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July Clearance Sale of Suits
An unequaled opportunity to purchase a fine suit
for travel, outing- or street wear.
Every suit in stock goes in this sale at
$7.45, 910.50, $12.50 and $14.50
The Store for Shirtwaists
Dainty Blouses at Reduced Prices.
Friday Specials Which So Many
V omen Have Waited For
Such values m you will find Friday nre not ob
tainable elsewhere nt nny tJmo. . Xot oven hero, when
present lot nre dlpocd of. Frlday'n extraordinary
yards Novelty Voile, $1.25 quality, color
blue, for 81.61
7 yards Mercerized Foulard, reseda green, for 982
7 yawls French Voile, 75c quality, color old
rose, for SI. 10
1 1-0 yards French EnonRC, !2lnch, $1.25 qual
ity, color blue, for S1.00
a yds. .Drown Novelty (for skirt) , remnant, for JJ4ti
5 yards Floral Crepe, 75c quality, remnant, for 98
44 yards French Vollo, 42-lnch, 75o quality,
color heliotrope, remnant, for Sl.QO
OH yawls Imported Voile, 42-Inch, color maize
75c quality, for 81.30
4 94 yrds Navy Poplin, remnant, for 79J
from of llko value. Main Floor.
(Continued from 1 ate One.)
line of Connecticut to the. St. .Lawrence
river and the Canadian border.
The New Haven, the bill declares, re
torted to many elusive and roundabout
methods to cover Us tracks In perfecting
Ita combination, tt acquired properties,
got stock control. Impoverished competi
tors and bought them In, and resorted to
many Illegal practices to attain Us end.
New England makes, tho bill says,
about ,000,000,000 worth of products an
nually and there Is consequently heavy
movement to and from that section, so
that a transportation monopoly there Is
of vast Interest to every section of the
I nltcd States.
The government nllcRes that existing
tc millions havo led to unreasonable, delay
In delivering frclRht, use of Inferior and
unsafe rolling stock, the lack of roper
signal systems and safety dovlces, the
destruction of tho autonomy of the units
new combined In making rates, the sup
pression of competition among theso units,
the diversion of freight traffic- to the
New Haven company, Bn effort to In
'Tease freight rates and dilatory and arbi
trary methods In dealing with patrons.
Demands) at the (lovernntr lit.
The brief ts one of the most compfchen
slve filed by the government In any simi
tar suit. Today's bill asks that the New
Haven bo stripped of Its ownership In the
New England railroad, which parallels Its
famous shore lino from Uoston to Now
York, and that It be mado to give, up Its
so-railed Sound steamship linen, the re
tention of which was under the agree
men', to bo loft to tho Interstate Com
merce commission. It the court takes
the view of tho case presented In the bill
the New Haven may find Itself divested
or almost everything but Us main line
along the Connecticut and Ithode Island
coast between New York and Boston,. with
tJ-ort projections Into the Interior of these
No mention Is made In the bill of the
rights which the state of Massachusetts
I aa in regard to the Uoston & Maine com
pany, but it Is believed that Massachu
setts will ask and receive the govern-
ir-nt permission to Intervene In the esse
ta preserve those rights.
(Continued from rage One.)
'('.imp. whose team was also the best In
the tournament five years ago, Is 33 years
old. and a native-born Bohemian, having
been In the United States only eight years.
He comes of a family of turners and has
two brothers and a sister In this tourna
ment Tbey are Charles. : Vaclav, , and
!tose. 30, all of the Detroit Sokol. The
champion lived at Detroit also, until his
rcmantlo Sokol marriage and his removal
to Cedar Rapids to take a position there.
Wu Wife Willi- t'liaiiolonahlli.
The girl he murrlMl was a turner girl,
and he had known hsr only three weeka.
When he entered, tho Amatbur Athletic
i)!i n meet at New York he declared he
We Offer You
The Choice of All Our Mid
summer Trimmed Hats Friday
Hats That Were $12.50, $15 to $25
at the Low Prices of
$1.50 and $2.95
$3.50 to $8.75 Untriramed Hats, all col- QCc
ors and black; fifteen good shapes, for
A Value-Giving Event That You Should Not Miss
NEW YORK, July S3. Along with the
names of former Governors Odell, Dlx,
White, ami Suiter that of Mrs. O. H. I.
Uelmont Is suggested by George Henry
l'nyno as a candidate for tho assembly
on tho bull mooso ticket, provldod that
ticket Is headed by Colonel Roosevelt for
In a lengthy letter to Roosevelt Pay no
saya: "Tho assembly of this stato Is a
Joke, It Is a training school for boss'
fledglings. If 100 men wcro willing to
gtvo up-ln the spirit of Jury duty-a
portion of their time to the state, the
session would not last fifty days, the
state would bo saved hundreds of thou
sands of dollars, absurd legislation would
be laughed to death nt its birth, corrup
tion would become a Gargantuan mem
ory and perhaps, who knows? we
might have that strange and unheard-of
thing a legislative body with an Imag
ination and an Idea."
would marry bis sweetheart If he won
the championship. He did so, 'and was
married the next dsy. fcver since then
his wife has been till most ardent sup
porter. In the morning contest the pre
liminaries were held In callsthenlc drills
by teams of six men from each city
represented, and In all the apparatus
work and the JOO-yard d'uah. Finals in
tho side horse apparatus contest were
reaohed. and the other apparatus finals
were completed this afternoon. Running
high and broad Jumps, ring work, pole
vaulting, shot putting and other events
were also held In the afternoon.
Twenty-six Judges and numerous scor
erf, timers and other officials were kept
busy all day, and the big meet went off
smoothly, with no hat prostrations and
only one minor Injury, a slight ankle
sprain sustained by one of the visiting
athletes. Drs. Kalal and Louis and
Frank Hwoboda were on hand, with a
hospital tent and full first aid treat
ment In case of emergency. Mrs. Dr.
Stastny will look after the turner glrU
when they compete Friday.
Entries In the tournament Include the)
1,500 Remnants of beauti
ful Wash Goods, everything
from a waist length to a full
dress pattern, for Monday's
selling. See Sunday's papers
for particulars.
July Sale of White Goods
50c White Checked Dlinlty 35J J'nrd
5o Whlio Checked Dlinlty 25i '"l
a5c White Hllklzcd Taffeta 15 yard
25c White Itcpp Suiting a yard
July Sale Shirt Waist Linens
50c atMnch Linen Walstlng 25 yard
05c .10-Inch Linen WnlstliiK 332 ynrd
00c no-Inch Linen Wnlstlnjr. , 3)i n yard
July Clearing Sale of
Middy Blouses-Basement
Final 'July Clearing Solo of high grado gala
tea Middy Ulouses; some slightly mussed, in two
lots, Friday:
LOT 1. mouses values to $1.08, Clearing
Sale. 08c
LOT 2. Ulouses values to $1.00, Clearing
Sale aoc
following first and second division teams,
In addition to a number of girls and Junior
First Division New York, 7; Chicago,
7, Baltimore, C; Cedar Rapids, 7; Long
Island, 1; Omnha, 3,
Second Division Now York, 3; Detroit,
7; Cleveland, 7; Chicago, 8; Oklahoma
City, 1; Ccdnr Rapids, 7; Omaha, 4; South
Omaha, 7; Milwaukee, ; Schuyler, 1; Bal
timore, 1; Iowa City, 3; long Island, 1;
St Paul, 1. '
Girls Knle rtnlneil.
This afternoon thy visiting Turner girls
woro the guests of tho local girls nt
Carter lake for swimming, boating, a
dinner and dancing In tho early evening.
At 8:15 this evening tho singing club of
the Omaha Sokol will give an entertain
ment at Turner ball, followed by a dance.
One of the features of tho tournament.
wlll bo tho swimming contests to bo held
Friday afternoon, cither In tho Young
Men's Christian association plungo or nt
Carter lake,
That tho Turner contestants are sturdy
and need no special training table or
diet Is shown by t(io noonday meals fur
nished thorn at Turner ball between tho
morning and afternoon contests. Their
menu today wus as follows: Breaded
veal, cold baked beef, boiled potatoes,
potato salad, bread and butter, oranges,
bananas, Jelly rolls and coffee.
Haw to Cure u Sprain.
A sprain may be cured In about one
third tho time required by the usual
treatment by applying Chamberlain's
Liniment and observing the directions
with each bottle. For sals by all drug
gists Advertisement
Beatrice Loses Coal
Rate Contention
WASHINGTON. Jujy I.-Rates on coal
from Milwaukee, Chicago, East St. Louis,
southern Illinois fields, southern Iowa,
northern Missouri, the Kansas-Missouri
and Spadra. Ark., districts to Beatrice,
Neb., were pronuunced not unduly pre
judicial as compared to lower rates to
Lincoln, by the Interstate Commerce com
mission today, and a complaint by the
Beatrice Commercial club was dismissed.
Untitle rhaiiKri In lixeter.
HXETBR. Neb., July 33.-Speclal.)-F.
C. Meltner has disposed of his hanl
waro business to James T. Hourvicks of
Beaver Crossing, who Is now In charge.
Mr. Meltner Intends removing to Kansas
where he will engage In the lumber busi
ness. W II. Taylor haa transferred his gen
eral storo to his daughter, Ida M. Tay
lor. Mr. Taylor was the longest In busi
nes of any business man In Exeter.
t.ood Outlook for furnoi,
CAMBRIDGE, Neb.. July BS.-(Speclal.)
This section of the state received MS
Inohes of rainfall last night, which as
sures the greatest corn crop ever raised
here. The corn Is fully two weeka ahead
of tho ordinary season and with the pres
ent abundant moisture the most reserved
estimates places the crop at a fifty to
sixty-bushel average In Furnas county.
Bee Want Ads are ot Inestimable value
to both employer and employe. They cost
but a trifle and urn nulrk In tirlnulnv
returns Advertisement
Board of Control Finds Way Out of
Deficit Dilemma.
Stale Instllnllons thnt ro linn.
nlate Low to llnre Help from
fFrom a Staff Correspondent 1
LINCOLN, Neb., July 53.-fSpc. lal ) A
solution has at last been found by the
Stato Board of Control of tho problem of
making up deficits In the maintenance
! funds of the various state Institutions.
Attorney General Martin has given out
an opinion In which he says that It Is
within tho power of tho board to use
lo.CJU of Its general appropriation for the
purpose of making up the deficit in the
maintenance fund for the girls' Indus
trial school This principle will apply
equally well to deficits' occurring In the
maintenance funds of the other state In
stitutions under tho control of the board.
Tho appropriations for several of theso
Institutions, including tho penitentiary,
aro running low, and tho ability of the
board to use the general appropriation
of IW.OOO solves the entire problem.
Where Money Comes From.
The attorney general rules that the last
legislature mado on appropriation of H0,
000 to the board of commissioners of stato
Institutions for the miscellaneous ex
pendltures of the board, and for Inci
dental expenditures for tho various In
stitutions. The appropriation authorised
the board to expend tho JW.OOO for such
purposes as It might deem necessary.
The attorney general makes It clear that
in his opinion tho board may use this
fund to mako up the deficit In tho school
maintenance fund, but states that the
altering of books and records In tho stats
auditor's and state tracsurer's offices Is
a question of bookkeeping with which
he la not familiar, although these offices
may recognlzo vouchers drawn on tho
general appropriation for the maintenance
fund of tho Geneva Institution.
IlrnliuiKr, Suit Aiipenleil.
Drainage district No. 1 of Richardson
county has appealed to the supreme court
from a Judgment of 7,000 returned against
it by a Jury In the Richardson county dis
trict court In connection with the
straightening of the Nemaha river. Al
bert S. and Roy Daggett were awnrde.t
1,000 damageH by the Board of ADorals-
ers for damage done their mill, which is
situated on tho river. The plaintiff do
clared tho dralnago ditch took the water
from the river nnd deprived their mill of
power. Tho brothers appealed to tho dls
trlct court and a Jury returned a vordlot
awarding them 37,000 damages. The
dralnago board Is shortening the river
through Richardson county from a length
of slxty-flve miles to a length of thlrty
ono miles.
Approvnl of Reapportionment.
Chairman Epporson of the progressive
wing of the republican party haa let It
be known that he will move In the com
ing state convention to put Nebraska re
publicans on record as approving the re-
aportionment lan of the national com
mlttco for the next national convention.
Appeal from Judgment.
The Gagnebln-Wells Engineering coin
any, Edward J. Cornish and Scllna C.
Cornish have appealed to the supreme
court from a Judgment of J7.60O obtained
by Mike Dudslnzkl, for Injurlos received
through tho alleged ncgllgonce of the de
fendants. Dudzlnzkl was a carpenter em
ployed by the engineering company In
Eaat Omaha near Carter lako In tho
construction of an Ice house, owned by
Edward J. Cornish and Sellna C. Cornish.
Call for State Warrant's.
All outstanding state warents, total
Ing about 3a,000, have been called In
by Stato Treasurer George. These war
rants have been Issued since July 1, all
prior Issue having recently been called
In. Large remittances received from
various county treasurers. Including thoso
of Douglas and Lancaster, has made pos
sible the taking up of the warrants. In
addition to these remittances the treas
urer has been using the money In the
univorslty building fund.
UeTlsliiK Ilurnl Study.
The stato committee on the revision
of tho rural school course of study, this
morning mot in the office of State Su
IKHlntendcnt Dclzell. The members of
tho committee present were: W. A.
Voder, Claud I Alden, Mary E. Foster,
Aletta Neff and Edith A. Lathrop,
Ynrdsge Hearing Set.
The state .railway commission haa set
October C, as the date for hearing the
Union Stock Yards company of Omaha
In the matter of yardage .rates.
Neiv Phonei System.
Tho Stato Board of Control this morn
ing awarded thee ontract for the installa
tion of an Intercommunicating telephone
system at the Norfolk 'hospital for the in
sane, to the Stromsburg-Carlson Tele
phone company of Dea Moines, la. The
contract price was a little 'iver $1,000.
The Norfolk Institution fa operated 00
the cottage basis and a largo number of
tcolophnes aro necessary for the various
buildings. The state has been paying tel
ephone rontats to tho amount of $300 a
year besides rentals for the cable.
Knox Flttnres Lower.
The total valuation for Knox county
this year la $5,821,733, according to tho re
port of the assessor of that county this
morning received by Secretary Seymour
of the Stato Board of Equllazatlon. The
decrease for this year Is about $17,000, tho
figures for 1913 showing $5,8U,S97. These
figures aro on the assessed valuation
which Is ona-flfth of tho actual valuation.
No Mor Distilleries
The Stato Railway commission has can
celled the date of the hearing on distil
lery products from Stoux City to Omaha,
because the distilleries no longer exist
Candidates In Arthur,
In Arthur county, the new county
created by the last legislature, a full set
of candidates are out for the various of
fices. Both democrats and republicans
have full tickets In the field accordm,?
to a private list of candidates that Is be
ing tabulated by Deputy Auditor Minor.
In Banner county the list of candidates
Is far from complete, there being no can
didates for some of the offices and but
one candidate for others. The republican
and socialist parties are the only one
having candidates entered.
Ilualneka Changes at Laurel,
LAUREL. Neb., July 23.-(Speclal.)
The clothing firm of Henry Bros., Laurel
and Wakefield, was dissolved today. A, T.
Henry, resident manager at Laurel since
the establishment of the store here five
years ago, retiring. Elmer Henry, son
of C. A. Henry, the Wakefield partner,
succeeds to the management here.
Work Is In progress repairing the school
building and furnishing a room In the
basement as a gymnasium. About $1,000
will be expended.
EbbEIb1&. " ' Isbbbbbb!?
NEW YORK, July 23. As long as for
clgn Immigration continues there can be
no race sUlcldo In this country, says Dr.
8. J. Baker, head of the bureau ot child
hygiene. "Allen women rear larger fam
ilies than Amcrlcan-born women," she
says, "but even without them I should
not fear race suicide, because I believe
people aro as Interested In babies as they
ever were."
Sheriffs Will Meet
in Cincinnati Next
LINCOLN. Neb., July 23.-Clnclnnatl,
O . was named ns tho next annual meet
ing place ot the International Sheriffs'
association at the final business sesston
of tho convention, which closed hero
shortly after midnight. Amalgamation
with the International associations of po
lice chiefs and railroad special agents,
was discussed, and a committee appointed
to confer with committees from the other
organizations with a view to forming an
International peace officers' association.
The convention of tho sheriffs In 1915 will
be held at the same time tho other offi
cers convene at Cincinnati.
Officers elected at the closing business
session were: Louis Eckhardt of Daven
port, la., president; L. G. Calder, Saska
toon, Canada, vice president, and Wil
liam A. Gerber of St. Paul, Minn., sec
retary. All wcro re-elected.
Eight Drug Victims
Ask to Be Locked Up
ROCHESTER, N. Y., July 23.-Driven
desperate by their Inability to purchase
heroin, cocaine, morphine and other habit
forming drugs since July 1, when the new
state law prohibiting the sale of thoso
drugs becamo effective, eight victims of
drugs, nil young men, applied to tho po
lice yesterday and today and asked to bo
locked up. Several of the men declared
that If they were not placed In confine
ment they feared they would cither com
mit murder or self-destruction. To meet
tho situation steps have been taken to
open a hospital for the detention and
treatment of the victims and others who
may apply.
Sir. SuMnnna II. Slnkelln,
MADISON. Neb., July 22.-(Spoclal.)-Mrs.
Susanna B. Makelin, wife of Will
lam Makelin, passed away yesterday af
ternoon at the family residence, death re
sulting from general complications. Pu
rlin na Batten was born December IS, IS&t.
at Schamburg, 111. She was married to
William Makelin in 1S75. In 1SS3 the
deceased, with her husband and young
family came to Madison county and
took up their home on a farm a few
miles south of Madison, where they
lived and prosperled until some four
years ago, when they retired to the pres
ent residence In this city. The deceased
Is survived by her husband, William
Makelin; five daughters, Mrs. Joseph
Llnder, Mrs, John Jacobsen, Mrs. Den
nis Vanoyen, Mrs. Will Harvey nnd Mrs.
AValtcr Loutch and two sons, John W.
and F. C.; nlso one sister, Mrs. Mark
Richardson of this city.
David Scott.
NORTH BEND, Neb., July 23.-(8pe-clal.)
The funeral of David Scott, who
was tho oldest resident of North Bend,
took ploco this afternoon. Mr.. Scott,
who was born In Ireland In 1R21, had
lived In Dodge county since 1S63. His
widow, four sons and four daughters sur
EXETER, Neb.. July 23.-(Speclal.)-Mlss
Anna Margaret Hammond, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hammond, pio
neer residents of Exeter, and Mr. Matthias
Becker, also of Exeter, were united In
marriage by Rev. Father W. McDonald,
pastor ot the Catholic church here, at
10 o'clock Wednesday morning. A recep
tion and dinner was given them at the
home of the bride's parents at noon.
They will mako their home here.
Note from II eat rice.
BEATRICE, Neb.. July 23.-(Speclal.)-Charglng
that on two occasions her hus
band threatened her life with a revolver,
Eunice Brown of Bameston Wednesday
filed suit for divorce from Charles E.
Brown. She prays for a divorce and ali
mony. Dr. D .A. Walden. who located In Bea
trice In tho early seventies, died suddenly
at his home In this city. Ho was one
of the bebt known physicians and sur
geons In this section ot the state and
was prominent In Mason circles, being a
Knights Templar and a Shrlner. Ho Is
survived by his widow and two sons,
County Judge H. D. Walden and Dr. C.
W. Walden. both of this city.
nrrge Speaks at Albion.
ALBION, Neb.. July a-(Spolal.)
George W. Berge spoke here last evening
to a fair sized crowd on the court house
Mjuare. He dovoted his entire time to a
careful analysis of the state expenses
and outlined his Ideas for an Improved
administration of economy
Coroner of Des Moines Looking Into
Clubbing Man to Death.
Eye-Witness Declare Pollecmnn
AV'nn Extremely Rnuah In Hand
ling John Doyle Pntchln
Detailed to London.
(From a Staff Correspondent
DES MOINES. July 2J.-(Speclal Tele
gramsCoroner James Lee and the po
lice department nre today making two
separate Investigation Intn the rinth nt
j John Doyle, escaped patient from the In-
sano ward of the county poor farm, who
wp.M ctubbed to death last night by
Mounted Patrolman William Bahlor near
southwest .Ninth street and Caulder
avenue, whllo resisting arrest.
j One of the only two eyc-wltneses to tho
ciunoing 01 uoyio 101a uoroncr Lee this
morning that Bahler had used his club
I cxeccsslvcly and that If he bad been
I able to get out of the house In time she
would have prevented further clubbing,
Tho eye-witnesses Mrs. Tom Glllcsplo,
wife of the custodian of South park.
Patchln to London.
Phillip Patchln, former well known
Des Moines newspaper man, has been
made London correspondent of the New
York Trlbuno and with his wlfo and
baby will sail for England shortly. Mr.
Patchln has but lately returned to New
York from Mexico, whero he was one
of the ten men representing big eastern
papers to Interview Huerta. Prior to that
ho was the Tribune's correspondent to
(Continued from Page One.)
child labor in such a manner as to abol
ish It; pledgee painstaking Investigation
of the roads question In tho state, so
that money spent for Improvements may
bo spent to the best advantage: favors
changes In the workmen's compensation
law so ns to do away wtilt the present
unjust discrimination In favor of un
married men; declares for physical valua
tion of railways of the state as a means
of fixing on adequate rates; favors gov
eminent ownership of telephone and tel
egraph lines that private monopoly of
thcso means of communication may bo
The platform opposes the contract
labor system In tho stato reformatories
and declares that prison labor should not.
be brought Into competition with freo
labor; favors legislation that will give
the traveling salesman, railroad man and
others whose employment keeps them
almost constantly away from home the
right to vote wherever they may Chance
to be on election day.
The New Committee,
Dr. J. W. Reynolds was chosen chair
man of the new central committee for tho
coming year. This was dono at an even
ing meeting of the new committee.
Reynolds Is from Union county. The now
central committee by districts Is as fol
lows: Second District, August B. Balluff,
Scott county. ,
Third District, Charles Rogers. Harden
Fourth District, Tom Donovan. Chlcwa
sow county.
Fifth District, S. C. Hub, Tama
Sixth District, L. S. Ivcnnlngton, Jasper
Seventh District, H. H. Crenshaw. Dal
las county.
Eighth District, Dr. J. W. Reynolds,
Union county.
Ninth District, J. J. Hughes, Pottawat
tamie county.
Tenth District, W. J. Branagan, Palo
Alto county.
Eleventh District. Earl Uronson, Clay
Stnml by 'Wilson,
While tho convention waited for the
report of the resolutions committee, sev
eral speeches woro made. National Com
mitteeman Martin J. Wade spoke In bo
halt of the democracy In general and
President Wilson In particular. He also
announced that ho had not been for Wil
son in the primary campaign In 1912 but
had been a Champ Clark man, "How
ever, after tho convention," he said,
"every true democrat In tho land was for
Woodrow Wilson." He was cheered on
this, point.
John T. Hamilton, candidate for gover
nor spoke, saying he had no quarrel
with the rank and file of tho republican
party, but felt that he and his party could
administer a better nnd more economical
government for the state than the re
publicans had done.
Henry Volmer, congressman from tho
Second district, grow heated In his speech
snd echoed some of tho religious fight
that had entered Into the state primaries.
Connolly Is a Catholic. He defeated
Meredith, a Protestant, in the primary
fight for the nomination for the United
States senate. He said there was really
no occasion for making it a religious
fight, nnd announced that all tho talk
of a "monaco" is Idle, and that "the only
menaco I lecognlze arc the conscience
less A. P. A. assassins."
Bee Want Ads are an Index of today's
necessities a tabulation ot the things
that are the most sought for, the most
needed In the business world and the
realm of the household. Advertisement.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. July 23.-(Spe-
cial Telegram.) Ras Rasmusson, council-
man, was found dead in his barn this I
morning. Rasmussen, who conducted a j
retail grocery, arose early to feed the!
delivery horse and, as Investigation j
shows, waa stricken with heart failure.
Ho leaves four children, the oldest 11
years. The wife died two years ago. The
coroner found no Inquest necessary.
New Mnaontc I.odae at Rzeter.
BXETKR, Neb.. July 21-Speclal.)-(
The Masons of Exeter and vicinity have
completed the Institution and dedication
of their lodge and the election and in
stallation of the officers. Grand Master
Thomas Davis and Grand Custodian Rob
ert E. French conducted the ceremonies
before a very large number of delegates
and visiting members from other neigh
boring lodges. The following officers
were Installed: Worshipful master, II
Jennings; senior warden, Frank Alns-
ntortli; junior warden, A. 8. Ingels;
treasurer, W. H. Taylor; senior deacon,
J. R. Klotz; secretary, George Sprague;
junior deacon, Fred Neumann; tyler, W
R. Graul.
Ilncklen's Arnica Salve
Should be in every home, ready to apply
to all burns, bruises, sores, cuts and
scalds, heals quickly. Sc. All druggists.
v. az d-f m ii vim
Dr. Bradbury, Dentist
1S0S Farnara. Phono 3. 17S?
21 Tears Same Offlcs.
Money-Back Guarantee If we cannot
please you
ACrown or Bridge Tooth $2.50 Up
Dost Work Warranted 10 Years.
Send for Illustrated nooklet nre.
Lake Okoboji
For the accommodation' of those
wishing to attend the Woodmen
of tho Worlfil Encampment at
Lake Okoboji July 27th to August
& ST. FAUX BAHWAY will run
a npeclal train, leaving Omaha at
S A. M. Monday. July 27th. to
arrive at the Lakes about 5 P. M.
same day. Special train return
ing will leave Okoboji at 8 A. M.
August 1st. arriving at Omaha
about 5 P. M. Round trip fare
8.20. Information andi tickets at
1317 rarnom Street, Omaha
W. O. W. Bldg.
Mrs Jinsfow's Soothing Syrup
It is time to select a school for your
boy. The Zfsbraska Military Academy
offers healthful location, modern fire
proof buildings, the best cure and in
struction. Good roams, good beds and
good things to eat. Prepares for col
lege nnd business. Knrolliuuiit has be
gun. School opens September 16th. For
information, visit tho school, talk to our
patrons nnd address
B. B, HAYWAED. Superintendent.
Lincoln, Nebraska.
(Formerly SL Joseph's collect)
BoardingSchool for Boys K m
I II eh b'chool tnd Collet Courses letdlni to
Dschelor of Arts. Uacbelor of Letters ni
riictnlor of Hcl-noo dtsrees.
Illustrated Soureuir sad Csttlocus Seal on
rn quest
Finlay Engineering College
AM Bruchet EBctnserlnf ; enrsU sy
lira; nschloery in errstios;
std nljhl seuws. Plnlsy Bids.. 101k
ul Itidltru. K. C Me. Att rof
caltlegs A. nunc test S9k.J
Tel Jed Sokol Gymnastic
Rourke's Base Ball Park
JULY 23-26 Inclusive, 9 A. M. to 6 P. K,
Tickets on sale at
Myers-Dillon Drug Company.
Townsend Gun Company.
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co,
Mosher Cigar Store. 13th and Farnam,
Cermak. Druggist, 13th and William,
Qsneral Admission, 25o and 50c B
erred Seats 75c.