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Adrtrtlscd In The Bc Is the
very eflvtiro of productiveness.
Heal farm fact will interest a
largo and appreciative, audience.
"VOL. XLIII NO. mi a ti a unwhu' uAtint,- .. . " 1
Passage of Bill by House of Com
mons Brings Strong Words from
Opposition Leader.
Victim of Street Car Accident Sue-'
cumbs at Local Hospital.
Coroner Crosby Will Inquire Into
Cans of Collision Tills Morn
InK Mnrnn In He Hurled
nt llolj Sepnlrher.'
Hotel S-ava "toads. Bo,
Carried to the Lords by Shouting
Irish Patriots.
Executive Says Demand for Him
Has Been Too
William Wallace. Detroit, Mich., who
was fatally hurt In Sunday afternoon's ! NeWSp
rucei car acciuent at Twenty-fourth .sud
Pinkney street, died early .Monday room
Ing at the Swedish Mission hospital.
His brother-in-law, Thomas Moran,
Benson, with whom he was riding In a
one-horee riff, was thrown from the
FUTILE 1 vehlcl B"d Instantly killed when upon
uirmng soum on Twenty-fourth nfter
Part in
Will Berome Tiw Unm Wn MQ4,. ernf,rslnK from ,,nknfy street, they were
win jseoome Law Now No Matter . MrUPk ,rom thc rear by a ,outhbountl
wnat upper House Does
Rather of Opinion that It Has Been
a Good One.
Itenl FlEht Amnnsr Lords Will Come
In Middle of Jnnr When Ihnt
Home Will Tnlie Mean
nrc t'p.
LONDON. May 25 -By a vote of S51 to
274-a majority of 77-the House of Com
mons today passed the home rule bill
The end of the hard fought struggle
came quite suddenly, the Unionists re
fusing to debate the bill without further
iniormatlon as to the government's In
tentlon In regard to the proposed amend
ing measure.
Premier Asqulth lifted a corner of the
veil, but though Andrew Bonar Law,
leader of the opposition, admitted that
the premier's words were conciliatory,
he hastened to add that Mr. Asqulth had
not told them anything. To discuss the
third reading under the circumstances,
would, he said, be futile and ridiculous.
He added:
"Let the curtain ring down on this
contemptible farce. It Is only the end
of aji act and not of the play. The gov
ernment can carry the hill through Par
liament, but the concluding act of the
drama will be in the country, where an
appeal to the peoplo will not end In a
Crowds Avrnil Result.
The closing scenes In the fight for home
rule brought together a crowd of mem
bers and siectators which filled the
chamber to Its utmost capacity. Outside
great crowds gathered to await the result
of the debate on the third reading of the
The vote was: For. 332; against. 274.
The house was seething with excitement
from the moment the speaker took the
chair. Members of the various parties
Indulged In loud outbursts of cheering
when their respective champions entered
the chamber, while at the. same time
mocking banter was shouted from the
opposite benches.
Measure Sent In Lord.
The home rule bill was subsequently
eent up to the House of Lords. It was'
accompanied by a group of Jubilant
Nationalists, who escorted the official
learcr of the bill and sang "God Save
The House of Lords afterward for
mally read the bill n first time. The
real fight on the measure In that cham
ber will begin in the middle of June,
after the Whitsuntide holiday.
What Hill Contain.
The Irish home rule bill which passed
the House of Commons for the third time
and which will become law whether the
House of Lords assents or not. contains
the following provisions:
A senate of forty members; a House of
Commons of 164 members.
Irish Parliament cannot legislate
Park street cnr. The buggy was de
molished. While no definite funeral arrangements
will be made until' after the Inquest this
morning, it has been practically decided
that funeral services for Mr. Moran will
bo held at the Benson Catholic church.
Interment will be in Holy Sepulchor
The body of William Wallace will be
taken to Detroit for burial. Although the
deceased's two brothers wa notified
iiumciiiHiciy knowing me accident, no
word has been received from them by
the family. Mrs. Turner's eldest son will
take the body to Detroit and may pos
sibly be accompanied on the Journey by
his mother. Both dead men left Insur
ance and property.
.Mrs. Mornii Hysterical.
Mrs. Moran. who Is staying with her
sister, Mrs. Dan Turner, was so hys
terical Monday morning that her con
dition bordered on nervous collapse. She
was under the care of three physicians
during thc night.
Mrs. Turner stated: "This Is the sec
ond bad accident we have had In our
Friend of tlrynn nnd Wltaon lit the
Assertion Given Ont After the
Visit to Lincoln of W. II,
Oat and MouseThen and Now
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. May 25. -( Special. )-The
next primary -ballot will show the name
of Governor John H. Morehead thereon
i as a democratic andldate for renomlna-
tlon. Governor Morehead today decided
to accept the filing made In his behalf
George W. Berge Is already In and
Charles W. Brayn may yet make good
his promise to get Into the battle and
say some things long corked up about the
reactionary democrats who have forced
the governor Into the fight to head off
the Bryan crowd.
W. II. Thompson on Ilnnil
w. H. Thompson, the Grand Island
democratic statesman was a state house
visitor this morning before the governor
spoke. It Is denied that he called on the
executive, but the r.tatement was given
out that he would file for the democratlo
years ago my husband . nomination soon after Mr. Thompson
family. Some
"uoyea in some repairs arrived, and as the telephones were In
In the water plant, and had climbed a I good working order from the office of
step-ladder to do the work. He slipped Food Commissioner Herman to the office
and a lighted lantern which he was using of the executive, and as the Orand Island
broke. Igniting his clothing and burning j statesman was seen to take the elevator
him terribly. 1 had prayed that wc would I In the direction of the food commission-
be spared another such experience, but jer's office. It Is presumed that the propo
this Is the worst possible.'
Funds for Nebraska
Building at Expo to
Be Raised This Week
Money for the erection of a Nebraska
building at the Panama-Pacific exposllotn
Is to be raised In the state by July 1, ac
cording to a positive announcement made
by -8. It. McKelvte. member of ths rov.
ernor's commission on yays and means j
ticuunK Buvn a uuuaing, this was an
nounced after a meeting labtlng some
hours at the Commercial club The meet
ing was called by the ao'vqrnor',B com
mission, consist ng - of Peter Jankcn of
Beatrice, John L. McCague of Omaha,
George W0I2 of Fremont and W. It. Mel
lor of Lincoln, together with the ex- of
ficio members S. B. McKelvIe and W. B.
Howard of Lincoln. This committee In
vited in a committee appointed by the
State Association of Commtrclal rluh
This committee was represented by Ross i
Hammond, Robert H. Manley and W. S. i
Whltten. Members of the Omaha press j
and railroad men were also Invited to
the meeting.
Ways and means of raising the funds
to build a Nebraska building were dis
cussed at length, and a tentative plan
1 was adopted according to the announce
j ment, but the committee was not, ready
on 1 to make lhn nlnn mitilli- f,mH1,.1.,
TVnrA or wnr. navv nrmir nr. -i i nn. .1 . ' '
or military force, foreign relations, trade
outside Ireland, coinage or legal tender.
It cannot make any law either directly
or Indirectly to establish or endow any
religion or prohibit the free exerclss
thereof, or give preference, a privilege or
advantage, or impose any disability or
disadvantage on account of religious be
lief or religious or ecclesiastical status.
Temporary restrictions are placed on
legislation, on land purchase, old age pen
sions, national Insurance, labor exchanges
royal Irish contabulary, postofflce and
other savings banks and friendly so
cieties. The executive remains- Invested in the
sovereign or in his representative.
Forty-two members still will be sent
from Ireland to the House of Commons.
The Judicial committee of the prly
council to give the final decision as to
the constitutional validity of any act
passed by the Irish Parliament.
The Irish exchequer to defray the cost
of the Irish administration except for
reserved sen-ices mentioned above.
The Weather
Forecast till 7 p. m. Tuesday.
For Omaha, Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Fair, not much change in temperature
Temperature at Oninlin Yesterday.
Hours. Dec.
a a. m..
6 a. m..
7 a. m.
S a. m..
9 a. m..
10 a. m..
11 a in...
12 in
1 p. m..
3 p. m..
4 p. m..
5 ). m..
6 p. m..
p. m
Victims of Titanic
Cannot Recover for
Loss of Baggage
WASHINGTON. May 25.-Practically
nothing may be recovered by those who
lost relatives or baggage In the Titanic
disaster, as a result of a decision day
by the supreme court.
The court held that the liability of the
Oceanlo Steam Navigation company
against the J13.O0O.OOO In claims against it
as owner of the Titanic . Is limited In
suits In the United States by the Amen
can limited liability law of 1S31, to the
value, of the salvage recoered and th
freight and passage money received un
the Titanlc's voyage. That amounts in
all to about 891.000.
The decision In no way affects suits
brought against the owners In other countries.
Widow Pours Oil
Over Her Clothes
and Ignites Them
sltlon of "cause and effect" might work
out In this case.
There is a rumor that a coldness has
recently sprung up between. Mr. Thomp
son and Charles Bryan, ah d Jilt is pre
sumed the wishes of Mr. Thompson to
have the governor run again caused the
break :
"Two years ago I voluntarily became a
candidate for governor and sought a nom
ination and election to that high otflce.
My ambition was to serve my state and
my party, and I consider tint position of
governor of Nebraska a prize thit any
citizen should be .most proud to hold.
"During the course of mv campaign I-
stated that I would nst Use. my poslMcn
to obtain further political prefemifM und
would not .aspire to mjt.icr term. I ?'
successful In the campilnrn and I believe
that I 'have filled this nigh office credit
ably and given the eUta n goo-', admin
istration. "I think I need not remind you that I
have not aspired to another enn. I Would
rr.uch prefer that my party mK'ht w,o
uron some other more worthy man I'cr-M-nally
my desire was to either seek
another office or retire in private life.
"Demnnd" Too Stroncr.
"For many weeks I have been Impor by democrats from every part of
tho state to stand for a renomtiailon,
regardless of any faction, mvl so unani
mously have come these persistent re
quests that I am convinced that it is my
duty to place myself at the service of the
party for thc voters to decide whether or
not I am the most available candidate to
stsnd for the Nebraska demo;ricy during
th- coming campaign. I r.ifcy say, too. I am deeply grateful to my repub
Hear, friends who helped n:o In the last
campaign and who again ofer their as-
"I fully appreciate the honor that nn
been conferred and feel that I am in
debted to my party for the consideration
It has shown me and the support It his
given me. I would feel that I was guilty
of Ingratitude If I did not heed the voice
of the party and permit myself to be
come an Instrument to carry It forward
to further success.
Statement Issued After Talk with
Mexicans that Negotiations Have
Reached Satisfactory Stage.
Plan for Provisional Government
Now Under Consideration.
"hi TTi i lij Tin i ll iP
General Anapolis Ordered to River
on Request of French Colony.
Mlnntc Rnn Fired hr Jnpnneie nnd
American Wnrnlilpa Off Maiat
Inn MUlnken for Attack
Upon the fltr
Government Starts Action Against
Sheridan Coal Company.
Graphic Ilrrltal Is Mode In the Pe
tition Filed lr United Urates
District Attorney Ifo-rrell
In. Court.
Kenapaprr Candidate.
"If I considered only my personal de
sires I would, not .take this step, but ths
advices received from leading and zeal
ous democrats admonish me that 1 shou'd
defer te the wishes of my party. Per
haps I may say also that the attitude
of certain newspapers has confirmed me
S P. ni rt
Local Weather Ilerord.
Highest yesterda; M 74 X M
Lowest yesterday 75 CO 4 M
Mean temperature 8S 67 72 S2
Precipitation 0 .10 0 0
Normal temperature u
Excess for the day is
Total excess sin--e March 1 122
Normal precipitation is Inch
Deficiency for the day 1 inch
Total rainfall Blnre March 1.... 6.12 Inches
Deficiency Ince Match 1 2.7 Inchus
Excess for -'or. pt-rlod, IS13 3.34 lnchs
Deficiency for cor. period, 1012 2.7fc Incnes
Reports from Stations lit 7 I'. M.
Station and State Temp. High- Rain
of Weather 7 p. m. est fall.
Pn.v.nn. i ' 0 A r,
Davenport, cloudy w 9ft I
Denver, clear .M 1
Des Molnei, clear H fi yi
Dodge City. oar U $t .ijo
North Platte, clear S4 Sn .fo
Omaha, clear 89 W .on
Rapid City, clear 74 78 .00
Sheridan, partly cloudy.. 70 7t .00
Sioux City, partly cloudy. 84 90 .00
Valentine, clear .... 78 82 ,34
X Indicates trace of precipitation,
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
I I DAVENPORT. Ia.. May 25,-Magdalena.
73 1 Pruter. aged 5. widow of Franklin
74 j Pruter. a retired farmer, burned herself
I j to death today. 'Mrs. Pruter locked all
gj j the doors and. going into the cellar, plied
papers and wood In the coal bin. Then
she sprinkled the heap and her own cloth
ing with kerosene, laid down and touched
a match to the pile. When tho police ar
rived fifteen minutes later she was dead.
Ever since her husband's death Mrs.
Pruter has brooded over her sorrow.
Ex-Mayor Nathan
Reaches New York
NEW TORK. May 2S.'-Ernest Nathan,
Italy's commisiloner to arrange for her
exhibit at the Panama Pacific exposition
In San Francisco, and formerly mayor
of Rome, who is head of the. Masonic
order In Italy, was greeted by 300 Masons
who met the PUmpalla at quarantine,
The commissioner, who Is 71 years old,
said he would leave for Washington lata
today to call on President Wilson.
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Fight to Save
Pickard from Coming
Back to Omaha
C. F. M. Pickard. alia -Fr.nif rM-t,'
J ard." Rums detective arrested in Kansas
City Saturday for connection with the
"any .ews-nurns' plot to bribe city and
county officials in Omaha, naa released
from custody until Wednesday morning
yesterday afternoon when a professional
bondsman put up 16.00D.
Pickard was taken from custody of the
marshal! by a writ of habeas corpus and
brought before the circuit court. There.
Instead of being released on the 82.000
bond previously fixed, he was held In the
sum of JS.000, which was afterwards fur
nished. Word received last night from Detee-
live Frank Murphy of Omaha, by Chief
of Detectives Maloney Is to the effect
that the Duma people have tied up th$
requisition papers in the Missouri gover
nor's office, and will commence their
fight to resists extradition from there,
unless Pickard flees before. Murphy told
Maloney that he Is experiencing all kinds
of difficulty In Kansas Clty-the ssme
kind of treatment Maloney received In
"They still deny Pickard Is a Rums
man but Pickard told me himself hs Is
employed by Burns," Murphy told Ma.
The story of how Charles N. Diets se
cured control of tho Sheridan Fuel com
pany is graphically told In a petition
filed by United States Distriot Attorney
F. S. Howell In tho federal court of
equity, In which the government is seek
ing to recover the value of mining props
and ties cut from the government lands
In Crook county, Wyoming.
The government alleges that between
January ot ISM nnd December of 1901.
23,950 mining props and 67.avi mining ties
were cut from government lands, with
out authority of the government, and de
livered to the Sheridan Fuel company at
Sheridan, Wyo.
The Sheridan Fuel company, a Wyo
mlng corporation, was organized In 189.1,
according to the petition, with a capital
stuck of $100,000 and conducted a small
but prosperous business In mining and
selling coal and had no salaried officers
excepting a superintendent, who was
paid 8100 a month, and the defendant,
Charles N. Dletz was not then a stock
holder or officer of the company.
Company Reorfcanlsed.
The petition states that In 1S94, In order
to provide additional working capital.
the capital stock of the corporation was
Increased to t&00,000. that the defendant,
Charles N. Dletz, and hln associate, If,
F. Cady, acquired a small majority of
the stock and thereupon elected a board
of directors In their own Interest and
caused Charles N. Dletz to be elected
president, with a salary of 815,000 a year.
and his brother, Gould Dletz. to be
elected secretary and treasurer with
salary of 83,000 a year, and U. R. Woods
to be elected manager at a salary of
8.1,000 a year. The petition recites that
these salaries were grossly excessive
and out of proportion to the business
done and the profits made, and that by
means of this and other manipulations.
the defendant Dletz and his associates
absorbed and converted to their own use.
all of the working capital of the Sherl
dan Fuel company. As a result the stock
was greatly depreciated, it 1 said, and
a large number ot small stockholders
were led to sell their stock, which was
bought by Charles N. Dletz for trifling
All Conrrrcd to lllrts.
On November 21, 1903, C. N. Diets, after
acqlrlnr a great majority of the capital
stock. Is alleged to have caused the
Sheridan Fuel company to convey to him
without any consideration whatever ail
Its property and assets of every kind and
description. The petition then states that
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The National Capital
Monday, May 2.1, 1014.
The Senate.
Met at 11. a. m. and adjourned st 11:07
a. m. until 11 a. m., Tuesday, nut of ie
spect to the memory of 1st) Senator
Rtadley rf Kentucky.
Judiciary committee favorably renonej
the contested nomination of E. R. Moon
as marshal for the northern Iowa district.
The llnuar.
Met at II a. m
Resumed debate on Clayton cmnlbus
trust bill.
Progressives called a conference with
Colonel Roosevelt for tomorrow night.
Western congressmen appealed to the
pxesldrnt to favor the bill to extend time
of payments for Irrigation projects settlers.
Says Minimum Pay
of Minister Should
Be Thousand a Year
CHICAGO, May JS.-Onn thousand dnl
lars as the minimum ,al y of n Presby
terian minister was advocated today le
fore tho general assembly of the Presbv-
terlan .ohureh In the United States that
men whose' life had been spent in the
pulpit mlglit pass their ileollnlnt- yenrs
In comfort. The "plea wm made by Rev.
Murdock MeLeod of Tacinin, W'M.h.,
chairman of the committor on mlnlsiorlul
A plan tn conserve and unite the re
ligious forces In small communities by
the establishment Of u central chur-h .n
Pisces of loss than 1,20) inhabitants wts
also broached and referred for report at
tho next general assembly.
The resignation of Rev. qutlla Vbb
of Louisville from tho post if lie
moderator, was annuuncn.1, and liev
George W. Ralley of the synod of Penn
sylvania was appointed In his place by
the moderator. Dr. .MaiMiud Alexander.
The attitude of Dr. Maltland Alexander.
moderator of the assembly, toward evan
gelism campaigns was made clear yes
terday when he declared himself in favor
of revivals, even If some thought them
lacking In dignity. That he Is a firm
believer In the power of the emotions
was shown In his sermon, one of Abt
preached here yesterday by the commis
sioners to the assembly.
"To most persons, emotion is foolish,'
he said. "We choke our emotions so is
not to appear ridiculous to our friends
Business, home and religion are lifeless
without emotion. If our aristocratic
families would set about to make emo
tion fashionable they would accomplish
far more than by Investing money in
British Steamship
Strikes an Iceberg;
Damage is Slight
LONDON, May 28. The steamship
Royal Edward of the Canadian Northern
steamship line, collided with an iceberg
110 miles east of Cape Race while on Its
voyage from Montreal to Avonmouth
The captain tn a wireless message to
the owners today, described the Iceberg
as a very large one and said that the
steamer struck It end on, while going
"dead slow" in a dense fog.
The steamship's stem was twisted by
the blow. The captain declared the dam
age was not serious, but It would be
necessary to dock on Its arrival In En
A later message says the Royal Edward
Is taking no water, but has been brought
to a stop in the fog. Neither of the
messages Is dated,
Militants Shout
"Shoot the King'
LONDON. May 25-Shouts of "Shoot
the king" filled a hall lit, which a meeting
of the Women's Social and Political
union, the militant suffragette organiza
tions, was held this afternoon. Every
mention of King George's name was
greeted with angry derision and prolonged
Mrs. Mildred Ella Mansel, who served
a term of Imprisonment for breaking
windows at the war office, presided at
the suffragette gathering. She alluded
to the scenes at Buckingham palace on
Thursday when fifty-seven suffragettes,
Including Mrs. Rinmellne Pankhurst,
were arrested at the park gate and de
clared both the royal name and the royal
office had been disgraced.
Burns' Sleuth Held in Kansas City
not Jbager to Return to Omaha.
Sleuth Who Jnmpert Ilnll In Clilrago
Said lie Was Working for
flnrns nnd Ilarns for
Dally Nevrs.
Frank M. PJckard declared Psturdsy In
nansas City following his arrsst on a
charge of attempted bribery that h would
fight extradition to the end. but that if
Drought back to Omaha he would tell all
ne Knows and "take some more with him
to the penitentiary."
Ho made this assertion In a long "Inter
view" given to a chauffeur who pretended
to be a newspaper reporter following his
arrest Saturday.
xte admitted that he was a Burns de.
tective, but declared he was employed In
a "bank case" In Omaha and had nothing
,10 ao witn any bribery. The attempted
sale of smoke consumers here was a ilda
line, ne declared,
Pickard Hrncly (o Tell All.
m. result of willingness to talk
manifested by PIckara, who was In tho
employ of the Dally News In Omaha and
who la charged by County Commissioner
John C. Lynch with having attempted to
bribe him, Mr. Lynch was enabled to re
turn rrom Kansas. City yesterday with
.uiuiun uuunnauon ana with a
complete knowledge of Plckard's past and
tecent history.
"If Pickard la brought back to Omaha
tne uums-Dally News gang will not
make any more fun of that penitentiary
threat," declared Commissioner Iiyneh.
'Tlckard Is ready to tell all he knows to
save nimaslf,"
ncnara was arrested early Saturday
aiiernoon in Kansas City. He had met
- uustafson, head of the Burns-Kan
sa agency In a hotel a short tlma
previously. He had spent Friday nt
uustafson's office, but kept away fintur.
aay oecause he expected to be arrested.
In Jail Orer Knnday.
Judge Clark fixed his bond at 12,000 and
Pickard made strenuous efforts to avoid
staying over Bunday in Jail. His ball was
not arranged, however, until late In the
evening, and since the Judge could not
De located Pickard remained In Jail until
this morning when, It Is expectedhe will
be released by the court. A surety com
pany will furnish his bond.
According to Pickard, he Is 4 years of
age and was a lawyer and real estate
dealer when he entered Burns' emnlov.
i one time ne was employed by tho
American Security company, lilt, home Is
oi3 Mount Gall street. Kansas City, and
he has a family there. His real name Is
Allan Pickard. according to his friends
In Kansas City. He told detectives that
he had Intended to leave the state Satur.
day night.
The fight to resist extradition will be
begun before the governor of Missouri at
Jefferson City Friday for which date
cKard's hearing has been set
k. Jfernard, another Burns detective
who "worked" In Omaha, Is the next
man to be arrested if the local authorities
are able to locate him. Bernard. It 1.1
said, hss been "fired" by Burns and is
now at outs with his former employer.
The trouble arose In connection with his
work for the Dally News here. It Is re-
ported. Two others are also wanted.
Maloney ays Hansen Talked,
Chief of Detectives Maloney came back
from Chicago Sunday without T. G. Han.
sen, the Burns sleuth who had been ar
rested there for his share In the Daily
a .... w
jsews jod in Omaha. Hansen had Jumped
nis dsji, as was already reported, hut be.
NIAGARA FALLS) Ont . May 23.
After a conference today between the
mediators and the Mexican delegates, it
was announced that the progress of tho
mediation had reached a most satisfac
tory stage.
The difficulties over the manner of ln-
troduclng the land question Into the dis
cussion are being overcome and this
point will bo Inoluded In the scope of the
mediation program. This was stated on
the authority 6f one of the South Ameri
can enroya.
The diplomat pointed especially today
to the good feeling that has prevailed
between the American and Mexican dele
gates and is constantly growing ntronger.
Although there have been some differ
ences of opinion, each side has recog
nised the earnestness ot purpose ot tho
It was revealed also today that tho
discussion over tho land question had
not so much concerned the merits of any
plan for the nettling of Mexico's chief
economic difficulties as the relative Im
portance that should be attached to tha
question In drawing up a program for
the new provisional government.
Salute Is Misinterpreted.
MAZATLAN, Mexico, May 24.-Vlaj
Wireless to San Diego, May 2i.) A.
twenty-one minute-gun salute, fired by
tho American and Japanese warships In
tha harbor and by the federal fortifica
tions, was misinterpreted today by the
besieging constitutionalists as an attack;
on the city, Instead of a tribute to tha
late dowager empress of Japan. General
Obregon's batteries promptly opened a
spirited fire on the city, and a number
of sheila and a hall ot machine gun bul
lets fell In the streets.
The Huerta steamer Herrera success
fully ran the constitutionalist shore bat
teries today and landed two pieces ot
artillery and a quantity of provisions for
the besieged federal army.
However, provisions In tfca city are run
ning vary low and hunger has driven
many of tho poorer residents to theft.
IxMting Is Increasing alarmingly, and as
tha municipal authorities fled on the gun
boat Guerrero some time ago, the prob
lem of dealing with a horde ot petty
criminals Is added to the troubles of tha
federal military commander.
Vnqals Near Ilcvolt.
The gunboat Annapolis has been or
dered from Santa Rosalia to the Taqul
river in response to an appeal from tha
French colony at Santa Rosalia for a
warship to protect French and Ameri
can residents Hgalnst Yaqul Indians.
There are sixty-two Americans In tho
Yaqul valley. It Is said the Indians havo
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Thief Throws Fifty
Diamond Rings Into
Crowd of Newsboys
CHICAGO. May 25. A shower of dia
mond rings descended on a group of
newsboys In the downtown district ve.
terday. A Jewelry thief in cutody of two
officers waiting for the patrol wagon
suddenly Jerked two handful of ihe r'nga
irom ms pocKct and throw them over
his head, With wild shouts -if 'finder.
Is keepers" the newsboys throw them
selves on the diamonds and hldlns them
In sleeves and pockets fled in ull dire-.
Hons. Fifty rings, vnlued at 84,u00, wera
missing when Inventory was taker ,f tha
robbed Jewelry store. Two men were
surprised by police Just after they had
broken through the plate glass w nrtnw
of a diamond merchant. One escaped;
the other was taken. The newsies palh
ered around the patrol box wondorlug
what the man was arrested for when
suddenly he got his hand free und then
followed the diamond shower. Street
car conductors and taxlcab drivers Joined,
In the scramble. All the police picked up
was four rings.
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They're Comin9 Back! Who's Comin' Back?
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