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By MELLIFICIA. Wednesday, February 18, 1914.
AVE you tried tbc tango on your Ice skntc&7 I read In ono ot tho
Kansas City papers, whero this Is tho all-absorbing pastlrao of
that city, and In New York and Boston, and In tho Canadian cities,
they have tango music for tho skating.
Tho Dutch roll and cutting tho flguro on skates is no longer tho cov
eted Btunt, but to bo able to go through tho intrlcato figures of tho now
dances and do them gracefully takes a decidedly expert skater.
The Brazflllan Maxlxc, which Is danced mostly on the heels, will provo
qulto difficult. And tho Innovation, tho newest danco to bo Introduced
by Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle, will bo tho most difficult of all, becauso
the dancer, or skater, receives no asslstnnco from tho partner, going
through tho various steps while about a foot from tho partner, and not
even touching hands.
Creighton Medical Hop.
otUu.iu u tn ctu.Biun Mcdlinl to.
lego neiu mo mat jut'-i-Arnica uuucu ui
Lnamuvra' oaiuniB ucaucmy i'ucaau
A laiee number of students and friend
were present and on cnjuyublo evening
was 8cnL The cdstlo wnlK held com
plete sway througnoul thu evening.
Tho committee In clmrse Inuudcti J. It,
K Icy la. prcslucnt; Neal .McKuc, vice
prealdeht, utls MontanWmler, secretary,
and aicn VVhltcomb, trcasujon. Those
present were!
Misses Misses
Mar. Hlctianlson, Catherine Shields,
Irene Sticker, Ucucviovo Voting,
H, Kcatery, ncie McUwn of
Claire aeaiivreati, Uenver, Colo.,
Hatet Truoll, Mario dross,
Wary Welch. h. jiclns,
Peecy aafford, Irene illckcl,
Margaret O'Connor, Klla Peska,
.AIICO .11811011, VV. JIOSO,
iwitit L.ynuc.
Iluth N. Iluntlker,
Helen Sorenson,
M. Hunt,
Esther Frlcke,
1'anslo Williams,
O. Ulutchel,
Itasmussen, .
Evelyn Bpellman,
Georgia Whipple,
Mary A. Taylor,
lloao Krenxel,
Margaret Itochc,
Frances Thomas,
Leota Hwlnney,
Fannie Schmidt,
leona Jonnnon,
Clara McOovern,
reil uruuson,
AVlnnlfrca Donolme,
Marguerite Ravage,
Harriet rannalee,
Ixiretta Jlertes,
Florence llrltt.
Ioretla Malloy,
Jt. Rose;
Adele Davis,
Alma Holmberc
Hilda Tudor,
Agnes Duffy,
Inla Itockwrll,
Cecil Wlthnell,
Hess Levey.
Jf. Aiartin,
Margaret GrtcnouKh.MIIdred Harbor,
Gertrude Stodden, Murgaret Cott,
Agnes Oentlnnan,
Marie O'Nell.
Hazel L.JOII.
Hazel Lyndo,
Gladys Hulllvan,
M. Uavls,
, V. Kohlr.
O. O. Carleman,
Clinton Hamilton.
William Matter,
Thomas N orris,
xCharlrs K Hoff,
Worn Hanl-r.
r,6. J. Kadiy,
Michael, Honey.
(. J, Dlerkei.
Thomas Drown.
Charles F. Cobry,
K. A. Pollacb,
V. C noifurz,
u. F. u I lien,
H. lleese.
.-. Hmiui.
Katherlne Donnhue.
l'eisle Mason,
Katherlne Iteynolds,
Margaret llurko,
Ncal McKce,
Br. Chillies Edwardi
M. 15, arles,
H. A, Itasmussen,
Arthur J. Offennan,
Urtico Porter,
Howurd Jllte,
Frank, b'todden,
George Hctfcrt,
J. P. Bheehy,
K. Q. Klcck,
T. u Draney.s"
AV. C. Hronek,
Neal McKee,
Thos, P. o Connor,
C. K. Moulin,
J. liuah,
W. V. Bchielner,
A. II. Hendrlckson, F. J, Traxler,
l)r. K. Cllne, Mlko Arnold,
Walter Peterson, Dr. Donald H, Pitts
J. Hrodford MurphQ. D. Whltcomb.
Wnilam Klewlt, Maurlco H. Griffin,
Kred Witt; James Eean,
Charles F. Shook. Hansom Fowler,
JUley Roche, J..: A. Gogertyv
Iwrence F. Braun Justin .Young, -Cecil
Vaughn, G. DeMay,
11. C. ntissum. Hlmon A. Levey,.,,
Dr. rhll Levey, Dr. Charles tfecdha:
jonn 'jorseii.
Harry llallcy,
Y V. J, M6ran. (
WRihinrton farty.
The members ot tho West Omaha Moth
era' Culture club nafo a Ueorgo Wash
ington party In honor, ot tltolr husbands
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. V-W. Cur
mlchaet Tuesday evening. The woms
wero decorated with American Uks and
the ovenlng spent with card. Prizes
wero won by Mrs. L. C. HuUhlnson and
Mr. W. N. Maker. Several piano selec
tions were given by' Mrs. B, Q. Hamilton.
Kuppcr was ijervcd ami those present
were: .. ..
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mr It: A: .McFariane. j
Mr, and Mrs. C, V. Hutchinson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Metzger.
Mr. and Mrs. James Corr.
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. White.
Mr. and Mrs. U K. Doty.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hutchinson.
Mr. an4 Mrs. K. O. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs, W. N. Uaker.
Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Dozler.
Mr. aa Mrs. W. W. Carmlchacl.
Mr. ami Mrs. P, F. Ilononden.
Dr. and 'Mrs. p. T. Parber.
Dr. and Mrs. Irtalno Tmesdcll.-
Mrs. W. T. Cox.
Mrs. F. T, levering.
Mrs. C. B., Swan.
Tiftk Weliixf; Aaaivemry.
Mr. and Mrs, WllUam J. Llnnehan cele
brated their fifth wedding anniversary
loBday event lie. Cards and music fur
nished entertainment for, the evening.
Prizes were won by Mrs. Clarke Kent and
Mr A. Havalka. Those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. J. Connelly.
Mr, and Mrs. K. A. Kent.
Mr. and Mrsi Clarke Kent.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Barrows.
Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Lynch.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Havalka.
Mr. and Mr. C. A. Omstot.
Mr. and Mr. J. J..Llnnehan.
Mr. and Mrs. O. U. Lyons.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Traill.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hauscner.
Mrs. J. I. Uratton of Hioux City, la.
Mra. Ellen Llnnehun.
Misses - Mlse
Mayme Llnnhan. Delia Da I Icy.
Harriet Harrows. .
Messrs. Messrs.
Jyouls Neder. Thomas Kenney,
William Whittaker, D. Kenne,bcck.
1 K,enney,
Tuleatiae Tarty.
Mrs. James Atwood entertained at a
valentine party, in, honor of Miss Nettle
Schooley Saturday evening. Those pres
flt were:
Misses Mlssea-
Orace Itochae, Margaret Lace.
Gertrude Grunclg. Nettle Hchooley,
June Illackburn, Irene Iltgbee.
Mae Jacobcen,
Messrs Messrs.
Dr. F. C. Lag;. Percy E. Uwynne,
A, Blaufuss. Dr. N. II. Atwood.
K. Larferty. Wm. Walk.
C K. Hall, Freeman Bradford.
Dr. Hayes Osantner,
Mr. and Mr. J. J, McMahon,
Mrjand Mrs. Wm. Eden.
Mr, and Mrs. James Attwood.
Mrs. Ella Clark.
sVafffftge TM,
The Omaha Suffrage association gave
V tea at tho home of M rs. It. C King this
afternoon, following which they adjourned
to the City ball to hear Mr Hamlin Oar.
laad. Mr. Tdward Klmou, representative
from this district to the state legislature,
was the principal speaker at the tea,
having for his nubject the "Mothers'
Pension Bill." o( which ho Is the author.
MiaMS Ethel Lyons and deorgla Steele
rendered musical selections and Mrs. H.
A, Capen rtad from Mrs. Carrie Chap
uu Catt'a "Ftw Spirit."
Club Colonial Affair.
The Woman's club of the railway
mail scrvlco entertained at a unique pa
triotic party Wednesday afternoon at the
hnmn nf Mra. Tl 1 Frantz. Each KUCit
arrived en costume and prepared to do
something to Illustrate her costume, a
statelv mlnnrl was danced In colonial
costume by Meadumea V. C. Dodds, A. C.
Hawnon, J.. IC Mutineer and J, n..qoort..
ivU)iiuvn ..... .'., ... - .
Hubbcll. W. It. Marshall and Curtis Cook,
In Indian costume, danced a.pow-wow or
Indian daitre- Thcro was also nn Im
promptu musical program. , The liosless
was assisted by Misses Elizabeth Itur
nctt, Dorothy and Marjory Frnntz.
Affairs for Mist Hamilton.
Many social affairs aro being giv.en .In
honor of Miss Marlon Hamilton of nrlt
tan. B. V., whq ls visiting Mr. and Mrs.
George Itedlck.
Friday . Mrs. Walter B. JJoberts will
give a small luncheon and Saturday" Mrs.
Louis 8. Clarke will bo hostess at a
luncheon for Miss Hamilton.
Today Mjs.. . ijlju, .Madden entertained
Informally at luncheon for this honor
guest. Pink roses were used in decora
tion nnd cOvors were placed for' ten.
Thursday Mrs. Hons Towlo' will, cntcr
tnln at 4 o'clock, tea for Miss Hamilton. .
Tuesday oVontng ' Mr. Either Itedlck
gave a dinner for Mlns -Hamilton at his
home, when the following guests were
Misses Misses
Marian Hamilton, Mildred Butler.
Brltton, H. I), Caroline Congdon.
Elizabeth COngdon,
Messrs. Messrs.
C. J. Irf)rd, Gerald'Wharton,
John Bedlok, ' Elmpr .Hedlck.
Mr. and Mrs.' George lledlck..
Mr. and Mrs. John Madden.
Mothers! Calture Club.
The Mothers' Culture club met today at
tho homo of Mrs. C. J. Dutton, Mrs. W.
J. Kcane being assisting hostess. The
program was on "Self-Denial," Mrs. W.
W. Fisher reading a paper which had for
Its toplp, "We mako our children's lives
too easy for the development of-sterling
character." Mrs. T. L. Combs led tho
discussion and Mrs, L. M. Maynor gavo
Items of current Interest. Roll call was
responded to with Illustrations from the
lives .ot Lincoln and Lee. s
Birthday Party.
.Mrs, Arthur C- Smith was hostess at a
children's party this afternoon at her
homo In celebration of the eighth birth
day of her little daughter, Esther. Pink
sweet peas formed the decorations and
the afternoon was spent playing chil
dren's games. Thoso present were little
Julia Caldwell. . Margaret Burgess.
Jniherlne Doorley, Margery Morehouse.
KlMuutr Bmlth, - . Barbara Burns,
Margaret Wyman, Martha Dox.
wr i-axion. uorncua liaum,
Margaret Scott, Esther Bmlth.
At the .Brandcis.
Dr, Frank T. Conlln will entertain at &
theater party this evening to seo "The
Garden pf- Allah," now being produced
at the' Brandcln. Those present will bo
Misses Carolyn Hnrdlng, Mary Hughes
of Columbus O., Sylvia Conant of Paw
tucket, It. I.; Messrs. Justus Lowe of Mil
waukee, Harry Koch and Dr. Frank T.
Afternoon Bridge.
.mm, Kiupn west was hostess at an in
formal afternoon of bridge today at her
home, for Mlas; CarcMyn Harding and ,her
guests. Mis Hughes and 'Miss Conant.
Freexla ahd daffodils formed the docora
tlons and thrco .tables .of players were
Sunshine Club.
The Sunshine club of il.n nrn- a
Custsr Woman's Belief Corpe was enter
tained at the home of Mrse, Charles a.
Everson Monday afternoon. Musle and
contests were inauigcti in and prizes won
by Mrs. Emma J, Clark and Mra. Frank
Alyord. A . Nw Epgland supper was
D. 0. N. Club
Mlsa Margaret Lage at MIS (Chicago
sircci ih. t m i..t.
. .. . ...w. . . . viuu
Tuesday nftornoon, and also in tho
Personal Mention
Registering at the Hotel McAlnln in
New York City during tho past week
have been Mr. I B. dough and Mr. A.
W. Hunt.
Literature Department Meets.
me iiteraturo department of the Omaha
Woman's club met today, Mrs. a. C,
Bonner being leader of thn
J. n. Adams gavo a character study,
based on lbsen'a "Master Builder," and
ir. Albert Ldhom gave a reading from
Booth Tarklnston'a "Monsieur Beau-calre."
Forest Hill Kensintrton. -
wrs. j. r. Loney entertained the Forest
Hill Kensington club at her hom n.
da afttrnoon, Mrs. It. J. Wolcott was
the guest ot the club. The next meet
Ing will be held at tho home ot Mrs.
George Greenough.
Creighton Subscription Dance.
The Crelgliton Dental college will en
tertain at an Informal tango and Innova
tion dancing party Thursday evening; at
Turpln's academy. This la tcfa sub
scription affair.
In and Oat of the Bee Hive.
Mr. Samuel Friedman left last evening
for Chicago to attend the cement show
now being held there.
Indigent Family Has Plenty to Eat
' and a House in Sight. v
That Much Morn AVI II Complete (he
Snin JVrprssary to Lift Storttxnfce
from (he Little Plnce
They Cnll Home.
With tho first payment mado on tho
new homo being bought for them by
readers of Tho Bee, their plans for mov
ing into it almost completed and their
temporary needs well supplied, tho family
of Mrs. Edna Taylor, north of Benson, Is
happy, both In mind and body, and they
are so delighted that they can hardly ex
press their gratitude.
Only p more Is needed to complete the
sum necrssary to Insure another donation
of S3) from County Commissioner J, C.
Lynch toward tho house fund. Because
of tho business of arranging tho purchase
of the new home, Illchard Burnell visited
only two citizens besides Mayor Dahl
man, but they both made llbcrnl subscrip
tions. Charles T. Pickens of Paxton & Gal
lagher gavo t", and Edgar V. Howo of
tho Fairmont Creamery company gave .tl
on the ' subscription list. Tcachora and
pupils of tho Nebraska School for tho
Deaf sent 120.10 to Tho Bee office, and
"F. W. B." gave $1. Moro money for
the subscription list will bo solicited
today by Mr. Burnell.
A soft conl heating stovo Is needed by
U)o Taylors fdr tho house at Thirty-ninth
and Plnknoy. streets, before 'they can
Jjovo .Into It- Any person who will do
nato such a stove Is urged to notify Mr.
Burnell, whose phone Js Webster 4130, and
he will call for It.
' Money for the house for the poor fam
ily la still being received at The Bee of
flee, and any remittances, no matter how
large- or small, will help to completo the
work for tho worthy family.
Kearney Boy Nearly
Freezes to Death in
a Refrigerator Oar
George Bentley, a 15-ycar-old boy from
Kearney, Infected with tho wanderlust.
got enough of It yesterday when ho
reached Council Bluffs and has promised
to go home and be good.
Young Bentley reached town Tuesday
and wnndercd down to South Omaha.
Thcro ho say a car of fresh meat being
loaded out for Chicago. The refrigerator
car looked good to him and slipping past
the workmen, stowed himself away Inside.
After the car was Iced It was scaled nnd
started east. Yesterday In tho Coun
cil Bluffs yards a a trainman was mak
Ing his rounds, he heard a pounding on
tho inside of tho refrigerator car and
opening It, thcro ho found Bentley nearly
frozen to death. Ho was taken. Into a
switch shanty, thawed out and released
upon a promise that he would go back
Bentley said that he felt certain that If
ho had remained In the car a few hours
more, ho would have been dead, as the
temperature tvos at about 33 degrees
above zero and there was no space for
him to exercise and keep warm. During
the night, he had eaten a pound of
bologna, but this wm not charged against
Gas Company Sues
O'Brien Estate for
Seven Years' Bill
A claim of 1937.EO for gas alleged to
have been consumed during tho last
seven years at tho home of the lato Con
OMlrlcn, .3827 Q-street, South Omaha., was
filed In county court ngalnst tho O'Brien
estate by the gas company.
The company alleged that from No
vcrobcr 17, 190. to August 1, 1913, O'Brien
socured gas which supplied ' a. rango,
a heater, and two open b"urncrs from a
bypass, which prevented the gas from
passing through a moter.
Nbw the company wants 'to chargo tho
estate at tho rate of 130 -per month dur
ing tho wintertime, 115 during the" fall
and 15 during tho spring nnd summer.
Many Inquiring or
Uheap Western Land
Land men of the Burlington, North
western and Union Pacific aro looking
for a largo number of settlors along tholr
respective line In Nebraska,' Wyoming
and Colorado during tho coming spring
and summer. It Is known that .levcrnl
hundred new settlers aro going onto tho
land they drow on tho North Platto
forest and the Valentino military icservo
and that a largo number are golmr nlo
the' government lands recently opened to
settlement in Wyoming,
Itlght now tho land department of tho
Burlington Is receiving an average, of
twenty-five letters dally from parties In
Iowa, Illinois and Missouri, asking about
tho free lamia and the cheap deeded
lands along Ita lines In Nebraska and
Wyoming. Tho other roads are receiv
ing nearly as many letters pertaining to
mo Buino Biipjrcia, wosi or tne wntiri
state that they aro farmers and that
they are -about to seek other location!
and generally that they aro prepared to
engage- In farming In a practical way.
Nursing Bottles,
Added to Trains
To the equipment of its trains Nos. 1
and 3 the Union Pacirio has added nurs
ing bottles. They aro an Innovation and
are said to be tho first Installed on any
railroad In the country.
The Union Paclflc'a nursing bottles aro
ot tho old . standard and familiar type,
but they have an electric heating appa
ratus that goes along with them, keeping
tho .temperature at tho desired point. To
heat the milk all that Is necessary Is to
plug into the side of the car, turn on the
current and the dynamo of the engine
does the rest.
Retailers Endorse
Coming Low Cost Show
The Associated Retailers ot Omaha
hnvo unanimously endorsed the arocera'
Low-Cost-of-LlvIng show, which will be
held Ht the Auditorium, from April 16 to
April 36. During tho ten days which tho
show will continue, retailers will have
aperlal decorations for the show. The
directors of tho Grocers' association and
tho trado extension commltteo of the
Omaha Commercial club aro completing
arrangements for tho "merchants' week?'
which will be held during tho show.
About 300 grocers will decorate their
show windows with tho various articles
which aro exhibited at the show.
"Merchants' 'week" Is qulto now to
Omaha, although It -lias been hold suc
cessfully In other cities in connection
with Industrial shows mid It has not only
holpcd tho shows themselves, but has
also very materially benefited every re
taller who enters into this "merchants'
Do You Fenr Cnnunipton t
Dr. King's New Discovery will help
cure your cough or cold, no matter how
chronlo It is. Try it. today. 60c and L
All druggjata. Advertisement.
Four keepers of disorderly houses wero
fined 1n police court". Henry Camp of
tho Lyons hotel was given 160 ami costs,
nnd Melvln Qulgley, 71ft North Sixteenth
street, fined t'S and costs. Joseph Lang
of tho Manhattan hotel, Fifteenth and
Capitol avenue, and Harry Brown ot the
Keystono hotel, Fourteenth and Douglas
streets, were, each fined 1100 and costs.
All four fines were appealed. Four
women Inmates taken were deported,
while, thrco men Inmates were each fined
110 and costs.
Omaha Spruces Up
for the Auto Show
Omaha has already begun to brighten
up a bit In preparation for tho automo
blloshow next week. Commissioner
Ityder will endeavor to have tho streets
In Immaculate condition If that be possi
ble, and the big stores of tho city, are
planning to decorate their windows nnd
stores appropriate to the occasion. The
dealers along tho row, are fixing up the
Bhow rooms with neat designs which will
pleaso even tho most skeptical. Burgess
Nash, Haydcns, Brandcis and 'all tho
other big stores have announced their In
tention of making some, special window
dlsptay In addition to appropriate dis
plays for all other wndows.
Call and Inspect
buy one like tho Illustration
for $8.00 down and $2.00 a .
Beaton & Laier Co.
41B-17SO. 10th Btroet.
Writs today for our "Little Polly" I
1. 1 . j .. . . I
jjuumci ucscriDing in uetail the
many advantages of tho
It illustrates the Kteaa KorncrJ
Whisk Brooms or Broom Dusting
nogs you can set, tree, by sav
ing the coupons found on every
Little folly the guaranteed
broom that makes sweep
ing easy. With this book
let wo will send you a
u set ul broom holder free.
Send a postal now, to
Harrah &Stewart
Mfg. Co.
Des Moines, la.
m I
Successful riTi Here,
tyoplo everywhere are talking of the
quick and fine, results Foley Kidney
Pills give In backache, rheumatism, kid
ney and bladder troubles. You cannot
take thenf Into your system without good
results. That Is because Foley Kidney
Pllta give- to tho kidneys and bladder
Just what nature calls for to heal these
weakened and Inactive organs. J, D,
Carroll, Sacramento. Cat., writes: "It is
a pleasure to recommend Foley Kidney
Pills, aa they Just worked wondera In
my case." For aalo by all dealers every,
where. Advertisement.
Take her home a bottle of "hipping Cream.
At meal time she will surprise you. Whipping
Cream on pumpkin pie or any dessert makes it taste
twice as good.
We will deliver it to you whether a customer
or riot. .
The Persistent and Judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising is the Uoad to
Business Bucccsf.
Which is
the Older?
Te eaa't teH because the
that U the cider retains
the Natural eeler mmi Uutn
her hair by Mtag
-it rmttrtt asUml colsr t rm ?
JUir. h erttintc AuAr..
tlMsass Um Mftlsw Basalts arc m.
anlrtwuM Yew 4uJr will r
feat Bwttoun priw, U tumtUfutorr.
Uo tod II at dniislt. HaJ
. 19 (r wunplt bottl. at bbwmii
a MeCoouell 'Co.. Omaha, Nt.
ro saxs a. tb atsooiorxiraxB by
B TABWtM. M7'9 X ltt
The Omaha Bee
M. and M. Voting Contest
fcS AAA Cash and
fpUUUU Premiums
5 More Weeks Qf RiiciK
to Get Votes W?L OUSy
A chance to get extra votes, Pastime
Pleasure and Dancing Club
Every Thursday Evening
SMSf111 i i1 1 1 i igssMSSSMMMSlSSSBSlll' 1 M 11 i i i i SMSMSBBBMBBB' 111 1 gjsjBBB
HWfflSZvl i i B fHulffBP8BJ!iyiUPyXiBri 'sbsbhiisbsbbbmTijsbbObbsbb
kxt.jhtx abb;
Dr. Todd's Sanitary full tooth bridge
work, with or without the use of gold.
Partial plates unnecessary.
Office. 403 Brandeis BIdg.
Shall We Have Lamb
or Pork for Dinner?
The Economy Administration Cook Book sayt:
It takes UmTj is sslaatsa per ponad to cock win ft takes perk SO xalantss
per pound, twles tbe cost for fuel. Lamb ylalfls 10S units of saertT and pork
eo.S nans. Bars Xaab br all means If 70U ax a Economy Stadent.
Elcj should b ecoked SO minute, macaroni 30 minutes, nice yields 32
units of energ7 and, macaroni 28 nalti. Either dlta will be acceptable.
It takes old beets 4 boars to cook property carrot's take one hottr; one
?rt!ba fnsl. Beets yield 11.6 units of energy and carrots yield 19 units.
"Wo will hare earrott," says th wise cook.
Vegetable soap mnat hTe at least two bonrs cooking: split pea soup three
hours but split peas hare twice th nonrlihment.
These una hundreds; of other comparisons are given In the Economy
Administration Cook nook. Tables) of measurement, time of cooking,
time ol distention, tables ol foods of all kinds) gtvlnaproteln
values, carbohydrate values) and total values. Information every
woman should Know and-tia.
The cookery of tho future must to moro intelligent than tho
cookery of the past Wo eat too much, our food Is poorly selected and
poorly prepared. We duplicate food valuea in the same meal and do a
host of things that Increase cost and decrease efficiency.
br. Harvey Wiley, noted food expert, says In tho preface ot the Eoonomy
Administration Cook Book, "Often Is the meat rendered unSt for eating by
pasting through the kitchen. How few people know bow to cook potatoes,
eggs, etc., correctly, or to bake a 'float of wholeiome bread. These are the
things, moit of alt, which the Economy Administration Cook Sock means, as
the name Implies. The health and happiness of the people depend particularly
upon two things, namely: wholesome foods and good cooking. Both are difficult
to find at the present time.1
sbssbsbsbBhi' -BWssfiHHsVllC
stHBHrr 'sWsSHsttsKi
The Famous White House Punch Bowl and Frait Basket, from the
Adminlttration Economy Book, page 633
Van hUtorlq plecM eontloa in tut at th. White Iletua. On. of Urn li an imatnt pun eh
bawl which bur too Gnat Stal la colaro; Ttxr. ar. mi matin Ins plon of th fafiamtd
"hand MtnUd" China rrlr which coat miny thousand f dollar. eveirpUo. bcartnr a different
dtoorauon. t& plctum npnaartlns bird. Sail, Soirar. fruit aBoantmau ot the United SUteti
SbkIs''II' sssaavLb''sssBtsss
White Houte Olive Dhhet Vted en State Occatiotun
nought by Mrt. Cleveland
Amonf th treuund and daUeate rtmilnlni ntaeoa to b $a an om Tlirlluul etitna
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To make certain that the book will go Into every home, tha Editors bars
fixed the pries at
a price which all can easily afford. The leading newspapers in every com.
munity have extended their co-operation In distributing the book fer they
btlleve that tha publlo at large will be grsatly benefited and pleased with the
work of Mrs. Wilson and her assistants.
1b order to allow this cook to go lato every been, tha Edlior
the work have commanded that the prtoe be fixed at lie, aa amount
that barely cover the east of printing and distribution.
Cut out this ECONOMY CEllTIKICATBl. sign your une and rive
fall address. Present it at Th Bee office. Ill Be building-, together
with I lo, which is the fee fixed by the BeMUrs. The return of the
Certificate Is necessary
(101 Be Building-. Omaha.
ee Office U North Main St. Council Bluff.
(231 N EL. South Omaha.
Add XI cents U the book la to be sent yoa by express.
Name - .wm VMM,,,,,.-.. -rw .-. .Trr v
Street ,.,lnM,uiwMiwnavriM City, nr-w ,aaMMMV
Bute t.m.iuwiiitv. R. T4 D. ,....,.,..,,.v....,.
Address TJOJ OKAXJL XXX. Oaaaka. Ssb.