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    11110 BEK: OMAHA, bAllKDAi, MAKU1 14, liH4.
Seumas MacManus Talks in Serious
Vein at University Club.
Until bnt Tlcctntlr Have th Irish
Been Permitted to Tench Their
Own Tongue to Their
Otvii I'nplt.
It was a serious note that Seumas Mac
Manua struck In his talk at the Univer
sity club rooms at the luncheou, Instead
of a funny note as was expected. U
was appreciated Just as much, howover.
for he brought an interesting fund of In
formation about the history of Ireland
and Its .troubles with England, lie lauded
Ireland as the homo of education, saying
that 1,300 years before the birth of Christ
Ireland already had a Parliament which
met once in three years.
"The ancient laws of Ireland were the
most beautiful and the most just," ho
said. "The very poorest man In tho land
could obtain redress against tho klnfr
himself, and the man who stole a needle
from tho poor embroidery woman had
to pay a flno many times heavier than
tho man who stole a similar needle from
the queen.
"From tho fifth to the tenth century
Ireland was tho school of Europe. Ire
land alone held aloft tho torch of light
through all the dark ages of Europe.
And the renaissance began In Ireland
, fceven centuries before It began In Italy."
Kllxnticth nml Cromwell.
"Then Elizabeth trie to destroy Ire
land with sword and fire. Then came
Cromwell and Bwept over the land like a
Tho speaker called attention to some
of the drastic laws that were enacted by
England after this period against Ireland.
lie said that Irish schoolmasters and
clergymen wero required to pay heavy
fines. In spite of this attempt to crush
out learning, ho said, such was tho de
tire of the Irish for learning that young
men went to' Franco and other parts of
Europe In tho smuggling smacks and
gained their education in order that they
might como back and tench tho Irish. To
escape the law against schoolmasters and
clergymen, these men taught ragged
classes behind the hedge bushes and kept
a sentinel on the heights to watch for
the soldiers. "It was only In 1829," ho
said, "that these vicious penal laws wero
repealed." '
Even up to twelve years ago wo dared
not teach the Irish language In Ireland
to Irish pupils. Wo havo recently ob
tatned permission to do this, until today
the Irish language Is being taught In 3,000
schools to 300,000 Irish pupils. And with
the return of the language is coming the
return of the Irish spirit."
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Hubbard Postmaster
Had No Shortages
in His Accounts
The sudden and unexplained disappear
ance of Postmaster Carl Fredcrlcksou
from Hubbard, Neb., about two weeks
ago, has led to efforts on tho part of
Postofflce Inspector Thompson to traco
the man and find a reason for his ab
sence. A report from Sioux City says that
a shortage of about $1,100 in Frederick-
son's accounts Is alleged, but Inspector
Thompson deglares that he has no evi
dence of a shortage Ho says ho is en
deavoring to determine positively whether
the postmaster has met with foul piny
or has absconded. It la said that when
Frcderlckson went away ho left the im
pression that he had gono to look
for work nt Sioux City, whllo his wife
kept tho postofflce. Since then no word
has been heard from htm and the wife
and children are suffering from his
absence. -
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Ross Hammond Tells
Noonday Club of His
Job and Income Tax
Miss Brehm Speaks
at the High School
Ross Hammond, internal revenue col
lector for Nebraska, was the guest of tho
(Noonday club Friday and after luncheon
he told the sixty-five members present
some things about tho workings of his
office and also numerous things about
the Income7 tax.
Six years ago, Air. Hammond asserted,
the Internal revenuo department was a
secondary money getter for Undo Sam,
but with tho passage of the Income ta,H
which levies an assessment upon 400,000
of tho 9G,XW.OOO people of the United
States, bringing in some $80,000,000 an-
, nually, it has become the big spoke In
the wheel.
Mr. Hammond explained that the law is
one of tho hardest there is to understand
and describing its making he ventured
the opinion that the author gathered to
gether 10,000 words, mixed thorn in a
hopper and what came out of the mixture
was branded an income tax.
In designating who are liable for the
tax the speaker pointed, to the fact that
all corporations come under the ban and
that all' individuals who havo an income
of W.0C0, provided they are single,, and
J4,000 If they are married, are expected
to pay 1 per cent on all Income above
the sum exempt. One of the peculiari
ties of the law, he said, was that if a
man 'happens to bo married and living
with his wife thero Is an exemption .if
$4,000, while If the samo parties are living
apart each is entitled to an Income of
$3,000 that Is not taxed. Failure to lift
property for taxation and claim exemptions,-
the speaker said, subjected the
man or woman who might bo taxed to a
fine of not less than $30 and as much as
In .preparing to pay the income tax
Mr. Hammond explained that the filing
of the rtport must be made whenever
the Income reaches $3,000, regardless of
whether the party Is married or single.
Collector Hammond took the club mem
bers Into his' confidence and cxolalne-i
all the workings of his office, telling how'
tho lists were kept and how collections
1 were made on goods and wares handled
by merchants and others and on which
a government tax has to be paid.
Before the speaking commenced N. P.
Swanspn and J. A. Hwanson wero ap
pointed a committee to meet the repre
sentatlv'es of the Omaha Swedish Singing
society at-the Swedish Auditorium next
Tuesday evening and hold a conference
with reference to going Into some of the
details in connection with bringing the
singing society Nordcn here during the
summer of 1916 for its annual musical
Holding up long lengths of ribbon to
illustrate' tho amount of money spent in
tho United States per year for alcoholic
liquors alongside of comparatively short
ribbons representing the expenditures for
bread, churches and education, Miss
Marie C. Brehm delivered an Impresslvo
temperance lecture to hundreds of stu
dents in the auditorium of tho Central
high school yesterday morning.
She urged temperance from a sclontltlo
standpoint, saying that tho people who
eep memseives in periect pnysicai con- I m
ditlon have a better chance to succeul In
than those who aro Intemperate. Her
subject was "How to "Win." She is a
national lecturer for the Women's Chris
tian Temperance union, and has mado a
number of addresses 'n Omaha the last
two days.
Tho old musicians' contest, to be held at
tho Young Men's Christian association on
March 36, has already attracted a number
of entries, and It is believed that this
will be the biggest event of the kind ever
staged by tho association. No player
under 40 years of age Is eligible to par
ticipate In tho competition. Tho instru
ments which will be played In tho contest
aro the banjo, guitar, violin and accor-
deon. Seven Judges will bo selected and
prizes will be given In each class. It Is
planned to hold the affair In the gym
nasium, as the auditorium has proven too
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cost of the work finished Is estimated at
$20,000,000. The most expensive piece
work was the bridge over the Des Molne
river, which was built at a cost of
$1,000,000. Through Iowa fifty-two grade
crossings have been eliminated by th
construction of subways or overhead via
Unaccompanied by a single member of
the family, and without a word of ser
vice or comment, according to Coroner
Crosby, the body of J. H. Hooper, th
forger, who killed himself, was taken
to Forest tawn cemetery' and Interred
Thursday afternoon. While It has 'been
known for several days that there would
be no funerat service over the hpdy
was believed that II rs. Hooper, who lives
In Omaha, would at least accompany the
corpse to the grave.
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