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offers many excellent values Tues
day in slightly soiled and mussed waists
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Beggar Found to Be Asking for
Funds for Crurch.
Supposed to Bo One of Company
Who Were Denounced fcy
United Cbnrltle of Kerr
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Ia., Fab. 16.-(Spcclal
Telegram.) Deacon Joachim George, a
TurkUh beggar. Is In Jail hero and llkoly
to bo deported by federal official. He
ana other alleged .missionaries appeared
In Do Moines three -weeks ago to solicit
funds for a church In Turkey, where it
was sajd there hatj been many massacres.
He applied to the mayor and tha As
roclated Charities but they demanded
evidence of the genuine of his work,
and as lie produced no proof, ho was
turned over to tlio federal authorities.
Ofe Is declared to b6 one of a large band
Which came to the United States some
months ago to solicit funds and were de
nounced by the United Charities society
of New York as frauds.
Sues tor Loss of Hrlde,
Verne llutchlnv, a young man living
on a farm near Dcs Moines, brought suit
today against Iafe Carpenter, a neighbor
at Bondurant, for t5,O90 becauso ofal
lend loss ,ef reputation, and a prospective
wife. He alleges that, Carpenter circu
lated the story he could not pay a ft
check at the bank and as a result of this
story the young woman ho was to marry
MRt bacir on hmu i, H .
(Continued from Pago One.)
a hard race. At that moment the tele
phone rang and she answered It. Then
he came back and eat on the bed.
"Wo Ulkcd only a few minutes. I
arose and she took hold of my hnnd,
then fell on the bed.
"I asked, 'What does this meanr Just
then Itobertson came Into the room and
told her to stop that squalling,"
"Did you at any time touch Mrs,
Bondf he was asked.
"I did not," the senator replied.
Senatbr dore said he told Itobertson
Jje wanted to see Mrs. Uond again.
I asked her It she had anything to
say aeeut the Incident. ! wont to know
what this means,' I said. She replied
she did not want her husband to know
aemit It. Robertson nlso said he had
nothing to say about It."
The senator denied that at any time
hla clothing wan disarranged while In the
room. He aald he saw Dr. J. If, Earp
of Oklahoma City the nest day and ills,
cussed the Incident
"I told him," he said, "that If anyone
aid I did anything improper Jt was 'an
infamous lie"
Senator Oore denied that he told Karp
to try to get Mrs. Bond out of the city.
The direct examination of tho senator
was completed shortly before noon and
lila cross-examination taken up at once.
Mr. Gore Is expected to remain on the
stand I'm greater part of the da).
The direct examination of the senator
was completed shortly before noon and
his cross-examination taken up at once.
Mr. Gore Is expected to remain on tho
etand the greater part of the day.
Senator Gore denied that tie knew
Itobertson, Jacobs and Ktrby Kits
patrlck were In the next room while he
was talking with Mrs. Bond.
fteplying to questions, the senator told
of his acquaintance with Fitzpatrick.
Jacobs and Robertson. He said ('Its
Patrick: wanted to be appointed assistant
attorney general for the Interior de
partment, that Robertson was seeking
the selection of H. I Rogers for the
post of secretary of the. Interior, and
that Jacobs wanted somebody appointed
Bottled Only at the Spring, Neuenahr Germany,
and Only with its Own Natural Gas.
The Spring
from which the
Whole World Drinks.
marshal for the eastern district of
In reply to a question as to what he
first told anybody that .Mrs. Bond had
pulled lil in over on the bed with her,
Senator Gore said:
"Probably the flrat time I talked about
Wnntnd Office for Her Husband.
The senator then detailed the efforts
of the politicians in the alleged conspir
acy against him to get appointments.
He did not remember having talked with
a man of the name of Gravos Lceper
about the nppolnttnont of Julian Uond,
Mrs. Rond's husband, but was certain he
never gave anyono any encouragement.
Ha snld ho might have told Dr. J, II.
Earp he would recommend Uond for a
"When Mrs. Uond pulled you over on
the bed, did you make any outcry?" he
was asked,
"No," the senator replied.
"You knew It was a conspiracy?"
"I did. At least I thought- then It was
a conspiracy."
"When did you first think it was a
"When Mrs. Bond grabbed my hands,
fell back on tho bed anJ began to
scream," said the senator.
"DM you ever file 'complaint against
any of those parties? Answer yes or no."
"I cannot answer yes or no. I made
complaint that It was blackmail," an
swered the senator1.
"pldn't you, when tho summons was
acrved here, Bay you wanted to make a
cash settlement?"
"Did anyone for you try to make such
a settlement?"
Sleet turn. Hand In Hotel.
."Not that J know ofA' aald Mr". Gore.
'RvcrUn'-tp'',th meeting iWltk'yMr.
Dopd ha "Washington, denafor dtjre'ekr
piuiuou uifV'lig went lO III9 HOiei - JO
meet Mr. Bond after sho had telephoned
stating 'that she was td leave Washing
ton at s3 O'clock that" night and for
him to stop to aeo her on his way home,
Ho sold ha asked hpr to come to tils of
fice, but she complained about having
to wait so long there and said ahe was
busy packing to leave for Oklahoma.
Ho went to tho hotel, he said, with
Howard Keyes, a guide, and when he en
tered tho lobby Mrs. Bond camo up and
took hold of him, saying "I'll tako caro
of him."
Ho said she explained that tho parlor
was tilled with school clilltlrun and thoy
would tro to another room. It was not
until after Mrs. Bond had answered the
telephono that she took hold of hla hands
and sank down on tho bed, Senator Gore
"You did not know anybody else was
"Certainly not," replied the wltneaa.
Tho senator aald he always told those
who camo to seo him for a comsromlte
that It was an Infamous lie and that he
Would see them In h-1 boToro ho would
compromise. Hn aald ho took no part la
the investigation made by the Depart
ment of Justice and denied that he had
been called as a witness before the sen
ato tor that ha had talked to the vice
president about It.
Court recessed shortly after noon.
To get the genuine, call for full name.
for signature of E. W. GROVE. Cures a
Cold In One Day, 25c.
WABHINCTC:;. Feb. lS.-Vrealdont
Wilson has commuted, to expire Imme
diately, the life sentences of George Bar
clay and James Brummett, convicted In
IPO I of tho murder of J. 1. Poole on the
Osage reservation In tho Indian terri
tory. Barclay and Brummett were sen
tenced to 'be hanged, but commuted to
life tmprlionment by President Roose
velt. They had serve! about ten years
In Leavenworth penitentiary. President
Wilson believed the killing; of Poole was
not premeditated.
Tenth Annivemry of Services for
Late Senator Hanna.
Ponrlrrn Menittnrs Will Accompany
nmlr In Mncon, Cm., Where It
Will lip Marled Many Mm
agr of Condolence.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 1.-The desk of
Ihe late Senator Bacon of Georgia was
draped In .mourning today. Tho funeral
of former Senator Hanna was held In
tho senate chamber February 1". ten
years ago. Senator Bacon's funeral will
be held here tomorrow.
Messages of condolence on the death of
Senator Bacon of Georgia continued to
pour In today to members of his family
here. 'Among them were those from Sen
ator Tillman of South Carolina, who is
now at Atlanta, and Herbert Clay, eldeft
son of the lato Senator Clay of- Georgia.
Although Senator Bacon spent thirty
three years In public life, It became
known hcer today that he died prac
tically a poor man.
His principal possessions were his old
home at Macon, Go., and his carefully
selected library.
A characteristic of the late senator was
his well known fondness for children.
Hla apartments were near the National
Zoological park and nearly every morn
ing ho would stroll through the grounds
accompanied by children. Among the
floral tributes sent to the apartments
where his body rests were several from
these children.
One of Benator Bacon's last official acts
was to send a note of thanks to Secretary
and Mrs. Bryan for a potted lllao sent
him while at the hospital. It has been
placed at the head of the casket. -Committer
Is Nnined,
Vice President Marshall today named
the following committee of senators to
accompany the body of Senator Bacon
to Oeorgla and attend the funeral In
Smith of Georgia, Tillman. Chilton.
Overman, Fletcher, Pomerenc. Thomas,
u uorman. Vardaman, dalllnaer. Root.
Nelson, Brandegee nnd Page.
Accompanying -tho committee will be
the secretary of .the senate, James M.
Baker, and Sergeant at Arms C. P. Hlg- j
Tho senate adopted a resolution ex-1
tending Invitations to tho funeral to tho
president and members of his cabinet,
tho supreme court, the house of repre
sentatives, members of the diplomatic
corps, the admiral of the navy, tho chief
of staff of the avmy anil tho regents and
secretary of tho Smithsonian Institute.
The public will bo admitted by card.
Service Will lie Brief.
The body of Senator Bacon will be
brought to tho canltol at o'clock tomor
row morning and Ho In tho marble room
of the senate until 11:30, when it will bo
moved to the 'senate chamber. During
that time It may be viewed by those who
ordinarily have tho senate floor prlvll-
eges, but tho publlo will bo excluded,
h'o senate will convene nt 12:15 o'clock
and the funeral aervlcen will beitin at 1
o'clopk. They will consist of d prayer
uy the senate chaplain, tho reading of
tho EjJIscopat burial service by Bishop
Alfred, Ilardhig-jMVaahlngton and bene
diction by the chaplain, ,
Tlter6 will be.rtp eulogies. Vice Presl
denrnhJlHy ay a "few word In
cajUilF UiQynic fo ordor. Therof'flli
bo h'd floKvers qn,'d"iria music. The body
WIH be, tukpn at once to Georgia. . '
Secretary Houston
Will Not Be Member
of Reserve Board
WASHINGTON, Feb. lSPrcsldent
Wilson today set at rest reports that
Secretary Houston wduld bo made a
momber of tho federal reservo board, and
though' he was not asked specifically
about Secretary McAdoo and tho United
States senatorial race In New York, tho
emphasis which the president put on his
desire to keep his cabinet intact u In.
torpreted as an Indication that his Influ
ence would bo against drawing Mr. Mc
Adoo Into the Now York situation. Re
cently the president asked Secretary Wil
son to remain In the cabinet rather than
to run for the United States senate In
Wyoming Mbosers
Meeting in Casper
CASPER, Wyo., Feb. 16.-A score, or
more of progressive party leaders from
all parts of the state gathered herq today
for a conference, at which the future of
the party In Wyoming was considered,
H. M. Gottlieb of Sheridan, chairman,
presided. Several of the early arrivals
expressed themselves Irrevocably op
posed to any proposal of merging with
the republican party. It was expected
that today's meeting would be followed
by a call for a state progressive conven
tion. Governor Jmanti ra ,
, ' - --- - - i- j i i'u&raiv9
manor, is nosent in Europe, but was rep
resented at today's conferenen hv hu
son. Robert I. Carey.
The conference was attended by Wll
llam M. Cadmus, a national organizer
for the progressive party.
Men tilve Banquet to Women.
NELSON, Neb.. Feb. lt-(Spedal.)-Salnt
Valentine's day was elaborately
celebrated herp by the people of the
Presbyterian church. The men folk gave
h magnificent banquet to the women
of the congrcRatlon. All th
, - - - - - ,.Mm,v
ments and 'the feast" were In the handa
of. the men. and on every hand there
nr.o iiiwani surprises for the guest.
Henry Fox. Jr.. waa toastmaster. The
nddrcia of welcom waa t w r-t
niul the response was by Mrs. Elisa
beth Hawley. R, r. Sutherland spoke
of "Tho Woman 'Thou Gavest me": Row
e. v.. ivnaur on "Women in the Church
and Home." and F. A. Scherslnger on
"Why We Love pur Guests, or Who Is
Your Valentine"'
r.!.,.Ioo,u n'm No Materialise.
STELLA. Nteb., Feb. I6.-Opedal.)-.
Later developments have proved that
the find of oil or gas In a well on the
O'Grady farm between ntiu mr,A
son t!ld not materialise. A well.wa b.
'ok nnnea on the O'Orady farm and at
a considerable depth, when a sand
stratum was cut Into a roarlnr sound
came forth from the well for awhile.
Just what waa the cause of this roar
ing haa not been determined, but at
first It was believed to Indicate the
presence of gas or oil
The Persistent and Judicious U of
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road to
Business Success.
Pvn m a! n rf XKtii
Dwellers In cities have not been the
only ones to suffer from the cold wave
that took In most of tho eastern portion
of tho United States. Tho numerous fish
ing fleets that put but from Boston every
John Lynch Pays
in m Toward the
Fund for Taylors
County Commissioner J. O. Lynch has
Paid in i'J) toward tho fund for an
other homo for Mrs. Edna Taylor and
her large family. He will give another
t.V when the second S100 of other dona
tions Is raised for the purpose.
Mrs. P. N. Oberg of Wakefield, Neb.,
and "Cash" also have made remittances
of tl each toward tho fund, which now
totals about J150 cash. Richard Burnell
plans to make a canvass tht week to
raise the balance by personally soliciting
men whom he knows to bo generous
contributors toward such worthy causes.
He Is cdnftdont that the required $300
wljl be secured, in tlrrie' to keep the
Taylors from being homeless, If all pub
Ho spirited citizens make their remit
tances at once.
: m Freight Rates is
Again Suspended
WASHINGTON, Feb. 16. The proposed
C per cent freight rate advances by east
ern railroads, suspended by tho Inter
state Commerco commission until March
18, pending Investigation, were again
auspendod by tho commission today un
til September 13.
Protests against any Increase In rates
on glass were mado by concerns In
Pennsylvania. New Jersey, Virginia,
New York, Ohio and Indiana.
Patrolman Mike Klasane, aged CO years,
has tondered his resignation as a pollco
officer and will retire from active ser
vice on a pension of JS0 per month. Kis
sane was the first officer to be appointed
by tlje" Metropolitan Fire and Police
board and started In the service July 27,
1SS7. He was assigned to the "redllght"
district and was one of the most re
spected officers that ever patrolled that
beat. In a gun fight with 'Nlgger" Mc
Vey and 'Sober" Burns, both desperate
yeggmen, a number of years ago, KIs
sane was nearly shot to death before
he captured the pair. In pursuing wanted
persons and making their arrests ho was
regarded as ono of the most intrepid
men the police force ever boasted of.
C. N. Dletx has purchased from the ar
tist, R. F. Glider, a member of the
Omaha Art guild, four landscapes, at
the artists' price, which Is said to oe
the highest paid for landscapes by any
western artist. Three of the paintings
are beautiful "snow" pictures, while tho
fourth Is a sunrise in Platte canyon,
ni.v.NWOOD. la.. Fob. 16. (Special.)
C. W. Roberts of Tower Hill, ill., and
Miss Helen Htxson of Glcnwood were
married here Saturday afternoon. Mlsa
Tllvann In tha vollncest dAUKhtor of W.
W. Htxson. and has a wide circle of
friends In this territory. Mr. Roberts Is
telegrapher for the Burlington here.
Ml Hn Hlckerson. daughter of R. P.
Hlckerson of Fullerton. Neb.,, and Archie
D. Mawhlnney of McClelland, la., were
married by Rev. Charles w. savidge,
They were accompanied by Harry A
Andrews of Omaha.
Robert lllxsou.
B1.HWVOOD. la.. Fob. 16, (Special.)
Glenwood men waa aereatea uy tea uik
High at basket bail hero eaiuraay mgnt.
store, sj to if.
Free Vouch vrlth Piper,
Men who chew tqbacco dislike to have
to carry the plug loose In their pockets.
The tobacco Is bound to pick up odd bits
of cloth and dirt. This Is what makes the
pouch so popular with plug users. The
American Tobacco company, realising this
demand, haa decided for a few 'days to
give away tree with every 10-cent pur
chase of .Piper Heldsleek a leather pouch
made of handsome tan leather. The flap
fastens tight with a patent snap clasp
that keeps the pouch closed when you
want It closed, yet opens Instantly nt
your touch.
f :t Tfifrvo 4-1-1 rn n-rt -f-Vi r "NTvnr
morning encountered many hardships, al
though their skippers and crews are
rather accustomed to uch experiences.
The photograph shows a fishing schooner
on its arrival In Boston harbor from the
J. W. Binkens Killed
Instantly by Powder
Blast Near Florence
John W. Binkens, aged 21 years, was
killed late Monday afternoon by tho
premature explosion of a blast of gun
powder which ho was using to split a
log on the farm of C. O. Swanson, three
miles north of Florence. Death was In
stantaneous and the only ono around at
the time of the accident was Harold
Swanson, who was helping Binkens. Be
sides the. parents of the deceased there
Is a sister, Rose, 19 years of age; a
brother, Fred, 16 years of age: two half
brothers, James B. Shaw, Scott's Bluff,
Jfcb,, and Mason Shaw, Goehner, Neb'.;
one half-sister. Mrs. LHah Peterson, Buf
falo Gap, S. D.
Funeral arrangements have not yet
been completed, but will likely be held
Wednesday afternoon with interment at
Veteran Railroad
Editor Is Dead
RIDGEFUJLD, Conn., Feb. 16. William
Henry Boardman, for many years presi
dent of tho Railroad Gazette, now tile
Railway Ago Gazette, and for eight years
its editor, died ut his home here today,
aged 67. Mr. Boardman was born In
Dixon, 111., which was named for his
maternal grandfather. He was a, lover
of outdoor life, on which he wroto books
and magazine articles, and as a pioneer
of lawn tennis In America, designed the
once famous "Franklin"' racquet.
GLENWOOD, la., Feb. 16.-(SpecIal.)-Mrs.
Marlon Kemp, .aged TO, dlol at the
resldeiico of her son, F. V. Kemp, -at
Folsom, In Mills county, at 8 o'clock
Sunday morning-. Mrs. Kemp had been &
resident of Iowa for fifty years and was
a greatly beloved woman.
Feel Headachy, Dizzy, Bilious; Sick?
Clean Your Torpid Liver-Dime a Box
Sick headaches! Always tr&ce them to
lory llvqr; delayed, fermenting food In
the bowels or a sick stomach. Poisonous,
constipated matter, gases and Wlo gener
ated In the bowels, Instead of being car
ried out of the' system. Is reabsorbed Into
the blood. When this poison reaches the
delicate brain tissues It causes congestion
and that dull, sickening headache. Caa-
ALSO 23 & BO
Sleep Disturbing Bladder Weaknesses, Backache, Stiff Joints
Rheumatic Fains Disappear After Few Doses are Taken
While people along in years are natur
ally more subject to weak kidney, they
can avoid the tortures of backache, and
rheumatism, and be saved the annoyance
of getting up at night with disagreeable
bladder disorders? for the new discovery,
Croxone, autckly relieves the most se
vere and obstinate cases,
Croxone cures these conditions because
It removes the cause. It Is the most
wonderful remedy ever devlskfU for rid
ding the system of urio acid. It ia en
tirely different from all other remedies.
It Is not like anything else ever used for
the purpose. Croxone makes the kidneys
filter tli4 blood and elft out all the pois
onous acids and waste matter that cause
these troubles.
It soaks right In and cleans out tho
stopped'Up, Inactive kidneys like water
does a sponge, dissolves, and drives out
every particle of uric arid and other
fn rrl n t-i rl Hno of
fishing banks. It was almost Impossible
for the crew to handle the vessel because
of tho great masses of ice that caked
its rigging and clung to He deck,
Trust Buster.After
Allied Printing
Trades Councils
WASHINGTON. Feb. 16,-Rcsults of a
federal grand Jury Inquiry Into the af
fairs of the Allied Printing Trades coun
ell of New York and other cities were
today laid before G. C. Todd, assistant
to Attorney General McReynolds In
charge of trust prosecutions, by Harold
Harper, assistant United States attorney
at New York. Mr. Todd will determine
whether thcro is sufficient evidence for
a Sherman law case to sustain the coun
cil. His decision probably will not be
made for several days.
Charles Gale Killed
and Diamonds Stolen
EL CENTRO. Cal.. Feb. 16.Charles
Gale, a British subject and well known
In tho gold camps of Alaska and Nevada,
was found murdered today in his saloon
at Maxlcalt. Lower California. Diamonds
and cash amounting to $10,000 were stolen.
Gale's head had been split with an axe
as he lay in bed. Galo went to Maxlcalt,
opposite Culexlco, before tho first Madero
revolution. It was sold he was worth
$500,000. But his fortune ws heavily drawn
on by all factions In the Mexican revolu
tion and had been conslerably depleted.
Killed an Car Jumps Track.
WATERIXX?, Ia.. Feb. 16.-(Speclal Tel
egram.) James Blenls, yard Bwltchman
for twelve years for tho Illinois Central
In this city, was killed today when a coal
car upon which he was riding jumped the
track at a crossing and crashed into the
coal sheds. He was 57 years of age and
leaves a widow and aged mother. He
was an active member of the Brotherhood
of Railroad Trainmen, Ancient Order of
United Workmen, Maccabees and Loyal
Order of Moose.
carets will remove the caue by stimu
lating the liver, making tho bile and con
atlpatlan poison move on and out of the
bowels. One taken tonight straightens
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keep your head clear, atomuch sweet,
liver and bowels regular, and mike you
feel bright and cheerful for months.
Children need Cascarets, too.
poisonous Impurities that lodge In the
Joints and muscles and cause rheumatism-
It neutralizes the urine so It no
longer Irritates the bladder, overcomes
unnecessary breaking of, sleep and re
stores the' kidneys and bladder to health
and strength.
It matters not how long you have suf
fered, how old you are, or what else, you
have used. The very principle of Crox
one Is such that It Is practically Impos
sible to take It Into the human system
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earth like it. It starts to work the min
ute you take It and relieves you the first
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suffering soon disappear. You can se
cure an original package of Croxone at
trifling cdst from any first-class drug
gist. All druggists are authorized to
personally return the purchase price it
It fails In a single case. - Advertisement.
Meitf, Women's
?M CW Mush!
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and hoarseness. Savo the
voice in BDealdnr? or slneinc
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60 years. No opiates.
15c, 60c and $1.00. Sample Free.
Jo ha I. Brown & Son, Boston. Mass.
Hotel Rome
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In All Dining Rooms
Every Day Except Sunday,
11:30 A. M. to 3 tOO P. SC.
$1.00 Table d'Hote Dinner,
Every Sunday,
BI30 to 8:00 7, K,
Omaha High School
and Cadets
Size 10x30. This picture baa
just been made and makes a
beautiful subject framed..
Price $1.00.
Photo Dept. Omaha.
Aycr's Pills
Headaches BUIoutaew
Constipation Indigestion
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