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Mutt Never Could Appreciate an Hrtistic Temperament
Drawn for The Bee by "Bud Fisher
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Central City. Lads Spring Surprige
at State Tournament.
Dor to Splendid Work on' (he Part
of FlotlioTf unit Berrrt Oninha
Works Wr Into Third
LINCOLN. March .H-iSpeclal . .Tc'e
grann) QmiLha High school had a close
call from being eliminated from'the thlrdf
round, of the Nebraska high ncliool bas
ket ball tournament litre thin afternoon,
Central City playing the boys from tho
metropolis 10 to 5. 1
Thfr first jalf 'ended b io i and it was
nip and " tuck Until the referee's final
whistle. The same "Wtm the 'Most eXcit-'
ins of tho tournament, with the smaller
schools rooting for Central City nnd the
larger towns supporting Omaha. Flot
how's and Borry's excellent work saved
the dor
Beatrice fell victim to the fait Sidney
five,, losing 14 to 8,
Bldney's superior coal throwing- save
them th same. Another rurprlee was tho
elimination of York by Broken Bow.
York had been looked upon as a strong
contender fof championship honors, but
fell an easy victim to tho superior play
Ins of Crawford and Hencau of Broken
Hastings and Sutton continued their
nxcellent work by plHug up big scares
against Elmwood and cUnoa.
Following Is tho summary of the after
noon's play: .
Omaha-Central City.
OMAHA (10). CKNTIj CITY it).
Gardner R.F. 1U ,." Lutes
Flolhow ..L.K. UV ., Orlevo
Berry ............ ..0, U... Fleming
J.arinon IMl.t R.U. Btube
Plat ....L.O.r L.U.., Nolto
Substitutes: Rauman, Pointer, Knit
stroin and Buzzard-for Omaha: Aycrs tor
Central City. Field goals: Flothow (2).
Hero (2). Gritvo .(!), Nolle. Free throws:
Flothow (I), Grieve t3j. Referee: Bran
tion. i
York-nrokrn Hor.
YOIllC ). lUtOKBN BOW (20.
Tnwger ....... .n.P. R.V., Crawford
t'oit UK 11? Humphrey
t onwsy , iC.U..... ltennls
Miller H.a.tH.O ,. Beneail
tjonter ua.UO.. ...... I'redmpre
Bubstltutes: W. Davidson, uimstea nn(
Osborne for Yprk, Kennedy und Waters
for Broken Bow. Field souls: Cox (2),
Conway (S), I'redmore. lleneuu (5), Cmw.
ford (6). Free throws: Hencau 16), Cpn1
way (J). Befcrcei Brannon.
?ntion-(2enoa. '
H.F. OchsnerRK Nelson
1,F 3Mmmerl!eI.F W. Spear
t. ........ arosahausC ,....,. Larnen
)l.(J......t.,,, Anthesll.a Blchards
I.U..... OrlessUU..., Davis
Substitute! Notte for Button, Field
coals: Zlmmerlle (4), Urosshuus (S), An
thett (3), Ochsner (4), W. Bpear, IAiriien.
Meleon. Blchards. Free throws: Ochsner,
lson. Beferee; Brannon. '
B. F Whlthouselt.F., 8. Towle
lF. Wilson UK Snyder
C. FlynnC McCroy
R-O.J Klein R-O. It. Towle
UQ.4 Kernan UO. Tyson
Susttlute: aPrka for Wilson. Field
icoaJs; Wilson (7). Klein. Tj-son (I). Mc
Croy. Free throws: Whlthouso (3), AVIN
cn, Snyder (3). Ileferee; Brannon.
a. kM..f UBAFllw euolnhrdl utaoln
J.lncolj-Davld City,
U1NCOUN (16). I
Tees U7.
flchroeder ....U.O.!
Albrecbt 0.1
UF Bchweser
UO Carlisle
C Doty
Smith ...1LF
Jl.K Quaile
II seer 1UU.I U.G Hands
Field sools: Lcese. 4; Schroeder. 2:
Sohwfser, 1. Free throws. Ucse, 4;
Bchwtser. Z. Referee: Haskell.
Unlversttr I'lsce-Gothenbnr.
Magee ....UF. UF Rich
Klchburg UU.I UO Jansen
Orubb !C Bersor
JUaney R.O.I R.G Nelson
Cole UO.IUO Johnson
Substitutes: Amos for MaQee, Clark for
Bsney, Allen for Cole: Field eoals: Ma
Oee. I; Klchburg., 3; Orubb, Jj Hlch. 1;
Jansen, 1. Free throws: Madee, 6; Jan
ten. J. Referee: Brannon.
JieiYman (Irovr-Cretr.
NEWMAN OR. (ti I CRliTB (17). I
P. Hlnman
UJ-. UF W. Andrews
...UO.' Ul Belku
C'.i C R. Andrea
H Hlnman .. .R.0.1 ILK... .a Buvur
Uloeon R-O.l R.O Hlnmun
Substitute: Frlendel for W. Andrews,
Field (pals: U. Hlnman, 3t Jacobsen, it
!, Hlnman. 2; Frlcndel, !; It. Andrews, 2;
Bayer. 4. Free throw: Bayer, 1. Referee
Bra trlce-NId tier.
Adams Ul'4 UF Grabill
Kldeil UQ.i UO Buiiert
Lebo CIC Parks
Hermans H.K.! HP..; Willi
cook R.O 1 H.O Clossman
IleU goals: Adams, 1-. Hertuans, ;
t'ook,;!; Orablll, 1; Willi. 2: Clossman. i
J'ree throws; Ucbas. Jj Willis. 4. Referee:
Aficvnouu Consolutloiia.
Consolation results, afternoon games.
West Point, it; Seward. C.
Kwlnff. it; Cortland. 17.
Koulh Omaha, 2t: Paplllion, t
Ravenna, H; Superior, 17.
strcmsburg. St: Falrbury. 15,
Ixituston, 10, Ord, 21
second oi' ,touhm:y
Mapyortera of Some r Fast Teams
Given Bad Bear,
LINCOLN, March IJ.(Speelal. No
favorites were, ellmlnluted In the second
round; of tho state basket ball tourna
ment this morning, although supporters
of tit Beatrice and University Place fives
were given severe frights by the closeness
of score-
Fullerton slipped up close to the basket
in tb last two minutes of play and caged
two field goals, leoVlng thtfm but a point
behind Beatrice. They as;aln worked the
ball -down to the Beatrice soat, but the
whistle prevented further scoring.
OotKcnburg worked Its Way Into tho
third round by defeating Hardy, Crete
von. from ficott's Bluffs, IJcwman Grove
Filed up a big score against Kchuyler
and Sidney trounced Arlington, Hi to 19.
Tho David Clty.fiheiton gamo was a
pretty battle, with t David City finally
winning out by a, dole ecore of 13 to 11.
Lincoln ranched the tfilrd round by de
feating Haldregc, 17 to S.
Following Is the summary of the morn
ing gamcs; , , .......
. Mncoln-ItalUrrjce.
. UOUDRF.OI3 (6).
.F Cole
UQ., ...,.... Hefner
C i.. Oiiietto
RiF Thomas
Teso ul',
Bchrooder UO.
Aiorecht .......,..C.
Schmidt B.F.
Vandlver ,.n.O.
....... ..inf.HI
a for Ue'ese, Brain
nuDsiituies: Aiorri
iur niorecni, omnf ior ncnronier, iiu
chell for Cole. -Field, goals;. I.eese (7,
Thomas, Magllt. Freo throws! Leeso f3,
Tnomas. Kereree: Hanzllk.
I)Yld CltySb.Iton.
Bchweser UF. UK... it. Hcnnlnucr
Carlisle UO. UO W. Wlost
Doty C. C". O. Hennlnger
Ounde It.F. H.F....F. Hennlnser
Hinds ll.O.IK.a.. A. Carlson
Field coals: Behweser. Dctv M). 'n.
Hennlnger, P. Hennlnser fJ). Free throws:
ijuaae (S), it. Hennlnger. (3). neferee:
BEATniCR (i'S).'TFULl.EnTON (1.4).
Smith UF.UF Abel
Illddell UO. UO Hattnn
IUas ,, .....C'C Kramer
Herman ;..!t.F.!H.F Woods
Day n.O.IIl.O. Gooding
Substitutes: Adanm for Hmlth. Field
uk.i.1. gm i i i . 1 1 i r ...
Abel (2), Kramer, Woods (2). Free throws'
uiuu, jvramer u;. jieroe; ixwie.
OreyblU ,UF. UO.
UF.... iSlchcnkamp
UO Whea
C... Ollfrey
R.F.,;. I.udwlg
Parks .....C.
wuiia ....n.p.
Closeman .1....II.0.
K.U iraijut
Field troalsf Parks (3h Willis (7). Close.
msn (S), ICiehenkamn. Ollfrey, Ludwlg
(J). Free throws: Wallaco (2). neferso:
I'ntverstlr PUeB-Ttriple. Hldfe.
Masee UF. UF Nealo
Bancy UOJUO Kimball
Amos .,...,..C.C... , Henry
Klchberg R.F.1IUF Bowers
Cole n.n.llLO Wyant
Hubstltutes. UrubU for Amos. Field
seals: Amos, Cole. Free throws: Maseo
U), Klchberg (3), Bowers (6). Beferee;
' (iulltenlJurs-Hnrdr.
Rich UO
UF Tucker
Johnson ...UO.
Bencer c
Jansen K.F.
UO Hayes
C. White
K.F B. Balhen
K.O. ..Ralph.Ralnes
Nelson n.u
Field aoals. Jansen . (3), Nelson (31
Tucker, White, R. Raines (2). Free
throws: Jansen, Raines, Referee Hans
Ilk. JVorruinit Orove-Schuyler,
H. Hlnman ....UK
Ol Ion UO,
UO. Hoods
Field C.
I). Hlnman ....n.r.
Jacobsen R.O.
C ..Knapp
R.F. Kadllk
R.u Chlmlster
Substitutes: Kahlev for Hoods. Field
Koala: H. Hlnman. Field (2). D. Hln-
man ). Jacobsen ((), Smith (2), Knapp
(2). Free throws: H. Hlnman (S), Had-
iik3). iteteree: iirannon.
CavtvScoit's Hlntr.
W. Andrewa ...UK.IUP Plhn
Belka UO.IUO , Rice
R. Andrews C.C. Roach
11. aucKie k.u. WriKht
W. Bayer R.F.I
Field soals: R. Andrews (2), Bayer (4),
Plehn, Rice. Freo throws: Bayer (3),
Rice. Referee: Hanxllk. 1
Consolation Tonrney.
LINCOLN, March 13,-(Hpec(al.)-Re-sults
In the consolation tournament ot
tho Nebraska high school are as follows:
Cortland, 20; Bancroft, 7.
Ewlns. 24: Humboldt. 17.
West Point, 23; Pawnee City. ,
Stward, S; Tecumsoh, 19.
Preliminary Ilonud.
Humboldt. 17; Do Witt. 10,
iswing. u; Teicaman. 11,
Bancrtft, 12; Crats. 10.
Cortland, 2; Alexandria, 0.
Pawnee City, 27j Alnswodth. S.
West Point. 29: Clay Center. 4.
Reward, 10; Oakdole. S.
Tecumseh. 11; Franklin. 10.
Paplllon. 2; Bllvor Creek, 0.
South Omaha, 29; Kearney Military
academy, IS
Raventia. 2; Nebraska City, 0.
Superior, 22; Culbertson. 1.
8tromsburg. U: Eyracuse, 14.
l'alrbury, 3: Hampton, 0 (Forfeit).
Lexlnttlon, S?: Kensaw, 10.
Ord, l; Stuart, 10.
TAMPA, Kit., March ll-Infielder
William Sweeney today reported to
Manager O'Day of tho Chicago Cubs.
Sweeney figured In the deal whereby
Evers went to the Boston Braves. O'Day
may place him at second and send V.ini
menus n back to his old position at third,
' ! V,..n n.i. ,1.. ....
fnr..r e " V "I
for several Uajs on account of an In-
Jured wrist.
OAKLAND, Cal.. March lJ.-Joeph
Oeaohger, pitcher for St. Mary's collej
team of this city, slznod a three-year
contract today to play with tho Phila
delphia Nationals and will report to that
club next week. Ocschger is a husky
right-hander who has .been successful in
college base ball for two years.
Knacl m Squab Fancier.
Joe Engel, the National's youthful
pitcher, Is now the full-fledged owner of
a squab farm. Kngel has been a pigeon
fancier for a number of years and Is aaid
to have some fins birds
Wins Victory with Knockdown and
Superior Glove Play.
Michigan Tnkes Count ot Fonr
In Seventh Chaster nnd After
rrnrrt Obviona He Is Robbed
of Speed.
MILWAUKEE. Mis., March 1J.-A
knockdown scored In the seventh round
and superior t glovo play gave Willi
lUtchle, lightweight champion of the.
world, a ten-round victory over Ad Wol-
gast here last night.
The California boxer outfought and oui-
genera'lled Wolgaat, and landed repeatedly
with left hooks and solid right hand
punches to t,ho stomach.
Wolgast frequently was warned by
Beferee Stout for apparent rough tactics
after Ritchie protested.
nobbed of Speed.
The former lightweight champion
started to make it a rushing battle, but
after Kltchlo floored him In tho seventh
round with a volley of punches to tho
stomach It was obvious that ho had been
robbed ot his speed,
Wolsast took the count of four, before
resuming fighting and nitchle made a
desperate attempt to knock htm out.
Wolgast was fouled In tho, soventh
round when the champion delivered a
hard blow to the Michigan boy's sroln,
according to a statement of Dr. C. A.
Morter, a member of tho state boxing
commission, after Wolgast went to his
dressing room ond underwent an ex
amination. ,
Hltchlo made the stipulated weight, 135
pounds, at 5 o'clock this afternoon,
handily. Tho beatn balanced1 ovcnly.wnn
he got on tho scales. Wolgast was a half
pound under weight.
Tho ljugo auditorium, .which has a
eeatlns capacity of 10.000 persons, wa
packed when the preliminary matchci
were bsgun.
Under tho Wisconsin law no decisions
can be given. Critics representing tho
four Chicago newspapers, with tho ex
ception of one, gave Rltchlo the victory.
Tho fourth cslled It a draw, as did
critics representing two Milwaukee pa
pers. The referee refused to discuss the
statement that Wolgast whs fouled.
Illtehle Enters Plrat,
Ritchie was first to enter the ring,
climbing through the ropes ot 10:13. Ho
was greeted -lth a volley of cheers.
At 10:25 Tom Jones. Wolgast'a manager,
waved toward Wolgast, who was a
hundred feot from tho ring, to come along.
"Tho wild 'cat" entered the ring at 10:M
passing two feet from Ritchie, but with
out noticing the Californlan.
At 10:31 Wllllo Ritchie was Introduced
as the lightweight champion of tho world,
and Ad Wolgast, the "Michigan Bearcat."
There was no sign ot cordiality In evi
dence between the boys.
Round 1 They did not shake hands.
Wolgaat shot a right to Bltchlo's side aud
Ritchie came back with two rights to the
body. Ad sent throe lefts to tho stomach
and then clinched. Ritchie Jabbed with
his left and they clinched. Ritchie shot
k ngui iu a uoaii. uiiunin b liysa la :
. i ji. . ...... i. , i . i :
Ritchie jabbed Ad with left, the Michigan
stomach. Rltchlo sent two to the face
. . ' . . - i. r,,. Ti. T ' . . . " '. . v. .
and clinched again, Ritchie sent left to
stomach and missed a left uppercut.
Ritchie sent a right Jab to Wolgast's face
as the round ended. It was Wolgast's
round by a shade.
Round 2-Rltchle planted a right to the
body. Fighting at cloy; quarters Wolgast
sent threo lefts to stomach. Ritchie con
tinued to Jab Ad's face with left but did
little damage. Ritchie sent left to faco
and followed with right to head and a
right swing on the face. Wolgast was
warned by Referee Stout for rough work.
Ritchie caught Wolgast on chin with a
rlKht swing. Wolgast sent a terrific left
to stomach. In close Infighting both boys
exchanged body punches, Wolgast sent
two short Jolts to Ritchie's Jaw. Ritchie
sent right and left to the former's jaw,
making htm break ground. Ritchie's
round. Wolgast was' bleeding from tho
mouth during tho round.
Bound aWolgast sent several body
blows to the stomach und reached tho
champions jsw with a left. Ritchie
lauded two lefts and rights. Wolgast fol
lowing with two lefts to body. Ritchie
sent rlsht swing to Jaw. Rltchlo seut
right and left to Ad's face. Ritchie
Jabbed left ond Ad retaliated with left
to face. Ritchie Jabbod Wolgast twlco In
faco and caught Ritchie in his oornw.
sending right and left to stomach. Ritchie
jabbed left to stomach. Ad sent left to
stomach nnd Rltchlo placed a left on
Ad's face. Ritchie sent a left and right
to the faco aa the bell sounded. Round
Round 4-Wolgast sent left to Ritchie's
face and Ritchie planted right and left
to jaw. Ad then sont a terrlflo left to
stomach and followed It up with a hard
danced away nnd came back with two
ert jabs to face and rlsht to ribs. Ritchie
sent short rlsht hook to Ad's face. Wol-
ism anu ten to Jiiicme a riDS. Jdtctue
i cast rent tiKh' and left to body and left
to face. Ritchie continued to jab with
lert. thn former champion covorlns up
Rltchlo jabbed Wolxast twice with wt
to faco and right to head. Wolgast tent
lert to Ritchie's stomach at the bell. Wol
gast's round.
Round 6 Ritchie Jabbed A.l with left
to body and right to Jaw. Wolgast tont
left to faco and lett to body. Ad font a
terrlflo left to Ritchie's body. Ritchie
retaliated with left to fsoe and Wolgast
followed with another body punch. Tho
boys exchanged lefts to face. AYolgast
used left thieo timet t.t Rltrhle'a jaw.
Ritchie missed a Hk'lit to Wolgast's head,
then sent rlsht and left to Ad's face.
Ritchie complained of Ad s rough tactic.
Bltchlft shot lelt and right to Ad's head
and they clinched. Ritchie continued to
Jab with his left. Wplsast's round.
Round CRltchle sent left to Ad's face.
Wolgast sent two lefts to RttchU's tar.
Rltchlo retaliated with two lefts to same
spot. Wolgast In dose quarters missed
several body punches. Ritchie Jabbed
with left and Wolgast sent two rights to
the champion's body. Wolgast sent hard
rlKht to Ritchie's jaw. Rltchlo jabbed
Wolgast about the face and Wolgast sent
a hard right to Ritchie's face. Rltchlo
landed a similar blow and they, clinched.
Rltchlo sent right to Wolgast's face and
Wolgast replied with a right, and left
to face. Rltchlo showered tho Michigan
boy with a rain of blows, the: round end
llig with Rltchlo sending a stinging right
to Ad's nose. Ritchie's round.
Bound 7 Ritchie rushed, but met a
low face. Thny clinched. Ritchie jabbed
twlco with left. Wolgast sont left to
face and right to stomsch. Ad sent
two more lefts to faco. .Rltchlo. Jabbed
Ad twice to tho face. Wolgast missed
a right to head. Richie sent the Michi
gan boy back with a terrific right to
the face, flooring WolKast for the count
ot four. Ritchie showered right and
left swingstln an attempt to put him
out. Wolgast sent left to .Ritchie's
stomach. Ritchie jabbed two lefts to
Ad's faco. Wolgast sent right' to Ritchie's
face, followed with a left' jab. Ritchie
sent right to Ad's ribs' and .missed a
right swing to tho jaw. Ritchie's round.
Round 8 Wolgast rushed "Ritchie, send
ing two light blows to chest. Ritchie
sent right to faco. Wolgast used right
to body, while Ritchie continued to Jab
left. Ritchie missed a right to the Jaw,
Wolgast caroo back with a hard left to
stomach. Wolgast missed a terrific left
to face ond swung right to Jaw, Ritchie
continued to Jab with lefts. Wolgast sent
short right to chin and another to ear.
Rltchlo missed a left uppercut. Wol
gaat put a right uppercut to tho cham
pion's ear. Rltchlo jolted the Michigan
boy with right and left to ribs. Wol
gast put a light left to tho body and
another to the chin. Bltchlo's round.
Round WolKast sont a left to stom
ach and they clinched. Ritchie sent right
to face. Wolgast put a right to the
head. Ad sent left to face and Ritchie
returned with a uppercut. Rltchlo sent
right and left to faco and the German
came back with a right to face. Rltchlo
sent two lofts to face and followed with
right to face. Wolgast put a hard right
to body. Wolgast was again warned by
referco for rough work. Ritchie sent
right and left to Wolgast's head and
Ad sent right to Bltchlo's car. Wolgast
sent left uppercut to tho champion's
Jaw, followed with a left to stomach.
Ritchie jabbed Wolgast to the body as
the round ended. Ritchie's round.
Jlound 10 They shook hands,. Ritchie
sent loft to Ad's stomach and followed
with right to head. Wolgaat sent two
rights to Ritchie's stomach. Ritchie sent
In threo Jabs and they clinched, Wolgast
put left to Ritchie's Jaw, but his blows
seemed to lack steam. Ritchie Jabbed
Wolgast with rght und left to face.
Hltchlo shot right to Wolgast's chin and
Wolgast followed with right and left to
body, Rltchlo sent a right uppercut to
Ad's jaw, staggering htm. lighting at
close quarters. Ad sent two lefts to
stomach and Ritchie Jabbed Ad's faco
several times. Ad planted a left hook
to Ritchie's jaw. Wolgaat sent a shower
of blows to Ritchie's stomach, but tho
champion did not wince. Wolgast fought
fiercely, landing twice on the champion's
law. Bound even.
Kearney Normal
Wins from Cotner
KEARNEY, Neb.. March 13. (Special.)
The Kearney Normal broke their record
last night In tho game with Cotner uni
versity and defeated that team by a' score
of S3 to 13, nfter one of the closest con
tests ever seen on the local floor, Cptner
played nip and tuck with tho Normal
school until the second half, whon the
local hoys commenced making baskets,
taking the score from 8 to 22 points (n
this half. Both teams put up excellent
ball. The llnup:
glmgool . .. . F
uiL': m
'Wtnern a Sounders
I'arimctcr u.,
Davlca '
La Porte Signs With
Indianapolis Feds
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. March U-Frank
LaPorte, recently signed by the Kansas
City American association club, was to
day won over by the Indianapolis Fed
erals, according to a message received
hero from Wichita Falls. Tex., where
Manager Phillips of the Indianapolis
club Is said to have made the announce
ment. W. A. Armour, manager of the local
association club, said this afternoon that
LaPorte slsned with his team last month
and promUed to report here Saturday.
LaPorte was with the Washington team
In tho American league last year.
Key to IK Sltuttaon-Oee Advertising.
Wayne State Normal basket ball team
defeated Belleviie college team by a score
of 23 to 20' Thursday night on Bellcvue'a
floor, , The gams" was hard fought. Tho
score waaO to 8 aC the end of the first
halt In Wayne's -favor.
Welch and , Gilderslecve starred for
Wayne and P. And'K. Quackenbush for
Bellevue. Lineup.
Hickman K.
F....P. Quackenbush
F....IL Ouackeubilah
Beckrr F.
van Norman C.
Welch o,
C , Ohman
G Ualderman
Q Evans
' Gllderaleeve O.
Ooals: R. Quackenbush. !: P. ouarienn
bush. 3; Ohman. 2: Halderman, 1: Hick
man. 3: Becker. !: Van Norman, 4. Foul
goals: Becker, 8; P. Quackenbush, 4. Of
ficials, Webb and Keckley. alternating.
Minister Praises This Laxative.
Bev. H. Stubenvoll, Allison, la.,
praises Dr. King's New Ufa Pills for
constipation. Best for liver and bowels.
!5c. All druggists Advertisement.
Twelve-foot linoleums, worth S3 cents.
Monday at 49 cent square yard. Brand la
III) 1 lllll'llllllilllllllllilliil II I I III uu 1
Defeating1 Oakdale and Kearney,
Goes Into Third Round.
Ilnstlna-s nnd York Slioirinjr Tip
StroriK, While Genoa nnd Uni
versity I'lacn Give Good
Account in Contests.
LINCOLN, Neb., March 13.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Omaha played true, to form
in the second round ot the stato bask::
ball tournament last night and de
fer. ted Kearney, 25 to 10. Tho Omaha
flippers located tho basket with unerring
accuracy and; although outplayed In floor
work, took, ndvantage of all, of Kcorpoy's
mlscues. Omaha now Boca into tho third
round of the tournament,, which. will start
Friday afternoon.
Hastings continued Its impressive worl:
by defeating Hebron, 2S to 8. Parka
made six goals from field. York alsa
loomed up strong li tho second round,
defeating Mlndon, S3 to 9. Genoa sprung
a surprise in eliminating the Wllber five,
16 to 6.
Following are tho lineups and sum
maries of tho somes In tho second round
played last night:
Schneider UF.
GENEVA (9).'
UF Curtlss
UG Koehler
Tyson UO.
McCory C.
C Ashton
T. TOWlo..,,....R.F.
R.F Martin
R. TowlO R.O
R.O Borland
Substitutes Johnson for Mnrtln. VIM
soals: Tyson, Schneider (3), McCory, U
Towle. K. Towle (3), Ashton (2), Martin
(2). Freo throws: Schneider, R. Towle,
Martin. Referee: Haskell.
Ohtovra-Central City.
CITY (18).
...... Lutes
ti. Domelcr ....R.F.'
J. PflUB R.O.
W. Domcler C.
Phofer ..L.F.
...L.o. n.a.......
Field goals: W. Domcier fl). r;riv
(3). Fleming O). Lutes (1). Stube (1).
Free throws: W. Domcler (1), Lutes (1).
Referee: Hlllncr.
GENOA (16).
W. Spear UF.
W. Nelson ....UG.
L.F Pllnal
UO Prucha
1 Toblska
B.F Beck
n.O.. Sllnlcka
E. Larson c.
D. Davis R.F.
B, Blchards ..R.O.
Field goals. W.
Spear (3), Nelson (2),
Larson (2). Free throws: Spear (1)
Nelson (1), Beck (S). Referee: Haskell!
Colnmbus-nrokf n Bott.
JF Kennedy
UG Predmore
R.F Waters
Weaver UF.
Glur L.G.
Phllllos C.
Drawbaugh ....R.F.
Miller , R.G.I
R.O, Crawford
Substitutes: Humnhrev for KnntKtrfv.
Field soals: Glur, Drawbaugh (2), Ken
nedy (2), Water. Freo throws: Draw
baugh (2), Waters. Beferee: Hiltncr. ,
OMAHA (23). I KEARNEY (10).
Flotaw UF.iUF Beardsloy
Just as Good
for Me....
That is what wo heard at least 50
times Thursday and Friday. Men
are saving from $4.00 to $7.50 on
their Spring suits. As stated be
fore, we carried over quite a few,
suits from last Spring. AVe are now
offering them at prices that mako
you forget that they are not hot
put of the Tailors' hands. Many
colors mo exactly the same as our
new Spring lines. Take, for
and shadow stripes. Fancy weavo Blues. If they didn't have
last season's letter on them we couldn't tell the difference our
selves. Saturday Is the Last Day
Every man that will buy a suit in the next two weeks will
do well to spend 30 minutes in Hayden's Clothing Dept.
Hart, Schaffner & Marx Last Spring Suits
$20.00 and $22.50 J J g Q $25.00 and $30.00 $19 50
v All Sizes to Fit All Builds of men!
All $15.00 and $18.00 makes from last season, at i$9.50
H., S. & M. Suits $18.00 to $35.00 Other makes $10.00, $12.00 and $15.00
Our Boys' Section was never In better shape. All the new enappy styles In Norfolksand fancy raodelb,
colors and fabrlrs that are strictly new this season. Black and white stripes, Just the same as dad's
spring suit will be. Fancy weavo of blue, gray and brown. In fact anything you may picture in your
mind for the boy'a suit will be found at Hayden's. Suits at S2.05 S3. 85 S4.95 to 810. in all styles.
Hayden's are headquarters Ior Boys' Blue Serges, All Wool Serges, S3.05 up to SIO.OO.
See the $5.00 Special Serge Suit, It beats anything in Omaha.
Platz IJF.
Barry C.
Gardner n.F.
UF Shields
C Walaco
R.F Ball
Harmon .R.O,
R.G Johnson
Substitutes: for Flotaw. Field
soals: Flotaw (2), Plats, Barry (2),
Gardner (4), Larmon, Ball 5). Free
throws: Flotaw, 4 out of 7; Walloce, 0
out ot 2. Beferee: Thelscn.
YORK (33).
Cox UE.
Osborn UO.
Conway C.
Traugar R.O.
Davidson R.F.
UE Rogers
UG Harmon
C Orcutt
R.O Johnson
B.F -Fotcrson
Field soals: Cox
(7), Traugar (6), Da
vldson (2). Rogers (1), Orcutt (2). John
son (1). Freo throws: Cox (3 out of 8),
Orcutt (1 out of 1), Johnson (none out
ot 4). Beferee: Thlesen.
SUTTON (16). !
Zlmmerllo UF.!
AntlifB ..L.O.
Groashaua ..' C.
Oschsncr R.F.
Griss R.G.
UF mitten
UG Vandorpool
C Manke
R.F.... Powers
R.G Relmera
Substitute. Mclaf
for Zlmmerlle, Field
coals: Zlmmerlle (2). Anthes (1). Gross
liaus (1), Rclmcrs (1). Freo throws:
Grosshaus (2 out ot 2). Manke (4 out
of 6). Refereu: Brannon.
Whltehouso ...UF.IUF....
.V. Bailey
Kernan ,.UG.
UO Nitka
Flynn ...A c.
Parks B.F.
Klein B.G.
C Hill
R.F Lawless
R.G ...E. Bailey
Substitutes: Cook fur Kornan, Wilson
for Whltehouse, Johnson for Flynn. Field
goals: Kernan (2). Flynn (3), Parks (6),
Klein. V. Bailey, Hill (2). Freo throws:
Parks, 4 out ot 6; Nakc, 2 out of C.
Referee: Brannon.
Athletics Defeat
Chicago Nationals
TAMPA, Fla., March 13,-Tho Philadel
phia American league club defeated the
Chicago Natlonls today. Score:
Chicago ..v 2 7 2
Philadelphia 614 1
Batteries: Chicago, iZabell and Bresna
han: Philadelphia, Brown, Bush and.
rinln Truth That's "Worth Money.
Using Foley's Honey and Tnr for a
cough and cold is just practical common
sense. It is exactly made to stop a cough
and check a cold, and It prevents lagrippe,
bronchitis or pneumonia. TP. F. Monohan,
Monomonte, Wis., says: "I am exposed
to all kinds ot weather and I find Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound always fixes
me up in good shapo when I catch cold
or have a bad cough. I recommend It
gladly." Refuse substitutes. For salo by
alt dealers everywhere. Advertisement.
Key to the Situation Bee Advertising.
Basket Ball Tonrney.
AMES. Ia., March 13. (Special Tele
gram.) Fort .Dodge nnd Grand Junction
qualified this .afternoon for tho semi
finals tomorrow In tho northwestern dis
trict tournoy of the stale high school bas
ket ball championship tournament by
dominating Spirit Lako and Boone. Nine
teams are entered. The finals will bo
played tomorrow night.
instance, the plain Grays
win m Jin j m II
: 1
Condition of State
Banks Made Known .
By Board Secretary
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, March 13. (Spcclal.)-SJncs
October 21, 1913, resources of the statd
banks of Nebraska havo Increased, ac
cording to a report of the State Banking
board, l,112,iti0.SS; loans and discounts,
3625,963.34; duo from banks and casru
S1,23S,5S6.93; deposits, 952,997.55. Over
drafts have decreased 32O0,15!.43.
Since February 15, 1913, resources havo
Increased $8,019,133.81; loans and discount?,
36,730,800.47; duo from banks and cash,
Sl.033,145.03; deposits, 36,289.?S1.50. Over
drafts havo decreased JS5.S23.E1.
Thero are S05,0S2 depositors doing busi
ness with tho stato banks and tho aver-,
ago rescrvo is 23 per cent.
Following Is tho roportof tho condition
of tho banks at tho close of business Feu
ruary 13, 1914:
Loans and discounts 3 S5,53l,147.0t
Overdrafts E74.223.ST,-
Bonds, securities, cto "03,(71.01
Due from national and stato '
banks 18,914,077.07
Cash 4,991,075.t7
Banking houso, furniture and
fixtures 3,078,125.2):
Other real estate 380,965.52
Current expenses, taxes ' and
Interest paid 1,033,991.13
Cash Items 46,692.31
Capital stock
,3 14,814,100.(4
Surplus fund
Undivided profits.
92,746,823. W
Notes and bills redtscountcd.
Bills payable
Other liabilities
Depositors' guaranty fund....
SIinEVEPORT. La., March lS.-James
A. Ollmorc, president of the Federal Base
Ball league, after spending sovcral days
with the. Chicago Federal team In train
ing hero loft today for his Chicago head-
Quarters. Ho mado no announcement as
to new contracts, but said ho would .
continue tho fight for players of tho old
league wanted by the now organization.
Falrbury Tennis Officers.
17AIRBURY. Neb.. March 13. (SDecial.)
Tho Falrbury Tennis club at a meeting'
ior reorganization eiecion mc jouowing
officers: E. A. Wunder, president; V. H.
Wessler, vice president; 11, H. McLucas,
treasurer; P. E. Bradley, secretary. Tho,
Falrbury club expects to play a number
of games this summer und will arrange
tor a tournament this fall.
Key to the Situation Beo Advertising.
Newspaper Advertising Is tho Boad to
Business Success.