Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 25, 1914, Page 8, Image 8

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Wayfarer! in Detroit Startled by the
Uncanny Spectacle.
Car Trlth Jrrvcrltile Steering; Gear
nana Wild In Btndehnker Snles
room, Nnrrorrlr Mlaslnn
Startled out of & rush-hour reverie, his
hand hanging Inort from the bell cord,
the conductor of ft Woodward avenue
street car In Detroit blocked traffic for
several minutes the other evening-, while
ho gated, open-mouthed, Into the brightly
lighted Interior, of the Bttldcbaker auto
mobile store.
Kor once, traffic was willing to be
blocked. The sight that had so strangely
affected the collector of fares struct:
others Just as forcibly.
Insldo the store, an automobile was ob
viously running wild.
So. far as human beings were concerned,
the automobile a Studebaker "Four"
touring car was empty. Its lamps wcro
alt blazing and tt was 1n rapid motion.
Along the Charlotte avenue side of the
building the car would glldo, turning Just
In time to avoid crashing Into the glass
front lt tall light would gleam until It
reached the back of the room, when It
would awervo and charge at the side,
whero It would again miss collision by an
eyelash. The next turn would bring It
back tn Its course again, casting the
blinding rays of Its headlights Into the
eyes of the amazed beholders.
A crowd gathered. For a time those n
the front row would dodgo. the charging
car. Later on their confidence grow, for
they saw that the car Instead of turning,
by some lucky accident was following n"
clrcJa and making each lap In a definite
track. Then somebody noticed that, on
the dust cover that trimly enclosed the
car's top lay a cat, oblivious to all excite
ment and sound asleep,
Cop to the Resent.
A policeman worked his way through
the throng and tried the door, which
opened readily. lie dodged the car and
made his way to the offices In tho rear,
where he found A. K, McLuncy, the
branch manager,
"There's a crazy automobile runnln'
round your front room," ejaculated tho
"Never mind It." replied McLuney. "It'
a demonstration."
"Of whatr
"Irreversible steering gear, If you know
what that means steering gear that stays
put and doesn't rack your arms out at
the sockets.
"Well, Irreversible steerln' or not, you
can't block tho avenue with Itt And the
next thing It'll bo running out through
one of them windows."
"Well lf my car and my store and my
windows, Isn't It7"
The cop went outside and vainly Im
plored tho spectators to "movo on." The
car kept running circles. The crowd grew.
And he cat slept on.
Throughtout the week of tho Detroit
automobile show tho whole process wai
repeated nightly. Now and then somconi
would rescue "Studebaker," the oftlc
cat, from his perch on tho top. Ho took
It, good-naturedly but would wait for tht
car's, next Jap, when ho would, cleverly
cllmp back aboard, resuming hla solitary
Joy ride.
Cadillac Company
Will Not Market a
Six-Cylinder Car
Henry M. Leland, present or thi
Cadlllao Motor Car company, and re
cently elected to the presidency or tho
Society or Automobile Engineers, cor
rocts an erroneous Impression vhlch
seems to prevail In some quarters with
regard to tho futuro plans and policies
or his company.
"Wo could scarcely ex,pect to con
trol," says Mr. .Leland, "tho very con
siderable volume or mouth to mouth ad
vertising which the Cadlllao receives.
But when a misconception of the plans
of tho Cadlllao company Is liable to
creea Into this sort of gratuitous pub
licity, wo consider It a duly wo owe tho
publlo? as well as ourselves to correct
whatever Inaccuracies may unwittingly
bo reported.
"Wo haVo experimented wllh engine
or six cyllndors; In fact, we have built
a number or such cars In the last four
yean.. These experiments have been tho
basis of rumors that we were to innr
kct a slx-cyllndcr Cadillac, but this com
pany has no such Intention.
"Our tests. Investigations, experiments
and comparisons have demonstrated con
clusively that our four-cylinder engine
affords the highest degree of all-around
efficiency obtainable, coupled with great
cat economy of operation and mainte
nance! "With thts knowledge to guide us we
cerUJnly have not tho slightest Idea of
departing from our present policy."
Alcohol and Benzol
Mixed as Auto Fuel
In a report Just Issued by the United
States bureau of foreign and domestic
commerce Consul General John U. Grif
fiths of London directs attention to the
progress which has been made In Great
Britain regarding tho use of alcohol as
a fuel for automobllo and other types
of gas engines.
The report states that as a result of a
conference held In London In July last
an organization known as the Imperial
Motor Transport council was formed and
this council formed an alcohol motor fuel
commttteo to conduct Investigations and
experiments relating to- the use of alco
hol as a motor fuel. The necessity for
this nctlon Is traceable to the scarcity of
suitable goaollno for use In motors and
the consequent high prlco of sultablo
In this country the condition, whtlo not
as serious as In England, has "Caused au
tomobile manufacturers as well as manu
facturers of other forma of gasoline en
gines considerable worry because tho
quality of the gasoline has been steadily
degenerating until the fuel now sold as
gasollno Is sometimes but slightly better
than kerosene oil.
The report of tho consul general also
calls attention to a paper recently read
before the British Institution of Auto
mobile Engineers, In which tho mlxturo
of benzol and alcohol as a motor fuel
was thoroughly discussed. Benzol Is ob
tained as a byproduct In the manufacture
of coko. When alcohol alone Is used In
tho enxletlng engines the economy of tho
engine Is not as great as It might
be, because tho compression must be
Increased to effect economical use of
alcohol. Benzol is added to tho alcohol
to overcome the disadvantage of low
economy. It Is said to work well.
Henry CMarkel is
Buried in Omaha
The funeral of Henry C. Market, who
died Friday at Houston, Tcx wus held
from the rooms of the Elks lodge Tues
day afternoon after the Elks' burial ritual
and tho Christian Science f uncial service
had been observed. Interment was ' In
Prospect Hill cemetery. Charles Dunham
read tho Scientist sorvlcc. Tho pallbearers
J. n. Dewar.
W. D. Lincoln,
It. K. Yocum,
Charles L. Deuel,
A. M. Jeffrey,
C. H. Qratton.
Mother! is Child's
Stomach Sour, Sick
If tongue is coated or If cross, fever
ish, constipated give "California
Syrup of Figs."
Don't scold your fretful, peevish child.
See If tongue Is coated; this Is a suro
sign Its little stomach, liver and bowels
are clogged with sour waste.
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
cold, breath bad, throat sore, doesn't
eat, sleep or act naturally, has a stomach
aohe, Indirection, diarrhoea, give a tea
spoonful of "California Syrup of Figs,"
and In a few hours all the foul waste,
the sour bile and fermenting food passes
out of the bowels and you hare a well
and playrul child again. Children lore
this harmless "rrult laxative' and moth
ers can rest easy after giving t because
It never falls to make their little 'In
sides" clean and sweet.
Keep It handy, Mother 1 A little given
today saves a sick child tomorrow, but
get the genuine. Ask your druggfst for
a 69-cent bottle of "California Syrup of
Figs." whloh has directions for babies,
child rea of all ages and for grown-ups
pHtalr on the bottle, llemember there
are counterfeits sold here, so surely look
and see that yours Is made by the "Call,
fomta Fig Syrup Company " Hand back
with contempt any other tig srrup. Ad-YKttsemcst,
Xfcbraiks, Bulck Auto Company,
Lw Huff Mgr. 1912.14-1G Farnam hm-
- ww ww sacj
Oadillao Company of Omaha,
20S4-6-8 Farnam Streak
G. F. Reim. Pre.
Marlon Auto Company,
0. W. McDonald ' 21Q1 Famam Stmt,
Maxwell Motor Bales Corporation,
uo2UY State Bank Building.
Van Brunt Automobile Comnanv
2010 Farnam 8t Omaha. 18-20-22 4th St., Council Bluffs,
r Van Brunt Automobile Company
2010 Farnam St., Omaha. 18-20.22 4th St., Council Bluffi,
X. B. Wilson Auto Company,
. 2428 Farnam .Stmt,
II Van Brunt Automobile Company,
3010 Farmam gt., Omaha. 18-20.22 4th St,, Council Bluffi,
?5 Marion Auto Co.,
HT. MeDomli. - 1101 Faroaia Street,
Patterson Finishes
from Coast to Coast
on Lincoln Highway
First to cross the continent over the
proporcd Uncoln Highway route, J. Nell
Patterson and his Sunrise . Crew dipped
the wheels of their car In tho surf at
Coney Island, December 10, ending a
B.OOd-mllo const to coast ttlp.
The party left TIa Juana, a small Mex
ican town on tho Pacific coast, lato In
October' and proceeded to record the
difficulties of tho trip In moving pictures.
Excellent films were secured In the
Ilocklcs and the far west, and several
Good Honda societies have already en
gaged the Patterson crew for lectures
on tho trip.
Ono of tho remarkable features of Pat
terson's trip was that ho did not find
it necessary to touch the motor on the
entire trip. Only four punctures and
no blowouts were encountered and tho
original tires wcro still In excellent con
dition when tho car reached Now York.
Patterson kept a careful record of the
gasoline and oil consumed en route. He
states that tho car averaged a little over
twelve and one-half miles to the gallon
of gasollno and used a llttto over twenty
gallons of lubricating oil.
After sending several days in New
York, tho party left for Washington,
V. C, by wny of Philadelphia and Bal
timore. From Washington, tho cor will
Proceed to Pittsburgh and then to De
trolt. Patterson will drlvo tho car to New
York for tho automobile show.
All Cadillac mnilnla n m - .
. - u. uiu rjgni
hand drive type, as tho designers rec
ognUe that this Is the natural sldo
from which to drive, steer and control
a vehlclo and thn.1 it rHv.. v.
t ... . " ' " 1 " HIC HI 1 V CI
at all times thn ! vi.m.w.i..
. irui.ii, ,uf ciear-
ance, particularly In country driving.
Thero Is also an advantage In approach
ing the curb where a atop Is to be made.
Aa tho right side Is the natural side from
which most people operate, the control
levers are also on that side.
Whtlo this Idea prevails, the Cadillac's
designers havo so constructed their cor
that tho occupants of the front seat can
enter at or leave from cither side. To
facilitate entrance and exit at tho right
side, the steering wheel is hinged, swing
ing down no that there Is plenty of room
and no squeezing Is necessary.
The advantago of this Is that neither
the driver nor his companion In tho front
seat ever has to step out Into a muddy
street and go around the car to pet to
the sidewalk. An entrance to tho car,
In like manner, l directly from tho curb
whero tho car rests.
Guy Smith Has
Splendid Cars on
Exhibit ,at Show
At each automobllft show In Omaha
Guy Ij. Smith hns had the most attrnctlvo
exhibit, Kach year Smith Koes to a great
deal of trouble and expense to bring out
original and effective Ideas. This year tho
Guy I, Smith display Is even, more beau
tiful than In former years. One of the
principal features Is that tho Hudson Is
the only lino shown. Concentration Is
now tho slogan In tho Smith organlza
tlon. Tho exhibit Is such a worthy ono
that the modols shown deserve Individual
mention. They aro all sized, for tho Hud
son has 'broken entirely uway from tho
four. One sees the big luxurious six-Si
and Its smaller brother, the slx-10. Tho
slx-40 Is called tho Hucson light six. Four
body designs confront tho visitors. Kach
one the creation of an artist. Of course,
they aro all stream line, for tho Hudson
Is always to tho fore.
Tho slx-W roadster Is trim and grace
ful. Tho sloping Jiood and long sloping
rear deck, with tho seats placed directly
In Uio center of tho body, create nn im
pression of beauty, comfort and easy
Tho slx-W passenger phaeton Is thi
mott talked of car In America and the
show visitor Instantly realizes that the
car Justifies Its reputation. Refinement
and comfort Is written In every line. A
four or six passenger at will, as the
auxlllnry seats are of the disappearing
type. Grace and beauty was never better
exemplified In a motor car. The one man
top Is a new feature. It can be Instantly
raised or loer by onb person. The ab
sence of side lights Is a pleasing Inno
vation. Tho pleasing climax of tho exhibit Ij
the slx-51 Sedan. Tho finished type of
closed car luxury. Thero Is an absence
of body angles. Tho body blends Into the
hood without a single awkward feature
to mar Its rare beauty. The crown fend
.ers, In beauty, pay their tribute to the
graceful body. The Interior finish Is most
pleasing. Tho entire Interior Is up
holstered In dove gray English Bedford
cloth, Tho driver's seat embodies unusual
comfort and Is" adjustable to various
positions. Aside from the regulation dome
light, thero arc Pullman lights over tho
rear scat.
D. Clem Deaver Buried
at Holy Sepulchre
Funeral services over the body or D.
Clem Deaver. Burlington Immigration
agent, who died of heart failure Sunday
night, were held at St. Peter"s church,
Twenty-eighth nnd Leavenworth streets.
Hcv. Father J. 1 McCarthy was In
charge and many friends of the veteran
railroad and land man attended to pay
their respects to his memory. Burial was
In Holy Sepulcher cemetery- The pall
bearers were:
C. G. McDonald, Tim Sullivan.
B. F. Leavenworth, P. It. Howard,
S. L. Lee, ' L. M. Whitehead.
F. P. Eyman, assistant freight traffic
manager, and Sam F. Miller, general
freight agent, both of tho Northwestern,
aro In tho city from Chicago. They will
spend the day here, expecting to go to
Lincoln to bo present at the freight rate
hearing before the Nebraska Railway
Both of the Northwestern men declare
that tho storm of Monday In Illinois was
the worst of tho winter and Mr. Miller
adds that It was more severe than ever
ho experienced In Nebraska during his
long residence here.
Tho Northwestern men are enthusiastic
over the outlook for an Increasing busi
ness this year. They say tho signs all
point to better times nnd more business
and that with another good crop the cen
tral went will bo riding on the crest of
the top wavo of prosperity.
Constlpntlnn Poisons Yon.
Dr. King's New Llfo Pills regulate
your bowels, prevent constipation and
stimulate the liver to healthy action. 25c.
All druggists. Advertisement.
Ij Buy It Because '
I I It's a Better Car II
I I Model T $T r A ' I
I I Touring Car OOU I
I I f. o. b. Detroit I
II Get particulars from Tord Motor Company. II
l ll m6 Haniey aU 1
nfifc si&h tfSSSlt ttjiSAfe3 i0riir Jifiite
Omaha Automobile Dealers
Whose Exhibits at the Show are Worthy of Your Consideration
The Auburn 4 Forty at $1,490.00
The Most for the Money,
This Big $2,000 Car at $1,490
Lacks nothing that a very high-priced car can give. Our
proposition to agents itf tho best offered by any auto
mobUo manufacturer. Wo have some good territory left
for live agents.
Don't fail to visit our booth at tho Auto Show.
2559 Farnam Street. Hauae & Wilson, Distributors.
Jeffery Four' $1,550 jj
See This Car at the Show
Rambler Motor Co.
2052 Farnam Street
ii ' is
I NgylVie "ofl I FARNAM.
Eighty years of faithful service to the American public.
See our exhibit in space 31 on the stage and at our salesroom.
Mitchell Motor Co.
Bull Tractor
Pulls Two 14-Inch Plows
or Work Equal
Has 25 Horso Power double opposed automobllo cngiue. Weight
only .1000 pounds.
Tho greatest sales proposition of the year.
See It at the Show Space No. 10.
Bullock Machine & Supply Co.
2320 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.; 212 S 7th St., Norfolk, Xcb.
Be confident you buy a
GOOD OAR. It's at
612 South Main Street,
3 ?
Exhibit of Kerosene and Gasoline Cars S
C 4-oyitn4tr Xdrht Touring Car tl,BSS.oo
1910 ramus St. rt!L JJonrUs 62a. 5
Tounnr Oax... m
4-cjrllnir Coupe ....taaas-oo
8-cyuadr Tonrur ;..."!:":::::.:::::::a;w
V39.O0 xxtra lor Xerosan XqtUpmsnt.
Booth (Xo. 35, Hortlx Sua of Btafft.
North Side of the Center Isle
L. E. DOTY, Inc.
2027-29 FARNAM ST.