater of
North Omba are vlaltint st the 8. il!
Urewater home.
iMr-. J MUen of Omaha and Mrs.
Blanche Hunter of Here visited at the
Vein home Raturdar.
Mr and Mrs. B. a tyrewaUr vUited
55 and $6 $
$20 Suits now $10.00
$25 Suits now $12.50
$30 Suits now $15.00
Wifcon Bros. Silk Lisle Hose
including whites;
25c auality.
Olosrd Crotch Union
Suite, SI quality . . .
Clearance salo of Shirts,
worth to $1.00, 4fk
1519.21 DOUGLAS ST.
from Saturday tilt Monday at the Carl
lllbbnrd home st youth Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Madson of Kim
bsllton. Is,: Mr. and Mrs. Fred I'aulsen
of Bennington. Mr.' and Mrs. Nets Has
muiMn snd Maud Muuson were visitor
at the Deln horn,' Nundsy.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Nelson of Millard, Mr.
snd Mrs. Peter Johnson of Heneon, Mr,
and Mrs. Hans Hanson of Washington
county and Mr and Mrs. Alan Hazard
wrro visitors at the Jacobean horn Hun
ilay. neuiiliirftnn.
Mh Ous Junta- was an Omaha visitor
Charlie Puller has returned to his home
,1N,r Urtnn.
John Tlmneilev motored to . Omaha
Tueaday nwrnlns;,
Frank lllbbnrd of Irvltmton called on
Charles Qrsu Hunday afternoon.
C. J. Wilcox enjoyed the Ak-Bar-Ben
festivities at the Dtn Inst Monday even
Inn. Tli Danish brotherhood of Omaha will
Mr. )n Mrs, 4ul Niemann, whu were
recently married, were Intown two day
this week uaektnK Mr. Nlemnn's furniture
The LocrollliiB sssucla,tton will not hold
(fa annual picnic her as was anticipated,
hut have selected Krug rark as the place
and August 20 the date.
I). It. Klricliner's store now stands next
Id tha Mangold bank, and the corner lot
Is i raily for the excavation, bids for
which' aw now being called for.
Mr. and Mrs, Louis Niemann, who were
recently married, were In town two days
this week packing- Mr. Niemann's furni
ture preparatory- to moving It ti South
Omaha, where they are mnkliuc their
Mi. and Mrs. Swedeholm
of Wshoo
visited Mr. and Mrs. Kate.
Mr. aiid Mrs. Henry Uny called
frlcnda in th country Thursday.
Mr. and Mis. J. B. Fate are entertain
Ing Mr. Fate's slater from Weeping Wa
tr .
Mrs, Henry Bechsl and two children, of
Omaha, visited Thursday with her father,
A. 11. Hansen.
Mrs. James Calvert and little aon of
Columbus. Neb., ramo Friday to visit
Mr. (3MtK- r
?n,V. JT5.m. V
Mr. U. v, caivsrt.
Cslvurt and threo children
IVIUard. Colo.. Thursday to
visit relatlvrs here.
Mr. and Mrs. William 8chiildt and
Julius Rrhuldt and family motored to
Omaha Monday afternoon.
Twin babUs. a boy aiid girl, were bom
Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs. George
Psajch. They lived but a few hours.
Mr. nnd Mia. Chris Rolfs and Mr. tutd
Mrs. Mairus utte iuoto?i vo nosaiia
Thursday to -vlst Mr. snd Mrs. Oeorge
The contract was let Monfay night by
the school board for an addition of two
neW room to be built on the west side
of the school home.
The Mliaejt Bnbv and Helen Hansen of
Omnlia returned to their home Mituruav
t T8' m"..-!
Myr actomnanled
,, . .. , . ,
The ball inni and heraa race her
?,Vi,r,fty ",,. vVy Yll"Vindei'.,,i. JlJ!
Lffi PM ti5Riefe,k2H
i tn the LlKhom team. Mo l i ne now.
i raco was wn by a rorrel uwned by Max
I -oil a of Gretna, ridden by Dnn C.
Qnlnn, with George Kunla' herre a close
Mrs, Itoss DavU of houih Omaha Is
vltttlng relatives here.
Mrs. Sidney McCoull of Lincoln vliitel
'r'en this week here,
, mIm fculah Ilatea left. Monday
for a
month's vuut lit Colorado.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gorder Mnd family
! visited W. H. I'etero Sunday,
Mrs. Plnnsv. a alater nf Mra.
I). M,
Hearock. arrived here Thursday.
Mis Kdythe Coons of Steele City U a'
guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. Kd Jarmnn. f
Mia Kllrabrth O llrlon of the Vayna!
Normal Is a KUrtt of Mr. U A. Hates, j
I "'"ha Miiner ot umsha wss sues;
of Mrs. Floyd Davldton the fore patV
of the week.
1 M. "Y sertou II ntss of her aon
i ,,0o' I" a -lta
i itvre
Mi. Hrlly and a lter from I'eorl.
111., left hm Wednesdsy for the Yellow,
slorte iwrk mey will also lsit Glacier
l'm. iuniaii&.
The following candidates have beeni
liomlnatexl by tha republican for pr.
vlnet officers Asaeator. Frank Comte.
sr . Juatlfe ef the teae, Thomas NeUo.l;
road wriu, I), o Smith; contable, AV.
T. Hoberts.
Mr- c obrt arut family motored
to Fremont Tuesday
Mlas Bernlt Vail went to Maryavllle,
Mo., last week to visit lelatlves.
NI Knmark returned home Wedneadar
morning; from Cooperstown, N D,
Mr. and Mrs, W. B. William wsnt to
Uncoln Monday morntnf to attend the
Always I
funeral of their son-in-law, Henry Hnr
Uls of tyedgwlgk, Colo.
Mrs, J, A. Peterson and daughter. Miss
Demlta, went to Omaha Baturday,
Mr. Kdward Million of Kayseo, Wyo,, Is
vUitlng relatives and friends. In this vicin
ity, Mis. I). W. Lawnon and Mrs. Ella Wil
son visited tha Crowell Memorial home at
Dlalr Hunday,
Mr. and Mrs. Don Neber departed last
TMirsday for Kort ltobliison, Denver and
voiorsuo tipnng.
Mrs. Peter Peterson, Ml in Florence and
son Leslie and Arthur Ntbbq left Tuesday
for Colorado Hprlngs.
Hhea. tillfry has taken up his residence
tn Lincoln, having1 secured a position with
me .Mnoncan J'ixpreaa company.
ltov. Herman Hallerberc departed Mon-
(uiy wun nis laiiuiy lor jacxsoiiVM'e, ill.,
wnero no win spena nia vacation.
Miss George Unthank, who was grad
uated froip tha hlh school In May, has
secured a school near UnadUla, Neb.
Miss Nina Petherman rnmn un (mm
Omaha last Wednesday and will visit two
wocks at the home of W K. Hoberts.
Mrs. Harry Hearst and children and
Mis Kate Murphy of Omaha are vlalting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J, L. Million,
Mr. John Tofti departed Friday morn
Ing for 1'Txcelslor Bprlnxs, Mo., whern Mr.
Toft had been very III. , He Is now Im
proving rapidly. k
F. fl. Ileynolds recently received his ap
pointment us regular postoffice clerk In
the Council Uluffs terminal railway poat
office, to bfgin August 1.
J. W. Wahirlp has relumed
visit at Scoiiu.
George Wllhelm. of Dunbar.
from a
was .
visiu.r nr inuikuay.
1. M, Word and son Itaymnnd, were
Oinaha vlstors riaturOny.
Miss Sophlq Lindcrman of Uncoln, Is
the gurat of Avoca friends.
Ml Daisy Langhorst, of Klmwood,
was tha guest of Avoca trienda Tuesday.
hamuel Johnson and wife motorel to
Olltner tfaturday for a visit with rela
live. Mr, it, H. Combs and daughter, ot
Lincoln, are visiting at the home of Ora
1C Cops.
-Misses Kmma and Clara Marqunrdt
r spending a few weeks at a lake In
Miss Graco Williams of Wlnncbaco, U
vlsltirlg her sister, Mrs, Lter Hoback,
eust of town.
Mlsa AKneo Durham is here from Nor
(elk for a few day visit with her mother,
Mrs. l' Durham.
Mrs. William Morely la spendlnir the
weiek with rer alater, Mr. W. U Glllln
at Council Bluffs.
Simon Hehmeler, Ben Molir. G. 1).
Maseman and J. P. naamusaen, made a
trip to Button Tuesday.
The Misses Alma anil Agnes llollv of
Plattsmoulh wore visiting at the William
Baler home eaBt of town thl week,
. G. Wuti. J. K. McDanlel. Harry
Newman and Mr, McDonald, all of Platts
mouth, were visitors here Wednesday,
Misses Mabel and Lela Cutter, who
havo been visiting here for the past week,
havo returned to their home at Bethany.
Tho eleventh annual picnic of the Oi!d
Fellow will be held here Thursday,
July !, nv. W. M. F.lldH of Weeping;
Water, will deliver the address.
AVnter Hupply I.imt,
WVM0PING WATBn, Neb., July X.
(epeclal.) Tho continued dry' weather is
making tho water supply low at the rail
road pumplnw plant and the city water
work as well as tbe private wells. The
wal(..for the ra(lr)aa BUpilIy Unk ,
drawn direct from the creek, which, la.
now gettlnfi so low that a small dam has
bad to be put In. The city pumping
plant Is making arrangement to reopen
an artesian well, which was used last
summer. A light rain visited the vicinity
lust night.
Nrva N'ots of Grueva.
OKNBVA. Neb., July N.-.(SpeclaD-Whent
Is thrashing; out eighteen and
twenty bushels per acre. Corn la need.
Ins rain. A little felt last night, Inch.
Yesterday Peter Younger and family
loft fur their summer home In Wisconsin,
For Goffee, Cereals or Cooking
Hit It sn evsporstsd milk WITHOUT THAT COOKED TASTE
a milk that bn overcome th Ut
3tertlUd Uatweatancd
csn be used (or svery purpose (or which freth milk or ctesm i used
for bcveregti. for ctreaii, (or the baby's milk and tor cooking,
And it Is always (rth, sweet and pure. No dner of touring.
it, is gooa ana ui ur.uuini
Unionists and Nationalists Unable
to Find Common Ground.
DUrnanlnn Last lnt 1'orty Sllnntea
and rnrty I.endera Then I.enrc
1'iUncr Ilrdnionct la
Htflt llnnr I.ntr.
IONDON. July 21. Tlie fart that th
conference at Hucklngham palace be
tween the leaders of tha various political
forties had been rendered nbortlve by Its
fsilure to aree on the area of Vlster to
be excluded from the cvntrol of tho Dub
lin Parliament was confirmed by Premier
As'iulth In tho House of Commons today.
LONDON. July 24 According to tho
Liverpool Dally Post, ono of the leadinB
liberal newspapers. It Is frankly acknowl
edged today that tho effort mado by the
conferenco at Buckingham palace to re
concile tile conflicting, views of tha Irish
Nationalists and the Ulster Unionists
must be abandoned. The newspaper adds
that the report of this unhappy result of
tho conference of tho leaders .of the Lib
I eral. Conservative, Irish Nationalist and
! Ulster Unionist parties will be published
in the Court Circular this evening.
The Buckingham palac conference to
day was the shortest of Its four sessions.
The chnirman. the Right Hon. Jame
Lowther. Premier Asqulth K.rA Chancel
lor of the Exchequer David Lloyd-George,
j tepresentlnR tho liberals: Andrew Bonar
Uw and the Marauls of Lansdowne of
the redder conservative opposition. Sir
! Kdward Carson and Captain James Craig,
I later Unionists, nnd John Dillon, Irish
Nationalist, arrived at the palace at U
: o'clock, but the business session did not
I begin until 11:30 as John E. Kedmond.
a I. W ivilmimlnrsto till 111 IT WH H llfl If fin
hour lato. Dlscusalon of tho Ulster situ
ation lasted only forty minutes and tha
members then left the palace.
No statomcnt waa ulven out as to the
reeult of the meetlnK, but It was ovpocted
that Premlftr As'iulth would, make an an
nouncomont In the. House of Commons
during the day.
HKDItON, Neb., July 24, (Special.) It
has been announced by Walter H. Rhodes
of Hobron. democratlo condldate for con
gress In tho Fourth district, that he huu
not filed an acceptance of the petition
signed by voters of th progressive party
in tho regular form, but In tho following
certificate, which will leave It up to the
secretory of state to Interpret tho mean
ing of tho word affiliate. Tho law re
quires that to nccept the nomination
from another party a candidate must
miller oath swear that he "affiliates with
the party named In the certificate." Thl
Is what Mr. Rhodes say:
i ivnltop if. Tthmlea. belnK duly a worn.
.,,i nv Unit I affiliate with tho
democratic party, and have filed, as a
candidate Of ald party tor nf muwu
nr....m.n lennrth district. Nebraska;
thai i. netltlon has been filed by tho
,,r th nrnarrcailvo Darty of said
district requestlmj my name to be placed
on the official primary ballot ot the
progressive party for tno primary vwu
twin tr, i.o hetii on the Uth day of August,
1314. aa a candldato for the of flee- qf con-.
r....r,,.n Fnurtli district. Nebraska.
I hereby state that I affiliate with tho
progressive party In those principles
u'h.rain the national tJatform of the pro
gressive party are Identical, or similar
ta, and ugreo with tho principles ot Ine
r the democratic party, said
proKrcsalve principles being" closely allied
to democratlo principles In many respects,
while the principles of tho republican
partv platform and the profrressivo party
ni.iinrm r larcclv antaRonlstlc. I
further state that I will abide by tho re.
aulta of said primary. u qiecieo, win
qualify and serve as mien orncer.
llualneaa t'linng'.
WBKPINO WATER, Neb., July 24.
(Sneolal.) The confectionery store ot
John T. Crosier, and S. V. Glrardefs
general merchandlso 'tore, are to change
hands August 1. O. H. Olive has bought
ths first named business, and Johh
Croilor. the present proprietor, has
formed a partnership with his brother,
Henry, to buy out tho Glrurdet store.
Mr. Glrardot will rotiro from active Dual
nes life, after thlrty-ono yearn spent tn
tha aame line at this place. G. 11. Ollvo
has spent over thirty yoars no printer
nnd newsDiiner man In tho town and
was postmaster eight yoars.
JFnnner Hurt In Itunuvrny.
TECUMBKH, Neb.. July I4.-(8pecial.)
rvt'tlllain Spcckman, a welt known farmer
who lives ten miles southeast of Tecum
seh. Is suffering with a fracture and
other Injuries caused by a runawoy accl
dsnt. Mr. Speokman and his two sons,
William and Hddle, aged 12 nnd 8 years,
had been to Johnson and had startod for
home. Their team became frightened at
an autumublle and ran Uway. The rlK
waa upset and a.t first It was feared Mr.
Sneckman had been fatally Injured. Ha
was unconscious for soma little time,
William escaped without Injury, while
Eddie was somswhat out up.
Sale of Dresses
Our entire stock formerly sold
up to 115,00. divided Into two lots,
at 83.0.1 and $tl.un.
Up to $2.00 Wttlats at 3c.
ORKINS, 1510 Douglas Street
qbjettloo to an evaporated milk.
nciinets iu mo ian arop.
Suits formerly $22.50 nnd
$25.00, at $13.75
Union Suits of nainsook
at 65c?
Choice Men's Straw lints,
at $1.00 V
Washable Four-in-hands,
at IOC
1.00 Pnjama Suits 75c
75c Blouses, now 59c
$1.75 Wash Suits, at $1.05
$2.50 Wash Suits, at $1.45
$3.00 Wash Suits, at $2.25
Norfolk Cloth Suits at big
In this Semi-Annual Cash Raising Sale of
ours, we have gone to the very limit; cut
prices as never before. All goods slated for
clearance are to be forced out at whatever
prices they will bring and turned into cash, no matter
how great the sacrifice to us. This
brings you a grand opportunity to save-money . on
good furniture. Your dollars neyer had:suctj; buying,
power before. You can furnish two rooms at: the upual
cost of one. Don't wait another day; come at once.
Davenports, Rockers, Chairs, Lamps, Rugs,
Carpets, Bedding, Steves and General Henehraishiags
There are othor articles too numerous to mention here. , There;is an.extensive lino
of living room good?. Bed Davenports in oak and mahogany, also Divans, Morris
Chairs, .Rockers and small pieces, in all woods and all coverings. All priced at sur
prising figures.
Mode of sotld oak,
French bevel mirror
Think of It, only..
ly mado solid oaK
niBht or
in solid
.-11 l..ll
them, swoll fronts.
now jroins; at
Handsome 125.00 Buffets.
sold oak. different
rintnnes, now
Blogant Buffets In solid
oak, massive and well built.
different finishes.!
fine Iluf
ik. differ-
to bai swept awuy, .
now at.
Racrtflca of very fine Iluf-
fets. quartered oak. uxirer-
ent nnisnes, to do i
Closed out now
Other flno buffet, oak
caae. also some In mahog
any, Wees uxe lean than
half In Home cases consid
erably less.
Brass Beds
Brass nsds. 2-Inch n RP
poatn, Jlffrint K JIW
slsos. while they last U.UU
Splendid Brass Beds, heavy
Sxandaome beds, n ,!
extraordinary sac- M f l
rlflco. now at only. UU
Very handsome Bras Bads,
largo mavalve tub- in "IP
InK, fine bedB. iro- ill f f
Ihk now at only . . U W
Kxtro. flno Brass Beds, elab
orate desjima. guaranteed
lacquer, now at.
saa.uu. suifc-jo.
117.80 and)
The Beer for Ute Hoae Hotel, Club and Cafe
sP2 Values for Saturday
There are still 309 pairs of
fine shoes for woman and
children to be sold at the
reduced prices.
Ladies' $3.50 to $5.00 Low
Shoes $1.85
Children's $1.75 to $3.50
slippers, now $1.15
Children's beuch rompers in
Trhiie madras, blue or tan
ufrnnibrny, ages 2 to G yre.
Reduced from 85c to. 49c
Creepers of plain or checked
ginghams, ages 6 months
to 2 v ears 49c
1516-18-20 FARNAM STREET.
Solid Oak
There are just Jhirty Dining Boom Ta
bles in this lot, selected solid oak, well
mado tables. $20.00 tables at $10.75;
$18.00 Tables at $9.75; and $15.00 val
ues to bo swept away now QC
at only Ibwv
Other Extension Tables
Ono lot or Tablea, $16.50 nnd 17.00 valuoa
at S8.75. 8ora t 22.00 Colonial TableB now
at 811.00. ? 2 5.00 Tables now at 12.00.
yiT.UO Tables at 812.95. Maestro, ologant
Tables, $30.00 values, at 814.50, A few
$45.00 and $60,00 values at less than half. All
at sensational prices.
.Tiii. riiTTfsMilTMM
Anheuser Busch Co. of Nebr.
Family trad supplied by
G. H. HANSEN, Dealer
Phone Douglas Z60S
Women's "beautiful summery
dreBses with long Russian
tunics, in fine white iui
2?orted crepes and fine
striped voiles ; .regular val
ues, $17.50 to $22-50, now
at $12.00
Small women's and misses'
finest imported, fancy
flowered or bordered
cropes and colored voiles;
$13.50 to $15.00 values,
-now $9.75
Broken lota ol lino Summer
DressoB lor Juniors and Small
Women In Ratine or Flotrered
Crepes ana Flowered Voiles,
former -prices Tip to $12.00,
now at .S5.O0
Special lot of handsome
Dressers, largo bevel
mirror. They golj Qf)
Dressers, excel 1 e n 1 1 y
mode, bevel mirror, $18
values Q "7K
now O.IU
Dressers, solid oak, value
now at JJJ
Dressers, oak, value $30,
Dressers, oak and ma
hogany, value l rn
$35,, now .... .. I4.DU
Dressers, walnut, value
now at....f 17,00
Others, very fine pieces,
values $30 to $90, all at
less than half real value.
One lot of chiffoniers,
made of solid oak out
they ko now. a if
at, each fl In
Other Chiffoniers In oak,
mahogany, bird's-eye
maple and Circassian wal
nut. All cut to the very
nnw. tj
v- iriaMua aoa iieotai Lnsessea
wltboat (he ui of a knlte. Mm chlor
ererm, cthar or alhei eneral an.
aasiheuo used. No unnecessary de-
" vasuwa. jlh aDsoraio aura
sTuarsotsed la every aM aooepied.
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writteaeusrAtB that the cure will list
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