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Douglas County Convict Not .Given
Release, as Prayed For.
former Conininiidrr , of Mntlonnl
v Cunril nt Allilou AtiUn tnil Se
cure Mel rune from Mine
Cunril Diitj.
(From n Staff CorrosponJcnt.)
LINCOLN, Nob.. Feb. 16.-(Spccial.)-IVIIUam
Rarteo, n convict soul up. from
Douglas county for second Ucsrco mur
der and servlns a fiftccn-ycar sehtenrc.
will not recelvo executive ' clemency If
the governor takes the .recommendation
of the pilrdon board us final.
Barteo was received nt tho pen April
33, 190S, and with good tlmo allowance
off would bo entitled to freedom !,
August, 1&16. He was sent up for killing
Henry Brown In a resort run by Vie
Duncan. It la alleged that tho two men,
who wern frlenJs. went to the resort In
an Intoxicated condition, and while there,
quarrelled. Hartee told Brown' It he had
a knife he would cut him up. Barteo took
a knife from his pocket, and after
sharpening It on his shoo, handed It to
Barteo and told him to cut him up If lie
wanted to, and the latter graSbei the
lcnlfe- and Jumped .on Brown, slabbing
him Until he died.
Tho board considers that the prisoner
Is not entitled to clemency, and recom
mends that none bo shown him by tin?
Oeorgo . Osbbrn of Dodge county,
who was convicted of second desree
murder and given fifteen years, also asks
clemency. He was' rcccclvcd at the pen
itentiary December 30, 1910.
Osborn killed a man named Hoctor In
Fremont, but was so drunk at the time
that he had lto remembrance of the
prime. However,, there was siifflolent
ovldencto convict him. He lived for
years In Blair. The board recommends
that no clemency be shown Osborn. i
Dnvln Hack to Xclirnakn.
Guarding mines during tho strike In
Colorado did not appeal to Captain Leon j
H. Davis, formerly commander - of a
.company of tho National Guard at Al
bion In this ttate, who wont to Colorado
nnd enlisted In tho National Guard of
that state and was sent to guard the
mines as a sergeant of a Colorado com
pany. Captain Davis wrote Adjutant General
Hall of tho Nebraska guard that he
M-anted, to come back to Nebraska and
his family, and asked the adlutant gen-'
eril to Intercede with General Chase of
the Colorado guard fqr his discharge.
This morning General Hall received a
letter from General Chase that he had
listened to the pleadings of the Nebraska
official and Sergearit Davis had been dis
charged and allowed to go back to his
family In Nebraska.
Nctt Dcnl on (Jiime I.nvrn.
People who persist In fracturing the
game laws of tho state will have an
opportunity to explain why they did so
to the federal government from now on.
lender tho new law violations of the
gamo law will be, handled by tho ,fcd
oral officials when an appeal Is made
by tho state gairie Warden and it Is not
likely that violators of the law will find
it very cosy sledding, when the govern
ment officials get after them. Such
is the Instruction received by Gamc'War
drn Rutenbeclc this morning from W. V.
"Bancroft of the government service.
Controversy Over Uccil.
A deed recently Issued to F, A. War
ner under a. sale contract Vy the. com
missioner of public lands of tho state
will be the bono of contention In couit
In a few days.
When the tlmo came for which a deed
could be. given air. Warner made ap
plication for the deed and made tho
usual showing as to payments, etc., and
the deed was issued. Since tho deed was
sent, out Williamson & Fisher, a Lincoln
real estate firm, made application for a
deed and for tho same property nnd
made a showing that they had been pay
ing the rental on thq land under the
contract for several years.
Tho land lies across tho road from
the farm on which Mr. Warner resides,
lr. Deuel county. Wllllamspn & Fisher
have notified tho land commissioner that
they, will begin court proceedings to have
the deed Issued to Warner set aside and
a new deed mado out to them. ',
The; payment of lease, and . sale con
tract money each year is made about
the same way as taxes are paid. Tho
amounts duo come Into ttlo offico and
it Is no affair of the state who pays the
amount, Just so long as tho proper re
ceipts are received from the county
treasurer In which tho land Is 'situated.
Just how Warner happened to make the
showing to get the deed will probably
come out In the trial.
Call far Hank Itnunrm.
Secretary Royso of tho Stato Banking
board has sent out notices to elate
tanks for a report dating February A.
Tho notices were sent to 730 banks.
YV'nrrtint Cut Down.
The amount of butstandlng wan ants
Is the lowest today It has- been 'since
September 1, 1913, when the amount was
1500,000. At one time the amount ran up
as high as J933,(p. but today the books
of the treasurer show that but ?3o3,OW
In registered warrants arc unpaid.
OXFORD, Neb., Feb, 1C (Special.)
The gratualing class of the Orleans High
school was entertained Saturday evening
With a valentine paity given by tho grad
uating class of the Oxford High school
at the home of Mr. X. A. I'ettygrove.
There were two automobile loads of the
Orleans young people. In charge of their
chaperon, Miss Rudolph of the Orleans
High school. The evening was spent In
various Interesting games, In which
hearts were an,: Important feature. A
delicious lunchcoiiCwas served by the
girls of the Oxford class.
Kansas Woman Running for Congress
V. H5. Eva. Kovley Tlupphy
Windsor Hotel Man nt Lincoln
Brings Criminal Accusation.
Abraham ferine of llnathiRn Sen
tenced to Ycnr In Fedcrn!
rrUnn on White Slate
Mrs. Kva Morlcy Murphy of Goodland,
Kan., candidate for congress on the pro
gressive ticket and the only woman who
has ever been a candidate for that office.
Mrs. Murphy says she choso the progres
sive party for her party becauso It Is the
only one that hps In Its platform pledged
Itself to the task of making the United
States a true democracy by allowing suf
frage to women. Mrs. Murphy Is record
ing, secretary of the Women's Christian
Temperance union and Is a leader In
the work of the Kansas Federation of
Women's Clubs.
Notes from Beatrice,
and G-age County
BBATR1CB, Neb., Feb. 16.-(.Spcclal.)-
The Beatrice Building and Loan associa
tion Saturday instituted suit to fore
close a mortgage on the properly owned
by Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Colby at
Fifth and Market streets. The petition
alleges that thirteen monthly payments
are due and unpaid on stock In the as
sociation amounting to SU5, with Interest
from January, 1913. Tho paving taxes
of J3I1.90 are unpaid.
Articles of Incorporation of the Mercer
B. Walker Dry Goods company were filed
In tho county clerk's office Saturday.
The capital stock Is $33,000, of which
15,100 Is p'roferrcd ana the balance com
mon. The incorpora'tors are Mercer B.
Walker, C. Y. "Walker and B. H. Begole,
Herman Wolken, son of Mr. and Mrs.
H. Wolken, who reside, northeast of Be
atrice In Hanover township, died Satur
day morning of chicken pox aged 17
Claude Willis Dlngman and Miss live
lyn Plckerlll, both of Geneva, we're mar
ried lr. this city Saturday by Rev. C. F.
Stevens. The young couple will make
their home at Geneva.
Rolph Reed, a former Beatrice resident
ani son of. C. I Reed, who was mayor
of this city five years ago, was married
Thursday last at Kansas City to Miss
Emily Porter. Mr. Reed Is an all-round
athlete, holding the Kansas state record
for weight lifting and shot putting, and
his bride Is also an athlete. Last sum
mer she was the first woman to finish
tho twelve-mllo swimming race of the
Kansas City Athletic club In tho Mis
souri. Only three men finished ahead of
her. In 1912 she won .a race in which
only women competed.
At the annuul meeting of the Cortland
Farmers' Elevator, Coal and Lumber
company SaturJay the stockholders au
thorlzcd the construatlon of an elevator
to cost $10,000. Tho following ' officers
were re-elected: President, J. T. Whalen:
vice president, C. C. Wolfe; secretary,
W. E. Robblns; treasurer, David Boeslger;
directors, W. E. Robblns. C. C. Wolfe,
David Boeslger, William Gibbons, W. C.
Lucke and Fred Jackson.
For the WenW mill A'crroua.
Tired out, weak, nervo'n men and
women need Electric Bitters; helps the
nerves and tones up the system. GOo
and Jl. All druggists. Advertisement.
Woodmen Delegates
Chosen by Lodges
BLAIR, Neb., Feb. lC.-(Speclal.)-At the
regular meeting ofAhe local camp of the
Modern Woodmen of America tho follow
ing delegates and alternates were elected;
Delegates M. W, T.arsen, B. E. Kemp,
C. R. Gates, I.. A. Farnberg, J. Mueller.
William Klefcr, K. A. Peterson. E. E.
linvll; alternates J. E. Lutz, H. A.
Schmahllng S. W. Chambers, E. R. Stew
art, B. J. Farr, A. E. David, W. K.
Strode, J. 1- Pounds. Instructions weAi
given the delegates to work for the repeal
of the Chicago rates, to oppose the re
election of the present head officers; to
favor the reduction of salaries paid to
head officers, Resolutions commending
tho work of the Insurgent Woodmen In
Nebraska and opposing the sending of
deputies to the head camp as delegates
were adopted. Tho county camp will
meet at Kennard April 1.
FONTANELLE, Neb., Feb. 16.-(Spe-clul.)
Fontanello camp No. 4010, Modorn
Woodpien of America, unanimously
adopted resolutions endorsing the admin
istration of Head Counsel A. R. Talbot
and urging his re-election, nnd also, the
platform nnd rate presented by the Ne
braska Progressive association. Tho fol
lowing were elected as delegates and al
ternates to tho county convention; II. H.
Meyer, Charles Richardson, I. E. Cahoon
and Henry Lane.
(From Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN, Feb. ll$.-(Spcclul Telegram.)
II. C. Carson, superintendent of th
Stato Anil-Saloon league, was arrested
this afternoon charged with criminal
libel In connection with tho charge filed
by him against Chief of Police James
Malone for laxity in enforcing tho laws
against prostitution, cigarette selling and
! gambling. Tho lharge was made by J.
S. Poll, landlord of the Windsor hotel,
who closed the building November 27
last after It had been entirely rebuilt
and renovated by tho owner, Prof. Au
gust Hagcnow.
Carson mado the charge that the hotel
was used by women soliciting on the
r.treets as headquarters, and that de
tectives In tho employ of Carson had
been Invited to tho hotel. R Is said,
however, that these occurrences took
place before Pool took charge of tho
Carson was taken In charge by Sheitff
Hyers and his deputies anil In county
court was released on a 200 bond, which
I he furnished himself.
Several churches In Lincoln ut their
services yesterday endorsed the action
of Superintendent Carson of tho Anti
Saloon league In getting after th,c police
department of Lincoln.
Yenr for White Slavery,
Pleading guilty to the charge of white
slavery Abraham Cease of Hustings was
sentenced to 6ervo one year In tho Ad
ams county Jail on recommendation of
District Attorney Howell.
Cease promised when ho got out to
support his two children and do better.
He was charged with having taken a
dlvorcpd woman, Stella Bourller, to St.
Joseph and then to Marshalltown. la.,
for Immoral purposes. Mrs. Bouiller has
$2,000 received at the time of her di
vorce, but when found It had all disap
peared but J900.
Cotton Mill for It ef ornm tor j-.
The old Kearney cotton mill, built In
boom dayt at u cost of $140,000, has been
offered to tho stato for a reformatory
for $15,000. It Is badly out of repair, but
can be fixed up to fill tho bill. A sec
tion of Innd Is offered on which the mill
stands at $160 an acre. Frank Brown,
editor of tho KeafHey Times, called on
the Board of Contiol today and mjtdo
tho offer.
Two hundred acres of the tract offered
Is In alfalfa and all but ten acres can
be cultivated.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 16. (Speclal.)-As soon
as tho house . and .senate .committees
agree on tho Cstails Qf tho Lever bill
the amounts to be received by Ncbrasku
for county demonstration work will bo
tabulated and announced by Carson Hll
dreth of the Agricultural Development
commission. Tho Levor bill has-been
championed by tho bankers and tho""busl
ness men of the state.
The bill passed the scnato by a vote of
177 to !. After certain amendments were
made the bill passed the senate by unan
imous vote. The scnato doubled tho va
rious amounts provided by tho house
bill. As soon as tho measure emerges
from the conference committee the sums
available for Nebroska can bo computed.
As to the scopo of tho bill tho measure
provides tho following;
That co-operative agricultural exten
sion work shall consist of tho giving of
Instruction and practical demonstration
In agriculture and home economics to
persons not attending or residents In
said colleges In tho several communities,
and Imparting to such persons Informa
tion on said subjects through field dem
onptratlons, publications and otherwise;
and this work shall be carried on In such
manner as may be mutually agreed by
the secretary of agriculture and the
state agricultural college or colleges re
ceiving the benefits of the act.
Ano Ai-ctleut nt Uelle I'ourcre.
(Special.) While driving along about
twenty miles an hour the automobile of
Joe Orem of this city skidded in a little
mud puddle and turned turtle. The occu
pants of the car, Joe Miller and wife
and child of this city, were thrown from
the car und sustained slight bruises,
while Mr, Orom had his arm broken and
elbow badly mashed. The accident oc
curred' Just outside the city limits, and
they were picked up and broujht to town
by Mr. Ashcroft.
' v ' ' '
finds out that coffee drinking is the unsuspected cause of vari
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Tuesday, Februniy 17, 101 1. STOItN XUWS KOIt Tl'KSUAY
Sixteenth and Ilnrney Htf.
Great Clearance Tuesday of Women's
Coats, Silk and Cloth Dresses
Formerly in- $
eluded in lines
priced at $10.00,
$15, $19.50 and
$25.00, Choice. .
Jl'iVP to sue HUor tlio conts or tlros3ea ineniii to
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Tuesday, choice 9(1.1)5
Hurff-Nih Co, Second Tloor.
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A Book of Value
And of Beauty; in Bkc
and White and Gold
written by 450 of America's most notable women. Nearly all of these women
come from the great middle clatt where economy and industry floarith and where good houia
keeplng had it origin. The combined experience of thaie 450 good houwikeepera is set down in
this wonderfully clever and attractive volume a work which will stand for all time a towering Monu
ment to the kindly help of these generous women.
THE ADMINISTRATION ECONOMY BOOK is dedicated to Mrs. Woodrow Wilsonthe First
Lady of the Land who is a living exponent of the oft repeated claim that "higher education
dots net unfit women for domestic lift." In tbs prepiratlon of this unique cultnsrjr text book, which, by the
war, Crt saw the light of day at the White House, where It appeared among the moit highly prined gifts of the
bride Mrs, Francis B. Sayre tha editors who assisted the ladles of the administration In preparing th book
were Inspired by the example of Martha Jefferson Bandolph, who thought she could do the greatest good to the
womsn of her time by glTtng them "Hints on Household Management," which she did In a little volume entitled
"The Virginia Housewife," a copy of which has recently found It way into th omcial archirea at Washington.
Th volume Is attractive as wsll as eminently practical and Is proof that good conking and high thinking co hand
in band in long estabUshed households.
SPEAKING OF THE BOOK, MRS. MARSHALL, wife of the Vice-President, uayu: "It is suc
cessful In suggesting to the average housowifo, how, with a diminishing food supply, she
can, not only keep the roses In th children's cbesks, but live within her husband's income,"
On of the most interesting features of the book is the recipe contributed In facsimile from the cook
book of the President's mother, which Mrs. Joseph B. WUion, wife of th President's only brother, treasures
and to whoa rsady dlicsrnmtnt of Us historic and culinary value the Administration Sooncmr Book is a llvlne
tribute. ,
Mrs. Oscar W. Underwood, wif of the Dtmocratic leader of th bona of representatives, gives her onlnlon
In a nutshell when she ssys, "It Is th mission of every wis woman to give such attention to the food reit
and recreation of her husband as will insure his good health, and through It, his success la the world." '
MRS. BRYAN, WIFE OF THE PREMIER OF THE CABINET, contributes her redpes for the
strawberry conserve and cucumber relish, for which she is noted among her friends. Both are
favorlt dlsbss of Mr. Bryan.
Mrs. Lindsley M. Oarriton, wife of the secretary of war, famoa for her sensible dishes and dinners, eon.
tributes a valuable portion of her experience for the benefit of every family purse. '
Mrs. Burleson, wife of the postmaster gsueral, teUs the Whit Hous bride and others, toe how to make
"the best cornbread in th world." Of course, she calls It Texas cornbread, in memory of th wavlne: corn,
fields in hsr native stste,
Mrs. Houston, wif of th secretary of sgrlcnltnre, noted for th good health of her immediate famllr elvem
a valuable Wnt in th remark. "We ire never without baked apples lu our home," and contributes her reciD
for preparing th dish "for bieskfait" and "for dinner." And so on down through the whose long list of
notable women."
Through the whole wonderful hook the thread of common sense, economy and right living runs, show
ing that one can "live content with small means, seek elegance rather than luxury, refinement, rather than
fashion, bo wealthy, not rich, study hard, think quietly, talk gently and act frankly."
.,.. , .iin thla hnnb in ro Into every home, the Editors ol
tha wort him commanded that the price he fixed at lc an amount
that barely cover the coet at prtntlne and distribution.
Cut out thla ECONOMY CKHTJKICATB, elgn your nam and aiv
full addrees. Present It at Th Ue office. 10 Bee building, together
with tie, which Is th fe fixed by th Editor. The return of to
Certificate Is necessary.
1 103 flee riulldlnjr. Omaha,
Bee Office U North Main tit.. Council Bluffs.
(2318 N St., tiouth Omaha.
Add it cents If the book la to be sent you by express.
Name ,,..- .,.(.i)ii..rMi
Btreet ,t,,r-ttftbt City ,!
8t&te , , m , m R. V. O, ,,,,,Mt,,,M,,,M
Address THE OIUKa BSD, Omaha, N.
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