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Neighbors in Saunders Want Him
on the Reserve Board.
BtntP Anilhor Howard Snyn Clinilron
Financier linn no ItlRht to Col
lect for Unnnthnrlcril Trip
to Pacific Connt.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb.. , 17.-(Speclal.)-The
democrats and otlier friends of Dr. 1. Ij.
Halt of Lincoln, democratic national
committeeman, want him appointed to a
position aB director on the new federal
Tcserve board created under the provl
Hlons of the now currency bill. They have
-written to N. J. Ludl, printing commls-1 ,fs ppov!n0ll for
spent iv day or two checking up the
work of his Inspectors. Mr. Harman rc
ports that the merchants of Oomaha are
doing finely in living up to the. law re
garding tTV keeping of food' stuffs In
sanitary cases. About J.EOO feet of sani
tary glass cases have been put in by
tho stores, restaurants and other places
In tho city and the conditions are sood.
311m Muldoon tiivm Adilrewi.
Miss Mamie Muldoon, chief clerk In ho
office of Fire Commissioner Illdgell, was
tho guest of the Lincoln branch of the
National Association of Credit Men.
which met in Lincoln last night and was
tho principal speaker at tho banquet of
the association at tho Llndell hotel.
Miss Muldoon delivered an Interesting
address, on "Fire Prevention and Flro
Sho endeavored to Impress upon busi
ness men the Importance of knowing Just
exactly how much Insurance they carried
and an acquaintance with what the poll-
sloner, saying If the president wants a
Bood man that Dr. Hall Is tho man for
the place. Dr. Ilall formerly lived in
Saunders county and tho boost comes
from his old neighbors, who say:
"Dr. Hall Is without doubt tho greatest
financial asset the people of th,o west
and the wholo country havo at their dis
posal, and while ho Is not a candidate
and would not contest for the place, the
president should make tho appointment."
llnwnnl llcjrctfc Claim.
After waiting for some tlmo for tho at
torney general to hand down an opinion
"whether Represenjjitlve II. E. ltelcho of
Chadron was entitled to draw expenses
for going to California and bringing back
John Bays, accused of defrauding tho
bank of which nclscho Is cashier out
of some money, State Auditor Howard,
has tired of waiting and In a letter to
Relsche turns down his claim. Informing
him that tho payment Is refused because
he was not authorised by tho governor to
go after the man or to act as an agent
of the state. Tho letter says:
I bellevo that tho governor has author
ity to approve only those bills Incur led l
by agents appointed by him and Inasmuch
as you were appointed b him you were
not an agent of the state and your claim
would not properly come before him for
approval, or rejection andw this office
cannot legally approve a claim of a per
son not authorized to act aH an agent of
the state. (
lleriulxltloii for .Scully.
Governor Morchcad has Issued a
Acquisition asking tho governor of Call'
fornia to return to Douglas county Ray
mond Scully, wanted on a statutory
charge. Scully Is being held by the police
of San Diego, and a man will bo sent
to bring him back.
HcnrliiK nt Alimvrortli.
Railway Commissioner Hall has gone to
Atnsworth where ho will hold a hearing
this afternoon on the application of tho
Alnswortli Telephone company for a
raise In rates In switching charges on
rural lines of the company.
Snrpy County I!o,
Sarpy county has pand JSi'K, due tho
state for tho care of Its insano several
years ago. When Auditor Howard first
notified, tho county officials that they
would be required to pay tho amount
they said that there would bo nothing
doing, and that tho state could whistle
for its money. However, they seem to
have changed their minds and thought
better of tho proposition, as the check
Came' this morning. "
Show Cane Itiisliim (Jo oil.
, Food Commissioner Harman returned
from Omaha this morning whore ha
"Too many business men. said Miss
Muldoon, "leave tho mater of insurance
and the drawing of tho policy to the
solicitor, and . really know lltle of tho
contents. Kvcry man should know fully
the contents of the Insurance policy ho
carries on his goods."
In Introducing Miss Muldoon. Presi
dent Kvans of tho association said:
"Wo havo had statesmen, governors,
senators, congressmen, lawyers, doctors
and ono president address our associa
tion, but this Is the first tirue a woman
has given our principal address."
I'nrUti lliinni Appenln.
An appeal was mado to the supreme
court of tho state todny by tho Gardner
Parish House association. of Omaha from
a Judgment secured In the -district court
of Douglas county by J. Jeffrey Davoy
for J1.4C5.60, balance due on the erection
of the building of the association and a
mechanics' Hen for l,ft!7.S3. It also ap
peals from a Judgment In the same case
awarded to Gcorgo S. Collins for $1,SJ".S7
on tho tamo property.
Notes from Beatrice
and Gage County
Suit Brought to Set
Aside Deed to State
Land in Madison
MADISON, Neb., Feb. lT.-(SpcclaU -Whltt'emorc
& Fisher company of Lin
coln has commenced action In tho district
court against Frank A. Warner. Warner
vllle, and others to set aside a state deed
lo F. A. Warner dated February 10, 1914.
conveying six tracts In section 16, town
ship 13, rango 1, west, Madison county.
It Is alleged In tho petition that Warner
falsely and fraudulently represented to
tho commissioner of public lands and
buildings that he was tho owner of the
certificates of purchase of this Innd;
that such certificates could not be found;
that ho was In actual possession of tho
lands, and that his right and title to said
certificates and to said lands was not
disputed or questioned by anyone, and
relying upon his representations the offi
cers of the state executed and delivered
to him a deed. Tho petition further re-
cites that the certificates of purchaser In
question are the rightful and lawful prop
erty of tho plaintiff slnco February 26,
19CC, duly assigned to him by C. II. ur
rows; that tho deed from tho stnto of
Nebraska to Warner Is void and should
be cancelled.
This transaction seems to be more com
plicated by tho fact that Warner had ne
gotiated a loan on these premises from
Maylard & BUttcrflcld of Norfolk, Neb.,
for $2,500, and secured same by first
mortgage, which mottgago was recorded
yesterday. It is stated that Maylard &
Buttcrfleld had advanced to Warner
about Jl.&OO of this loan. The officials
of tho office of tho commissioner of pub
lic lands and buildings made an effort
to recall the deed, 'but tho register of
deeds had already filed and recorded the
same. It Is not known just what stops
the state of Nebraska will take In tho
Impressive Service Held in Senate
Chamher at 1 P. M.
bbolt vt Providence It. I both mem
bers of tho capltol lKilloe force. !
Ono exception to tho senile rule !
agninsi nowcrs in tho chamber was
mado and n wrentli from the presldont
and Mrs. Wilson was placed on tho cof
fin besldo tho senate's trtbut. it tv..
OFFICIATES f rohlt1' ninths, mlgnonctto and
Hotly Is Tnkcn Atlanta, Whrro it
Wilt Me In Stntc nt Capital
Ilnrlnl to Take Place
nt 3!nroii.
Mnrrlnuc l.lrninr
MADISON, Neb.. Feb. 17.-.(Snoelnn
Tho following marriage licenses v,cro
Issued today: Franklin Bernhardt. Nor-
folk, and Miss Ulrtl Adams. Norfolk: ai.
bert Johnson and Miss Anna Halvorson.
uowi oi cowman urovo: James Kllgore
Madison, and Miss Neta Andre, West
To Co-operate with Trndcsmcn in
LoW'Cost-of-Living Show.
HooKrvt Ivm Plan to Mnlntnlu n
Ilnrrnti for the llrulntrn tlon of
Iilcnl VouiiKstrrs nml '
Thrlr Cnrc.
:t. on whln dato Mrs.
In Ombhn.
LOllRC Will '
W. Otto Llljmstolpe has Just rerlvi..1
tho temporary appointment as Swedish
vice consul for this district to fin tho
vacancy occasioned by tho death nf
Judgo 13. M. Stenberg. Tho appointment
comes irom c. k. Wallerstcdt of Mln
ncapolls. who Is vice consul over an
area covering several states. Indu.timr
this territory, it Is umpliasUed that tho
appointment of Mr. LllJenstolpo Is merely
temporary as tno permanent apjwlnt
ment Is usually made directly from tho
foreign offlco at Stockholm. Mr. Walier
stedt was In Omaha for tho funeral of
Judgo Stenberg, Sunday.
Cure Yourself at Home.
BEATRICE, Neb., Feb. 17.-(Spcclal.)-
Gcorge C. Wheelock, of this city, who
is Wanted here on charge of stealing $75
from Clyde Jenks two months ago, has
been arrested at Walnut, la., and Sheriff
f-chlek returned last night with htm.
Jenks, who claims Kansas as his home,
spent the night with young Wheelock nt
his homo and when hearose the next
morning he found that ha ad been rob
bed. Tho students of the Beatrice High
school held a meeting Monday and or
ganized a commercial club by electing
these officers. President, Marvin Stew
art; vlco president, William Murray; sec
retary, Oscar East; treasurer, Ruby Tan
ncr: press correspondent, Harold Rol
Fred Stoll slipped and fell at he
manual training room of the high school
and broke hs left wrist
Elmer Noffslnger Monday Instituted
suit f&r against the Burlington com
pany for falurc to deliver a pair of
bloodhounds at Primrose, Neb., where
Noffslnger was called somo tlmo ago on
a bank robbery cafe. He alleges that on
December 4, 1913, he was called to Prim-'
rose with the dogs. He took the Bur
llneton, train to Greeley. Neb., and
checked his dogs In tho baggage car. Ar
riving at Greeley he found that his dogs
had been put off tho train at Central
Cltv. and the railroad company failed
to deliver thenr prohiptly at Greeley.
Judge T. C. Munger of the federal court
at Lincoln has handed down an opinion
In the case1 of Townsend against the Be
atrice Cemetery arsbclatlon and Its ot-
flcers, denying the injunction against tho
association's continuing conducting its af
fairs and refusing to appoint a receiver
so that all of the Income from the sale
of lots should be paid to satisfy an old
Judgment of about H.D00 with Interest.
The case has been In tho courts for yiars,
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 17.-(Bpeelal.) Several
restrictions havo been placed on the' ex
penditures of money appropriated by th.)
federal government for tho carrying out
of tho provisions of tho Lever bill. This
mcasuro provides for county demonstra
tions to aid farmcrB In securing better
production and distribution of products.
ny misapplied or misappropriated
funds must bo replaced by the state.
No land can be purchased.
Buildings cannot bo erected, tcpalrcd
or projected with the Lever moneys.
Nono of the money can bo used for
college courses.
Tho rental of land Is forbidden.
Agricultural trains cannot bo promoted.
Not moro than 5 per centum of each
annual appropriation may be used for
Detailed reports must bo made to the
governor, the secretary or agriculture
and the secretary of the treasury.
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(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 17. (Speclal.)-Tho Ne
braska Hardware Dealers' association,
which is holding a three days' session
here, bids fair to be one of the best in
point of attendance and general Interest
yet held by the organization. ,
In addition to tho business sessions,
which aro being held In the Llndell hotel,
the city Auditorium Is filled with dls
plays of everything found in the hard
waru lino from a burner to an automo
These exhibits represent factories In
most of tho states In tho union, Connecti
cut, New York, Ohio, Illinois, PennsyJ
vanla and Wisconsin being represented
by firms from those staes who desire to
get In on some of tho Nebraska trade,
while almost Innumerable Nebraska and
'own firms have their exhibits on every
The officers of the association arc: R,
N. McAllister of Grand Inland, president;
Charles Ammon. David City, vlco presi
dent; Nathan Roberts, Llncolnu, socre
tary, and W C. Klein, Milford, treasurer,
Tho session opened this afternoon with
addresses of welcome by Governor More
head, Mayor Zehrung- - and President
Qulggle of the Commercial club, and re
sponse by tho president of the associa
tion. Mr. McAllister. An address by the
president and reports of tho different
officers with reports from tho auditors
of the six districts composed the bulk
of the day's program.
Soffrnur Amiooln tlon nt MeConlf.
M'COOK. Neb.. Feb. 17.(Speclal.)-Mrs.
I Ella Baldwin, state organizer for the No-
braska Woman's Suffrage league, ad
dressed 200 women hero yesterday after
noon. An organization was effected with
the following officers: Mrs. J. F. Lee,
county chairman: Mrs. M. A Northrup,
vice president; Mrs. J. P. Nles, chairman
of membership; Mrs. Dora Stewart, chair
man of finance; Mrs. J. S. Beem, treas
urer; Mrs, D. J. Smith, secretary Big
natures of many voters were secured to
tho petition asking for a constitutional
amendment giving the vote to women.
Despondent becauso alio could obtain
no employment, Mrs. Hattlo Southers.
32 years old, ended her life Inst night at
S06i North ooventeenth street by drink
ing carbollo acid.
Sho had been 111 for soveral days.
Coroner Crosby will hold an Inquest
Ilent Treatment for Cottat Ipntlnn,
"My daughter used Chamberlain's
Tablets for constipation with good results
and I can recommend them highly,
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Notes from Aiinelmo.
ANSELMO, Neb.. Feb. 17.-(SpeclaI.)-Mr.
and Mrs, C. P. Ellis, known as the
NUnshine evangelists, began a .series of
revival meetings In tho Methodfst Epis
copal church hero last Tuesday evening.
Mr. Ellis Is a forcible and logical speaker,
keeping Ills hearors Interested throughout
his discourse. Their singing Is a feature,
as they use music not ordinarily heard
In church. Both pf them wcro formerly
on tho stage.
The People's Stala hank, mention of
which was made some time since, opened
Its doors for business Monday. The stock
holders are all homo people, rmJat of
them substantial furincrs. The author
ized capital of tho bank Is $30,000 and tho
paid up capital on the day of opening Is
J15.000. The officers are Henry Kellcy,
president; Frank ManncI, vice president;
Ray Tlerney, cashier.
The flro company of Anselmo gave Its
annual ball last Saturday evening In
Sweeney hall. It was an affair .well at
tended and netted the boys quite a nice
little sum, which will bo used to pay for
their lately purchased waterproof coats
and hats.
Date Set for Pawner Fulr.
PAWNEE CITY, Neb., Feb. -(Special.)
It has been announced that tho
Pawnee county fair this year will bo
hell September 15 to 18, and officials are
already busily engaged In their efforts to
make tho 191.4 fair the best ever held.
Adverse weather conditions am the ne
cessity of replacing the old buildings on
the fair grounds with now structures
caused a deficit last year of about 1,000.
At a recent meeting of the fair board a
resolution was adopted which called for
the executing of a promissory noto for
that amount u't S per cent. The note will
be paid from tho surplus over tho operat
ing expensos of the fair from year to
WASHINGTON, Feb. 17.-Funoral serv
ices for Senator Bacon of Georgia were
held today In tho senate chamber. There
wcro no speeches of eulogy, no inuslo and
.... ft . .U.Un ,n -1 Vl ,1 1 1
of tho senato Itself, which rested on the W. U I TO LILJENST0LPE IS
corrin. Tho ceremonies were inspiring in
their very simplicity and the placo In
whloh they wcro held with tho dignity of
thoso assembled to do honor to tho dead,
lent added Imprcsslvcncss.
Two hours before tho body was .taken
Into tho senato chamber It lay In tho ad
Joining marble room. Tho public was
excluded. Later tho body was taken Into
tho senate chamber and placed on tho
bier, directly In front of tho vice presi
dent's desk.
Seats on tho floor were reserved for
the president of the United States, mem
bers of his cnblnct, chief Justices .and as
sociate Justices of the supremo court,
members of tho dlplomatlo ocrps, mem
bers of tho house of representatives, tho
admiral of tho navy, tho chief of staff
of tho army and tho regents and secretary
of tho Smithsonian Institution. Members
of tho dead senator's family and tho offi
ciating clergymon remained In the vlco
president's room until tlmo for tho serv
ices, when they wcro conducted to the
seats reserved for them on the floor.
Admission by Cnrd.
Admission to the galleries was by card,
extended only to the members of tho
house mid the more Intimate friends of
tho dead statesman. Ono gallery was re
served for tho use of those Invited by tho
president and tho vlco president. Hun
drcda of thoso who came to' pay homago
to the dead statesman's momory were
turned away.
When Vlco President Marshall walked
slowly to his seat and called tho senate
to order tho short and simple services
began. Departing from tho customary
form, Mr. Marshall, In a volco full of
feeling and lowered almost to a whisper,
"Senators, the hour has arrived at
which In accordance with tho orJcra of
tho senate the final ceremonies oyer tho
body of Augustus Octavlus Bacon, late
a senator from Georgia and an unusually
distinguished member of this body, aro
to bo observed. In conformity to custom
and In token of our common faith, the
chaplain of tho senato will offer a prayer
to God tho Father, God the Redeemer,
and God the Comforter.'"
Rev. Forrest J. Prcttyman, chaplain
of tho senate, offered prayer.
"Wo bless Thee for the life and work
of this great man. Wo pralso Thco that
tho hand of death was not laid on htm
until ho had spoken his message to the
world and had sent forth tho Influence
of a devoted llfo Into tho soul of our
nation," ho Bald. '
Illshoii lliirillnir Of f lelnten.
Tho Episcopal burial service was pro
nounced by Bishop Alfred Harding of
wio x-ruieauini episcopal cnurcii. ana a
bcnodlctlon followed by tho chaplain,
Members of tho capltol police force
boro tho body back to tho marblo room,
where It remained until escorted to tho
railway station for tho Journey to At
lanta, whero It will lie. in state at tho
Qcorgfa capltol until taken to Macon far
iho runcral 'party that accompanied
tho body south Included the committees
appointed by tho two hoiioea.oC 6ongrcss
and officials of congress.
1'rcKliIrnt Unable to Attend.
H was announced at the White House
almost at tho last moment that Presi
dent Wilson would not attend tho fu
ncrai services. ur. uruyson did not
think It wise for the president to risk
exposuro at. a tlmo when ho was re
covering from a troublesomo cold. Mrs.
Wilson and Miss Helen Woodrow Bonos,
howover, went "to occupy scats In tho rc
served gallery.
Beside tho casket In tho marblo room
was n guard of honor composed on one
veteran of the union army and one vet
eran of tho confederate army. Senator
Bacon ivas a confederate officer.
Tho southern veteran was J, B, Mar
shall or lilrmingham, Ala., and the
northern veteran was Major James A.
Tho Omaha Woman's club will co-.
opcrato with the Retail Grocers' asso
ciation In their Low-Cost-of-LlvIng show
to bo held nt tho Auditorium In April.
It was decided at the club mooting Mon
day afternoon to maintain n Bureau of
Household Efficiency and plans aro also
being mado for u "Better Babies" ex
hibit. Tho acttvo work for theso ex
hibits Is In charge of a commltteo con
sisting of tho heads of thu: different
departments of tho club work, with Mrs.
F J. Burnett, of tho household econom
ics department, as tho chairman.
Tho club entertained two presidents ns
guests at their meeting. Thoy wcro Mrs.
Frank Lnngo of Helena, Mont., and Mrs.
K. Jackson of Valentine, Neb., eaeh of
whom Is president of tho Woman's club
in her respective city. They responded
graciously to a request for a little talk
on tho work of their organizations.
Mrs. F. H. Cole, of tho commltteo on
scholarships, will iccelvo applications
for any of the stato scholarships to bo
awarded for noxt year, provided they
aro received before May 15,
Following tho business meeting, the
aro department presented tho program
for tho day. Tho storcoptlcon pur
chased by tho club a short tlmo ago
waa used for thp first tlmo In nu open
program, to show pictures of tho French
artists studied during tho year. Mrs,
Irf'iia Ellsworth Dalo sang a group of
songs from tho French composers, ac
companied by Mr. Vernon Bennett.
Tho current topics department Is exer
cising every effort to sccuro Mrs. Arthur
M. Dodge, of tho Society Opposed to
Woman Suffrage, to address them nt
their next meeting, Thursday, February
After holding a meeting and Inspect
ing local cleaning and dyeing plants yes
terday afternoon, almost a scoro of mem
bers of tho Nebraska Cleaners ano
Dyers' association attended a banquet nt
Hotel Rome last evening, at whUh
these now officers were elected.:
President, A. V, Dreshcr of Omaha'
vlco president, Fred Stewart bf Fremont ;
secretary, F. C. Wllmoth of Omaha
troaBurer, Guy Liggett of Omaha; dl
rectors, Leo Poiikup of Lincoln, 8. ,T
Howe of Omaha and P. J. Hesslcr ot
J. R. Robertson, cost expert of Dresner
Bros.' establishment, mado a talk n
tho banquet, anil a. general discussion of
prices and service followed. Tho pur
poso of tho association Is to Itnpnno
methods and service In the Industry by
a, mutual exchange of Ideas.
Thoso attending the banquet were G
L. Suppress, A. MaeAulloy, Guy Liggett.
S. J. Howe. J. H. Robertson, Sam
Dreshcr, F. C. Wllmoth and A. V
Dreshcr, all of Omaha; Ray Cook. J. F
Wallace and Frank Bartlett ot Cotimll
Bluffs', E. W. Truman, F. A. Whooler
and Leo Soukup of Lincoln; R.
Palmer of Columbus. Fred Btowart of
Fremont, P. J. Hcssler of York and P
A. Stewart of Chicago.
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Slntllfton Woodmen Klrt-t Delrgntrs.
MADISON, Neb.. Feb. 17.-(Speclal.) -D.
Q. Nicholson. C. 8. Snyder. M. 8. Mc
Duffee. Dr. K. O, Wilson, S. C. Black
man, L. P. Slmonson, F, M. Yaezcl will
represent Madison camp of Modern Wood
men at the county convention April 1.
The delegation goes unlnstructed other
than to employ all honorable means to
secure the election of tho veteran Wood
man, D. Q. Nicholson, as a delegate to
the Btate camp, Tho camp unanimously
adopted a resolution favoring a 60 per
cent raise.
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All colors, big assortment,
formerly $1.75 and somu
$2.25, Wednesday '7Cr,
for O C
alio Muslin Drawers, -flr.
Made with plain ruffle, also
ombroldory trimmed
formorly UDc, for.
$1.25 Sntecn I'ottlcontH, 08c
Saloon petticoats In Melrose, green
and purple, formerly $1.20,
ealo price
$1.08 Silk Skirts, $1.50
Assortment of soft finished silk pet
ticoats, Bolectlon of colors, formerly
$1.98, nt, dj-i cn
choice p X iJJ
Burg-eBi-Na.h Co, S.cond' Floor.
98c VfciM
Bnr trail
Naih Co
Sale of flirts Wash Dresses
AN offering that will interest every
mothor with a girl or two to clothe.
Girls' DrcssoH nt 50c
Kor ages 2 to C years, mado of chocked
and striped ginghams, plain chambray and
Unene. Pretty assortment.
Girls' $1.25 Dresses nt 70c
Mado of good quality galutca, plain
chambraye strlpod and plaid ginghams.
Ages C to 14 years. Formerly priced $1.25.
Girls' $1.08 Dresses nt $1.25
They'ro certainly good $1.98 values
Made Ilalkan stylo, in 'black and white
plaids and chambrays, ginghams, For agea
C to 14 jcars.
Child' Itompers, 35c
Mado of flannolotte, chambray, ging
ham, also stripes ami checks. For agea
2 to C years.
Stamped Centers, 15c.
STAMPED and tinted white
centers, now designs, fin
ished with lace edge, and four
skeins ot floss for working.
ISach 15 c.
Burgeii'iraih Co. Mala Xloor.
llulr Goods nt One-Half,
ALINE ot genuine human
hair switches, in various
lengths. Wednesday at exactly
one-half original price.
Burfftis-Haah Co. Mala Floor.
85c Fancy Bilks, 55c
NEW silks, Including plain
and fancy nies salines,
plaids, checks, fancy stripes
and figures. Pretty new col
orings. 24 to 36-inch. 8Go
quality, yard, G5c.
Burfeii-Naih Co Second Floor.
:Burgess-Nash Co, Everybody's Store 16th and Harney ;
Mr. Kllinhpth Ilrlcliiiinnn.
KEARNEY, Neb., Fob. 17.-(8peoial.)-EllzabetH
Itclokmann died at the age of
P2 years on Sunday at tier home north of
this city. Sirs. Rclckmann's death was
luo to old age. She waa among- tho oldest
settlers of this section, having come here
with her husband In the early days.
'I'll run 1 nml I.untr Troulilea
iiulckly helped by Dr. King's New Dis
covery. The first doae helps. Beit
remedy for coughs, colds and lung dis
eases. sOc and (1. All druggists. Ad-veitisement-
Cleaii-Up of Odd Dining Chairs
One or more of a kind, bargains for hall,
. bedroom or office
$15.00 Mahogany Aim Diner, 1 only.... SO
$8.00 Fumed Diner, slip scat, O only 5.50
$10 Early Knglisli Arm Diner, padded leather
seat, only S5.50
$5.50 Golden Oak Diner, slip scat, 1 only, 3
$11.75 Golden Onk Diner, lent her sent, 2
only, at , S2.50
$7.50 Golden Oak Diner, leather beat, 11
only, at 4.00
$1.05 Golden Oak Diner, cuiie scat, 2 only SI
$0 Fumed Ann Diner, blip sent, 1 only..G
$15 Set of six Ilentwood.Cane Kent, golden
oak Diners, for , 20
14th AND
14th AND
Money Back if We Can't Please You!
That's McKennoy's Policy We couldn't afford to muke this offer if our dentistry
wasn't firat-clnss. Try us on some piece of work. You'll save half.
Gold Crowns
Bridge Work
Finest 22-carat! no bet-) AA
ter at any price, for. . . ,J O.wU
that for weight, beau- s) AA
ty and quality has tlUiUU
Silver Fillings In tho city or elsewhere 'Sic
Woidir Plttw
8:110 A. M. to
8:00 r. sr.
10 to 1
never been excelled
Gas or Soninoforine for Painless Kxtractlng.
Corner 11th and Fnrnaiii. Over Union Pacific Ticket Office.
NOTICE Plates, Crowns nml IJrldges Complete lit Ono Day.
$25and $15 values at
$8.00 and . ... k .... ,
No Students.