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    THE BEE: OMAHA, MONDAY, MAY 2o, 1914.
Furnished Room.
S. MTH ST.. 702-Modern. welt furnished
front room; private tamlly. large lawn.
St'MMKR opportunity, front parlor room,
modern, airy, private family. Call tin
LOOK at 27oe Farnain St for cool, mod
ern rooms at roa sonable prices.
COOL, sleeping room. 498 N. 19th.
NO other roomers; pleasant room, very
cool; strictly modern; close In. D 90S5.
DOWN-TOWN district, well furnlsned.
cool rooms, reasonable. t24 8. 16th,
Apartment 12.
HARNEY 2401, modern front room, na
sonable. NEWLY furnished rooms; cool, airy; fine
ror summer, t an 405 so. asm avo.
I opplcton 2717, board optional Har.-3ST2
2423 Dodge, nicely furnished mod. rooms.
NOW READY at 107 N. SOth-Comforta-ble
room for summer, reasonable.
1D09 DOUGLAS ST. -Cool, airy, well fur
nlshed. LASDON COl'RT. 2240 Furnished rooms
for rent, large and finely furnished;
large porch and yard; bath. To first-
class people. Tel. Douglas 3fiG7.
STRICTLY modern, pleasant room, newly
furnished, good location. Call at ilu
So. 20th St.
OUTSIDE rooms, shady, mod. 1921 Cass.
620 NO. 18th Cool sleeping rooms.
Hotel mm .iptirtnicnta.
DODGE HOTEL Modern. P.sasonable.
JALIFORNIA. Hotel, lStu and California.
Weekly rates $2 and up. Douglas "0SX
HnnaekcpInK Rooms.
DOUGLAS ST., 2S14 Modern housekeeping
suite; gas and electric light furnished.
llouaea and Cottunrx.
3-horse van, 2 men. $1.2S per hour; moving
wagon, 2 men, $1.00 per hour. Household
goods stored, $2.00 per month. Special
rate for packing and shipping. Doug.
43SS and Doug. 37S5.
9 rooms, strictly modern, fine
corner, cool, every convenience,
owner's home. Call Harney 4853.
NEW 5-room cottage; strictly modern; on
car line. 1816 N. 17th St. Call Web. 101.
6 ROOMS, modern, 2611 Pierce.
1301 South 25th Ave.
Complete "for rent" list of houses,
apartments and flats on file at our office:
no charge whatever. Union Outfitting
Co, 16th and Jackson 8ts.
WE rent your houses tree of charge- No
Commission Realty Company. 316-3jO
Psxton Bldg., Omaha.
Nine rooms, n. w. corner, 33th and Dodge,
brand new and extra fine, will rent only
on yearly lease. . Reference required,
price 165.00 per month.
208-10-12-14 State Bank Bldg. Tyler 1536.
For Rent
Brick House
Four bedrooms, bath and linen closet
on second floor.
Vestibule, reception hall, living room,
dining room, kitchen, p'-ntry and lco
room on first floor Fr.ll cement base
ment with toilet, furniCe heat, gas and
electric lights; nearly new and first class
in every way, at 1511 S. 29th St., one block
irom wanscom park, near Park school,
cne block from car line. Tel. Harney 1509.
SIX-ROOM house, modern except fur
nace. 718 Hickory St
. moves, stores
ec snips household good& ulanos. D. 14M
movnn. nw r
shipped. ISth and Jackson Sta. Doug. 1515.
tl. C. Beed ExDi Co- furniture & piano
' -"c" moving. D. CH8. W. 2748.
617 N. 18TH ST.-3 rooms. Ha.-ney 6Uo4
12-ROOM modern houso with barn; hot
waier neat jus uarney st. inquire T,
J. O'Brien. H. 10&4. D. 1216.
(-ROOM modern house. 2713 Decatur St:
$23. Phone Harney 6432.
HoUSGS ,n a" PaCts of the city.
QUUHtja crelgh Sons & Co.. Bee Bldg.
U.50-Brlck. 130 S. S5th St.. just north of
ca.rna.rn. uwner, itamge Bldg.
Phone Douglas 222L
6-ROOM modern cottage, 260S N. 27th 6t,
$20. Call Webster 7L
We have a complete list of all houses
apartments and flats that &rt fnr rn
This list can be seen free of charge at
vnmuq van or OioraKe -Q.. s. 16th bt
WE rent your houses free of chra m
Commission Realty Company,
rttXlQH .mug,, umoiiB.
5-ROOM cottage, modern except heat. 3119
auraeue; m montn. Webster 3S9S.
6 ROOMS, all modern, nearly new, to de-
slrable tenant Call Harney 6917.
7-ROOM modern hrlelt flat vmnn, ,,,., i
3113 Leavenworth. 6-room cottage, gj
ou mi numey dooc.
5-ROOM. part modern. $12. w. ISIS.
6007 Military Ave., new, modern, 6-room
rem nco irom now un June 1.
Call Benson 155-W.
6-R,, 536 So. 24th Ave., newly painted, mod.
lunuitc, tiuou yarn; Close In.
HASTINGS & HAYDEN. 1614 Harney St
2222 Clark. 3 rooms. 210.
2608 Hamilton, 6 rooms, $14.
4401 Farnam, 7 rooms, modern. $25.
1903 Capitol Ave., 11 rooms.$50.
iuuAm, xiranoeis ineater Bldg.
NEW 7-r. house, strictly mod. 1725 S. 11th.
BEAUTIFI'T. RI'Vn a i nr
rive rooms down, two upstairs: $26.50
iiiumii. namiuon.
FRANK CARBY-Harney 1297.
Stores and Offices.
1SU FARNAM ST.-3.000 square feet; ltf
, P-rpam St. 1,800 square feet; 1W7-1STO-1811
Farnam St (baaeroent). 8.000 square
feet, both Farnam St and alley entrances;
abundant light; steam heat
THQ3. V. HALL. 433 Ramga Bldg. D. 7406.
Wholesale or
, N. W. corner 9th and Jones Sta. Build
ing Is 66x132 feet with trackage.
Over 50,000 Square Feet of
Floor Space.
Five stories and basement Good steam
heating plant and a large freight ele
vator, will make lease for one, two or
three years.
1506 Dodge St
$5 DOWN. $5 monthly, buy 40 acres grain,
fruit. Poultry, land .near town, southern
Missouri. Price only $225; excellent bar
galn. Box 425. Carthage. Mo.
FARMS for sate; $5 down. $5 monthly.
buys 40 acres; good timber land near
town. Texas county. Mo.; price $300; per
fect title. J. B. Jarrell. Mt Vernon. 111.
FARMS for sale; $S down. $5 monthly.
buya 40 acres; good timber land near
town. Texas county, Mo.; price $200; per
feet title. J. B, Jarrell. Mt Vernon. Ill
FOUND-iJO-acre homestead In settled
neighborhood; fine farm land; not Tsind
hills; cost you $200. filing fees and all? J.
A Tracy. KlmbalL Neb.
EJSHTy acre' ,3a an acre- down and
i ,22 ar month-no Interest. Fine farm
land. J. A. Tracy. Kimball. Neb.
BOO Line Railway grant lands In Wis
consin. If Interested, address N Emer
sen. Metropolitan Bldg, Minneapolis.
Farm Lands
From $15 to $75 per acre.
Aro the equnl of any in the
United States that are selling
from $150 to $300 per acre.
These lands can be bought
on easy terms.
Minnesota's 1913 corn
crop, 40 bushels per
aero, stands first of
all states in the union.
Published in the
Minneapolis, Minn., March 29 to
April 4. A 2c stamp will bring it.
FOR real bargains, largo or small, farms
In Minnesota and near the twin cities,
write for list. Fred Mohl, 511 Capital
Hank Bldg., St. Paul. Minn.
Smith llnknta,
WE WANT TO TELL you all about our
deeded Indian lands; title directly from
U. S. Preferable to homesteads. Rich,
black soil; no stone, fine soft water; one
crop of flax pays for land. Write today
for 36-page booklet llartung Land Co.,
Room 8, McLaughlin.
Havo lands In southeast Texas Irom
which can bo raised two to four crops a
year. Will exchange for ranch In eastern
or central Nebraska.
924 Omaha National Bank Bldg.
IMPROVED 160-a. Emmons Co., N. DaK.,
In crop, to exchange for residency In
Omaha; might assume some lncumbrinia
if good. This Is a real farm and A. No. 1
T raver Bros.,
Phone Red 472. 705 Omaha Nat. Bank Bid.
320 ACRES raw land In Hitchcock
county, subject to a mortgago of 32,900.
Will trado equity for good threshing
rig. Arthur Soss, Seward. Neb.
Found at Last
A Market Place t7yrtPD
business. You buv. kpII
Is whero the BUYER can make a selec
tion at prices and terms to suit, for Just
what you want BECAUSE our no COM
MISSION plan to everybody brings us
the best bargains to be found anywhere.
Don't hesitate, but call or write for our
registration plan. It brings quick results.
FOR Exchange, for San Francisco or
-,,,,. , i'iutcuf, iwu iuib on at.
west of .Mth St.. South Omaha. Address,
J. M. Caldwell. 630 Halght St., San Fran
Pianos for othor musical lnstru'tr. D. 2017.
PIANOS for cement work; painting, paper
hanging. 207 Old Boston Store. D. 2017.
If .you want to buy a property or busi
ness come to us. Or if you want to sell
a .property, pr ..buslneaa coma . to .us, be
cause nobody, pays a commission. .
Come in and get our plan of displaying
and advertising every kind of property
and business. It means quick service.
Call or write today for our plan.
316-330 Paxton Bldg.,
Omaha, Neb.
1100 to $10,000 made promptly. F. D.
Wead. Wead Bldg.. JSth Rnd Farnam.
WANTED City loans nd warrants.
W. Farnam Smith & Co., 1320 Farnam.
ROf. CITY LOANS, Bemls-Carlberg Co.,
u 110-312 Brandels Theater Bldg.
FIVE per cent farm loans. Ontlnni n.
ments and annual- Interest WM, Mo
CORMICK. 1201 Farnain.
CITY and farm loans, 5, 5V4. i per cent
J. H. Dumont &.Co.. 1003 Farnam Omaha.
SEE us first It you want a farm loan
United States Trust Co.. Omaha. Neb.
WANTED City loans. Paters Trust Co.
MONEY on hand for city and farm loans.
H. W. Binder. City Nat Bk. Bldg.
CITY property. Largo loans a specialty.
W. H. Thamas. 228 State Bank Bldg.
OMAHA homes. East Nebraska farms.
101G Omaha Nat Douglas 271S.
REED Abstract Co., oldest abstract
office In Nehraaka. 206 Brandels Theater.
KERR Title Ouarnntee and Abstract Co .
a modern abstract office, .aoa So. 17th
St Phone Doug, 5487.
5-room, new. mod. bungalow: 1716 1st
2Sth St.. $2,350. $300 cn.h 1,19 N-
,kroonl; Blondo; must be sold; $1,500;
$300 cash. Phone D. 3607. .w.
Calkins & Co.
1313 City National Bank Bldg.
$7,500 One of the best
classy looking houses in Dundee,
located high and slghtlv on a fine
corner lot, not far from car line.
$7,250-DUNDEE-An extra, well bijiR 8-
.' ." v nea-ea home on
Capitol Avenue. This is the last
word in modern arc-ut? Hure. it A very fine home, eight rooms,
u,7"' "i every .wan, has hot
water heat, extra flna condition
and located on a vory good cor
ner, only one block off West Far
nam car Una xrioh 1 , ...
,500-Field club. Very fine oak and ma-
nueaiiy unisn, -room house, full
lot, garage and driveway, house
about 4 years old. Owner has left
oitv Rnd wants an offer. GET
$7,260 Just south of Hanscom Park on
Boulevnrri. TO ft
with 7-room house. Finished In Vi
sawed oak, white enamel, ha rig
living room with fire place, din
ing room and kitchen, four nice bed
rooms, tile bath and sleeping poroh.
garage and driveway. One of the
best buys in this district
My Dwelling
132 North 39th St.
S. S. Cnrtis,
Butler Deolares Law Making Lincoln
Fiscal Center Stumbling Block.
Hnstrrn Pnrchnser Object in the
Chsime nml Tlirer-I)ny Delay
Knrti inhered by Trnnsfer
from Xrw A'orU City.
Becnuso tho last legislature passed a
law making Lincoln the fiscal agency for
Omaha, thereby incurring a delay of
thre days and the loss of Interest and
exchange. Now York bond buyers do not
bid as they onco did for Omaha bonds,
according to a statement issued by City
Commissioner Dan B. Butler of the de
portment of finances and accounts, who
objects to the fiscal agency being trans
ferred from New York to Lincoln.
Further, tho city commissioner objects
to tho lato legislature's law giving tho
county clerk of this county 10 cents for
each bond registered and 25 cents for each
bond certified.
"This law. pawed to pad the fees of the
county clerk, has forced us to pay out
as high as $900 in fees tn tho county clerk
In one batch,'' SRld Butler. "We will ask
tho leglslaturn to repeat this law and to
nlso repeal tho law making Lincoln the
fiscal agency of this city."
Commissioner Butler will also petition
the next legislature to pass a law exempt
ing from taxation Omaha bonds held In
this state. This, ho says. Ib to encourage
Investments In home city bonds.
Tho commissioner will nlso ask that
tho plan of assessment be changed so
that tho result will show "a fair cash
valuo Instead of one-fifth."
lteninK for I'hnnitrs.
Reasons why these chnnges are neces
sary are set forth by Commissioner But
ler In a statement as follows:
Bonded Indebtedness included In 5 per
cent statute limitation:
Paving (Intersection) $ 249,000
Intersection 700,000
Sower 1,K3,000
Renewal paving 573,000
Rcnowal sower 770.000
Total $ 3.S15.000
Bonded indebtedness ex
cluded from 5 per cent statute
Funding $ 500,000
Enplno house 230,000
Park 200,000
Water 7,500.000
City hnll renewal 125,000
Funding renewal 95,000
Fire engine houso re
newal 50,000
Public library renewal.. 100,000
Park renewal .' 400,000
Special assessment re
newal 1,210.000- 10,416,000
Grand total $13,770,000
"As tho abovo tabulation shows, the
city bonded debt, covered by 5 per cent
statute limitation, nmounted to $3,355,000.
"Actual city property valuation for 1914
tax levy, $181,993,015; d per cent, $9,099,050.75.
Limit Not Reached.
"The above figures show that tho limit
of bonded indebtedness of the city of
Omaha over-reaches tho present debt by
$5,754, C50.75. Consequently we have a long
way to go before reaching tho limit, which
limit wo aro satisfied wo shall never
reach. In order to prove our statement,
we quoto a portion of tho Nebraska
statutes covering Omaha's bonded debt:
"Chapter 46 Artlclo 4383, Section 2S1.
'Limitation of Bond Issue. The bonded
Indebtedness of the city exclusive of dis
trict grading bonds, district improvement
bonds, public library bonds, renewal
bonds, bonds Issued for the purposo of
funding or taking up and making pay
ments of tho floating indebtedness nnd
liabilities of the city, or bonds for the
erection or purchase of a city hall, audi
torium or fire engine houses, or the con
struction or purchase, or for the con
struction and maintenance of subways
nnd conduits, or for park purposes, or
for tho purchase, construction or appro
priation of gas works, water works, elec
tric light plants or power plants, shall
not at any time exceed in the aggrcgato
5 per cent of the actual value of the tax
able property within the corporate limits
of the city, such actual value "to bo de
termined by reference to the assessment
of property In such city."
"The above statement speaks for itself
nnd further explanation is unnecessary.
Wo admit that the present system could
be modified to our advantage, but rules
laid down by the last legislature have
tied our hands to such an extent that
bonds offered for sale now find very few
prospective buyers, for the following rea
sons: "First, fiscal agency having been trans
ferred from New York to Lincoln, Neb.
"Bond houses which havo heretoforo
bid and purchased our loans (at a pre
mtum) now stato that the fact of tho
principal and Interest being payable at a
place which would entail a loss of three
days' interest and exchange, makes It
hard for them to find a ready market.
VNo fund In existence for the redemp
tion of the principal of general bonds.
"Another feature is that our bonds aro
"An analysis of our bonded debt dis
closes the fact that about 62 per cent Is
composed of renewals.
Objections to Small Bonds.
"As to making our bonds In smaller de
nominations and offering at popular sub
scription, the following objections could
be raised:
1. Bonds are not tax exempt In our
2. Under-subscrlptlon might result In
leaving a broken lot on hand and which
might not be readily disposed of.
Again. If proceeds were needed t
stated time, no assurance could be had
inai me saie wouia do completed.
Further, an opinion as to thn leirni Ki
ef, the Issue would have to be furnished
by the city at a cost of from $500 to $1,000,
and If payable from the nrocnedii nr th.
Donds, might ralso tho question of whether
8-room apartment flat, located at 2027-29-31-83-35-37
and 39 N. 21st St.
16 3-room apartment, bringing in a
rental of $112 per month.
Will be sold to the highest bidder Mon
day. May 25, at 2 p. m. sharp.
halo to take place at above location.
Terms: 4 cash, balance 3 years at 6
per cent.
Title perfect
Don't fail to attend the sale.
DOUD AUCTION CO., Auctioneers.
(-ROOM bungalow, large clothes closet
wia pantry; lot 50x13s., fruit and shrub
bery Webster 2621.
Six rooms and bath sun room, stair
.way to att'r modern In eery respect
Terms. Phon6 Webster 3006.
the bonds were not sold at less than par.
"First. Mako New York the fiscal agency.
Bonds and coupon would then become
New York exchange to banks outside of
New York.
"Second. Create a bond redemption fund
and levy annually $100.(W. In years when
no bonds mature, this fund could be In
vested In our own warrants, thereby sav
ing Interest and Increasing, by such In
terest, the bond redemption fund
"Third. Make our bonds tax exempt
when held In this state.
Mako depository banks deposit city
bonds as security for deposits. In lieu
of personol or Indemnity bonds.
"Fourth Mako our bonds reglsterable
as to principal and Interest at option of
"Fifth. Change plan of assessment so
that the result will show a fair cash value
Instead of one-fifth, thereby making our
bonds legal Investments for savings and
postal banks. In all eastern cities, from
which they are now barred, solely through
tne present plan.
"It Is not a rcdlt that Is responsible
ror the small number of buyers, but the
way tho law points, by which the sale
should bo governed. Wo can call It
nothing but purely selfish Interest that
led tho last legislative body to pass a
law governing tho same of Omaha bonds,
and we hope that the necessary remedy
wm bo taken enro of In tho near future.
Celebration Friday
at Oreigkton Arts
Next Friday. May 29, will bo May day
nt Crelghton arts college and elaborate
plans have been mado for a fitting cole
brotlon of the occasion.
The day s program wilt begin with
chapel exorcises under the auspices of the
students sodality at S;30 a. m. Tho bli
event of tho day will tako place at 10
a. m. on tho enmpus near the observa
tory. when memorial exercises will be
held and tho senior class of tho academic
department will present tho university
with a slxty-foot flagpole.
Many Invitations have been Issued and
a largo number of alumni, students and
friends of tho school aro cxpectod to
run the total attendance to over the 1.000
mark. Mayor Dahlman -will bo present
ana take part In tho ceremonies. Ed.
ward P. Smith, local attorney, wilt bo
the orator of the occasion.
The flag will be formally presented
by Leo Bevoridge, secrctarj'-treosurcr of
the senior high school class. Charles F.
Bongardt, class leader nnd class presi
dent, will read an original poem entitled
"Tho Flag." A band will be present and
will play "The Star Spangled Banner."
Tho observatory will be decorated for
the occasion.
A number of tho members of the Grand
Army of tho Republic will be Invited and
quite a sprinkling of old veterans will
be on hand. General Grcnvlllo M. Dodge
of Council Bluffs. In reply to an invita
tion to bo present and tako part In tho
affair, expressed regret at his inability
to do so because of a previous engage
ment. Tho names of the members of the
senior class, about fifty In all, will bo
Inscribed on a plate which will be co
mented In the foundation of the flagpole.
Arts Commencement
Exercises June 17
The annual commencement flay exer
cises of the Crelghton Arts college will
be held Juno 17, and includo a varied
program, beginning with solemn high
mass at St John's church, west of the
arta college building, at 8:80 a. m. Fol
lowing the celebration of the mass will
come the nnnual baccalaureate address
to the graduates of the college depart
ment. Following the baccalaureate services,
the students will gather on tho campus,
whero the senior class of the college sec
tion will present the university with a
large fountain, which Is now being in
stalled In front of the main entrance to
the university. The gift consists of a
large round basin surmounted by lion
heads, from whose mouths pour streams
of water. The presentation speech will
be made by Lawrence Bushman, presi
dent of tho senior class. Paul Burke,
member of the class, will read an orlgnlal
Next In order Is the annual commence
ment day program In honor of the aca
demic senior class, forty odd In number.
In the university auditorium.
Tho annual commencement exercises
for the senior class of the college depart
ment, nineteen In all, will be held at tho
Brondels theater In the evening. A
speaker for this occasion Has not yet
been announced.
Wolf Has Lease
On Midland Hotel
Persistent rumor, neither affirmed nor
denied by the Interested parties. Is to
the effect that a syndicate of Omaha real
estate men are negotiating for a long
time lease on the Myers-Dillon corner at
Sixteenth and Farnam streets.
Coming on the heels of numerous other
important real estate deals, Including the
sale of the new gTaln exchange slto, the
leaao for ninety-nine years of the S. S.
Curtis corner at Eighteenth and Harney
streets to Harry A. Wolf for a family
hotel, and the lease of the Midland hotel
building to Mr. Wolf for twenty years,
the lease of Sixteenth and Douglas
streets to J. L. Kennedy, the proposed
leaoe of the Myers-Dillon corner Indi
cates a gratifying situation among local
real estate men In regard to the future
of downtown property.
Mr. Wolf's two leases were recorded
Friday, tho Midland hotel lease not hav
ing been made public before that time.
He Is a one-fourth owner of the hotel
building, and secured a lease of the other
three-fourths, on a valuation basis of
$100,000. W. F. Callahan and wife are
the owners.
The work of a former Omaha man,
Gutzon Borglum, now famous as an artist,
furnishes the subject of two articles in
the current World's Work, one of them
strikingly Illustrated with sketches of his
statuary, with some pictures also of
"Borgland," his country state near Stam
ford, Conn., where, it may be said, his
sister, Mrs. Alfred Darlow of Omaha, ex
pects to pay him a visit next month.
Minister Praise This Lnxatlre.
Rev. If. Btubenvoll, Allison. Ia . praises
Dr. King's New Life Pills for constipa
tion. Best for liver and bowels. 20c. All
druggists. Advertisement
The Persistent and Judicious Use o'
Newspaper Advertising Is the roa to
Business Success,
The seventh annual meeting of the
Mississippi VaMev Historical association
will begin Tuesday st Orand Forks. N. V ,
and continue until Thursday evening
Tromlnent educators and students of his
tory and historical research throughout
the entire MlRshslppI valley wilt gather
for the sessions, which will be held Jointly
with those of the State lllstortenl society
of North Dakota and the hlstorsa and
social science section of the Nortrf Da
kota Educational association.
Clarence S, Paine of Lincoln, sn officer
of the Nebraska Historical society, Is
secretary-treasurer of the Mississippi val
ley organization.
"When Knighthood Was in Flower"
to Be Presented by Graduates.
Receipt Will fi Townrdu Ituyluu n
Clnnn Mrmnrlnl from lllnh
School ('Ins of lnrtrri
Fonrteen, With a cast Including fifty-four of Its
members, lif an elaborate staging and
costuming, the class of 1911 of the
Omaha High school will make an am
bitious effort In presenting Hester's dram
atization of Majors' popular novel, "When
Knighthood Waa in Flowor," Friday
evening, at the Brandeia theater.
Since the first senior class play, pre
sented four years ago, the custom has
grown In favor both with tho general
public and with the graduating class.
H Is not only an expression of class
spirit, but also a means of raising money
by which a class memorial may bo loft
to tho school. Tablets and pictures have
thus been added to the valuable collec
tion of tho high school.
The ronlantlo charm of "When Knight
hood Was In Flower," the enterprise of
the class presenting the play, the talent
of the leading performers point to an
amateur performance of unusual promise.
Sceno In ICiikIIsU Court.
The scene Is laid at tho English court
In the time of Henry VIII, and later at
the French court. Tho plot centers about
the love affair between Brandon, captain
of the Royal Guard nnd favorite of Henry
VIII, and Princess Mary, tho very beau
tiful and no less wilful sister of Henry.
Disobedient to her brother's command
to wed Louis, the old French king, Mary
elopes with Brandon, only to bo over
taken by tho Irate Henry, who makes
tho Instant death of Brandon, tho price
of her further roslstanco to the French
marriage. In nn Intensely dramatic fare
well scene, Mnry plights her faith to
Brandon. At tho French court, though
somewhat protected by her English re
tinue, she finds herself tntrlgued against
by the amorous Dauphin. Another dra
matlp moment occurs when tho French
king lies dying. His death In tho mo
ment of Mary'a peril. Brandon, without,
awaits Mary's signal to rescue her. Be
sides the spirit nnd dash of romantic
situations, the play ha tho attraction
of historical characters, such as Cardinal
Wolsey and Buckingham, and offers op
portunity for flno stago effects' and bril
liant costuming.
The performance promises well In re-
hearsaL Wallace Gerrio Interprets his
king as the Irascible and changeable
Henry of history. Mario Rowley plays
the rolo of Princess Mary with much
spirit nnd charm, while Ellsworth Moser
has a volco and presence that fit him
admirably for the role of tho romantic
Twenty-fivo creditors of the J. J. De-
right company, which derived Its name
from the late J. J. Derlght, who killed
himself, are named In an affidavit by
Victor B. Caldwell, of tho United Btates
National bank In district court.
The bank Is defendant In a suit brought
by the company to recover money held
In Its custody. The affidavit which Is
a part of the bank's defense, names ths
following cedltors:
T. II. Welrlck Flxturo company; Art
Metal Construction company; Ed Flake,
Talmago; Earl Ixnebcrger, Buperior;
Omaha Grain exchange; George Parker,
Omaha; R. G. Dunn and company, Her
ring, Hall & Marvin company; Man
ganese Steel Safe company; Schwab Safe
company; Syracuse Safe company; Steel
Fixture company; United States Motor
company; Oross Foible company; Tom
Parmalo, Louisville; Herman Metz,
Omaha; O. A. Rohrbaugh, Omaha; Red
Oak Implement company; J. Q. Adams,
Omaha; A. T. Austin, Omaha; E. A. Cau.
lln, Cherokee, la.; I. F. Bloom, Omaha;
Matheson Automobile company; Waverly
company, and Bert W. Shryock, Omaha.
Sixty-six children, boys and girls, aver
aging 7 years of age, practically all pupils
at St. John's parochial BChool, will take
their first communion at St. John's
church this morning at S o'clock moss.
According to Father T. J. Livingstone,
S. J., who has charge of tho parochial
school, thts Is an unusually largo class
considering the youthfulness of its mem
bers. Father Livingstone will deliver a short
address to the students, following which
he will give first communion.
A new home for the Iota chapter of the
Phi Rho Sigma fraternity of the Uni
versity of Nebraska Is being planned by
Floyd D. Willis and will be erected on
the northeast corner of Forty-second
street an?l Dewey avenue, Just across thb
street from tht, local medical school. Tho
new structure will cost tn the neighbor
hood of $14,000 and the lot upon which It
la to go up was bought for $3,000.
The new chapter house Is to be ready
for occupancy October 1.
Two Iota near Ninth street and Capitol
avenue have been sold to John D. Wear
and others for a consideration around
$30,000. The lots are trackage property.
one, 120 feet on Ninth street and sixty-
six on Capitol avenue, while the other
has a frontage of nlxty-stx feet on Ninth
street and extends baek 132 feet Ths
sale waa made by John L. McCague &
Persistent Advertising is the Sure Road
to Business Success.
Two Youngsters Completely Hidden
by Dense Growth of Forage.
Fnrmer rar Wrllflect Finally I.o
cntrs MIltiK Ito liy CettlfiK on
Top of llnnar nml Loo kin ir
Oi rr Fnrui.
From Wellfleet. In southern Nebraska.
right In the heart of tho alfalfA belt of
the state and along the Burlington, come
the story of two children of F. N. Rut
-iKn naving ieen lost for six houM In
an alfalfa field.
The story of the Rutledgo children and
their expertenco Is Vouched for bv Gen.
eral Passenger Agent Wakoley of the
Burllngtnn, ho having received a letter
irom tho company's agent nt Wellfleet
giving the details.
According to Mr. Wakeley nnd the let-
ter. the Rutledgo family lives on a large
farm. Two of tho children, boys, aged
C and S years, respectively, Monday morn
ing wandered nwny from the house. Tho
motner did not note their absence until
noon. Then she notified tho fathrr. who
was nt work In a cornfield on a portion
of thn farm n mllo or so from tho house
Search was nindo for the youngsters, but
no trace of them could be foijnd, Thry
were seen to go Into the nlfalfliVflelil of
some 320 acres, but tho forsge plant had
grown so rapidly that It had obliterated
all trace of tho path they had made In
passing through the vegetation.
An alarm waa sounded-throughout tho
Rutledgo neighborhood and soon fifty to
sovcnty-flvo men nnd boys wrro search
ing for tho lost children. They beat tho
field for a couple of hours, going on foot
and on horses, but to no avail. Finally
a man, moro resourceful than the others.
climbed to tho roof of tho houso and off
In tho dlstnnco ho noted a commotion In
tho field, the alfalfa stalks waving as
though being dlstubed by something try
ing to break through tho tangle. Iavlns
his perch, ho mounted a horse and rode
In tho direction of tho disturbed forago
plant. There ho found the lost children,
completely exhausted. They had been In
the field moro than four hours and had
been unablo to find their way out
Rooney Scorched
Fooling Firemen
"Rooney, tho steeplojack." Is a nunlnt
character, who Is a a familiar sight In tho
vicinity of the Eleventh street pollco sta
tion. Tho fire house, a block away on
uoogo street. Is full of practical lokem
A steel bench they have outside tho sta
tion is attached to a strong spark coll,
which Is controlled by a button Insldo the
Yesterday Rooney sat down on thn
bench. Ho didn't sit up right nwav. an
do other Innocents, and tho firemen were
Late In the evening Rooney appeared at
the police station and asked s Urreona In
dress some painful burns, and he ex
plained how he got thorn.
'Well, why didn't you Jump when vou
felt the first shock?" Inquired one aur-
"Yls, 'n be a qulthcr 'n lit thlm cocka
lorums have tho laugh on IloonoyT No
sor! I schtuck to 'spite 'em I."
Mr. Rooney won't oil on any more
benches, or anything else for that matter,
for some tlmo to come.
Swedish and German
Societies to Sing
A grand concert will be given Thurs
day evening by the Swedish nnd German
Singing societies at the Swedish audi
torium, Sixteenth and Chicago streets.
An extensive program has been prepared
and besides vocal selections a number
of Instrumental numbers will be given
Persistent Advertising la the Sure Road
to Business Success.
Damenchor to Present
Japanese Operetta
"Princess Chrysanthemum," a Japanese
operetta In three acts, will be presented
by the Damenchor "Lyra" at the Ger
man Home Wednesday evening, Tho
Mozart orchestra, under the direction of
Henry J. Bock, will assist In tho pre
eentatlon. The cast of characters will
be aa follows:
Princess Chrysanthemum
Mfss Marguerlto Stoltcnberg
To-To Miss Dora Gloe
Vum-Yum Miss Blanche Vancura
Du-Du Mls Wllhelmlna Brondes
Tu-LIp Miss Irene Stoltenberg
Fairy Moonbeam Miss Irene Busch
Perfect Safety
Don't worry about baby burning himself when you have a
.New Iteration.
The heat is at all the burners. This meant a safe and eco
nomical stove, and a cool kitchen.
No waste, no soot or athet.
I, 2, 3 and 4 burner stylet, and new ttove with fireleea
cooking oven.
All hardware and general stores.
Perfection Oil Gives Best Results
Emperor What-for-Whl Charles K Burke
Prince Po-Tru Miss Hael True
Prlneo So-SII Miss Laura Peters
Top Not Bdward B. Brattot
Saucer-Ityes Miss Margaret Kinder
fprlteH of the Night, Courtiers, Popu.
lace. Fairies, Attendants, etc.
For thr Stnmsrti nml Liver.
I. N. Stuart West Webster, N. T..
writes: "I have used Chamberlain's Tab
lets for dlfordera of tho stomach and
liver off and on for the past flvs years,
and It affords me pleasure to state that
I hnvo found them to be Just as repre
sented. They aro mild in tbelr action
and tho results have been satisfactory.
I value them highly." All dealers. Advertisement
The Studebaker
S I X is economi
cal in fuel be
cause it has the
best motor con
struction. Itn small - born, long-Rtroko
motor, with 3x5inch cyl
motor. with 3 V4 x B-Uoh
cyllndors, uses less gaBollna
than largor "Four". engines.
Economy of tires la equally pro
nounced, owning to lightness
and ev.en balance.
Only the most accurate manufac
turing processes can produce
that balance,
Studebaker BIX embodies 8,000
manufacturing' operational the
combined results of B.00Q sep
arate machines.
Our special steels receive two to
four heat treatments the most
They must withstand pressure up
to 160,000 poundi per square
We use 247 drop forging in the
Studebaker SIX. More than
In any other car.
It Is completely Tlmlcen equip
pedeven to the wheel hubs.
To the best values of the others.
It ndda many that no other
can give at any price.
These are only a few of the. rea
sons why the Studebaker SIX
outsells all other "Sixes."
They tell why Studebaker BIX
owners everywhere are enthu
nlasts. 2. O. B. Detroit
FOUR Touring Car.... $1030
SIX Touring Car f 1575
SIX Lnndeuu-Roadster S180J
SIX Sedan $2250
"35" Touring Car 1290
"35" Coupo $1850
Six-Passenger SIX ,....$1550
2429 Farnam Strco!,
Local Dealers
Buy It Because It's a Studebako
Oil Company