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Tuesday, May 26, 1914.
HE short walking skirt or tailor skirt has returned and milady, It
Tshe Is up-to-the-minute, wears her skirt six Inches from the
ground. When you consider that last winter the skirts were Just
one inch off the ground, you will see that thoro is considerable
difference. But the fact that tho skirts are much fuller helps a lot. Then
with these abbreviated skirts are worn either grey or white spats, or gray
silk stockings and black, low shoes. Hats and suits are rather quiet In
Last season the ears and ankles wero both carefully covered with the
exception of the silt skirt. Thii season the slit is gono and both ears and
ankles are exposed again, for the hair is dressed high and away from the
forehead and tho ears and the skirts are decidedly short
In Paris, I am told, the skirts are seven Inches from the ground.
Miss Mellora Davis is the first of tho young society women to wear
the new stylo tailor suit.
Mrs. Vernon Castle wore the abbreviated skirt when in traveling cos
tume, when she was ontortalned at tho Omaha club by Mrs. Charles
Miss Prlndovlllo, a stunning visitor from Chicago last week, woro the
very short skirt, and with this tho gray spats.
After being hobbled for two seasons with tight, narrow skirts, the
athletic women aro rejoicing In tho new style.
Happ el-Johnson Wedding.
A quiet wedding was solemnized Satur
day morning at Bt. Peter's church, when
Mtas Corltjne Johnson, daughter of Theo
dore Johnson, a former president of the
Omaha School board, became the bride
of Mr. Fredrick Happel of Chicago. The
bride was gowned In white chiffon over
whlt$ silk, and carried a shower bouquet
of sweet peaa, The bride's slater, Mlw
Irene Johnson of Chicago, was the bride's
only attendant and Mr. Win. Kance,
wu itnt man.
Mr Happel U a graduate of Loyola
college ot Chicago and Is managing edi
tor of the New-World. After the cere
mony a wedding breakfast was served
ril it fRrT-iSKSrilBBBBBBBl
I want threo more pairs of
McCflllum's No. ,329. Thoso
new two-tone hose that you sold
mo tho other day. My wifo tells
me they're the best looking hoso
I have had."
. If you want to really glow with tstiifoc
tion, stop In at some good shop and ask to
see McCalium's No, 026, or No. 329 tho
smartest thing In men's two-tone half-hose
lor present wearing.
f ,'And If you want to please the lady act
Pir of McCalium's No. 1 13. fine
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well send her our handsome booklet,
Through My Lady's Ring." if you will
efid us her name
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Northampton, Mass.
Beautify the Complexion
Nadinola CREAM
TheUntqiuWd Bctutifltr
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liver spots, etc. Extreme
cases about twtntv dsvs.
Rids pores and tissues of Impurities.
Leaves the skin clear, soft, healthy.
Two tlses, 50c. and $1.00. By toilet
counters or mall.
Hatsonal toiizt courAmr. jw tm
i . ...
Ytu Know the Value
ef Keeping Thtogs Clean
And Makers of Window Shades
Pfcoaa Xarnty 4881.
4010 XasnUtos trU
i5elly'l to 7 oar home 13a a quart.
2; udxo. coal 403.
at the home of Joseph Rapp, 601 South
Twenty-eighth street. The out-of-town
guests were Theodore Johpson and Miss
Irene Johnson ot Chicago and Mrs. Kelly,
of Hellevue.
BonekeraperEohrbough Wedding.
ine weaaing ot ansa urace iiohrbough,
daughter of Mr. and Mra. George A.
Itohrbough, to Mr. Wllhelm Bridge Bone.
kern per of Portland, Ore., took placa lat
eventngat 8 o'clock at the home ot
the brlde'a parenta. Rev, Tltua Lowe of
the Flrat Methodist Kplacopal church
Preceding the ceremony Mr. Byron
Rohrbough, brother of the bride, played
Souvenir" on the violin, accompanied at
thh piano by Mr. Frank Eauterday of
Lincoln. The latter alao played the Lo
hengrin Bridal Chorus and tho MendeU-
aohn Wedding March.
The bride entered with her father and
was attractive In her wedding gowu ot
Matalasse brocaded crepe with the sKlri
elaborately draped. Tho long court train
waa shirred to the girdle and caught on
either aide with pearl ornamenta. The
V-necked bodice and short sleeve were
of rose point duchess lace draped ovo
silk tullo. A cluater ot lilies of the val
ley held the long tulle veil In place and
aho carried a bouquet of bride's roaes
with a ahower ot lilies of the valley.
Preceding the bridal party the ribbons
were stretched by Mrs. Hubert Owen.
gowned In white crepe de chene with pink
girdle, and Mrs. Quy Cox, wearing a gown
of white lace made with ruffles ot lace
and girdle ot pink aatln. Both wore cor
sage bouqueta ot pink aweet peas and In
their hair bands of pink tulle with du
terflles of tulle. The bride gave .'hen
gold hat plna. The next to enter were
the brlde'a mother, Mra. Rohrbough, and
youriger brother, Mr, Byron Rohrbough,
Mra, Rohrbough wore a gown of lavender
duvetlne crepe with corsage bouquet of
lavender aweet peas. In her hair waa a
white bird of paraulce.
Mlsa Wllla Bpler of St. Joseph, maid
of honor, came next and was gowned In
pale pink chiffon taffeta with long tunli
of Imported lace hand-run with gold
thread, with butterfly bow of pink tulle
at the back ot the girdle.
Mra. John K, Morrison, matron of
honor, followed and wore roae pink
French crepe entrain, draped and shirred
tn the back with bustle effect. The bod
ice and aleevea were of Chantllly lace
and pink tulle. Both young women car
rled baskets of pink aweet peaa and an.
paragus ferna. In their hair they wore
pink butterflies of tulle and pearls. The
brlda gave them etched gold bar gloa.
Mr. Merrill Rohrbough, brother of the
bride, served aa beat man and received
from the groom a silver knife. Mr. Eust
erday waa given a gold watch chain.
Following the ceremony there was a re
ception for the wedding guests. The
rooms as well as the wedding appoint
ments were In the different ahadea ot
pink. A basket ot pink peonies formed
the centerpiece for the dining room table
and In the center of the bouquet was a
white wedding bell used on the wedding
cake at the marriage of the bride's par
ents. In the other rooms pink and white
roses and carnations were used In deco
ration, and on the screened porch thero
were garden flowera. Assisting at the
punch bowl were Miss Marie Hodgu,
Mlsa Helen Bltsh and Mlsa Anna Mc
Cague. About 100 guests were present,
, The bride, her attendants and those aa-
slating are all members ot the Kappa
Alpha Theta sorority. The groom la a
member of the Delta Upallon fraternity.
After a Canadian wedding trip Mr. and
Mra. Bonekemper will be at home lu
Portland. Ore., after July 1.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mrs. Carl F. Hartmann of Chicago,
who spent the week at the Hotel Loyal,
returned to Chicago last evening accom
panied by her daughter, little Mlaa Phy.
Us Hartman, who has been attending
Brownell Hall. Mra. Hartmann waa
much entertained during her visit here at
Informal mualcalea and dinners.
Mrs. Johephlne Hoyer has returned
from Ktrksville, Mo., where she spent
moat of the winter, and for the aummer
haa taken apartments at SOS South
Twenty-tlfth avenue,
Mr Henry Whitney of Boston la ex,
pected aoon to spend several daya here
with his daughter. Mrs. N. V. Dodge, jr.,
and Mr. Dodge.
Goes to Commencements.
Mrs. George Y. Oilman left for the eaat
Monday evening to attend the graduatlpn
exercises of her son. Elliott, from the
civil engineering department of Worcester
Polytechnic InaUtute. and of her daugh
ter. Henrietta, a literary student at
WtUealey. Mra. Oilman will also visit
friends near Boston and return the latter
part of June.
Pleasures Fast.
Mra. E. E. Gterrlcker ntriln.,4 i.
formally Saturday tN.niuiii i. t. . .
, rter raoiner, Mra. u. B. Baldwin of Elk
horn. Kb., and her aunt. Mra. Charlts
Rahn of Loa Angelea, Cal. Ten gueats
'were present-
I For the Future.
Mra, John L. Kennedy will entertain
at a luncheon June 4 In honor or Mra.
Charles C Allen, wh( Is 4a!tat Hill,
Luncheon for Mrs. Allen.
Mrs. Ourdon W. Wattle entertained at
a beautifully appointed luncheon today
at her him In honor of Mr. t'harle C.
Allen of Fort Pewurd, Alaska, who Is
Waltlnir her parent. Mr. and Mm. Henry
W. Yates. A barket of pink gladlolaa
formed the centerpiece for the tMble and
covers were plncl for:
fharlea f. Allen,
(eotge Vol,
J. K Summer.
David fltone of
H. 11. Unldrlge.
Inntnh Barker.
J. N. Baldwin,
A. I.. Reed,
Honry Wyman,
Warn HMrgess,
O. W. Wattles.
Mis Jessie Millard.
At Happy Hollow.
Complimentary to Mia Henrietta Flack
and Mr. Mllea McKayden. Mis Marlon
Carpenter will entertain at a dinnerparty
thl evening at Happy Hollow. Cover
will be placed for;
Mlsee Mlatrr
Henrlcltn Flark Helen Smith,
France Thrall, Klcanor Carpenter,
Carol Howard. Marlon Carpenter.
,,M"r."- . Mesra.
Mlles McFayden, William Sheean,
gforge 'Flack, Malcolm Davi.
Hamuel Reynolds. Harry Carpenter.
Hawthorne Daniel,
Afternoon Bridge.
Mrs. E. E. Sterrlcker entertained at
bridge at her home Monday afternoon, lq
honor of her aunt Mrs. Charlea Rahn of
i.os Angeles, Cal. Eight tables were
placed for tha game. The room,
attractively decorated In pink, pink rosea
oeing used proruaely. Mra. Sterrlcker an
nounced the date of her slater's, Miss
Deademona Baldwin, wedding to Horace
H. Chapln of New York, which will, take
place Juno 24. "
Columbian Cirole.
The Columbian circle will entertain at
a card, party Wednesday afternoon at
their hall, Twcnty-aecond and Locuat
STRICKLAND IS PROMOTED' mwaukee man johjs forces
Becomes Assistant General Manager
of the Northwestern.
trlrklnntt WeJl Knnnn In Omaha
Both In thr Bualnesa and Social
World, na He Formerly
Itealdeil Here,
A Corn Ir 3onr fttoinach.
Mr. Wm, M. Thompson of Battle
Creek, Mich., wrltea: "I have been
troubled with Indigestion, sour stomach
and bad breath. After taking two bottles
of Chamberlain's Tablets I am well.
These tablets are splendid none better.
All dealers. Advertisement.
The official announcement Is made, that,
effective June 1, Samuel G. Strickland,
assistant general manager ot the North
western lines eaat of the Missouri river,
will become general manager, succeed
ing W, D. Cantlllon, who after forty
years of continuous servlco with the
company, reslgna on account of 111 health.
A a result of the promotion of Mr.
Strickland, W. J. Towne,, general super
Intendent of lines In Illinois, Iowa, Wl
consln and Michigan, become assistant
general manager.- G. B. Vilas, assistant
general auperlntendcnt, succeeds to the
position of superintendent.
Many an Omaha man will be glad to
learn of the promotion of Mr. fitrlck.
land, as he waa a resident qf this city
for five years and was prominent '.n
business and social circles.
Mr, Strickland was born In ISO and
entered the railroad service In .1ST' a a
telegraph operator on the Canadian Pa
cific. From 1S78 to 1SS0 ho was operator
and clerk with the Great Northern and
from 189) to 18?2, clerk and agent In the
Minneapolis office of the Omaha road.
From that, time on promotions were rapid
and In 19W he came here aa auperlnten
dcnt, remaining until 1903, when he went
to St. Paul a general aufcerlntendent
There he remained until 19G8, when he
was called to the Northwestern as as
alatant general superintendent, with
headquarters tn Chicago. Liter he be
came general superintendent and then
assistant general manager, holding the
last named position until given the pres
ent promotion.
T TI71 Bssf iss ill TTiT 1
Henry Rosendale, formerly depart
ment manager and buyer for the Ed
Schuster company, Milwaukee, has
been engaged by tho Burgess.Nash
company ot thla .city as manager and
buyer of the Jewelry, leather goods, sta
tionery and book departments. Sir.
Rosendale comes with th best recommendations.
The Persistent and Judicious Use ot
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road td
Business Success.
Public Invited to
Discuss Proposed
Light Contract
A special meeting of the city commla
tlon will be held Thursday evening at S
n'clrtrlc In h pltv council pbamhr. vlmn
the publlo I lnvted to appear to dis
cuss with commissioners the proposed
fivo-year street lighting contract.
, i"! The Drink that Links Health with Sociability II
fjj jntrf&2$ Grape Juice II
V.W Bottled where the Best Grapes Grow I
npHE hew supply of Armour's
A Grape Juice is here. It is the
VmUnfermehtedj Natural Juice of
the Best Crops of Concord Grapes.
FLODMAN BROS. CO.. 40th pnd Cuming Street.
GAl.OMBICK GROCERY CO., 217 N. 24th St.
GROSS, M., 25th and St. Mary's Avenue.
HAINES DRUG CO., 15th and Douglas Streets.
HAWKINS & LATHAM, 3131 Durt Street.
HAYDEN BROS., ICth and Dodge Streets.
PHARMACY. 2702 Cuming Street.
HUPNER. O. F., 3024 Sherman Avenue.
HUMPERT, II., 16th and Martha Streets.
JACOBSEN'S GROCERY. 4202 Hamilton Street.
JANKOWSKI. L., 1420 Military Avenue.
JEPPESON. J, P., 24th and Mason Streets.
JEPSEN BROS.. 2502 Cuming Street.
JOHANSON DRUG CO.. 3S19 N. 24th Street.
JOHNSON & LOFDAHL, 2420 Leavenworth St.
KLEIN. JAKE. 1314 Douglas Street.
KUHLA PHARMACY, Park Ave. and Pacific St.
KUNCL, A. F.. 1902 8. 13th Street.
LANGE. OTTO. 1623 N. 24th Street.
LATHROP, CHAS. IS., 3927 Farnam Street.
McAVOY & SIEVERS. 1108 Douglas Street.
McCOMBS CANDY CO., 2305 Leavenworth St.
MALLINSON. CHAB. H.. & CO.. 202 N. 17th 8t.
MARKS. DAVID. 2123 Military Avenue.
MARQUARDT. H. P.. 1622 S. 10th Street.
MERRITT'S PHARMACY, 1302 Douglaa Street.
MULFINGER. 1. & CO., 1111-13 S. 22d Street.
"r.iin, ut'v 2i33 Leavonworth Street
6th St,
Davenport St
It Is Guaranteed
to be Pure Unsweetened, Un
diluted. It is the Best because
it is the Natural Juice pressed
from freshly picked, ripe Con
cord Grapes. .
These Dealers Sell Armour9
Grape Juice:
ADELSON, J 2735 Davenport Street.
cago Street.
ADAMS-HAIGH V DRUG CO.. 24th and Lake Streets.
ADAMS-HAIGHT DRUG CO., 2402 Fort Street.
BAIRD PHARMACY, 17th and Douglas Street.
BASTIAN, JAC, 2908 Farnam Street.
BEATON DRUG CO.. 16th and Farnam Streets.
BECK, DAVID, 1715 Leavenworth Street.
BLOOM. J. M. 4022 N. 24th Street.
BRANDEIS. J. L & SONS, Drug Department.
BRANDEIS, J. L & SONS, Pompelan Room.
BURGESS-NASH CO., 10th and Harney Streets.
CACKLEY BROS.. 121-123 N. ICth Street.
CLIFTON HILL PHARMACY, 2213 Military Avenue.
CRISWELL. CHAS.. 5927 Main St. Benson.
CRYSTAL CANDY CO.. 202 N. 16th Street.
DALZELL. J. A &, SON, 1519 Dodge St.: 2557 Farnam.
DUNDEE PHARMACY. 4923 Underwood Avenue.
EHLER'S PHARMACY, 2802 Leavenworth Street.
E1SLER, A,, 3116 Burt Street.
ELLER'S BAKERY, 2808 Sherman Avenue.
FARNSWORTH, 3. H 2025 Cuming Street.
FRANK. A.. 262C Cuming Street.
FREGOER DRUG CO.. 1848 N. 16th Street.
FREYTAO'S PHARMACY, 624 N. 24th 8treet,
ropis drug CO.. 13th and Farnam Streets.
QUEEN CANDY KITCHEN, 19th & Farnam Sts.
REED BROS.. 2223 Leavenworth Street.
REZNICHECK. JOHN. 2711 Leavenworth St.
ROUSE. FRANK & CO., 5937 Main St.. Benson.
SARATOGA DRUG CO., 24th and Ames Ave.
N. 16th Street.
SCHLANK, C, 1307 Douglas Street.
SCHMIDT. J. H.. 2402 Cuming Stret.
SEILER DRU CO.. 213 N. 25th Street.
Sherman Avenue.
SLUTSKY, L., 3216 Leavenworth Street.
SOMMER. LOUIS. 4 820 Dodge Street.
Street, Benson.
TINDELL. E. H.. Benson.
TUCHMAN BROS., 36th and JJavenport Streets.
UNITT & DOCEKAL DRUG CO.. 1625 Farnam St
WAXENBERG, JULIUS, 27th and St. Mary's Av.
WELCH, R. E.. 2235-7 Farnam Street.
WE8IN. C. P., GROCERY CO., 2005 Cuming St.
' port Streets.
WILKE & MITCHELL CO., 40th and Farnam
ZEZl'LAK. J., 3d and Poppleton Streets.
ZIEV, LOUIS, 3226 California Street.
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tion on account of the alluring values.
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Beaton (Si Laier Co.
.415-17 South 16th St. Payments if you wish
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