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Sara Root Print It Now Beacon l'rrs.
Xlfa Monthly Inoonia Gould, Heo niUs
ridellty Storage & Van Co., Dour. 1316.
Clffht-Inch Illeotrlo rana for homo use.
i 50. Burgpss-Graiulcn Co.
Wanted Oood City oana Prompt
closing Klret Titiet Company of Omaha,
Whtn you know g-aa llRhtltiR you pro
fer It Omaha Oas Co.. 1509 Howard St
Nebraaka Savlng-a and Loan Aia'n.
offers Investors complete security, a
ronvfnlnf form ot Investment anil
Hhoral arnliiRs. IRK Fsmnm St.
"Villa" at Carter lake Or K itolovt
ehlner Is completing; the construction ot
a largo "villa" on the Carter Lake club
Kmunds, five lots north of the entrance.
Wants to locate Her Father Mlsrf
I'.tnel Slolghtholm of Kansas City, Kan.,
writes to the police aaklnK that her step
father. Robert XV. Ulake, a hou?o painter,
bo located.
"Today's Cowpleta Morle FrofTam"
may bo found on tho first paa of the
classified section today, nnd appears In
The Ueo EXCLUSIVELY. Find out what
tho arlous moving picture theaters offer.
Charged with Fortrlnc a Oheok Cliff
iiiatle was bound over to await action
of the district court when lie was ar
raigned In pollco court for the forgery
of a signature to a $14 check.
Vliltlntr In Criaaha Mrs Wnnb n-,..,.
Kwasscr and daughter May of Pittsburgh.
Pa., Is tne guest of Mrs. M. Newman, 2M
Ilurdctto. t stret Mr. A. Newman and
little daughter Sadie of Sioux City, la.,
are the guests of Omaha Newmans also.
Walker on Camping Tour President
C. T. Walker of tho Hoard of Education
and his family will leave Sunday for an
extended automobllo tour through Kan
sas, Mliaourl and Iowa. Mr.Valk'er vlll
carry tents and full camping-out equip
ment. Women Aak for Divorce Mrs. Ufav
Karct Hill has miod James Hill- for di
vorce, alleging desertion. Mrs. Alice Dil
lon has brought suit for divorce agalnBt
Alfred Dillon, alloglng failure to support
her. She asks that her maiden name.
Allco Cdrter. bo restored.
nig Bupply of Calendars The Union
1'aeifio has placed tho order for tts an
nual supplvof calendars for 1915. Last
year the order was for lTS.OOX This year
It is for 200,000. In style and color tho
calendars will be tho samo as In tho
past, except that tho worlds "Union Pa
cific System" will bo added.
Knocked from Bloyole K. Evers, 3062
AVoolworth street, was seriously hurt
when ho was knocked from his bicycle
at Twenty-ninth and Farnam by the auto
driven by Joseph Pick, Uintah apart
ments. The, Injured man was taken to
the Nicholas Senn hospital. As it was
evidently a caso of unavoidable accident,
no arrests were made.
Comba Baok from Denver T. L.
Combs, president of the American Na
tional Retail Jewelers' association, has
just returned from Denver, where ho at
tended the annual state, convention of tho
( olorado Retail Jowelers association
Monday and Tuesday last Ho says that
Henver Is -in golden nttlro for tho Elks'
Golden Jubllep 'and that the decorations
nro wonderfully beautiful.
Three Hundred sixty Million Year
l Plxril nn l.onn Thronuh Ito.
dents Depreilntloim,
Hats. mice, files. niDsnultocs and the
various forms of body parasites have al
ways been held In contempt and disgust,
1 alnd always and everywhere have been
regarded as vermin. Crowlna knowledge
of the Impsrtunt role played by these
lower forma of animal life In the trans
mission trf disease I ample Juttltlcatlon
for this feeling. They are exceedingly
The Journal of the American Medical
association comments on a recent article
In the Farm and Fireside, which dls-'
cusses the amount or damage done in this
country by rats, and estimates that thero
am In the United States at least 3WW0.0M
of theso Animals, alike destructive to
property and dangerous to hettlth. Rata
are said to destroy IIWAO.OOI orth of
grain every year In this country, or
enough to feed one hen for every man.
woman and rhlld In the nation. The an
nual cost of inrs to the nation Is estl
mated at 8tf.O0OOM
In addition, the rat population of th.
country forma a fertile field for the dis
semination of bubonlr Plague, which only
heeds a starling point In any of our sea
ports to spread throughout the coutilrv
and cause the loss of thousands of lives.
In the same Issue of the Form nnd Fire
side, b-it in n. vrrcrcn: rtpaitmnta Ap
pears an artlile on the cattle tick. In ,
which it is vstlmated that the dltfctenre
, between the market .slue of an animal I
free from this parasite and one infested
, vlth It Is about M a inw. nnd that the i
' cattle tick Is today .-nullng the storkmm
of tho country I.O00.rtffl,Xt each deiade. or
I lino,co3.(M each year.
Tho l'8ioer and tV .elopirent of boi
tcHologv showed tliat man had been
carrying on fui enti'riea an enc insi Ion
Mrtigg'e with the lower foims of vege
table life. Retont additions to knowledge
of the habits and characteristics or ver
inln show that an equally relentless strug
gle has been going on between man and
the lower forms of animal life
Barbecue to Be
Feature of Meet
of Republicans
The barbecue and ox roast of the Doug
las County Republican lcaguo at Florence
h a suro thing. At a meeting ot the
league last night at faarlght hall it was
ileftnltelypde'clded upon. It is to bo-held
Saturday, August S. It is to be a big af
fair and a crowd of thousands !s ex
pected. "Enough m?at will tie prbvlded- xo
lupply a. crowd of this-magnitude. The
three candidates for governor on the re
ubllcan ticket John? O. YeUer,..Ross L,
Hammond and J, 'H. Kemp will be In
vited to address tho gathering. Other
Breakers will bo called' upon also. Lemon
ade Is to be -furnished In great abundance
nnd everything Is to bo free.
Dr. Harry A. Foster was made chair
man of the barbecue committee. Besides
Foster, the commltteo consists ot John
McArdlij' ,F. S. Tucker, Henry F. Myers,
Senator JoTin McFarland and James
IVVnlsh of Benson.
Jamea Walsh Is a 'veteran In the man-
ox roast at Benson that drew 15,000 peo
ple andwaa an affair lone remembered
nnd talked, of as a wonderful success.
Sheriffs to Meet
at Lincoln Soon
Uus Hyera lord high, sheriff of Lancas
ter county, is reminding his friends and
sheriffs tn'-general of the Impending gath
ering Lincoln, which Is the scat of his
shrievalty,' of the International Sheriffs'
association in this wise:
for the 'capture and conviction of the
sheriff who falls to attend the Interna
tional Sheriffs' association which meets
at Lincoln. Neb., July 21 to 23. Inclusive.
Governor -Morehead and Mayor Dahlman
will be the principal speakers. One hun
dred dollars' reward for the arrest of
the sheriff who falls to bring his wife
along. 1Y0U will meet more stars here
than you ever met in your life. Ne
braska "sheriffs will act as hosts. Make
this yodr vacation. Drop me a card (t ,
you are coming, uus hxjshb, tnerin.
Lincoln, Neb., July, 1914.
jrllc Miimiuotn Microbe,
Tho '.microbe craze Is a good thing,"
said Dr. Egbert R. Hewlttson, the well
known nlstologlst. at a dinner In Atlantic
Va V. I .. V. I 1
i v-p. me iuiuiuuc naze IB tx )uu millet
It bus cleaned un the world. It has nut
a lot of diseases on thevrun. But ,at the
same time, it has Its humorous side.
I frequently urge my little on to
have nothing to do with dogs or cats
because they are full of microbes. This
morning, however I came on him on the
leach playing with n stray mongrel. But
lust as I came up he quitted the mongrel
" 'Papa,' he said, 'it's true about dogs
having Vilcrobes. A big black microbe
just Jumped out of that dog's coat and
lighted on my hand,' "
The Nmv Ciwwn.
daby Deslys said In New York of the
1914 fashions In gowns:
"These revelation gowns, evil as they
are lor ever uuay najra uiey ro evil, 80
It must be true these revelation gowns
on a beautiful woman are, alas, unques
tionably becoming,
"nut they're unhandy things, too. A
bootmaker showed me the other day a
supper witn a tiny purse-pocKet hidden
In the heel.
' 'An absolute necessity,' he Bald, 'for
the preaent-day gown affords no cbanco
for the purse's concealment on any othor
part of the person.' "
Saturday, July 11, 1914. BURGESS-NASH COMPANY
iTTimi urn wiiii imii'iwMn
Sixteenth and Harney Streets.
our Choice From Our Entire Stock of Women's
Youl! Appreciate These BLOUSES
Saturday at 95c, Instead of $1.50
THE offering embraces a wide
selection of the season's newest
ideas evolved in 'sheer fine voiles,
lawns and organdy, exquisitely
trimmed in a variety of charming
ways, with laces and embroidery.
To attempt to describe the daintiness of
these blouses would bo an almost endless
task and jou can see more In ten minutes
than wo could print hero on a page. All
go In the clearing sale Saturday, formerly
?,;.B0, choice ORc
Dainty Summer Blouses
Were $2.50 to $2.95 for $1.89
Sht;qr, BUinmery materials in whlto and u pretty ossortmont of. colors,
embroidery or lace trimmed, also with plain organdy collar anl cuffs;
wero 2.60 and $2.95, clearing sale price, Saturday $t.8w
urgress-Nash Co. Second Tloor.
That Were $30, $35, $40, $45 and Even to $79.50
H VERY suit in stock
that was formerly
priced from $30.00 to
$79.50 is included in this
great clearing movement.
It's your one great oppor-
SALE that stands
out for real value
giving, owing to the supe
riority of ovr garments,
head and shoulders above
any offering announced
in town.
VERY" little, indeed, need be said about the unusual bargain possibilities
this clearing sale presents. Suffice to say that the suits are all this sea
son's very latest ideas, individual and distinctive in style creation; many of
them imported models, suits that will servo your every purpose for mountain,
seashore or early fall wear.
25c Linen Finish
LINEN finish correspondence
cards and envelopes, 24 cards
and 24 envelopes somo with gold
Initial;, regular 25c a box, deal
ing price, Saturday, 10c.
Burgrtn-ITaih Co. Main rioor.
A big assortment including books for
boju and girls, gift books, fiction,
etc, such as "Tho Motor Boys," "Frank
Armstrong sorlos," "Book of Swoot
hearts," "Treasure Island,'
Road to Paris," "Flam
sted Quarles," etc., were 50c
to $2.00: choice
Buriraai-Haih Co, Main rioor.
Are plain tailored or fancy coat effects, with
tunic skirts, plnin and combination colors,
checks, stripes, etc.
Tl 7 fUS A TtTl?! A I Q Icl"(1e imported crepes, gabardines,
I JLlHi lVl I JL.lJLtCj taffeta silks, moiro silks, serges, whip
cords, oponges, worsteds, etc., all sizes for women, 3fi to 50, and misses, 14,
1G and 18.
Barffaaa-XTaih Co, Sacond Tloor.
Women's 50c Black Silk
Lisle HOSE, Saturday 35c
MADE of best quality silk lisle, with
high spliced heel, double sole and
garter top, a very thin but firm quality and actu
ally worth 50c, at, pair, 25J.
Women's 25c Hose for 10c.
White, mercerized and seamless, high spliced heel,
double solo, doublo garter tops; regularly 25c, Sat
urday pair Ifc
Women's Thrend 811k Hose, -lOc.
Plain black, full fashioned, regular made foot,
mill Imperfections of tho $1.00 Quality.
Women's BOc Swiss Vests, 35c.
Low neck and sleeveless, swlss ribbed, fancy
crochet fronts; very special values.
Child's 25c Union Suits, vt7c.
for boys and girls; high neck, short sleeves, drop
seat; made of white cotton.
Burgeis-XTaah Co. lAaln rioor.
A Remarkable Clearing of HAND BAGS at $1.00
Involving Bags That Were $1.50, $2.50, $3.50, $5 and Some at $6
A MOST unusual offering. Fine staple shopping and novelty shape hand bags; 9, 10 and
11-inch leather covered or fancy German silver frames, real seal or goat seal bags, silk
or leather lined, round or broken bottoms, with double. strap handles, small plaited real pin
seal or Persian pin seal, silk or leather lined, some have four fittintrs, others purse and
swinging mirror martv have tho pannier handles: black and colors.
Tho most remarkable bag values wo nave over orreroo.
$1.50, 92.50, 83.50 nnd to $5.00 nnd $0.00 values SAT-
TJnrreaT " - ! Oo. Main rioo".
m a m$, 92.50, $.5( and to $o.uo nnu $i.oo values vi jMiM m m A
I II I 'HDAY, OHOICK, 81.00. I WwM M 111
Here' : Are the SeasonV Biggest Values
Wpmen's $4.iK PGJMPS Saturday for $3.25
N1 OFFERING of snappy footwear that is out of tho
ordinary, consisting of the new "Cleo" colonial
with side ornament; tongue and buckle trim colonials
.and flat bow pumps in bronze kid, patent, gun metal,
cravenette and satin with flexible Goodyear sewed soles
and Spanish Louis and Cuban' heels. Theso are our regu
lar $4 lines, specially priced for July Clearing sale,
at pair, S3.25.
Women's $4.50 Pumps, $3.05
Women's dress numns in tbls season's best selling
styles, made from patent and gun metal leathers, with two straps or flat bow trim;
full leather Louis and Spanish heels, clearing sale price, pair "3 . . . .$3.95
Women's $3.50 Dress Pumps, $3.85
Women's dress pumps in the colonial and fla t bow styles, made from patent, gun metal,
kid skin and satin with both hand-turned and Goodyear sewed soles; full Louis, Span
ish and Cuban heels. These are dur regular $3.50 lines, specially priced for July clear
ing sale on Saturday at, pair $2.85
Burffeaa-Naah Co. Main Floor.
It's Doubtful if You Ever
Shared in Better White Silk
Values Than These . for Sat.
THE result of a special purchaso
by our Now York representative.
They nro silk gloves of the better
kind and extra quality.
Long or short, lC-button or 2-clasp
effects, white only with plain whlto
or black embroidered backs.
Gloves that sell regularly at $1.00,
$1.25, $1.50 and $1.75, but owing to
slight imperfections, wo of for
Long" White
Pair. . .
Durtr-MaBh Oo. Main Ploor.
Clearing WomensNeckwV 15c
Including embroidered cropo. collars,
whito and colored, net, maline and chiffon
neck ruffs, all oolois, tango bows, etc., all
less than half price.
Bury aa-Maah Co. Main rioor.
Fancy 25c Silk Ribbons at 15c
Fancy floworcd all silk ribbons, taf
fetas and satins; 1 inches wide, regular
25c; clearing sale price, yard, 15c.
Bnrgaaa-Waah Cc .Main rioor.
Women's Handkerchiefs at 7 he
Pure linen, plain hemstitched with em
broidered corners and colors; clearing
price, each, 7Vo.
Burra-WaaU Co. Main floor..
Pretty New Mid-Summer Trimmed Hats
in the Clearing Sale at $495 and $6.50
IT'S indeed a pretty collection of new midsum
mer ideas in a fascinating array of shapes
and styles of trimming And in all the collec
tion there are no hyo hats nliko.
Many of them are just out of their boxes
and tissue paper and will recoive their first
showing Saturday.
New Satin Hats at $1.49
Satin hats are in great demand wo have
just received many now shapes, all white or
white and black, made of guaranteed sntin and
offered very special at $1 ,49i
nurzesi-ITtuh Go. Bonafl rioor.
Men, Here Are Great Soft
Shirt Values at 69c and 89c
'THEY are every one $1.00 and $1.50 values; soft
1 ahlrts In a great variety of good desirable
styles. Made of madras, solesette, chovlots and
other fine materials; positive $1.00 and $1.50 val
ues, on sale Saturday at ODc and 80c
Men's Wash Four - in - Hand
NECKWEAR, 50c Values, 25c
WASH neckwear, made in Do Joinville styles,
every one new and fresh. Figured, panel and
plain stripes in a wide selection of pleasing values
that are guaranteed to wash.
Como Saturday morning and pick out a generous
supply wear a clean tie every day; positive 50c
values at, choice -3c
Bnrffaii-Naih Co. Main rioor.
Womens $3 00 PUMPS
in the Basement at $1.39
"XTOMEN'S colonial pumpB with tonguo and buckle
" trim, gun metal and patent leathers, light
weight soles and Cuban heels. Theso pumps were
mado to sell at $3.00 and aro one of our very spe
cial July clearing sale offerings; sizes 2 Vi to G,
wnlcn gives a
splendid oppor
tunity to outfit
tho growing girl
as well as tho
grown woman at
the low price of,
oalr $1.30
Bnrsrea-wah Co. Economy Uaaament.
You Should Take Advan
tage of this Luggage Sale
if you are going away. The clearing sale
prices in this section afford splendid sav
ing advantages.
Canvas Covered Trunks, $5.00.
Good basswood canvas covered with stained hard
wood slats; heavy harness leather straps, fancy pat
tern lining; 32, 34 and 36-inch size, clearing sale
prlco Saturday $5.00
Leather noes, $4.05.
Leather lined, wero $7.00,
" Leather Suit Cases, $0.08.
Fancy cloth lined, were $10.00.
Muttlng lings 50c Suit Cases, special ... 75c
nurg-eii-Haih Co. Economy Baiament.
. II,
Men's "Arrow Brand" "Barker" and
"Holmes & Ide" 2 for 25c Collars, 5c
GOOD news, men an oppqr tunity to secure a generous
supply of good collars of standard make at but a frac
tion of the regular price.
About 250 Dozen, for Saturday Only, at 5c
Every collar strictly perfect In tho best styles, all sizes 14 to 18 rep
resented, but not all sizes in every style. Plan to be here early for at this
price they will go like the proverbial '"hot cakes" and tell your friends
about the good news, too, they'll thank you for it. Choice, Br.
Burrass-zraah Co. Main rioor.
Men's Nettleton Oxfords
that were $6, Now $4.45
TmiHN we mention tho name "Nettleton" it Is a
guarantee of quality, stylo and comfort. Sat
urday, we offer you the unrestricted choice of any
$6.00 Nottloton oxford in our entire stock, includ
ing gun metal, tan Ilussla, black kid and tan kid
leathers, latest English and round too lasts at the
very low price of $4.45
Men's $3.50 Oxfords, $2.85
We mak.e a special offer for our July clearing, sale
of any men's $3.50 oxford in our entire stock, both
button and lace styles, made from patent, gun
metal and tan leathers, Goodyear welt oak soles for
Saturday, at, pair V-.H5
Burffasa-Naah Co. Main rioor.
Saturday Is the Last Day of Our Big 3-Day Sale
slinv- ! 20 - Mulo - Team
O , i Moray, ono
Palniollvo aohp, I Household Ain-
specinl, g inonla,
cake OC big hot.
I. & (i. Nnphthu , KIcctric H l a r Ic 1 Williams'
sonp, per A sonp, h nr nig wiap,
. , rSr rakes for
I per cuke .
pound .
PjI8hfor! lSjli
it'1 WT WtS: 1 -7 Fcls Xaphtha
Jap Hose soup, 3
rakes -i rj
1 C
Ivory soap, 5c
size, 0 cakes.
Java lUce pow
dor, 50c OO i toilet
size for. Ut, water. . .
Toilet Goods.
Banltol tooth po. I Jlasaatta
tier Op puste, 25o 2Bc size
mze lor 100 in
JS2 29o
P 1 n a u d's lilac
Peroxide cream.
26c size .90
Monoxide tooth,
powder. 25o slzo I
for 14o I
10 oiora perfume.
SOc dize
La Trade
I.a Trefle
fume, oz.
. .. aso
regular 50c, rour Theatrical cream,
choice, oz. .. .30o' Vi-lb, for 38o
J ad Salts,
75c bottle,
I) 1 a m o u (I "C"
laundry soap, to
rakes rn
for ttO,
Patent Medicines.
O a s 1 1 1 o soap,
K..b.a.r. . 49c
L 1 q it id Veneer,
25c slzo 1 ry
Hat. for. 1 t C
I Canthrox sham-
I poo, 50c
1 six
Peroxide of Hy
drogen, r
lb. hot. for. OC
I Woodbury's faci
al crenm,
25c slzo.
Hair llrushea,
Selillltz powder,
25c package . .Ho
Mentholatuin, 2So
size for IBa
Syrup of F 1 K h,
50c size 33c
Itorllck's maltu'l
milk, fl.on bottla
for 04o
Swamp Hoot, 11
bottle for ,,.0So
Ilorlltk'B malted
milk, S3.60 bottle
for 83.7
nmt. win. n rwl
' Iron, pint bottle
ror 43o
Sal Hepatlra, 65
size for 14o
Scott's Kmulalon
SOc size 34o
Alxorbent cotton.
1 lb. for 33o
Kubber ponfru,
il kind for . .790
IJijuIrt veneer, S0'
bottle 37o
Rubber h'loyes,
while they last,
COc kind for . .19c
3-ln-l oil. 2(c bot
tle for 17o
Whlalc brooms, 2Ho
kind for 19o
Chloride of llin,
1 lb. for 90
Water bottles,
value to 11.10.
Saturday for. 69o
Children's SOc Rompers
and Creepers, SatcPy 35c
MADE of chambrny, striped or checked
ginghnnia, also cotton crepe, piped
with plain contrasting colors; beach and
bloomer styles, were HOe, for ,.35c
Children's Hats, were
to $4.95, for $1.00
Hand made straw braid,
straw shape and lingerie
styles, daintily trimmed
with satin ribbon bands, ros.
ettes and flat bows, others
velvet trimmed.
Children's Dresses,'
were $1.25 to $4 95
for 69c to $1.95
JVhite lawn, voile, batiste ond V
linen, elaborately trimmed with
fine lace and hand embroidery;
some slightly soiled.
Children's Dresses, were $4 to
$25, for $1.98 to $10.50
Good quality lawn, elaborately trimmed with
lace or embroidery insertions, tiny tucks, skirts of
allover embroidery or Insertion and ruffle of em
broidery, all slightly soiled.
Bureau-Hash Co, Second rioor, '