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State Press Association Adjourns
After Adopting Resolutions.
Printing of ICiitHopca liy dflrcpn
ment In Competition rrltli Iiornl
Office la t'onilpmncd
Womrn Alxlnrt Hooop.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
L.IKCOt,Nt June .-Spclad.)-Preal-dent
Bralnard of the Nebraska Editorial
association has announced the following
Kxacuttvo C. W. Pool, Tecumseh. J
George S. Foxworthy, Uncoln; Arthur I
v Shafror, Republican city; Henry
Richmond, Omaha: E. R. Purccll, Uroken
Bow; John M. Tanner, South Omaha.
Memorial Celine Vollne, Auburn: Eliza
beth Dackus, Pierce; Media McNeil, Bea
ver Crossing.
legislative John M. Tanner, South
Omaha; N. J. Ludl, Wahoo; D. C Van
Dusen, Blair: C. K. Baseett. Hyannls; E.
R. Purcell. Broken Bow.
Resolution A. B. Wood. Goring; Cyrus
Black, Hickman; A. S. Pettlt. BrunlnR:
Mary E. Hitchcock, Uncoln; Will C
Israel, Havclock.
.Resolutions Adontrd.
The resolution committee reported a set
of resolutions which recommended that
the editors give the report of the tax
commission a liberal discussion in their
PRpers. The committee bclloved that the
custom of the government in entering
into competition with the print shops of
the oountry In the printing; of envelopes
was an improper Invasion of the. field of
business opportunity and being done at
a loss to the government, was not legiti
mate buslnoss, The committee believed
that the state should advertise Nebraska
by a proper celebration of the fiftieth
anniversary of the state and closed by
recommending the adoption of tho ap
preciation of the efforts of different peo
ple for the success of the meeting as
follows: Tho officers of the association,
the local committee and citizens of Lin
coln; George F. Tobey for lyceum con
tribution; Prof. Condra, Rs H. H. Har
mon. Dr. Fletcher L.. Wharton. Bishop
Tihen, the editorial band, Frank A. Har
rison, Warden Fenton of the penitentiary,
Superintendent Williams of the asylum,
Manager Jones of the Tigers, Sheriff
Hyers, the South Omaha stock yards, tho
women of the Grace Methodist church
nd nil who helped in making the con
vention a success.
Women Abduct Scoop.
The secret of the abduction of "Scoop."
the editorial cow on Monday nlsht leaked
out when It was discovered that certain
women members of the association of of
liccrs of the petticoat city administration
of the camp, with the assistance of Dr.
Williams of the state asylum, had spir
ited away the cow and taken her to tho
nsylum. ,
Juat to show what the people may ex
pect In tho way of honest government
If the women get to holding office was
shown when the officers of the camp city
arrested a lot of the men and brought
them before Polio Judge Mrs. Cross and
had them fined for stealing tho cow. The
atrocious deeds in connection with Rus
sian Justice were completely put In the
shade by the henlous star chamber pro
ceedings of the petticoat court. '
Everybody feels good over the success
of the forty-second session and the editors
have sained much by the opportunity to
become better acquainted.
.1.11 ii i ii.i.i... i .
Red Cloud Complaint Brought Before
Rail Commission.
j attRihe
which were in Tuesday, and MIm KrelU I ' l' Judge Arthur ft
the Irwin Brothers shows. 1 1 nth of nrmthaw, wet mttrried Tuesday
came from Minneapolis. Minn., arriving f
In lork Tuesday morning. i
Archie C. Wagner, of this city and Miss
President nt lilttooln ltrninrrntlr
lnh fJMcs Notice He Would
l.lkr lo lip I, Iru truant
Howard Refuses to
Approve Charge for
Cashing Warrants
(From a Stnft Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, June 25.-(Speclal.) Auditor
W. B. Howard Is opposing an attempt on
the part of the steward of the Hastings
asylum to be reimbursed for the discount
charged against a warrant cashed by a
Hastings bank.
Before the State Board of Control took
charge of the Institutions of the state M.
O'Mara, steward of the Hastings asylum,
cashed the wnrraiit Issued by the state
for tho payment of salaries' at that in
stitution, accepting a dlecount on the
same of 1 per cent. Tho first warrant
cashed In this manner was for $4,471 and
the discount was $44.74. Th i was for
April salaries. The May salaries warrant
for $4,472 was discounted for of 1 per
cent, or $22.26. In order to be reimbursed
for the discount, Mr. O'Mara drew on the
cash account of the Institution for the
amount of the two discounts nnd the
nudltor refused to allow tho same and re
oulred tho amount to be returned,
In June of this year, while the auditor
was absent a voucher was drawn by
Mr. O'Mara for an amount covering the
two discounts and O. K.'d by the board
of control and presented at tho auditor's
office, A warrant was drawn for the
amount and sent to the office of the
board of control. Upon the return of
the auditor he discovered that the war
rant had been drawn and demanded that
It bo returned. Upon a personal visit to
the board and a talk with Chairman
Holcomb, the warrant was returned to
the adultor and the same has been can
Greek and Mexican
Bootleggers Fined
at Scott's Bluff
SCOTT'S BLUFF, Neb., Juno 2S.-(Spe
clol) A determined and united movement
on the part of the business men of tit's
city, to clean the place of tho odium of
bootlegging, has been under way for sev
eral days. A number of raids brought
seven of the foreign gentry Mexicans
and Grekfl before the bar of justice. Four
have been found guilty In the district
court, and fined In sums ranging from
$100 to $660 each, according to the number
of counts proven. Pet Hekerls, who
was proudly titled "king of the Greeks,'
and S. O. Rles, '"king of the Mexicans,
were two of tho sentenced. The sentences
liearithe words "hard lobar," in case the
fines are not paid.
Tuesday, at the close of the afternoon
session .of the Chautauqua, several hur
dred people assembled near the depot.
and sang songs while Sheriff Aaron and
Chief of the Police Guernsey, with asls.
tnats, proceeded to destroy nineteen bar
rels of beer ,and a considerable quantity
of whiskey. This was emptied Into the
ewer as fast as tho bottles could be
CnnttlDntinn Poiaona Yon
Dr. King's New Life Pills regulate your
bowels, prevent constipation and stlmu
late the liver to healthy action. 2c.
druggists. Advertisement
Men, don't fail to take advantage of
the Immense sale of shirts Saturday at
Five More Counties
Return Tax Rolls
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. June 25.-(Speclal.)-Flvo
more counties have made their returns to
the State Board of Equalization and As
sessment, two of them, Phelps and Har
lan, showing a decrease over tho as
sessed valuation of a year aco. Harlan
county shows a decrease of 1S9,763, whioh
la mostly on land values. On tho othor
hand, Scott's Bluff county shows an In
crease of about $SO,000 on lands, and
Logan county about $20,000 on cattle. The
counties report as follows:
Phelps $4,338,379
cumins v.iJi.aii
Harlan a,23U:l
Logan 5MI.429
Scott's Bluff 2.85.S.518
Illir Crop cup Ccilnr Illuffn.
CEDAR BLUFFS. Neb., Juno 11. (Spe
cial.) The farmers of this community
will soon start to harvest ono of thet
largest' and ono of the best small grain
crops ever seen In this country. The esti
mates rango from forty to fifty bushels
of wheat and forty to sixty-five bushels
of oats to the acre. The corn Is In ex
cellent condition and with a little rain
later, -will be a bumper crop. .
Got anything you'd like to swap? Use
the "Swappers' Column."
(From a Staff Correspondents
LINCOLN, June JJ.-tSpeclaU-Two
hearings were hud before tho railway
commission today, the first this morning
on the application of the Lincoln Tele
phone compiinv for authority to change
Its group o ftoll lines connecting with
the Farmers- Independent company at
Red Cloud to Its own office in that city
nnd attach sold lines to its own board.
Opposition Is made by the Independent
company that this will tnke from It the
piostlgo of being connected up with the
toll lines and interfere with contracts
already made.
The second hearing this afternoon was
on a complaint made by tho Ice cream
dealers of the stato thnt rates on the
return of empties, w hlch they claimed
were excessive.
Siiiivoly File for Office.
Tho office of lieutenant governor
seems to have greater attractions for tho
democrats than that of governor, E. V.
Snavely of Lincoln, presldont of tho Lan
caster Democratic club having filed this
morning for tho nomination. This. Is tho
third filing for the democratic nomina
tion, tho others being George W. oPtts
of Pawnee county and James Pearson of
Frontier county, t'p to dato there has
been no filing for the republican nomina
tion for lieutenant governor.
Hull llolrifi llrnrltiKB.
Railway Commissioner Hall left this
afternoon for Lynch, where ho will pre
side at a hearing of the Lynch Telephone
company for a ralso of rates. Friday he
will go to Dakota City, whero an applica
tion has been made' for additional train
Bcrvlco on the Minneapolis & maha.
1 In rum n Deliver Speech.
Food Commissioner Harman attended
the stato meeting of Nebraska druggists
at Grand Island yesterday and delivered
nn ndroa covering the subject of tho
proper handling and labeling of drugs and
tho inspection of food.
FIIIiik from Ken Pnlm.
Samuel Deltlch of Kcya Paha county
would like tho republican nomination for
representative In tho Fifty-fifth district,
comprising tho counties of Rock, Brown
and Keya Paha. However ho made the
mistake of sending his application to
the secretary of Rtato with the fo Instead
of filing with the proper official of Keya
Paha county.
Het nlHrrhoen Remedy.
If you have ever used Chamberlain's
COlic, Cholorn and Diarrhoea Remedy
you know that It Is a success. Sam F.
Guln, Whatley. Ala., writes, "I had
measles and got caught out in tho rain,
and It settled in my stomach and bowels.
I had an awful tlmo, and had It not been
for Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy I could not possibly
have lived but a few hours longer, but
thanks to this remedy, I am now well
and strong." For salo by all druggists.
Three York County Wedding;.
WACO Neb., June 25. (Specials
George Dutgnan and Miss Bertha D.
Kreltz were united In marriage Tuesday
by Row A. J. Kcrgcr, pastor of the
Methodist church. Mr. Dulgnan was an
Isabella V. Mnnnon. of Beatrice, wore
married bv Rev. (1. I Graham Inst even
ing. Wrslev Ratlltf and Miss Frances F.berlo.
.Vote from llenlrlee,
BEATRICE. Neb. Juno .-(3peelan-Hermati
lloefling and III Melnts. two
farmers living near I'lckrell. were badly
Two boys who were rldinr In the car ' company to grant the same coal rates
escaped lnlury. ( to Beatrice ns are now enjoyed by tho
Secretary Allen Wednesday received a Lincoln merchants,
letter from the Interstate Commerce Kmest Brlnkworth and Miss Mabel
commission at Washington. D. C. stat- Slolier of this city were married Wednev
ing that a decision would he rendered! tiny afternoon,
la It t It Ins Anal nn i.aAttit.S t. . . a I I .1 ri a .
cut and hmts. l Wednesday when Rn V ' . , . . . . y . ... . r" "?T ' R",
automob.le which the former was driving, 1 , Vr, , ' ' mftrrlrd Wr,nteuaP nt the home f
turned over when he drove ... his jnrd 1 m,rllnB," A- T,1 oluh "- t,,e u, "oom's mother.
(Copyright, Ufa fnWiklnf Co.
AN HE SAY! I Can't PROVE IT, A!' l'u PROVJn' IT."
Most of us think we don't like to hare our children too mil
itant, hut when .lack puts It over Hilly or Tom next door, Pnlher
usually Wells up with pride, and Mother while prctcndiuK to
feel very badly Rets Jack'over in a corner and kisses' him!
Husky bodies and flout nerves dopend
we think on tho food eaten.
-more often than
made of whole wheat and barlev, provides all tho nutriment of
these rich grains, including all their invaluable mineral phos
phates. Grape-Xuts Is a capital food for growing youngsters and
just as good for grown-ups, as well. Come ready to eat direct
from the packa go -crisp and appetizing.
"There's a Reason for Grape-Nuts
sold by Grocers cverywheie.
Lace Remnants
12 to 18-nch laco allovors
in remnants and sample
strips. Worth up to 35e
Friday on main floor, -i r
each 1UC
Lace Remnants
Largo lot of remnants
nnd samplo strips of lacew
regularly worth to 2Sc
Friday on main r
floor, yard DC
Spotproof Foulards
1.500 ynrds of high class
spotproof foulnnls. Item
unnt 'rngths of 2' to 8
ynrds New designs nnd
colorings. Including Che
ney Uros ' well known
brand. Mnln on
floor nt, ynnl OuC
Imported French
n-eniitlful designs In two
nnd three-tono effects.
Longths of 2H to S ynrds.
An exceptional offering.
Think of buyjng 60c nnd
59c French challls
Basement Silk Special
Ynrd wide, silk dresB
mesBnline in tho new
shades with light and dnrk
stripeB. Only five yards
required for a dress. Spe
cinl In basement
at, ynrd
Dress Goods Remnants
High class summer
weight dress goods for
stilts, separate skirt nnd
children's frocks. Values
up to Jl 60. Choice on
main floor nt,
Table Damask
Mercerized tabla dam
ask, G4 inchos wldo. Per
fect goods nnd tho regu
lar 2Gc quality. r
Dnsoment nt, ynrd.. IOC
Russian Crash
All linen hand loom Hub
bIr orash. Very desirable
for scarfs, cushions, chnir
covers, otc. IS Inches
wldo. Regular 15c quality
(limit 10 yurdB to custo
mer). Main
floor at, yard . . .
Friday and Saturday We Will Dispose of All
TheWaists,Skirts and
Petticoats For Recent Purchase
8 j no Eiennuc purcnase oi wearing apparel we mntio rrom tho eastern garment nouso
included 860 silk walats. 4.469 cotton wnists. 2.iS tiottlcoatn nnd li.KXR droaa skirts.
These huge stocks will ho plscod on Bnlo Friday and Saturday at prices hardly one
third what such gnrmonts usually bring, making one of the most Interesting bargain
events of the summer. On Sale In Basement,
I White Waists, Worth to $1.50, Friday
Thousands of pretty white and colored wash waists in
every kind and style. Low necks, high necks, long sleeves,
short sleeves every conceivable idea in design and trim
ming. Dainty, fresli, new waists and worth up to $1.50.
Your choice in the basement
Silk Waists, Worth Up to $3.50, Only 78c
This lot includes hundreds of pretty and practical waists just the kind
you want for summer. Chiffons, taffetas, messalincs, nets, etc., with long or
short sleeves, high or low necks; plain or fancy styles. Regular $2.00,
$2.50 and $3.50 waists, in the basement at 78c.
Two Astonishing Groups of Waists
wash milts over offered at the pricos. A great assortment
to choose from.
India Linon
Our best quality of white
India llnon. 2S Inches vide.
Hegular prlco 15c,
Friday nt, yard. . . .
Silk and Cotton
Including dotted silks,
silk jacqtiards, black and
white foulards, brocaded
silks, etc. 24 nnd 2? Inches
wide. Special for r
Friday nt.. IDC
Natural Panama
There are fifty pieces of
this popular summer suit
ing fabric. Specially
adapted for outtng wear or
children's garments; 15c
value, to close oul,
to SljJC Worth to 75 J
Middy and Norfolk
waists for women, miss
es and children. Dozens
of pretty stylos, many
with patent leather
belts. An
Immense lot
of them
Scrim Curtains
Pretty scrim curtains
trimmed with filet laco.
Yard lde and SVi yards
long. Hogularly worth $8 a
pair. Friday on 3d
floor at, tch. . . .
Curtain Special
Good muslin and swiss
curtains in figures and dot
effects, nuffled or flat
edges. Yard wldo and ti
yards long. Worth $1.50,
Friday on third
floor, ench
Dress Skirts in Two Cut-Price Lots
Summer dress skirts mado
of fine Dodford cords, piques,
reps, llnenes, linen crash, (
etc., In whito, tan and bluej
also check nnd dot duck I
skirts. 75c, $1.00 nnd S1.2G1
S skirts, basement
Women's and misses' dress J
skirts in dozens of prncttcnl
styles. Made of taffeta, flneV
whipcords, gorges, check ma-y
terlalB, eto. Hundreds oft
Bklrts formerly priced 12 to
$5, In tho basomont
Special Suiting Sale
Pure whlto English rep
suiting. Light, sheer
weight, 26 Inchos wide. For
boys' waists, outing; suits
and athletic underwear. Al
so Youthmore suiting In
plain shades, pink, light
blue, Coponhagen, tan, he
llo, eta. Fast color. Choice
of these lOo suitings
Friday at, yard
Three Wonderful Groups of Petticoats
Silk Petticoats Good qual
lty taffetas and mossallnes
black and colors.
Doxens of ! Ill
jractlcnl, up-tc-dato styles, not
one worui less than $2.00. AH I
on sale Friday In basement. . J
5c 19c
Wash Petticoats In
larly worth 25c and 39c,
Wash Petticoats of various
materials, also Imitation silk,
flgurod and plain, also flno
sateen pettlconts. A groat se
lection of thorn, regularly
worth 7Cc, $1 and $1.26, On
sale In basement
good plain and striped materiala, regu
on sale In the basement Friday for
Sample Shirts
Men's snmple shlrtn with
soft roll cuffs oatoched or
laundered cuffs and In
neokband style. Mostly
samples of shirts worth
75c to $1. Friday In PA
basement at OUC
Union Suits
Men's fine ribbed union
suits with short sleeves,
ankle length. Also ath
letlo style nainsook union
suits. All worth up to
76c. Friday In Cft
basement at OUC
Men's Undergarments
Men's bolbrlggan and
mesh undershirts and
drawers, Regularly worth
to 80o a garment Friday
In basement nt Q r
25o and jOC
Boys' Knickerbockers
Big asortment of boys'
knickerbockers In warlous
patterns and colors. Every
pair made with belt loops,
with seams all taped. All
sizes, G to 17 years. Regu
lar 75c and $1 valuea.
Friday in basement.
43,000 Muslin Undergarments
From the Immense Apparel Purchase
Friday at Very Low Prices
Corset Covers
Worth up to $1
Friday on the
Second Floor
Boys' Base Ball Suits
Complete suit with
shirt, pants, belt and cap.
Oray or blue. Sites 10 to
16. Worth to $1.36. On
sale In basement nt
Friday at I DC
Corset Special
Women's summer corsets
of fancy materials. Pret
tily trimmed. Rustproof I
boning. $1 oorsets Friday I
in basement ()9c
Summer Corsets
American Lady summer
net corsets in sixes 18 to
24. Worth $1.60. Frl
day in basement
Worth to $4 .
Brassieres Q
Worth to 20cOC
Drawers 1 J
' Worth to 25c 1 OC
Underskirts dj 1
Worth to $2..ip 1
Corset Covers 1
Worth to 35c 1 I C
Princess Slips
Corset Covers
Hundreds of
Garments worth
Up to $2, .on
Second Floor
Untrimmed Shapes
Illack whlto and burnt
chip sailor and turban
shap.-s. W irth $1 to $1.50.
On sa; Frl- ySO
day at VC
Palmollvo soap, cake, 4.
Woodbury's Facial soap,
cake, 10c.
Jcrgen's Violet Glycer
ine soap, 5c
Diamond C soap, 10 bars
for 22c.
Pels Nnptha soap, three
bars for 10c
Lllno Rose Olycorine
sonp, cako, 5c.
Ivory soap, (! bar? for 17c.
Sample plecos of swiss,
nnlnsook and voile em
broideries, in widths of 4
to 12 inches. Worth to
26c n ynrd. Friday on
main floor,
ynrd gC
lS-lnch embroidered
flounclngs and corset cov
erings of bwIsb and nain
sook. Worth up to 36o a
yard. On main ) o
floor at, yard...... 15C
Vest Special
Women's ribbed cotton
vests with beading tops.
Regularly worth 8o. Fri
day in basement r
Night Gowns
Worth to 65c .
at. 75c
Umbrella Special
Men's and women's um
brellas of good American
taffeta. Worth up to $1.
On sale Friday
Sheer Wash Goods
Printsd lawns, voiles
and dimities In the sea
son's neatest printing.
Sheer, crisp and cool for
warm weather wear. 27
inches wide. Regular lOo
goods. Choice Frl-
day at, yard OC.
Printed Crepe
These beautiful printed
pllsBe crepes In all the lat
est fashionable styles and
colorings. Neat pebble
weave, 19o value. While
tho lot lasts at, 1 A
yard IffC
Cnrmrn hair neti. on.
Coat' bt darning cotton.
Any color. Four Cr
pool for v'14
12-yard bolts blai tape. C
Noa. 1 to 5, Per bolt -
Black Jersey covered buat
forma. Slxea 12 to QC
44. Bpeclal "3t
Cedar mopt for pollihlns;
floora, with one can of ra
dar pollih. All prjc
Baiting; worth up to tic a
yard, WltU or without
bones, IVi to 5 Inches f.n
wide, special, yard w
fiklrt markeri. Tltgu-lfl-ular
26o kind, aach.,.
Ilobert'a gold-eye O
needles, paper ,,
Linen Table Cloths
Bleached and German
silver bleached linen, 2x3,
2x2 V4. 2x2 and 64x78-incu
cloths that sell regularly
up to $3.50. Bllehtly muss
ed, but all perfect. Choice
In basement,
At t
Novelty Suitings
Mill lengths. Mostly light
colors Fine corded weaves.
Very desirable for summer
wear. Yard wlds. r i
12c value, yard... 02 C
Silver Plated Table
Berry spoons, cqld meat
forks, gravy ladles, butter
knlvev, sugar shells, etc.
Pieces regularly r
worth 50o to $1, at. awDC
Covered with same ma
terial as our regular $1.00
umbrollas. All have steel
rods and paragon frames.
Men's and women's sizes.
Good assortment of plain or
fancy bandies. Sp- OA
clal, each 3C
Summer Wash Fabrics
An accumulation of dress
materials from our great
wash goods sales; lengths
from 1 to 10 yards. Ratine,
voiles, crepes, tissues, dim
ities, etc., at,
Women s Union Suits
Women's 26c union suits
with laco trimmed umbrel
la or cuff knees, On sale
In basoment Frl- i r
day at IDC
Women's Vests
Women's cumfy cut
vests, regular ISo and
19o values. On sale main
floor Friday e
nU yc
Hose Special
Women's 25c fibre silk
boot hose, black and white
only. On main p
floor, pair IOC
Hose Special
Misses' children's and
boys' ribbed cotton hose.
Regularly worth 15c. On
main floor Frl- oi
day at OgC
Women's Hosa
Women's lOo cotton. hoso
on sale In bofluraent
Friday at
Children's Dresses
Dulnty stamped chil
dren's dresses In white,
pink, bluo and tan. Sizes
2 to 4 years. 25o values,
third floor at, 111
each i-2C
"Mary Jane" Pumps
For Girls
Hroa.d toe style, ankle
strap and flat bow. Toe
popular summer styR
All sites Frl- f qq
day at, pair $1.70
White Canvas Oxfords
and Pumps
These are samples and
regular lines of women's
white canvas oxfords and
pumps. Nearly all sizes..
Worth to $2.50,
choice Friday, pair. 1
Women's Unweave, with
embroidered comers.
Worth 124 and 15c. On
sale Friday
Men s Handkerchiefs
Men's regular 12Hc pure
linen Initial handkerchiefs.
On sale Friday ry 1
at : 7gc
Torry cloth or Turkish
toweling by the yard. 22
and 27 Inches wide. The
regular 25o quality. While
the lot lasts, In
basement, ynrd..
Table Paddmg
Double fleece table pad
ding, 54 Inches wide. 2,
2H and 3-yd. lengths. The
regular 60c kind, In OC
basement at, yard.. J DC
Turkish Towels
Fringed Turkish towels
of excellent grade and
worth 12o each. On sale
on the main floor, o 1
each OgC
Dress Percales
Light and dark colors In
neat, small and medium
printings, stripes, dots, etc.
Yard wide. 10c quality reg
ularly. Special bar-
gain for Friday, at..()ifC