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    12 A
'intu uaLVHA btuNDAi iiLE: JUNL 7, 1914.
June Clearaway of Apparel
Silk, Satin and Cloth Coats;
Also Silk Suits at Wond
erful Reductions
Now is the time to supply your traveling needs;
Lovely Silk Coats at
$14.50 and $9.15
Handsome Cloth Suits with all the new ideas of
Style and Fashion at
Values $19.50, $24.50, $27.50 and $29.50.
Pretty Cotton
Dress Goods.
75c Natural Colored Dross
Linen, 40c n yard.
92.00 NovcUy Crepe. Suiting
(white with dnalics of color), 08c
i jnrd.
31.25 French Crcpo Novelty
(all tho now colors), 7()c n yard.
05c Novelty Flouncing Batiste,
'10-inch; colors, nnvy and taupe,
J19c a yard.
31.75 French ICollcnno Linen,
10-IncIi, 80c a yard.
75c Ail Silk ItaUno (new pink
and blue), 37Jc a yard.
$3.50 Uncut Urocho Novelty
for Jackets and coat sulfa, all Uo
dainty evening shades, $1.08 a
85c Mixed llcatlicr Linen for
dresses and skirts, 10c a yard.
$1.25 Black and White, 12
Inch Crcpo NovcUy Kpongo, 08c
a yard.
75c French Dress Llnon, 40
Inch, 20c a yard.
Dress Goods Department
Main Aisle.
Kemp Completes
J His Filing for the; ,
? ' -Office of Governor
(From a Staff 'CprrespandentJ)' V
I LINCOLN, Juno (Wflpeclal. Telegram. I
4-After spending a couple of days looking
over the situation and ndvUIng with
numerous friends Senator J. f). Kemp of,
Fullcrton this afternoon filed with the
secretary of state .for tho republican!
nomination for governor. To nowspaper
men Senator Kemp said: "I believe that
the outlook Is oxtrcmoly good for repub
lican success In Nebraska this year and
I have filed for the republican nomination
for governor. In doing so I hevo not only
followed my own ambition to servo my
fellow cltlcens, but have compiled with
the petition of a large number of good
men in tho state In whoso sincerity I
have, the most Impltct confidence."
"Should I be nominated and elected It
will be my earnest endeavor to give the
people the very best that 1 within int.
What the people want and should have Is
a thorough businesslike administration
such, as a businessman, would give to his
own private affairs. The rapidly Increas
ing vost ot the aCminAstratlpn pf the af
fair fit the state Is oyft-ot proportion to
the benefits derived.
"We need a revision of our revenue
laws, the cutting down ot extravagant
appropriation), the. elimination ot many
useless boards and commissions wttah
are of no substantial' benefit to ,tho state,
and economy and. efficiency In 'the top
duct of. governmental offices. Hut Of
uirco ou Qincr .important miners i
shall have, more to sa as wo go along."
Senator Kemp Is an attorney at Fultir-
ton, having a wde practice In that lo
cality. 116' ha 'served In the state senate
two terms, representing' the Eighteenth
district, -campr-slnc the counties ot fcfer-
rick. Polk and Nance, In the 1911 session
and under the redisricting ot he state
represented the Ninth district, comprls
ing the counties, of Nance, Boone jnd
Antelope, In tho 1913 session, wher ha
was elected president of the senate and
was he acknowledged leader ot the
majority side.
Kepubllcan City Pioneer la Dead
REPUBLICAN CITV, Neb.. (Speclal.)-
The death of J. M. Walker, aged 71 years
and one of the early settlers ot this to-
MONDAY. JUNE 8, Commencing
arJLxenr vrpo? suits
jsx&k astd xzax
mjLSB coTxpir piumsxs
VsJusi-. f hat are worth VeAUUrly
litfifei .??.&, f30 a,nd up to. ISO.
T,h aawjrtments, are large, but
the- sale, wjll be. the largest sals
tt, have ever nadvo come early.
The House pf Menaeh
Tbs Btoxs for 0tnUawo'ma" '
iota tjuoulm mi,
in the June Clearaway Fresh
Goods Cost Less Than Regular
40c and 35c Wash
Goods, 25c Yard
This lot consists of fancy
stripe and check crepes, ra
tines, crepetine, etc.; a com
plete range of colors; 27 and
36 inches wide; choice, 25c
a yard. Basement.
June Clearaway
of White Goods
For Suits and Skirts.
35o Quality, Monday 25c
25o Quality, Monday. . . .19c
35c White Nob Crepe 19c
25o White Underwear Crepe
Monday at 15c
entity, occurred Thursday morning. Tho
funeral services were held at the horn
and .wire conducted by Rev.' Mr. Ernest.
trheMsceated leaves a widow, one daugh
ter and two sons. -
William A. Lowery, an old sottler.ef
this locality died In Topeka, Kan., on
Monday, Juno 1. The body was 'brought
to ths place for Interment, services Vclng
held- In tho Methodist church and' ware
conducted- .10. Mr. Ernest. The de
cenaod was"v years old. . ,
Mother Mary Jones
Leaves for Vancouver
SEATTLE, Wash.. June e.-"Mother"
Mary Jones, organiser for the United
Mine Workers of America, left for Van
couver by steamer last night without hin
drance, the Canadian Immigration offi
cials who prevented her from embarking
on the previous day, having been over
ruled by their superior officers at Ottawa,
The British Columbia government or
dered the exclusion ot "Mother" Jones,
wno una nnnouncea ner imenuon oi aa-
dressing the striking cottl miners of Van- prcd' Kelby, arrested previously, con
oouver Island, on tha ground that she 'Mn t .u. Lnt
would be likely to "stir ip trouble."
HURON. S. D., June-e.-(8peclal.)-Mrs.
. M. Smith, residing near Wesslngton,
S. D was struck' by llghtnlng'Thursday
evening wljlle driving hom$ frqmWes
slngton' aid was Instantly killed." She
was Molding her rour montns- oii oaDy
In her lap nnd anorisr child, a daughter
ot eight years, aat'xm the seat beside
her. The children, wjore stunned for u
time and bqth, horses were knocked
down. Th horses wera apparently all
right In a fw minutes and tho children
recovered In a few hours. Their escape
Is considered miraculous, in view of tha
fact that their mother met death In
SUPERIpR, Neb., June . (Bpeclal Tel-
egram.) Under the referendum, a petition
by the prohibition party was filed today
for another election In thirty days. It
Was two weeks today when the wet ticket
won by eight votes and It has -taken since
this time to get the required number ot
names to call for a special election. On
the first vote In April the town went dry
by one vote put of over OCX)' cast The
next election may be close, as over i
hundred more persons have come to Su
perlor, In the employ ot the cement com
Mrs. Ocorfto Dartenbach.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., June .-8pe
clal) Mrs. George Rartenboch. wife ot
thi owner ot the Dartenb&ch opera house
and business blocks, and among the old
est women residents of the city, passed
away yesterday after an Illness ot over
two years. She leaVea hei husband, ono
son and one daughter, and several broth
era and sisters.
K. C. Klndley.
PIERRE, R. D., June S.-fSpecUl Tele
gram.) E. C. Klndley. for many years
head ot the Klndley Contracting and
Transfer company ot this city, died this
morning from' an attack of typhoid fever.
Mrs. Klndley and A sen In. the family
are 111 with this dread disease.
Infant Child Dies.
BRADSIIAW, Neb., June,.6.-fSpecUl.)-The
little months old son of Mr. and
Mrs. John Hamilton died very suddenly
yesterday, from an attack of acuta In
digestion. .-'
Everybody rtads Bee WatAai.
Summer Dresses
Choice New Styles in
Crepe, Voiles, Linen and
other desirable fabrics,
Priced from
$6.50 to $50.00.
Silk Hosiery
The Favorites for Summer
Silk Hose, white or black,
all silk or silk with lisle tops
and soles, $1.00.
Black Silk Hose with flare,
tops, $1.50 and $2.00.
White Silk Hose, $1.50 and
Black Silk Hose with the
"Pointex Heel," $1.50.
Court Eefuses to
- Set Aside Verdict
in the Frank Case
ATLANTA, 3a.,l3uno .-3udge Ben ll!
Hill of'tHe' Fulton county superior court
today sustained tho state's demurrer to
tho motion to set asldo tho verdict by
which Leo M. Frank was found' guilty ot
the murder ot Mary Phagon, a factory
girl. The motion was based qn the claim
that Frank's constitutional right wh-Jn
the verdict was returned during the con
demned man's absence from court.
Two Alleged Auto
Bandits Arrested
NEW TORK, Juno . Joseph Longo. n
chauffeur,- and James Fay, a poolroom
owner, were held today charged wltn
participation In the holdup yesterday ot
two employes ot tha American Can com-
wh , ,AnhB(, . nrw mom.
IL ,! .1"
nau Ulivvll mo urn ,ii .villi., ii. tj
made their escape. He said Longo hired
The detective department was working
today on the theory that the holdup of
the American Can company employes was
the work of the same men who earlier
yesterday held up two clerks of the
Masury Paint company In Brooklyn and
obbed them of a satchel containing $1,003
drawn for the weekly payroll. These two
robbers also- used an automobile to
A .third holdup on which the police are
working resulted In a loss of $:0J to Mc-
Kenzle, Vorhees "A Omelln, architects.
although the five robbers overlooked two
bundles of money ench containing $51.
An employe of tuft architects was takln?
ft.SOO Into the' offices -when his hat was
knocked off and while he stooped to re
cover It the men seticd one ot his bun
dles. The flvo men escaped down the
elevator and sped away In an automobllo
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, June . (Spectal.)-Wlll M.
Maupln will mako another try to land
the democratic nomination for railway
commissioner, having shied his hat into
tha ring by filing with the secretary
ot state today. Mr, Maupln tried con
clusions with Clarence Harm an for the
democratic nomination for the asms
office two years ago by the present food
commissioner was a little too much for
him and jipln was left In the rear.
wjjen the wrd was reached.
SUPERIOR, Neb., June e.-(Speclal Tel
egram,) J, H. Johnston, merchant of
Bostwlck, was severely Injured '.ast
night, when Jihe auto he was drlvjng
turned completely over, while he was on
his way from Superior, The car was a
corpptet 'wrec'k. Johnston was pinioned
beneath the car at least an hour before
he was discovered by Mr Mathers, who
took him home In his buggy,
Department Ordera.
WASHINGTON. June &-Spcial Tele
gram.) Nebraska, pensions granted: Elsie
K. Hull Mlnden. til Wyomlnir postmas
ter appointed: Hitter Creek, Sweet Water
county. Nettle C Bruce, vice Will A.
Ammons. resigned; Jlreh, Niobrara,
county, Leon It Townsend, vice Herbert
L. KoonU.
Postofflce at Marlow, Marshall county.
South Dakota, discontinued, mall to
The secretary ot ths Interior hns nil
thorited the reclamation service to ac
The Store for
You can always find some
thing new in our beautiful
Waist Section; the prices for
such lovely waists as we are
showing are very moderate:
1.85, $2.95, $3.75, $5
Gloves for Brides
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A full assortment of all the
desirable kinds of White Silk
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Women's and Chil
dren's Gowns
Women's White Crepe Gowns,
slipover, short sleeves, lace
trimmed, $1, $1.25 and $1.35
Women's Nainsook Gowns,
slipover, short sleeves, lace
or embroidery trimmed; reg
ular prices $1.00, $1.25; Spe
cial 75c and 85c
Children's Crepe Gowns, white
and colors, short sleeves,
slipover; sizes 4 to 16 years,
at 65c, 75c, 85c
25c Wash Goods
at 18c a Yard
These crepes come in fancy
stripes and plain effects, all the
popular shades; 27 inches wide,
18c a yard.
Basement Wash Goods Section.
cept tho proposal of James O'Connor of
Council Bluffs. Ia., for tho construction'
of auxiliary spill way channell and north'
dike, VanUalla diversion, Milk river Ir
rigation project, Montana. Twulve pro
posals ' for IHls work Were received,' the
O'Connor bid of $25, 220 being the lowesL
AdlaiE. Stevenson
i3 Critically 111
CHICAGO, June 6. Adlal E. Stevenson,
vlco president of tho United States under
President Clove'land, seriously III at 'the
Presbytorlbn. hospital, was no better-; to
day. Weakness Incident to his eighty
years and the nervous breakdown ho'suf
fered after the death of his wifc( six
months ago told against tho veteran
statesman. A critical turn In his condi
tion was expected within twenty-four
hours. Members of the family are present.
LONDON,. June 6'. Trie' campaign of the
arson squad of the militant suffragettes
was continued today when the women set
fire to and destroyed a tine mansion near
High Wycombe, in Buckinghamshire,
about thirty miles from London. Tho
mansion was filled with valuable furni
ture and objects ot art The usual suf
frage literature was found about the
grounds. The. house adjoined the historic
parish c,hurch, which is believed to have
been the real, objective of the, women,
who were, however, unable to obtain ad
1 ' " iiewkc-Brr-.tne. '
TECUMSEH, Neb., June -O-One hun
dred and ten families werer represented
at 'the marriage of MIssHattte Beethe
and Louis Heukn nt the German Lutheran
church, eight miles southeast of Tecum-
seh, Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock.
The ceremony was by the pastor of the
church, Rev. H.'F. "Qrupe, and the young
couple wero attended by the Misses Emms
Heiika and Edna Beethe, and Messrs.
Theodore Beethe and Henry Heuke. A
reception followed at the bride's homo
and waa largely attended.
Th bride Is tho daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. August Beelhe. well known citizens
who live In the neighborhood of the
church. Tha groom's parents are Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Heuke, who live, in the Long
Branch neighborhood. He Is a well knewn
and successful farmer.
Itueh u-Wniin er.
HURON. 8. D.. Juno 6. (Special.)
Frank Kuehn. Jr., a well known archi
tect of this city, and Miss Millie Wagner,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wagner
of this city, were marnea weanesaay
evening. They left on a honeymoon trip
to Colorado, the same evening. They wm
make their home here.
Iovra Neves Notes.
storm LA.KB-C. C. Colwell. present
county clerk ot Buena Vista county, was,
nominated on every ticket at tho primary
Monday. He received votes frqm the re-
pu oilcans, aemocrais. iosrivc
the socialists. He Is a republican.
RTnrtt t.AKB-A dm of thirty-four.
the larcest In the history ot the school, t
win cr&duatea irom tnt' worm lakh xin
school Thursday night." The commence
ment artdress wjls delivered by the Kov j
ttowiona uanson, u. u-, oi u i
SAC CITV The body of Mrs. Alice- B.
Hamilton, widow of Prof. J. N- Hamilton. ,
who for several yeajs was superintendent i
of the. 6ao City public schools, was
brought to Sao City today for burial
Mrs. Hamilton's death occurred In BapliJ '
City, a Jupe I. at the home of hen
son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mra.
J. U Bobbins, after a long . Illness. I
SAC CITV-MIss Myrtle Adelle Roberts,
a school teacher living at Sao City, and
Harry B. Iiowv an automobile dealer
residing at Lytton. who were married
In Dec Moines the first of the week. at.
the home of the officiating clergyman.
Rev Dr Henry B. BUrns, hae returned
toSac City, and In u few weeHs will be
tt home In Lytton.
Chaplin, Milne, Orenfell &
Forced to Close Doors.,
I.nme I.nnn Wftre Mnde to Arthur
Orenfell, Who Attempted to'
Get Control of tho Cn
niullnn Rami.
LONDON, June 6. Chaplin, Milne, Gren
fell & Co., limited, the well-known firm
, of merchants and bankers In Princess
j street, suspended today. "The company
( was registered In 1S!3 to take over tho
business of Morton, Chaplin & Co., (tor-
morly Morton, Roso & Co.), Its author
I Ized capital It 11.7DO.000.
I The firm Is nn old established house,
I with high reputation nnd excellent family
i connection. It conducted a general ttid
private banking nnd a company for pro
moting business. Tho directors Include
Ernest Chaplin, O. Grlnell Milno and It.
XV. Sklpwlth.
Tho failure Is bc"!evcfl to be tho result
of largo operations In Grand Trunk by
Arthur Morton Orenfell, who wan form
erly a member of trie firm and whose
dealings recently have been the subject
of such gossip. It Is said that several
Candlan and other companies wherein he
was Interested aro Involved. Earl Grey,
whoso daughter waa Grenfell's first wife.
Is reported among the heavy losers,
nip? Intercut to Hetcne.
Powerful banking and other Interests
have been working for some weeks to re
establish Grenfell's affairs In the Interest
(of many stockholders of the companies
ho controlled.
Tho firm recently Issued a notice that
Grcnfcll had not been connected there
with since February 17.
The affairs of the bank were largely
Involved with those of the Canadian
agency, limited, which is controlled Dy
Arthur Orenfell. Ho nnd the Canadian
agency had been engaged In a campaign
for the purchase of a' controlling inter
est In tho Grand Trunk railway, hut
when those securities depreciated, the
obligations he had created wero taken
over by a strong group of financial houses
In order to protect the many stock ex
change frims Involved.
The bank's losses through loans to Oren
fell and withdrawals of business conse
quent on his operations, caused the bank
to suspend. It Is believed, however, to be
entirely solvent, but tlmo will require to
liquidate the assets in orser that depos
itors may be paid.
Tho Grand Trunk transaction attempted
by Orenfell Is considered as one of the
most daring stock operations launched
here In years.
The members of Grenfell's family are
coming to his assistance in the settlement
of his affairs.
Affect on Sfir York.
NEW YORK, June 6. Tho suspension
of Chaplin, Mllrie, Grenfcll & Co., excited
nftmn Bllrnrlflft In thin mnrlfpt. nrlvnt n..
jsurahces having been received hero a
fbrtntght ago, when V Arthur Grenfell's
embarrassment became generally known,
that the firm was In no wise Involved.
So tar as known, Chaplin, Milne &
Grenfell had no commitments or Inter
ests In this market and at no time wo
the firm active In Americans,
IllnildrotU of ..Bullions. Realised from
Things Oncn Thrown
At the first annual banquet of lie na
tional association of waste material
dealers, held In New York City thia week,
It was brought out that by collecting and
utilizing waste products the members ot
the associated transact an annual busi
ness of J700.000.000.
The utilization of cotton-seed oil and ot
cotton seed, until very recent years a
were waste product of the cotton crop, ll
was pointed out, is now valued in the
United States alono at 150,000,000 a year.
Curtis Guild, e-ambassador to Russia,
noted that wo aro now exporting sisal
strings to Europe to be turned Into tooth
brushes; that we are using tho worn-oul
painter's brush, soaked with white lead,
by cleansing and using the worn bristles
to provide Inexpensive and durable scrub
bing brushes, and exporting American
cotton stockings tp Europe, where they
aro unraveled and .used as a cheap pack
ing In the manufacture of graphophone
and electrical machinery, while the
patched and damed European stocking.
not having any other use, are exported
from Eurdpe to this country for their
only possible use as paper stock.
The exports and imports of waste ma
terial aro not yet thoroughly reported by
the department and even the commence
ment of their appearance In the official
publications of the United States gov
ernment dates back but a few years. For
the calendar year 1913, we exported co".
ton rags to the value of J500.000, paper
stock other than cotton rags to tho value
ot over S00,O00, wojlen rags tp the valua
of tt.000,000, scrap Iron to tho value of H.
200,000, old and reclaimed rubber to the
value of $1,000,000, and scrap brass to the
value of $2,000,000.
The figures ot tho imports of waste
material from foreign countries are oven
moro striking. In the year 1013 we Im
ported scrap Iron to the value of JS0O.O0O,
old copper to the value of M.000,000, silk
waste to tho value of $3,000,OCO, old rubber
to the value of more than 3,00,. cotton
rags to the value of JS.000.000, and other
paper stock which was neither cotton rags
nor wood pulp to the value of nearly
J5,000,000. Bradstreefa Review.
Alleged nnrurlnr Identified.
MASON- CITT. la., June 5.-(Speclal
Telegram.)-Fred McMillan, held here for
robbery ot the Rock Island depot and ex
Dress office at Rock Falls, today was
Identified as Charles Wilson, who broke
jail at Waverly while waiting trial for a
Tho lawsuit started by R W. Bailey last October against Drs. Mach & Mach,
dentists, 3rd floor Paxton Block, was dismissed from court last week, Dr. Bailey
paying; all the court costs.
That Dr. Mach is a factor in modern dentistry is evident from the fact that
he built up and established the largest practice' in the city and equipped with the
latest appliances a seven chair dental office which is considered the finest in
crime of the same kind, and was returned
to Waverly tonight. It is alleged that
McMillan makes a practice of stealing
money orders from country depots, later
cashing them. He was identified here as
a man who attempted to cash a monoy
order a few hours after the Rock Falls
(Continued from Page One.)
Beldcn's eyes popped out of hla head
and ho was prepared to kid this fellow of
the pie tin star, but a second look con
vinced him tho latter was In dead carncrt.
They started to drlvo dolefully to tho
station. Along came T. C. Byrne's car.
Byrne and his crowd Joined In the funeral
procession to the police station.
Then out camo a merchant of Univer
sity Place, who had his head working.
"What's the matter with you?" he de
manded, ot the marshal.
Tho merchant was a Mr. Weinberger.
He rode to the station with .the crowd and
when Bclden and. Selby appeared huts In
hand crest-fallen and bewildered before
the majesty of tho police Judge, Mr. Wein
berger took the floor and declared he,
would personally .shoulder all tho respon
sibility for tho Omaha boosters, and In
sisted that they be allowed to go on their
way without further molestation.
It wns so ordered, and In A half hour
tho humiliated twain overtook the rest
of tho party.
Iloaila Withntnua Big ,Hnln.
Good roads was all the party could,
think of all the way fiome. The reason
was simple ."J?oj there were threj and
one-half inches' of rain at Lincoln and.
almost as 'piuch between Lincoln and
Omaha, and' Lincoln and Cortland, and
yet the cars come over roads smooth
.and hard as -.marble almost the whole of
the wy from Beatrice which place they
left shortly after 9 o'clock In the morning.
Only four miles south of Cortland and
a few miles north of Cortland did tho
party strike real mud. Here the roads
had not been worked down hard before
the rain. Here all had to put on chains,
and plow mud with some difficulty. After
that the roads proved to be roads that
have long had the application of the King
drag system, and although water lay In
pools In the cornfields on either side of
the road, the road Itself smooth and
rounded, had turned the water like a
barn roof, and stretched grey and dry
before the tourists.
The fear that the roads might not be
so well worked In the southeastern part
of the state led to tho abandonment of
that part of the original Itinerary, and to
the returning of the pary dlreotly ,from
I Beatrice Instead of finishing the proposed
route. .
Wilson's Chauffeur,
Fined Ten Dollars
WASHINGTON, June B.-One of Presi
dent Wilson's chauffeurs was fined $10 to
day in a country court on the outskirts
of tho capital for speeding wltti a Whlto
House party a few days ago. Ho pleaded
guilty and paid the fine. The president
has ordered all White Houso chauffeurs
to observe all local speed laws,
Join the Swappers' Club. Membership
Is free. Call at Bee office.
Our last Importations of this season of our famous
"Living Music Box" Canaries has arrived. Whlle'we have
a large stock of several hundreds on hand, we advise not
to delay your purchase too long. We can give you an
excellent selection now. These Canaries being the last
shipment have received the longest musical education in
Germany and are therefore the finest singers you ever heard.
We sell each one on five days' trial, guaranteeing full satisfaction, at
95.00. Come as early as possible and get a choice singer.
1617 Farnam St.
"Third Floor Paxlon Block
One Killed, One Hurt
When Tram Hits Auto
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., June 6.-(Spc
clal Telegram.)-One man wsb killed and
ono Injured In a Union Pacific train
collision with an automobile at Wood
River this afternoon.
(From a Staff Corespondent.)
WASHINGTON, June 6.-Spoc!al Telo
gram.)-Ncarly all of Nebraska delegation
attended the first brilliant festivity ol
.u. ...nn i-lvon In Vinnnr of th
lltU SlilU& ws-urawi.
newly married secretary of the treasury
nnd Mrs.'McAdno, by Secretary and, Mrs.
Bryan, on the spacious grounds of
Calumet Place, the secretary's home this
evening, consplclous . ond tho , grounds,
mingling with the. throngs was the, presl
dent clad In whlto flanncla and. chatting
fieely with everyone. Tho famous earthen
ware punch bowl, which wna the property
of Thomas Jefferson was used for serylnd
whlto grape Juice punch.
Itoontcr, Commits Suicide.
This Is the story of the pathetic finish
of a rooster who refused to observe tho
Wisconsin eugenic statutes.
Ho waa an Imported brown fellow, a
game cock owned by Harvey Sonneman,
and he now lives In a grave. This Is tho
Mr Gamecock was head or a hock ot
hens, but In the brood from which tho
hens were hatched were a couple or
ducks, and the gamecocK ana the ducua
became boon companions.
.All winter they fed together, but In tho
spring tho hens asserted their rights.
In their Jealousy they pecked at tho
duckH nnd the latter were so severely In
jured that It was necessary to Kill tnem.
Then the rooster ended his life by will
ful starvation. Milwaukee Sentinel.
For Amntenr Onrilmen', I
Tho thing to plant In your hot bd Is, of
course, peppers.
To havo cucumbers early, order them in
time for tho grocer's first delivery.
You can avoid backache from pardoning
by hiring "a man to do'- the work.
A good place to put peas Is next to tha
lamb chops.-
To raise cabbage quickly, place them oa
the dumb waiter and pull tho ropo.
Seeds can now be purchased stuck od
tapes. If you plant this kind, keep a care'
ful lookout for tapeworms.
You may procure a' few fresh leeks t
favor your spring salad by boring gimlet
nuica ill ll, o i uvii, a oiiun,. ju o .u .1
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