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    rxih .bjMii. OMAHA, rJ i bDA , MAY lib, 1U14.
TldtUty Btorsffe Van Co. Doug. 151.
Hy Boot Print It Now Deacon Prtss
I.lghtlD4r rixtarti-Buxftss-arimdsn Co
Monthly Income for Ufa Gould. Bee
Wntn you know eras ll&htlnis you pre
fer It. Omaha Oa company, 1509 Howard
etwet Douglas 60S.
Judffs Muagvr Baturni Judge Wil
liam H. Munger of the United Btate dis
trict court has returned from a stay ot
m vera I weeks at Excelsior Springs.
"Zoday'g Complata scoria Frorram"
may bi found on the first page of tho
classified section today, and appears In
The Be EXCLUSIVELY. Find out what
tho various moving picture theaters offer.
rlnad for StaaUng Silk Will Hawkins,
C. Taylor and James Forte, arrested by
L. T. Finn of the Brandeis stores, were
fined J15 and costs each In police court
for the theft of a quantity of silk hose
from the above store.
Taken tU at Postofflcs Miss Maude
Sunder, secretary to Postmaster John
C. "Wharton, was taken 111 at the post
office this morning and removed to her
home at 3103 Burt street, where It Is said
that her condition Is not serious.
Spiritualists .to Colebrate Members of
the Ladles' Aid society of the First
Progressive Spiritualist church, Mackle's
hall, 1S16, Harney street, will give a
bazar, carnival and dance; also a "Mock
Coon Wedding." Tuesday, 7: p. m.
Witt Sleeper for Omaha Boad Begin
ning June 1. In order to accommodate the
Increased business, tho Omaha road will
put another sleepfr rn the Minneapolis
train leaving here at 9:03 In the evening.
This sleeper will be for he accommoda
tion of the Omaha people going north.
Tlgha Fined for Assault Robert W.
Tlghe, UTS South Twenty-eighth street,
was fined $15 and costs In police court
on a charge ot assault and battery
brought against him by his neighbor,
John Wara. Tlghe exhibited two anony
mous letters sent him through tho malls,
In which vile names were applied to htm
and his life and property thieatened.
Judge Cooley, his attorney. Intends to
take the matter up with the federal
Hummel Refuses
to Pay for a High
Priced Expert
Park Commissioner J. B. Hummel has
been asked ' by the city commission to
arrange to pay out of his fund tho ex
penses of an expert park and playground
adviser for two or three weeks at a sal
ary of $136 a week. Hummel has ro
fused, saying his fund Is short, and City
Commissioner Dan B. Butler Is trying
to, find enough money In the miscel
laneous or some other fund 'to pay.thj
expert's expenses.
L Charles F. Weller, associate secretary
of the National Playground association,
asked the council to co-operate with tho
Board of Education and Dr. Harold Glf
ford and other citizens in raisins V2.WM
to "promote the good work Commis
sioner Hummel has begun" in the matter
of playgrounds.
Dr. Glfford has already raised 11,000
toward this end and the council Is only
asked for 1300 or $400.
Speaking to the council Mr. Weller-said;
"Wo take off oUr hata to Commissioner
Hummel1 for the good work he has done,
but-wawantto .up. this, wprk, and,
Mr. "Hummel 'Bo that it is-carried to Its
logical conclusion and a better system of
playgrounds prepared."
, Mr. Weller will confer with the mem
bers of the Board of Education Tuesday
afternoon and the council will have de
cided In the meantime on whether or not
to employ the expert who has acted, Mr.
Weller said, as adviser to 113 cities in
this capacity.
Two applicants who have been on the
naval recruiting waiting list again ap
plied at the station here and were ac
cepted. Joseph B. Lando,. 215 South Twelfh
street, and W. C. Chapman of Missouri
Valley were the two men. They will be
sent to the training station at Chicago.
W. C. Chapman was Induced to enter the
navy when his elder brother, E. F. Chap
man, recently came home on leave of
absence from the navy. He Is assigned o
the XI. S- S. Kansas and will return to
service this month.
GotiiK to the "Movie" Tonight r
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pictures are going to be shown at your
favorite theater tonight, read "Today's
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Un Omaha appear EXCLUSIVELY In
The Bee.
Harken to This, You Omaha Lawyers;
Chance for Another Investigation
EdRar Ilownrd In Columbus TeleKwm.
Tho criino of perjury Is tho worst of crimes. Tho wlnklntr ot tha
Judicial eyo at palpable perjury leads many criminals to desperato deeds,
acting In tho belief thnt thoy can readily procuro perjured testimony 1
their behalf.
Last Sunday Tho Omnha Bee very ably discussed tho growth of tho
crime of perjury, and tho seeming winking of tho magistrates at this enor
mous offense. In order to glvo The Ileo a lino upon which to pursue its
efforts to purify tho Judicial atmosphere ot Omaha, we will rcproduco the
substance of n statement made to tho editor of the Telegram a few day
ago by n prominent citizen of Nebraska. This citizen visited a leading
Omaha saloon at 10 o'clock at night. Tho law closes saloon doors at 8
o'clock In tho evening, hut some of tho doors to this saloon were not
closed according to law. This citizen and a friend purchased two mugs
of beer, which was delivered to them in a sldo room connected with tho
saloon. While drinking tho beer a detective appeared and placed the
saloon proprietor under nrrest. The citizen went to his hotel, and was
soon visited by two prominent Omnha lawyers, who coached him as to tho
testimony ho should glvo on tho following day, when tho saloon keeper
would be arraigned in court Tho lawyers fixed up tho whole story for
tho man. Ho-was to testify that ho had appeared at tho saloon before- 8
o'clock in tho evening, and had then ordorod and paid for tho liquor,
which was delivered to him at 10 o'clock. Tho man said such testimony
would bo perjury. Tho lawyers said perjury meant nothing between
friends, appealing to tho citizen to protect tho saloon keeper who hat! vio
lated tho law.
There may be found upon tho membership rolls of the Omaha bar
tho names of somo magnificent men. But also on that roll are tho names
of some attorneys who make a practice of coaching witnesses to give per
jury evidence. The suggestion of the Telegram to Tho Omaha Bee if
this: All tho splendid efforts of Tho Bee to purify the Judicial atmo
sphere in Omaha will avail nothing as long us tho better element of
Omaha attorneys shall consent to consort with other attorneys who aro
positively known to encourage tho crime of perjury. If Tho Boo will do
a Httlo detective work, and then lay bare beforo one of tho clean district
judges tho proof of tho perjury seeking attorneys well, In that event,
even such a cowardly corporation nsjtho Omaha Bar association might con
sent to give Tho Beo and tho court somo little assistance in the work of
putting tho quicklime of the law upon tho putrid professional practice oi
some attorneys whoso names aro enrolled along with tho names of clean
lawyerH on tho roll of tho Omaha bar.
Northwestern Traffic Tied Up Be
tween Norfolk and Winner.
Usually Lnsy Little Stream Trnns
formed Into Itoarlnn Torrent a
Mile Wide, Svreeplnir Every
thing II fore It.
Hardly had the Northwestern complete!
repairs of the washouts along the Ver
dlgre ' creek .'alley, when farther north,
between Niobrara and Bonesteel, Satur
day, night, the line for thirty-four miles
was cut full of holes by a flood that
swept down the Ponca creek valley. Not
only was an aggregate of 8,000 feet of
grade practically washed away, but ten
bridges were badly weakened, or totally
On account of high water In the Pono.4
creek valley no work In the way of mak
ing repairs and reconstructing was done
Sunday. However, company .agents spent
the day securing help and this mornlnv
SCO. or more, farmers from the surround
ing country, with teams, were at worn.
Advices at headquarters here are tq the
effect that it will be as late as Thursday
before the line from Norfolk to Winner,
S. D., will be oponed for traffic.
The storm of Saturday evening waa in
the nature of a water spout and be
tween Niobrara and Fairfax, a distance
of fifty miles, struck the Northwestern
line in a dozen places, coming down the
draws on either side, the water being
from one to six feet deep. Heavy grades
crumbled and washed away like sand
plies. The Ponca creek, a lazy stream
twenty to thirty feet wide, quickly be
came a roaring river from forty rods to
a mile wide, all depending upon the width
of the valley through which It runs. The
precipitation amounted to more than four
and one-half Inches Inside of an hour.
The rain of Saturday nl?ht was heavy
all through north Nebraska, extending
cast Into Iowa and west almost to Wyom
ing. But little damage was done, how
ever, except In the Ponca creek valley
and along the Verdlgre.
Superintendent E. U. Graff has lisud
a fourteen-page circular advising prin
cipals of schools how to miinuKo the de
tails of the big field day to 1m) held c.n
the Fort Omaha grounds June 5.
I pi Use it always wherever there is dirt IKj
jratt or grease. It cleans everything. C0lPjJ
Make the demand for New Homes
in Omaha Your Opportunity
THIS COMPANY is experiencing a heavy demand for
new homes becauflo peoplo ow rooognizing thnt this
oompany provides1 a most convenient arrangement
for tho homo-builder to sooure his humo planned and built
jnst as ho wants it with little or no trouble to himself,
Place your money where you aro offered the best avail
able scourity together with an opportunity for you to secure
a better rate of steady earning,
Tho -successful record of this Oompany in the past jus
tifies ua in our belief that this large finanolai institution
and tho investment opportunity it offers, entities it to the
most careful consideration of men and women with money
to invest.
Make Your Investigation Now Every Day's Delay Means Loss of Intereat.
Write or call for literature fuUy explaining
This Company's bifsiness Address
Bankers Realty
Investment Company
Ground Floor Bee Bldg.,
Omaha, Neb.
The larffect and strong,
cut home building and
Real Sstate owning
Company of its kind in
Trustees ot the estate ot the late Isnao
Podge of Lincoln have asked the dls.
trlct court for permission to sell real
estate In Douglas county for the benefit
ot a trust fund established by the de
ceased s will. The fund Is (or the benefit
of relatives who may need assistance.
Mr. Dodge, whose estate waa estimated
to 1 worth $IM,(W. made specific be
quests of various sums of money to
thirty-one heirs, leaving the residue to
the trust fund.
The renl estate In Ihls county consists
of vacant lots.
it answers every bever
age requirement vim,
vigor, refreshment, whole
someness. It will satisfy you.
Demand the genuine
by full name '
Nicknames escourace
substitution. -
vou tee an
Arrow think
of Coca-Cola.
Store Xcwa for TuMdfty,
Sixteenth and Horner Sta.
Special Announcement
MRS. M MOSSGROVE, representing the Pictorial
Review Company of Now York, will be nt our pattern
department Tuesday, May 2l5th Mrs. Mossgrove is an
export on styles and dressmaking and you arc cordially
invited to avail yourself of her advice and suggestions.
AVe will be glad to have you visit our pattern de
partment and learn from Mrs. Mossgrovo how to use
Pictorial Roview Patterns the simplest in operation,
the most economical in material and very latest in style.
The only patterns with which aro furnished' Cut
ting and Construction Guides.
nnrfftta-ITash Co. Main Tloor.
Very Special Fdr Tuesday at 6 l-2c
THEY are mill lengths, but desirable for making
waists, dresses, aprons and children's wear. Light
and dark patterns. The quality is the best
and price for Tuesday is way below tho fl'of
market prico; at, yard
Borresa Nash Co. Basement.
STITCH BOOKS at Half Price
B00K3 of instruction on crochet, noedlecraft, nov
( city brand books, "My Initials," Columbia Man
ual', Priscilla books of all kinds, Sarah. Hadley, otc, all
at half price.
"My Initials." regular 16c books : 74
Sarah Hadloy Irish crochet laco, 25c hooks 13
Novelty braid books, were 25c. for
n . 1 1 . v. i i . - -r- . V biiicii uuuitti, worn 10c, lor . Vp
Novelty braids, white and ecru,
In all designs, 4 yards to piece,
10c bolt for 5
Crochet hooks, all sizes,
2 for 5j
Novelty braids, white and ecru,
In all designs, 6 yards to piece,
16c bolts for g
Tatting shuttles, were 10c,
each 5
BnrfftiB'Naih Oo fleoond floor.
Dress Pattern Lengths of WASH
GOODS, 5 to 6 Yards, Tuesday, 95c
TNCLUDE such favored materials as fancy flowered
cropos, silk stripe vo.'los, kimono crepes,
etc. Lengths 5 to 6 yards; widths 27 to 40
inches; pattern
Borrsts-Xaah Co. Mln rioor.
$Burges8-Naah Go.-Everybody's Store 16th and Harney, gj'
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When the thermometer says 102 in the
shade, and the heat rises in waves from the
pavement; when the sizzling air reeksof
moisture, and the asphalt seems sinking to
China that is the time when a -man mops
his brow and says, "Good-by, Work, I'm
leaving for Colorado:"
Colorado, will harden up your "soft" spots
both of muscle and mind. For there the very
ozone is full of a zestful life. There are cool,
green forests fairlv redolent of balm. There
are bridal paths and motor roads to heights overtopping your most glorious dreams. There's a something
about Colorado that puts the fighting red corpuscles back in your blood and makes you feel fit to
conquer the world.
Union Pacific
Standard Read of the West
ia the busy man's road to Colorado. One hundred million dollars has been expended to insure speed, safety and luxury
altogether superb. It is the dustiest way, ballasted with Sherman gravel. Every mile of its roadbed has been tended with un
ceasing care. It is the broad path to the mountains, the double tracked way of safety. It is guarded with electric block signals,
the silent sentinels that cannot sleep. It give you a perfect vigilance of service, a aoft footed anticipation of every need.
You cannot buy more railroad comfort than thia. You cannot pay any less. Three through trains leave from Omaha daily..
$17.50 From Omaha to Denver, r!- r .
Phone Dong. 334. 1324 Farnam St, Omaha, Neb.