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Oreighton Students and Guests at the Good Fellowship Dinner Held on Monday Evening
Omaha's Greatest Shoe Sale CcntiHMfs Thursiiy
Entire Sample Stock, two well known makers offered during the net fow days, at prices
even less than tho manufacturers' cost See 16th Street Window Display shoes of de
pendable quality for Men, Women and Children Matchless Values.
Furniture values
you'll find hard to
equal, impossible to
surpass in any store
in the land. We're
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Our New Spring
1914 Hug Catalogue
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HtV' A! Ti"Hiru and h iwmh, lA Ullllullk) JJUJuuilllU 1JUUUUU
Anhy d Students Pays Visit to
Yards and Packing Houses.
Fnreata tit YesUhs KhrhvA la Bas
ket Ball Qiune With Onihn De
' MRRd ' Beard Tabs Action
Altrs;e( Miatrrntment.
from feed, pens to, the platter 263 stu
dents ot the Nebraska College of Agri
culture xvlUwased "the evolution of the
fteqlla bovlno .yesterday at the Union
Stock yards, which entertained the stu
dent, agriculturist from YJncoln. In
charfw of Dean 13. A. Ilurnett. II. 1!.
Bradford, Prof, Bliss and Mrs. sum
mer .of the domestic economy depart
ment, the students arrived at the. yardu
on tHHr annual, inspection trip shortly
before noon. Tliey were quickly di
vided, into squads Under the capable di
rection of William BchellbeVtr, traffic
manager ot the yards, and sent through
Viro,onatr.tlon trips to the different
packing houses.' Lunch was nerved at
nboW ami the work'of stock judging and
caftYe haftdllne wets demonstrated by
Prtfs. Howard OrameJIch ana II. Bli.
A't'5 ocfock, the .'work of the day be
ing over, the atH&nts and yard offt
cMIs, iosaHhcr wHh' reiirentatlves from
tli' itok exchUMve. and tho . Omaha
rree, attended a banquet In the ex
change , dining reoM. "Doc" Frye, with
the -asetaUftea of a (liable corps of
wallers, emoeifced threugh the 'dining
kaar to a short jiragram ef spmlwiak
ing and mwlc,
tttruce McCalleeh, editor of the Journal
Btookman, n ctrttter Introduced the
dlffwent speakors, whs Included Nor r Is
Brown of Omaha, Regent CaurUnd and
Whltmore of the University of Nearaaka.
J. H. Bulla at the Union Mock yards
and 'the Live Stock Sanitary coramlselon,
A, tf, Btryker, aecrelary-tratflo manager
ol .the Live jtftc-ck, exchange, and JC
Buckingham. Dean Burnett also ad
dressed the gathering.
One ot tta featured. ot the students'
vjslf was the Increased Interest mani
fested in tho occasion by the women
members pt th domesUo scleno del
paitment, which contributed forty girl
visitors. The number' of visiting profes
sor' waa also Increased ovsf tho number
who attended the demonstration In other
years. The speakers all praised tho
Ualon gtock yarda and exalted the stock
paaatMtHtea at Nebraska. The Gibson
KWI ".llntet and the Keno quartet
rnrn la tat much favorable .comtaeat
j from,, tho vlUo.
. Hyn4 Caae Disposed of.
Arraatcd, In Onaha, hauled down to
fctyuth pinaha and kept over night In the
Jail, Harry Reynolds, M-year-eM lad, who
H charged .with having essayed to become
th;aen-Hilaw of Police Magistrate Jama
.aBanan of South Omaha, against that
oftleJal'a will, wae turned ever to the
,Juvaail authorities yeeterday and re
mayW tAjOwtalMu. Judge Callanan and the
Tad's washer were present when Probation
ORKf faul xacauiey took charge or me
yeuac prlaoner. The tad wa handcuffed
sfiwa, Vslag taken to Omaha.
rNMwntn Araawrd Over Scrap.
J'uat what will eventuate as the result
ttrtha fltt fight last Saturday night be
tween Members ot the Omaha and Mouth
Ymaha basket ball teams cannot be aald,
now that the South Omaha 8ch6ol board
"has feeen urged to take a hand In the
conflict. The South Omaha lads say they
Vera, mistreated by one ot tho Omaha
A the school board meeting Monday
nllht, a number of "South Omaha citizens
(Rsked (bat eon action be taken In tho
promUes. It ta said that It the school
authorities ot the two cities do not reauh,
(Semo.amicable atttlem;nt all further ath
WU aad social relations between the two
cae-i- district may be severed. Tho
SMith Omaha Dotrd of Education, an
nounced no decision In the matter and it
woVabla that the school authorities
will have to settle the um without the
lhterferen?"ot the board,
i Mrs. Cahlll la Ueadi
t Mra. Catherine Cahlll, t;sd 67 years,
died Tueday ijlght at, her home, !U3
'ottli. Twenty-jioventh street, Bouth
Omaha, following an Illness ot fifteen
aAata duration, lr. .Cahlll was the
.wife of Ed. ,1 Cahlll ,and .had teen a
jre?Sfeat ,of South. .Omaha . for twenty
even years. At her bedside during her
laai Moments were, her husband, and four
,snnt.", Frank, Charles, . Edward , and Leo)
Fu'aWal service will i be . held Friday
morning at 9 o'clock from Bt, Bridget's,
church with (nfeiment In Holy arpulcher
ceiitery.-" Services will be conducted
by. Rev, T. C. O'Callahan and M- J Bal-
Aak tMrt Ser;lc, ,
ttW atraet car etel wanted 1m
DnUi OfiMtna. ' Tlife, time the resident ot
th it4awtern aectlf ffl tho city haye'
-eaaja U taa U with a demand for slrest
Jra? lis itwaB aouthVfrty-slsth
M? M atreet tp tln 'efMij,y line.
A far day Irnprovemeat club
'Wi oeaanised ted (he-work of arranging
:ititiM waa bsfun." It Ja urged Ahat thU
is one of tte.jfteat pouipu In
ih ety and that many who lire juat over.
th Sarpy county lino are also 'involved.
5ne&uf V "l five , datiCing
party Thursday evening nl Kagles' home,
Twcnty-tniru nnu r street.
Office pao for rent In Bee office. 231ft
N street. Tennn reasonable. Well known
location. Tel. Houth 17.
The Columbian club will give Its tlrat
grand bnll tonight at the fit. Mary's
school hall at Thirty-sixth and Q streets.
The Adah kcnslngton will meet Thurs
day afternoon at the Masonlo hall. A 1
o clock luncheon will be given at the same
Tho Willing; "Worker ot the Klrst Chris
tian church will give a chicken dinner
Wednesday afternoon at McCrnnn's hall,
Twenty-fourth nnd. O streets.
The flchubert club wilt she a dancing:
party at the 1'aHles' homo .at Twenty-
. i . t i ... . . a..... rr . . .
vnln. Ailmliilnn onlv liv invlintlnn
K tr.. iMtween Tweniv.rnn,i n,i
Twentieth streets. In beln rapidly filled 1
up as a rcsuu or me city pusning the
grading projects In that Vicinity. The
filling or this ravine will bo a Brent
convenlonco to all wagon drivers ot this
The first debating team of the high
school will intct the Schuyler High school
debating team In Its first scheduled do
bat o on next Friday ne at the lllsh
school auditorium. Tbe regulation or the
dissolution of the trust will be the ques
tions dlKCiisMd. and the lolal team will
uphold the affirmative. .
National Suffrage
Worker Here to Plan
May Demonstration
Preparatory .to the big' Woman suffrage
demonstration planned by tho National
Suffrage association In Washington May
9, A general country-wide demonstration
Is planned for May S. To instruct local
suffrage leader and confer with them
over the situation is the purpose of a
visit here by Mrs. Jessie It. Btubbs, pub
licity agent of the Congressional union
for woman's suffrage.
Mrs. Stubbs arhred last night, and is
stepping at the IfenshaW.. She says
meetings are to bo held In every city
and town where there 1 a suffrage or
gan.atlon on May 3. when resolution
will be. passed with which. It, is . tho pur
pose to swamp congress In' the endeavor
to 'aecu'ro favorbale action' by tho damo
orats on a constitutional amendment.
Falling- In thla the union intends to ad
vise It support to "vote for any party
men who will pledge the,mplves to tha
aufrage program.
Mrs. Btubbs hsd Intended to make a
trip through the Dakota and back to
Washington by the last of the month,
but she has been called suddenly to head
quarter and will leave for there tonight
after conferring with auffragst her.
She is general manager of The Suffra
gist, tho national organ of the cause.
Hastings May Get
Next Year's Meeting
lUstngs slipped Into the closing ses
sion ot tho convention ot the Nebraska
dtate Optometrists association yesterday
afternoon, and probably clinched the 1P15
convention of that organlxatlon.
It was supposed that Omaha would
have no contest for tha next meeting ot
the association, hut formidable contehder
appeared In the form of JI. B. Howell,
secretary of the chamber ci commerce
of Hastings, and J. II. Rltfc, delegato
to th convention. Mr. Howell explained
the advantage of Hasting an a conven
tion town, and Mr. nitfe followed wllh
a motion requesting that In tho event
that a Joint state meeting. was not hold
next year, the executive cotnmlttoe b.
advised to call the meeting at Hastings
The following officer were fleeted for
the ensuing yean A. V. Nlehart, Elm-
wood, prealdontj A. 8. Miller, Madison,
first vice president; M. 1U Kile. Crelgh
ton, second vice president; Mrs. Alice
Ilrooke, Hastings, secretary,
Tho legislative committee elected for
(ha coming year Includes M. L, Jones,
I-'alrfield; C, C. McCleese. Davenport;
Thbmaa Kctfc, Clarks.
Tha new state executive committee 1
composed ot n, B. Combs, Omaha; C. k.
Hewitt, Nellgh; J. O rreston, Superior,
and Frit Iloeter, Aurora. f
The association eelected the unmet ot
B. I). Comb ot Omaha and Ed Nle
wohner of Columbus to submit to tho
governor for his appointment to fill tho
vacancy which will occur on th sfato
examining board of optometries this
Hummel Tells Club
of Plans for Summer
Commissioner Joe Hummel tpok nt
length on the park plan for .he coming
year before a good sized gathering ot
tne Southeant Improvement dub at the
Dancroft school last ovtiung. Commis
sioner Hummel assured tha organisation
that a deal of Improvement wuutd l-o
made toward beautifying all tho parka
In the city as well as providing suitable
antwments for , the ' thuiday crowds.
Motion pictures following the plan of
last year will bo. shown-at HonsnoD.TTia'rls
and In -all probability at Itlvorvlew. Hand
concerts In both of thb places will be
the", same as In years con h'y. and new
awlpgstwH be Installed' In. all t tho
U. Jvas .tfpvsd hy the club that the
socretary confer wjth the authorities'
toward,. securing Paving of Bancroft;
atrt from the boulevard to Eleventh.
The secretary will also '-atteinpt to. In
duce thh atreet railway ctipjuany to mva
about th tracks on Tenth etrvvt outh
of nincrott It was pnblutjed that Com
missioner llydtr would Also talk 'brfora
thi club. Mr. llyder Mas' not tendered
an- Invitation to speak' Tuday evening,
but will' be Invited tn, ,lp so at one . of
tha meetings of the organisation soon.'' -
'T.he.rersUttnt ana jjciou, Use .ot Munds. hrulse,, sore. . scales. salt
Newspaper Advertls'pg Is th Road to rheum. U: Proninf rllf fur nil..
nuslrlets Success
Local Union Host at Reception nnd
-Ball Last Night.
C, D, Traphaajen of lite State Jour
nal Company Talks of the Ue
Inilona anil Responsibilities
of Kmployer nnd Employe.
Omaha TypoBrnphlcal Union, No, 190.
w host last nlnht at a tceptlon and
ball at which a number ot emplpyors
were. guests for the evening ot the
l 1 AW..., -It 4 U MAMKAV.
fT'T , , 7, "h "''transportation committee, to confer with
thn union who wero not actually en- . ..... ... . .
gaged , In the worlf of' getting out the
were present, and with them, their wive
and daughter and lady friends, so -that
the dance floor was filled at all times,
and the card table found plenty ot pa
tron. Mr. C. D. Traphageh of the State
Journal company of. Lincoln wa es
pecially invited to deliver an address on
the topic of "Employer, and Employed."
Ho spoke on the Improving conditions,
not only In the printing Industry, but in
tho general Industrial field as a re
ult of a better understanding between
those engaged in the work, and closed
with a word picture of the' hotter day
that Is dawning:
Pnrpnittt' of Orjtnniaatton.
"It. may not be amiss," said Mr.
Traphagen, "In Mil assemblage ot em
ployer and employes, to repeat
that wblch wa said at the conven
tion ot the United , Typothetae and
Franklin Club ot America held in
New Orleans' in October last, to
tho effect that organization Mn any line
of human endeavor Is always for tha
purpose ot . correcting or bettering a
social', economic or industrial - condition.
"Co-onernMon with organization is the'
substitution of tho experience nnd Judg
ment ot the many for that of tho in
dividual. K murks the passing of in
dividualism and the recognition that
printers, whether employer or employe,
nro not merely 'a group of unrelated ob
jects warring one upon tho other to
tho ultimate survival of tho strongest; but
that their Interests are eo closely knit
and Interwoven that, it becomes tho con
cern of all that those conditions shall
be brought about which shall benefit and
bring prosperity to all.
No IMntje for Hookworm.
"Organization can, do much fpr all,
hut thero should bo no placo lit It for
tho craftsman Inoculated with the vlrua
ot mental or physical hodkworm. Or
ganisation ot wage earntrs are nothins
more nor Its thkrt a tyttotn of co
rporation, Ond (tie lay should give them
no monopoly of tho .right to. co-operate.
"One of the points of dlfferenco bo
tween .organization .of wage earners and
those ot employer ot capital is that the
sentiment of tho moment seem to be
that the leader of the organizations of
wage earners shall bo rewarded with
political appointment, and for those ot
tha employer or capital with a sentence
to. imprisonment or a stiff fine,, or both.
Tho business man printer of today Is
between tho devil and the deep 1Iue sea.
In a more modern sense, between tho
Insanity or uncurbed competition and the
criminality ot attempted regulation by
ISntployera Seel; the Right.
"Out ott tho fog nt prejudice against
Industrial or eanltallatlrt organization Is
"rising a perceptible change in sentiment
There Is ceaseless and earnest fcffnrt on
the part of the employer to find and do
tha right There Is just as much intel
lectual capacity for the finding of it,
Just as much ot unselfUh motive, Just
ss much of patriotism jihd love ot square
dealing, as Ss to be found In the legis
lative halls of state or nation, or among
our newannnar And mairi-.lnn WnV.
showers and other critics. All the good" ,
mnttvAa ftrtri Ittifntlonji tnp th better
mont of social, economic and Industrial ! j
conditions, and for the itolutlons ot the
..1 . . , I . . . - , . I r
yiwuipu.Q oi ilia luiniiiui mo iiuk mo
nopolised by any particular faction ot
our citizenship."
Mr. Traphagen ' spoke of efforts that
are being made to conserve humanity,
ot the "safety first" movement, ot the
efficiency plan 'that looks lor setting tho
right man tnto the- right place, and ot
tha plan- for the' better training ct tho
apprentice and to glvo the tray a chance.
He, also spoke or tho employers realiz
ing that they have bttn too far removed
from the employes, and ot efforts to
get closer together, of soma elements
that enter Into the was-j question, lie
closed with a propheoy of better under
atandlng and ot better conditions for all.
Dancing" was resumed at the close ot
Mr, Traphagen'a address, and was con
tinued until a late hour.
President 'C-'T. Walker ot the Omaha
Board Qt Ifduoatlon. addressed the stu
dents of tha High School of Commerce
at an assembly Tuesday. He spoke of tha
Importance, cf hard work, not only Itv
school, but alter graduation, anq uurinc
all the years that follow.
"One Is not educated when lie. graduates
from high school, hut' must keep on Vesni-
Ing by c.tua) work and experience,'! said
Mr. yralkcr, "and such an Institution
thO'HIilh School- ofCommerca does much
(oward educating' boys and girl for an
active .part -in business . and social af
fairs. Rut It Is only the beginning. -and
If one would succeed lie must look ahead
ana won: tor a tuture."
: inltl Hlood I'olmu
. by using nucktnn's Arnica Balve on all
,H lJruKglBts.-Adver!iitmnl
Hotel Clerks Gome
From All Points to
Make Journey West
Omaha will be the starting point for
a special train that will carry hotel
clerk from all part of the country,
north, east and south of here to their
annual convention at Los Angeles early
in June. This announcement wa made
last evening at a meeting of the Ne
braska and Iowa Hotel Clerks' associa
tion at tho Hensfraw, by It. II. Hawks
ot Chicago, secretary of tho Greater of
America, the national organization.
Ho came' here a chairman pf the
Frost of Creston,' la., the other members I
of. tho committee. Plan were completed
for a solid train of Pullman to carry the
Qreetera from the Gate City, and others
gathering here, through to the coast.
Last night's meeting was attendod by
over a scof o of , "front office" men of
Omaha and neighboring cities. They
were the guest of Joseph Keenan,
manager of the HqnsUaw. Colonel Will
tarn Anderson, chief clerk at Hotel Rome
and president ot the stale associations
presided. His candidacy for the national
presidency was strongly endorsed.
M'Grew Addresses
Bellevue Students
C. F. McOrew. president of tho Live
Stock National bank, addressed the stu
donts ot Bellevue college on the federal
reservo act' yesterday. Mr, MqCJrew'a
speech was a culmination of the desire of
the school to hear the views qf an ex
pert on this subject He outlined the !
principles of the -act, giving the history
of banking legislation from its Inception
to the laws of today.
If Kidneys Act
Bad Take Salts
Says Backache is sign you have
been eating too much
When you wake up with backache and
dull misery in the kidney region It gen
erally means you have been' eating too
much meat, says a well-known authority.
XfBt fftfmi tirltt fiMrl whli-ti Avurivnrki
the kidneys In their effort to filter It from
tne biooa and they become sort or para
lyzed and loggy. ATben your kidneys gel
sluggish and clog you must relieve them.
Ilka you relieve your bowels; removing
all the body's urinous waste, else yon
have backache, sick headache, dlscy
spells; your stomach sours, tongue la
coated, and when the weather Is bad you
have rheumtalo twinges. The urine Is
cloudy, 'full ot sediment, channels of tea
get sore, water scalds and you art
obliged to se.ek reilef two -or three times
daring the night.
Either oonault a good, rellabte physi
cian at ones or get from your pharmacist
about four ounces of Jad Salts; take a
tablespoonful In a glass of water before
breakfast for a few days and your kid
neys wilt then act fine. This famous
salts Is made from the add of grapes
snd lemon Juice, combined with llthla,
and has been used for generations to
clean and stimulate sluggish kidneys,
also to neutralize acids In the 'urine so'
It no longer Irritates, thus ending blad
der weaknesa.
Jad Salts' Is a life saver for regular
meat eaters. It Is Inexpensive, cannot
Injure and makea a delightful,' effer
vescent llthla-water drink. AdTertlae-
?'h 'l"!"!1 'l"Jf "Jr 1- "a" -4- 1-1 .
Breaks the Fetters That t
Bind Men.
Hundreds Hero Know It. 4-
Rreak away from that ailment tL
J or complaint that unfits you for 4
4 business or pleasure. You-cannot -.
expect the fullest enjoyment or r
Pleasure in lire lettered to a
ittegulato the hours of sifcip. Chopse T
carefully your food. Itead cheer- 4.
A (ui. iniDiriDE Dapora or dookp.' L.ei J.
I the following prescription be used 4-
jl Teguiariy ror several werKB or rf.
jnonwia ana iui sucu symptoms as H
these will vanish: Dull, sunken. 4-
4 eyas: cold extremities, backache 4
. headache, Bleeplossness, thinness p
. 1 (or ovtr .fat), weakness In the .
. spine, twitching, spots "before tho
. eyes, pains In back of head, trem-
bllng, fatigue. deiondeni;y. Impair- b
' ed memory, loss of appetite ,flab- 4-
-' oy muscies. snrwsing SKin. oonau- t
patlon, Jsldney disorders and' a gen- T
exal rpstless'ness and Innbljlty t.o do T
' Important duties when they should T
T For tha benefit of those who want Ti
I. MtJ uuiitj. .m ,
m. Iiavvi.nul km IUII, UIUIyil. j ,
T .11 .1. - T
4 .V.l ... ll.)llllH OAf
X companylng it the following-home 4.
t Ten im vlvn. ft rantiitn. nn .5
X opiates or hablt-formlna- drurs Xl
.1. Trhataver- Mix It at lomo and no 4-1
A on will be tho wiser a,r to. your 4t
Th treatment is simple, thor- JJ-f
T oukii ana curreri. ueaaiag arug- T
T rlsts supply tho main tlnoture. ex- T
-r Inw.iH and easanrAs in onnCntintiA "t-
' 'drag,'" says an eminent physician, T
writing to a prominent business T
' ' man In this city. "Break tha fet- T
' ters that bind you! Throw them T
" ' off. Resin u new life today now. T
bottlea. ready to mix. Get three T
' ' ounces ' sy run sarsaparllla com- T
" " pound, mix with one ounce com- I
. , pound fluid balm wort, and stand T
, . two hours. Add one ounce com. Z
. , pound evitejtca cardlol. and one ounce J.
. , tincture cadomene compound (not X
. , cardamom), phake well and take a 4-
. 4 tasspopnfut after each meal- and 4-
b one at bedtlnte. Advertisement. 4-
T 1 t t T..T..T, ff,, T' T iT.,1. Ti .I.iTi ill it. .l..l..f y . T .
T ! I I I i I I 1 1 I ' ' ' '
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Eggs, per dorea , 380
Good Dairy Table Butter,, lb...... .350
Fancy Country Croam'ery BUtter, 989
Full Cream Cheese, lb 18c
Neufchatel Cheese, each 3o
Imported 'Swiss Cheese, lb. ...... SOo
Imported Roquefort Cheese. lb...35o
Xlfhlaad Kavsl Oraagss Sxotl All
Othsra for Quality aad Prlos.
It's th pna of California.
12S size per dozen 30o
ISO size, per dozen........ 9So
176 size, per dozen , 90o
200 size, per dozen ISe
Wo are putting extra values into
our Men's $4.00 shoes. These shoes
for J4.0Q will glvo you the sarno serv.
ice as the higher grades. The differ
ence lies only in the extra finish, the
quality of material used is the same.
We have them in all sizes and widths
from 5 to 12 and AA to B. A thou
sand satisfied customers testify , to
the quality of Drexel's 14. '00 shoos.
Style, Button, Blucher and 'English,
and high toe last. Material,. Gun
Metal, Russia Calf, Vlcl Kid and
Patent Colt.
that should crowd our Suit
rt miss them. A
Manufacturers' Stock of Waists Pretty
designs in taffetas, Jap and fancy silks,
nets, ptc; values lip to $5.00; big assortment
of wanted styles and colorings; for A in
selection over 50 dozen. lyLlU
They are very much In vogue this' season:
Printed Voiles, double fold, 36-lnch 256
Printed Voiles, Double fold, 36-inch 15
Printed-Ratines SOri
Printed Batiste 12 H
Printed Crepes 38
Printed Scotch Madras , 25J
ItaUno Cloth, good colors, 26c values .-j-lSd
Brocaded Poplins, all the latest colors '255, val. 18i
Voiles, all new pretty colors, -36-inch wide. . . .15i
Shantung Silks, good colors, 19c values. .. .12 V4?
Plain and figured Pllsse Crepe, 25c values. .. .15J
Shepherd Checks, 18c values 12Hi
Fruit of the Loom Muslin, 10c values 71i
Low Prices. It's a Saving to
i60 size, per dozen.. ,.13o
Cheaper and better than -apples.
xxs Vegetable kuzst rox
IB lbs. of the bestTVhlte or ned Pd-
tatoes. at .....9So'
Demand 10 lbs., ths oaw requires It, .
Lsrge bunches fresh Beets, Carrots,
Turnips, Shallots or Radishes, pur
bunch . n 60
Jl heads fresh Leaf Lettuce. . lOo
Large Head Lettuce ........... .7Ho
liVnev 'Hlnn TomiitnAfl. 1h j . . . . .10fi .
Old Beets. Carrots, Turnips or Pars. r
nips, lb HHo
Fancy Cabbage, lb. 9Jie
Fresh Brussels Sprouts, lb 17He ,'
3 large Green Peppers 100
Fancy Ford Dates, lb ...lSe7
Fancy Hallowe'en Dates, lb....... ISO -
Fancy, large Juicy Lemons doz., 99a
Ayer's v&
- Jtift a isttic care sd snaM expcuM.
that's aS. Isn't a twad of rick,
heavy feasr wortk wkQe?
Two Clean Papers
Tk Youth's Companion
The Evening Bee
Both for 55c a Month
-Payable Monthly
First Fm