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    THE OMAHA StWIUY UI4K- MAT 10, 191 1.
4 A
Nebraska High School Debaters Who Meet at Lincoln Next Saturday
EmereonWirxicr' Wymoro
rHish School Students of Stitc to
T Meet in Annual Cantsst.
C K Hodaes Supoxxoe OjLynrLS.Tioniposs - Pirc
Ha-vvy TvocndlyMSCook W J)ox?crthy dtookey&alUvicw
"Winner In the Vnrloun IlUtrlntn Io
Tin In Contention nf proper
System of IlcBiiInt
the Trrists, .
. LINCOLN, Neb.. May 9.-(Spec!aU
The seventh' annual state debate of the
Tfebrasko. Hleh School Debating league
will be held In Memorial hall. University
, of Nebraska, next Saturday morning-,
itay 10 high school fete day betfnninic
at 10 o'clock sharp. In that forcmle
arena will ccmpeto twelve picked debat
er! representing the schools that have
won the championship honor In the
twelvo dlstr'cts In the contests that be
, can last February on the league ques
tion for the yean "rtosolvnd, That the
policy of regulating trusts la preferable
Tto the policy of dissolving; them."
i The program of the state debate la
given below. The order of (peaking was
determined by lot:
I Charles DsWItte Foster, Kearney (west
ern district).
Lynn J. Montross, Plerco (northwestern
George Troendly, McCook (southwestern
Paul Stowell, University I'laco (east
JWntral district).
, James Cornish, Droken How (west
Mtitral district).
ft Clarendon Kempton Hodges, Bupcrlor
Hsoutfcern district).
Sl Lloyd Worley. York (central district).
'dtri'" etnlUon Atk'nson (northern
J Michael David Nolan, Alliance (north-.
j Fgorothy 8lookeyIlellavucastem .Atin
U n?n,0.n .winter, wymoro (southeast-
i BBBHsHreU, I Ml 1 iiTT ii -4.," I t
jr.J.V1,"15.'61' Bnitle CroeU "fth cen
IJrai district). -nf
A Time of Speakl? v
Jf Each contestant will spaR:lwloa-geven
spmutes (except the first affirmative, who
6a eight and three m1nutes)in dlrecl
sSument and refutation and then four
minutes in rebuttal.
..Thtf Judges will be selected by the
jsres'deot of the league, I'rof. M. M.
(fogs, professor of rherorle In the unlver
Mty. and the district championship
'ichool. Theso Judges will award first,
lcond end third honors,
' One Experienced Debater.
'The representative of tho central dis
trict will be Loyd Worley of the York
tlgh school. Mr. Worley was born r
4gw, Neb., aid, before coming to York,
tended school at Weeplnr Water, Crete,
,i i
pdwmR.Si&Uion-Mttinson loydl'opl&y York.
Wymoro nnd Ashland. He wrts. a con
testant In the stato debate In 1910 as rep
resentatlve of the Ashland High tohool.
In the Central Nebraska Teachers' asso
ciation's' debate In 1911 he was awarded
third place. He. Is ii senior at York, Is
editor of tho school paper Tho Nubbin -and
has been a member of the scliool o
debating Uum for thrco years.
The eastern district will be represented
by Miss Dorothy Stookoy of the IJelU
vuo academy ant! Union High school.
.She Is tlje datmhtcr of Dr. 8, W. Stookey,
until recently provident of Dellovuo col
lute, She has passed the greater part )(
her Dcliool llfo at Deliovuc. 8h.n ranks
high as a scholar. This Is the first year
she' has taksfi i art In -ihtorscholastlc do
lallnK, being ft -member of- Hrllevup'a
team. In tVe last two SJti6t contests;
with Nebraska .City and South Omaha.
Itcprrsvnt Winning flohoiil.
The east-central district will bo repre
sented by Paul Stowell of the Unlvoraltv
.KMace illgh soljJbl. "ilo U a senior, di$m
I'lupiie nia, rugn rcnooi .course in uitee
years with an eet!lqnt( recjrd alp' a
scholar! Hr aa also 'been actlvo 'in
various llnun of school notlvlty. For twa
years ha has been a member of the clasa
debating team which won the lnter
class championship. Thta la his second
enr on the University Placo team In
Ihe league contest a team that has been
awarded nlno successive victories and
has been defeated but once.
The Atkinson High school nnd the
northern district will be represented by
Kdwln IL Btr&tton. Attending school
first In Missouri and then In Kansas, he
came' to Atkinson about ten years ago.
During his high school course he has
Paul Stow&ll'UmveMtyPUca
been an all-round leader In school activl-1 first year Battle Creek has been a mem
ties and Iiqh made i high record as A ber of the league. Mr. Dlttrlck has spent
scholar. He has been a member of the all his school life In the Battle Crook
foot ball team for thrfe years, has been
prominent In public speaking and has
been a leader for three years In debating.
As a scholar ho ranks umong tho very
best In the .senior duns.
t nnttle Crvek'n First Time.
The north-central dlstrlet will send to
the state debate Carl Dlttrlck of the
Battle Creek High school. This Is the
public schools except two years In e.
Uerman school. He la prominent In
school activities, has been very active in
debate work and Is a student of very
high rank. He Intends to take a college
course, ut the state university probably.
In mechanical engineering.
Tho Pierce High school will send as
representative of the northwestern dis
trict Lynn J. Montross. Before coming
jkodera Woodmen of America Will
. Celebrate Mothers' Day ..
Otorge Webber, Otto Llnde, Wm. Hunt
linger, Edward Kaiser, Wellington Frye.
Bandy Morrison, Chas. A. Tracy.
Tho committee In charge of this scrvt
vice are: B. A. Chappcll, Chris Motten
sen and James Hughes.
rauoh of the Odd Ketlotrn to llnvo
Annan! Session nt South Omaha
tiucies to Hold' Me
mortal Hervlcen.
Mothers' day Is to bo celebrated by an
appropriate program by Magnolia camp
"a 1,833, Modern AVoodnton of America
)(all, Twenty-fourth street and Ames ave
nue, Hunday afternoon. Henry F. Moy
nrs, consul of the camp, will preside. The
Urogram w:il consist of songs, prayer and
rwldrtMes as follows:
fChatrman Henry K. Meyers.
.Son-"Just Before the Battle. Mother,"
fngregatloo. .
' Prayer nev. Charles H. Fleming.
(f8olc"ltotk Me to 8lejei, Mother " Miss
Humphrey. ; . ' . r- .
(Address Judge W- W. ilabatlgh: -
5 Anthem First Methodist Episcopal
"Address Hev. Charles H. Fleming.
Kong- 'Tell MoUier I II Be There." Hirst
Itthodlst Kplscopal choir.
Benedictlon-Bev. F. N. Hess.
OBnnd Concert' ni A'lurrlcan Thentir,
Union Pacific lodge 'No," 17, Ancient
Order of United Workmen, band, wia
give an extended musical program at the
American theater Friday cvenlni. May is.
The program will consist of twelve num-
iters, besides tho United Brethren cho.r
?nale quartet, which will render a pro
ftM of several numbers. Up to date
q.bOO seats have been reserved and a tu:i
noun Is not doubtful. Several prominent
wlemters are slated to make a few io
marks regarding the succbs of the band
-snd the good music they have been ren
dprlng dvrlng the last thrio y.a s jf
their organisation. Programs will bo pub.
Jwhed In ten days. T cke'ts mny be ex
changed for reserved eaU after May .
Anclrut Order of United Workmen
Oats City lodge" No? SS will hold a May
Sirty Tuesday, for members and famlllss,
t the hall In "tne Swedish .auditorium,
. Union Pacific loJge'o. IT will hold a
h(jf inflation and Brother, tj. il. T. Jlle
Hn will be the. speaker of-the evening.
Seventeen hundred and seventeen mem
br for No. 17 is the cry ot the promo
tlon committee.
MEET Independent Order of Odd KellwiYs.
Tho annual Bcbekah district meetlni;
for the second district will bo held lri
Odd Fellows' hull, South Omaha, next
Friday afternoon and evening. The meet-
ing will be held under tho auspices of
Alpha Rebekah lodge ot South Omaha,
with Mrs. Thomas Qulloway, president
of the d'strlct association, presiding. A
splendid program has bcp prepared for
the occasion and n. large attendance la
expected for both the afternoon and even
ing sessions.
Mrs. Lucy A. rteed, d!od at Hebron
this stato. last Wednesday evening. It is
claimed that Mrs, Reed was the. oldest
living number of the Rebekah degrst In
the United etatcs, she having become a
member of the order at Pecatonia, III., In
1SJI and has been In continuous good
Standing ever since that date. The Re-
Dexan degree was not recognized as a
part of Odd Fultowshlp by the sover
elgn grand ledge until Mi, so tho
lodge that Mrs. Reed'' Joined was one;
of s. number of lodges organised outsldn
the Jurisdiction ot-.tho order. Mrs. Reed
was ii years of age at hor death and was
a "member of Progress Rebekah lodge No.
3) of-llttrpn.
Canton Kir ilUlard N?. 1 Installtd
the following officers last Wednesday
evening: W. O. Torrey, captain; J. R
Gilljany, lieutenant; Benjamin Dtmough,
ensign; Darius Hartaon. treasurer! C. M.
Coffin, clerk.
Omaha lodge No. 2 will have work In
the first degree next Friday night.
Samuel Jacobs an old-time membor qt
Omaha lodge No. ? IsrltUa'ly '111 at the
residence of bis daughter, 831 South
Twenty-econd alrfet. '
Walter Hoagland of North- Platto was
a Visitor at Omaha lodge No. 2 last Fri
day night.
Committees have been appointed by
all o.f the Omaha lodges to prepure for
a Jo-nt observance ot Memorial day.
Ruth Rebeksh lodge No, 1 will give
an entertainment nt Odd Fellows' hall
next Saturday evening.
Dannebrog lodge- No. S1G will put on
the second degree next Friday night.
loyal Yeoman tins been urged to attend
this dance, and It he or she cannot dance
should bring sotno provisions and help
this family, who are In dlro need. As this
Is the last dunco of tho season which is
open, to jLho public, Ben Prlcstman has
arranged u very attractive program of
music for tho evening.
Trllir of IIpii Ilur.
Mocca court No. 13 will have a class
for initiation Thursday evening. " All
members havo been Invited to attend.
ingtoh. but for
what purpose Is not
Peters Buvs Street
Gar for $50 Down
and $25 Every Month
"Jim" Peters, Lamonl, la., bought a
street car from an earnestly speaking
stranger at Tenth and Pierce streets at
the ridiculously low price and conven
iently easy payment plan ot 15) down and
(26 per month, without Interest.
Peters was .strolling around near the
defot ttndvwhHc" walking ne&r the car
house on South Tenth street was ac
costed by a ' gentlemanly looking fellow
who was Irrislstlbly talkatlvo. Ho took
tho visitor In the barn and uftor enum
erating tho cash receipts each vehicle
gathered In dally he declared that he
was a Boiling agent for tho company anu
that an especial "Iqw figure ot JoOJ was
bolng quoted on the conveyances.
Piters paid JW down and .signed a res
ulur receipt .and agreement to let 125 per
month ot the receipts go towards dim
inishing tho amount still due. The
stranger walked away and Peters went
back to the depot, itls good fortune kept
bobbing up In his nilnd and v(htn a car
went-by he stopped Jo watch It go south.
Polleomaiv.. linger noticed the fellow and I
was attracted to his cur.dslty In tho car
Pttera could not withhold his enthu
siasm any longer and ..walked, over to the
officer und vouchsafed with gasoonde
gusto that he had bought One bt "them ,
and that' from the coining nVornlng on he
was going to be on the easy roiad to
riches. ,
Unset, listened us long us he tould then
told J'aipra that he had already reallxea
hid riches In notvftegot.a.bje p;rience.
A resolution, passed by tho Board ot
County Commissioners., authorises em
ployment by tho county of Myron L.
Learned and Joseph T. Votava as at
torneys to defend the county In all litiga
tion made by Sheriff Felix McShane. The
Jail feeding suits comprise tho litigation
In question.
A suit for 2,93 In behalf of the estate
ot Ivan E. Sneltlng, who was killed In
an accident on the Union Pacific railroad
March 14. 1913. has been brought In dis
trict court. Snelllng was engaged In
caring for stock when he surtalned the
Injury which reeultcd In his death.
tv Derce be rllendej sfiitvl 1 Jlaiil;
VretAi. IZU fcial intcrrst b la
!.!) JvarOculorir la sutttnentatlua and
dlmte. This It his third year as mesu
br of the Pierce Jt'i.h school team. In
11)13 he materially helped to put the team
In tho final district debate against Ran
dolph. The Alliance High school, champion of
the northowestern 'district, will bo rep
resented by Michael Dayld Nolan. Ho
Is a senior with a high rank as scholar.
This Is-the third year that he has repre
sented AU'nnee In the contests of the
High School Debating league
Winn In First Year.
The speaker from the southern district
will bo Clarendon kempton Hodges of
tho Superior High school In which he Is
a Jun'.or. Born at Superior he has spent
his school life here. As a student he Is
one of the best In the school. He is ac
tive In general school affairs. This Is
his first year In Interscholostio debate.
Tho Wymore High school, leader In the
southeastern district, will send to the
state debate Emerson Winter. He Is
taking the German science course, but
has managed to take two years ot Latin
also. In all llnrs he Is an unusually
strong student nnd he Is looking forward
to a college course. He has been study
ing argumentation and debate since he
was In tho trnth grade.
The McCook High school and the south
western district will be represented by
George Troendly, a member of the Junior
class with an excellent record as a scholar.
He entered the- McCook High school on
graduating from the eight grade In a
rural school. He began work In argu
mentation and debate last fall and was a
member of tho team that won from Tren
ton and, from Oxford.
Another Experienced Debater.
The representative of the western dis
trict and tho Kearney High school will
bo Charles DeWltto Foster, son of
Charles E. Foster of Lena. He attended
sohool at QentervlUo. la., 41D02,-1S08; .a,t
Marysvlile. Mo., 190S-1911;.' 'North platto
High school, 1912-1913, and he has been
at tho Kearney High school for two
years 1911-1912 and this year. Ho ranks
high as a scholar. In athletics he Is also
Interested, winning the position of tackle
on the all-state team. He was a member
of the Kearney debating squad In 1911-
1912, in which year he was a member of
the argumentation class and represented
the sophomores In the debates, and tnls
year he was on the senior class team as
well as on the school team. He Intends
to be a lawyer.
Broken Bow's speaktr for the west
central district will be James Cornish.
His early schooling he secured In Dis
trict No. 73, Custer county, and he en
tered the Broken Bow school on complet
ing the eighth grade. He Is a member
ot the Junior class. Last year he began
the study of debating. As student he
ranks well up among the leaders of his
This institution is tho only ono
In tho central west with separate
buildings situated In their own
ample grounds, yet entirely dis
tinct, and rendering It possible to
classify cases. The one building
being fitted (or and devoted to the
treatment ot non-contagious and
non-mental diseases, no others be
ing admitted; the other Rest Cot
tage bolng designed for and de
voted to the exclusive treatment
ot select mental cases requiring
(or a time watchful care and spe
cial nursing.
V '
fraternal Order of Kairlea.
Benson Aerie No. 1S02, Fraternal Ordftr
f Eagles, wilt hold annual memorial ser
vices on Sunday afternoon at S o'clock
fet the Benson Auditorium, to the mem
pry of departed brothers as follows
Pert Chllds. Wm. Chadwell. Chris Jor.
ihuuen, papMurphivJ-vA. JCarroi, Joseph
Decker. J. E Dollon. Rudolph Bchults,
KntshtH nnd Lndlra of fteeurlty.
. Omeska- rounoll, Knights and Ladles of
Security, will, give a dance Monday even
ing at Myrtle- hall, corn Fifteenth and
Douglas streets. j , . '
Ilrotlirrhooil of Amerlcnn Veomrn,
" Women of Ihe Brotherhood of American
Yeomen will give a' benetit dance WednesV
day evening for the benefit of a' family
who are In destitute circumstances Every
Schmoller & Mueller's 55th Anniversary
victrola Oner
$1.00 DOWN
$1.00 a Week
Come on in,
fellows! It's
14 Dollar
Suit Week at
Benson & Thome's
Sizes for
Young "Men
and for
Men up to
42 stout
Three of New
York's foremost
tailors made these
suits especially
for this event
otherwise the
price would be
20 dollars
or thereabouts.
tilanV-Af. flnrl mnriT artifilftS fif filotMlLIP will
bo safe from moths, it kept in tho lower drawer of a Lnger
"Cedar-Lino" dresser or chiffonier. The cedar bottom has
a mild, pleasant cedar odor, which permeates tho whole
Luger "Cedar-Line"
Dressers and Chiffoniers
Cost you nothing extra for this feature. Yet
you save the cost of a cedar chest and the space
it takes up in your bedroom. When you see the
other Lnger features the attractive appearance
(a large varloty of woods and finishes in stan
dard, colonial and our new straight line styles),
the careful finish, the Tigid durable interlocking
construction, the easy-working draw
ers, etc., you will never be satisfied
with any but a Lugerv" Cedar-Line."
Your furniture dealer probably sells
tho Lnger "Cedar-Line." If not,
write us.
This Superb
Home Outfit
Complete, only
' ACmlral nrotison ot the Vnlted Statjs
navy, accompanied by Mrs. Uroneon, an j
on their way to Washington, coming I
from the Pacific coast on Union Pacific
Northwestern &. the Los Angeles
limited. The admiral will pass through
Omaha at 9.40 o'clock this evening,
stopping here (Ive minutes. It Is under
stood that he has been called to Wash"
We are going to place SO Outflta In
the homes of 50 responsible citizens on
the Easiest Terms Ever Offered,
Pay $1,00 in order to bind tho
burgnin Then $1.00 a Week.
These Terms Have Never
Been Equaled.
This Victrola, Style X,
with 10 doublo-fnced rec
ords, iO superb musical
selections, only
Victrola and Grafonola Headquarters.
1311-13 PARNAM ST.
In selecting an office location
keep in mind that the business
center is moving west.
"With the Court House, the new hotel, the City Hall, tho
Library, tho new Masonio building, two theaters and all kinds
of other business all west of 17th Street, there is no question
as to the future.
The Bee Building
offors tho best office location in Omaha for the present and
the future. "When the new Court House plaza is complete il
will bo a delightful and refreshing outlook.
Here are a few offices we can offer you now:
Three (fine offices, single or en suite, on. the fourth floor; '
north light; 300, COO or 960 square feet; will arrange partitions
and decorate to suit tenant; water, heat and modern electric
lights free. Prices on application.
Large corner room, fifth floor, with vault and water; also
adjoining rooms en suite if desired; 400 to 800 square feet, as
needed; north and east windows; 17th Btreet side of the
building; newly varnlahed and decorated; can be occupied at
onco 40.00, $02.50, $80.00
Fine east side room on sixth floor, with two private offices
and reception room; water, heat and light free; 320 square feet;
very desirable for lawyer, doctor, real estate, etc $30.00
Nice room on beautiful court, with vault, water and private
office; newly decorated; ready now, at $18.00
Other rooms ... $10.00 to $50.00
For offices applj' io tho Superintendent,
Eooni 103, TheBee Building Co.