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Firt Sale of New Crop of Oklahoma
Wheat Made' in Chicago.
YelloTT Cereal ShoTTn Moderate Art
rnic Under nnylns; by Shorta
In the Fam of IncrtMtd
Argentine Offerings.
OMAHA, June . 1914.
The ftnit sale of new crop wheat grown
tn Oklahoma, for Immediate shipment to
Chicago, wa made by one of the leading
cash concerns yesterday. The purchase
was only one car, but It wa the entering
wedge for a free movement of that Brain
from the far southwest as rap Sly as It
comes from the thrashing machines. This
wheat wilt be shipped by June 16 and
will probably reach this market by Juno
23, If not sooner.
The. hum of the reaper will soon be
heard In the states north of Oklahoma,
as reports received from Kansas yester
day were that the wheat Is rapidly ripen
ing under the excellent weather which
has been seon for some days. The pur
chase of this new wheat was fully bal
anced, however, by the export sales of
the day, which were placed at 480,000 bush
els, of which half wos spring and half
winter wheat.
According to public and private cables,
the rains In the southern hemisphere ore
delaying the seeding of wheat and It was
said that this work Is now six weeks
The more prominent markets of the old
world were lower on wheat yesterday,
partially as a reflection of the weakness
shown at Chlcs.R0 Thursday, together
with the expectation that the world s
shipments will be large Monday and that
the amount on passage will show an In
crease. . .
Corn not only held up well yesterday,
but showed moderate advanoes under buy
ing by shorts, and this, too. In the face
of Increased offerings of the Argentine
grain. There are some in the corn trade
at Chicago who believe that this grain
Is cleaned up more closely in tho interior
than the trade Is aware of. The usual
custom among the farmers to watch the
growing crop and at the same Urns hold
onto their surplus and not let go of it
until the prospects In the fields are good.
In sections where rains were, needed the
precipitation has been heavy during tho
last forty-eight hours.
Oats for July delivery were strong yes
terday, while the September was sold on
scattered rains throughout tho oaU coun
try. The shipping inquiry waa good.
The provision market was unsatisfac
tory yesterday, as the volume of trad
was right and the trend of prices more
uncertain than for some time. The num
ber of hogs at the leading western mar
kets exceeded those of . J
about 2.000 head, yet the lrfl?W)
was 5 cents higher. A general readjust
ment of value must be made before a
healthy condition can be seen for prod-
U Cash wheat woe unchanged to Ho
hlCash corn was UCJio higher.
Cosh oats were HtfW l"Kher.
Clearances: Wheat and flour equal to
2SJ.000 bushels; corn, 10,000 bushels; oats,
$00 bushels. ... .
Liverpool close; Wheat. Hd to Ud
higher corn. Hd to d higher.
Primary wheat receipts were 299,000
bushels and shipments 19,M0 uh,uhui
against receipts of 481,000 bushels and
shipments of 6S5.000 bushels last year.
Primary corn receipts were 1.2JJ.000
bushels and shipments 1,019,000 bushels,
igolnst receipts of 2,254,6 bushels and
shipments of 610,000 bushels l"t rear.
Primary oaU receipts were 058,000 bush
els and shipments 939.000 bushels against
receipts of 831.000 bushels and shlpmonts
of 600,000 bushels lwt yosr.
wnoai. worn. u
Chicago ....
Minn noils
Kansas City
fit. Louis IS
w.n TAnArteds Wheat No.
i hard winter: 1 car. SSYic. No. 3 wlxed:
1 car. E8c. Oats Standard: 3 cars, 39o,
NO. 3 white: 1 car, choice. Secj cars,
8Mc. No. 4 white: cars. SeHa No
grade: 1 car, STWc. Corn-No. J white:
1 car. 71c; cars. TOfcc No. 3 white: 9
cars. TOttc. Ho. 4 white: 1 car. 66c No.
3 yellow: 1 cars, 68Mc No. 3 yellow:
It cars, 6?4c No. 4 yellow: 1 car, 6SVic:
1 car, mc No. 3 mixed: 1 car, 69c i &
ears, 6S4e. No. 3 mixed: 14 cars, MHo.
No. 4 mixed: 1 car. 67c. No grade: 1
car, heating, 64c; 1 car. hot. 63&a
Omaha Cash Prices-Wheat: No. 3 hard,
95W89c; No. 3 hard, t&tr8o; No. hard,
1HU; No. 3 spring, Soa&ci No. 4 spring,
834j86tto; No. 2 durum. S6-JMS0 No. 4
durum, SSfflS&Hc. Com: No. 3 white, TOW
7ic; NoT white. 70870o; No. 4, e&HJ
5ho; No. J yellow, 6969Wo; No. yellow,
6SUefiSic; No. 4 yellow, WMC&Up'. No. 3.
68HC9o; No 8. 68U68Hc; No. 4. 657c
OaU. No. 3 white. SSUHo; tandard.
3839o; No. 3 white, 38W339o: No. 4
white, 35USSHc Barley: Moiling. Kfi0o;
No. 1 feed. Mt2c Rye: No. 3. 68ttf69c
No. 3, 6&8W4C
feature of tho Trading: and Closing
Prices on Board of Trade.
CHICAGO, June -Notwithstanding
tho fact that the government crop report
would be due on Monday restricted busi
ness today in wheat, the market ruled
higher throughout the session. Firm ca
bles helped the bulla. Closing prices,
though easy, were a shade to HQ'Ka
above last night. Corn finished at a net
advance of UWHo to lc, oats unchanged
to ViCc higher and provisions with a
gain of 7-Jiq to lJHo. , m t t
Pnmmlulnn linun selllnsr of Wheat on
the advance was much In evldenco during
the lost hour o ftraaing. ana resuitea m
a setback from the top prices reached,
hut failed to overcome all of the rise.
The downward pressure was largely due
to estimates that tho winter crop in the
ten leading states would bo 107,000.000
bushels more than last year, ueciaeuiy
bullllsh figures In the Missouri state re
pott did not become public in time to at
test the market.
Corn went sharply higher and developed
much activity. Arrival of Argentine ship
ments in KuroDe out of condition had
considerable to do with the Increase of
buymg here. Chicago snippers reported
that demand exceeded the offerings. Re
ceivers predicted that arrivals would be
rirrji after the next few days. Oats.
what first were easy owing to good crop
leports, gained strength later with corn.
Provisions went iinnrade Influenced by
hogs and grain. Packers were looking
for only 1 30,000 hogs here next week as
compared witn iu,m tor me correspond
Ing time a year ago.
Artlclei Open. I High. I Low. I CIose.lYes'y
. 70
20 45
20 OS
I 20 40
119 90
20 46
20 06
19 90
Sept 1 10 IS
It JS i
10 07HI 10 00
10 S ( 10 IS
10 0TH!
10 16
ll 40 I 11 31
11 40
11 30
11 30
Juiy.i I U am u 30
II 22V
red. SJHU-SSHc: No. 2 hard. 96Hc; No. 2
northern. 97fi9Sc: No.
o. 2 spring, 96WST97C.
Corn; No. 2. 73it73Uc: No. 2 yellow. Iutt
73Vc; No, 3 yellow, 72i073e. Oats: No.
3 while. 40H-R41C; standard. 41V1U41WC
Rye. No. I. 6543C4C. Barley: 6as6c
Timothy: 31.0094.75. Clovsr: 310.0o31I.7S.
Pork: 8J9.45. Lard: 33.97. Ribs: J10.S7H
BUTTER Easy ; creameries, SOQCCHc.
CHEESE Market lower; daisies. HSin
UVic; twins, l3Vi&i4c; American, UOlSUo:
Jonghorns. 1516Ha
EGGS Lower; receipts 22,814 cases; at
mark, cases included, 1618Vic; ordinary
firsts. 17M17c; firsts. 18BlSc.
POTATOES Higher; receipts, 36 cars;
Michigan and Wisconsin white, 80390c;
Michigan Ted. TOyiOc; Louisiana and
Texas, new. 8L2C1.4a.
POULTRY Alive, higher; fowls, 14c,
Xew York General Marlci.
firm; taolaasos. 244c: oeslrtfacoL JL3c:
reflsed. sa4r; cut Wx. uie; mtsbsdL
Mfe: jdoqM X VKa aHjtm. LCm jme'.
granulated, 4.20c, diamond A, 4.30c, con
fectioners' A, 4.10c; No. 1, 4c.
Bt'TTKR Creamery, extra. 26Vv827e;
firsts, 2HTC6MC, seconds, XVfic; process
extras, 21 Ml 4c; ladles, current makes,
firsts, l19Uo.
ciiisksb e
State, whole milk, fresh.
white or colored specials, 15e; average
rancy, i4Wi4ic; skims, SHWiec.
EGOS Fresh gathere extras, 21H822e;
extra firsts. 20ftavc; firsts, 20-Jrtlc:
seconds, lfllSc, nearby hennry whites, 24
ens. brollero, 3gH4o: fowls, 174317Hs;
POULTRY Live, firm; western chick
turkeys, 13013Vci dressed, steady; west
ern, broilers, 32c; fowls, lltt-Slslic; tur
keys, 2632Gc
BUTTER No. :. 1-ro. cartons, 37c; No.
U 50-lb. tubs, 27c
CHEESE Imported Swiss, 28c; Ameri
can Swiss, 21c; block Swim, 22c; twins,
15c; daisies, 18c; triplets, 18c; Young
Americas, 19c; blue label brick, 17c; llm
burger. 2-1 b., 20c; New York white, 20c
FISH-Whlte. Uc; trout. 15c: large crap
pies, 13c; Spanish mackerol, 16c; shad roe,
per pair, Wc; salmon, lie; halibut, 11c;
buffalo, Hc; channel catfish, 16c; pike,
13c; pickerel 9o.
POUI.TRY-Brollers, 20c; hens, 12c;
cocks, SHc; ducks, Sc; geese. 8c; turkeys.
J6c; plgcciis, per dozen, 00c; ducks, full
feathered, so; geese, full feathered, Sc;
squabs. No. 1, L60; No. 2, DOc.
BEEF CUTS-Wholesale prices of beef
cuts effective June 1 are as follows: No.
I rlba. 17o: No. 2. 17c: No. X 16c: No. 1
loin, 19c; No. 2. 17ic; No. t, 16c; No. 1
chucks, UVic; No. 2 lie; No. 2, lOHc; No.
1 rounds, 14 Vic; No. 2, nc; No. 3, 13'Ao;
No. 1 plates, c; No. 2, ?Vic; No. 3, 8c.
The following fruit and vegetable nrices
ore quoted by the Glllnsky Fruit company:
iiuAio uranges; i-jxtra rancy tiun
kist navels, 80s, 2.W box; 90s, 100s, 12.7S
box: 126s. 160s. 83.00 boxi 176. 200s. 21s
60s, J J. 25 box, medium, sweet, 176s, 2S0s.
2S8s, 324s, 33.03 box; extra fancy Glendora
Valenclas, 9Ss, 112s, 12Cs, 160s, 176s, 200s,
21Ss, 260s, 83.76 box. Lemons: Extra fancy
uoiden uowl 3Wa, 3Ws, 17.00 box, fancy
Silver Cord. 300a, 350s, 80.60 box; extra
fancy Sunklst Trail. 300s. 300s. 16.75 box.
drupe fruit: Extra fancy, 64s, 84.60 box;
extra fancy, 4Cs, 14.00 box; extra fancy,
36s, 83.60 box; Indian River, 64s and 80s,
86.00 box. Apples. Ben Davis, 31.76 box.
VEGETABLES Home grown spinach,
25c per bu.: cabbage, new. Texas. 2c lb.:
cabbage, California, 2Hc lb. ;, Texas yellow
uermuaa onions, iz.zs crate; crystal wax,
32.26 crate; peppers, 60c basket; fancy
Florida tomatoes, 33.00 crate; choice toma
toes, 82.60 crate; cucumbers, hot house, 60o
to 31.00 dos.; new beets, carrots, turnips,
60a dor.; oelery, 81.60 dot.; head lettuce,
60o to 3LC0 dos.; leaf lettuce, 40o dos.;
onions, home grown, 16c dox.; radishes,
, r Jlm . 1 ML. - 1 1 . r . 1 1
i.v. uuh. iiMitc, wu hub,, Kaiiiu, Aiauan,
COo lb.; horse radish, 31.86 case; shell pop
corn, to id.; caouage plants, voc box; to
mato plants, 76o box; asparagus, home
grown, per dox., market price about 30a
dos.; new potatoes, 2Ha lb.; extra fancy
Colorado and Wyoming white stock, 81.16
HONEY New. Colorado. No. 1. 24-frame.
33.00 case.
CANTALOUPES-Callfornla. standards.
86.60 crate: California, pony, 84.60 crate.
box; apricots, 82.00 crate; plums, 32 crate;
saches, 32.00 box; red and black cherries,
LOO box.
CAULIFLOWER Home trrawn. II 00
PINEAPPLES-Cuban. Uk. SOs 2A. 42a.
43s sixes, 32.60 crate; Florida, 33.2S crate.
UAJNANAB i.7 to z.v) Duncn.
NUTS Salted neanuts. II m cilsa- Kn 1
California walnuts, ISHo lb.; pecahs, HHc
lb.; filberts, 16o lb.; almonds, 20o lb.; pop
corn, 6c lb.
dates. 31.2S box; limes, 1.76 bosket: crack
erjack, 83.00 caso; checkers, 83.60 case;
crocKsrjncK, nut cose,; cneckers, riaii
case, 31.75.
Corn and Wheat Rearton Ballettn.
Corn and wheat reslon hultxtln nt h
United States Department of Agriculture.
weather bureau, at Omaha, for the twenty-four
hours ending at 8 a. in.. 76th
meridian time, Saturday, June , 1914:
Temp.- ltaln
Stations. High. Low. faiL Hkv.
Ashland, Neb.. 83 62 1.4S Cloudy
Auburn, Neb... 91 C6 .01 Clear
B'ken Uow, Nb 85 GO .01 Pt. cloudy
Columbus, Neb, 97 62 ,23 in. cloudy
Culbertson, Nb. 92 CG ,00 Clear
airoury. uttt.. vs cu .02 Clear
Fairmont. Neb. 89 71 .15 Cloudy
Or. Island, Nb. 90 70 .04 in, cloudy
Hartlnst'n. Nb 87 CO l.M nlnnriv
HasUngs, Neb.. 93 63 .00 Pt. cloudy
Holdrege, Neb. M 64 .00 Cloudy
Lincoln. Neb... 91 62 3.80 Cloudv
No. Platte, Nb 84 6J .00 Clear
Oakdale, Neb.. 86 61 .64 Cloudy
Omaha, Neb.. 89 63 1.30 Cloudy
Tekamah, NebV88 61 .86 Clear
Valentine, Nb. 86 6S .20 Clear
Altai la, 83 62 .30 Pt. cloudy
Carroll, Ia 86 62 .29 Clear
Clarlnda. Ia.... 96 68 .00 Clear
Bloux City, Iv 88 G .33 Raining
'Minimum temperature for twelve-hour
period ending at 8 a. m.
No. of
TcniD. Rain-
District Stations.
High. Low. falL
Columbus, 0 18
Louisville, Ky... 23
Indla'polls. Ind.. 13
Chicago, hi 34
St. Louis, ilo..., 18
Des .Moines, Ia., 24
Minneapolis .... 63
Kan. City. Mo.. 32
Omaha, Neb,,... IT
Light showers occurred in the southern
and eastern districts and generally heavy
rains In other districts. Falls of one Inch
or more occurred at the following sta
tions: In South Dakota Sioux Falls, 3.20;
Yankton. 1.80. In Minnesota Winnebago,
2.20: Worthlngton, 1.10. In Iowa Mar-
shalltown. 4.10; Waterloo, 1. In Illinois
New Burnslde, L10. L. A. WELSH,
Local forecaster, weather Bureau.
Kansas City Grain nnd Provisions.
-Cosh. No. 2 hard, 90-aoiHc; No. 3 hard.
mwuvjo; no. z rei. kowhic; July, soyiw
oOko; September, SOHc
CORN-No. 3 mixed, 71C71Ho; No. 3,
704y70io; No. 3 white, TlVVtWSHo; No. 3,
71H2W20; July. 7W407(Hic: September.
oats no. 2 wmte, 4iH4f4lXc; No. 2
mixed, 4W0Ho.
St. Louis General Market.
ST. LOUIS. June 6. WHEAT No. 3
red. tfcViflfMio: N. 2 hard. 94C97Uo: July.
83 Wc; September, SlVic
coim no. z. 7i; no. 2 white, 76076Hc;
July, 7lHo; September. 69Uc
OATS-No. 2. 40HC; No. 3 white. 41H
io; Juiy, -attc; peptemocr, Jia
Liverpool Grain Slarket.
No. 1 Manitoba. 7s 6d: No. 1 7s 6d: Jnlv
7i 3d; October, 7s IVid.
tuiiN-spot, American mixed, 6s 7d;
July, 6s 3d.
Minneapolis Grain Market.
juiy, am; oepiemoer, sih. cosh: No.
hard. &6hV6Uc; No. 1 northern, SMc
Coffee Market,
NEW YORIC June 6. Th nnffM mor.
ktt showed renewed firmness tndav with
September and December contracts mak
ing new high ground for the mnvrmml
on tho higher European markets and con
tinued steadiness of Braill. The opening
was at an advanco of 7 to 14 points and
active months sold 9 to 15 points net
higher during the morning. There was
considerable realizing at the advance, but
Priced yielded only sllsrhtlv and rln.,i
' a net gain of 7 to 14 points. Sales. 39,000
2.?? V"'"" ?'' J"9 September,
: i0i?J.r:ii,cL uecemDer, .o Janu
" J' rLjrt n.U Zi "1Z.
Spot firm; Rio No. 7. 9Ko: Santo v
4. l2Hc. Mild, quiet; Cordova, 12V4c
Omaha Hay Market.
PRAIRIE HAY-Cliolce upland. 314.U0O
STRAW Choice wheat 35.60-B6.00.
juaiana-No. l, J12-B1S.60; No. 3. 39 COO
13.00; No. 3. 85.00(37.05; No. 1 to choice
lowland. 89.00O10!w; No. 2. 87.00J ?00
ALFALFA Choice, 31S.004JiltOO; No. 2
89.00(311.00; No. 3. 65.003:oai '
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK, June l-COTTON-Fa-dosed
steady; July, HJOo; August
13.07o; October, 12.70c; December, line:
XETW TTTrTtTg, Jxaa i-Mur st sl-,
Moit Kinrls Cattle for the Week
Show Little Change.
Very Few Put Sheep and Light Re
ceipts of Lambs Thronfthont the
Wwk Trade Active and
Prices Forty Hlscher.
SOUTH OMAHA, June ft, 1914.
Rbcetnt were! Cxttlo. nor. Sheep.
Official Monday 2.0O2 4,411 2.744
uinciai Tuesday 3,631
Official Wednesday .. 3.162
Official Thursday 2,818
Official Friday 219
Estimate Saturday .... 24
Rx days' totals 12.178 43,891 12,423
Samo days last 66,322 15,470
Same 2 weeks ago 12,783 54,827 34,623
Same 3 weeks ago 12,006 40,876 83,844
Same 4 weeks ago 16,009 47,634 38,747
Same days last year.... 13,643 71,363 17,469
The following table shows the receipts
of cattle, hogs and sheep at the South
Omaha live stock market fdr the year to
date, as compared with last year:
1914. 1911 , Inc. Dec
Cattle 369,681 330,444 20,903
Hog 1.191,231 1,285,151 93,870
Sheep 1,004,213 882,700 121,463
The following table shows the range of
prices for hogs at the South Omaha live
stock market for the last few days, with
Date. 1914. I131J. 19U H9I1 10.U90.I10.
May 11
May U.
May 20.1
8 30H
6 St
5 79
9 441
9 3S
7 021 5 30
6 02 1 5 34
8 21
8 331 7 60
8 341 7 431
3 34
6 731
9 3S
6 98 6 38
May ZV
9 U
9 431
7 01
6 3S
5 37
uay zz.
May 2j.
May 24.
8 29
8 30
8 39
7 46
3 64
7 00
ft left
7 491
7 46
6 I9i
6 62
6 &
9 89
6 97
May 25.
7 97
7 46
6 70) 9 1917 101 6 14
May zs.
May 27.
8 45
7 39
7 32
7 26
7 18
6 83!
9 14
7 14 6 16
3 421
6 91
9 77
7 1
7 02
6 20
May 28.
8 01
8 37
8 41
9 39
6 2
5 27
6 33
6 33
5 35
6 2-1
6 1
5 31
6 20
Aiay Si.
May 30.
May 31.
June 1.
7 K
7 80K
8 62
6 83
8 69f
7 22
5 74
7 271
6 76
7 It
June 2.
7 88
8 45
8 23
6 76
7 14
June 3.
7 94H
7 35
6 78
9 00
7 26!
7 34!
June 4.
8 19
7 86
9 06
June &.
June 6,
8 04HI
8 04H
8 19
7 28
6 83
7 36
8 31
7 26
6 88
Recolpts and disposition of live stock
at the Union Stock Yards, South Omaha,
Neb., for twenty-four hours ending at
3 o'clock p. m, June 6, 1914:
C, M. & St. P 3
Missouri Pacific 2 ..
Union Pacific , 13
& tc N. W., east. 2
C. A N. W.. west 46
C. St P.. M. & 0 4
C, B. & Q., east 2 2
c, u. & q west is
C R. I. & P., east 6
Illinois Central i .,
Chicago Great Western 3 .,
Total receipts 100 2
Hogs. Sheep.
Morris & Co - 1,190 ...
Swift & Co 1.490 ...
Cudahy Packing Co 1,700 ...
Armour & Co 2,239
Swift & Co., Kansas City 233
Totals 6,(09 233
CATTLE There were no cattle here to
day, at least nothing of any oonsequenoe.
For the vreek receipts have been qulto
liberal, but still not large enough to be
burdensome. At the beginning of the
week the market on the better grades of
killing cattle showed some Improvement
but later on the advance was lost Thus
at the close of the week the market on
beef cattlo is not materially different
from what It was at the close of lost
Good cornfed cows and heifers have
been In very fair demand throughout the
week, with prices steady. On tho other
hand, the commoner kinds, especially
those showing grass, have been easing
oft a little as usual at this season of
the year with, such cattle coming; Into di
rect competition with Texas grassers
Receipts of stockers and reeaars nave
been light throughout the week, while
the demand has been slow as usual De
sirable yearlings and light and medium
weight feeders have been In fair demand.
and prices fully steady, but plain kinds
have been very little sought after.
quotations on cattle uooa to prime
yearlings, 88.0O(38&: good to choice beet
steers, 88.20O8.76; fair to gOod beet steers,
33.00-&8.20; common to fair beef steers,
87.40(36.00; good to choice cornfed heifers,
37.6OM8.40: sood to choice cornfed cows.
J7.0OO7.75; fair to good grades, J6.0031
.00; common to lair grades.
good to cholco stockers and feeders,
37,76(36.00; fair to good stockers and feed
ers, 37.40S7.75; common to fair stockers
and feeders. 37.0037-40: stock cows and
heifers, 36.0097.76; stock calves, is.60H8.25;
veal calves. 88.0O9U.00; bulls, stags, etc.
HOGS A fair Saturday run snowed un
this morning, and as other markets were
reported slow and no better than steady,
local packers started out bidding prices
mat were weaK to a nickel lower. As
salesmen were holding for steady to
strong figures, nothing much moved on
the early trade, but a little later on offers
strengthened a little, so that when .the
bulk, of the supply began to move prices
were tn no instance more than a shade
lower, while any number of tales which
were made after the market was under
way looked to be Just about steady. On
the whole, prices can be quoted as steady
to a shade lower, and the general mar
ket Is just weak at Friday's average.
There was not much activity tn evidence
at any time, but after a trading basis
was reached thi movement was fairly
continuous, and a clearance was made In
good season.
Bulk of the supply sold at 98.C3UA8.05.
and tops landed -at 8S.07H, Just IHo lower
than yesterday.
For the week values show an advance
of fully 16c, and any number of today's
individual sales can be picked ollt which
are 16ftC0c higher than last Saturday.
Quality of the offerings ha fallen off a
good deal In the last few weeks, and It ts
only the absence of a good shipping de
mand tnat Keeps tne range of prices so
narrow. Even at the nresent time nack-
ers are discriminating sharply eiralnst
rough, heavy, packing sows, and the few
of them which have been coming In are
as a rule selling anywhere from a dime
to as much as 30c below the bulk of the
offerings. The representative soles show
this to some extent, but as it is almost
Impossible to move the undesirable hoes
until the rest of the supply has been
cleaned up, a number of these bogs sold
aunng me last weex were not weighed
tn time to be quoted.
Receipts today amounted to 100 cars, at
about 6.700 head. For the week tne run
foots up 42,893 head, being 15,600 smaller
tnan a week ago ana nearly 28.600 short
of the same week last year. The heavy
tailing on registered tnis week has
brought the year's decrease up until It
now amounts to 8 J, 570 nead.
Representative salts:
No. At. Bo. rr. No. At. So. Pt.
t to to 7 M M 77 100 I Of
U Ml ... 100 M ,.! ... IN
300 140 I 00
t tit
t 04
I 04
, . . J7S ISO S 00
...IH 0 tOO
...6 M 00
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..i.lM to I U
...AH S3 I M
.,..271 SO I OS
...ICS 140 106
. ..mi in i os
....tit N IM
....m too ios
,...tjT ISO 01
940 180 I 05
,...ZT1 ... 104
-940 M ID
....80$ ... lot
....944 190 IC
....941 it I 0
....SHI 80 108
....nt i4o tot
....tii 244 I M
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...111 uo s szu
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...148 ... I Otti
...4 SO I0IH
tr so i em tw ins
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...lit 40 I01V4
. . .mi IM i eiH
...ZS7 no ioxh ... sextt
. . .tn m i cs
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...81 K IK
...xtt too tet im tot
. Ml 10 tot
....Ml 44 ICS
....Ml jot l
....m ... ik ... I m
....MS H IM
...5H N IN
...f W IK
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....111 44 I M
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ti rat k tot
IT .949 40 IK
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mi lis l m
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Tr yen r-
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.a i2o i os
O y tot u trD . t 07
70 . CI 1 I 06 M. . tH 40 8 074
U 110 I 05
2S Ill ... 7 M
SHEEP Aa often Is the case on a Sat
urday there were "no fresh arrivals this
morning. Short supplies have been a
market feature of the week, for no, more
than about 12.422 head were yarded, com
pared with 15,470 last week. 24.6C3 two
weeks ago and 17,469 the same time last
Strength and higher prices formed the
ru(o In shorn lambs moat of the time this
week, owing to the extreme lightness of
the receipts from day to day. The week
opened out with an abnormally small
run, and values were steady to a shada
better, though the packers apparently
bod rather limited orders. Trade opened
early and fairly active on Tuesday, with
prices strong to lOo up. On Wednesday
an advance of 10Q15c was made and Tues
day 'And Friday there were really" not
anougn oirerings at tne disposal oi ouy-
rfrs totry out values thorouHhly, but
What clipped lambs were on hand Friday
mini wi'u in.iuu were Uli limiu c muj . ,1.
stored an advance of 10OT6C. the market 2'c.h. "a'ne5. more. thn," a. J,lnt
.iil i h..,i ... r ..r.r.v.t. I whole list advanced. The unturn
..... uxu.y.... yi .u
ana prevailing quotations being around
40c higher than the close of the previous
It was practically a clipped lamb deal
all the week and such clipped ewes as , completed in a few days. London sold
showed up sold around 85.00. On Monday here, but foreign offerings were not large
four cars of California spring lambs ; and they were easily absorbed. Trade re
changed hands at 89.25. It might be added 'views were more optimistic, particularly
inai on r riaay uippea iamDB msoe a
tresn top lor me season, me price Deing
88.60, having been paid for two loads of
Well finished, choice, clipped offerings.
Quotations on sheep anil lambs. -Shorn
stocK jL.amDs, good to choice, i.ZMfS.w;
lambs, fair to good, 37.7606.25; yearlings,
good to choice, J6.SO&7.15; yearlings, fair
good to Choice. J6.90S7.15; yearlings, fair
in m(Vt l(t.Kftf?Jt Vi! rnnil In '
to good. 36.6086.90; wethers, ' good to
choice, 8s.65O6.90; wethers, fair to good,
85.40&6.65; ewes, good to choice, 85.402;
7.78J ewes, fair to good. 35.10Qe.49.
Hoar Receipts Fairly Heavy ond the
Prices Strong.
CHICAGO, June fc-CATTLE-Recelpts,
800 head; market quiet; beeves, 27.25Q9.2i;
Cteers, 16.80-36.15; stockers and feeders,
3136438.25; cows and heifers, 3.;o-arS.7u;
calves, 37.00-310.15.
HOGS Rocelpts, 12,000 head; markot
itrOng; bulk of sales. 18.25-93.30; light, 38.05
fi.S2H; mixed, 18.065TS.25; heavy, 37.85S.3o',
roUgh, 37.858.00; pigs, J7.20rgi7.95.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 4,000
head; market slow; sheep, 35.65-fttt.40; year
lings, 86.35-87.50; lambs, 36.&OSS.75; sprintfi,
St. Louis Llvr Stock Market.
ST. LOUIS, June 6. CATTLE Receipts
600 head: market steady: native beef
steers, 17.60fjp.00; cows and heifers, 34.25-3
9.00; stockers and feeders, Jo.004JS.00;
southern steers, Ju.76t38.40; cows and helf
ers J4.tOS6.65; native calves, 36.0O310.2v.
HOGS-Recelpts 3,000 head; market,
steady; pigs and lights, 37.0038.25; mixed
anbutchers, J8.10S6.30; good heavy, 88.15
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts 1,000
head; market steady; sheared native
muttons, J4.7Mj6.00; sheared lambs, 37.U3
8.00; sprihg lambs, is.u0i9.76.
Kansas City Live Stoek Market.
ceipts. 200 head. Market steady; prime
fed steers, 816O39.0O; dressed beef steers,
87.4OO8.60; western steors, J7.2Mf8.25: south
ern steers, J6.00(3fl 25; cows, J4.267.76; heif
ers, 87.0030.00; stockers and feeders, J6.003
7.76; hulls, 15.26-37.26; calves, je.0O10.00.
HOGS Rece Dts. 300 head. Market
steady to 6o lower; bilk, J8.1O38.20; heavy,
J8.15Q6.20; packers and butchers, JS.16i3S.20;
nsnt ers.w; pigs, j7.w&y.7&.
BIIEEP AND LAM BS Receipts. 16.000
head; Market steady; lambs, 88.00-39.50;
yearlings. 86.26ru-7.25: wethers. 85.2oti.2&;
ewes, 34.60-3G.2&.
St. Joseph Live Stock Market.
Receipts, 100 head; market steady; steers,
calves, J6.00JO.26.
HOUB Receipts, 5,300 head; raarKet
steadyjtop, 88.30; bulk. 38.024Q8.20.
SliEEP AND LAM BS Receipts, 150
head; market steady; Iambs, J7.50gO.l5.
Blonz City Live Stock Market.
Receipts, 200 head; no quotations.
"HOGS Receipts, 6,000 head; market So
lower: heavy. r7.37H-28.00: mixed. 87.95
T.97H; light. 87.95; bulk of sales, J7.95-3t.97Vi.
No sneop.
Lire Stock tn Sight,
Receipts of 'live stock at the five prin
cipal western markets.
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
South Omaha 26 6,700
Chicago 300 12.000 4.000
Kansas City 200 30u 16.000
Sioux City 200 6,000
St Louis 600 3,000
Total reoelpU 1,226 28,030
Local Secnrltles,
Qu0ttlO&a furnUhod br Ilurns. Drinker & Co.,
449 Omaha-Nttlonil tank bulldlnii
Etook- Bid. Aikwl.
Fdlrmont CrMmerr pld 7 pr csnt.... tt 100
Fnlrmont Crtuntry sutr. 6 per cent.. 10iM
inutnuioni na. itio. Co. pia i
OnOhk C. IS. St. Hr. pM 79
Onuha C. B. B. D 65
omsha B. L. & P. pfl-.i Tt
Vnlon Stock. Yards. Umsbs MU
tiwtfl & Co. 7 per cent - 104
Cbl6o, in., u
Counoll Dlutts O, A E. 6s. J2$
Dundee, Neb., ti. 1M
Pall IUrer Co., S. D.. U. U3i
Iowa ti. tt U It. 1M1
Los Anzelts Hr 5. 1941
Norfolk, Nob.. U. lilt
Oniaha t. L. & 1. (s, 131
OmeM Gas 6. HIT
City of Omaha 4U. 104!
CltrOt Omolae. it. 1M....,
Omaha C. B. Bt. Rr. It. 1IJJ ,
Punt sound T. U A P. a. 1H....
P4dtlc O. & C 5 per cent notes, 1915
fl Witt & CO. 8. F. Ul It. ll. .......
MVi 100
91 II
104 U. 10W
U 4H
101H 10X
S4 i
100 101
99 100
94U HK
na.ii ... . Dciiugi i, ..
Baa Dltwo Water ta, 1IJ0 ,
Sioux CUr Stoek Tarda ta, 1M...
Trln Otr napld Trantlt ta. 192t .
95 9SH
icaw io.t
91U 9H
, lot ioih
Bank Clearing".
OM-AHA. June 6. Bank clearings for
Omaha today were J2,J(i0,S3S.31 and for the
corresponding day last year 82,564,185.18.
The summary of the clearings tor the
week and for the corresponding week
last year Is as follows:
Last Year. This Year.
Monday 3 3,.'4.198.08 J 3,135,665.06
Wednesday .......
Friday ,
3.107.251. C6
Totals 818,7(9.628.63 J18.271.969.77
London Stock Market.
LONDON. June 6. American securities
opened steady and about unchanged.
Transactions were limited during the
short session. Prtoes moved irregularly
and Closed ranging from H above to H
below parity.
London closing stock quotations:
Consols, nonar ..Tl l-lAReedlns 1...... UK
a acoo-uiifc ...... 4-,u. a aieei... , Mik
PennittTaels tH 7
SILVER Bar, steady at 25 13-lfd per
MONEY iQZhi per cent.
BILLSShort, 3 1S-16CJ2T4 per cent; three
month, t U-1&U2 per cent.
Turpentine and nosln.
TINE Firm at 4iet5Hc; sales, 335 bbls.;
receipts, 633 bbls.; shipments, 68 bbls.;
ROSIN Firm; sales. 1,662 bbls.; receipts,
2.229 bbls.; shipments, 355 bbls.; stocks,
m ftra VvKlss a ssrv
4.09; C and D. 34.00: E. J4.00O4.10; F, J4.10fl
4.15: O, 14.16C-i.20; H, 34.2504.35: I 313001.35;
it.4a; sx.; n, fa.Wi-w: ivu,
36.764,36; WW, J5. 556. 60. v
CHICAGO, June C The eighteenth an
nual meeting ot the Associated Harvard
Clubs beSgan here today with members
present from all over tho United States
and several from abroad.
Today's program was mostly social In
Its details. The chief feature Is the ban
quet, which wlU conclude the meeting to
morrow night, and at which the principal
address will be made by Dr. Abbott Law
rence Lowell, president of Harvard unl
Next year's meeting will be held at
Ban Francisco, It la said, probably An
gust C and 7. ArnaxernenU wfll be made
to carry dtle-galcs Xraaa petals east cf
Ozoafaa br sdsaajnnc. bsntrts; Sew York
Jtftr 17. through tne Tjubmiss esaasl, 21 ta
IlevleTr of Operations on Stock Ex
change Dnrlns; the Day
NEW YORK, June 6. Quotations were
scaled down In all quarters of the stock
market at the opening today. Trading
was light and there were no signs of
severe pressure at any point but the
tone was heavy and all the speculative
leaders fell back. Lehigh Valley was
once more the weak spot In the market,
losing a point on the first few transac
tions. The setback was due chiefly to
the decline of American stocks In Lon
don. After trading was well under way
the market began to show the good un
dertone characteristic most of the week.
Initial losses were soon reduced or can
celled and In some Instances net gains
were achieved,
The market closed strong today.
The best showing of several days was.
jS.Viitlrn Iir' .nm of
,?,aitDe,r" ,rai!ad ,S!!ref' "0f?e tl
. ,... ... ..... ',.-j nru
, . .i. . u . "JV,C" rcu m u
street that the Interstate Commerce com
mission was hastening work on the text
or. the rate decision and might have it
news irom tne steel and textile industry
Bonds were Irregular.
Amil. Coptwr , 72Ulntrbor.'Met. pM...
Amtr. Bt Suir.., i7Slntr. IUrrtscr....lOH
Amir. Cotton Oil.. OVLoutstlllt N 13
Amtr. 8. & Ref... MHMo. fultle 11
Amtr. Slur Rcr..,10 Mo..,K. b T ITU
LV'1 J'1':; "Ji?
MlDlnt Co.... lVNttOnl 47H
Aicnion . r. Lmiril U',
Atlantic Coast L...114 Norfolk tt Vf... 104
DaHlmor Ohio, IlKNorthehi
Brooklrn TL T.,..., 91SF-ennirtTanta 111H
Canadian ricltle.. .19lHIople' Oae Z1
Chetapeako tt O.... tl4Pnlltnan Pal. Oar..lMH
Chlcao tt N. W....lttHndtnK lesu
Chi., Mil. ,A St P.lOXtltock liiand Co 1
Colo. Fuel & Iron.. 27H do ptd... 1
Colo. & Southern... U'Southern Pacific.,,. WV
Del. a Hudson., ...llHtfouthem Rr U
Denrer A nio O.... 11 Union Pacific ...1MU
Brie 29KU. 8. Steel tlVn
Oen. Electric Ill do pfd ....109W
Ot. Nor. efd liOinvaMlh , i)J
Ot. Nor. Ore etfa. .. JoWeatetiS Vnlon It
Illinois Central ltmNew linen H
lnterMr.-Met HSi
Netv York Money Market.
NEW YORK, June 6.-MONEY-Call.
nominal; no loans. Tlmfe loans, easy;
sixty days, 2 per cent; ninety days, 2V4
per cent; six months, 3 per cent.
per cent.
days, 34.8636; demand, 81.8876; commercial
bills, 84.86.
SILVER Bar, Kc; Mexican dollars,
BONDS Government, steady: railroad,
Closing quotations on bonds today were
as follows:
U. S. ret. 3a rg,. MHMo, Patlflc ct. Ss,. 69
da coupon 17 L S. dab. 4a, 1M1.. 92H
U. S. la res lOlUUint A M. ta WIS
do coupon...... lOlLorllftnt ta 10044
U. 8. 4s res 103V, I. Ni unl. it.... K
do eoupon 110 M. K. A T. .let ia.. UVi
Panama 3s eoupon. .100 N. Y. C c l',4i... UU
Amer. At. ta 100M do jeb. 4a 19
Am. Cotton Oil te... IHiN. Y. C. 4tt. 1HB..1072
A. T. A T. cr. 4a. 99V4N. T. Rate4Ha...;!lO
Amer. Btnelt. 104 K. Y. Hr. adj. is., UK
Am. Tobacco la IH N. T. N. II, A II.
Armour & Co. 4Via ct. 6a iom
is ... M'4v
'mm! Mirk Plti7"4
Aicniaon sen,
do ct. It.
A. C. jU elt. u.... ioi a0 u 17
Bal, & OMo 4a .,,0. S. L. ref. 4s....
do ct. 4Ms. 91T4pc. V. A T. t.... 97
Beth, steel r. ta.. Ilfenn. ct. SHa, 1916, 9H
Brook. Tr. ct. 4a... 91 do con. 4s 101 '
Can. of O. Is 104 Ray Con. Ca....,....lll
Can. Leather ta Mfcrteadlnc sen. 4 96
Chea. A Ohio H-. 91 rtep. fjteel ta. 1940. UK
do ct. 4Ms. T9HS. U A 8. r. r. 4s 7!t
C D. A Q. J. 4s.... JJJtst. Ia, S. W. o. 4. 09U
do sen. 4Sj........ MVig, A. U adj. la..,. KH
Chloao O. W. 4s.. 7Kf!o. Dell Tel. Ss,... 97
C M A S P c 4HS..102HSO. me. ct. 4a.:. sr,H
do sen. 4is ..101 go ref. 4a 9H;
C n. I. & P. e. UU So: Rillwar 5a. 104s
do ref. 4a 76 do sen. 4a THi
C. A N. W. SMa... 8H4 Texaa Co. ct. . 10JU
C. A S. ref.' 4Ha.. MttTVzae A P. istTl. 1
D. It O. ref. 6a. t9 Third Are. adi. Ss.. T
pistlllers- See, ta.j. SJJ4 Union Pacific 4 97?
Erie ct. 4a. ser. B 71H d ct. la.. 9tS
o40 5?,n-.i"; ,IfHr p- TRr 102T4
Oen. Electric ts 10S TJ. S. Steel intu
?.V X- lt W-.1M'V.. oSIm. 5, MH
III. Oen. ref. 4s.... MJlew.tee-h lit Ss 101
K. a So. ref. ts.. OViWeet. Elfe. ct. Ss .KM
ntd. Offered. ,w
Clearln-g Iloase Bank Statement.
NEW YORK, June 6. The statement of
the actual condition of clearimr hnnn
banks and trust companies for the weekvl
snows tnat tney noia m.m.vx reserve In
excess of legal requirements. This is an
Increase of 83,245,700 from lost week. Tho
statement rouows;
Actual condition:
Amount Decrease.
.82,109,792,000 84,093.000
. 444,709.000 5,342.000
. 73,684.000 303,000
. 2,066,350,000 10,680,000
Legal tenders
Net deposits ,
4l,xsi,WJ 54,000
Banks' cash reserve In vaults... 445.606.000
Trust companies' cash reserve In
vaults 72,787,000
Aggregate cosh reserve 518,393,000
Excess lawful reserve 62,229,900 3,245,700
Trust companies' reserve with
clearing house members carry
ing 26 per cent cash reserve.... 87,852,000
Summary of state banks and trust com
panies In Greater New York not Included
In clearing house statement:
Amount. Increase.
Loans. Investments 8573.814.800 z2.S72.2on
Gold 44,883,300 9.5S7.4O0
v-urrency, Da rut notes.. 9,K3.wo 2(.l00
Total deposits 682,681,800 12,633,200
PEEKSKILL, N. Y June 6. The body
of Charles H. Strauss, general agent In
New York for the New England Mutual
Life Insurance company, who had been
missing from his Riverside drive home
for a week, was found floating today In
Lake Mohegan. A reward of 31,000 for in
formation concerning the ager)t, was of
fered yesterday. An empty canoe ha hired
Friday ovenlng was found yesterday on
the opposite side ot the lake.
CHICAGO, June 6. Adlal E. Stevenson,
vice president ot the United States under
Cleveland, who had a norvous breakdown
following the death of his wife six months
ngo, today suffered a relspse at the Pres
byterian hospital. His condition Is seri-J
ous. Mr. Stevenson came here three weeks
ago from his home at Bloomlngton for
TECUMSEH, Neb., June 8. (Special.)
Mr. Earl Bobbltt, son of Mrs. Susan Bob
bin ot this city, and Miss Margaret
Queena Drury were married at thome ot
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J, D.
Drury, at Gibbon, at noon on Wednesday,
June 3. There was but a small company
of near relatives present to witness the
ceremony, which was performed by Rev.
Mr. Powers, pastors of the Gibbon Bap
tist church. The guests were served with
a wedding breakfast following the cere
mony. Mr, and Mrs. Bobbltt came at
once to Tecumseh, and they were given a
reception at the home of the groom's
mother Thursday evening, which was
largely attended and greatly enjoyed. Mr.
and Mrs. Bobbltt will establish their home
Boy Accidentally Killed.
SIOUX FALLS, S. D., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) Addle Conrad, aged 4, ot
Montrose, was Instantly killed today when
the cunning gear of an old buggy toppled
over upon mm, sinicing mm in .such a
way that It broke hla neck. He waa play
ing In the barnyard and had climbed upon
the running gear, causing It to fall upon
him. He made his noma with hla aunt,
Mrs. Alonxo Adley.
Oi moat dwrrroMwi -rnr-A-R xamia axe
j-AtwritaA m The See. Get at -rir -cool
mozn Xor "trw ,'tliiiii,e--
Robert 7, C. Wise to Conduct at
Clifton Hill Church.
Former Pastor, Nott of Ernnston,
III., Will Preach nt Doth Morn
ing and Evening Services
to Old Parishioners.
Robert J. C. Wise, formerly of Qmaha,
who Is now visiting with his parents
near Benson, will occupy the pulpit of
the Clifton Hill Presbyterian church Sun
day at the morning and evening services.
Mr. Wise is secretary ot the Young Men's
Christian association at Ishpomlng, Mich.
Rev. A. S. C. Clarke, D. D., of Evans
ton, 111., wilt occupy the pulpit ot Lowe
Avenue Presbyterian church Sunday
morning and evening. This Is the church
ot which Dr. Clarke was pastor ior five
years, going directly from It to the Sec
ond church ot Evamton more than six
years ago. He built the present edifice
for Lowe Avenue while here arid was
very popular with his own and other
people in the city. On learning ot his
brief visit to Omaha to officiate at tho
Neely-Dennls marriage, his parishioners
got hla consent to remain over Sunday
so that they might hear him preach
Dr. Clarke will preach In the morning
on "Invested Personality," arid. In the
evening on "The Peril and Power of
Sunday will be children's day at the
First Methodist church. Twentieth ' and
Davenport streets. A program Will bo
given by the youngsters at 11 - o'clock
and in the evening the services will be
especially dedicated to the graduate of
the Central High school, and an invita
tion has been extended to the class to be
in attendance.
The business men's class ot the First
Congregational church has secured Rich
ard L. Metcalfe to speak to it . at the
First Congregational church. HIS sub
ject will be "The Panama CanAli" He
will touch upon the personal and moral
side of the great enterprise: The Clas
meets at noon. Immediately otter morn
ing service. Members ot the congregation1
will be welcome.
Olivet Grove, Thirty-sixth Street and
Crown Point Avenue Sunday sohool at
2:16. Preaching Thursday evening at S.
I -First, corner Harney Street and
'Twenty-ninth Avenue, Rev. W, Jasper
First, Corner Harney Street . and
iioran supper, iieeepuon ot new mem
bers. Suuduy school at noon. Evening
worship at 8. Bellever'a baptism.
Calvary. Twenty-filth and Hamilton,
J. A. Maxwell, Pastor Morning, "The
Sovereignty of Service." The baccalau
reate service of the University of Omaha.
Evening, "A Wicked Woman Won for
Christ." Bible school at noon. Young
People's meeting at 7, led by Miss Bon
nie Crane. Subject, "Tho P.urlty Verse.."
Jiion, Twenty-sixth and Frarikltn, Rev.
W. F. Botts, ftuitor Sunrise' prayer
meeting, 6:30, 7:30. Covenant meeting tt
10:a0, and The Lora's bupper, tHliriay
school at 1. Baptist YourtK People s
union at 6.0O. Evfning service at 1:46.
Preaching by the pastor. Midweek prayer
meeting every Wednesday oveiung at v:3ii.
Tmm.niial rP..-.. n... ..... . . , .. . t . .. 1 .
Arthur J. Morris, Pastor Homing wor-
onip at iv.m; "jruuia 'uiauasi0n.a
Bible school at noon. Youiik' Pcdbla's
meeting at 7. Evening worship- at 8;'
-.uyiu, ins ureuitm uargaan in ine uart
ot Life." Tho Lord's tiupper will be
observed In connection with tne .morning
sorvice., ji.uwiok prayer ana :praUo
service on . ounvaJiiy u.ttiiliK-jit ji.
Olivet, Thirty-eighth Street arid Grand
Avenue. FranK a", ivini. i'astiie Him, in-
school at 10. Preaching at U. -BaDUst
Young Peonies union at 6:XQ. Prn-ni
at 7. The suoject of morning messagu
will b "l'he alue of Obedience." .Tno
ordinance ot baptism, also the Lord's
Supper, will be ooserved at this service.
Midweek meeting Wednesday attt o'clock,
ana cnoir reneursui immeaiatejy .loliow
Ing: Christian Science,
First Church of Christ, Scientist, St.
Mary's Avenue and Twentv-fourth st
Services at 11 and 8; subject, 'God, the
uniy -uause ana ureolor." uunday school
ltvo sessions) 9:15 and 11. Wednesday
evening meeting at 8 o'clock.
- Christian.
North Side. Twenty-second unit TMhmn
George L, Peters, Pastor Bible school at
9:30. Morning service at 10:45; sermon
subject, "What My Garden Says to Mo,"
a sermon to children. Evening service at
8, children's day exercises.
First. Corner Twenty-sixth and Mb
Charles E. Cobbey, Minister-Morning
worship at 11. "God's Plan for Converting
our Time Into His Service." Evening
worship at 8. "Chrlst-On Fishing." Young
People's Society ot Christian Endeavor
at 7. Junior Endeavor at 4.30. Bible
school at 9:45.
First, Corner Nineteenth and Davenport,
F. T. Rouse, Pastor Services at 10:30 and
Plymouth, Frederick W. Leavitt, Min
isterService at 10:45 at the univer
sity auditorium. Twenty-fourth and
Evans. Topic, "The Pure In Heart." Bi
ble school at 9:45. Young people's meet
ing at 6:30.
St. Mary's Avenue, Corner Twenty-seventh
and St, Mary's Avenue, G. A. Hul
bert. Pastor Morning worship ' at 10:99,
sermon by tho pastor, "Sacrifice." Sun
day, school and kenslngton at 12: Mid
week service Wednesday evening at 8.
Hillside. W. S. Hampton. Pastor Morn
ing worship at 10:30. Evening service at
8. Rev, W, J. Shallcross will preach
both morning and evening. Sunday
school at noon. Junior Endeavor at 3.
Young People's Society ot Christian En
deavor at 7.
All Saints', Twenty-sixth street and
Dewey Avenue, T. J. Mackay, Hector
Sermon at 11, topic, "Is this An Irreligious
AgeT' Holy communion at 7.30. Sunday
school at 10.
Church of the Good Shepherd. Twentieth
and Ohio, Rev. Thomas J. Collar. Rector
noiy communion ai iisj. cunaay school
at 9:45. Holy communion with, sermon
at 11. Evening prayer with sermon at 8.
Grace United Evangelical. Camden Ave
nue and North Twenty-seventh. Thomas
W. Evans, Pastor. Preaching at H a. in.
and 8 p. m.: Sunday school, 10 a. m.;
Keystone L-ague of Christian Endeavor,
7 p. m. Children's day will be observed
June 14.
First, 2420 Franklin, Rev. J. M. Runcle,
Pastor Teachers' meeting at 9:30 a. m.,
Sunday school at in e. rr, preaching at
11 a. m. by Rev, J. L. Lonbough. of Rose
mont. Neb., Holiness association meet
ing at 3:30 p. m.. K. L. C. E. .society
meeting at 7 p. m.. preaching at 8 p. m
Tuesday night IC. L. C. E. society meet
ing ot Hope mission. 1316 Dodge street.
Wednesday night mid-week prayer ser
vice at 8 p .m. Thursday night Young
People's Mission society meetlpg.
St. Mark's English. Twentieth nnH t...
dette. Rev. Dr. I Groh. Pastor Mornlne-
Evening at 8. children's program by Sun
day school. Sunday school at 9:15. Young
People's Christian Endeavor at 7.
St Paul's, Twenty-flfth and Evans
Rev. E. T. Otto. Pastor Services at 10
Sunday school of the English depart!
ment at 11:3a New scholars always wel
come. Evening service In English at 8.
subject. "Joy Caused by the Wayward
Son's Return." Choir meets on Fridays at
8- Day school. Prof J. A, Hllgendorf.
teacher. '
Grace. Twe-oty-stxth Street. Between
Poppieton and Woolworth Avenues. Clar
ence N. flwlhart. Minister -The Gresu
DeesT a2 XL The Dlvtca azvt nnn.n
Tiirliajigii at Socdair scboct at
IgtfhcT teargne at
JSlon. Hrh-tp-elx-th Btrert rmit Tvi.
Avaaue. Hat. JL X. Tanrfmex. JPxaAa-Hoty
a iiilllllMUHUI .amilM WIIIUMH 'S14
bers Sunday morning at It. Confirmation
of special class. Sunday school at 10.
Sunday evi-nlng service at 8. Midweek
service Thursday evening at 8. Tho
Ladles' Aid society will meet at the home
of- Mr. and Mrs. A. Vj Hawklnson, 3415
Lafayette avenue, jon Thursday afternoon
at 3 o'clock.
St Matthew's English, Nineteenth and
Cnstellar, Re-. O. W. Snyder, Pastor
Morning service at 11, subject "The
Love of the Three In One7" Evening
service at S, subject "Your Master and
Your Treasure." Sunday school at 10.
The Ladles' Aid and Woman's Missionary
society will meet Thursdoy afternoon at
the residence of Mrs. J. R. Enger, 3420
Leavenworth street Choir rehearsal on
Saturday at la
Walnut Hllt-The adult men's clssa
meets at the Sunday school hour, 13
o'clock,, noon. Subject for discussion.
"Tho Coming Of the Kingdom," Luke
12:20-37. "Two men In one bed one taken
and the other left Which shall it bet"
Swedish, Corner Nineteenth and Burt
Streets, Gustav Erlckfcon, Pastor Sun
day school, 10 a. m. Preaching service, 11
a. m.; subject "Christ's World Power.
Epworth league service, 7 p. m., with lec
ture on 'The New Era In Asia." Preacht
lng, 8 p. m.: subject "Opportunity.
McCabe. Fortieth and Farnam. W. H.
Underwood, Pastor Morning service at
11 o'clock. Evening- service, 8 o'clock. Bun
day school, 10 a. m.: Warren W. Cllne,
superintendent Adult Bible class. 10 a,
m.; Dr. John, teacher. Epworth league,
7 p. m.; Mrs. Ethel Thorpe, president,
Hunitcnra Pnrlr Cnrnnr Woolworfh' AV-
enuo and Twenty-ninth Street C. W.' Mc
Casklll, Pastor Preaching services at 11
a. m. and 7:45 p. m., conducted by the
pastor. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m., with
classes for everybody. Epworth league, 7
P. m. Mid-week prayer service, Wednes
day evening, 8 p. m.
Trinity, Twenty-first knd Binney,
Thomas Blthell, Pastor Morning service,
10:30; Sabbath school, noon; Epworth
league, 7 p. nt.; evening service, 8 p. m.
Jennings, Fifth and Hickory, Edward A.
Smith, Minister Preaching at 10:30; sub
ject, "The Ministry of Mysteries." Sun
day school at 1:30.
Dlett Memorial Tenth and Pierce, C.
N. Dawson, Pastor Sunday school, 9:4S
a. m. Preaching, 11 a. m. by the Rev.
Garriet Janssen. Epworth league, 7 p. m.S
Miss Halgler will address the league.
Sacred concert, 8 p. m. Sunday school
Doaru ana prayer meeting, weaneaaay,
P. m. Children's day exercises postponed
until Sunday, June 21. Tho Ladles' Aid
society will serve dinner at the church
Thursday evening, June 1L
Castellar Street Sixteenth and Castellar,
C. C. Meek. Pastor Children's day exer
cises at 10:30. Evening service at 8. Junior
society at 3:3). intermediate society ai (.
Christian Endeavor at 7.
North. Corner Twenty-fourth and Wirt
M. V. Higbee, D. D.. Pastor Public wor
ship at 10:30 and 8. Sunday school at
noon. Christian Endeavor at 7. Prayor
meeting Wednesday evening at 8.
Clifton Hill, Forty-fifth and Grant
Services at 11 and 8. R. J. C. Wise will
occupy the pulpit at both services. Sun
day school at 9:45. Christian Endeavor at
7. Midweek meeting at 8 Wednesday
First, Seventeenth and Dodge, Edwin
Hart Jenks, D. D., Pastor Morning serv
ice at 10:30. Communion. , Evening service
nt 8. Subject "Immortality In the Light
ot Nature," Sunday school at noon. En
deavor society at 7.
First United, Twenty-first and Emmet
At C. Douglass, Pastor The pastor has
Just returned from the general assembly
at Newcastle, Pa., and will preach at
10:30 and 8. Bible scrool at noon. Young
people's meeting at 7
Lowo Arvenue, Fortieth and Nicholas
Rev, A. S. C. Clarke. D. D Evanston,
III., will preach at 10:30 and 8. Sunday
school at noon. Junior Endeavor at 8.
Senior Endeavor at 7 Wednesday even
ing Bible meeting at 8.
Falrvlew, Fortieth and Pratt Charles
H. Fleming, Pastor-Bible school at 2.
Afternoon worship at 3. .Theme, "God'e
Challenges and What They Imply." T-ioh-day.
evening at 8 the Falrvlew Bible club
will study the twentieth and twenty-first
chapters ot the Gospel of John.
Third, Twentieth and Leavenworth,
Robert Karr. Pastor Sunday school with
classes tor all at 9:30. Public worship and
sermon at 10:45. Theme, "Influence."
Junior Christian Endeavor at 3. Chris
tian Endeavor prayer meeting at 7. Even
ing worship and sermon at 8. Theme,
"Lot's Wife."
Benson, A. J. McClung, Pastor Chil
dren's dn.v nrncrnm at 10. This will oc
cupy" the whole morning service. Mrs.
iJiacKwen, a missionary irom ooum
America, will g.'ve an address. Christian
Endeavor at 7. Union. "evening service at
8. Tho sermon subject is "Foundations
and Building."
Westminster, Corner Mason Street and
Georgia Avenuo, James Franklin Young,
Pastor Morning worship at 10:30. Com
munion Service. Bible school at noon.
Young people's meeting at 7. .Topic, 'tFivo
Great Verses Purity Verse. ' Matthew
6:8. Evening worship at 8. Theme, "An
Old Antlphonal Song." Midweek prayer
rervtce Wednesday evening at 7:45.
Church of the Covenant Twenty
seventh and Pratt Charles H. Fleming,
Pastor Morning 'worship at 10:30. Sub
ject, "God's Challenges and What They'
Imply." Bible school at noon. Endeavor
at 7:15. Evening worship at 8. Theme.
"Another Old Testament Portrait of
Jesus." Wednesday evening at 8 tho
Covenant Bible club will study the eight
eenth and nineteenth chapters ot the Gos
pel of John.
The Omaha Holiness association meets
every Sunday at 2430 Franklin street at
3:30 p. m. W. E. Foshler. president
Leader Sunday, Fay L. Stearns.
Reorganized Church ot Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints, Twenty-fourth and:
Ohio Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8
The International Bible class will meet.
In Barlght hall. Nineteenth and Farnam,
Sunday, at 8 o'clock. Alfred W. Rlemer
will give a lecture on "The Seven Worda
of the Cross."
United Brethren, Nineteenth and Loth
rop, Rev. W. O. Jones, Pastor Bible
school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m.
and 8 p. m. Prayer meeting and Work
ers' conference Wednesday evening at
8 o'clock.
Holiness meeting at 8 p. m., Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, Sunday, at 2 p.
m., subject, "Are Women Permitted to
Preach." Hans O, Petersen, superin
tendent Meetings held at 607 South
Twenty-ninth street
People's, 515 North Eighteenth. Rev.
Charles W. Savldge, Pastor Morning;
subject, "Is Sickness a Necessity!"
Evening topic, "Will We Wake Up in
This Game of Life." Sunday school at
noon. Prayer meeting Thursday evening.
First Progressive Spiritualist Mackle'a
Hall. 1816 Harney, F. A. Thomas, D. a a,
Pastor Sunduy, 8 p. m., lecture and mes
sages, subject. "What Is Spiritualism
Doing?" Tuesday, 3 p. m message ser
vice. Thursday, 2:30 p. m., ladles' aid
message service. c
The Church of Life, Rev. Mrs. V. A.
Bell, Pastor Morning sermon at 10:30
o'clock, subject. "The Church of Life and
Its Relation to New Thought." Sunday
school at 11:30 a. m. Young People's
Christian Endeavor meeting at 7 p. m.
Preaching at 8 p. m.. subject,' "Old Time
Keyes of Nebraska
Attaches Account
of Sol Alexander,
WESTMINSTER. Md.. June .(-,,.. 4
with fraudulently obtaining 83,000 from
Mrs. Mary T. Eeles of Long Boat Cal.,
Sol Alexander Is under arrest t t,n.i
here. An attachment has been Issued
against the bank account of Alexander
and his wife bv Robert H. Kev.n , i.
said to have accompanied Alexander here
irora neorasKa. Alexander Is sold to
have obtained a large sum nf mnn
Keyes, ostensibly for Investment
Mrs. seies told federal officers that
she waa Induced by Thomas MoCullough.
with whom Alexander Is mm ,..
been associated, to mortgage her prop-
cw ana inrn we money over to him. At
the time, she sold, he no -
who had received a mesas from her
uaunira directing her to give Mtw
Cnlkmgh 827,(00.
Xverytefty reads Bee Wan XSav