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    THE BEE: OMAHA, FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 1914.
Make Tomorrow's profit
in Omaha real estate your
own by investing Today.
Lots have shown a steady
advance in value the past
year, of from $200 to $400.
LHsaata marn nVm-r,
n-T-T'TrT-Tn MILTON U-L.L-.Li. J. J L
I . I l l l l I I '. ill li I
2 - rMTFrTTnT'" V
nlniDOT ixroxixi nipxiTxi .cm r
Study the map and consider the fact that this is the last chance you will ever havo to purchase a lot in a now, inside,
restricted addition in Omaha. It is the last inside tract available for such purpose.
Is time and convenience an object to you! Regular street car time to heart of city telvo minutes. Choice of two
street car lines. Time to Union Station eighteen minutes.
Bemis Park adjoins it on the west. Fine schools and churches convenient. High school and Creighton University in
easy walking distance.
Forty lots in Bungalow Section at $700.00 to $S00.00 each. Other section $900.00 to $1,300.00 each.
These prices include water, sewer, gas and concrete sidewalks for every lot. Restricted just enough to make it an
ideal place for homes.
Terms easier than ever before offered on this class of property. $12.50 to $25.00 will make a cash payment on a lot
(and with this down payment at our present prices, we consider the paper good as cash,) balance $12.50 to $25.00 monthly.
We are going to offer these lots for dale Saturday, June 27th, at 2:00 P. M. till night and three days following, 4:00
P. M. till night unless sooner sold.
Representative will be on ground Friday 4:00 P. M. till night to show lots.
Take Cuming Street car and get off'at Lincoln Boulevard or Harney Street car and get off at Myrtle Avenue or if
more;convenient, call our office and we will show property any time before date of sale.
Douglas 1722.
TODD County or creameries, corn and
clover. For Information wiite Van Dyke
& Van Dyke. Long Prulrle; Minn.
CHOICE Improved farms for aalo In
Minnesota's corn belt. Write for list
Troll Land Company, Farmlnston. Minn.
Your first payment Is your first ste-g
toward prosperity and Independence, 22o
acre farm, one mllo from dandy railroad
village, with 35 cows. Price 30 per aero.
Never before has bo little money been
ablo to buy such a bargain, 92-acro farm,
level, no stone. 1 mllo out, 20 per aero.
160-acre farm. 1 mile to village, 14 to
Syracuse. Price $30 per acre, with cows
and crops thrown in.
Railroad fare to purchaser.
Write for photos.
82S S. Baling St. Syracuse. N. Y.
1920 acres, all fenced and cross
tenced; two good wells and reser
voirs and tanks; 200 acres under
cultivation and foncod: In three pas
tures, all lu one body; compara
tively all level land; eleven miles
troni Grant, the county seat: level
roads to town.
C. W. WILLIAMS, Owner,
Grant, Neb.
W.15-PER ACRE13.15.
640-acro improved western Nebraska
stock ranch, easily worth J7.50 per ucro,
but owner must ruise money at once, so
Is otferioe this ranch for J3.15 per acre
cceh for quick sale. Would you trado one
dollur for two7 That is what we are
offering you in this place, and more, but
li must bo at once. Title perfect and clear.
Wilts or wlro for full particulars. Walt
ii Dean. Agents. Blue Mound. Kan.
210 acres Merrick Co., Neb., (-room
house, large barn, granary, corncrlb, well,
fenced and cross-fenced; CO acres wheat,
20 acres oats, 40 acres corn, balance hay
and pasture. Mtg., J12.D00 at 6 per cent.
Nordqulst & Storek. 323 Neville i)lk.
FOUND 320-acre homestead In settled
neighborhood; fine farm land; not sand
hills; cost you S2G0, filing fees and all. J.
A. Tracy, Kimball. Neb.
W-ACRE irrigated farm Hi mile from
county seat, raise alfalfa, fruit, stocks,
dairying and hogs. Must sell or will
trada for btock of merchandise or other
property in city or country. Wrlto prlco
and particulars in first letter If trade.
Address Box 651, Gooding, Idaho.
Pianos for other musical instru'ts. D. 201T.
to 110.000 made promptly. F. D.
Wead. Wead Dldg.. 18tli and Farnam.
WANTED City loans and warrants.
W. Farnam Smith & Co.. 1330 Farnam.
f!ITV I.OANB. HnmU.fHrlhorir CV.
S10-312 Urandels Theater Uldg.
EEE us first if you want a farm loan.
United States Trust Co.. Omaha. Neb.
MONEY on hand for city and farm loans.
H. W. Binder. City Nat. Bk. Bldg.
CITY property. Large loans a specialty.
W. II. Thomas. 223 State Bank Bldg.
CITY and farm loans. 6, 6H. per cent
J. H. Dumont & Co.. 1003 Farnam. Omaha.
WANTED City loans. Peter Trust Co.
OARV1N BROS n. and u.
UiXl LA DnU0.0maha Nat. Bank.
farm loans. Optional payments & an
nual Int. Wm. McConnlck. 1201 Farnam.
OMAHA homes. Bast Nebraska farms.
imt Omaha Nat. Douglas 2715.
Jj E-LxXLLlxtj-r H " v t V i3i-.-.i:Qxm
Jj l23 ljilj l: lj J,J,..U,.L LySfti
L iJ LJ1L 55 - I J J J J J .TToA J 1 -1 -i - -"i !
I I i i i (! m I "l ' I -"1 t ! V7.( ' ft.
J r X " 1 m ' I ,
-..I . ? ' 0 m ,i i j, . . i i i i . i i . i . i i i i I i m, ui i mm I " I ' I ' I ' I '""""
'-J crl - x -MY - - ;
i . p- v r vv .
I i . V. C u I - lrl I, i.l . I i 1 I I I I I I i 1 rH$-z.n"lM . I .If, -
".vi I rr Ti -i f-n I I 1 n I I ' I 1 I " I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I " I ' I I " 1 I-1
. J j f " iu 19 t jm iiAt in . A jm ) J
I J I 1 ) O-i- ft-LI . 1.
rf-T- . i!rxiJjjjj!i:ji:j:i:iJj:i:i:i:oiii
i no ;vi i i r p r i i r i i i i l l l
4. : ii i i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii x
" I! i ' - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - "-' 1 1 - 1 ' - I. ..I,. I I -
ill! j ra ' 1 ir ' w ir-jr-- ' " " ' ' tt
. -
$1 Down
$1 A Week
Are the terms that we are going to sell
the remaining unsold lots In Ak-Par-I3en
Hill addition until every lot Is sold.
Prices $175 to $300
If you want to Invest in the best
located lots, close to school and car line,
lots In Ak-Sar-Bcn Hill addition aro the
best values offered in Omaha. These lots
are located on 36th, 37th and 3Sth Sts..
between Browne and Fort Sts.; uro all
seeded to alfalfa; lie high and Blghtly.
This is an easy way to get started to
own a well located lot on very easy pay
ments. Will bo pleased to make an ap
pointment with you at any time. Call lit
our offlco and get plat of this addition.
Our salesmen aro ready to go out with
you any time.
Hastings & Heyden
1614 Harney St.
Fort Street
Special Offer
Seven Rooms and
Garage $3,650
On Fort street. Just east of Nth street,
facing south, we have listed at a low
prlco for quick sale, a snap for someone
who wants a good house, with gara?o
and fine concrete driveway. The lot is
fine, and the house, while It docs not
have oak finish, was built for a home and
can be bought for less than cost. Carries
a 12,400 mortgage and owner requires only
a email amount of cash for first paymont.
Balance In monthly payments. All pav
ing and other taxes paid In full. Seo it
Charles W. Martin & Co.,
742 Omaha Nat'l Bank Bldg., Tyler 187.
Field Club District
New 7-Room House
Living room, with fireplace, and
beam celling; beautiful dining room, oak
finish and oak floorB throughout; four
bed rooms, finished In white enamel; all
rooms nicely decorated; complete In evry
detail, even to toilet In basement and
clothes chute; lot 57x133. Located at
3333 Walnut St Price J5.260. Terms.
Norris & Norris
400 Bee Bldg. Phone Doug, 4270.
6-Room Modern
Lot 47xlll-for 14,000.
647 Omana National Bank Bldg.
Phone Douglas 1234.
mli JS
Now Home, 5-Rooni, Modern
Complete In every detail, with all mod
ern conveniences, full lot, hedge, shrub
bery, etc., fine location, near 26th and
Wirt: real value at 33.200: easy terms, or
might take unincumbered residence lot for
New Home, Prairie Park
Choice 8-room home place, entirely mod
ern, built 2 years; large basement, spa
cious living room across entire house;
combination fixtures, oak floors and every
modern appointment; south rront, on
paved street, In one of the new, choice
residence sections, near 26th and Meredith
Ave. A value of unusual merit at 14,600.
Your own terms.
McKitrick Real Estate Co.
316 Ramgo Blk.. 15th and Har. D. 1482.
Big Cut To Sell
For the purty that can pay dowrr $550
cash, balance $25 each month, will get
this new bungalow for 12.475. Five rooms
and tiled bath; oak, birch and maple
finish; built-in kitchen cabinet; fine
plumbing and fixtures; water meter;
screens and shade; full cemented cellar:
nice lawn; close to car. Will be sold
P. J. Tebbens Co.
753 Omaha National Bank Bldg.
Phone Douglas 2182.
8-Room Modern,
Corner lot, near 22d and Bprague, up-to-date
and modern In every particular, four
fine bedrooms. Owner leaving Omaha.
Couldn't be replaced for the money.
Terms, S500 cash, balance monthly.
Armstrong-Walsh Co.
Tyler 1538. 208-10-12-14 State Bank Bldg.
Says Sell
624 S. 2Sth street. 9-room, all modern,
quarter oak finish, hot water heat. Best
bargain In the city.
Finn brick flats. 4000-11 Izard street:
extra built, but must go at 12.000 less
than cost.
D. V. Sholes Co.
913 City Nat'l Bank Bldg. Doug. 49.
66x142 near corner 25th and California
streets, worth (10,000, 17.500 will buy It
37x180 on 24th near Harney, faces 24th
avenue with modern home, W.W) takes It
Phone Douglas 3607 Call at 413 Kar
bach block.
1 ( J 1 I
642 Paxton Block.
COth St., 3 blocks from Center, 15 acres
high and sightly, charming view of city
and country; 8-room modern house, well
ouiii, wiin gooa water system, large bam,
chicken house, etc. Lots of 'fruit and
shrubbery and part of the land in alfalfa.
It Is as good us settled that the car line
will be extended west on Center St, this
year as far as this nronertv. which
naturally should enhance the value of
this property. The owner expects to
icuvo me cuy mis winter .and conse
quently will sell right, and will take as
pan payment u good umana residence.
O'Neil's R. E. & Ins. Agency,
150S Farnam St. Phone Tyler 1024.
In Benson
5-Room House
4 Lots
LOCatrd Within Ml. hlnnlr 1 j.
car line, close to the business district.
"Sink1 .5 us to cut the prlco
of J2.B00 if Mid by July 1. Can arrange
terms. Has large barn, 10x24 ft.
HASTINGS & HEYDEN. 1814 Harney St.
Dundee Forced Sale
' t1 niuiti . Will UUy 4X1 1
B?uBi- 1h, U a new house. Welt
throu8hly modern and attractive
inside and out Owner has left the city
and will eacrtflce. Want an offer at
Glover & Spain
919-20 City National.
Douglas 3962.
Owner leaving city, offers for sale the
elegant modern 10-room residence, 121 B.
Mth Ave. Telephone Harney 13C8.
Florence Ileal Estate for Rain
C. U Netuaway. suburban prop. Flor. 278.
KERR Title Guarantee and Abstract Co..
a modern abstract office. 906 So. 17th
BtFhone Douglas Ufl.
REED Abstract Co.. oldest abstract of
fice in Nebraska. 206 Urandels Theater.
DMds (111 (or record Jus. ti. lilt:
C. E. Veir to W. P. Doiubu, lot . block
1, Boutb Omtha. f
a. a. Cauiher to J. li. Cuthr. H Inttr-
Mt In lot (2. Bouth Orniha.
1. M. Uuin.r to a. a. Cauchtr. wilH feet
of lot I, Mock 2. Boutb Omtlit,
O. V. SholM Co. to II. Olflord loti t, .
7 and I. block 1. Mccormick's Sod4 add
it. 11. Smith to N. A. ffchuett. lot til,
Fairfax add Jjij
U. Hulberl to T. U. Watttri. lota I and I,
block i, Lincoln INIihu 00
it, N. Monaon to C- A. I'bllbln. lot 7. block
i. Portland I'lac
A. W. Jonaa to J. Kotcr. lot 1 aod I. block
1, lloppa'a Uonanaa. South Omaha lit
I do uroter t layman juaiir Uu. to Barn 8.
Cohn, lot . Uolmont add Hi
u. Dora? to u. u. IMraer. vioo ((t ot
lot 10. Terrace add 1,000
U. U. V) W. jt. LTIII. lot XI,
block 111, DundM Plae
W, V. Kernan to lUnVara Kaaltr Inetmnt
Co.. nlSli feat or nlOt feat ot lot M, Olia'a
U D. Hopklni to Oankera Realty Inteat-
ment Co., lot t. Mock II. Sholl'a Bacon 4
add ,
L Mlkaieaen to Bankera Healty Inreat.
ment Co.. 3J (eat ot lot It, btock 1, and
cl foot of lot II. block i, In Oak Chatham
J. T. Tbompaon to C. II, Jaekaon, lot .
Radman'a add
J. H. Kannrdr, eiectito, to II. U 8nvpant,
U of nv and wVi of aw St aeotlon M.
N 1' Dodge to E. E, Nawbold. lota 17, tt,
t. W and II. Samoa Helahta.
C ltii to 8, Duncan, lot 17. block I, Don.
acken'a add to Walnut Hill ISO
E. G. 1'almer to Q. F. Gllmnr. Irrfa II ndi
South Omaha Police Have Quito a
Time with Man Named Qustcrson.
After Exlinnstlno; All of he mtlence
of tho FncUlnpr Town Tollce
Force Visitor In Escorted
Out of City.
The la2lcst man Is believed to havo
been discovered by the South Omaha
police, lie was arrested as a vagrant
and gavo the name of Kd austersoiu
After spending tho night In Jail he was
called for breakfast In tho morning by
Desk Sergeant Tony Smith, who told
him to go Into tho mess room and eat.
Falling to get a response, tho officer In
vestigated, and 12d merely yawned and
said ho wouldn't go.
"What's "matter, you? Whaddeyamcan,
won't come to breakfast? Yu' sick?"
It was a now oxpcrlenco for the er
gcant, who riovcr beforo knew a prisoner
to refuse to cat.
Scenting a im8sI11o hunger strike, ho
barked up to tho coll bars and yelled
at the follow again.
"Naw, I ain't sick", Ousterson finally
volunteered. "There ain't nuthln' tho
matter, 'cept I'm Jcs restln". Bring? my
breakfast In here to me."
Again, when tho prlnoncrs were put to
work around tho Jail on the morning
chores, the sleepy Individual was too
tired to etlr from his cell, and Insisted
19, block X5. Dundee Dice
II McMillan to Conaervallve Haemal and
Loan aaaoclatlon, lot 11, block 115, Dundee
Waco .
LarrfcatSS.Cr.Jf 4 48 Ships
in trie 1,417,710
Hamburg-American Lias
Vras. Llnooln a, 11 A.M.
xaib'w Aua, via. .11, i km.
tBatavla le, 11 I'M.
lOTEBATOa 18. 13 Noon
tPrstorla 33, 5 P.M.
Piss. Orant 30, 10 A.M.
atari and 1st, 12 Noon
tPsnnsylvanla. 6th, 5 I'.M.
Imperotor. 13th, A.M.
Jrres. Lincoln 10th, 11 A.M.
Tatsrland 33d, 10 A.M.
KaJsarln Atyr. Vlo. .37th, 2 I'.M.
tiecond Cabin only, twill call
at Boulocne. tllamburs: direct.
Gibraltar, Nuplcs and Genoa.
B. B. Hautburr. .June 30, 3 p.m.
B. B. Uoltk....Julr 16, 3P.M
8, 0. Hamburg... Aug. a. 3 P.M.
B. B. Moltke., . . . Aug. 37. 3 P.M.
Around the World
Through the
Prom Now York by Cruising
"Cincinnati," Jan. 16
"Cleveland," Jan. 31
1 DAYS tOflflana
""laCH CBUIBB T""" up,
including all necessary
Zn order to secure choice
location, rooms should
be booked now.
Write for booklet.
Hamburg-American Line
150 W. Banaolph
U O&lcago. iii.
or local
a- arints
Some new opportunities to
get in on the ground floor
in newly improved locations
are offered in today's paper.
Investigate them Today.
Don't let the other fellow
get your selection.
Telephone Tyler 1000
Everybody Reads Bee Want Ads.
upon resting some more. Finally Police
Magistrate James Calanan gave him half
an hour to got out of town, as It was
quite evident that he would be a worth
lesn nulsanco around the Jail.
Takea Sumo More Heat.
Still resting, ho was found shortly
afterward within half a block ot the
Jail by Chief ot Detectives James
Shcehan, Getting desperate, the latter
gave the tired individual a dime for car
fare to Omaha and bridge toll across
the river to Council llluffs. Sheehan
took no chances this time; ho even put
Ed on a car.
Whether or not Ousterson realized It,
It makes no difference. It Is a fact any
way that Instead ot getting off at the
Proper place ho continued riding and
made the loop back to tho Bouth Omaha
station, where he was put oft when his
dime was spent for the round trip faro.
Whllo resting on a corner curbing he
was picked up again by tho police and
this tlmo rather rudely awakened.
"Oh, I'm Just resting," ho vxplalned
again, "Just resting."
"This Is too much, h'gosh. Enough rest
Is enough, but you've had plenty," tho
pollco told him.
Straightway two burly officers grabbed
him and, with an accompaniment of de
cidedly tmpoltto remarks, escorted tho
perpetual rester to the west city limits,
where ho sat down under the trees at the
sldo of the road as soon as he was re
leased. At last reports he was still resting,
Maryland Delegates
to Panama Expo to
Stop Here Saturday
Pinna of the Maryland delegation, en
route to tho Tanama exposition, havo
been changed and the members ot tho
delegation will bo In Omaha Saturday
from 7:15 a, m. until i p. m., and tho
Commercial club has Invited them to be
Its guests while in the city.
They will be met at the station with
automobiles and entertained nt luncheon
nt noon at the Commercial club. Ar
rangements havo been mndu with tho
Union Paclflo to chanco then accommo
dations on tho train, making the stop
over possible. They will bo taken for a
drive around the city Saturday morning,
Mayor Dahlman, Victor Hosewater and
John T. Yates have, been asked to ad
dress the delegation at the luncheon. V.
IJncon Byrne Is chalrmun of the enter
tainment committee on behulf ot the
Commercial club.
Members of the building and executive
committee who are making the trip aro
James McC. Trlppe, chairman; Henry P.
Daker, General "William D. Olll, It. W.
McCormlck, General Murray Yandlver,
Colonel William A. Uoykln, Curvllle D.
Uenson, Andrew J. Cummlngs and J. C.
While the heavy and frequent rains
have caused some delay In the grading
of the Burlington's Chalco-Yutan cutoff,
work Is progressing fairly well. Thr-.'o
steam shovel outfits are at work on the
fifteen miles of the new line and uhuut
400 men and a large number of teams ore
employed. In building from Chalco to
Yutan, the Burlington Is constructing
what Is practically a tangent and at a
water grade. There are but two curves
on tho line, one being at the point where
the cut-off leaves the main line
west of Chalco and the other where It
strikes tho Ashland-Sloux City line Just
south of Yutan. Following the bluffs up
from the Platte river, the country Is
very rough end over seven miles of the
fifteen It Is u succession ot hills and
deep hollows. No attention Is being paid
to these, the new line cutting through
and going over them at almost a water
Kidney nnd I.lvrr Tronbles
quickly relieved by Electric Bitters. Best
remedy for indigestion, dyspepsia, heart
burn and most kidney troubles. COc and
$1. All druggists. Advertisement.
11,000 shirts, the greatest shipment ever
brought to Omaha, on sale Saturday at
Brandels' at halt price or less.
Jovian Club Hears
that Government
Ownership Fails
A luncheon at thg Commercial club
rooms tho members ot tho Jovian
club listened to I 11. Wilson, com
mercial superintendent of the Ne
braska Telephono company contend that
government ownership Is something ot
a failure as applied to the conduct of tha
affairs ot big business, particularly the
telephone service.
Mr. Wilson In his contention against
government as against private owner
ship was armed with statistics, all show
Ing that In foreign countries the tele
phono service owned by governments is
much Inferior to the service In the
United States. For Instance, the aver
age tlmo required to get a long distance
connection there Is some five minutes,
whllo here it Is but a fraction of a min
ute. Then too, tho charges are greater
there than here. Abroad the toll
charges average thirty-four cents, whllo
In tho United States they aro less than
twcnty-flvo cents per call.
Americans, Mr, Wilson Insisted, would
not tolerate the service given In foreign
countries, not even that In England
where tho telephones number sixteen to
every 1,000 persons against ninety-one to
every person in the United States. In
England there is no effort made to find
parties for whom calls are received and
less attention given to accomodating the
public. There It a party desires to put
In a long distance call, It Is done on a
card plan and It not thero at the time,
ho or she must again start at the foot
of the list.
Union Pacific to
Keep Control oiNthe
Grand Island
United States District Judges William
II. Munger and T. C, Munger sitting In
tho case of tho minority against the ma
jority shareholders ot the St. Joseph &
Grand Island railroad, granted a super
cedeas to the defendants In the decree
recently handed down calling for a re
celvarshlp of tho corporation.
A bond of 1100,000 was demanded and
the business ot tho road Is to go along
tho same as It has until the case can bo
settled upon appeal in higher courts at
St. UouIb In December.
City commissioners may call upon
science to aid them In abating a nuisance
over which the people seem to have no
control. This nuisance la in the form
of bugs, millions ot which swarm about
street lights and annoy street car pas
sengers. The bugs are so small that a
cloud ot them, floating Into a person's
breathing space, may strangle him. Tho
commissioners, Informally discussing the
matter, said they may find It necessary
to InveBt In a few tons of fly paper to
hang about street lights, or ask the city's
Inventive genius to get busy on a new
"bug cure."
While talking to a customer, Jacob
Longacrc, solicitor for the Jewel Tea
company, toppled over from the heat.
He was removed to his home, S509 Fifty
seventh avenue. Benson, where Jt was re
ported that his condition was serious. Ho
Is 33 years of age. Ho was overcome at
the home of Mrs. Benjamin Stone, 1S3.
Corby street.
Severe AttncVc nt Collo Cured.
E. Ev Cross, who travels in Virginia
and other southern states, was taken
suddenly and severely 111 with colic. At
the first store he came to the merchant
recommended Chamberlain's Collo, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy. Two doses
ot It cured him. No one should leave
home on ajourney without a bottle oC
this preparation. For sale by ail drug
gists. Advertisement, ,