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Remnants Friday 5c Yard House Dresses, 39c
Remnants of the season's most wanted lot of house dresses some slightly
Wash Fabrics, many of them suitable for mussed; while they last En-
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eluded are cotton fabrics, crepes, plisse, ra. . WHITE DRESSES, 51.69
tines, voiles, linen, lawns, ginghams and White lawn and voile dresses, good
percales. In ono big lot 5c a yard styles, well made, less than half price, Fri-
Basement Wash Goods Section. day $L69
Clearaway White Goods Drapery Remnants i Price
30c White Figured Piques, Friday 19c a yd The season's accumulation of remnants
30c White Ratine Friday 25c a yd 0f various kinds of curtain materials
25c White Dotted Swiss Friday. . . 15c a yd HALF PRICE
35c White Dotted Swiss Friday. . . 19c a yd Basement
Advance Notice of Our Final Sale of High Grade
Cotton Dress Goods Remnants
This advance notice is given so that women may have an opportunity before day of
sale to see these remnants now displayed in our Sixteenth street window. Date of sale
will be given later.
Roosevelt Makes Vigorous Defense
of Bull Moose Angel.
Aaanrt Ksecutlve Committee Clmlr
innn lna ,rlvct In (loofl Faith
for Principle - Zenloan
nnl Dlnlnlemled.
HOLY SPRINGS. MIm., Juno 25,-Ab!
velt, who returned to America upon the
lmperator laat night, vlBoroualy dofended
George W. Perklna, chairman of the
progreulve national executive committee,
whose resignation as chairman was de
manded recently by Amoa Plnchot, who
declared that Mr. Perkins" affiliation with
certain his business Interests made him
unfit to hold his position.
"When they read Tcrklns out." said
Colonel Roosevelt, "they will have to
read me out, too."
The colonel reiterated that he would
not be a candidate (or the governorship
of New York this (all.
In discussing his health, the colons!
esld that when he boarded the Imporator
he had a slight touch ot (ever, and that
forty-eight hours later he had anothor
attack which was more severe. The
last time he had a (ever ot 106 and was
forced to remain In his room all day.
"But. I'm all right now," he contin
ued, "and ,1 shall speak at Pittsburgh
on June 80. I shall not be able to speak
in the open air or mafce continuous
speaking trips. However, I shall be able
to deliver a certain number of apeochua
"Mr. Perkins," doclared the colonel In
his reference to the national executive
chairman, "has been on tho whole the
rc'ist useful member ot the progressive
party, No man had served with greater
zeal and disinterestedness. He has striven
In absolutely good faith (or the principles
of the party, both as regards corpora
tions and business generally and as re
gards the group of questions dealing
with ttio welfare of the wage earner and
his economic and social advonce. As
(or reading him out of the party whn
that Is done, they will have to read me
out. too."
Colonel Roosevelt gave out a letter
from Dr, Hamilton Rice, the explorer. In
which he said, he was mistaken when he
questioned the discovery of tho Ulver
of Doubt
This letter reads as follows:
"Dear Colonul Roosevelt: It Is only
New York "The skin on my hand got
redl and rough. It Itched and I began to
icratch It It Itched so that sometimes
could not steep all night I was suffer-
rg very much. I used salve and
, but they did not seem to help me,
This went on (or six or seven months,
Then I tried Reslnol Ointment and Rest
nol Soap. I used them one night In the
morning, to my surprise, my hand was
all well and the trouble has never re
urned. Tills Is the absolute truth.
Signed) Mlts Ctlla Klelnman. CI Colum
bia St, April 28.
Nothing we can say ot Reslnol equals
what others, such as Miss Klelnman,
kr of it It does Its work quickly, eas
ily and at Utile cost If you are suffer
ing from Itching, burning skin troubles,
pimples, blackheads, sunburn, insect
Mtes. dandruff, ulcers, bolls, stubborn
sores or plies, try Reslnol Ointment and
Reslnol Soan. Hold by all druggists. For
free samples write to Dept 17-R. Reslnpl,
Sal Ignore. Md,
Summer Dresses for Women
Well dressed women are proud to wear Thompson,
Belden & Oo.'s dresses. They are well made, fashionable,
and are of only the choicest fabrics. The prices aro rea
sonable $3.95, $4.50, $6.50, $7:50 up to $45
In this showing we are able to fill any dress want.
The June Clearaway of Suits
Affords an opportunity to purchase at an underprice
the suit for vacation or travel wear.
$10.50, $12.75, $16.50
The Store for Shirtwaists
Excellent values in Wash Blouses $1.85
just and right In view of the circum
stances of the last few weeks that I
should write to you tu say that after
hearing your lecturo last ovenlng, the
premises no longer exist upon which I
based an opinion and made certain criti
cisms upon tho results ot ycur South
American expedition.
"Your most (air, lucid and interesting
narrative dispels completely tho points In
dispute and I am' truly sorry for what
ever unpleasantness and' misunderstand
ing have arisen In consequence ' of my
comments. I also deeply regret that any
remarks of a personal nature ever ap
peared causing the tone' of my comments
to bo entirely misinterpreted and mis
understood. 'I feel confident you will receive In
the same friendly spirit that they are
offered you, my warmest and most deep
felt congratulations upon the great suo-
cess and splendid achievements of your
expedition, a noble Journey nobly done,
For the courage, fortitude and valor you
displayed, the very modest reference to
yourself and the generous and magnaml-
out spirit in which you give full and Just
tribute to your brave companions, I have.
only words of praise, thoughts of ad
Met at Quarantine.
Colonel Roosevelt was met at quaran
tine by Mrs. Roosevelt. Dr. and Mrs.
Richard Derby, lits son-in-law and
daughter, Archie Roosevelt, Quentln
Roosevelt, V, Emlln Roosevelt, George
W. rerklns and Dudley Fields Malone,
collector of the port
Tho party was on board tho steam
yacht Joyance. As soon as the health
officers finished their Inspection tho
colonel and Philip Roosevelt, who accom
panied him on his trip to Spain to attend
the wedding of Kermlt Roosevelt and
Mlis Wyatt Wlllard, boarded the yacht
and proceeded to Oyster Day.
(Special Telegram.) Joseph Smith, a
hack driver, aged about thirty years, to
night shot and killed his wife and him
self at the resort of Sadie Jennings, for
merly a keeper of a house of 111 fame.
Smith married the woman he killed to
night about the timo ot tho raid somo
months ago. Her former name 1 un
known. The pair separated some time
sgo, temporarily, and Smith went away.
He returned tecently and rejoined his
wife. She decided to return to the home
ot Sadie Jennings and he Is said to havo
remonstrated and to have warned her
that If she did return to the place she
would not live long.
Tonight he went to the place, took two
shots at the Jennings woman, but missed
her. Ho then shot his wife through the
temple and killed her instantly. He
thereupon shot himself twice In the re
gion of the heart, but lived about an
Chief of Police Arbogast made a com
plete Investigation ot other houses ot the
vicinity and states that none were run
ning, that there were no Inmates and
mat me irageay lomgni was simply a
quarrel between husband and wife.
Commencing Juno 1st Nickel Plate
Road sells tickets Chicago to New York
and return, 117.00. Doston and return,
10.00. Also variable routes. Liberal stop
Adams St, Chicago.
overs. Inquire local agent, or address
John Y. Calahan. A. O. P. A.. CO W.
Fremont Will Play Cedar Illufts.
CBDAR II LUFFS, Neb., June .-(Spe
clal.) One ot the best games of base
ball In the history of the local team is
expected to be seen here next Sunday
when Fremont return the game played
at Fremont, here next Sunday. Hoth
teams are strong and played an eleven.
Inning game two weeks ago at Fremont.
11,000 shirts from a bhr Philadelphia
mill on sale Saturday at half price or
less at ilia Brandels, Stores.
Next Session of State Convention
Will Be Held in Gate City.
I.nir Committee Demands Kn force,
nicnt nf fttntute Afrnlnat Sale
ot Ilnpe and Nays Penalty
Should lie, Grentrr.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Juno 25. (Spe
cial Telegram.) The Nebraska Retail
Druggists' association today doclded to
hold the next convention In Omaha and
elected these officers: President, Wil
liam Brookley of Kdgar; vice president,
W. B. Clayton of Grand Island: treasurer,
D, D. Adams of Nehawkaj secretary, J.
0. MoRrlde of University Place. J. W.
Fcltcr of Maxwell and Ncels Mokkelson ot
Kenesaw were endorsed for tho State
Board of riiarmacy. N. P. Hansen, D.
Fink, A. V. Pease, R. A. Lyman and
K, O'nrlen were elected delegates to
the national convention.
Atcatnat Snip nf Dope.
The determination shown by legislative
committees und Individual members to se
cure better enforcement of the present
laws with reference to the sale ot what
Is cornmonjy referred to as "dope" mor
phine, cocaine, etc. to habitual users ot
tho drugs Is the feature of tho convention
of greatest Interest to tho public.
In this connection the report of the
legislative committee was a feature ot
the session. After a. review of the laws
ulready enacted but not strictly enforced
It was set forth that the prlmo purpose
ot such legislation should be to prevent
the sale of narcotla or habit-forming
drugs promiscuously, to prevent the salo
of any sort of poison bought with sui
cidal intent and to remove as far as pos
sible the chance for accidental poisoning.
Tho failure ot the passage ot the John
son bill at the last session of the logla
lature was deplored, and It was suggested
that It would not "be hard to guess what
the Interest was that prevented its pas
Pcnnltr Too Light.
The law known as the cocaine law, says
the report, "Is being generally observed,
but It is well known that there are some
very rank offenders of this law In the
larger cities, and possibly In smaller ones.
The chief trouble In this law seems to
be In the smallness of the penalty as pro
vided for In section :, and what la still
more fatal, the lack of any officer who
feels It incumbent upon himself to prose
cute violations."
The membership, through this nglsla-J
live committee, declares itself as anxious
to enforce the law and to protect the In
dividual, and laments that "despite this
fact the lay press teems with scare-heads
aB to the prevalence ot the sale ot 'dope '
broadly Insinuating that druggists as a
class traffic In habit-forming drugs for
pecuniary gain," which insinuation is
flatty and vigorously dented.
The reports ot the officers showed the
association to be gaining rapidly In mem
bership. Eight applications were received
and the applicants accepted as members
at this session.
President Schmidt urged greater actlv
ity with the view of securing necessary
legislation, and dwelt upon the need ot a
strong national organisation.
Lawjrr Hues tor Fees.
YORK. June 35. (Special.) A suit for
(30.000 was (lied In district court yester
day afternoon by C. C Sandall, a local
attorney, against Herman and Morris
Otto. It Is (or tees claimed In the Otto
land case that was settled last winter
after It had been on trial (or several
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vnuuv mum i uunuiuumu
Roosevelt Assails Proposed
with Colombia.
Handling of International Affairs
by Wtlnon and Ilryan Makes
IVntlnn, Fla;nre of Fun
He fore World.
NEW YORK. Juno K.-In a dengthy
statement Issued lost night, Col. Roose
velt declared that the payment of J25,000,
000 to Colombia for having secured the
right to build the Panama canal, as pro
vided (or In the pending treaty, would
be merely tho payment of belated black
mail. If tho proposed treaty is right, he said,
the presence of the United States in Pan
ama is wrong and Panama should, there
fore, be restored to Colombia and the
United States should shannon the zone.
In his statement, Colonel Roosevelt
said, In part:
"The payment of tS.WW.OO to rVilomhln,
together with the expression of what Is
In effect an apology for our having se
cured tho right to build the Panama
canal, Is meroly the bolated payment ot
blackmail with an apology to the black
mailers, if this proposed treaty, sub
mitted by President Wilson through Mr.
Rryan, Is right, then our presence on the
Isthmus is wrong. In such case Panama
should at one be restored to Colombia
and we should stop work on the canal
and abandon the place, bag and baggage.
There should be no halfway measures.
If "we ns a nation have been guilty of
theft wo should restore the stolen goods.
If wo have not been guilty of theft we
should not pay blackmail.
Figure of Fnn.
"The handling of our foreign affairs
by President Wilson and Secretary
Bryan has been such as to make the
United States a figure of fun In the In
ternational world. This proposed Colom
bian treaty caps the climax, and if rati
fied, will rightly render us an object of
contemptuous derision to every great na
tion. In view of its submission to the
congress I wish to call attention to ex
actly what was dono under my admin
"Becauso of the action of that admin
istration, the people of tho United States
acquired what they could by no other
means havo acquired, the right to build
tho Panama canal. In 1903 It was still
doubtful whether we would adopt the
Nlcnrasuan or tho Panama route. The
government of Colombia was exceedingly
anxious that wo should adopt the latter
and offered to arrange and did arrange a
treaty with us in qrdcr to prevent our
going to Nicaragua. Partly In considera
tion of this treaty we abandoned nego
tiations with Nicaragua. Wo acted In
good faith and the course of action wo
thereby entered upon was conditioned
upon thatr proposal, their promise. It
was our right and also our duty to our
own people and to tho rest of the world
to exact the performance ot this promise
Tlmn fnr Talk Pnsseil.
For 400 years, thero had Deen con
versation about the need ot tho Panama
canal. The time for further conversation
had passed, the tlmo to translate words
Into deeds had come. If I had followed
President Wilson's policy ot 'watchful
waiting' It would have Insured half u
century ot additional conversation and
the canal would still be In the dim future.
And it Is only because tho then ad
ministration acted precisely as it did act
thut we now have the Panama canal."
The colonel then declared the United
States "was In duty bound" to build the
canal Itself becauso it could not pormlt
an old world power to gain such a foot
hold In America and would not allow the
usefulness ot the canal to be arrested
becauso of the greed of private capital.
Colonel Roosevelt said that until tho
present treaty negotiations were entered
Into ho did not believe It possible, "that
un American would thus betray tho
honor and Interest of tho American peo
ple by submitting to blackmail." The
colonel hnd mnde It plain, ho said, that
the Colombian government was In error
"when it indulged In such a supposition
about my administration."
No QunrreJ with Colombia.
Colonel Roosevelt says he has no quar
rel with the people of Colombia and does
not question their "fine private qualities."
But" tho statement continues, "un
fortunately, in International affairs a
nation must be Judged by tho government
that speaks for It"
Mr. Roosevelt In mentioning the pro
posal of the Colombian government to
confiscate the property of the French
government In Panama, (or which the
United States had offered to pay $10,-
000,000 said it was simply a scheme on the
part of Colombia to "get 140.000,000 from
"Incidentally," Colonel Roosevelt con
tinued In his statement "I would call tho
attention of President Wilson and Secre
tary Bryan to the fact that this J W, 000,-
000 represents the exact sum which Co
lombia lost when tho United States gov
ernment of that day refused to submit
to blackmail. They now only propose
to pay 13,000,000 blackmail. They had
better mako the Job thorough while they
aro about it, and give the whole $10,000,000.
Otherwise, they will still leave an open
ing for action by some future adminis
tration of similar mushy amiability to
wards foreign powers that havo sought
to wrong us. There Is no earthly reason
why we should not throw in the extra
$15,000,000 It we propose to pay tho $3,000,
000, Colombia has exactly as much right
to one sum as the other.
Iloaat fur Wilson.
"As president I declined to allow Undo
Sam to be blackmailed. President Wilson
now desires tne oiacKmau to te paia.
His attitude can be Illustrated by a hypo
thetical case. Tho present administra
tion has, with regard to Mexico, pursued
course wavering between peace and
war, exquisitely designed to combine the
disadvantages both and feebly tending
first towards one and then towards the
.... .. .. .
' o,her Vsuatly It has permitted th free
gress of arms Into Mexico, both from
this country and others. Occasionally it
has undergone spasms of understanding
that these arms might ultimately be used
against our own troops.
"It has then prohibited the landing of
arms, sometimes wabbling back again to
Its original position, as when It took Vera
Cruz to prevent the landing of weapons
and munitions of war and shortly after
wards permitted the very same arms and
munition's to be landed. Well, if some
future administration of similar views on
International relations should offer Mex
ico IIS, 000.000 as an atonement for Inter
mittently refusing to allow the landing
of arms that might be used against our
own people It would be behaving pre
cisely and- exactly as President Wilson's
administration is behaving about Co
lombia. Conduct Open nml Straight rortrnrd.
"The conduct of the United States gov
ernment throughout the entire proceed
ings which resulted In the acquisition of
tho canal was absolutely open and
strnlghtforwnrd, absolutely In accord
ance with the principles of tho highest
international morality. Only by acting
precisely as we did act could we have
secured tho right to build the Panama
canal. It la hypocrisy to claim credit for
the canal and at tho same time attempt
to discredit the course which alone ren
dered tho canal possible. It will bo a
grave wrong to the republic, a reflec
tion upon the honor of this nation In the
past and a menace to Its interests in the
future If this treaty for the belated pay
ment of blackmail Is ratified at Wash
ington." nneklen'a Arnica Snlve
Pi evented blood poison on Mr. G. W.
Cloyd of Plunk, Mo This soothing salve
healed a dangerous wound. 25c. All
druggists Advertisement.
(Continued from Page One.)
entire northern part of Mexico and much
moro than half of the republic's territory
in the hands of the constitutionalists. It
marks another stage In tho race of three
rival constitutionalist leaders to Mexico
General Villa from Zacateces probably
will move against Aguas Collentes, al
most directly to the south, and whence
tho remnants of the Zacatecos garrison
retreated. General Pablo Gonzales, the
eastern divisional commanded vfio took
Tampico, 'een ordered to take San
Luis Potosl, now weakened by an almost
complete evacuation.
General Alvaro Obregon, commander
of the army of tho west, Is about to at
tack Guadalajara. If successful his
troops would have even a clearer road to
the national capital than those of Villa
or Gonzales. Guadalajara, far to tho
south, and next to Mexico City, the lar
gest city In Mexico, affords a roadway
to the national capital, through a rich
country which easily could sustain n
largo army. Captain Ivar Thord Gray,
formerly of the English ormy. Is acting
In an advisory capacity to Obrcgon's
jndvance of cavalry which is commanded
ny ueneral Luclo Blanco, a former Coa
hulla leader, Blanco, has been utilizing
cavalry as It Is used In American and
European armies for the first tlmo In
the history of Mexican warfare.
Villa by taking tho centeral route has
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J engaged in more succcssufl fighting than
any of the three divisional leaders. He
i i , . . , . ..
tiua iugn uDinaga ana Juarez on inc
Texas borders, Shlhuahua City. Torreon
and Zacalecas, and still Is not bb far
south as either Obregon or Gonzales,
who have worked along the coasts
Neither Mazatlan nor Guaymas on the
west coast have been taken by Obregon,
but the presence of federal garrisons In
those ports is not considered by the
revolutionists ns an hindrance to the
Mexico City campaign.
AXTELL. June .-(8pecloll-Whnt
may prove to be In the future a lare
and very successful undertaking was ded
icated this evening. Rev. K. O. W r
Dahl of the Swedish Lutheran church at
this place has had it In mind as iMs
life s ambition ti establish a homo frr
old people, and especially epllctlcs. there
being no proper place for either of theto
dependants provided for by the state. In
the early part of this year j corporation
wos organized having tor Its purpos- the
establishment i .such homes in Axtell.
Forty acres of ground nus been bought
and In part paid for. Fitllmlna.- to
tho construction of permanent buildings
cottages were rented In tho village md
these were formally opened or dedicated
last night. Four cottages will be opened
as soon ns the work will permit. Miss
Mnlvlna Olson from Minnesota will t-lco
charge as head Dlakonlss of the homes
and Mies Edna Palmblade and Miss Net
tle Martensorv- m her. assistants Ap
plications (or both tho cpltectlcs home
and old (oiks home rre more numerous
than can be accepted at the present time.
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