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, BEE: 0MgA TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 1914. y
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A New Dance for You J Three in
The. Shift During the Tungo Movement
Copyright. 1911. International News Service.
When we were thinking out the steps
ot the "three in one" dance we had no
J Idea that it would become no popular.
ff Of course, what-we wanted was some
( thing new. an. Innovation of some kind to
'l Introduce, andlwe qot it beyond our Wild
est drearps.
The three In one became so popular
that were often Asked to repeat It at the
different performances, and now that I
am going to explain It In full yon will
nee that It is nothing more than a com
bination ot the popular dance steps of
oday. " . i
Yoa Can Begin This
Great Story To-day
by Reading This"
Philip Anson, a. boy uf 13 when the
story opens. Is of good faintly ami has
been well .reared. His widowed mother
i n I ...... .... .1 V, .. 1 V. . . 1
y uuves ana -aies in extreme poverty. oi
Mowing. her death tho boy Is desperate.
'On his return from tho funeral, In a
violent rain, he ts able to save the life of
a little girl, who was caught In a street
accident He goes back to the house
where his mother had. died, and is ready
to hang himself, .when a huge meteor
inns in uie courtyard. lie takes this as
a sign from lieavon. and abandons
suicide, investigation proveB the meteor
l?.have hen an. Immense diamond.
Philip arranges wltli a broker named
Isaacstela to handle hla diamonds. In
getting away from Johnson's Mews,
where- the diamond fell, he saves a
Eri,CfJ?,an',',llt0 'f?m attack by a criminal
frtJJSl .JPiky..Ma,8.0n-. He has made
xrlendi with Police Magistrate Ablngdorn.
and engages him to lodk after his affairs
theKstrry ThU e"d8 the " PJ
pmiM Sf,cond. Parl opens t(,n yars later
Phil n has taken a course at the uni.
letlc young man. much given to roaming
2S SflSii ai?ed. nl? raother waa sister ol
bir Philip Morland. who is married ami
?5i,iJ5tcf 1?e J now looking for his
Jiephew. Johnson's Mews has been turned
into the Mary Aneon Home for Indigent
ivK'v 1? ,.f Spoon s most notable
private charities. Jockey Mason, out ot
prison on tlckct-of-leave, seeKs for venge
ance, and falls la with Victor Orenler, a
master crook, and James Iangdon, step
ton of .Sir Philip Morland. a dissipated
rounder. Philip saves a girl from insult
from this gang, and learns later aho is
the same Klrl whose life he had saved
on that lalny night. Qrenler plots to get
jjossession oi i-iilllp s wealth. His plan
is to ImDersonatfl PiilHn nft.. ii. h hAun
kidnaped and turned over to Jockey
Mason, ugt as this jwiir has come to an
understanding, I.angdon returns from tho
gtllS homb. Wllfrp hf hnn nt1nmittA u rn.
cptlon. The three crooks lay their plans,
and In the meantime Philip arrunges o
Mrs. Atherly recuvers some of lcr money
from Lord Vniistone, her i-ounln, and
securea a promls from the daughter to
wed him. Anson In lurod by false mes
sages to visit a secluded spot Anson Is
trapped by a gang at a ruined houtte. He
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-7-9 U ltth. HI
The three In one., then, 'is a combination
of the one-step, tho. waltz and the tango,
beglnnig the dance with the one-step
movement and resuming it again at the
1 The most important thing In the dance
Is., tho rythm.
The time must be perfectly matched
throughout, so that tho Change from one
movimcnt Into another Is as little marked
as possible.
Beginning then with the one-step, which
can bo danced as long as desired, we past
into the waltz movement with the Jarrott
This consists of a long glide, going for
ward three steps, pivoting on the fourth,
going back three steps and gauging the
lis hit on the head by Jockey Mason, who
.minks ne has clam tno man he bated,
and Victor Grenler helps strip the body.
They throw the naked body over a cliff
Into the sea, and Qrenler completes his
preparations 'to Impersonate Anson. A
liote from Evelyn warning Philip of
danger Is opened and read, and Grenler
tells Mason to call Anson's servant. He
finds Anson's check book, and with
Jockr.y Mason seta out for the railroad,
meeting und chatting with a jural police
man on the way. Grenler goes to York
and opens communications with Anson's
bankers, with Abingdon and Miss Atherly.
Orenler secures possession of Anson's be
longings, and Mason gets an unexpected
summonB to Visit police headquarters.
Grenler forges ordcrn on Anson s bank,
and determines to swindle Mason out ot
his share of the plunder. Mason goes
to police headquarterr and thero meets
his two grown sonB. The. boys take their
father to their room, and tell him the
story of how their mother was cared for
in her Illness by Philip Anson, and how
they were reared and trained at the Mary
Anson Home. Mason suffers from re
morse, and the Yorkshire policeman In
spects the abandoned grange Anson la
pulled from the sea by fishermen and
taken to a hospital, where he recovers
consciousness. The police are notified,
ond Anson sends word to his betrothed.
Copyright. 1001, by Edward J. Clode.
Kvolyn's mestiugn must have caused
much speculation as to Its true signifi
cance' in the minds ot those telegraphic
officials through whose hands It passed.
It read:
"Am absolutely bewildered. Cannot
help feeling sure that news received to
day really comes from you. In that
case, who Is It who has been wiring re
peatedly. In your name, from .Station
hotel, York? Do not know what to think.
Am going Immediately to Abingdon.
Please Send more Information. Suspense
unbearable. UVEM'N."
If ever theio was need for action It
was needed now. Anson's strenuous en
ergy brought forth he full strength of
his Indomitable will. Tho pallor fled
from his cheeks, the dullness from his
"Dr. t-'carth," he cried, "you must not
keep me hero In view of that telegram
from the woman I love. Belie vo me, 1
will be werse, not better, If you force
me to remain inactive, chained almost
helpletw, in this village, and miles away
trom oven a te-legraph office. Help me
now. and you will never regret It. I
ask you"
The doctor cut short his excited out
burst. "Very well." he kald. "Whatever you
do. try to cease from troubling yourself
about circumstance which a few hours
will put right. ' J must return to my dis
pensary for one hour. Then I will come
for you. bring some clothes and the nec
essary money, and we will leave Sears
dale for York at !:M p. m. That Is the
best I can promise. It must satisfy you."
He gave hasty directions as to his pa
tient's food and left him.
At last came the doctor with a value.
The few Inhabitants of the hamlet
gathered to see thtm off, and the
Now Read On
f ? t ? F
The AValtz Movement with the
position so as not to go twice' In the same
Then there' is a light hold while break
ing into the waltz tempo, because, on
account of the change In tlmr, thero ts
one beat extra.
This will throw the dancers Into the
wait sway without undue hesitation, so
that the change In almost Imperceptibly
In the waltz movement any kind of
a step may he Introduced Boston, hesi
tation, anything and after the dancers
hove danced for some moments they slip
Into the tango movement.
The waltz time ran be lengthened Into
the tango time so gradually that no extra
step Is needed.
We dance the tango the regular way
man's wife was moved to screw her apron
into her eyes when I'hlllp Ahdok hnnds
with her, saying that sho would sco him
again in a few days.
At ten minutes past S Anron and Dr.
Hearth arrived in York.
They hurried first to tho station mus
ter's office. Anything for Anson? Yes.
Only a few words of entreaty from
Kvelyn to avoid further risk.
Then to the hotel. Thoy sought the
Blit the manager was perfectly civil.
The presoncc of Dr. Scarth, a reputable
looking stranger, gave evidence that
something Important was afoot. Mr.
Anson was in hla room at the moment.
Their names would' be sent up.
Dr. Scarthr quick to appreciate tho dif
ficulties ot tho situation, Intervened
"la he alone?"
"Then It will be better If you accom
pany us In person. An unpleasant matter
can be arranged without undue publicity."
This was alarming. The manager went
with them Instantly. They paused nt the
door Indicated.
"Como with me." said Philip, turning
tho handle without knocking.
Grenler, Intent on the perusal of a letter
he had Just written, looked up quickly.
Ho was face to face with I'hlllp Anson.
A Set (IrniPiH of (Mil .Sform.
The one man stood, the other sat,
gazing at eacln other In a silence that
was thrilling.
Dr. Scaith and the hotel manager en
tered and closed door behind them.
Grenler adroit scoundrel that he
was, was bereft of speech, of the power
to move. H harbored no delusions. This
The Heavens in April
The sun Is getting higher In tho bky
very day. and lengthening the day an
hour and a quarter during the month. H
rises on the 1st, lf.lh and seth at U.ll,
E.47. 5:27, and sots at 6:45, 7 01, 7:16, tho
daya thus being twelve hours thirty-four
minutes, thirteen hours fourteen minutes
and thirteen hours forty-nine minutes
long on these dates. On the 1st It Is four
minutes plow, according to a sun dial,
exactly on time, on the Hth, and three
minutes slow on the 30th. According to
standard time, It Is twenty-olsiit. twenty
four and twenty-one minutes slow on
these days. On tho !!st the sun enters
Taurus, the null.
The moon Is in flrH quarter on the 3d.
lull on the 10th, in the last quarter on
the 17th and new on the 3tth. On .the 1st
and 23th It Is In conjunction with Haturn,
on the 3d with Slurs, on the 1Mb with
Jupiter and on the 2Cth with Venus.
On tho 6th. at S:K p m., it will be very
close to the bright star. Itegulus, passing
It at a distance or a trifle over half a
lunar diameter
Haturn und Mars are still In line pos!
Mor-s In the evening sky, although Mars
one Fuiiy Described
Jarrott Step.
with but one departure we Introduce, a
step where the man tangoes while the
girl walks.
Thin Is attractive to watch, mainly be.
causo It is different.
Tho second picture shows the rapid
change In position In tho tango move
ment. Tho couple may execute the entire
tango In the regular position or change
to the position Illustrated.
This position may bo taken In the waltz
movement, too, If desired.
In the change from the tango to the
one-step, which completes the dance, tno
man goes back steadily for several
counts, while the glri goes forward, and it
will be found that tho' dancers can easily
change Into the different tempo.
waa no ghoBt coming to trouble his seoul
in broad daylight. "'It wns Philip Anson
himself, alive, and In full possession of
his senses, a more terrible apparition than
any visitor from beyond tho grave. His
presence In that room meant penal' servi
tude for life for Victor Grenler, a prison
cell Instead of palatial chambers, bread
and skilly In place of Carlton lunches.
No wonder tho scoundrel was dumb,
that his tongue was dry. He "went cold
all over, and his eyes swam.
Philip advanced toward him. Grenler
could not move. He was glued to his
"Who nro you?" said Anson, sternly.
No nnawcr. Ah yet the acute brain re
fused to work. Lost ruined no escape
worn the vague Ideas that Jostled each
other In chaos.
"Can you not speak? Who are you that
dares to usiiip my name, after striving
to murder me?"
No answer. The shifty eyrs-tho eyes
of n detected pickpocket wandered
stupidly from PIiIIIp'h set face to that of
tho perplexed hotel manager, and tho
gravely amused doctor.
Philip never used strong language, but
he was greatly tempted at that moment.
"Counfound you!" ho shouted. "Why
don't you answer me?"
"I I my name Is Philip Anson. The
manager tho hank."
As a spent fox will vainly try the last
despairing device of climbing a tree In
full sight of the hounds, so did Victor
Grenier evolve the desperato scheme that
perhaps perhaps-he might rarry out a
feeble pretenso of self- asstTtlon.
If only he could get away. Into the
crowded stations. Into the streets, sink
Into obscurity while the chase swept
past, he might yet endeavor to escape.
"You Philip Anson! You vllo Impostor!
I am sorely Inclined to wring your neck!"
Philip came nearer. In sheer fright lest '
the other mlRht give effect to his word
Grenler ngaln backed his chair violently
It caught against a thick rug and he fell
headlong. For an Instant they all
inougiu no had hurt himself seriously.
(To Be Continued Tomorrow )
Is going fur away and appearing verj
Finall. Haturn Is near Aldebaran In tin
Hull, and Mars is near tho Twins. Castoi
and Pollux.
Venua la coming Into belter view lr,
the evening twilight and may easily bt
Jupiter rises on -tho 15th at .VOI) h. m
It is still very far south, but separatlni
from the nun In the morning twilight.
Kastcr falls this year on the 12th of thi
month. According to rule. It Is to bi
celt bra td on the Sunday following the
first full moon of spring, h'prlng iway
begins on March 31. The first full moon
tftw this date occurs this year on Fri
day. April 10. The following .Sunday, th'
lSlh, Is therefore tho feast of Kaster.
The last time that Kastor fell on the
12th of April waa In !U0. and the next
tlmo will be In 19 und 1MB, mid then
not again until 1098. In 3,000 yoara this
data happens ninety-three times, and
In 6.000. im times. The four yars-lS0,
19H, 19S5 and lW-lustrate very nlctjy
the tloven-year interval which are of
frequent occurenec In Kastcr dates. .Sonic
time thl Interval Is broken Into a flic
and six-year period, five years being tht
vtrr least time that must elapbo before
Fatter ran fall again on the smo date
i Hints for the
IHouko in Moiissellne IJrodce.
Coaruo laco combined with
hand-embroidered and tuckod
lawn form thin fascinating blouse.
Tho quaint and altogether new
cut of tho ehoulder and sleeves
nhould bo specially observed.
The Great Champion of State's Rights
John Calhoun saw tho last of earth
sixty-four years ago, March 31, 1SJ0, yet
hla memory Is still fresh In tho minds or
his countrymen, and the great principle,
to the championship
of which he dedl
..iieu nis life, re
mains the one vital
and all - Important
question In our
American politics
History teaches us
that tho one great
danger In nil human
government la i-en-trallzatlon
the ab
sorption by a Mingle
person, or combina
tion of persons, or
the popular rights
Mid functions. ichuIHiik in the paitlal or
'omplete pnralyslH of in, at political ac
tivities anil of loial poIlitiHl freedom.
Such das been tho greut till of the pant,
and It Is hardly neceshuiy to say that
the evil still threatens rvery pieseut-day
For does not history, furthermore,
teach us that power, like riches. Is "de
ceitful." and that It 1 never to he
trufted unless all du safeguards ure
provided against Its abuse. Caonar grows
by what he feed on, and tho more au
thority he got the more authority he
wants I.Ike, the, daughter of the horse
leach he cries "Give! Give"; and If he
gets power enough he strangle the lib
erties he was ralsi-d up to protect. It
has happened many, many times In the
course of nlstory that the powers dele
gated by the people for the wafeguardlnK
of their llbi-itlcH have been used for the
destruction of thnnu liberties
Calhoun knew history uh well a the
nchoolhoy know his A n O's. and there
fore ho took the ground that If you do
not want governmental ier to be
abused, you must see to H that the tneuns
arc always at hand for Its pretention,
should It tw threatened lie believed In
giving the states' agents at Washington
Early Season f
I'auue Noire with Aigrette.
A hut with a comparatively wldo
brim, made In very gloasy pnnno
with n tnll aigrette.
Tho bright woathor of
rapidly a p p r o a c hing
spring makes it necessary
to think of replacing win
tev garb with something
new For tho domi-sai3on
tho costume tailleur is the
most eminently suitable
wear, of which the above
is a delightful example
with its cleverly-cut and
graceful coat, to which tho
appropriate plain plissa
frill of tho blouso gives tho
requisite finish. The tall,
well-fitting hat with its
neat little tilted brim is en
suite with tho rest of the
as little power us possible, and in retain
ing In and for tho states tho full means
of protecting themselves against all en
croachments upon their community
Calhoun did not believe In the octopus
form of government, hut rather In that
government which la not only for the
people, but of tho people and by the peo
ple Ho did not like the Idea ot governillS
i he people from u great central bureau.
A dyed-in-the-wool democrat, ho hated
evory form of despotism on the one side,
or wardship on the other. He would have
tho commonwealth of the union to be,
not wards of the general governmnt, but
states, free and sovereign to the full jn
all local concernH.
If Calhoun had had the writing of the
onsttutlon of the United State ho would
have put Into It a clause which would
have enabled the Texans. for Instance, ttj
defend themselves against tho depreda
tions of the rascally Mexican marauders,
and the people of California to have had
Home llttlo "say" regarding the Mon
golian Immigration and land question.
A puror patriot than Calhoun never
lived in our country; and his love for
the constitution and the union wau as
strong a any man's; but he had a moral
fear (and a the stquel I proving, 'a most
wIm) fear) of all rentrallzed power that
waa not pioperly held In least, by the
people IJenco his persistent battle for
the principle uf the right and duty of
local self-government, commonly known
as "states' lights."
And that wardship business was an
other thing of which the great South
Carolinian was mightily afraid. The
degradation of France prior to the great
revolution wa owing to the paternalism
of Ixuls XIV. and his successors.
Everything was dope for the peo
I'uluted PnruKruph.
Klatea speak louder than words over the
The clean tablecloth catches the car'y
when she has the toothache,
SomtieHnL S Paris
1 lours ilti rrtntcmpH.
Tho early flowers of the
wgiibop. uro beginning: to
nuvUo Iholr appearance In
spring mllllnory. Hero Ib ft
clnlnty Purls creation and n
model that will bo very pop
ular. Tho trimming is sim
ple and inoxponolvo.
Solo Couicur with Aigrette.
A becoming toquo with high
crown gathered into a ' broad,
Btraight bandeau of silk. to match
tho collar of tho gown. Tbe
grncofully-turned brim Is lined
with velours.
ple, and nothing by the people; and the
result wbb ruin.
Calhoun knew that paternalism. If al
lowed to, would eventually do the same
thing In America: and he fought it, and
fought It with all IiIh might as Icing as he
lived. Who shall say that the grand old
man did not do well?
Planning for the
Stork's Arrival
Among those things which, all women
should know of, and many of them do,
Is a splendid external application sold
In most drug stores under the name ol
"Mother's Friend." It is a penetrating
liquid and many and many a mother tells
how It so wonderfully aided them through
the period of expectancy. Ita chief pur
pose la 10 render tho tendons, llgamenti
and muscles so pliant that nature's ex.
panslon may bo accomplished without th
Intense strain so often characteristic oj
the period of expectancy.
"Mother'o Friend" may therefore bt
considered as Indirectly having a spIandU
Influence upon the early disposition d
the future generation.
'Whatever Induces to the tasa and com
fort of the raotbor should leare Its Impretf
upon the nerrout system of the baby.
At any rate It Is reasonable to belltv)
that alnco "Mother's IJrlend" ha been
companion to motherhood for more thai
half a century It must be a remedy th
women have learned tho groat value ol
Ask at any drug store for "Mother'
Friend." a penetrating, external llqul
of great help and value. And write t
Itridfleld negulator Co.. 402 I-amar Bids
Atlanta, Ga.. for their book ot luefi
and timely information.