Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 17, 1914, Page 5, Image 5

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, Slffht-Xaoh sisotrio rns for home us,
17.60. Burffeaa.Clranden Co.
Satli, florist, moved to 1S04 Farnwn.
Soot 3Trlnt Xt Now Deacon Tress. Monthly Inoorat Gould. Bee Bids.
rideUty Btorar Tan Co, Don. 181S,
VThtn you know llghtlnr you pre
fer It Omaha Gas Co.. 1S09 Howard St
3 O, T, M, rionio The annual picnic
of the Uniform hive. No. 35, Ladles of
the Maccabees, will be held at Krus; park
Wednesday afternoon and evening, June
Dennis Cnnnlngham riles Dennis
Cunningham has filed his petition as can-
dldate for the office of st&V representa
tive from this district on the republican
Kaok M an Inspector City Commis
sioner Thomas McGovem of the depart
ment of public Improvements has ap
pointed Charles B. Mack as Inspector at
a salary, of $3.60 per day.
Camp Ksar Crete Arrangements fnr
a ten days' camp of Omaha boys near
Crete are being made by Hoys' Work
Director R. 8. Flower of the Young Men's
Christian nssodatlon, who has gone to
Crete for the purpose.
Oren for the Vourth An old-fashioned
oven will be erected in Fontenelle park
by Park Commissioner J. B. Hummel for
the use of Fourth of July celebrators.
Arrangements have been made to cook
ISO worth of "welnle's" in this oven, be
sides a plenteous supply of Irish stew.
XoCune does After Indians Major
BUI McCune, Buffalo Bill's right-hand
man for many exciting years, will get
back In the harness this week when he
will go to the' Rosebud Indian reserva
tion to round up a band of redskins for
a big circus in Boston. A telegram was
received by Colonel McCune from the
owne'r of an eastern "wild west show"
asking him to furnish some Indians.
Colonel McCune speaks several Indian
dialects and knows by long experience
how to handle Indians.
Members of Improvement Clubs De
clare He is Getting Even.
School Ilonril Memtirra Mny Hnve to
Decide Whether or Not Suf
frage In n rolltlrnt
Members of Improvements clung declare
that H. C. Compton's demand upon the
Board of Education to forbid meetings in
pudiic scnooi uuuuings la a move,
prompted by F. V, Fitch of the Fcder
ated Improvement clubs, from which sev
eral large Improvement clubs which use
the public schools for meeting places have
Recently Fitch was repudiated by sev
eral Improvement clubs and his reslsna
tlon demanded. Compton's demand, It Is
said, Is In substance a counter attack.
Compton's demand may force the Board
of Education to decide whether or nc-t
suffrage is a political question, as political
discussions have been barred from the
schools. Fitch has opposed suffrage de
bates being held in schools.
President C. T. Walker of the school
board is of the opinion that suffrage is
not any more a political question than
the matters usually considered by im
provement clubs.
QoIdk to tho "Morten- TonlslitT
If. you Want to know in advance what
pictures are going to be shown at your
favorite theater tonight read "Today's
Complete Movie Programs" on the first
want ad page. Complete programs of
practically every moving picture theater
In Omaha appear EXCLUSIVELY In
The Bee.
Everybody reads -Bee Want Ads.
William Walkpr, Jr., formerly a street
car conductor, who has been on trial In
the federal court for the last two days
charted with a violation of tho Mann act
In bringing his wife from Sioux City to.
Omaha, was fpund guilty. Sentence was
deferred until Thursday.
Cured of Indlfreatlon.
Mrs. Sadie P. Clawson, Indiana, Pa.,
was bothered with Indigestion. "My
stomach pained me night and day," she
writes. "I would feel bloated and havo
headache and belching after eating. I
also suffered from constipation. My
daughter had used Chamberlain's Tablets
and they did her so much good that she
gavo me acw doses of them and Insisted
upon my trying them. They helped me as
nothing else has done." For sale by all
druggists. Advertisement
Nash and Prinz Go
East for Ideas for
Burgess-Nash Store
L. C. Nash, general manager of the
Burgess-Nash company, accompanied by
Ueorgo Brlnz, architect, has gone east
for a two weeks' trip to Inspect the new
est and most up-to-dato sfbres to gather
Ideas' for (he arrangement of the new
Burgess-Nash store. They will visit
New York, Philadelphia, Washington and
other large cities and upon their return
the development of the new store will
start at once. Some time ago Mrs. E. W.
Nash bought the Boyd theater property
adjoining the Burgess-Nash store on the
west and the Burgess-Nash company has
taken a thirty-year lease on this. The
Boyd theater will be torn down and the
new store made to conform with the
present building used by the company.
Fireworks to Greet
the New Pastor of
the Olivet Baptist
Verily, it will be a warm reception that
the members of Olivet oaptlst church,
Thirty-eighth ana. Grand avenue, will
give their new pastor. Rev. William A.
Mulford. Fireworks, flags and a band
concert will figure largely In the affair.
The reason for such unusual methods
In welcoming a minister Is that Rev. Mr.
Mulford and his wife will arrive in
Omaha July A. His congregation will be
occupied with the big Fourth of July
celebration in Fontenelle park by the Im
provement club and social centers of that
part of the city. The Olivet Baptists
therefore decided to combine their pastor's
reception with the observance of the day,
so he and his wife will be escorted direct
from their train to the parki where they
will spend the day getting acquainted
with their new congregation.
Rev. Mr. Mulford has .ben pastor of a
church In Cincinnati for two years. He
succeeds Rev. Frank Ward here, the lat
ter having resigned to take up city mis
sion work with his father at Cedar Rapids,
New Animals Will Arrive in Omaha
Later On.
Doxlnsx Kangaroos May De nn Added
Fetitnrei of the Ak-Sar-neh Shorr
riefore the Close of the
Present Senaon.
The most desirable furnished rooms tre
advertised In The Bee. Oet a nice cool
room for the summer.
A boxing match by kangaroos at the
Ak-Sar-Ben den has become a possibility
this summer, with .the return of Gould
Diet's from Australia and a trip around
the world. He arrived home yesterday,
with Mrs. Diets and her mother, Mrs.
Amanda Putnam of Lincoln.
Something new In the way of menag
eries is hinted at by the traveler, who
Intimates that subjects of good King Ak
may have a chance to put on the gloves
with an Australian kangaroo before the
summer Is over. Animals which he se
cured on his 35,000-mlte trip will arrive
A record trip from Paris to Omaha was
accomplished by the Diets party, whoae
companions, Joseph Hayden and Miss
Hayden, remained In New York and will
teturn to Omaha Thursday. They crossed
the Atlantic on the Vaterland, the world's
greatest liner. Except for a tog which
delayed, the Immense vessel the entire trip
from Paris to Omaha would have been
completed in exactly seven days.
"We read The Bee In New Zealand,"
Mr. Diets says. "Australia, Tasmania
and all the other out-of-the-way places
were on our Itinerary, so we met no
Omahans abroad except Mr. and Mrs. C.
N. Diets In Paris.
"Australia Is a wonderful country. Tho
utmost hospitality greeted us everywhere.
Americans seem to be even more popular
than Englishmen there. The big Island
continent Is already exporting butter and
beef in large quantities to Vancouver." '
Best Knotvn Consti Itemed?.
Dr. King's New Discovery, best for
coughs, colds, hoarseness and all lung
troubles. First dose helps. 60c and tX.
All druggists. Advertisement.
Robert Boyd, colored, was arrested by
two railroad watchmen as a "suspicious
character," hanging about the yards Mon
day night. He put up a fight when taken
and the officers had to show their
weapons to subdue him. In police court
he called officials by their first names
and got familiar.
"Mlstah Fred," he addressed Prosecutor
Anheuser, "I'se a regulah votah on 'lec
tion day an"
"Never mind that, talk to the Judge,
he's running for office again," exclaimed
the prosecutor.
"Mlstah Judge, I'se potah fo' Mlstah
Jack Broomfl "
"Thirty days," cut In Foster.
TJtlK State of New York, through its Department oi Insurance, has .
completed jtho examination of tho, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
r n which it is required by .law to- make every three years The Chief
" Examiner, in concluding the report, daids . , '
Vi 'The treatment by this Company of its .policy-holders in the prompt payment of their claims,
' in the voluntary payment of millions of dollars in bonuses, and in its social welfare work are
features of the 'Company's business which deserve commendation."
The Superintendent of- Insurance, the Hon. William Temple Emmet, in
(approving the report, wrote an extended review from which we make extracts i.
"The administrative officers of the Company ' have so increased the assets of the
Company as to make these equal the resources of many states and even nations. They have at the
same time steadily cheapened the cost of insurance to policy-holders, both by direct
means and by the distribution of bonuses."
(The report shows that the Company has given back $35,367,293 In bonusea
to Industrial policy-holders In nineteen years.
"They have extended the Company's business to such an extent as to bring it into contact now
with approximately one-eighth of the population of the United States." .
The number of policies outstanding December 31, 1913, was 13,957,748.
"That this notable growth has involved no sacrifice of efficiency in the handling of administrative
details, but, on the contrary, has been the direct result of constantly increasing efficiency, is shown by
the comparatively small losses sustained by the Company in proportion to the large investments made.".
"The fact that the percentage of lapses due to the abandonment of their insurance by
policy-holders is constantly decreasing, speaks eloquently to the same effect."
The lapse ratio of Industrial policies has decreased 31.7 per cent In eight years.
"This last, mentioned development is perhaps the most convincing evidence which could be
offered that the Company's policy-holders are, broadly speaking, very well satisfied indeed
with what they get in return for the premiums they pay. A very remarkable showing
"This Company wolfed for no changes in existing law before striking out as a pioneer .
among insurance companies along the pathway of social service on a huge scale. i
"For years it has maintained for its policy-holders a nursing service upon a great scale;
this has latterly become a veritable marvel of efficiency and practical helpfulness
Metropolitan nurses made 1,127,022 visits to sick policy-holders In 1913,
for which the Company paid tho bills.
"Leaving out of consideration the mere numbers of those who have been directly benefited by
these, activities, I think .that the example which the Metropolitan has set to other
great business organizations by its early recognition of the new responsibilities attaching
to all business enterprises which have attained a certain size, is one of the most beneficial
of recent occurrences in the field of American business. For years it has through
its publications upon the question of health conservation .been serving multitudes of people as a
sort of University of beneficial instruction upon this most important subject."
"This great institution, having so very recently been under our critical scrutiny and presenting
so many admirable illustrations of what an efficient and enlightened modern business organization
on a large scale can do in the way of keeping abreast cf modern thought, seems to be in a position
where I may properly use it as an illustration that private initiative and enterprise are at
their best still capable of doing the finest possible work in fields from which, latterly, all the talk has
been that these agencies should be compelled to retire."
Assets, 8447,829,229.00 Inabilities, $414,244,327.51
Largest amount of insurance in force of any company in the world
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company -
(IacorportUd by tts SUU of tftw Yoxk. Stock Compear)
OHN R. HEGEMAN, Prebident
Store Hours: 8:30 A. M. to 6 P. M Saturday Till 9 P. M.
Tuesday, Juno 10th, 1014. 8TOUK NEW8 KOK WKDNK8DAY. Sixteenth and Harney Street.
Choice of Our Entire Stock of
Trimmed White Summer Hats $3.00
Hats That Are $7.50, $10, $12.50, $15 and $20 Values
WE KNOW you hnvo boon waiting for something good from this department,
so here it is for "Wednesday, choice of our ontiro stock of whito trimmed
summer lints for $5.00.
"V ce i"
The offering includes how
panamas, now lace effects,
new hemps, now milan
homps, new milans, beauti
fully trimmed, in tho very
latest ways.
the values are
$750, $10, $12.50,
$15 and $20 '
It's tho most beautiful
collection of all whito sum
mer hats wo hayo ever
shown. Every one now and
clean, in scores of charming
now styles anof shapes.
Remember our entire stock is included and the offering affords you tho season's
greatest millinery- buying opportunity.
anrgsss-Wash Co. Bsooad rioor.
That Were , $ 10 to 1 7.50. Wednesday
THERE are two hundred or more from which to mako your
seleotion. Every one this season's newest and best styles.
Made of moiro silks, serges, bedford cords and plain whito;
lined with fine quality silk.
Tho colors aro the niosk desirable, also black.
The coats wore $10.00 to $17.50 values reduced for "Wednes
day to, choice, $5.00.
Women's Coats at $10
That were formerly $19.50 to $32.50
ANOTHER coat bargain that's way out of tho ordinary.
Beautiful models in silk and cloth materials, including
checks, plain serges, honey comb, etc.
The colors aro tan, brown, navy crepe,
tango and green, also whito, wore $10.50 to
$32.50 reduced for Wednesday to, choico. . . .
Burffsis-HMh Co. Seoond rioor.
Bed Spreads
HERE'S news of eco
nomic importance be
cause it concerns some
thing staple in every homo.
$1.49 Spreads, 08o
Hemmed bed spreads, extra
heavy honey comb, in new
maraellles patterns, size 70x83;
were, CQ
for J70C
$1.26 Spreads, 79o
Hemmed crochot bed spreads,
size 00x76, for bods, some
slightly soiled from display;
vera 11,26,
now i fl
98o Orib Spreads, 49o
Satin finish, woven fancy fig
ures, pink or blue, tor a qulok
clear up Wednesday, ACJkf
each r7C
Bnrgsis-tfssh Co. Main noor.
Royal Wilton Room Size Rugs
Were $40.00 to $47.50, for $33.00
THERE'S a Juno sale.
J- A special that will bring j!
fortn a genorous response.
The rugs are all new and tho .J
vaiuos aro simpiy romaruaDie.
Genuine Royal 'Wiltons, nizo
9x12 foot, In a beautiful as
sortment oi rich ori
ental patterns. Posi
tive $40.00, $42.50
and $47.60 values, for.
Room Size Rugs, S11.S0.
Tapestry Brussels, sizo 9x12
feet, made full 8 wire, drum I
print, and absolutely all wool,
very desirable asaortment of
colors and pat- dti i pa
terns, special. . . 4 1 1 DU
$-1.25 Axmlnster Rugs, $2.08.
Extra he&vy quality, size 3x6 feet, both floral and
oriental patterns, sale price
uuiui as-
Bnrgi-ah Co. Third Tloor.
Wash Day Necessities Underpriced Wednesday
Diamond "C" Laundry Soap,
10 bars for 25o I Combination
Lighthouse Cleaner, 1 can ...,5o Lot for
Star Naptha, 1 pkg 5o
Gold Dust, 1 pkg. 5o
Total Value 40c
- 25c
TUirc, Iignt, strong ana durable, each,
45c, 55c, 65c
THE Mcyclo wringer is an easy running
machine and will giro lasting service
Has a hardwood frame, steel ball boarlugs
and good rubber rolls. Threo- tZ(
year guarantee price 4xOU
VJlmade. wlUi liat
hnttani ...................
Clothe props, good quality,
each nnn.nim.ntmi.M
Wlllew clothes baskets, largo else,
were 5c, nowv,n..i...
BturssiKssh Co. Bs.smsnt,
door. M
tn4 of
If or way H
Wednsju I
day, SUo. jM
Galvanized pails, 10-Tiuart size, -i a
like illustration, Wednesday, each, JLUC
Willow clothes basketsr medium ACk
size, were 76c, now xJC
Clothes pins, special Wednesday, o
100 for OC
Clothes lines, regular 36c quality, no
for ZiOC
Brass wash boards, 40o values, OC
for suOC
Clothes wringers, good Iron frty At
frame, for Zp&i&U
Light house cleanser, 6c can o
for OC
Diamond "C" laundry soap, f
13 bars tuOC
iBurgess-Nash Oo Everybody's Store 16th and Harney..