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longs Show Remarkable Strength in
Holding Up Prices.
In Fnee of Ilreirlsh Condition Tel
Iott Crral Holds Vp We-.11
World' Shipments Are
Somewhat Smaller.
OMAHA. May tt. 1914.
The May wheat futures swung between
9T'y snd 95c yesterday, which was nar
row, when the open Interest In that
month la considered. The longa were not
Inclined to permit a runaway market, as
thev Mrnlahed the buyer with the grain
ns they bid for It May wheat was more
or less congested and with only four more
business days in which to even up their
position, short aro likely to make an
attempt to set out via the pit or private
pettlement before the close) Friday.
There Is no corner Intended by the largo
holders of the May wheat as comers arc
a thing of the past In the Chicago mar
ket. being knocked out by J. C F. Mer
rill several years ago.
The cash wheat situation, while quiet,
may be called strong. Advice were re
ceived hero yesterday from Interior itoo
tions of the southwest saying millers are
scouring the country for supplies and that
the old wheat will doubtless sell much
lower Tho transactions here yesterday
on milling account amounted to only
io.OOO biifhels. The deliveries on May con
tracts amounted to 290,000 bushels, show
ing that the wheat which was bought at
Kansas City and brought here by Uie
cleator concerns Is being used to oven
up tho position of some of those who sold
themselves Into a hole.
C 11. Jenkins, one of the leading millers
of Indiana and located at Noblesvllle, In
a, message to Paddleford, said the wheat
plant not only In that section of the
state, but elsewhere, according to his
advices, is deteriorating. Mr. Jenkins Is
on of the best posted men on crops In
the "Hoosler" state, and he can see
nothing but higher prices for the cash ar
ticle, as the bins of the farmers have
been pretty well cleaned out
The government June report will make
its appearance on the fth day of next
month, and, according to advices received
by B. Frank Howard, from tho Agricul
tural department at Washington, a par
of 19.5 is to be used In figuring It. It the
decline In condition should reach 90 per
cent, the approximate yield would bo 621,
000,000 bushelf, and it the condition Is un
changed the yield would be 0)1,700,000
When the bearish conditions surround
ing the corn market are considered, that
grain held well. The more favorable
weather In the Argentine caused freer
offerings In the pIL Not only were longs
sellers ot corn, but there wcro short lines
put out. World'a shipments were smaller
than comparative periods; In fact, there
were decreases In nearly all the routine
statistics, Including the visible supply, as
well as stocks hold In the regular eleva
tors at Chicago, The cash trade was
alow at 160.000 bushels.
The market for oats opened higher and
closed strong at fair advances. Tho In
creased complaints of dry weather
throughout tho belt wero tho principal
bullish Influences, Cash sales wcro small.
The heavy hog run at the yards ami
decline in price was tho leading help
favoring the bears. 1 'ackers offered
moderately. The demand came from
shorts. Cash trade in meats was reported
as only fair
Cash wheat was Ho lower.
Cash corn was UWlko lower.
Cash oats wore unchanged.
Clearances; Wheat and flour, 475,000
bu.j corn, 22,000 bu.; oats, 775,000 bu.
Liverpool close: Wheat, unchanged to
fed higher; corn, ViGHd lower.
Primary wheat receipts were 151,000 bu,
and shipments 412,000 bu., against receipts
ot 631,000 bu. and shipments of 4S7,OuO bu,
last year.
Primary corn receipts wero 813,000 bu.
and shipments 379,000 bu., against receipts
of 553,003 bu. and shipments of 216,000 bu.
last year.
Primary oats receipts were 647,000 bu,
and shipments 614,000 bu., against receipts
of 91 i, 000 bu. and shipments ot 6t5,O0O' bu,
last year.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago 239 213 139
Minneapolis ,. 57 .,, ,,,
Duluth 123
Omaha I S. 170 12
Kansas City 1R lot) 11
St. LOUIS 23 111 41
Winnipeg 311
These sales were reported: Wheat, No.
t hard winter, 1 car 87Mc; No, 4 hard win
ter, 1 car S6Hc. Oats; No. 3 white, 1 car
3Sc; No. 4 white, 3 cars 37Ha Corn: No.
S white. 7 cars 69Vic, t cars 60o; No. 3
white, 12 cars 68Hc; No. 4 white, 1 cir Mo;
No'. 2 yellow, 2 cars (special) G9c, 11 cars
63fcc b cars C8Vio. 6 cars Cs'ic; No. 3 yel
low, 1 car GSHc, 14 cars 6814c, 7 cars ttSo;
No. 4 yellow, 2 cars C7Mc, 1 car 67c; No. 2
mixed, 9 cars 6SHc 4 cars 6Sc; No. 3
mixed, 1 car frSUc, 7 cars CSc; No. 4 mixed,
1 car 67o, 3 cars Gftc, 1 car 64c.
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat: No. S hard,
87H89Hc; No. 3 hard, CTQStto; No. 4
hard, KtfSTo; No, 3 spring, 83iii8c; Nn.
4 spring, SJHSSGHc; No. 2 durum, 8WfS7e;
No. 3 durum, UiQtttc. Corn: No. 2 white,
6SGO0Uc; No. 3 white, CXVtGtfSVic; No. 4
white, C6(367Kc; No. 2 yellow, 688o;
No. S yellow, 07itrcSHc; No. 4 yellow, 64
7o; No. 2. 67jC&Vto; No. 3, S7MfSKo;
No. 4, M(7Hc, Oats: No. 2 white. 3SHif
c; sianaara. ittfwyic; no. a wnito, 3c
no, 4 wnue, x,y,c, uariey: .Mailing, K
' 0c, No. I feed. tKgSJc. Rye: No. 2, 6S4
Chicago future prices:
Artlclel Open. I High. I Low. I Closc.Yes'y
9SH 9SH 98 91 97H
b'H S7i $614 tH tVA
Wi 72 70i ?1H 7014
68 -fXM 67 67 67
42!4 43T4 4I 42V4 42U
40 40!4 S0H 39H 3DS
20 12 SO 17 19 95 19 92 ' 20 10
19 75 19 $0 19 65 19 67 19 S21
9&t 9 85 973 9 75 9 S7H
10 00 10 02 9 90 9 90 10 03
11 17 11 20 11 10 U 10 11 20
U 22 111 27 11 17 11 17 U SO
f'Mrmrn fA mh Trrsu Uftt.nt, x- .
m e .wv. u 1 -4A t . etW. rflj,
SOgWHc; No. 2 hard, 8fiWic; No
northern. 97HO0SHc; No. 2 spring, 97We
Corn: No. 2. 'li72c; No. 2 yellow. 720
72Uo; No. 3 yellow. 7lliC714c Oats' No
3 white, 4141Vio; standard, 43Vic. Ryn
No. 2, 6c Oarley, 60Q65c Seeds: Tim
othy, t3.763T4.76; clover. HO.OOfrlJ.Oi). p,,,.
visions: Pork, t.82H; lard, W.70; rlbj
310.87H11.37H. '
rtlHKSR RttutAv .4.1.1... iKu.i...
twins, 13HQ14c; American, lfca-lSfcc; long
EGGS Steady; recelpU. 19,619 coses; at
mark, cases included, 16l&c; ordinary
firsts. 1717Uc; tlrsU. UcT y
v.T'1011""' ,"Pt. cars;
Michigan, red, 70350c; Louisiana, new!
POULOTIY Alive, higher; fowls, liVi
New York General Market.
NEW YORK. Moy 2.-BUaAR-vRaW.
steady; molasses, 2.67c; centrifugal 3.32c;
refined, steady; cut loaf. 6.05c; crushed
lSlv","u"1. , ' w; cuoes, 4.36c;
XX XX powdered, 4.25c; powdered. 4.20c!
fine granulated, 110c; diamond "aT' .10o;
confectioners' "A." 4c; Na 1, 190o.
BUTTEa-Creamery, extras. SJViSKKc:
exuVSicT 218U:,V4Ci PrOOC"
CIIEESE-Btate whole milk, fresh,
white or colored specials, UtBOSUo; av
erage fancy. 13HOW4c: state and Wis
consin, whole milk held, lSHOlSVa
EOUS-Fresh gathered extraVTltorage
packed, firsts to extra firsts. 20vesoSc:
same, regular packed, extra firsts. 3K
aVic; same, firsts. l9H20a
PO ULTKY Dressed, steady: western
chickens, frozen, Wfi20c; fowls, 14019c;
turkeys, OQWe.
St. Loots General Market,
red. 95H&961ic; No. 2 hard. 93WHc; May,
!K We; July, iSUesSHc. '
COnx-Ko. 2. 7H4; Na 3 white. 7SJ4
74c: May, 71c; July. tSXc
OATS-No. 2. 40c; Na 2 white, 41e.
Metal Market.
QUjeL 2.K93.9S. London. 18 Us td,
Epelter, dull. JS.0&36.16; London, 2t 7s 6d.
Topper, quiet, spot and July. $UT0tf
14114. eiertroitlc, lit . lake, nominal,
casUncs. 14.on4fl4.114 Tin, firm, spot,
2M.1R9M.36: July, .3ft8.. Antimony,
dull. Cookson's, rr.2fH7.37Vj Iron quiet,
I.ondonpriccs: Copper quiet; spot, 38
.vi ?d; ruturee, fn im id. Tin, quiet; spot,
uisi: rutures, MZ. iron, meveiana war
rants. Ms 1UJ.
ST. LOUIS, May Ifl.-MBTALfl-Lead.
auii, fi.wyB.eaH. bpeiier, uuu, a.w.
Knnsns City nrnln and Prorlalons,
2 hard. !OH0oic; No. 2 red, Pl&Otttc; May,
sm.c. July, sosc
CORN-NO. 2 mixed, 72fl72c; No. 2
white. 75c; May, 7ic; July, who,
OATS No. 2 white, 404c; No. 2 mixed,
DUTTEIV-Creftmery, 23o; firsts, ale;
seconds, 18c; packing, lSVfco.
EGGS Flrnts, lBc; seconds, 15c.
IOtTLTIlY Hens, 14c; springs, 10.
Liverpool firnln Market,
Manitoba, 7s 7Ud; No. 2. 7s 64: No. 3. 7.-J
4Vid; July, 7s 3d; October, 7s lUd.
CORN American mixed. Gs 7d: July.
Ks 2d.
Omnhn liar Mnrket.
OMAHA. May 2fs HAY Prairie; Choice
upland, 314.00314.60; Na 1. 113.0034.00;
No. 2, 19.00(012.00; No. 3. T7.00B9 00. Cho ce
midland. 13.tOlt00; No. 1. IlltftSUOO;
No. 2, 9.0O012.00; No. 3, H.0O39.00. Choice
lowland, I10.0010.50; No. 1, r9.00&10.00;
No. 2. I7.00fl9.00: No. 2. 35.0037.00. Straw:
Choice wheat, ISMc.OO. Alfalfa. Choice,
J14.00; No. 1, I12.asrl3.'.l; No. 2,
j2.w; no. i, vi.wyw.w.
Cotton 3Inrket,
NEW TOItK, May 26. COTTON-Fu-turos
closed barely steady: Mav. U.tfo:
July, 12.87c; August, 12.72c; October, 12.42j;
iecemDer,; January, u.uc; spot,
ncaay; miaaung, ii.wc; gull, 11. wo.
Minneapolis Grain Market.
May, 904c; July, 91Ue; No. 1 hard, 96
96c; No. 1 northern, 925iS044c; No. 2
northern, 905109294c.
Stocks nnrt Honda.
Number of sales ana leading quotations
on stocks were as follows:
BtU: tilth. Law. Clmo.
Amilfimitf! lV)pp.r ... a,7OT 7SH 72H J2H
Amrlrn Asrlcullurat M
AtnAriud tvt buiw tii
AntMiaui Uui too J7S 17' V
mi cui ptd aoo 90 nii
Amerlfl C. A V W4
Amrrlaui Cotton Oil 4U
Am. I( HmuVIIIm 604 11U ilH. II
Am1rn linoaM , , tu
Atnfrlua Ijocomotlra ... too J2'4 li'i lit
Airwrlua 8. 4 II 2.S00 64 63H tM
American H. A tt. pfd.,, , 100
Amrr Sutar Defining,.,
Amfrlrin T. A T , Its
American Tobao u u
Anaconda itlnlns Co J29
Atrninon 200 4H WH M
Atthlton Dfd , tv;
Aiunnc umh Line 12J
ntltlmora Ohio M0 C5U tu
tiethlehem fiteel too 41 4iu 42
Ilrooklm Rnctd Tr 3.00 1 02K fcu
CanadUa Pacirie l.VO M UiK WV4
rVintral Leather 1,100 SH 36 3Z
ChMak & Ohio 200 I2K t2H t&A
inicmca 11. w , 13
Oiieaco, It A . P.... Ida 100 100K 100H
Chlcero A N. W mu
Colorado Fuel A Iron..., ,, , , 27ft
Consolidated Oim IM
Virn rroducta 900 I ITi
Delaware Hudeon ,, 160
Denrer Aftlo Orands , ,,, 11
Denver A 71. O. pfd 1
DUtlllen Securities .... 904 UK ItVfc U
Ktlt too t(i 29 2
Rri let pfd.. 2O0 44H 4U 43 K
Krl 2d PM 34
OeneTal Klectrlc 100 IUU 143 1lU
Oreat lorthern pfd 400 124ft 12414 124H
Illinois Central no
Intnrbomush Met. ...... (00 14 14 ItU
Inter. Met pfd l.ono iiu iu ait:
lntnM4lonal llarrealer ..... ..... 104
inter-Marino pfd 1,000 ItH 1014 10U
Internattonal Japer t
International Pump ..... Hi
Kanaaa Cltr Bouthern ?ait
Iiclede (ki m'
Iehlah Vallir , lu
LouleTllle A N4uhTlll ISSli
M., St, P. A B, Hts. M 122
Mlajourt. K. A T 20d 1J l4 iyt
Mlaourt raclflo , , X"u IT 1H 1641
National IMwult im
KaUonal td ; , a
N. It. II. ot M. Id Pfd 10U
New Tork Oontml... too t2H 2V4 W
N. Y 0. A W -&u
Noriolk A Wentern , 40 104ft 104H m,
North American ;td
Northern Paclflo 200 no iloii no
Paeine MU , ., u
renntytranU too 1I2U lis 112
People's Oaa 600 ltlt 121 llt'i
P., C , C, A Bt, I KS
I'lttabursh Col u,
rreeeed Steel CUr,..,, ,
Pullman Pataw Cr. .mu
ltea4lnc S.000 184H lMft l8ft
rtepubllo Iron Rteel,., til,
mepablle I, A 8, ofd 7
mock leland On ..... I
Jtoek Inland Co. pfd ,,,, 4vi
u ft a r. poo.. .,. U
8ebmrt Air Line , itu
tVahoard A. I pfd S(u
SloiKt-WheOTeia B. A I M
outhwn Pacific 1,(00 Cl'i 53H K'i
southern iuilwr 1,100 a ss hl
Bo. ltallwar pfd I T9'(,
Tenneue Copper 200 24 S 24ft 24
Ten. A Patlflc isu
Union Ilacltlo j.toi hu
Union elfe pfa. ijit
United -rttatea Ilealtr .. 53
United 8Utea Tluhber.... 2O0 81M 5u uU
United Rtatm steel T.40) ajuj, ejft 2'4
tl. H. Rteet ptd KM 109ft lOtft 109ft
Utah Copper l.SO) MS ,ju
Va. -Carolina Ohemlcal tu
Wabejih 3
WaUah pfd ,, , jii
Weetern Mrrland im
WMiera union 200 IU 1ft (u
WentlcuthouM Blectrlo .. 2,400 7fi 71ft nl
Wheollns A Ika Eri . 1
Chlno Qpper l.rro 4m 41U 41 u
New uaren X300 4UU tJH 7U
Hay Con. Orper 21ft
Total sales for the day, 7,6300 share.
Lorn! fteeurltlea,
Ouotatfona furnished hv Burm rirtni,..
& Co., 449 Omaha National Bank build
ing Omaha:
Cornell Lumber Co AixXL
Doere A fo. pfd j jj'
r Mnavn, i.(riin,if pia. I per COM., 19 lftfl
Ialrmont Creamtrr cuar.. f ner out., eiu .XT
Omaha & C. D. Itjr. i, Drld. ti m
union oToca jaroa, umana. n inn
Swift Co.. T per cent .....lot lUK
Columbsa. Neh., .Klee. LA. $a, lltL. (2 It
Chlcaso A N. W. 4i, WJ7.. .......... 24 JJw
Fall lilver Co.. 8. D 6. IWi joi
Iowa ItJ. & L.U U. 1212 SB aa
Ui Anselea Itr. la. 1141 , M U
New YorU mat 4fti .....1MU 102
Omaha Klee. IX. A Power 2a. 1KB.... l mu
City of Omaha 8ewr tftt. 1124 Ml ioi2
rity ot Oman 4,s. 1HI ioiu i0.
Omaha A C. n. St. Ry. 8. M mu a?
1'uset Bound T. U. A P. (a, HU..1M iai
nireralde Co . Oal. , HSO loju im ii
Sacramento, Ca.. tfti IMS M ,jw
Ban Dteso Water ta. 1220 , loift im 15
Swift A Co. 8a. 1244 4ft lift
Sioux aty Week Tarda (, 1M0 3 JlS
Blouz City Telep. 6a. l4 a J,1
VTeet Fenn. Trac ( per cent Botes,,. , lift m
d. Dir. n
Nctt Yopk Money Market.
IAPEH-4 per cent.
davs. 24.200: demand. J4.SSTS- rnmm.Mii
bills 4.IWi. ' '
sii,VEii-Bar, xc; Mexican dollars.
- CALIj MONET Firmer, nt 141 per
cent: fullng rate. 1 per cent; closing rats.
1TUM ner rent Tim lAin, .l..u. .1-...
and ninety days. 24 per cent; six months.
e ir vviiw
London Stock Market.
were quiet and steady during the early
iraums iwajr. uim tuvvnni aavanced
most ot the list and at noon Prices
ranged from i above to H below parity.
Consols for money, 717-lt; for account,
HIT.W.n Tier M
2 16-W per cent; three months, 2 la-is:.
St. Joseph I.tre Stock Market.
ceipt. 1,300 head; market steady: steers,
t7.COtT9.26; cows and heifers, lt.6ft58.7j;
calves, tS.00Q10.00.
HOOS Receipts, 9.600 head; market 1'to
lower; top, IS. IB; bulk. t7.96Q.10.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 2.000
head; market steady; lambs, 27. 60- .75.
Bank Clrmrlntrs.
OMAHA. May 24-Bank clearings for
Omaha today were .Jfi0,5SO.a and for
the corresponding day last year 12,-
Girls wanted, 18 years of age and over,
for wrapping and packing candy. Em.
ployment given only to girls who Intend
to stay with the work and give their
entire Urns to It. John CJ. Woodward &
Co., "The Candy Men."
Pricei for Cattle Generally Steady to
Dime Lower Than Monday.
Market Opens Dnll, with Valrjea
Fln to 1en Cents Io-rrrr
I.erel of Prices Is Lowest
Since Jsnnnry,
SOUTH OMAHA. May 2, 1914.
Receipts were: Cattle Hogs, ftheep.
Official Monday t.Of! KM9 4.5K
Estimate Tuesday t.ooO 10.300 4,000
Two days this week. 8,607 16.849 8.625
Same dava last week ... fi.19t 17.711 12.274
Same days 2 wka, ago. 7.MS 17.279 17,920
name days 3 wks. ago. 7,605 11,992 14,247
Same days 4 wks. ago. 8,082 11.8S2 12,424
Same days last year... ,919 18,708 ll.SO
The following tahlA innwi etiA reietnr
w. vMMc. iiuna uuu aneep u.o oouui
Omaha live stock market for the year to
date, as compared with last year:
1914. 19U. inc. Dec.
Cattle 341.S64 807,622 15,958
"ogs J.108,818 1.161.SS0 ...... 63,074
sleep 984,845 8S2.212 1S2.6J2
The followlne table
PrtCC for hOfra At thn Fnuth Om.ha IIva
tock market for the last raw day a, with
Date. 11914. 19U.ll912.lIU.1910.1909.190a.
8 15 I
8 1SH 8 14
8 18 8 16
8 19 8 22
sas 8 22
21 8 241
8 3041 I
8 2JHJ 8 28
8 19 8a
8 17X
8 29
B 16H
8 30
8 39
....... I
8 4o
ItMrelntB mrtA i1l.n..lil 1 .
at the Union stock yards. South Omaha,
ui ixciuc-iuur noura enoing at. s o ciock
p. m., yesterday:
ntilH llAr,
Wabash 3 1 "
Missouri Pacific... 3 .'
union Pacific 49 87 13
(J. Jtt fi. W. n.r 1 1
C. & N. W.. west.. B 61
-., 01, 1:, m, & o 19 17 1
C. U. & Q.. east... ft a
C., U. & Q west... 28 26 3
C, It. I. & p., east 25 1 1 1
C, R. I. & V west .. 2 ,.
Illinois central .... 1 3
Chi. Great West 1 3 .. .,
Total rooelptsa..l 138 171
(Tntlln. Mrtm Ktin
IOF.r'" & CO 485 X.223 247
Bwift&Co.. ,....1.031 2.819 1,884
Ctidahy Packing Co.. ..1,213 2,718 64
Armour & Co 923 3,105 1,937
Morrell M
Lincoln Packlnv Co 23
South Omaha Pack. Co. 7
Kay Co 4U
w. B, Vaneant Co 1
Hill ic Son 2
V. D. Lowis 23
J. U. Root & Co 9
3. II. Bulla 69 "
Sullivan Bros 1
Rothschild 5 .....
Mo. & Kan. Calf Co.. 45
Christie 4 3
IllBSln g ..
Huffman 39
oth 17 :
Meyers 26 ,
Baker, Jones & 8. 13
Tanner Broth an
John Harvey 47
utner buyers , 187 870
Totals ,4,264 10,298 4,992
CAT1'1E There was a tolerably Ubernl
lun of cattle today and the quality of
the offerings was very good aa a rulu.
iraae was siow. as on yesterday the
hot weather caused stock to take on a
heavy fill and all classes of buyers weru
inclined to await developments and lot
tho cattle shrink na much m noHalbla.
Strictly desirable yearlings and the best
of the hoavy cattle were peaked up in
fairly Hood season at not far from steady
tlHUres, but on tho goneral run of cattlu,
until heavy and light, bids were wesJt tr.
a ulmo lower than Monday and the bulk
bt the offerings changed hands on thU
basis. While it was a slow and drag
ging market during the early forenoon
indications Were favorable for a very lair
Clearance finally.
mere was no particular change in the
murHct tor cows and heifers. Offerings
wo 10 limited and consisted largely of
small lots and odds and ends, and there
wan the usual very active demand tor
anything tit all useful It, this line. Prices
wero firmly held at the high point of
the soason. Inquiry for veal calves con
tinues active and Diicea stronir. and theiu
Is a good outlet and strong market for
uuut, stags and rougn stock generally.
There was not much dolnr in stacker.
and feeders, as there was not a great
aeai of stock of this kind on sale. Both
yard traders and country buyers took
on the desirable light and medium weight
steers and neiiera at fully steady fig
ures, but there was little call from any
source tor the fleshy and plain steers and
these largely went to the packers. Gen
eral trade was of very moderate volume,
uui I'lnmtaiiy sieaay.
ijuoiauons on cattle; Good to prime
yearlings, 28.a04t9.lM; good to choloe beet
steers. M.4Uu8.&: lair to good beef stern.
18.U0&41.4U; com mon to fair beef steers,
ti.jvjjiuu, good 10 cnoice cornioa hell
ers, 7.60q.eo; good to choice cornfed
tows, t6.aii7.60; fair to good grades, 2400
tj.:6; common to fair grades, t4.606.00;
good to choice stockers and feeders, 7.7a
tjtUO; fair to good stockers and feeders.
H.itoWi.U; common to fair stockers and
feeders, 7-GO7.40; stock cows and heif
ers. t6.W87."5; stock calvei, t6.60tni.25; veal
calves, la.00$ru.(JO; bulls, stags, etc., tATM?
Jiepresentauve sales:
No. At. rr. No, At. Vt.
20 W IN 20 108J M
2 ., 10OI 7 70 lti iso
12 9 7 70 i:M I 24
H 7 7 11 1272 2 20
44 72 7 70 S5 ,,...122 120
2 K4 7 71 2d 7(0 I J4
223 7 25 T 1041
14. ........... 20S IM 2 114a IU
)...- 1120 2 00 J M , ,j
7 ..... J WJ 11 211,1
4 m. 2 CO 32 ltli a JJ
II Utl . 2 CO ICJ 1 40
II ....10M 2 10 m, , ,
17 IC0 10 10M t 45
2 12IS 2 11 20 12M I "i
2 ll 2 16 24 IMS 1 u
IT ,1U2 2 SO 12 1JS6 a M
12 1111 IT UO I (0
24 IM 1 St.., lc, j, ta
24 244 2 2 12 1KM U
2 102 Itt It 1U2 IU
10 i 2 26 I
t 222 7 W 14.... rii IU
1 '721 1 M 22 ajl 1 M
2 20 2 00 27 US I
It - J& 2 0 22....... ,.100 I to
1 .....770 l i .... 740 IM
1 I 10 U SSI I 0
i:::-:::::1"? i::::::::::::5SS J 2
t M 1027 t"
2. .. ... UK 7 0
4 lit t 00 1 , jiia T 00
2 I 0 7 00
i i2co i to i mo t A
1.. 1C2 t II ...107? 7 10
1 1 UO 0 1 lOM 710
J 1144 Tl
::::::::::: :?5 IS J::::::::::::15S ?U
,w SiniFERs! " 'S
1 no (te 1 MI T u
1 TWts: T '
l., o m l ma Tej
i.' w i HM tS
1 1214 t 1.... Wo 7 OS
1 lt i 10 1 too t It
2 1142 trt 1 ... lt 7 It
1 U0 tt 1 Jtoo Tis
1 1M0 J 11T0 t
2 121 M 1 uo 7 JJ
1 1J10 IM
.1 ! 4 tot ltW
J f J WU0 7I
1N1 2 71 2 24 tt 0)
1 ll 1 0 C 1(2 11 to
1, IftOltfO 1 IM 11 M
177 7 2 lit T n
. . 117 7 U It ..IK TT
t mm u in a
HOGS-8uppltes were liberal again to
day. about l&S cars, or 10.300 head, belnir
received For the two daya receipts foot
up 16,149 head, being almost 1,000 smaller
than last week, and about the same num
7C6 6 79 9 269
7 46 t 82 9 21 6 97 6 41
6 96 9 23i 7 01) 5 42
744 697 930f 7 04 l636
7 66 231 7 08 8 24
768 898 j7Ul62a
765 696 9 SOI 624
7626S9 9 36 7 06
I 7 69 6 $4 9 441 7 021 6 SO
I 6 79 19 38 1 6 02 1 5 24
7 60 C 731 9 E9 6 98 6 38
743 9 11 7 01 638
7 46 5 64 7 00 5 37
7 49 6 6 9 43 5 J6
746662 9 89697
7 15) 6 70 9 191 7 10 5 14
S 83 9 14! 7 14 6 16
ber as were reported on the correspond
Lng dsvs a year ajro.
Trade opened dull and weak, and early
bids were all of 64J10c and In some cases
a flat 10c lower. Shippers and specu
lators bought a few early that were a
nicxei lower, out tncir purcnases were
not very large. Things were very slow
durln; thB early rounds, as buyers failed
to better their bids and sellers were ask
ing steady prices, but along towards 10
o'clock offers strengthened up until they
were no more than 6c lower. Quite a
tew nogs wero casned at these figures,
but a good share of the salesmen were
still sticking for steady figures. Once
things had started to move competition
became keen, and under this Influence
values continued to Improve until on the
close quite a number of strings moved
at figures that were steady, or very
nearly so. Summing up the general mar
ket. It can be said that the trade opened
6c lower, and closed active and about
steady with yesterday. The average Is
Just a shade lower, BUlk of the supply
sold at IT.lKvalCO. and the top again landed
at 28.06, although there are not so many
loads at this figure as on Mondey. Trade
was very slow early, but towards the
lost end became lively, and the liberal
supply was practically cleaned up by
Hog values are now at the lowest level
they have touched since January 8. this
year, when the average stbod at 87.93.
Representative sales;
AT. tfh. IT.
.801 10 7 W
.122 M 7 Jtt
an. Pr.
SO 7 97H
40 7 7Vk
271 U0 vi
..r la 7
..271 12U 7 271
.. 7 M
SO 7 M
40 7 5
... 7 tiSa
40 7 lrt,
7 p;u
..206 200
7 (IS
20 7 ti
... 7 M
40 JK
..277 ano 7 ;,
..279 tO 7 9H
.210 ... 7 t;i
..SO ... 7 97',
..279 40 7 97H
..2SS 160 7 97 Vi
. Mj no a w
..271 ... 8 00
..21t .... t 00
..290 190 8 00
..214 160 t 00
,212 200 7 22
i... .232 40 7 9.1
.....244 IM 7 IJ
... ..231 . . 7S
.....290 40 7 (3
.....272 ... 7 i
....Ml 220 7 (4
..1P0 W 7 92
....2JJ 0 7 92
M I 00
.210 120 7 PS
1 no
61 M7
7 22
... I 0
... 8 On
. . . 2 CO
40 2 M
VI no
40 2 00
22 221
40 7 95
...24 IM 7 95
...t H IK
...232 IM 7
241 140 7 M
. .15
89 7 92
.. 7 92
40 7 CS
0 7 9S
.268 120 8 04
..242 40 8 AO
' US
t m
24 sno 7 97W
68 247 200 8 no
71 2fO ... 8 00
62 ,262 40 8 re
23. ,302 .. 2 00
17 224 ... 8 00
.W 120 7 t7v;
7 Jj
227 '120 7 t'i
22 ...282 ... 7 97U
09 191 40 7 97V4 29..
..274 10 t 00
..222 11 8 no
2W ... 7 IrrH HI,
wi,..,.,,.zj ziu i m
80.. l 1A M
2T.7 80 I fO M 542 . , S 6IW
252 120 8 00 66 201 40 8 05
It 252 120 t0
BliEEP-l.lght recelpta again today
sorvfel to give the general trade some ac
tivity aa comDared with the dull nf'nit.
yesterday, though prices would average
iiu ucurr man tuny nieaay. ueporis rrom
other markets indicated slow business,
which might be taken as on Indication
that the eastern trade in dressed mutton
has shown no material Imn rnVftme-nt. An
outstanding feature today and for sev
eral days bock has been a scarcity of
good toppy offerings and this fact In
liselt nas not helned the murker inv
especially from a seller's standpoint
About 4,000 head made up the recelpta
contrasted with 9,621 last Tuesday, 10,130
uvu wockh ana ana o,ew on tne same day
last year. Taklne todnv Anrl MnnHav in.
gether the killer supply foots up no more
than some 8.6CO head, as against 13,a74
head during the same two daya last week
and 11,889 a year ago.
Clipped lambs formed the big bulk of
reePt and the quality showed
little if any change from yesterday. The
range of nrlces was nrnnnri n uvnv i.
Three cars of the California spring" lambs!
. . vrvan uns morning, 'mere were
similar to those at t9.10 yesterday brought
tho same price this morning. There were
low ironsuoiions in aged snoop, as not
many wero here, Some yearling wethers
a out of which sold at t6.45 toward the
close of last week, went to the packer
buyers today at t8.SS.
The market on tho whole being fairly
active a very fair clearance was made
enrly In the forenoon.
Quotations on Bheaft nnrt T.nmho.
stock: Limbs, good to cholco. t7.65ijS.10;
lambs, fair to good, tl. 6037.75: yearlings,
good tc- choice. 8.9u7.15; yearlings, lair
to good, t3.sS36.90: wether. II
Srh?ii J6.5CC-90! wethers, fair, to good,
(SJOGCSi: ewes, good to choice, t5.40W
7.76; ewes, fair to good, S.25.40.
Representative tmlea:
8 00
6 J5
6 85
5 2o
6 26
7 75
5 23
3 60
7 6
7 IS
7 40
7 oO
9 10
9 10
9 10
9 10
283 shorn lambs
jv xea yearling
Sit fed rearliiursi .....
184 Arizona fed lambo.
4i7 Ariionn shorn Teorllnn..
499 shorn lambs $3
dj snorn ewes
20 culls
203 shorn lambs
878 shorn Iambs
671 shorn lambs
03 shorn lambs
117 shorn lambs
283 shorn iambs
S23 California spring lambs.
62 California spring lambs.
288 California spring lambs.
284 California spring lambs.
Chinamen Smuggled
Into United States
in Engiue Tool Box
SEATTLE. Waah..May 26, George Nel
son and reter McGregor, fireman and
engineer of a Great Northern train, were
arraigned in the United States district
court today, charged with smuggling two
Chinese Into the United States from Can
ada In the toolbox of their locomotive.
Tho prisoners were Indicted by the federal
grand jury last week.
On May 16, the federal inspector at
Blaine, on the boundary, found the en
Bine toolbox padlocked. The -Inspector
obliged Nelson to open the box and found
In It Hong Git and "Wong Bow, natives
of China, who are now In the Seattle de
tention station and will be used as wit
nesses against the prisoners.
McGregor was at the throttle of the en
gine on three previous occasions when
aliens were found In the toolbox, the
government avers.
BURLINGTON, la., May 26,-Two chll
dren of Fred lAietger of this city wero
fatally hurt and other members of the
family Injured when the automobile In
which they were riding struck a horse,
and buggy last evening. The automobile
turned on its side and spilled out the
Washington Affairs
The supreme court dismissed an aniuii
from the supreme court of Texas, which
held Valid an ordinance of the rltv nt
Ennls, Tex., annulling the franchise of
me cnnis aior woras company.
The Oklahoma reciprocal demurrage law
was annulled as unconstitutional bv the
supreme court on the ground that the
uKianoma court naa neia it applied to
Interstate commerce as well as state com
merce. Dr. Maurice Francis Egsn. American
minister to Denmark, is seriously ill In
. A4UUI.IUI1. ui . cm vaiue 4 rom Copen
hagen recently for a vacation to lecture
through the south antt'west. All ot his
engagement; have been cancelled.
More than 1.000 delegates attended the
opening session at Washington last night
of the thirty-sixth annual conference ot
the American Library association. The
conference and meetings ot affiliated
organisations will continue throughout
me wTjes:.
The body ot Senator Bradley of Ken
tucky was taken from Washington
yesterday for burial at Frankfort today.
Both houses of congress adjourned as a
mark of respect, resolutions were In.
trod need and eulogies were SDoken. Tho
funeral party Included fcnators James
u si linger, warren, amoot, overman,
Shlvely. R00L Kern. Martlne. Polndeiter.
O'Gorman. Fall, Smith of Arixons.
Hughes: all the Kentucky delegation of
tne nouse. except Jtepresentatlve Powers.
.., .,v,..v.i,n.,,to aubhiii nu, urccn,
Smith ot Michigan, Bwltrer and Johnson
01 wasnington.
Farm Prices Advance Three Per
Cent Boring Last Year.
Department of Aarrlcnltnre Points
Ont the Variation netireen
Vntnntlon of the Differ
ent Meats.
WASHINGTON. May 24. Farm prices
for beef cattle advanced more than 8 per
cent, but averaged quotations for hogs
and sheep were lower on April 16 than
on that date In 1913, figures prepared by
the Department of Agriculture stated
today. Cattle prices last month were t6.29
a hundred, an advance of 21 per cent.
However, In Michigan, Iowa, Missouri and
Kansas, there wns no change In cattle
prices from 1313 quotations, and In Wis
consin there was a decrease of 30 cents a
hundred pounds.
State averages of prices for beef cattle
shower greater variation than hog quota
tions. Last month's lowest averages were
In Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi
14.30, t4.60 and tl.40. respectively, com
pared with 18.60 In Rhode Island, t7.60 In
New Hampshire, and I7.G0 In New Jersey,
the highest.
Other state averages were:
Pennsylvania and Iowa, S7.40; Maryland,
t7.20; Ohio and Kansas, $7.10; Maine, In
diana, Illinois, Nebraska, t7: Massachu
setts, Missouri, Wyoming, Colorado, t.90;
Washington, Nevada. California. $8.80;
Oregon. W.70; Connecticut. West Virginia.
South Dakota, tC.60; New Mexico and
Idaho, t4.50; Delaware, Michigan, Ken
tucky, t.40; Virginia and Montana, t6.30;
Arizona, t6.20; Oklahoma and Utah, ts.10;
Minnesota, 6. In other states the price
averaged below t6.
The average hog price to producers on
April 15 was t7.80 per hundred, 14 cents
less than on that 'date last year. In all
the important hog producing states from
Ohio to Kansas the decline was from, 30
to 40 cents, and In some of the New Eng
land states and In practically all the south
except Texas and Oklahoma, the prices
were higher than a year ago. The lowest
state average was $4.10 In Florida, and
the higher, $9.60, In Rhode Island and
Tha- average form price for sheep was
$4.96, compared with $5.16 a year ago.
The veal calf average was $7.SS. On
April 16, 1913, It was $7.38.
John Redmond Says
Division Equivalent
to Passage of Bill
LONDON, May 26Wohn B. Redmond,
the Irish nationalist leader, In c state
ment tonight says the division In tie
House of Commons Is equivalent to the
passage of the home rule bill Into law.
Today's division," .Mr. Redmond con
tinued, "marks the death after an In
glorious history of the 114 years of foo
union of Pitt and Castlercagh. Its place
is to be taken by a new union founded
on mutual respect and good will between
the two islands."
The nationalist leader asserted that
"only two eventualities, both of them im
possible, could prevent the bill from be
coming a statue within a few weeks
the first, that the parliamentary section
should come to nn abrupt end; second,
that the House of Commons should go
mad and decide not to submit the bill
for royal assent both as absurd con
tingencies as the suggestion that the
king would withhold his assent."
WATERLOO, la., May 26V-Speclal
Telegram.) Mrs. Minnie Zeiglor, aged 84,
demented, attempted suicide last night In
Cedar River when she lay down in shal
low water and soon would have expired"!
but for timely rescue by E. A. Chapman
who happened to cross the Isolated spot.
It Is thought sho w)ll coon recover from
tho shock and chilL
Culls From the Wire
An estate valued at nearly $2,000,000 Is
disposed of largely to charity by the will
cf Mies Elisabeth H. Shlppen of Phlla.
delphla, who died a week ago.
Hugo Poynter, son of Sir John Poynter,
president of the British academy, and a
cousin of Rudyard Kipling, arrived at
San Francisco yesterday on the steamer
Francis Bowes Sayre, son-in-law of
President Wilson, was In Los Angeles
yesterday in the interest of a campaign
to procure an endowment ot $2,000,000, the
purpose of which Is to Increase salaries of
college professors. Mr. Sayre Is connected
with Williams college and he sold It was
the aim of that institution to Invest In
teachers of high Intellectual attainment
rather than In handsome buildings.
Warrant f atv Sathtfmmtlim
Caustic Balsam
His InlttUrs lit Ks Cfitopitltors.
X Site, Speedy and FosIUto Cure for
OniK fsllnt. owseay, Otrtti Heak,
Btralsed Tcaiest, Jounear, Wla&
rufj, u all Uaaaut trasa 21 earls,
Klifken oaf ether bT turner.
Caret all Ua Uimuii r ParaalU.
" Tsroak, Dlf&UvarU. ketrurrat all
Stack fa lianas srCtttlt,
Yyery fcottle of Canati Saltan aeld I
warrute4 le trie taUaUcttoa. fries $! 20
er Mine gen VT arvrgiti, or eent .
Br, ctvarre paid, with (all dlroetlon tat
lu km. ar&eaa for decrlf41re ctrcnlsr.
MetimtaUl, etc Addree
" Tk Uwrtset-Wllllimt Co.,CltvtUiuf, 0,
Lively Chicks
BemHkr, be preof, prar
. Me, toe. H U J U. puU (tJ4
Befu esbeutnteej tuUt on rtmtt.
SSatitfattita Gatraatttel or May Back
STI1. For BtJ br firsUclua dealers
Men's, Wom
en's and Clill
drcn'n Shoes
t Surprising
B n r b a 1 n
$1.00 shoots, size 81x90, special
at 74d
76c sheets, size 81x90, speclrll
at 63i
10c organdies 5
10c printed Batiste 5
12c printed Crepes. .. .7Hc
25c Poplins 12 Mi
12 c Percales 10J
2Ec fancy Wash Goods, on sale
at 12Jati
6c Blue Apron Checks. .3 Si
Drug and Toilet
Omaha for
amnartfla of Bpejclols for Wednss
lay's Belling-. Here are a taw of tho
many saving' offarlnffs.
26c site Corylopsls, 1-lb. can for lOo
25c size Hlros Root Beer Extract.
makes 6 gullona, for 12W
10c size Corylopsls vollot or Jllao tal
cum powders, at 3 cans for.... 10c
60c Canthrox hair shampoo 25o
Cutlcura or Woodbury's Soap for 19o
Ivory soap, 5c size, 3 bars for....lOo
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extra size, for ioe
25c size Mentholatum for lOo
High Grade Wash Goods
New Pllsses, new Crepes, New Ratines, new Voiles, new Brocades, now
Batistes, new Organdies, all Just in and the very latest productions of tho
leading mills.
Crepes ........... ...120, 18V, SBo 38o, BOO, E9c, 700, 91X3
Vo',eH - 100, laito, 100, I80, aso, 30o, 6O0
Raines lBc, 85o, 38c, BOo, 75o, 91.00
Volles 10C, 1B0, 280, 380, BOo
Fancies in silk and cotton, from 13$o to $3.o a yard
We have a carload of delicious
fruit for Wednesday's sale. This
Is extra fine quality. No finer fruit
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Kxtra fancy, medium largo size,
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Medium small size, each 7Uo
Per dozen aso
Small size, per dozen 7Bo
BUOAS, for I
48-lb. sack best high grade Diamond
H Flour, nothing finer for bread,
pies or cokes, sack $1,05
10 bars Beat 'Em All, Diamond C,
Lennox or Laundry Queen white
laundry soap, for 3 So,
The best domestic Macaroni, Vermi
celli or Spaghetti, pkg. 7Wo
Potted Meat, per can So
6 cons oil or mustard Sardines. . .aso
fi lbs. choice Japan Rice aso
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Tomato Catsup, Pickles (assorted
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Low Ones
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Domestic Room
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Goods Market of
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Madame Blgelow, after two months
demonstrating in the south, is back
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you all Her free lectures and dem
onstration will open Wednesday la
Grocery department.
This Is
The Store
A MODELS, Priced From
53.50 to $5-
1632 JDOlJGfcAa '
is India-Ceylon
more refreshing
than green tea
and goes much