Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 07, 1914, NEWS SECTION, Page 8-A, Image 8

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There are not more than ten real automobile manufacturers in America.
Of these ten, Studebaker leads all the resT: in manufacturing the largest
proportion of parts used in its cars.
In laboratory research, in refining processes, in intensive manufacturing,
in costly but economical equipment, Studebaker is first.
In addition, Studebaker spreads these quality producing factors:. over
the largest "Six" volume. ..!" : "
The net result is the greatesY automobile value in the world todayiH&e
Si v
. , . wv
Crank Shaft
Demonstration Will Sell This SIX
The Studebaker SIX vrill prove to you in half an hour its superiority over heavier, costlier cars.
It has a greater proportion of manufactured parts than the best of these heavier cars.
Each essential part is of special formula steel, heat-treated from two to four times to permit the use of light partswith
'increased strength. ' ' ' v -
It will prove that this Studebaker combination of light weight and perfect balance holds the road far better thin mere bulk.
Once sot in a straight line the Studebaker SIX continues in a straight line. ' ' r'-. r
It does not creep or slide toward the ditch from the crown of a country road. . " . - t '' '.''''
This readability begins in the motor itself one of the smoothest-running, most perfectly balanced "Six" motors in the
When the motor is developing its greatest power vibration is practically imperceptible. , Y ' .
At a speed of thirty or forty miles an hour you will probably guess that you are going twenty ortwentytf ive.
Your tire cost, gasoline cost, and oil cost, are of course very much lower than they would be in a heavier car even a "Four"
of equal power. v ,
Studebaker Demonstration Shows Even More triking
Superiority Against The Assembled "SIX"
No assembled or semi-manufactured "Six" can stand up in demonstration against the Studebaker SIX. fl
Studebaker gives you special formula steels tested to 150,000 pounds per square inch. "' v
The best steel the assembler can give you is the best he can get; tested by the mill perhaps to 100,000 pounds.
Studebaker doubles and trebles the strength of its own special formula steels by two to, four heat treatments.
The assembler must pass the steel on to you exactly 'as he gets it.
Studebaker by this process produces parts two to three times as strong, and still holds down the weight. . '
To equal this strength the assembler would have to add weight which would be prohibitive.
So the factor of safety in the Studebaker SIX- is bound to be immeasurably greater than in the best assembled "Six." .
And the same elements work out in the Studebaker to produce perfect balance.
As a result of this balance it rides better, makes better use of its power, is a better bill-climber, is easier on tires.
In short, the value, long life and roadability of a "Six" are in proportion to the number of manufactured and closely meas
ured parts.
In that respect, as we said above, The Studebaker SIX leads the world.
That is why it is competing with the costlier "Sixes" and out selling them.
That is why assembled 'Sixes" MUST COME DOWN in pri ce; and OANNOT COME UP to the Studebaker manufactured
quality. ,
The Studobnker POUR Is of
tho same grade apd quality
of material and workman
ship, and is manufactured
with tho same scrupulous
care and closeness, as the
Btiidebalcer SIX.
Studebaker branches and dealers have, in stock,
$1,000,000 worth of sorrlce-parta.
Tliis means service to owners of a sort that as
semblers do not and cannot give.
In this respect wo believe tho Stndebakor or
ganization to be unequalled.
In addition to Its $8,000,000 machinery equip,
ment for car manufacture, Studebaker main
tains a special plant for tho manufacture of service-parts,
to keep all branch and dealer stocks
complete at all times.
The Studebaker Proof Book describes
and pictures the scientific manufactur
ing operations of Studebaker. Send for it
Direct Factory Branch
2552-4-S Fanam SL
'2429 FariMM Strut
Local Icaler
P. O. S. Detroit
POUR Tourlni? Car J10S0
SIX Touring- Car 1575
BIX Landau-Roadster 1800
8IX Sedan 2250
2?1?. H11 ttn ar AxH
lull Tlnixea JStarlnjr Eaulp-
Completely Equipped
Sleotricallr Started and titrated
aaaoUne Tank ia Cowl
Pluest rtnlah
Elegant Seelm
uaiitity Production of Quality Cars"