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July Clearance Sale of Fine Dresses
We offer three exceptional values of FINE SUMMER DRESSES:
66 Colored Crepe and Voile Dresses in plain
and figured patterns, that formerly sold
for $10.50 to $17.50, Saturday.
White Voile and Crepe Dresses, slightly
soiled and mussed. These white dresses
formerly sold for 812.50 to $27.50. There
are 27 in this lot and priced f or
Saturday at 3)0UI)
! Austria's Ultimatum to Servia
Causes Apprehension.
Should Ifr Hack Ui Servia Cenrrnl
War In l',trrii Knrapr In
I'rolmlilc I'nnlc on
Ilrrlln llnurse.
Sale Starts
8:30 A. M.
52 Silk Afternoon Dresses of crepe de chine, pop
lin and taffeta; exclusive styles, (hi I r7f
worth $27.50 to $55, Saturday at.
Sale Starts
8:30 A. M.
Because of the values offered, we cannot make alterations, send on approval, or ac
cept the return of these dresses for exchange or credit.
Specials for Saturday in the Men's Dept.
f $3.5
I at
50 and $4.00 Shirts, on sale Saturday
Special Sale of Wash Ties, worth 35c,
at 15c; 2 for , 25c
Sale of Silk and Silk Mixed Coat Shirts, $3.50 and $4
values, all good patterns, sizes 14 to 17, on $1 7Q
sale Saturday at this VERY SPECIAL PRICE P 1 '
75c High Grade Belts, Saturday. . .3714c
Shirts and Drawers; values to 75c, at 35i5
$1.00 Athletic Union Suits 65c
50c Silk Hose, 35c; 3 pairs for $1.00
25c Paris or Boston Garters 17e
$1.00 Muslin Night Robes, full cut and
extra long, Saturday 85c
In The Store For
You will find many July
bargains. Dainty, exclusive
blouses are marked at great
S24.50 Blouses . . . .$12.75
$17.50 Blouses $9.25
$12.50 Blouses $6.75
$6.50 Blouses $3.95
$3.50 Blouses $2.10
$3.00 Blouses $1.85
$2.75 Blouses $1.59
Special on Women's and children's Gauze Underwear
12l2c Gauze Vests, now 8 Vic
20c Gauze Vests, extra good quality, now 12V&C
35c Lisle Vests, plain or fancy tops, now 25c
65c Gauze Union Suits, fitted or wide knee, now 49c
A small lot of Boys' Shirts and Drawers, regular price 25c,
now 10c
Saturday Hosiery
Black Lisle Hose, 50o qual
ity, 35,c pair; 3 pairs.. $1
Black Cotton Hoso, 18c a
pair; 3 pairs for 50c
White Lisle Hose
. . 25c, 35c, 50c a nair
Sale White Em
broidered Piques
$1.25 White Embroidered
Piques $1.00 a yard
$1.00 White Embroidered
Piques 75c a yard
$1.50 White Embroidered
Piques $1.25 a yard
Kayser's Long Silk Gloves, $1.50 a Pair
For genuine good service, buy a pair of this excellent
This is a glove value, being firm and of heavier texture, it
insures you wiih a good wearing, good fitting glove.
Black, white ar.d colore $1.50 a pair
Ask to see this number.
July Sale Bath Towels
45c Turkish Bath Towels
at 25c each
50c Turkish Bath Towels
at .39c each
75c Turkish Bath Towel3
at 50c each
85c Turkish Bath Towels
at 59c each
Toilet Articles
Peroxide Bath Soap
8VsC a cake
Wildroot Shampoo Soap, 2
cakes for 25c
Nail Piles 10c each
Rubber cushion Hair Brush
es; double bristle, 79c each
HKHL1N. Julv 24. The crave noaalblll-
' ties connected with the strong Austrian
noto to Sen In, which virtually took the
form of an ultimatum demanding the
suppression nf the pan-Servian movement
and tho pun'shment of those concerned
In the assassination of the late Arrhduhe
Francis Ferdinand, are recognized In of
ficial circles here. It ts teallzed that fur
ther serious developments In Austro-Ser-vlan
relation! are Inevitable unless Ser
via complies with the Austrian demands.
It is believed in authoritative quarters
that the Servians will yield unless as
sured of BUpport from outside, and for
this reason official' eyes here are today
turned less toward Belgrade than to St.
Petersburg, where the council of minis
ters Is expected to settle tho question of
peace or war.
Germany Approves Action.
It was stated tliat Germany had not
been consulted regarding tho Austrian
note to Servia before its delivery, but that
it thoroughly approved the step taken
And was prepared for all the consequences
that might ensue from It.
It was pointed out that should Russia
tuka part against Austria, Germany was
fully prepared to draw the aword on be
half of Its oily in accordance with the
terms of the triple alliance of Germany,
Austria and Italy. Comment In h rsr.
man press today strongly supported Aus
The stock market broke badly under the
fear of general Europoan ' complications.
Securities In large amounts had been
unloaded at the declines and the breaks
In Austrian and Russian specialties as
sumed almost a panicky form.
Demand of Austria.
VIENNA, July 23. An Austro-Hungar-lan
note to Servia, containing demands for
the suppression of the pan-Servian move
ment and tho punishment of those con
cerned In the assassination of Archduke
Francis Ferdinand, was presented to tho
government at Belgrade this evening.
Tho note request a reply by o'clock
Saturday evening.
Attempt to Compose Hailroad Wage
Issue Kear Failure.
Farther KegotlnUone , Depend on
Answer of KnirlnMen r to
J hmirxl Note Submitted
I by the Hoard.
CHICAGO, July W. Continuance of ne-
t gdtletlona by the federal board of medla-
tlan and conciliation In the attempt to
J compose the wage differences between
I the engineers and firemen of ninety-eight
5 western railroads and tho railroad man-
S agers' committee hung in tho balanco to-
j Blnce Monday there have been dally
t meetings of the board with the labor offl-
clals and the railroad managers, each
I meeting separately.
As matters now stand the federal toard
is awaiting word from the engineers and
firemen, and on their message depends
t the continuance of the meetings ot the
board, '
8 The men seek changes In service rules
jf and Increases In pay, principally in the
overtime schedule, and declare their re
's quests arc Just and reasonable.
e The railroad managers insist that to
comply with the requests would' bo to
lnr.AniA Hi,. nM.Aiil nRVrrilli htf ISt Y)0 '
LOW. Arbitration of tho differences hns
been repeatedly refused by the head of
the unions on the contention that In pre-
vious cases me ran rot-as nave noi neia
If themselves bound by the arbitration
Nearly U,(fx men are directly concerned
In the outcome of the dispute, and a much
(, greater number would be affected should
:j the differences lead to a strike ot the
' employes,
Negotiation between tho employes and
the managers' committee have extended
, since last October and were suspended
Ust month during the taking ot a strike
II cte.
It was announced by W, 8. Stone, grand
. chief engineer of the Brotherhood of I-
; romotlve Engineers, and W, 8. Carter.
l.airman of the Brotherhood of IxconK
'J live Firemen and Englnemen, July M that
the vote in favor of a strike if the re-
iuests were not complied with, was nearly
The railroad managers then appealed to
the federal board of mediation and con
ciliation and the union officials accepted
the proffer of the federal board's services,
body of the little fellow was blistered to
such an extent that physicians, called
Immediately In an attempt to savo him,
wero unnblo to do much to relievo his
Colombia Treaty
Roundly Denounced
WASHINGTON, July :t.-Uenounclng
tho. administration's attitude toward
Central America ns a "policy of sur
render and national degradation," repre
sentative Humphrey, republican, of
Washington today attacked the proposed
treaty to pay Colombia 126,000,000 for the
'partition oC Panama. He defended the
methods by -which the United States dur
ing President Roosevolt's administration
took control of the Panama canal cone
and declared there was nothing in the)
transaction which demanded an apology
to Colombia.
it would indeed be a fitting climax to
discreditable foreign policy," he de
clared, "should this administration that
has surrendered the Panama canal to
purchase the friendship ot Oreat Britain
and tho Influence of the transcontinental
railroads, that practically caused this
great nation to declare war on an Indi
vidual, that still continues Its stupid,
vacillating blundering policy in Mexico,
to now add to this policy of weakness
and surrender, the additional degradation
of having this nation apologize for de
feating an attempt at blackmail and to
pay the nation that failed In Its criminal
undertaking ot 25.00O.Q0O, to help the
hurt that honor feels.' "
Dor Hcalded to Death.
l.BOLA, 8, P., July :.-8peclal.)-Fll.
ins into a pall of scalding' water while
playing about the house, Frederick
tfchoenfelder, the S0-roontb-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. F. C. Sohoenfelder, was liter
al!:' boiled alive, receiving injuries from
which he afterward died. Tha entire
f Choice of the House
lj Your unrestricted choice of any
L Woman's Suit. Coat or Drees Jo our
"'entire stock, Saturday at $10.
ORKIS, 1510 Douglas Street
Kdsr I nnttn.
CAM II RIDGE, Neb., July M.-SpeciaU
The funeral ot Edgar La. Butts, who died
at his residence in this city on July SO,
was held at the first Methodist Episcopal
church of Cambridge Wednesday, Rev,
Allen D, Rurresa, the pastor, and Or,
John Oallagher conducting the services,
and tha Ancient Order United Workmen,
ot which he was a member, participating
In a brief service at the grave. Mr. Butts
was one of the pioneers of OanXridge
where he has been actively engaged in
business for twenty-nine years. lie was
aged 53 years. 'His widow and five daugh
ters survive him.
Cyrus IS Boyd.
Cyrus P. Boyd died at a local hospital
In Omaha yesterday. He Is the father of
Frank Boyd, assistant cashier ot the
Omaha National bank. The' body was
taken to the old home at Alnsworth for
Interment. Five children survive him.
They are; Prank of Omaha, Mrs. Lloyd
Hanna, Mrs. P. A. Baldwin. Charlea J.
Boyd of Alnsworth and Mrs. It. H. Cook;
and Mrs. John Huffman ot Pes Moines.
Mr. Charlea Peterson,
YORK, Neb., July S4.-(8peclal.)-Mrs
Charles Peterson died Wednesday at toe
country home, five miles northwest ot
the city. Bhe was IS years old. The fam
ily were early settlera in this city and
removed to the country only a few years
Thomas ration.
HOLBROOK, Neb., July S4.(6pclal
Telegram.) Thomas Patton, an old resi
dent living two miles northwest of town,
died early this morning after ssveral
months of Illness.
Czar Uses Cavalry
and Machine Guns to
' Suppress Strikers
ST. PETERSBURG, July 2.-Strong
measures were taken by tho authorities
today to suppress the strlko riots which
have been In progress for several days in
the streets of tho capital during which a
large number ot casualties have occurred
In the conflicts between the police and
Cossacks and the striking workmen.
Considerable leniency wns shown during
the presenco here of Raymond Poincare,
president of the French republic, but im
mediately after his departure four regi
ments of cavalry ot tho guard and two
regiments ot cuirassiers under tho com
mand of General Kasnakoff arrived from
Krosnoye-Selo to assist in suppressing
the disorders. They brought with them a
number of quick firing machine guns.
A squadron of the newly arrived cav
alry at once came Into contact with the
strikers, charging and dispersing a crowd
ot them.
The authorities estimate the number ot
strikers at 185,000, but it is believed the
total Is greater.
The street car service, which lias been
Interrupted for forty-eight hours, was
restored today. This fact Incenxod the
strikers, who hurled volleys ot stones at
the cars and their drivers as they pro
ceeded through the streets. Several dem
onstrations were attempted, but the
tnanlfeatanta were quickly dispersed by
In the meanwhile the police fired a few
shots at the windows of private homes
from which stones had been thrown down
at them.
One feature of the strike ts that the
movement has been Joined by many
government employes.
tpn Thursday, aged U years. Ho Is sur-
vveu uy a widow and three children.
J he business men of Do Witt win
Servo AUgUSt C as "Skirt ntlH Tllnnrr...
Day," tho principal feature on that day
ucing a oaii game between a local nice
of bloomer girls and a picked team of
old tlmo ball players. The DeWltt
boosters will mako an automobile trip
through Saline and G air ft cmintlon nn
July SO to advertise the big annual event.
airs. Clyde Neff, wife of Centerflelder
Ncff of tho Beatrice league ball team.
was removed to tho Monnonltn hrnitni
Thursday, where she underwent a serious
AINSWORTII, Neb.. July 34,-(8pecial.)
The Brown, Rock and Keya Paha
Counties Medical society met at Long
Pine Wednesday evening and had for
their ruesta the doctors up and down
the line of the Northwestern. They or
ganised the Western Nebraska Medical
association, with Long Pino as the an
nual meeting place. Dr. James M,
Tlsche of Woodlake was elected presi
dent. Dr. W. O. Colburn, Stuart, vice
president. Dr. J. C. Tucker, Iong line,
secretary and Dr. T. J. Iawsoii. I-ong
Pine, treasurer. O'Neill will be the next
mid-year meeting place, meeting ot which
will be held tho third Tuesday in No
Note front Bent rice.
BEATRICE. Neb., July M.-(8peclal.)-
Flre of unknown origin destroyed the
large barn of D. N. Burroughs In this
city early Thursday morning, together
with ten tons ot timothy hay, harness and
other contents. Mr, Burroughs suoceeded
in saving hla touring ear, and In do
ing so waa burned on the right arm. The
loss is placed at 11,600, with F700 Insur
Miss Marie Lambertl of this city has
been electtd principal ot the lfolmesvllle
schools for the coming year
John Oneas, formerly of Beatrice, died
at his home three miles north of Swan-
ATCHISON, Kan,. July 21. Atehlaon
claims the most reliable washerwoman
n this country and the record of Mm.
T. H, Bailey is produced to bock the
assertion, iast night when Mrs. Bailey
took down the family washing from the
clothosllne at tho home ot O. B. Buck
sho completed tior f'frih i-nnwiii,'
year as the Buck family washerwoman.
BEATRICE. Neb., July 24.-(Siiecial.)-
II. E. Sackett, candidate tor governor
on the progressive ticket, Thursday had
City Clerk Garrett chango his party
designation on the registration books
from republican to progressive.
II r. Lovell Bound Ovrvr,
YORK. Neb., July S4.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Dr. Roy Lovell was bound over
to the district court by Judge Wray on
the charge of shooting at Edward Ashley
in a livery barn at Bradshaw about a
month ago. His ball of S900 waa con
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Into fact, but this effort waa defeated?
Mr. Ruamlsel will be exonerated. There
Is nothing else to do but exonerate him."
Attorneys Forftet Krlendiihlp.
Miss Edith Alderman, the chief In
former, a teacher who wns discharged
from tho faculty of- the Omnha High
School of Commerce, was discredited by
Mr. Ruemlsel's witnesses. This turn of
the case caused a bitter controvereey be
tween Attorney C. A. Goss for Mr. Rus
mlsel and Mr. Blmeral. At one point In
the taking of testimony Mr. Blmeral de
clared he would have "busted" Mr. Goss'
nose "If tho table had not been between
Mr. Goss nnd Mr. Hlmeral have hereto
fore been friends, but oach ewiiu vnrv
caustic toward tho other, and threats
and promises of dire things were hurled
back and forth durlnff the examination
of witnesses.
The caso closed with the testimony of
Mr. Slmcral's character witnessed, in I
rehuttal. Among these were Miss Louise j
biegner. Miss Susanne Redfleld, C. M.
uush, Rev. Thomas M. Evnnit. Ml
Pauline Devereese, Miss Lota Huth nnd
Miss Chappell.
Two members of the Omnha Wnm.n',
club Mrs. N. H. Nelson and Mrs. J. H.
uumont, who attended the henrfnir mm-
Issue a statement covering thedr Impres
sions of the evidence. This statement,
by order of tho chairman of the judiciary
committee, will bo withheld until th.
coinmltteo'a report has been submitted
to i no Doara.
Store of the Town
Browning King &? Co.
Make the Most of Your Money
Merchandise Values were never greater nor prices
lower than now. Our End-of-the-Season Sale is
.the wise man's opportunity.
There nro still good selections in our Men's Fancy SulU
Itcduced from $20, $25. $30, $35, ?40, to
$14.50, $18.50, $24.50
All Boys' Wash and Wool Suits at 20 to 50 Discount
Straw Hats
Bangkoks, Leghorns and Panamas
Greatly Reduced
Geo. T. Wilson, Mgr.
I aaaaaaaaaM7J--,r iiiTW
LONDON, July 24.-That they have
arreln been outmaneuvered by the call
for the home- rule conference Is the belief
expressed by the unionists, here. They
believe that the Initiative for the confer
ence was talfen by Premier Asquith and
not by Kins George. The premier's one
object, they say, was to Kaln time and
prevent a provisional government In
Ulster being constituted until after Par
liament had adjourned, thus avoiding
criticism and the possible defeat of division.
TelejtranO-Offloers of the executive com
mittee or the Omaha-Lincoln-Denver
highway consisting of 13, A. George, Lin
coln, president; C. W. Meeker. Tmrw.Hol
U. H. Urown, Omaha, vice presidents; V.
A. Taylor, Hastings, treasurer; Adolph
it. fteiu, lioidrege, ecretary, and A. B.
Bannttt, Fiank Bannott, C. P. Lehn, Mc
Cook; and W. A. Reynolds, Indlanola,
reached here, this afternoon at 1 o'clock
and were entertained by the Commercial
club and citizens at luncheon. On a trip
oer the highway. Lincoln to Denver, they
left Lincoln Wednesday morning and are
due In Denver Saturday noon traveling In
auto. They ray the trip Is Interestlne,
the road splendid and they have been en
tertained royally along the route.
2,475 for First "Pickwick."
At Sotheby's recently a first edition of
Dickens' "The Posthumous Papers of the
Pickwick Club" brought $2,475. The pur
chaser wns Robson. The copy contains
all the wrappers and advertisements of
the original edition, and Is regarded as
the finest extant. London Cable to New
York Times.
Action Said to Be Ordered Over
Keokuk & Western Branch.
Declaration Mnde that System I
Destroying- Competition, and
Cnsr Mast Be. Settled
In the Conrts.
iKrom a Staff Correspondent.)
DBS MOINES, la., July U. (Special
Telegram.) The matter of tho nevoranco;
of the Keokuk and Western broach of Old
Burlington system, from tho Burlington,
may be settled in federal court, as it!
Is declared hero that tho government legal
department has Instructed District At
torney Porter for th southern Iowa dis
trict to investigate the cpmplalnts made
that the Burlington Is destroying com
petition by operating parallel roads.
This would be a first step to bring suit
under the anti-trust law to have' tho
Burlington sell the road.
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Maltre Chenu: "Give me the letters
to tear them up,"
Judge Albanel disposed of the question
for the time being by saying the let
ters would be confided provisionally to
Maltre Chenu as representing Mme. Uuey-
dan and to Maltre Labor! as representa
tive of M. and Mme. Calllaux.
The Judge took occasion to announco
that in accord with the jurors and tha
attorneys, tho arguments would not b
finished tomorrow, nor would the court
sit on Sunday.
Charles Foil of the Figaro, Etlenno
Grosclaude, chief editor of the Journal,
and Gustave Vlterbo, a writer, thert
testified to their conviction from their?
Unowledge of the late Gaston Calmettd
that he would not have published purely
private correspondence.
Power of Wealth.
"Wombat's wife wants to go on thn
Bt"vfell, he's rich enough to build a thea
ter for her."
"Yet. and to hire an audience." Kansas
City Journal.
lluertn Ilenches Klnuatoii.
KINGSTON, Jamaica, July 24,-General
Ituerta and the party ot fugitives from
Mexico accompanying him arrived here
at noon today on board the German
cruiser Dresden from Puerta Mexico.
Department Orders.
WASHINGTON, July .-(8peclal Tele
gram.) Abna C, Boper has been ap
pointed peatmistreas at Lneey, Stanley
county, South Dakota, vice Rose Ashby,
The Merchants Exchange National bank
of New York has been approved &a a re
serve agont for the First National bank
ot Stromsburg, Neb.
Choice of the House
Your unrestricted choice of any
Woman's Suit, Coat or Dress In our
eutlre stock, Saturday at 110.
ORKINS, 1510 Douglas Street
I J 4V slYM L4cW . Y4H
IM-JiT li IT 11 J
Julius Orfcin
1510 3OTTGIA.S ST.
Semi-Annual Offer:
Your Unrestricted Choice of any
in our entire stock regardless of the former
selling price, cost or worth, Saturday, at $10
This sensational offer means
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urday and select any wo
man's or misses' tailored suit,
coat or dress, no matter
whether the former price was
$25, $35, $45 or more f or . . .
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Saturday we will Bell 50 dozen fine waists
in scores of 6tyles and ajl sizes. QC
nctually worth to $2.00, at OoC
Up to $15.00 DRESSES $3.95 and $6.95
All our summer dresses that sold for and
up to $15 will be divided Q QC OC
into two lots Saturday. . . J OT-DW
JULIUS ORKIN, 1510 Douglas Street