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Queer likenesses Found in Animal
and Vegetable Kingdom.
The Tlra Crnli, the Flnlmck Whale,
Orchid Curiosities, Vegetable
Sheep ami Canary Illril
close a likeness to a twig that, though
common enough In the wood. It U rarely
defected and capture! The "measuring
worm" asjumes the attitude of a twig
and remains, motionless for hours to
Cether. Moths, to protect themselves
against enemies, mimic wasps and otlier
harmless ttUeets adopt the aspect of the
spider. , . ,.
Native to Africa, Is a remarkable In
sect, a species of Spalgls, the chrysalis of
which looks llkb ' the head of a chim
panzee. Even the -hair and the pupils
of the eyes -are shown But more won
derful yet Is the ehfysalls of a butterfly,
Fcnlscca, , which Is. a likeness, teem
Ingly a mask, of .the Roman king. Tar
quln. Philadelphia Record.
To trace In natural objects a resem
blance, either structural or pictorial, to
other objects with which they have no
real connection Is a diverting pastime,
Moreover, though nt, first thought It
may seem somewhat puerile, It can, In.
fact, be turned to good account as a
means of stimulating, the Imagination,
and Inducing the mind to embark upon
a course of truly scientific Investigation
which may lead to important discoveries.
"When nature H. in ono of her Imitative
moods the products of her workshop fre
quently bear
liberate fake.
have been
.spirit of sportlveness. As an Indication I speedy measure) were taken to preserve
of this mood the remarkable Talra crab this sandstone Of the Esyptlan flcsort
or japan, which has lately attracted tho
attention of science, stands forth as a
Tier VoHi' ltKri)tlnn Obelisk Oetr,
Coat' tit Protective
Pftrft frommlssidher" Cabot Ward of Cen
ml Park. Mew York, has becun reslora-
a!l the earmarks of a de- tive work on the Efcyf tlnn obelisk, which
XJccaslonnlly they seem to rt-Cerit Im'estlftfttlons showed was threut-
conceivcu ana executed in a . enea wim uisnuptrnuun uuits nmuo
BLUB HI1.U Keb., June ,-(Speclal.)-
Wllllam Shultt, one of Webster county's
oldest cttltens, died very suddenly this
afternoon of heat prostration. He was a
portly man and had mowed grass with
a scythe during the heat of the day.
While very warm he went Into tho house
and drank copious draughts of Ice water,
dying very shortly afterwards. He was
past 00 years of age and had lived in the
vicinity for fore than twenty years.
Funeral of Thomas Andrews, Sr.
CAMBRIDGE, Neb., June . (Special )
The funeral of Thomas Andrews, sr.,
who died nt his home four miles south
east of Cambridge, after an illness of
several weeks duration, was held nt the
Andrews home June 4. Rev. William V
Kelts of tho First Congregational church
of Cnmbrtdge, conducted the services. Mr.
Andrews was past M years of age, and
came to Furnas In 1B71, locating upon the.
'valley ranch, where he lived continuously
t.ntll his demise. He was ono of the first
to locate In this section of the state and
during the forty-three years of his resi
dence here he had become known as one
cf Nebraska's foremost stock Judges and
Gettlno; Near Home.
"George, I can't do anything
"What's the matter with him nowT"
"He s praparlng to be a bandit"
"Good gracious! Last month' ho was a
plrate. The month before he was a high
wayman. Is ho stocking up In tho Usual
way cheap gun, cartridge, belt, ctasj
knife, red bandananT"
"No, all he's got this time Is one ot
those villainous . Uxlcan hats. All yoj
can see of htm Is his feet"
"Where Is hT" '
"Out sniping."
"Well, you can trust the marines ti
land and get him. Which way did he gor
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
conspicuous example.
In Japanese tradition thcro Is a story
to the effect that many years ago a
great naval battle was fuught In the .Sea
of Japan between a force of pirates and
Japanese, resulting In the total destruction
of tho pirate fleet. The story continues
that since that day all of the crabs of a
certain species found on that part of the
coast have borne on their backs the face
Of a Japanese warrior.
An examination of one of these crabs
reveals at a glanco the somewhat start
ling visage. Tho human-like face Is not
,bnly there, and typically oriental In ap
'pearance at that, but actually resembles
the face of a drowned man, with open
mouth and greatly swollen features.
Face In nn Knrhone.
Another remarkable example of typical
racial features is found In the earbone of
a finback whale which was picked up on
a Norway beach. It has all 'the features
of a Scandinavian face, of low caste, with
rounded cheek bones, flat nose-bridge,
small upper Hp and receding Jaw. In ap
pearance, however, the face Is more like
a death mask 'than that of a living per
son. That this was not a freak forma
tion Is proved by an examination of the
arbones of other finback vhales at the
Smithsonian institution ln "Washington,
mil of which have substantially the same
In the plant kingdom nilure'J imita
tions are equally astonishing and much
more numerous than in either the anlriiiil
or vegetable kingdoms. There are several
species of orchids, for Instance, bearing
popular names, which suggest the like
ness of the flower to some member of the
animal kingdom, among them being the
'man orchid, the bee orchid, the spider
orchid, the lizard orchid, ami the holy
ghost orchid. Whllo It Is t.'uo that some
of the supposed llkencstus are more or
less imaginative, others :ire wonderfully
distinct and will bear scrutiny.
ncinnrknlile Orchid.
: This Is particularly true of the l.oly
ghost orchid, which contains within rach
of Its blossoms a pigeon with half-spread
wings. It is necessary to view the bloa
eom from squarely In front, to get the full
'ffeot,of..the .Tesembtancei .'When-Slewed
In this position the bird ,1s o perfect that
it looks as if "ready to take flight.
npTant. wh'tghnaUve "to thelsth
.must of Panama, is very. rare, tnere be.
lng,' Rerhap,,n6't .mare tiian half a dozen
.specimens in the United states, inciuains
.two in tho greenhouses; of .the .White
, House at Washington, It' grows sturdily,
but In order to. thrive, has to be kopt In
a hothouse with the temperature ot a
Turkish bath.
In all of the instances referred to above
the resemblance Is mnlnly vduo to the Hp
ior labellum of the bloom. Now orciilcis
rank, admittedly arpong the most highly
specialized flowers, whllo their extraordi
nary modifications are tho result, largely
if not entirely, of Insect Interference.
Many of these flowers depend 'entirely
upon the visits of Insects for pollination,
and without the aid of these winged em
issaries of cupId they are quite ucihlu to
get seed. The labellum Is the recognized
alighting platform upon which the In
sect stands while it probes the recuses
of the flower In search of nectar, and, ns
orchids are so closely associated with In
sects, we must assume that special
shape of the labellum In each Instance Is
more or less definitely related to the con
venience of the guests that are specially
catered to by the flower In question. In
certain Instances this la actually known
to bo the case. Throughout the great
orchid family the jlabellum exhibits an
almost endless variety of configuration,
and we are Justified in the assumption
that each form Is exactly adapted to at
tract or to uphold a particular kind of
, .-Form Due to Insect Vlntls.
Most young people are familiar with
the canary-bird flower or the common
canary creeper, and here again we llnd
that the unusual form of the blossom
is 'due.' to Insect visits. Tho blooma of
this' croup of plants seem specially de
signed to meet the needs of longtopgtied
moths, which seldom or never settle on
the flower, but hover n front of It,
lightly poised Njn their rapllly moving
wings. While In this posltlm tno tongue
l mil oiled and thrust far biu-.t 1 '.i the
'spur' of the flower whsre the ncctnr
Is 'stored, Meanwhile the head or body of
the moth comes Into wn.a't with the
piltll or ormntamens, un! pollen Is de
po.l.d or removed, as t.vj -uso may be.
A very curious plant, whl'it hns been
fturtus since ancient Simo, Is the
"c-.tMan lamb" oth v.."u known ut
the "vegetable lamb," or, by the Chi
nese as the "golden-h:ilrl 'Ik It
looks remarkably like an - animal, and
la etrly days waa popuiaHy Mip!ld
to combine In some mysVr'ous llu
attributes of animal and plan. Tin be
lief was that It sprang fnm i cel. un1
ti.ucd on Its root until It devoured a",
grscn food within rean. vh.oviipm It
pti.'thed of' starvation. Ah ti matter of
f.ct I; Is merely tha root tncK of n
plant vhich, densely o-i.vrod with roft,
KJiCen-brown hairs, lusujU a likeness
U a qi'adrupeJ.
Vet-etnlile Sheep.
A strange plant found In New Zea
land Is known as the "vegetable sheep"
because of Its wool-like foliage. In fact,
the vegetable kingdom offers an almost
sndless variety of curious Imitations.
The seed pods of the common garden
inapdragon look exactly like small hu
man heads arranged on the stalks like
"poles of skull," such as are set up in
certain countries w litre head-hunting is
a popular amusement. These show not
mrrely tho head und face, but dried por
tions of the ncalp. eyelids and HpsT Their
color Is like that of mummied heads.
The insert world Is full of
from the .ravages of the elements, brtrge-
pieces have pi-oled, off from the stdes At
the tall shaft, .carrying away parts of the
hieroglyphics. ' ; i
With the assistance of Trof.
F. Kemp., tijcplaftr and geologlsl of
Columbia unlvers'lly and Dr. William
Kructlro,, chemist , of the Metropolitan
Musetim. of Art,' It ,ls expected that, the
historic cUrlo will bo preserved. A newly
discovered preservative process for slohe,
which has been tested by both Dr. Kuckro
and Prof Kemp with marked success,
will be used. Xr. Kuekro. who Invented
the new process', and has used It ex
tensively In the preservation ot the
museum stories and monuments wUrtln
End out of doors has offered his dis
covery ior. the (reft Use of the department
of parks. i
Marty years ago at tho suggestion 6t
the late Prof. Ogden Doremus tho obe
lisk was treated" With a coating of par
affin. This was repeated at intervals,
and other remedies were tried t6o, put
lh chhtalhor nt 'the shaft continued.
"Cleopatra.,'8 Needle,"as the obelisk was
coipmoniy. kn6wn,' was brought here from
Alexandria, Egy'pt, 6n July 20, 1&S0. by
Lieutenant Cominahder Gorrlnge, .tr. S.
N., and was erected 'on Its. .base nf the
west of tho Metropolitan 'Musoum of, Art,
.near Eighty-second 1 street on Jamiary
12, 18S1. I
"During tho first .year following Jhe
erection, of the.obellgk nothing was'ddhe
to protect It from climatic cljanges, and
it was trioro severely damaged during that
period than In any one year since," sbld
Trof, Kemp. "To apply the paraffin. It
was necessary, to heat the monolith t to
140 or 150 degrees .Fahrenheit. I dd Jiot
know that this heating affected the. shift
or had anything to do with Its present
bad condition, biit It was the ohly way
by which It could be treated with pkr
affln. The new process Invented by Dr.
Kuckro may be spread dver.the stone
like paint. The tests I have made wth
the process show a tough coating, like
rubber, completely waterproof, nnd which
I believe will make a permanent pre
servative." (
The condition of the obelisk was noted
n few days ago' when a park employe,
Herman V,' Lekeniann, . took a photo
graph of It. Ills lens showed the obelisk
to be .scaling. .on! alLsldes more than In
any previous picture taken of It. Scales
from twelve Inchesjln .diameter hah
dropped from the 'shffft In some sec
tions the Rhaft was blank for several feet,
all the Inscriptions being obliterated.-
The obelisk was tho gift of Ismail
I'ashfl, khedtve 6f Egypt. William H.
Vanderbllt paid the,' expense of getting
the shaft, here, about $100,000. The sh(p
DessoUg had Openings cut In the hull so
that tho big stone could be shoved
through the bow upon supports built on
tho bottom timbers ot the hull. The shaft
was unloaded at filaten Island arid car
ried up the East river on a barge. The
obelisk. Estimated by Prof Kemp to be
more than 2,000 years old, is ono of two
In exlstehce. The other was presented to
the British government, and stands on
the embankment of the Thames river.
New York Tlnies.
Steel anil Fotlntnin Variety Mnr
' ketrd nt Home and
An American Industry wAlch flourishes
consistently, but which seldom comes into
tho limelight, Is' the manufacture of pens,
of both, stee and fountain variety. The
Halted States uses a great many pens.
We make a considerable number ourselves
and Import many more.
Quill ports were still in use at tho' be
ginning of the nineteenth century. Jn
18C2 steel pens began to appear, but they
were somewhat expensive luxuries. They
cost $2 apiece. They were almost all
made In England. As late as 1S0O England
furnished us with nearly all our steel
pens. Then American makers got to wdj-k
.In earnest, and ot present three-fourths
of the steel pens used In this country are '
ofAmerlcan manufacture, though we still
Import yearly from England about 623,000;
grpss. And we export to different coun- I
tries about t9,55C,C00 steel pens a year.- But '
If we have been successful In turning out I
steel pens, wo have shown less ability in
producing tho steel from which, they are
made. Nearly all this steel comes from
England and Sweden.
Our fountain pen Industries are also ex
ceedingly prosperbus. Our yearly-output
amounts to not fur from 10,000,000 a year.
A great many of there pens find a mar
ket outside of the United States. The use
of fountain pens has Increased rapidly
owing to the perfection ot medium-priced
ones which will not leak when carried in
tho pocket, abd which do not have to be
shaken, thumped and otherwise persuaded
in order to secure a i6w of ink In writing.
It Is not improbable that the time will
come when the American makers will
turn out all the pehs used In this coilntry,
with the exception ot a few Imported to
meet special requirements, There appears
to Le no good reason for using English J
pens In preference to the native article. I
It Is also altogether likely that our steJ I
munaries win one a ay De ame 10 supply
the necessary quality Of steel at a 'price
tbat will save our pen manufacturers
from the necessity 6t going abroad for
their raw maUrlnl. Rochester Chronicle.
uutiermes tnat imitate dead leaves are
familiar, and the same may be said of
the "walking stick," which bears so
Frank Cantln, the chaUffeur who dn)ve
Harry K. Thaw In a wild flight from
Norton's Mills, Vt.. across the state line
mimicry. I to Colebrosk, N. H , after the Matteawan
fugitive hid been deported from Canada,
was Instantly killed when, an autu mobile
he was operating upset today.
Short Chamoisettc
"Going Away" Gloves
TWO-CLASP atylo. P. K. soum
and WAnhnhliv TCnellsh throsd!
white, pongee, gray and tan;
all sizes, pair
SSStoro Hoar, 8:30 A. M. to 6 P. M. Saturday till 9 P. M,!
Refrigerator Prices
Reduced for Monday
IV you aro in need of a new re
frigerator this Is Indeed your op
portunity. The beat makes In tho
host alios. Prices reduced.
Sunday, June 7, 1914.
Sixteenth and Harney Streets.
AT NO season of the year
docs tho excellence of this
store'b Bcrvico stand out tu
greater relief than during the
summer months.
Everything that can contrlbuto
to the comfort and convenience
of our oustomers hai been done,
from tho placing of breeze-bring
lng electric fans to the world's
best merchandise for personal
use and for the home.
You'll find our store the
which to do your shopping. Its
high ceilings, large, roomy aisles,
entrances on two streets, afford
ing excellent means ot ventila
tion for the heated term.
Our homo and suburban shop
ping service through which you
can keep in touch with this store
when away, our courteous sales
forco and efficient delivery force
all are ready to serve you well
during the summer months.
And Monday you will find the
store more Interesting than ever
with the scores of irresistible
June sale specials offered in ev
ery section. Burgess-Nash Co.
"TTHE great success of the JUNE SALES has spurred us on to greater efforts for
the coming week. Every section presents saving advantages of a most unusual
sort. It is indeed greatly to your benefit to share in them. Come Monday.
June Sale Specials
V-vWING to the extremely low
ti prices these specials are for
Monday only.
Alarm. Clocks. 39c
Large dial, nickeled case,
guaranteed for one yiur. (Jew
ery Section.)
Stamped Pieces, 9c
Centers, scarfs and pillows;
white or ecru; linens and bur
lap, with six skeins of floss.
(Second Floor.)
$1.50 Corsets, $1.00
Splendid for hot weather wear,
several styles, low In bust line
or medium, free hip, 'reinforced.
(8econd Floor.)
Women's Hose, 29c
Pure silk' boot, black or wblte,
all sizes and extreme values.
(Main Floor.)
Women's Vests, 12!ac
Low neck, sleeveless cotton
vests, In cumfy cut or shaped
styles, also pants to match.
(Main Floor.)
- 60c Coverall' Aprons, 29c.
Made of good quality of per
cale. In light and dark colors;- ex
tra well made. (Second Floor.)
79c Night Gowris, 49c
Good quality muslin, slipover
style, trimmed with lace and rib-,
bon run beading; also cmbrojd
ery trimmed (Second Floor.)
$1.25 to $1.50 Gowns, 96c
Cotton crope and nainsook,'
slipover styles, square and round
necks, also empire effects, elab
orately trimmed. (Second Floor.)
'I - 1 1 ' """ 1111 "- " I .11 II IN- I I II. I- IS ISS ISSS SS -I I I -H -III.- --.. SII-. -... II . H - ! I .
Affording Unusual Advantages t- Secure Your Requirements for "Going Away"
at Substantial Savings The btyles and the Fabrics Are Certainly Right, too
IT'S indeed a timely offering just when hundreds are planning their "go
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$19.50 and $25.00
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Paquln. Tho jackets express tho new
est Ideas. Tho skirts are long tunlo of
fects: violet, green, gold, Copenhagen and
Women's Cloth and Silk Coats at $7.90
THAT WERE $12.50, $15.00, $18.00 AND $20.00
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$7.50 TO $10.00 FOR $5.95
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long Russian tunic. Wo consider thorn ex
trerae values Monday.
AT $4.75, $6.75 AND $9.95
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Cool, dainty summery effects in
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There's a score or more of new styles, any
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Burscss-Nash Co. Second Floor.
Exquisite Lace Flouncing. 9 to 27
Inches, at Less Than Half, at 59c
BEAUTIFUL new styles, including silk chantllly, silk shad
ow, silk run maline, embroidered nets, point applique,
etc., just the thing for cool, surnmery frocks for all occasions;
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Barft-esa-Nash Co. Main Floor.
These 49c Silk Foulards at 29c
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WE cannot recall -the time when we have offered such
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Barsess-Nash Co. Mala Floor.
Thousands of Yards of the Season's Most Wanted
' ' I ! " S,..l..Sj.lSlSJ.-l- . , , .,, ,,, , , ., ,..., , ,, ., . .1. I ..
Wash Goods that Were 25c and 29c, Monday at 14c
Ratines at 29c
36 and 38 inches wide in
shades of blue, pink, lavender;
old rose, primrose, gray, also
white and mixtures; at yd. . 29c
THE very sort that is in greatest demand today tissues,
batistes, 36-inch flowered crepes,- striped Crepes; rat
ines, ginghams, etc., in an equisite selection of J
new colorings and patterns. The usual 25c and I j,f
29c quality, Monday, yard JL Jll
Bnrsrraa-Naah Co Main Floor.
Flowered Voiles, 25c
In neat small designs, newest
color combinations; over 50
different styles, 40 inches wide,
special Monday, yard..'..2Sc
There's Solid Comfort in this
Line of Summer FURNITURE
MAKE your porch cool and inviting this summer. Our
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This Porch Rocker in the June Sale
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and you will be spared the trouble of
lugging your good chairs back and forth.
Made of strong materials, smooth and
free from nails. It's solid con- CfflRq
struction will make it Tw
last for years, Monday. . bisa
Other porch rockers.$3.00 to $10
Fern boxes of fibre. .$5 to $7.50
Fibre settees, 6-ft size. . .$16.00
Wood settees, 6 feet long, hung
Aith heavy chains for. .$10.00
Asr Dit
Bnrrcess Nash Co Third Flssr.
Porch Swing,$5.00
a s Illus
trated; mnde
with he Ay
wire sprSigs
and canvas
pads; v e r.y
cozy and com
fortable, lor
Monday, $5.00.
Porch Swings
Extra heavy
canvas, with raised head and
canvas sides and pad, $10.00.
$2 Hammocks, $1.35
All net hammocks with heavy ex
celslor head rest, wide valance
sides with tassels; reg (hj or
ular $2; special.. plJ
Splendid line o( hammocks from
which to select at $2.50, $3.50,
$4.00, $4.50 and , $5.00
Burgess Nash Co. Third Floor.
TOWEL Values
Were Never Better
THAN these offered for
Monday's selling.
12-2c Huck Towels, 9c
Full bleached, extra large, 18
40 inches: all white or with fast
color red borders.
19c Towels at 10c
Imported damask, size 17x34;
plain white or colored borders;
good 19c values; at 10c
Huck Towels, 18c
Union, heavy, large size, 19x40
inches, fast color or plain white
border, $2 dozon or each.... 18c
Dri-E-Z Towels, 10c
A new Invention of Turkish
construction, very soft and ab
sorbent, 19x34 Inches. Special
at, each , 10c
narajess-Nasb Co Main Floor.
This Colonial Glass Water
Set Illustrated Here, Pitcher
and the Six Glasses for 25c
npHK pitcher alone Is worth
that; good, clear glass;
strictly perfect and an ex
treme value Monday, nfj
set complete for uC
Burffcsa-Nash Co. Basement.
A June Sale of
Brussels RUGS
THIS is indeed a June
sale special. Very
heavy drum printed brussels,
all new patterns in a very
attractive selection of orien
tal and floral designs.
6-9x9 feet at $8.75
8-3x10-6 feet $9.75
9x12 feet at $10.50
11-3x12 feet at $14.75
$1.60 Grass Porch
For 95c
inother special that will bring
a generous response Monday;
heavy grass, size 3x6 feet, In
colors brown, blue, green and
tan; selected
from our line at
$1.50; Monday
only, choice V
Bars; mbIs Co. Third Floor.
Everybody Wants White Hats
Many New Arrivals for Monday
At $5,$7.50,$8.75and $10
AN bN 1 iKbLY new selection, em
bracing the very latest ideas and
adaptations from Paris.
There are scores of charming styles
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moment you see them and the best
part of It all is there is only one of a
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Wings, flowers and ribbons enter
into the trimmings and exquisite sum
mery effects are the result.
If you are going abroad to the
mountains to the seashore you'll
find here the very hat you want for
all occasions.
nurseas-Nash Co. Second Floor.
MONDAY will signalize the readiness and preparedness of this newly
The items listed here are but indications of what to expect every day.
SELL FOR $2.95 to $3.95 in the JUNE SALE, MONDAY, at
THIS is one of the best dress values we have offered this season. The
dresses are made of voiles, batistes, cropea, etc., In shades ot white,
pink, rose, blue, black and white; intended to sell for $2,95 to,3.95; very
special Monday at, cnoioe
12Vac Batiste at 6-ac
Dainty floral, spray and
figured designs; hundreds
of patterns await your se
lection; 12o qual- 1
ity. yard ....,U2fC
Cotton Diaper. 3 -fee
Desirable lengths, strictly
enlarged underprice store.
10c Shaker Flannel 6c
Bleached, In desirable mill
lengths; regular
10c quality, yard DC
Child's 25c Underwear
Drawers, petticoats, with
or without bodies and
gulmpes; were
25o, for
sanitary, In various
widths, Monday,
ous n i
. yd JC
Bleached Muslins and
Cambrics at 7Vec
Firmly woven, soft finish,
for gown. underwear,
sheets, pillow cases, rj 1
etc., J8 Inches wide, I "AC
lOo quality, yard....
50c Table Damask, 25c
71-Inch German mercerised,
very serviceable, np
quality, new heavyrJC
patterns; 60o grade..
Yard wide light and dark dress percales In an array of pretty pat
terns; a quality like this can seldom be bought at anywhere near
such a low price; Monday, very special, at, the yard
75c Corsets, 50c
Made of summer net or
batiste; low bust, medium
long skirt; -A
75c kind, for ,.)UC
19c Muslin Drawers
at 12-2c
Good quality, stitched ruf
fle, finished with i nl
hem; were 19c, for. 12 C
Indian Head Suiting
The genuine, pure white,
very much in demand for
middy blouses, etc. 36
Inches wide, soft -j - 1
finish, yard I IC
80c Bleached Sheets
Seamless, size 81x99 inch
es, torn and finished with
3-lnch hem; 8Qo CO
quality .each O oC
Puritas Sheets and Pil
low Cases, 20 Off
We are western dlstrlbu.
toer for Puritas sheets and
pillow, cases. The Puritas
sheet or case is strictly
sanitary, made In the
oleane,st anil best equipped
factory in America. Mon
day we offer them at 20
off regular prices.
BBurgess-Nah Co. Everybody's Store 16th and Harney;
.Burgess-Nash Co. Everybody's Store 16th and Harney;