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    The Omaha Daily Bee
Advertising is the Life of Trade
Talk through The xu to your cus
tomers, your competitor's onaiomert,
yonr potstblo customers.
Fair; Warmer
On Trains and t
Hotel Hews Standi, so.
Guest of Honor While Speaking
Reaches for Glass of Water and
Picks Up One of Wine.
Springs from Place and Puts Hand
Over Vessel Just in Time.
Nebraskan Orator at New York
Dinner of Authors' League.
Remarks (lint llr Dora Not Knovr
"Whether Addrraa Plenalng or Not,
bnt Me Una Quit Selecting
Langunae to Suit.
NKW YORK. Fob. 16. -With a glos of
champagne almost to his lips. William
Jennings Bryan waa prevented from
drinking the wlno last night by the quick
action of his wife.
The incident took place at the first an
nual dinner given by the Author's league
of America. Four hundred attended Bnd
Winston Churchill presided. In tho
rourse of his speech the guest of honor
reached for a drink of water inadvert
ently he picked up a glass of champagne.
Mrsl Bryan, seeing her husband's mis
take, sprang from her. place, two scats
nway from the secrotary, and hurrying
to him, put her hand over tho glass Just
as it was about to reach his Hps. Mr.
Bryan looked surprised for an instant,
then laughingly picked up- a glass of
Sir. Bryan spokj of the qualities that
distinguished the good from the bad book,
saying that the heart of the writer would
liavo to bo in his work If the effort was
tc have value.
"Unless there Is something to disclose,"
he said, "there is no reason tot writing,
and there can be no clear and good
thinking unless It has sound- moral
impulse baclc of it. There' is no wrong
In the world which can withstand attack.
A writer who presents truth in a snlrlt
Is doing the work of God," the speaker
said, whether he is given men's recog
nition or not."
Mr. Bryan paused long enough in his
speech to remark that he did not know
whetHer his address was pleasing or not
to the company, but that he had passed
the time when he selected language to
Gives Up Spouse to
Other- Woman, -Takes-HimUack
CHICAGO, Feb. 15.-The story of a
woman, who surrendered her husband to:
another woman and took him back ten
years later, when ho was crippled and
destitute was revealed today at the In
quest over the body of John F. Rommel,
70 years old.
Mrs. Rommel testified she surrendered
hor husband eighteen years ago to a Mrs.
Gardner. After ten years Mrs. Rommel
found him penniless and his right arm
withered and almost useless. He had
been Injured In a street car accident.
She Invited him home, although she did
not accept him as her husband, and
there he has lived until this morning,
when his body was found in his room In
the basement with a gash In the neck.
The coroner's Jury was unable to de
cide whether the aged man had been
murdered or whether he ended his own
life. The police are searching for Mrs.
Gardner, who, according to Mrs. -.ommel,
had Insured Rommel's life, naming her
self as beneficiary.
Money in the Bank,
But Did Not Buy His
Wife and Kids Shoes
CHICAGO. Feb IS. After admitting he
refused to buy shoes for hlB wife an!
two children. althoUgh-he had $225 in a
bank. John Holtz was today1 called tl
"meanest man In Chicago" by Judga
Uhlir In the court of domestic relations.
Detectives who arrested Holts found Ills
wife, their 15-months-old baby and 3-year-old
daughter without shoes.- There, was
no coal and little food In,; the . house
Under a. mattress In Ills bed. they- dis
covered 127.
'Mrs. Hdltz testified her husband mado
her scrub In an off lce.j building- andthat
Mie had to walk to Work in a pair of
slippers. .She gave him ,all her money.
"This Is the worst case of its kind
that ever came "Into this court," Judgo
Uhllr said. "You're tho meanest man
In Chicago."
He "ordered Holtz to spend some of thu
money he had saved and put him on
The Weather
O in film Yrstrrilny.
Hour. Dcg.
5 a. in U
a. m Ill
8 h. ni 20
9 a, 'in at
10 a. in 32
11 a. m
12 m
l p. in
- p. ni
5 p. m..........
4 p. m.
f p. m
P. in
f I... ........
vontparatiYts L,ocal Itrcord.
..... . . 1M. IS" 1912. 191
Highest yesterday KA 48 JC 6S
Ixiwost jesterday........ J6' su 19 .-j
Mean temperature J 42 ST 41
Precipitation 00 .00 .to .00
Temperature) and precipitation depar
ture from tho normal-
Vormal temperature ;i
Kjfesa for the (lav 4
Tots! txs.ts since March 1...., 1.200
irnl precipitation 02 Inch
! (Mi-nev for the day . .. .02 inch
yre -"illation slnre Mrelt 1 . 24. SS Inches
Deficiency since March 1 t o1) Indira
Deficiency for cor period. "H 4 74 Inches
'Deficiency for cor period. 191! 1J Ci Inches
Speaker Clark Will Recognize Move
for Appropriation.
Plan I to Anirntl Mrniin
vide Aildltlnnnl M
Detonrine I
Sloan t
(From a &
pedal Tele-
gram.) Speaker
ias agreed to rcc-
ognlze Chalrm
an vor or tho house
committee on agriculture on Monday for
the purpose of calling up under suspen
sion of the rules the bill to aid In the
prevention of hog cholera, which has
passed the senate earrylnk a toOO.000 ap
propriation, and recommended by the
house agricultural committee, with an
amendment appropriating $100,000 to
combat detourlne In western horses.
The jeport on the bill was prepared
by Chairman Icver. assisted "by Con
gressman Sloan of Nebraska, who is ex
pected to speak on the bill Monday when
It Is brought up.. Inasmuch as hoar
cholera, according to reports from the
great packing centers, causes the taking
of about 11 per cent of the hogs passed
through anto-morten Inspection to be
condemned after post mortem Inspection,
the enormous Importance of this meas
ure can bo understood. Nebraska and
Iowa being the great hog feeding states
of the union, are perhaps more deeply
Interested In the pending measure than
any other commonwealths.
Widows May Complete Entries.
Homesteaders will be deeply Interested
in a ruling by Secretary T,ane of the In
terlor department, which In a measure
reverses a ruling In previous effect, It
relates to homestead entries by entrymen
who died before the six months of the
period during which they must reside
upon the lands expired. The ruling di
rectly affects two entries in Congress
man ICInkald's district, that of two wid
ows, one, Mrs. Maggie Johnson, of Sco
tia, and the other Mrs. Jessie I". Hodder
of Garden county. Both are widows of
men who took up homesteads and who
died before they were able to file their
second papers.
Under the old ruling these deaths would
have made It Impossible for the widows
to carry out tho demands of the home
stead law and eventually to file final
proof. The Injustice of this Is seen by
the secretary, and inasmuch as the wid
ows in question have shown every Indi
cation of a determination to comply
strictly with the requirements of tho
! ,,onle8tcad act they ar entitled ' to prove
"i' J""t as ii meir husbands had con
tinued to live. Judge Klnkald today no
tified tho two widows of the decision,
which Is an Important one to homestead
ers eveiy where.
Laboratory to la.
In spite of the eflorts that have been
put forth to retain in Omaha the pure
food laboratory of the bureau of chemis
try. It Is now practlcaMy certain the
department of Agriculture win decline
iStJJS'ilej of-"Qme .week, .ago.
uy wnicn tne laboratories are to be
reduced in number throughout the coun
try and centralised, on a larger scale'
in each instance, In certain cities.
6rhaha Interests have vigorously nrn.
tested against the removal of the labora-
tory from that city, necessitating their
being served from either Chicago or St.
Louis, but owing to the decision or As
sistant Secretary of Agriculture Gall
away. Just communicated to Senator
'Hitchcock, the department will not
nwervc from Its determination to discon
tinue that branch of the bureau of
chemistry! In Omaha. Tho change, it is
understood, will take place, within a
It ii 11 ii ur on -Land scatter.
Dr. C. C. Gafford of Wymore, whose
title to certain Indian lands bought by
him some years ago has been held up
until It is decided whether or not the
land In-question was stilt under control
of the government or had passed en
tirely to Indian control at the time of the
purchase, Is returning home today with
the matter at least temporarily cleared
up by the department.
The department's final decision will
await tho decision of the supreme court
In a similar case, whero oil had subse
quently been discovered upon lands
adjacent to the property in dispute.
Neighboring oil Interests havo been drill.
Ing up to the edges of of the Gafford
land, thus draining over whatever oil
might bo beneath that soil. The depait
ment has directed, that oil drilling on the
disputed land shall be allowed, the pro
ceeds of the results, if any, to be held
up until tho status of the land has been
made clear, when the profits. If there are
any, shall be turned over to the owner.
IliO-wnril Aaalala Whitman,
William Haward, formerly of Ne
braska City, who Is now an assistant to
District Attorney Whitman In New York,
Is In Washington for a brief visit.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 15. President
Wilson's cold was 'tonight said to be
much improved. The, president lunched
and dined with his family In the state
dining room. It was the first time In
three days that he had descended from
the upper apartments of the White
So far as known no engagements have
linen inaie for him tomorrow and It 'Is
likely that he will be given an addi
tional day of rest before resuming work.
officers of sioux falls
nnimrnAiti ni nn r-i
SIOUX FA MA S. D. Feb. 15.-(Spo-clal.)-At
a meeting of the directors of
the reorganized Bloux Falls Commercial
club tho following -officers were elected
for the coming year: President. C. P.
Bates; vice president, E. C. Olson; treai
urer, Curtlss Beach. George Schlossfer.
who for several years has been secretary
of the club, will continue In office until
July t
Plend Guilty to Htrnlluu ' ttlrrr.
OGAIjALLA, Neb., Feb. 15. (Special.)
W. II Swan and a party Uy tbe name
of Depue, both living near Big Springs,
Neb., wero arrested here Friday ''barged
with stealing and killing a steer belong
ing tc George McGlnley of Kevstone.
Neb. Both pleaded guilty and are now
awa sentence.
n JJBsmiNtT'
Burnett of Alabama Sees That as
Compromise in Fight to Ex
clude All Asiatics.
Chairman of Immigration Committee
Discusses Situation
Representative Says Literacy Test
Clause Won't Kill Measure.
Still Iiialat Hint United Stntra Shut
Door In Face of AH Orientals
Seeking Admission to
WASHINGTON, Feb. 16.-Representa-tlvo
Burnett of Alabama, chairman of
the house committee on Immigration,
predicted tonight that bj a compromise
on the Pacific! coast fight to exclude
Japanese and all other Asiatics, congress
at this session would enact legislation
to bar out the Hindus.
"Whether the Immigration committee
will go further than that I do not know,"
Mr. Burnett said, "but there is no gen
tlemen's agreement or favored nation ar
rangement with Great Britain, so far as
the Hindus are concerned. There ought
to bo prompt legislation to nip In the bud
any steamship arrangements to bring on
an extraordinary number of tho Hindus,
a project which the immigration bureau
once discovered and foiled."
Representative Baker of California and
other Pacific coast representatives still
insist upon legislation for general ex
clusion of Asiatics. Representative
Church of California, who on Thursday
will mge the Immigration committee to
report his bill to exclude the Hindu la
borers, said tonight ho believed the com
mittee would favorably report the meas
ure and that there was no question as
to the house passing It.
Chairman Burnett said he was confi
dent the president would not veto his
general immigration bill, now beforo tho
senate committee, because of the literacy
test. He asserted that stories of a possl
blo veto hod bcon started for the purpose
or Influencing the vote on tho measure
In the senate.
Would See the Suit
Against Gore Off if
the Money Put Up
OKLAHOMA CITY, Okl.. Fb. 15.
United. StatSe'iotvTliania Gore prob
ably will take the witness stand in his
own defense on Monday In the hearing of
the 150,000 damage suit of Mrs. Minnie tj.
Bond. Tho senator had expected today
to tell his version of tho meeting In tho
Washington hotel, when Mrs. Bond al
lege thafc he attacked ,hc,r, but his ooun
sel, at the. last moirent, decided to call
other witnesses.
Just bcfoio adjournment, William Bon
ner, an Oklahoma City banker, was put
on the stand by Senator Gore's counsel.
Bonner told of an alleged offor made to
him by James R. Jacobs, the witness
whom counsel for Mrs. Bond Is holding
for rebuttal testimony.
"Jacobs told mc.V Bonner said, "thai
tbi-'is'm he would sen that the case
against Sonator Gore was dropped."
Bonner said that when ho asked Ja
cobs what he would do with tho money
Jacobs told him ho would "go somewhere
else and start a newspaper."
Thirty Injured as
Oar Hits Open Switch
PITTSBURGH. Pa.. Fh 15nm.,.i
persons were in a speeding street cor
wnen It struck an open switch In Lib
city avenue tonight and toppled on Its
side. Thirty were injured, three women
probably fatally. A score or more, were
rushed to the hospitals.
TBCUMSKH. Neb., Feb, 15.-(Spcclat
Telegram.) Steps wcie tauen today to
ward the organization of a mutual tele
phone company in Johnson county at a
meeting of a committee of forty men se
lected a week ago, William Ernes; pre
sided. Tho action Is prompted by the
raise In telephone rates mado by the
'Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph com
pany. 'A temporary board of directors was
chosen by tho naming of one man from
each of the eight exchanges In the
county and giving them the right to
select the ninth man. Tho following
men were named: Tecumseh, J, n.
Douglas; Elk Creek, D. T. Way; Graf,
John Broady; Crab Orchard, C. I. Roth
ell; Sterling. Fritz Johnson; Ht. Mary.
Henry Hlntz; Cook, B. B. Uetzelberger.
Vesta not named.
Following tho meeting of tho commit
tee the board of directors met and or
ganized with D. I. Way as president
ami J. B. Douglaa as secretary. Plans
for the Incorporation of the mutual com
pany were discussed and a committee on
constitution and by-laws was named and
Included Mr. Way, Mr. Douglas and J.
C. Moore. Adjournment was taken until
next Saturday.
i Jir. and Mrs. W. O. Henry, who went
!tc t.os Angeles recently, have Inform.!
I local friends that they have definitely
decided to make that city their perm
j nent horn. The news was received Sat
! urday, when one of the letters from Dr.
j Henry asked that their membership In
the First PreMyterlnn church of Omaha
tienferrd to 1 Tais Angeles ohur -li.
The nhyslrlsns exulting, however, that
I'o nH' his wife vl urobablv c m to
I Omaha earh year for one or .wo iniiliii,
1 look after l.'.sl'iosg Interest her He
h already started to practice In the
coast rt
From the Philadelphia Record.
Suffrage Chief Falls Alighting from
Train. Breaking Leg.
Two Men Try to Catch Her na She
Xne Footing imt Their SntlcIcO
Grasp Only Wrenches Her
NEW YORK, Feb. H.-Rov. Dr, Anna
Howard Shaw, president of tho National
Woman's Suffrage association and one
of the foremost workers for votes for
women In this country, was severely In
jured when she fell while alighting from
a train In Jersey City late today. Sho
slipped Under a car after the train had
come to a stop and broke her right leg.
An X-ray examination showed that the
large bone was fractured and the other
bone badly splintered.
Dr. Shaw waa taken In a taxlcab to
tho hotel where she lives In this city.
She was suffering greatly tonight, but
her condition was not considered serious,
She Is C7 years old, today being her birth
day. Tho mishap made It necessary for Dr.
Bhaw to abandon proposed out-of-town
trips In the Interests of equal suffrage.
She wan to have left Now York tonight
to address a congressional committee In
Washington on Monday, and on Tuesiay
sho had planned to start with Mrs. Car
rie Chapman Catt for Texas to take part
In a suffrage campaign In that state.
On Monday afternoon, after roturntng
from Washington, Dr. Shaw waa to have
been guest of honor, with Miss E. An
thony, niece of the lato Dr. Susan B.
Anthony, at a tea arranged by the
Women's Political union. It was coin
cidental that about ten days ago Mlsa
Anthony broke her right arm. Sho came
here a few days ago from Moylan, Pa.,
where she and Dr. Shaw havo a home
together, to attend tho tea.
When sho was injured today, Dr. Shaw
was returlng from a sutrarge pilgrim,
age In nothcrn New1 York. She wa
accompanied by Mrs. Calt. A porter
piaiea a loot dox at tho steps or.tho
car they were In. Two men tried to
catch Dr. Shaw when she lost her foot
ing, but4 their sudden grasp only
wrencnea ner snouiaer. Dr. Hhaw rc
fused to be taken to a hospital.
SIOUX FAIJ-S, S. D., Feb. 13.-(Spo-clal.)
Richard Jorrenson, tho 2-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. I.ars Jorgenson of
Deuel county, died as tho result of
drinking a quantity of silver pollh. The
ohlld was playing about the house when
ho go hold of the bottle of polish and
drank some of the content. The poison
took effect In a very few minutes and
he died In a few hours.
1XX ANGBLEfi, Feb. If -An experl-
ment on honor, the appointment of Pale
Bankston, a Juvenile incorrigible, as his
own deputy sheriff to escort himself to
the Prestpn School of Industry at lone,
Cal-, was reported a failure today when
word was received here that, though due
there two days ago, the boy had not yet
arrived at the Institution.
Fire at'Slonx Falls.
SIOUX FAIJjfl, a D., Feb. )5.-Hpe.
clal Telegram.) An Investlgitlsn ivvials
that p loss of 20,COO wan siutalncl hy
esteiuuy s fire In the thiee moi hi Irk
Iirarh l ay hunlnewi l!o k C Pay
art cialei, with a Iosb of !1m ), vs.-.k the
heaviest loser The losses wcro lourrd
by Insurance
The Hero of the Sea
Taylor Family to
Be Supplied with .
Plenty of Potatoes
Enough potatoos to last the poor Tay
lor faintly the rest of the wmle,? .anij
spring are assured by facmnm ntltt,
B.jison,)Nvho Icnmrtil from reading The
Bco that the sufferers wcrd In need.
D." F. Fawcctt has written to Richard
Bunnell, the map who. started, 1)19 . idler
.1.- m-.rt 1.'. . ...ill
inquMirrti' ivrujna , tayjurs, M'St,
'give several, bushels of potatoes and that,
other farmers In his vicinity will n1so
lio glad to help In a similar way The
Tayor boys plan to haul In tho puds
this week with their old horse and
Affidavits Questioning Registration
of "Floaters" Acoeptcd,
Women Full to Find T n o Thousand
Oi'cnpnntM nf Chenn I.odglnir
llouaea Whose Name a
Appear on Hooka.
CHICAGO. Feb. 13. SuffraElsts won an
Important victory yesterday when tlielr
affidavit questioning the registration of
2.CO0 ocgupants of cheap lodging houses
in tho First ward were accepted by the
election, commissioners. Thirty women
Who canvassed the lodging houses and
failed to find tho men whose names ap
pear on the poll books, challenged th,clr
right to vote.
Tho women wero led by Mlae Marian
Drake, candidato fur alderman against
Alderman "Bathhouse John" Coughlln,
who has represented the fflstrlct for many
years, and Mr. Charlotto Rhodus, presi
dent of the woman's party.
Counsel for Alderman Coughlln pleaded
with the board not to pormlt women to
uggravalo conditions in the wurd, Ho
clmi-god that "Ignorance and Impractica
bility of womcnljilregard to things po
litical" wero Inaklhg
conditions woreo
than before
Suspoct notlceu will bo sent to the 2,000
men challenged, and If they do not ap
pear beforo tho board the first three days
next week their names will be erased
from the registration books.
The women promise to be on hand with
a battery of cameras to photograph all
suspicious characters so as to prevent re
peating on election duy.
Change to Rising'
Temperature the
Middle of Week
WASHINGTON, Feo. 15. All sections
of th country oxcept the Pacific slop
will bo fast In Jaok Frost's grasp until
after Tuesday, according to the weather
bureau bulletin Issued tonight. Theio
will be 11 change to higher tnperaturen
the niiddln of the week. The bulletin
On the Pacific nlope temperatures wilt
uvoragc near or above the normal dur
Ir.g the week. Cat of the RooKies the
weather will he fair during the next
sovrral days, oxcept that local snows aro
Probable Monday and Tuesday over the
Great Iakes, the upper Ohio valley and
the north Atlantic sUUes,
Tho next xlorm of Importance to cross
the Unltd Stats will appear on the north
Pacific coast Tuekiuy and It will caure
general rains In the Pacific states dur
ing the following several days. This
storm will cross the great central val
leys Thursday and Friday and the east
ern states near the end of the week;
this disturbance will bo preceded by a
Henri' I (hang t warmer weather oat
of tiie Roil-y mountains and It will be
attended by niw III northern and prob
ably rains In the southern states. There
are no 1 mil atlons that this disturbance
will be followed by a cold wave.
"nnte. nf 1711 Rhnll Wnt "Pre!!
Against it," Says Pastor.
Chnreh , Not a 1'ellcrmanr 7 or
Proaecntor, bnt tbe Inspirational
Power nf Christ on llCartr,"
" I ,lle Asserts;' v
-. ) -. -v
';'tThe' church' Is' nota 'pfillceman.
"Tiio church Is not' a' prosecuting at
torney, 1
"The church is not a competitor of
"The church must Inspire men and tit
world. It must give off an inspirational
Influence that shall find Its way Intu
every channel of life and help to make
mep and society rlgtietous. When the
church duos this better than H Is doing
It today there will be less aoccaslon for
trying to folat upon It the functions that
belong to other agencies and not to the
church; less cause for no milch com
plaint of civic failure and social and In
dustrial unrighteousness."
Thcso' pungent statements were made
by Rev. Nathaniel. McOlf fin In the course
of a perm on at iywe-Avenue Presby
terian church yesterday morning on
"Tho Church of Today." ,
Ills toxt was Mathew IBilS "Andvl say
unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon
this rock I will build my church and the
gates of hell shall not prevail against It,"
"A little while before Poter had de'
fined Je,sus Christ aa the. Son of the llv
lug Ood," sold Dr. McfJIffln, "therefore
II waa upon this rock, the rock of
Peter's conception of Christ as the Di
vine Son of flod, equal In power with
the Father, that He built His church.
It was, of course, not upon Peter, th
man or apostle, that He built His
church, but, I say, upon Peter's concep
tion of Christ."
As to the somewhat common belief
that the church Is losing Its hold on the
world and therefore falling, Dr. McGlf
fln railed the pople to remember
Christ's words that the church would
never fall, never surrender "and the
gates of hell shall not prevail
against It." '
"When we fall Into the error of think
ing thai, tho church Is apt to fail, we are
losing sight of the fact that the church
as established , hy Jestm-Chrlst Is Inde
structible. Of course, then, the church
must lay hold of and teach the truth
as It Is In Christ Jesus. It must be His
church, if It Is not to fall. And above
all. It must teach the divinity of Jesus
Christ, as Its cardinal doctrine.
"Perhaps the reason why the world
often feels that the church Is falling Is
that It sees so many Individuals In tho
church falling. That Is not a proper
estimate. I admit that the conduct of
the Individual churchman must count,
must be taken Into account, but It must
not be reckoned In the final analysis as
the bails of Judging whether or not the
church, this Institution established by
Christ, the Divine Son of oOd, Is fall
ing, for we have the promise that It
cannot fall-'the gates of hell shall not
prevail against It.'
"I repeat that the mission of the
church Is, not to police or prosecute the
world, but to Inspire It with the truth
of the gospel, which It shall preach and
teach and live with suoh persuasion and
consistency as by Its very power of er.
ample to draw the world unto Christ.
The church cannot find In the civil or
official affairs of the world any power
or Instrument of persuasion to com
pare with tho power of a dynamic gos
pel thus promulgated,
"The men of the hurch can get no
where by preaching or teaching anything
less than Christ bade them to set forth,
all of which Is wrapped up In the fa t
of the divinity of Christ, to which we
must hold eternally "
Industrial Finance Corporation with
Six Million Capital Stook Files
Articles in Virginia.
Will Make Loans to Working People
at Usual Rates.
Plan in Successful Operation in
Europe Half Century.
In City of Atlnntn t.nat Yrnr Morn
Thnn Srventy-Flvr Thousand
Dollar Waa flared to
NEW YORK. Fct. 13.-Wlth the pur
pose ot correcting tho loan shark evil
throughout the country by making It pos
sible for deserving persons of small
means to borrow money at reasonable
rotes and without collateral, there was
Incorporated at Richmond, Va.. today a
company known as the Industrial Finance
Corporation. To accomplish Its end the
new company, which Is Incorporated
under authority of the Virginia State Cor
poration commission with a capital of JS,-
W,000. will facllltato and assist financially
the organization throughout the country
of local Institutions which will afford In
dustrious and needy wage-earners and all
other small borrowers the opportunity for"
borrowing unoll sums ot money on Just
and fair terms, and at tho same time
promote savings among Its patrons,
As formally expressed In the Charter,
the object of the company Is to oncourase
and assist In the organization of local
Institutions In every city or sufficient site
throughout the country that wills
First Ptovide for the worthy ate
earner and other smalt borrower where
the need of the loan Is ahnitrent- impor
tunity for borrowing small sums of money
wiutpui me necessity or smimiinng in
tho extortion of money lenders, hut nt
rates which are reasonable to the bor
rower ana yet fairly remunerative to capi
tal; to enable the small borrower to
peoura audi moneys largely upon th
faith of endorsements and guarantees and
without requirement of a pledge of chat
tels na collateral security for repayment,
Second To provide opportunity for ths
systematic Investment of small savings,
bearing a higher rate of Interest than Is
now feasible and affording a basis for
the securing of credit and thus tp en
courage thrift.
PurehnSe Mnrrla Plan.
According to tH formal announcement
.made today,, the- corporation has ac
quired .all the Msets-.xtttfcthe Fidelity
Corporation o'tUmerlo'C tvhlcli ins lieir
tofore Jiid the solo rlghttbithe "orrU
Plan'' of Industrial .savings and lonf,
every expression and every form of
which la covered by eopyrighta. The"
plan was originated by Arthur J. Mor
ris and his law firm, Messrs. Morris,
darnett ft Cotton 6f Norfolk, Va,, and
the first Institution to operate under tnu
plan .waa launched about four years ngo
lit Norfolk
Tho man who needs money but JacUn
such collateral as Is required by exist
ing financial Institutions has hitherto
been forced to, seek loans from either
the pawnbroker or the chattel mort
gage man. These lenders are of two
classes, the beneficent and the rapa
blous, the latter dais being generally
Known as loan sharks,
' Organizations such as the Provldont
Ioan society of New York and the chat
tel mortgage societies have done con
slieraMepe! to Individuals of this un
fortunate sort, today's annduncemont
seta forth, but their operations requir
ing a pledge or mortgage ot chattel
does not. touch' the still larger field;
where tho evil of usury continues to
The "M&rrls Plan" means the exten
sion ot honorable borrowing facilities
and Instructive savings facilities to the
masses; It means that hereafter the
wage-curner, or p-'UleV wnall borrower of
sound character, lit time pf peed will be
able to obtain mone.y n terms conveni
ent and fair; It means that hereafter tlia
honest Individual will find a premium
placed upon his habits ot thrift that
will become for him a basis for credit
he has never before enjoyed.
The project Is not a charity and the
patrons of the local Institutions will In
no sense be objects ofcharlty. The pur-
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The Ear of
the Nation
There Isn't a manufacturer
or a producer of an article of
good quality and susceptible
of a nation-wide distribution
who wouldn't pay large sums,
of money it ho could wake up
Rome morning; and know that o
nation was talking about him.
and his merchandise over its
coffee cups.
Well, Mr. Manufacturer, tha
newspapers are at your serv
ice, They are carrying; many
messages to tuany millions ot
people from one end of the
country to the other.
The great dynamo of bust
news Is advertising, and the
most productive advertising, it
you wish to create a real lite
sized, able-bodied demand, la
newspaper advertising.
Retailers everywhere, want
your goods and will place them
on their shelves and in their
windows if they know there is
a genuine and active demand
for what you make.
Interesting Information can.
be secured on this subject from
tbe Bureau of Advertising,
American Newspaper Publish
ers association, World Build
ing New York City.
Booklet on request.