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Tho Boo Publishing Company, Proprietor.
Entered at Omaha txjstofflce as wcond-claaa matter.
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pr year.
Uy carrier
per month.
iSXally and Sunday
t itait. nffhntit Kiinnjit ........... 4&C...
jSKvenlnr and Sunday
JKrenlnB without Sunday ! J.oo
itlSunday Bee onty Jne..
'5end pat.fe ot ehnr.a of adrtrtss or comn'nlnts of
15 IrreKtilarity In delivery to Omaha Doe, Circulation
J Department ,
; Remit Vjr draft, rxxirrm or postal order. On'y two.
Stent stamp received In payment of amalt ac
Jcounta. Tereonni r eVt. oxcept on Omaha and eatem
; excharice. not accepted. ..
Omaha-The Re RulldlnR.
Fouth Omaha MIS N utrrot
Coiinrll Bluffs U North Main rtrect.
Mncoln-W Little Bulldlnp.
Chlraro SO! Hfarst nul.dlnir.
New Tork-Room 11M. fi Fifth avenue.
i; Washington 7B Fonrtccmh St., N. W.
tAddrem rommunlratlon relating to nw and edl
tcrlal matter to Omaha Uee, Editorial Department.
'$ State of Nebraska. County of Douej'as, as.
Dwlaht Williams, circulation manager of The Dee
Puhllshltirr company, belne; duly aworn, any that
IS average dally clicuiatlon for the month of Mny. 18H.
;J Kai 64.761
' DWIOHT WIM.IAM8. Circulation Munager.
it 8uh"rli)cd In my presence and aworn to beforo me
C this Mh day of June. 1914
nOBRflT IirNTBR. Notary Public.
tl '
,J Subscribers leaving tho city temporarily
( should have Tho Bee tinllc1 to thoni. Ad.
S dress will bo changed as often ns requested.
is; ;
! "Lips all ready?" asks tho Boston Olobo.
C'Uh huh kcr-smack.
r .
"Learn from Tho Boo."
t? reader and every day.
Why, suro, every
It looks as it tho old political swimming
-holo may havo to be enlargod.
.g It Is up to Colonel Mahor's typowrltor to un
tSllmbcr for action, and get busy.
j: r
ijj Tho millennium in Omaha: When the main
SBtrcot Is not torn up for a whole year.
is .
Undo Sam may jot have to take possession
'lot Tamplco by forco Just to koop tho peace.
jt "Nebraska Panama-Pacific Dollar day" noxt
jjjWock Wodnosday. Writo It down or you may
jjtorgot it.
f In not over ton yearn tho Commercial club's
lOood Fellowship excursion will travol by air
craft instead of by auto.
S Sing Sing, says Sir Conon Doyle, Is 100 years
jbehlnd. Umo. But any old brass band dctoctlvo
Jtould have ferreted out that.
Somo mollycoddlo has painted a picture ot
Undo JOo Cannon- tit tho capital without a
tfcec-gar In his mouth.' Nature fakir!
Improvomont clubs' should 1 work for civla
Improvement, not tlio personal aggrandftcmout
'fit either office seokor or salary grabbor.
It is extremely doubtful, though, "whether
Svcn a paid publicity bureau and . hired pro
Ejnoters can defeat university concolldatlon.
'Let tho pcoplo rule"
i Chairman Underwood snys his only regret in
.opposing President Wilson's toll exemption ro
"tptU bill is that ho did not,oppoeo it moro vigor
joiisly. IIo may have another chance.
jt' Credit Friend Maupln at least with frank
isacEa in announcing his candidacy. Mo publicly
.admits (hat if thoro woro not a comfortable
Salary attached to the Job, ho would hot want it.
t 1 1
"Met" seems to think that If he wore to
Jead tho democratic hosts in Nebraska this year
all the porsonal bitterness and factional strlfo
within the fold -would bo immediately ellmlna
tod. Oh, guess again.
The burning Issue at Lincoln Is tho quel
tlon of university cons61ldatlon. It Is Just as
well bo; otherwise we would expect such a
fever" heat thero over vdfes for women as to
burn up all the crops. '
The students of old Princeton have voted
George. B. McCIellan tho most popular member
of the faculty, Tho professor doubtless ap
preciates his wisdom in removing his hat from
the ring of politics.
Down in Lincoln the question is up as ' to;
whether water rates should be roducod' for 'in
dustrial consumption below what is chargod
householders. Omaha's householdor wator rate
is still CO per cent above Lincoln's, and Its rate
to all but tho vory largest consumers likewise
os much, If not more, than Llncoln'o.
Ii Villa the Coming Man t
lu religious revivals the hardened sinner
lometlmes suddenly sees tho light nnd experi
ences religion and Is taken Into tho fold, his
past misdeeds forgiven, It not (orgolten. The
widely exploited career of Villa, the military
genius of tho Mexican rebellion, has been re
pollent even to those in sympathy with tho
caure he Is fighting for, and his probablo as
cendency In event of Its success Is something
they droad to look forward to. It is interest
ing, therefore, to note the representations being
made that Villa has been seized with a now
spirit, and that the fiery ordeal of tho revolu
tion has brought out qualities ot character not
before suspected. .Tho special staff corre
spondent of tho Outlook In Moxlco, Gregory
Macon, halls htm as "the Mexican man Of the
hour," and pronounces him "the right man in
tho right place." But let us quote briefly from
this combined eulogy and defense: '
Villa has been harahly criticised n'i a critil,
ovctbenrlnj, unscrupulous tyrant, but he la the right
man lu the rlsht place. The only restraint a Mex
ican soldier knows In fear, and the rear of Villa la
Iron In all his men. He ordered two men shot for
cutting telephone wires by can-lean shooting re
cently, and yesterday lie heaid a drunken aodldr
naatlnp ammunition In thr ntreet under the cuartel
General, and, atepplng out on a balcony, he thr..w
up hl rifle and allot tho man through the body. It
In a caae of sacrificing one to avo many. A total
abatulner himself, lie ha reduced drunkenness to a
minimum among hln ofilcers nnd men, and looting
he will not countenance at all. lift wbm the only
constitutionalist officer In fa or of pence with
America In preference to union with Huerta, and by
heer force of personality he won the others over,
nominal y at leant Villa han preached patrlotlain
no much that ome Of It has aeeped Into hla ayntein;
he ban begun to believe hla own words And every
day It la more and more evident that ho Is the only
Mixlcnn strong enough to nave Mexico from ltaell.
Ilia strength no one doubta; the only qurntlon Is In
r.gurd to his wisdom. Had ha the oducatlon of Diaz
be would make another Don Porflrlo; an It la, Ins
natural nhrewdnean nnd Inborn ability In Judging
men moy equip, him for the ueml-dlctntorrfhlp which
still stems to be Mexico's only alternative to a gov
ernment bolatered by foreign power. Having now
sren Villa intimately for a week, I am convinced
that, whatever hla motives wero nt first, nt p'renopt
he sincerely believes that he Is working for the good
of Mexico.
Wo submit that this testimonial to tho
Mexican mllltarr mastor is interesting as a pen
plcturo, even If not convincing as a recommen
dation. Aceptlng this as proof of his conver
sion, wo...would still be Inclined to demand a
period of probation and guarantees against
backolldlng before considering the reformed
alnnor as eligible to canonisation.
McReynolds on Trial.
Comes now Attorney General McFteynolds
with an Inslstont plea for the Immedlato trial of
Charles S. Mollon, formor prcsldont of the Now
Havon railroad on tho Indictment which was
lying on Mr. McRoynolds' desk when ho took of
flco moro than flftoon months ago. He sifld nnth.
Ing about prosecution until a few weoks ago whon
opociai Lounoel Folk for tho Interstate Com
raerco commission prcssod the Investigation of
Mellon and tho Now Haven deal and then ho op
posed action. He opposed it so Btrongly as vir
tually to order Mr. Folk from his offlco whon ho
camo to discuss tho caso. Now that Folk's Inves
tigation results In tying soveral well-known gon
tlomen in a fow doublo bowknots, Mr. McReyn
olds Is wildly impatient for tho prosecution of
Charles 8. Mellen. ,
Mr. Mellen proved a Bad' witnoss for tha
'power bohlnd the New Haven looting deal, He
"as ooen corroborated in tho tostlmony, showing
mat not no, out otners, wore chiefly responsible
foitho aoiarlng transactions. Perhaps Mellen
hno won immunity. Has ho also Incurred the
rnlmoslly of. tho attorney general, who, boforo
the hearlngtrlod to stavo It oft by Baying he
had all tho evidence Folk could got?
Who Is now to bo pn trial, after all, Mr.
Mellon or Mr. Attorney General?
Plenty to Do at Home.
Thoto who questioned tho nood for such a
body as the United thtes Industrial commission
may find food for thought In this statement
from a Now York paper1:
Th United Etates Industrial CommUloners eat
Ptllbound yctterday white Mrs. Mary Minora, not
yet 15 yeara old, but married two yeara and clasping
a 6-montha.old baby to her breast, told how she sup
ported her husband and child. She dors It by work
Ing thirteen hours a day In her tenement room at
No. IIO Mulberry street. Site con earn aa much na 00
cents a day doing finishing worJt on clothing.
This caae Is said to be but typical of the
very conditions tho commission Is nuthorlzed by
congress to Investigate Thoy oxlst, not only in
iuo Bwoaianops and tnlsorable tenemonts of
Now York and other largo cities, but in a dif
ferent form within tho cotton 'mills of the
pouth and the woolen mills of .New. England. A
nauon mat aspires to sot a high oxamDle to
tno world cannot afford to be Insensible' to the
need ot protecting llfo.ln such troadmllls as
these. Talk about eugenics to these slaving
cnua-wivoa la HKe profaning reason.
Brief oontribntlons on timely
topics iBTlWd. The Ota assumes
no responsibility for opinions of
correspondents. All letters sub
ject to condensation by editor.
IIott Stop Ambulance Chnntnp;.
PITTSBURGH, June 6. (On Trln.)-To
the Editor af The Uee: I read with great
Interest your article entitled "Lawyer
Create Pat Industry at Railway Expense."'
1 have often wondered how much longer
the people of Minnesota would stand for
such f. game. I think you have started
something, nnd the taxpayer of Min
nesota will now nit up nnd take notice,
Minnesota should have the en me taw as
Maryland relative to "Ambulance Chns
r." The "Ambulance Chasers" had be
come so hold nt Raltlmore that I havo
eten the lawyer' runners get In the am
bulance with the Injured person and hold
his hnnd while he signed n contrnct with
the lawyer to handle hla case, and at
the same time thv Injured man was o
badly Injured that ho did not know what
ho was signing.
For the benefit of your readers, I will
fiuote the Maryland law relative to "Am
bulance Chasers" passed April IS, 190, aa
Section 1. ne It onacted by the general
arscmbly ot Maryland, that the follow
ing additional section bi added to article
27 ot the code of public general law of
Maryland, entitled "Crimea and Punish
ments," subtitle "Barratry." to te
known p. section 17-A, nd to read aa
17-A. Whoever, for his own gnln, and
hnvlnT no existing relationship or Inter
ests In the Issue, directly or Inclrpctlv,
nollcltn another to sue at lnw or In equity
or tl make llllgloun claim: or to retain
Ms own or another servlren In so auln
01 making litigious claim; or whoever,
knowingly prosecutta n case In which hi
services have been retained a a result
of such solicitation: or cause anv case
to be Instituted without authority; or
whoever, being an nttorney-at-lnw, di
rectly or Indirectly agrees to procure
nr other to be employed as an expert wit
nern or otherwise, nr prosundes another
tc be so cmnloyed In consideration of his
soliciting litigious business, or undertak
ing to solicit It, or In Any other way
compensate nnother for no doing, shall,
l poo conviction thereof, be punished by
n fine of not morn thnn $301, or by 1m
1 rlsonmcnt In Jail, for not more thnn thro
months, or by both. Any nol'cltntlon aa
aforesaid, shall be prima facie evlficnce
that the person no soliciting Is doing so
for gnln. The term attorney-at-law shall
Ipclude counscllor-nt-law, provided that
nothing herein contained shall Impair or
effect the disciplinary powers of the
courts of thl state over nttorneya and
counsellors-at-law appearing nnd practic
ing In the flame.
I was connected with the New Torlt
Sun In 100S and assigned to look Into
the "Ambulance Chasers" coses In
Maryland, which the taxpayers were bit
terly protesting against, as so many
cases of fatal nnd personal Injuries were
being brought to tho courts of Mary
land by other state! and I was ono of
eighteen reporters, who furnished' '.he
data for tho commonwealth of Maryland,
which brought about the above mcntlonod
I am, at present, a taxpayer of Minne
sota, and na a taxpayer, I protest ngalnst
thla system of robbing u by
of the clsss you so well describe, by
bringing cases Into our courts from
other states. I think It time the Honor
able Bar orooctatlona of tho mnny coun
ties of Minnesota, look Into such meth.
ods of their colleagues, the same as 'he
bar nraoclatlons of Maryland did ind
have such a law passed ns the Maryland
Jaw aliove mentioned.
, ,1JF
vouHLtu rKOM act rti.cS
Railway conductors from the various road ccn
terlng In Omaha organised lor this dlv.ilon Thero
uiiijij- iircsriu, ana mess were cnosen to nil
tho various offlots: V. It. Kalrbraaa, K. H. Mills-
paugb, W. H. Madden. 8. R. Ro, R, a. Klem'ng, N
Hinter. Hsrry uiimore nnd R. J. Mantt.
Ths wedding of Dana 8. Lander, formerly of thl
city and now of Beaver Dam, V. and Ml Lou
IJams. daughter of V. H.4 Jjama, will take place
Wednesday iro.H Trinity cathtdtal. Tho ushers will
be XL IV. Patrick, A. C. WakHey, N. C.sry and R.
w. iuisy.
Mr, and Mrs. J. Her are back from Chicago.
Miss Addle Davl of Bta'r U v!ttlnc her sister,
Mr, w. P. Flynn. 3 Houth Ninth street
R. R. Cable.' prcildent of the Rack Island road,
accompanied by several director and their w.ves.
pnt the day In lh!s city.
Miss Kittle Manning of Quotouqua, la Is the
guest of Mtis Qassla Robinson at her name. Cm
and Twenty-fourth. ''
Senator Charle F. Mandenon returmd from the
Chicago convent on. .nd will go back to Wash'ngton
in a few days.
Bids were received for sweeping tho paved streets,
. those bidding being a. T. Mount. W. A. 3m'lh & Co.
A. R..IICML R. KhHBnou 6 Co. and James Duffy,
Norway's Comtilalnt.
Official protest Is made In the Norwegian
parliament agalnat treatment accorded Immi
grants at Ell's Island. Not American Immlara
uon laws, but some who admlnistor tho laws,
are censured. One ot tho grievances cited. If
correctly statod, Id vory serious. Of course, tho
tasK or handling the constant stream of now
comers Is a big and trying one, but It must bo
properly performed. Even the Norwegian min
ister who explained the situation to tho Storth
ing, took pains to say that our Job was
difficult ono, as thousands of immigrants wore
constantly pouring Into this gateway and that
no ion luu information of alleged abuses
should be In hand before any action was taken
It Is simply out of tho question for our gov
ernment to tolerate as, of courso. 1? does not
wish to any wanton Imposition upon the peoplo
wno como rrom groat and frlondly countries
over the eess. So far no Norway It, concerned,
ehe with hor Scandanavlan sister Etates, is send
ing to us somo of tho best brain and brawn wo
have and we could not afford to lesson tho
number. President Taft once took a day oft
from his White House duties and wont to Ellis
Island to got first hand knowledge of the do
tails of admission, to see the immigrants as
they alighted from tholr ships and follow them
through the port of ontry. We certainly cannot
afford to neglect the work, for It is ono of the
. most important we have to do.
Electric Airship Coming
Edison Tells Professional Associates
What to Look for.
As n Pnther Anions; Children.
The famous wltard of electricity, Thomas Edison,
drifted Into the annual convention of the National
Electric Light association In Philadelphia, last week,
and was hailed aa a king among his subjects. Every
one and everything gave way to Mr. Edison, reports
the North American. When he spoke every mine re
ceived a new Impetus toward conquest. New visions
were stirred by his prophecies. Realization stalked
abroad, and dreams which a few years sgo would
have been put down a the visions of the nacromancer
or the vaporlngs of the sorcerer, were almost visual
lied before the eyes of the gathering.
With a eera prophetic vision, Mr. Edison predicted
two things of tremendous moment to science and
humanity. He declared electricity can be derived di
rectly from coal without the Intermediary of the steam
boiler, the engine or the dynamo, and assured the
men he addressed that electricity will revolutionize
the science of aviation, and that the eagle'a flight,
but the bee's buzzing will be the prototype upon which
man must build his wing.
DeTeloiimentn to Conir.
Age has set its clutch upon the wiry and tireless
body of the grent discoverer, though his master mind
haa defied time and his spirit stilt dwells with the In
finite resources of the universe.
Hln words dealt with the simplification ot the big
mysteries of life, and yet he wistfully paid tribute
to the decay of human powers and to the greatest of
all forces, death, when he asserted that the things he
predicted will come true, but he will not be the one
to accomplish them.
"Electricity will be derived from coal," he said,
"but I will not be the one to bring about Its deriva
tion. I am not working on that problem. It would take
too long to solve, too long, and I have not that much
time to live.'!
For a moment the old man paused, buried In
thought, the thought of what he cannot accomplish
because he its mortal. Then he playfully told the
"cubs ot commerce," as he called the electricians,
thnt they mut do the work for him, they who are
young and have the years to live.
Klectrlc Airship.
A snap of his eyes, a keen look Into the future,
and the msglc book of fatd was unroUed again, and
the men In the assembly room of the Bellevue-Strat-ford
saw a vision which set their heads whirling and
made their brains dizzy.
What did they see? They saw the nlr nllve with
graceful winged creatures of man's make, airships
propelled by the force of electricity, safe, sure, and
built according to the mechanism that nature has
used for thousands and thousands ot years.
An the Inventor and his wife were on their way to
Philadelphia from New York by automobile, they
passed through a shady glen. Flitting among the trees
was a bumble bee, Just a plain ordinary buzzing bee.
"Do you know," said Mr. Edison, "as I watched
that bee I realized that n real plane, a heavler-than-air
machine of great weight, can be built so soon as
we obtain something that beats the air at the rate of
SCO times a second." He gained his Inspiration from the
bee as tho Wright brothers gained theirs from observ
ing the buzzard. Only Mr. Edison approached the mat
ter from a different angle.
"That bumble bee," he said, "was ono Inch long,
three-eighths of ah Inch In diameter, with a wing one-
fourth ot an Inch wldo and five-eighths of an Inch long
The wings weighed a milligram that bee weighed 7,000
times more than his wings, if we can only get to
that tho greatest weight for tho smallest wlng--that
Is the thing. Tho beo's wings beat the air 300 times
a second.
"A' bee works on sound wazes. Reratmwr, the
air is rigid as steel if the pressure is only sudden
enough. Give us something . that beats the air ,200
time a second and we will have a 'real' plane,!'
I He Tou understand what a margin in
stocks Is, don't youT
I She Oh. yes. That's the money you
tput up and lose. Boston Transcript,
"Another terrible conflict, John," re
marked Mrs. Olnk. "Tho paper saya tho
cannonading waa so terrific that eighteen
men died at first Makes me sick to think
ot the bloodshed In these battles."
"Very little blood shed In those kind of
battles, my dear," sold Mr. Olnk. Indian
apolln News.
"Thla scenerv Isn't what It wan." com-
plained the artist.
I can t see no difference." declared th
old farmer. "What do you mlssT"
I ni looking tot a cloud Itko the one t
jalrv.ed last year." Loulsvilll-Courler
"I told mv bov that If he was canfu1
ot his behavior I'd take him to a ball
Sometimes." rerjlled Mr. Comrox. "I
think that a boy I a greater comfort
than a girl. My daughter told me that If
I dldn t show more culture she d make
me go to another classical concert. '
"The Datlent detests this bitter medi
'You may cive htm somethtnsr iomI
with It." said the doctor. "What does
he like?"
Ho seems to prefer kisses to anvthlns
else," faltered the pretty nurse. Clncln-
nat Enquirer.
Clinton Scollard In New York Sun.
A many men there be that go
Free footed, wandering to and fro
Athwart Ood's open, sun kissed ways,
Their hearts o'erbrimmlng with the praise
Of all the winding things that are
Beneath the steadfast sun and star;
And foremost of this roving clan
I, love the ardent fisherman!
Ho carries still within his breast
An Incommunicable zest,
A fervor that may never tire,
A flame unwavering, a desire
t'nquenchable aa Is the dawn.
That leads' him on and ever on;
And though he's fain of spoil, at root
HI primal passion Is pursuit!
His pulses throb nnd thrill to feel
The vibrant whirling of his reel;
Elation fills him when he spies
Vpon hi line the gleaming prize;
Yet when tho sunset embers burn
lxw In the twilight's purple urn,
And he has no reward to show.
Is he dark browed and doleful? No!
Another day, another hour,
Fortune may yield herahlnlng shower!
Still In hln bosom bides the lure
Aa fixed an Is the cynosure.
It In the striving, not the gain.
That lifts u to the loftiest plane;
The quest, although we mis the goal.
That stays in the fiber of the soul!
And so. whate'er his clans or clan,
I love the ardent fisherman!
Tho race Is usually to the swlfteat, but as
the political race track 1b not closed to new
entries for another month, the Judges will with
hold awards for a while.
Atehtiln on lnvlIbl- Government.
NORTH PLATTE, Neb.. June 8.-T0
the Editor ot The Bee: I see In The Bee
an article on Catholicism by waiter
Johnson of North Loup, it In reviving
to 'see a correspondent from the rural
districts take a hand In politic and re
ligion, which experts on both subjects
assume to be their own prerogatives.
Mr. Johnson taps a live wire when he
speaks of religion In connection with
politics nnd government so many people
do not recognize the connection. He
statea that he Is a Methodist, and Uov
oxnor Morehead la also a Methodist, and
was swltchod from a congressional can
didate to n candidate for governor to
make room for a Catholic In congress
a very clever courtesy on thi- p.irt of the
governor, which will probably bring him
Catholic votes. Bitch are the politics ot
today, which to some peoplo constitute
the "Invisible government."
Mr. Johnson also catches on that In
politics Catholic favor Catholic, Meth
odists favor Methodists and Presbyter
ians favor Presbyterians, and he might
have noticed that In President Wilson's
present Prtesbyterlan administration he
ha taken on a -good deal of Catholic
contingent to help the Presbyterian out,
and that 1 whero the Catholics outri ne
the other fellows and get their spoon In
every dish.
Mr, Johnson speaks, of Rockefeller,
Standard Oil and soma other prpperty
aggregations In rather an Indifferent
way, Indicating that he 1 somewhat on
to the scheme of politicians And re
ligionists, and complaining somewhst ot
carelessness of the Interests 6f the pub
lic. A pretty fair comprehension ot poli
tics by a country statesman.
Well, Brother Johnson, being as you
are a Methodist, the basta of all society
and government always has been, and I
now, religion absolute authority by a
Preacher of whatever klnd-from a su
preme source to direct and educate the
common people to obey a supreme gov
ernment, Thl makes religion and gov
ernment partners In business. The busi
ness of this combination is to hold office,
maintain order and collect remuneration,
This combination Is aa old a organized
society, and It never worked better than
It does right now. Note the present ad
ministration. President Wilson dominates
his party In congress aa potently as the
pope ot Rome dominates the Roman Cath
olic church. Whether or not Mr. Wilson
has gotten any good out of his domlna
tlon Is not the question the question I
absolute authority.
Now, Brother Johnson, It matters not
wha party Is In power, or what man rep.
resent It, this "nigger tn the wooapiie,"
this "Invisible government." always has
the winning card up Its sleeve, and it
you or I were governor, or in congress.
we might be able to give some plum to
our friends, and draw our pay and spend
it a we saw tit for the good ot the pub
lie, a we saw It, but outside of that we
might aa well be asleep. We are up
against a combination of wealth and r
llglon In its various forms. The "nigger
In the woodpile" is the wealth, and the
"Invisible government" Is religion The
only remedy I to confiscate the wood
pile, and get the "nigger;" quit feeding
pieachers and the "Invisible government'
will vanish, then If the people have sense
enough they can get together and hav
a government for themselves.
Chrai Klectrlc Anto.
Mr. Edison waa asked if the prophecy of Dr. C.
P. Stelnmets of a 1500 automobile weighing 1,000 pounds
would come true. He said It will, and that he Is
helping Henry Ford to produce an electric automobile
to be sold for this price.
This brought up the subject of batteries In gen
eral, and the Inventor chuckled a bit. "My atorage
batteries are all right; the four years are up." He
phuckled again, and then explained himself, It ap
pears this Is one of the thing he Is going to laugh
over with the boys.
"Four years ago I put out 400,000 batteries. I guar
anteed them to stand up. I had worked five years to
obtain a real storage battery. I wa so sure of them
that I put out 400,000 with the guarantee that I would
take them back of they failed to 'stand up' for four
"It meant 11,000,000 worth of batteries to last four
ears, it was a gamble, but 1 leu sure of tnem. The
four years expired March 1, and the batteries have
stoop up to the guarantee. So you see I am now pre
pared to guarantee plenty more."
When asked his opinion ot the wireless telephone.
he asked, "What Is tho good of It, when wireless tele
graphy Is so cheap, and so easy. It la, ot course,
feasible, but why want it? As for Marconi, he surely
Is a great fellow."
In his new "diamond disc" phonograph, he sold he
felt ho had achieved talking machine perfection at
last. Then there was his work to produce "B-cent
opera," and many a laugh at the discomfiture of men
who had In the old days predicted failure for his in
ventions that have since proved conspicuous successes.
In ,
People and Events
Cleveland easily leads In municipal novelties, the
latest being mounted policewomen for duty In public
Sir Conan Doyle hints that Sherlock Holmes and
Dr. Watson are likely to settle down and do team
work In this country. Opportunity beckons the pair
to Omaha to discover what the backers ot Burns'
sleuths got for their money.
People who have tackled a vulcanised specimen of
"spring chicken" can ease their feelings by sending
condolences to Mrs, Evelyn Rudderow of Cambridge,
N. J., who broke her arm while trying to prepare a
prize bird tor the pot. The spring was in fine work
ing order.
A. Justice ot the peace In Ealem, Mass., recently
married two couples. In each of which the bride was
a widow. Each bridegroom forgot to procure a ring
and used that one given to the bride In her first wed.
ding ceremony.
Alice Brown, well known to magazine readers a
a writer of clever short stories, has won the S10.000
prize offered by Wlnthrop Ames for the best play
ubmltted In a natloc-wlde competition. The play 1
called "Children of Earth." and Is said by the Judge
to be strongly dramatic In its story and exceptionally
clever In Its characters, which are of the New Eng
land rural type, made familiar by the author In her
The late Judge John K. Dillon of New York remem
bered hi home state (Iowa) handsomely in his will
To the county of Scott I bequeathed 110,000 for the
erection of a fountain with statue In the court house
squsra at Davenport, "a pot associated with pleas
ant memories ot my early lite and professional and
Judicial labors." The sum may. In the discretion of
the trustees, be increased to SS0.0CO, and If the erec
tion of the proposed fountain Is Impractical tlO.tOJ
may be devoted to the tck and poor of Davenport.
Iowa State university, where Judge Dillon was edu
cated, receives 110,000 with the understanding that
M09 a year is to go to prizes on legat topics. Other
bequeats are: Disciples of Christ church. SUA); James
Grant Library association. Davenport. Sl.OOO, and
Iowa college ut Orinnell, la., and Cornell college at
Mount Vernon, la., 11,000 each.
Instant Travel Money
TVTHEN abroad you need money that is acceptable
W everywhere and cashed without question or
American Express Travelers Cheques have had our
vast European financial organization back of them for
24 years. They arc instantly recognized and cashed at
sight the world over.
Apply at the nearest American or National Express
office for Travelers Cheques and learn tho extent of
our financial services to Americans abroad.
Efficient Employes
An advertisement under The Bee's
Help Wanted"-heading commands the at
tention of the most desirable workers in
Omaha, Every employer is up against
the problem of securing intelligent and
efficient employes, but a few moments
thought given to writing the right kind
of a "Help Wanted" advertisement will be
a big step toward solving the problem.
The nature of employment offered, condi
tions surrounding the position, the oppor
tunities, etc, should be stated. An em
ployer will find that a response to an ad
that is really informative will be from a
worker who means business.
Telephone Tyler 1000
Everybody Rtadt Want Adt
Where to Go In Summer
The Great Lakes and
Atlantic Coast Region
has innumerable attractions to oner the
Low Faros Now In Effect
via the Chicago and North Western Ry. to
Chicago and choice of routes therefrom to all
important points east.
Roumd Trl front Omaha
Detroit, Mich.
Boston, Mass.
New York, N. Y.
Niagara Falls, N. Y.
Toronto, Ont.
Montreal, Que.
Atlantic City, N.J.
Portland, Me.
Buffalo, N. Y.
S42.IO to 46.60
43. 5 O to 46.50
33.60 to 35.50
3I.IOto 35.50
36.50 to 40.35
45.60 to 46.00
43.85 to 47.85
33.50 to 35.50
Tickets on sale dally from June 1st to September 30th
Return limit 60 day, not to exceed October Slat. 1914
Farorable stopover privileges.
Uneqoaled serrica to Chicago and direct eonaactiona
with (ast trains on all lines east.
Fat paiHadart call en
Chicago and
North Western Railway
140M403 Farnin Street, Omaha, Neb.