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guests. The tablo was decorated with
, pink roses and smllax and strewn with
I candled rose leaves. The favors were
' streets. Tho hostess will be Mrs. E. J,
Webster-Beeson Wedding to Be
Large June Affair.
All Outdoor Clnlin to Open " Soon,
When Social nnd 'Athletic Bn
tertnlnmrntu Will He Ar-
ranged br Director.
Members of Bonekemper-Rokrbough Wedding Party
by Mesdames John MTaggart. Chirks
Johnston, Charles Everron and Mrs. J
V. Dlmlek. Mrs. Thomas Falconer was
the guest of the club.
Farewoll Lunohoon.
Mlse Jwsle Krucger gave a. ros lunch-
tiny flower baskets filled with fern leaves
and rosebuds, Ice cream being also servod
In the form of pink roses with rose stems.
Columbian Circle.
The Columbian circle will give their
mxt entertainment Wednesday afternoon
at their hnll, Twenty-second and Locust
Moguls Entertain
The Mogul fraternity held a mode trial,
followed by a dancing party Friday even
Ins in their club rooms at the Metropolis
tan hall. Mr Edward Simon was tho
presiding judge. Mr, Harry Luttbeg and
(Continued from Pago Nine,)
on at her home, 3419 Cuming stret, Wed
nesday, In honor of Mtsa Hannah Logaso.
who leaves shortly for an extended trip
to liuropr Covers tverr laid for twelve
Mr jbhbbi i
Boclnl Calendar, .
MONDAY Omaha Woman' club lunch
ton for Mr. C H. Grave at Commer
cial club. . . .
Tl'ESDAY Benefit muslcale. fit. Marys
Avenue Congregational church. Mrs
Thomas Drown, tea. Goclr-Smalley
wedding. . .
WEUNBsJDAY Mrs. Harry Jordan,
bridge for Miss Beverly. Miss Eu
phcmla Johnson, luncheon for senior
Clara at Brownell Hall, and matlneo
party given by senior boarders. Colum
bian circle 'entertainment.
THURSDAY Rosalba club dance, Cham
bers. FR1UAY Miss Caroline Congdon, bridge
SATURDAY Miss Jean Hunter, lunch
con at Counell Blurfs for Brownell Hall
seniors'. Mr. HuVrt K. Oiwn, lunch
eon for MIM Grace Rohrbough.
TrjO sprlnc bridQ will hold the center of
the Btaijc for the next few weeks, the
only other affairs to come Into the lime
light being the various summer club
A weddlnu of much Interest In uni
versity circles Is that of Miss Grace
Rohrbough, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
George A. RohrbouEh, to Mr. Wllhelm
Bridges Bonekemper of Tortland, Ore.,
formerly of Omaha, which takes place
May M at the bride's home.
The bride and her four attendants are
all member' of the Kappa Alpha Theta
sorority. The groom Is a member of tha
Delta I'psllon fraternity and every one
In the wedding formerly attended the
VnJverslty of Nebraska.
Miss Wllla Spier of Ht. Joseph, Mo.,
will be maid of honor ami trs. John K
MorKson matron of honor. Mrs. Hubert
Kcyes Owen and Mrs. . Guy Cox will
stretch the ribbons, MUa Olive Ham
mond, nnothcr attractive Kappa Alpha
Thtta, who was also to have taken part
In the wedding, Is In Denver and wilt
not be able to come on for the festivities.
Mr. Merrill Rohrbough, brother of the
bride, will bo best man. and the wedding
march will bo played by Mr. Frank
Eaaterday, organist of Ht. Paul's Meth
od I t Kplsoopal church of Lincoln. Rev
TltUs LoW of the First, Methodist Episco
pal church will o'fflclate.
Large June 'Wedding.
One of the largest Juno weddings will
be that of Miss Katherlne Decsoh, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Beeuon, to Mr.
John Potter Websten which will take
place June 9 at All Saints' church, Rev
T. J. Mackay officiating: There will be
six bridesmaids and the maid of honor
and a corresponding number of ushers.
Miss Marlon Pierce of Lafayette, Ind.,
. hrlil. will hn the maid oV
honor, and the bridesmaids will be Mlsa
Lucy Hawk of Battle, .Creek, Mich., who
was a popular visitor hero, laflt fall! Miss
Mellara Bavls, and the four girls who
made their debut the sn.m.e winter as Miss
Beeson and who were school girls to
gether at Brownell Hall, They are:
Misses Bllxabeth Davis, Mildred Butler
Elisabeth Bruce and Mrs. Harold Prltr
. eelv-T)feitni Wcddine'
The marriage' wC vMIsm,Ann, Dennis,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dennis,
to Mr. Robert, sV. jvllj taki" Plce
Tuesday, June 3. at the Dennis home.
M'ss Dennis will have a her attendants
Mrs. Walter HopowHl' of Tekamah ana
Mirs Margaretto. Burke, and the best Wan
will be Mr. Charles McLaughlin, miss
Alice Kalo of Dcs Moines and Mrs. Clif
ford Calkins are lo be ribbon bearers.
Home Wedding- , w
Tho wedding, of Miss Henrietta Flack
and Mr. Miles McFayden takes place
June f. This la to be a quiet homo wed
ding and Miss Flack's only attendant
will bo Miss Frances Thrall of Detroit.
Mlw Marlon JCtihn leaves today for
'Dartmouth college to attend spring week,
which opens Tuesday and la the" big weok
of the college year socially. Scores of
guests are Invited by tho upper classmen
at tho different fraternity houses, with
tha mothers of some of .the students to
ehaperone them. Miss Kuhtt will be the
guest of MY.- Beach Fonda at the Psl
Vpsllon house, with Mrs. Fonda of Ver
mont as the ehaperone, and probably ten
pther girls, while Miss Stella Thuromel
gees up from" Ely Court to be the guest
of Mr Harry Blckford of New York at
the D. K. E. fraternity house. The two
Slrls me'et In New York and go togcthor.
The first evening there will be the an
nual "prom show" by the dramatic club
of the college, followed by a dance! the
next evening the Glee' club and a dance.
(.mi h third, the Junior prom., beside
afternoon teas at the various frat houses
find other affairs. From Dartmouth Miss
Kuhn will go to New York and Wash
Ington and then to Chicago to visit Miss
(irrtrudo McCarthy for two or three
.Returns from Whist Congress.
Mrs, T. M. Orr returned Thursday from
tha national woman's whist congress,
held in New York City the last week in
'April. Mrs. Orr won the New Amsterdam
tup, received the highest single plus, the
aggregate plus nd threetop scores. Each
year for over a score of years Mrs, Orr ottended the meeting of the congress
nnd each year haa received, honors.
Enropean Travelers.
Mrs. E. V. Lorlg and son. Master Marc
dxrlff. nnd Mrs. Lorlg's niece. Miss Flora
Werti. leave Sunday evening for the east
and will tall May IT for Europe, They will
visit MUa Werti' home In Munson. uer-
man, and will tour tho continent, re
turning In September, wren Miss WerU
will reenter school here-
A party 'of seven Omahana will salt
from New York on June i, for a thrte
tnonths' trip abroad, during which time
they will visit Denmark, Bweden, Nor
ivay. France. Germany and England,
Tiny will leave Omaha May 31, visiting
no'nts on the way to New York. The
party Is planned to include Mrs. U Peter-
on, Mlaa Clara Peterson, Misses Nora
and Adena Jerp. Mr. J. P. Jerpe, Miss
UlUan Jlohlff and Mrs. P. J. Melander
-Queen of the May.
Miss Mildred Foster was elected May
tueen. an honor accorded -tha most popu
ar young lady at the University of
Omaha, and Miss Kalherine Case, her
llosest opponent, was chosen maid
icnor for the May queen.
Miss Foster entered the University of
Omaha from the Omaha High school In
M314. and during her three years at th
"nirerslty has held a .number of the
put to
Air i
f, TTr.T7 Q Cj T Tif u" '" ""ning room taote. a.i
ftl9iWUlSUPpiex of soventy-flve guests called during the
jTltUd of Ho-ov "uur
highest student positions At the present
time she Is vice president of the Junior
class And president of tho Young Wo
men's Christian association fit the school.
Not only la Mlso Foster popular, but she
Is one of the bust students In the school.
As an ardent booster of school and so
cial affairs Miss Foster always takes an
active part, and It is througn her ener
getic efforts that many of the school
activities have proved a success.
Return from Trips-
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bojtce and Miss
Happy Boyce of Chicago arrived In
Omaha Monday, having just returned
from a trip around tho wbrla. Mr. Boyce
and his sister, Miss Happy Boyco, re
turned Tuesday to Chicago, but Mrs,
Boyce remains for a short visit with her
father and sister, Mr. D. C. Patterson
and Miss Eugenie Patterson.
Entertains at Tea.
Mrs. Arthur Coolcy was hostess at a
tea at her homo In Dundee Friday. Shit
was assisted by Mrs. Charles C. George,
Mrs. Henry Plcrpont, Mrs. Arthur H.
Rogers. Mrs. Harry Doorly, Mrs, Forrest
Richardson, Mrs. Richard Holllster and
Miss Morse. Purple and white lilacs filled
Et-A-Virp Club Danbe. r
Tho Et-a-VJrp club gave Its May party
at Chambers' Thursday evening. The fol-
lowinK wero present.
r 1
Claire Gauvrcau,
Beatrice Cornell,
Mary Carrier,
Adellno Hlecht,
uaino uaie,
Evalyn Neale.
Margaret Past,
Margaret Potcrson,
uuejr aiyue,
Ruth Fisher,
Mary Iige,
Esther Frlcke,
Vera Stafford,
Clctta Bragg,
Alice Elmqulst,
I re no Higbec,
May Jacobsen,
Adellno Wycoff,
Dolores Herbert,
Louise Ixtwlu,
Mary Horn.
vrra sexton.
Elsie PJerrou.
Mario Mackln,
Jeanttte Bell,
Magdalene Uock,
Claud Rife,
Lorenso Fowler,
A. a Nurse,
Oscar Malstrom,
Jack Lloyd,
Julius Seegaard,
Launco Hansen,
Alta Reynolds.
Q. L. Greenfield,
Dr. Fred Lago,
William Hulslser.
J. T. Btxler,
William Craighead,
iiariey iwemi,
Freeman uradtord.
Dr. Harry Attwood,
Al Kelstrom,
Ed liawiey.
Iioyd Jensen,
Harry Rtachke.
Clyde Swancutt,
Charles Nelson,
Hurt Aimer,
E. L. Bauch.
Earl Haney,
A L. Llerk,
Mark Miller,
Dora Haarmann,
Alyca Burgess,
Gladys Morrill,
Helen O'Brlan,
Mario O'Brien,
Florence Agor,
Ada Archer,
Flower Alexander.
Ascension Kellogue,
Bertha Mors,
Helen Grady,
Grace Barber,
Clara Barnum,
Ethel Foylo,
Mury Prltchard,
Clara Schuebel,
Leola Grandcn,
Jean Watson,
Irene Lundgard,
Odctto Jackson,
Lilly Rohlff,
Clara Rohlff.
Margaret Lelk,
Ann Neble,
Jessie Farmer,
Elsla Farrell,
Margaret Grcenough.
Charles Austrian,
Walter Doyle.
Robert Shields,
James Ward,
Clark Cheney,
Julius Glasshoff.
Dr. H. Gsantner,
Clarence Hall,
A. E. Nelson,
A. E. Swanson,
Art Jackson,
L. E. Toland,
Leslie Soderberg,
J- W. Johnson,
Clyde Rock,
Walter Vapor.
Laurence Johnson.
C. M. Tex.
W. H. Plx,
Frank Coulter,
Thor Andresen.
Walter Mann.
William Dana,
Henr Nllsson.
C. N. Moutln,
Sam Croxer,
Otto Nielsen.
w. Knight.
Jlvs. John. K.TTorrisoxi.
her guests Included Mrs. C. F. Mandor
son, Mrs. E. Wokeley, Mrs. H. W. Yntes,
Mrs. John I. Webster, Mrs. McKcnna.
Mrs. Thomas Kllpatrtck, Mrs. J. J.
Brown, Miss Wakeley and Miss May
Pi Beta Phi Sorority.
Alumni chapter of PI Beta Phi sorority
were entertained at luncheon today at
tho Commercial club. Tho hostesses were
Mrs. H. N. McClanahan, Mrs. W, J. Mor
lng, Mrs. W. L. Yetter and Mrs, John
L&velle. Tho guests wero Miss Allln of
Texas ' City, Miss Hazel Thompson of
Xork. Nob., Miss Arllne McCullough and
Mrs, Arthur Richardson of Lincoln. The
members present were:
Misses Misses
Mlgnon Maynard. Gcorglnna Davis.
Esther Thomas, Adclo Davis,
Marlon Clark. Gertrude. Branch.
Corlnno Shrlvcr, Edith Flshor,
Juno Brown, Kate Thomas,
Mliuo me, Helen Price,
uarda ucott, Jessie Nason,
Florence- Rush. Alice Troxell.
Lucille Brown, Mary Plitlllppl.
Mesuames Mesdames
Austin Dodd, John Martin,
C. W. Sears, Glen Rcod,
Frank Binder. Johnson.
Maurlson, O. A. Scabury,
Carroll Boldan. Maurice Dunham.
.Henry Cox, W. L. Vaughn,
v. it. uouia, JJ. M, Kdserly.
Bryce Crawford,
Pleasures Past.
Mrs. Fred M. Crano entertained at
luncheon at her home Wednesday,
when many of the guests wero from out
of town. Nearly all pf the guests for
merly lived In Missouri Valley, la. Covers
wero laid for:
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whlttemorc.
Mr and Mrs. J. J. McMahon.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Owynne.
Entertains at Luncheon.
Mrs. Harry Cummlngs gave a luncheon
at her home Saturday, when the guests
Included Mrs. Albert Low, Mrs. Wilson
Low, Mrs, E. H. Sprague, Mra. E. M.
Fairfield, Mrs. O. C Rcdlok, Mrs. P. A.
Brogan and Miss Lynn Curtis.
Mrs. J. W. Gannett entertained at
luncheon Wednesday at her home, when
C. C. lilddleston.
C. J. Zlebarth,
O. W. Gordan.
JosePhlno Jones,
W. B. Hough,
II. C. Morehouse,
E. E. Colver.
Miss Nettlo Crane.
a. a. Itldgway,
M. A. Cogley,
R. K. Day,
U. E. Feillngham,
M. J. Fouts,
Lovcland, la.;
E. J. Fellow,
Star Whist Club.
Mrs. Thomas Rich entertained the last
meeting of tho Star Whist club at her
homo Friday afternoon. Prises wero won
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l ri 1:1