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The Fascinating Cape :: De6nleby
The Dolly Waltz and How to Dance It
Expertly Described for the Ballroom by the Dolly Sisters
The question of why the cape ever wont out of
fashion Is Almost unanswerable. Women find it
useful and becoming, and yet. for years It has been
forgotten by dressmakers and mondalncs alike.
Now It baa come back into great favor and is de
veloped as part of ft suit costume and as a separate
garment as well.
Tho model we show today is Useful as well as
charmingly graceful. It may be worn with sopa
rate skirt to form a suit, with silk afternoon
dresses or with the filmiest of dance dresses.
It may bo made of black satin cloth or of the
chiffon velvet which is to return to favor by Au
Mysteries of Nature
Th fearful earthquake in Sicily Is A
reminder, of one of the most ' peculiar
facts of human life the partiality of
population for volcanic and earthquake
regions. Only a raw
rich river valley
and fertile- plain
can compete in this
respect with t h 6
neighborhood Of
great, smoking;
mounUIni and the
trembling lands
wher the Iruta
blllty of .th earths
c r u s t Is aimoit
constantly In evi
dence. Alio aauia tia
not hard to find.
Such regions are
the beauty spots of the p'.anet. Nature
there pract'ets without exfome to man
an agriculture which he Is unable to
Youthful, Wrinkleless
Skin Easy To Have
,You who deslra to gain a youthful ap
pearance will do well to make the ac
quaintance of the two simple, but valu
able prescriptions given here.
To make an effectle wrinkle remover,
mix an ounce of pewdered saxollte and a
half pint witch hasel. Bathe the face In
the solution Immediately everv wrinkle
Is affected. It acts wonderfully on sag
ging facial muscles, nlso, the lotion os
seising remarkable astringent and tonle
To get rid of an aged, faded, freckled
or discolored complexion, buy an ounro of
common mercol xed wax at any drusstot
and apply nightly as ou would cold
cream, erasing this mornlncs with soap
and water. ThU will slowly absorb the
Undesirable surface skin retealing the
younger, brighter, healthier skin under
neath.. There's nothing to equal this
treatment as a facial rcjuvenator. Ad-vmijement.
gust, according to the prediction of one of the
smartest of the FrenCh houss. , The cape ,1s out
throe-quarter length and shaped and topped by a
square turnover collar that slopes into small rovers
at tho front. Below this at1 tho back there Is a
panel that falls in tho effect of a hood. A bias
fold of black velvet pipes this, and above the fold
Is a band of stltchlngs The cape falls in full cir
cular at the back and there are darts rising from
the front of tho shoulders and crossing the bust to
form an effect of V Just under tho revers. Throe
largo, black velvet buttons are used as fastenings.
There is a Fascination in Earthquakes
as is Evidenced Around Sicily's Shores
match wltu all his skill and science.
With hU plows and harrows he Can, at
best, Only scratch the surface of the
ground, but u great earthquake culti
vates and enriches it from beneath,
bringing up pregnant material, solid,
liquid and gaseous, from the depths, and
renewing its fecundity.
If you would understand th effective
ness of an earthquake as an agricultural
agent of stupendous power read this
typical description by Major Duttom
"The first Intimation la a strang6
round-a far-off rumble. It grows louder.
The earth begins to quiver, then to shake
rudely Soon the ground' begins to heave.
Then it is actually seen tp be traversed
by visible waves, something tike waves
at tea, but of less height and moving
much more swiftly. The sound become!
a roar. It Is difficult to stand, and ot
length become Impossible to do so.
People fling themselves to th ground to
avoid being dashed against It. The tree
are seen to sway vlolontly, sometimes
touching the ground with their branches.
As thq carthwaves rush past, the ground
opons in cracks and closes again. As the
cracks cloj tl.e squetsedout air blows
out sand, gravel and, sometimes watr,
which Is sp.rted high in the air. Some
times the rolling waves arc absent, and
the movement is a ruda quiver, rapidly
vibrating In every direction, twisting.
contorting, wrenching the ground as If
In a determined effort to shake It into
duet. '
Such Is the thunder march of the earth
quake plow! And where it has passed
vegetation finde a fat banquet spread for
The volcano enriches all Its neighbor
hood by showering it with mineral ashes
upouud out of the bowels of the earth,
and Inundating it with liquid rock, which
when cooled, hardened and subsequently
disintegrated and pulverised, becomes a
soil of marvelous fertility
t man could do everywhere what
Nature doet In such lends as Sicily there
would be nowhere any exhaustion of the
soil. Sicily Is the ulft of a volcano.
Mount Etna Is its father. Standing on
the ragged rim of Its hollow black cone
I have seen the entire UUnd spread out
Ulowj. and then the. volcanic birth of
Sicily was as plain as a picture story.
The region lying between the foot of the
huge volcano and the Quit of Catania,
Where the present earthquake concen
trated Its force, is a land of tiOWers,
vines, honey and song. It is the land
that Inspired the idyls of Theocritus,
the sweetest-voiced of all the ancient
poets, "the singer of Persephone," whose
shade Oscar Wilde addreed:
"O, singer of Persephone
lr the dim meadows, desolate
Dost thou remember Sicily? t
Bill) through the Ivy flits the bee
Where Amarylls lies In state,
0, singer of Persephone!"
The city of Catania, now having a popu
lation of 1(4,004, stands on floors of lava,
on overlaying another, which have, in
time past, flowed down an fiery rivers
from Etna. Every floor cover a former
Catanlal Again and again the city, In
the course of the centuries, has been
I wholly or partially destroyod, either by
jlHva or earthquake (both the work of
Father Etna), and every time It has risen
once more, a unperlshlng as the photnlx
and Infinitely more beautiful.
As you stroll throngh Catania you find
some of the principal streets climbing
over the backs of ancient lava flow that
have been solldltifd Into long lillls stretch
Ir.g down Into the sea. you walk on lava
block, the nails around you are con
structed of lava blocks; churches chapels
and villas, whoso architecture Is as rich
as tropical vegitatlon, are built and
caned of lava block. The toil of the
garden, which aro buried In flower
that burst over th walls and perfume
the street, Is a gift tent down by Etna.
We don't follow tho regular form of daucing In tho dances that
we have arranged for tho public. In fact, if it could bo avoided
thero would bo no difficult stops In bur roportolro, for intricate and
very difficult oxecutions are not beautiful; tho simpler dancing is
far moro charming and much more appreciated. ,
. This llttlo Waltz that wo have arranged con easily bo adapted
for tho ball room, because anyono can attempt it.
We Invented It for our own use, but it Is quite as charming
danced by a girl and man, and so very simple that the steps roally
can bo learned from a nowspapor nrtlclo very easily.
Frequently dnnco descriptions In an article discourage boglnners
rather than fill them with a desire to master the steps. This is
goncrally becauso the dances aro too difficult for tho avorago ama
teur. This is roally so. People aro willing to go and see dancers
perform on the stage simply becauso the stops danced are profes
sional and cannot bo properly oxecutcd by the averftgo couple on a
ball room, floor.
They are willing to pay out money to see thom becauso they
realize thai dancing is a business to tho professional. Why shouldn't
a professional dancer know his or her own business and be competent
at It? Tho professional earns his living in this way Just bb a porson
The Tearless Wedding
"Such a pretty wedding," said the wed
ding guest as they were taking their
leave of the emlllng-eytd mother of tho
"Such a cheerful
wedding," I said a I
stopped it tho door
for a hand pressure
and a searching
gUnrr into the ti'tt
that had ten minute
before looked upon
the face of her only
Child, framed in the
window of the do-'
parting automobile.
Yts, the eyes were
quite dry. and bright
and happy.
"Do you realize
that you have had
a tearless wedding?" I exclaimed.
"Certainly," sho answered. "Tears
have gone out of fashion. I would have
been very angry at any woman who had
dampened my daughter's wedding with
htr tearB."
"How did you turn them off?" I
asked, "The tears I mean."
"I kept saying Over and over to myself.
be logical.' Why cry when thl wedding
is exactly what we all wanted, and when
there Is every earthly guarahtee that my
little girl will be happy? Don't be a fool.
Only fools cry without knowing why "
I carried away from the wedding the
impression of complete happlne. There
followed me the echo of the brave, wise
mother's words: "Tears have gone out
of fashion,"
8he was right Once it was thought
the part of dignity to wear a solemn face
and to keep the ttars near the surface
Advice to the Lovelorn
Try 'Again,
Dear Mies Fairfax: Two months ago
last Sunday I had an appointment with
a girl whom 1 love very dearly and have
been keeping steady company with. The
night before 1 was called out of the city
on some business, and, being unable to
reach her over the telephone, sent a mes
sage, stating my disappointment at being
unable to e her Bunday. and tilling her
I would droo her a line later, which I did
(nlBo two other card); but I have not
heard from nor since. Having just got
back, and receiving no malt, I thought I
would drop you a line for soineadvlco on
the (Ub'ject. What would be thTt thing
to do? B.' J, II
If you cannot reach this girt over a
telephone, why not go to her home and
attempt ah explanation? Letter Often
miscarry, and th warmth of the human
voice gives a personal touch to an ex.
planatlon that the written word cannot
first position.
ready for exercise at any moment. And
tear did 111 til r worst at wedding. A
happy brldo walking down the alele from
tho altar, her fsoe reflecting the love
and hope In her young neart, was sobered
and saddened by the sight Of the faces Of
hor relatives flooded with tears.
"I haven't seem my mother cry that
Way since grandmother died," eald One
newly-wed. The memory Of that shower
hung clOudllkc over her hbneymoon.
Qt'ite amatcd she was when sho returned
from her bridal tour to find her mother's
face shining as though tears had never
touched It.
Why do we cry at wedding?
In some it is mere hysteria, I
know an hysterical woman who weeps
wheneyxer she hears a band Play. Cry
ing at a wedding by such person Is a
mere selfish display of overwrought
nerves. When such porsons are bidden
to wedding they should send their re
gret and stay at home in a dark room
with a cold towel wrapped around their
Others weep because they have a sense
of finality of the marital vows. Cheer
up. They are not final. Read the Chi
cago divorce record and the annals of
Some there are, and thcte ha the best
reason, who weep because they distrust
the bridegroom's purpose or ability to
make the bride's life a happy one. Again
cheer up. A woman's happiness is not
wholly In her husband's keeping, If hers
be a strong charactor it Is not in her
power either to make or utterly mar her
life. Certain It 1 that he may Inflict a
few blemishes upon hr happiness, but
he is doubtless not quite a demon, and
she is a weakling If she permits him to
steer their household ship upon the rocks.
Therefore don't cry at wedding. Re
member that tears have gone out of
fashion there s elsewhere. Don't weep,
flmlle. It is chiefly a matter of habit.
Bmtles pay dividends in the Investment
of life. Tears lose both principal and In
terest. Nadine
Face Powder
(In Grttn Box Only)
Keeps The
Complexion Beautiful
Boft and vslvetr. Monr bsek if not en
tlrdy pIcaMd. Nsdln Is pur and harm
lets. Adhtrss until washed oft Prevent
sunburn and rtturn of discoloration.
A million dcilehted users prove Its value.
Tlntti Flesh, Pink, Drunetts, White.
By Toiltt Counisr or Mall, 60c.
National Toilet Company, Paris, Tana.
Sols br Sherman & McCoonttl tiro Htortl. !)
The nccmlil position.
would in any other capacity: there is nothing so.very wonderful in it
Tho Dolly waltz is first of all simple, verslmMo. Tho couple
meet with a llttlo running stop in tho center of tho room, mako a
little plrouetto nnd bow. There Is something so very charming la
tho quaint, old-world dignity of the dance of long ago that we have
tried to presorvo Its ropose no much as possible in this dnnco of ours.
It poops out frequently in between tho modorn steps and lends a
graco all Its own that wo could not attain In any other way.
After the plrouotto and bow, alt of which Is dono In perfect ac
cord with the music, wo bogln tho waltz proper, dot away from the
old method of holding your partner close; tho secret of good dancing
is to dance In perfect accord without any obvious dependence on
your pnrtnor.
Tho man should hold the girl's left hand high with his right,
and tho waltg hoglns with a llttlo Bidoatop, in waltr tlmo. This Is
r6ally a waltz sideways, and tho man boglns by sliding tho left foot
back of the right, rise on the toefr, turn and rpoat.
Then reverso the movoment by changing hands and dancing In
the opposlto direction, tho man stopping on left foot and sliding right
back, the girl doing tho saiuo.
In tho next position begin as in ptcturo two, and with two little
running steps in waltg tlmo come forward and then back. Then take
two waltz turns alone with hands bohlnd bucks, and then resume po
sition and take the waltz running steps In the opposite direction, and
glide into the waltz again. Above all, don't try to bo graceful. Don't
make it appear that you aro making an effort of any kind. The
thing to bo avoided Is labored dancing, which always shows and
which spoils the nntural grace of any danco lnvonted.
To crush flower potals 'neath your ruthless feet.
A tangled mass of fragranco everywhere,
To note no odor that la passing sweet, '
To smell no other fragrance than her hair.
To push youth's wondrous offerings aside,
Scanning with flrollt eyes the glowing south,
Whence one shall come with dr.aperlos floating wide,
Bringing no other treasure than her mouth.
fyON'T BE MISLED into buying
inferior and cheap imitations of the
genuine Martha Washington Comfort
Shoe, there are many such imitations offered
when the Martha Washington is asked for.
Protect yourself by looking tit the soles for the Mayer trade
mark and tho name "Martha Washington." Martha Washington
Shoes alone ore made in tho right way and of right materials to give
tho foot a glove-fitting trimness, to afford absolute comfort and long
lasting service. If your dealer cannot supply you, write us direct.
Np Buttons
No Laces
Slip on and
off at will
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